“It Is Really Hard To Argue With Trump About This”: Face It, America Is In Decline

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Obama started out on the promise of hope and change, and many were ecstatic. What he turned out to be was an accomplice to the theft on Wall Street, an apologist for the absent “recovery” that was to take place in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, and worse, he has deliberately drawn people into the government collective and enrolled them on the dole, while stirring the greatest divide this country has seen in 50 years.

    Now, Donald Trump is the candidate promising hope and change. It is pretty difficult not to be cynical about the unrealistic promises that candidates make to fix and make better. But one this is for sure – he is the only candidate addressing the very real and deep-seated problems in America. Love or hate his polarizing personality, Trump has fueled his rise off a populist anger that transcends petty divisions, and cuts the bone. This country has been left to run down. The corporation went overseas, and the jobs with them. The nation hollowed out, and the purpose of its people along with it.

    Whatever the answer to our country’s problems, or lack thereof, only Trump has been honest about how bad things have gotten, and how badly the system has betrayed its people. What he does from there, no one can say.

    FULL Donald Trump Acceptance Speech At The Republican National Convention 21/7/16 TRUMP RNC SPEECH

    Donald Trump’s Convention Speech Highlighted The Truth About America’s Decline

    by Michael Snyder

    America is in decline.  There are some that still attempt to deny this, but the reason why Donald Trump’s campaign slogan has so strongly resonated with the American people is because deep inside most of us realize that America is not as great as it used to be.  Our economy is a mess, we are 19 trillion dollars in debt, our infrastructure is crumbling, crime is on the rise, moral decay is all around us, other countries don’t respect us as much anymore, and our nation is the most divided that it has been in decades.  Anyone that believes that America is better than it has ever been in 2016 is either completely delusional or simply has not been paying attention.

    As I write this article, the prepared text of Trump’s speech has already been released to the press.  So the following remarks may differ slightly from how he actually delivered them, but the differences are not likely to be too great.  At one point during his speech, Trump highlighted the rising crime and violence in our cities, and the numbers that he had to share were more than just a little bit alarming…

    Decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reversed by this Administration’s rollback of criminal enforcement. Homicides last year increased by 17% in America’s fifty largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years. In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. They are up nearly 60% in nearby Baltimore.

    In the President’s hometown of Chicago, more than 2,000 have been the victims of shootings this year alone. And more than 3,600 have been killed in the Chicago area since he took office.

    The number of police officers killed in the line of duty has risen by almost 50% compared to this point last year. Nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, ordered deported from our country, are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.

    And it is really hard to argue with Trump about this.  We have all seen what just happened in Orlando, in Dallas and in Baton Rouge.  As I have said so many times before, a spirit of violence and civil unrest is rising in America.

    Donald Trump thinks that he can fix this.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that any politician will be able to do that at this point.

    Our long-term economic decline is another puzzle that our national leaders have been unable to solve.  Gallup’s U.S. economic confidence index just hit the lowest level so far this year, and poverty levels continue to rise all over the country.  The following is another excerpt from the text of Trump’s speech…

    Nearly 4-in-10 African-American children are living in poverty, while 58% of African-American youth are not employed. Two million more Latinos are in poverty today than when the President took his oath of office less than eight years ago. Another 14 million people have left the workforce entirely.

    Household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000. Our manufacturing trade deficit has reached an all-time high – nearly $800 billion in a single year.

    The budget is no better. President Obama has doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing.

    Yet, what do we have to show for it? Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in Third World condition, and forty-three million Americans are on food stamps.

    Even during Obama’s so-called “economic recovery”, the middle class has continued to shrink.  Right now, 62 percent of all Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and millions upon millions of ordinary families find themselves desperately clawing and scratching as they try to survive from month to month.

    One very frustrated mother recently shared her feelings about her family’s ongoing financial struggles on scarymommy.com

    I’m tired of my stomach flipping inside when my son mentions he’d like to take a computer class after school. Or when my other son wants to enroll in swim lessons, take an art class, or buy a new bicycle. I’m tired of wondering where on earth we’ll come up with the cash for our children to pursue their interests.

    I’m tired of never, ever going on vacations that don’t involve someone flying us out to see them or crashing at someone’s house for free.

    I’m tired of wondering how on earth we’ll be able to send our kids to college.

    I’m tired of renting, and the almost certain feeling I have that we’ll never be able to afford to buy a house.

    I’m tired of having to pretend I’m not worried about it all.

    I’m tired of my kids overhearing our worries, of knowing that money is a constant struggle for us.

    Before I wrap up this article, I want to share one more stunning example of America’s decline.

    Under Barack Obama, corruption and incompetence has spread throughout every part of our government.  Sadly, that even includes the Secret Service.

    Secret Service agents are supposed to be “the best of the best”, and they are charged with protecting our most important national leaders.

    But instead of doing their jobs with seriousness and professionalism, they have been acting like wild animals.  Documents that have just been made public reveal that the Secret Service has become an absolute disgrace in recent years…

    They highlight incidents in which agents had sexual encounters with underage girls, married agents took part in ‘wheels up, rings off’ parties, and a manager who sexually harassed female subordinates dubbed the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) the ‘Nice **** and *** Club.’

    The documents contain a report about “a male agent who had his gun stolen by a male prostitute he solicited using his government computer in Puerto Rico“, and they also detail the behavior of one agency manager in particular that deserves to be immediately fired

    The report says the manager kept alcohol in his office and forced employees to drink ‘so he could trust them.’

    ‘He sexually harassed every female subordinate,’ the report says.

    The manager would ‘publicly’ male employees: ‘Where are my little whores/*******? Have you slept with them yet?’

    If this is what is happening in the Secret Service, can you imagine what is going on in other federal agencies behind closed doors?

    America is a complete and total mess, and Donald Trump is completely correct when he talks about the need to make America great again.

    But is that even possible, and if so, what would that look like?

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. I have faith in Trump to turn this ship 180 degrees.
        Just shows how far down the rabbit hole we have gone.

        Red or blue pill????

        • The speech Trump gave last night wasn’t a home run, it was a grand slam. He covered every point accurately and was very clear about his intentions. I have a feeling Hillary is gonna have a difficult time especially during the debates. I read an article on Drudge about how all these talking heads characterized The Speech as “dark”, “scary”, and several other adjectives. But the one word the pundits never used was the word “liar” or untrue”. These people are so desperate, the only way they know how to win is by cheating. Hence the hemmoraghing influx of illegals from all over the planet. Take advantage of these last days as the opportunities that they are.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • he ripped killary a new ASS!….that’s MY take on last night…it’s SOO refreshing to hear a politician that tells the TRUTH about the shape we are in.

            • You mean her butt got smaller ? or larger ? LOL
              She has a great grandmother butt She should have had grand kids many years ago..

          • Agree on all points. But bottom line is that nobody can completely fix all that is wrong? We have all lived in many illusions for a very long time . And what we are seeing now is the systems created by those illusions are breaking down. This goes back decades and BHO came along and put it all on steroids. The republicans fucked us all as hard as the democrats do, just a different flavor.

            The world is in a serious mess for many reasons, economics is just one of them. And here in USSA today, BHO and crew have undermined every aspect of our lives and tried to tell us how great it all is and many still believe the lies. Look at the racial animus that they have created and how whacked our social fabric is today. None of it will end well and even though I will vote for the Donald , I know he will not be able to resolve most of it. But no doubt some is far better than more of the same we have had forced on us !

            I think we should do a tax revolt ! We are living under taxation without representation and that is what the revolution was all about ! Illegal aliens have more representation than you do and you are forced to pay for it as well ! A tax revolt would send a very strong message and is easily done. But most are too afraid to do diddly squat ?

            • YUUUUP!

        • Were screwed either way, look at how cruz acts, hes a freakin panty, thats whats running this circus, bunch of opinionated arrogant fuvks

          • The country is a Dead Man Walking. That is a fair description. There is still six months of Obama’s reign and you know he will do his best to foul things up. Hillary would step in and continue his assault on Americans freedoms if she wins the election. There is very little positive as I feel the convention did not cement a healing of the Republican Party and are still divisive. The Blame Game continues. Reminds me of a dog with the mange. Eating his own ass up.

            With what Trump said last night. Do you think the establishment is planning his demise?

            Prep for War.

            • DEBT man walkin’ might be MORE appropriate?


              Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
              Oak tree you’re in my way
              There’s too much coke and too much smoke
              Look what’s going on inside you
              Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell
              The smell of DEBT surrounds you

              Angel of darkness is upon you
              Stuck a needle in your arm
              So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
              One more drink fool, will drown you
              Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell
              The smell of DEBT surrounds you

              Now they call you Prince Charming
              Can’t speak a word when you’re full of ‘ludes
              Say you’ll be all right come tomorrow
              But tomorrow might not be here for you
              Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell
              The smell of DEBT surrounds you

              Hey, you’re a fool you
              Stick them needles in your arm
              I know I been there before

              One little problem that confronts you
              Got a monkey on your back
              Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick
              One hell of a price for you to get your kicks
              Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell
              The smell of DEBT surrounds you
              Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell
              The smell of DEBT surrounds you

              • Blasphemy

              • i used to walk with a padlock in a sock, but if ever “caught” by the wrong cop with it…might be trouble…not to mention if the sock breaks at the wrong time, you’re left with a sock, and somebody that realizes you just tried to kick their ASS…. so the other day i was telling a friend that drives around for a living that he needed a weapon…(he’s asleep). so i fabricated a weapon right there for him…it’s my new favorite…i took about 20 feet of 550 cord, folded it a few times, tied a knot at one end, and left the loops in the other. and he already has a padlock in the front seat of the truck. in less than 5 seconds he can put lock through the loops at one end(then shut lock), and you got one hell of a weapon…until you put the two together, all u got is a padlock and some rope….might even need that cord for other uses….an added bonus

                • Great idea but I carry an AK47

                • BCOD, you bring back some memories for me. I grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd and also carried a padlock in a sock.

                  • we DID live in a baaad neighborhood….hell, our church had a BOUNCER!

                    • We have black belts fighters . even little old ladies can pop a eye socket LOL

                • You know that steering wheel boot they call “The Club”?

                  There’s a reason they call it that, let’s put it that way.

              • Gary Rossington and Allen Collins shure could make them geetars sing.

                Thanks for the flashbacks…now I gotta dig through the old vinyl.

                BTW, I got one of the first releases of that album with the flames around their heads. They changed the cover after the plane crash.

              • Butt crack, I think that line was
                “The smell of gas around you”
                I never was quite sure though, as I just couldn’t for sure make out what Mr. Vanzandt was chirping, but that to me is what made sense.
                Stay quiet Be smart.

            • Honestly, they did this to us on purpose ever since Nixon (or before? Quite possibly).

              This is this way by design.

              And people be like “how do we get it back”?? Um you’ve got it back, this is what it is.

            • I’m in total agreement ~ Prep for chaos then war!

          • Well Obama is a piece of human shit along with 99 percent of the legislature and judicial. They have sold our kid’s futures down the damn river and they all deserve to burn in hell after an extremely painful exit.

            • Menz, GW Bush sold out America for 8 years, then came The Kenyan Shoe Shine Boy that added to the chaos and destruction. We have lost an entire generation with no Idea what America is supposed to be about. I lost 16 years of good work productivity just trying to stay out of their line of fire.

              I want to see Trump FIRE all the Obama Appointments and Half of the Federal Government and replace these lazy worthless POS’s with real Americans. Audit every branch of Government and force them all on a Zero Based Budget. That should save Hundreds of Billions yearly.


              • And Trump will do exactly what he says he will do. People should understand the Trump has been contemplating this run since 1985. Ronald Reagan said it took him 20 years to decide but Trump a little longer. Can you even imagine a better qualified individual to run for POTUS than a successful businessman that loves his country and wants the best for all it’s people. It’s impossible for him to be worse than Bush, obamass and that jezebel clinton. She started her political career with a lie and was fired from her very first job; and she continues to lie through the teeth. There will be prolific changes with a trump administration for the better that will create a whole new environment for all AMERICANS. We will always complain but the difference will be, we’ll be complaining while we’re on the job, not at home waiting for a welfare check.

          • Ted Cruz is just another establishment Shill Neocon owned by Monsanto, the company that poisons Americans with their GMO’s and Holds American Farmers Hostage to plant their poison seeds. Big Agra ad Pharmaceutical Corporations OWN the FDA. Poison the people then Drug them to death fighting diseases.

            I loved Trump calling out the Lying Elite Main Stream Media Lying scumbags. I’m fired up and want to kick their asses too. The GOP vote grew by 65% while the Dems Vote collapse by 20% since 2008. Unless you are part of the LAZY Freeshit Army of Poor people, or the Big Scumbag Insider Corporations feeding off of Corporate Welfare, You should be Voting for Trump.

            I watched Trumps speech again today, as I missed the first 10 minutes last night. Yes Trump did say Blacks. “Like 50%+ unemployment is unacceptable.” In my opinion, If Blacks are not working they are stealing and killing, or plotting to steal and kill.

            I’d like to see Trump lock up these Criminal scumbags and put the Elite White collar criminals right in the same Prison cells, with the Black Killers. No discrimination. No more white collar Country Club Prisons. What’s worse a Black thief who steals a case of beer, or a White Collar criminal who commits a financial crime of Billions of Dollars harming thousands of Americans? With Todays current Justice system the Black goes to prison and the Corp officer gets slapped, and a promotion and their corporation stockholders pays a fine, with NO Prison time. F*ck that..

            I want to see Trump Make Israel Be Our B!tch for a change. They either cooperate or take away all their Nukes and Annual Welfare Funding. Put Jew Boots on the ground in Iraq

            Go get em Trump!!! You Got my Vote!!


        • Eppe, I watched Trump’s speech last night. He talks a better game than any career politician I’ve ever heard. I’m willing to give him a chance and hope for the best.

          • Yeah Brave… “a better game” but that’s all it is… a game. He’s just a much better salesman than the others. Still a wolf in sheepskin. We really aren’t better off with him. He will fix some things, but he’ll fix one thing and break another. I personally know people who worked for him. He’s a hustler and con artist, not a man of his word.

          • Braveheart1776, I think you are right. I use to think patriots would revolt if Hillary was elected. I did not fear that possibility. Now I think patriots will NOT revolt if Hillary wins. The frog (and liberty) in the pot will slowly die. Now THAT is my greatest fear. That is why I am voting for Trump.

            • Diane, I do know for sure that I will personally revolt if the hildebeast wins. so will my family. I’ve been at the BOL for a whole week and extending into another week.

              • Braveheart1776, you are blessed to have your family on board. We finally gave up. In the words of Brandon Smith, they are totally immersed in ‘trivial pursuits’. What a shame. We built a year-round BOL in NW Montana but with zero motivation and zero planning/preparations they will never make it here (2,300 miles).

                I hope you are right about patriots. We are terribly disappointed in what we see of the so-called ‘Liberty Movement’. They talk a good game but never practice implementing their plans or using their preps. ‘Saying ain’t doing’ in our book. The two bright spots are Oath Keepers (III%s etc.) and our local AmRRON for COMM is awesome.

                Choose your battles carefully.

          • Brave
            Puff the Magic Dragon

            • Rebecca, I was only 6 years old when that song came out.

              • Brave
                I know you have heard that song more than once. My grandkids have even heard it.

                • Rebecca, I heard that song off and on up til’ the 80s. I haven’t even heard it on an oldies station in many years. I do miss out on the folk music.

        • Anyone but Hitlary is a good thing but
          Trumps speech(s) showed that he will be another big Gubment spender…granted, he justifies it with his promise of more work, less Gubment (we”ll see) but most of all more revenue, through low tax, logistics efficiency, watching expenditures which is the best and only way to go in a Capitalist Free Enterprise System – although his daughter Ivanka’s speech sounded like a Liberal demoRat Christmas list, in his name !

      2. WDC is an ongoing criminal scam.

      3. If you turn a ship 180 degrees then you’re headed back in the same direction from whence you just came. Personally, I believe the last 16 years have been a nightmare of epic proportions for our country and the working class. Anyone who has even the remotest grasp on the workings of our representative democracy understands that, even with a Republican controlled Congress, Drumpf will not be able to do most of what he promises.
        Except what he’s REALLY good at… scaring the hell out of the uninformed and easily swayed.
        His economic and military plans are non-existent.
        Just more fluff, propaganda, and BS promises that could never be realized.
        No… I am not a fan of Hillary but i like/trust this huckster MUCH less.
        God Bless America.


      4. Hey Rellik, you ready? Looks like were going to get a solid wack.

        • My solar system isn’t built yet, but I could buy all the parts tomorrow. The garden is being expanded. My additional farm dwelling is almost done so I’ll have full time farm help on the land 24/7 and an expanded family with deep local roots. I have cattle, soon to have an expanded population of goats, chickens, and pigs. About six months of stored food on hand. My new neighbor has lots of horses. My precious metals are too many to count( lead, brass, copper, and steel) I have a lawyer on speed dial. I’m almost where I want to be.

      5. As proof that the media all get their scripts from above, notice how every news source says that Trump’s acceptance speech was “dark.”

        I thought that was a racist word now.

        • X2!

        • Archivist, they called it ‘dark’? Pot calling kettle black. That comes from the same tribe-controlled MSM that leaves everyone in the ‘dark’.

          • Sounds like nobody here has ever yet read Trumps speech at/To AIPAC event last month eh?

            plus both his daughters and his son too I think has converted to talmud and at least one if not both daughters reside full time in Israel with their jewish hubbys.

            Plus Trumps ON record in MSM papers and TV msm’s stateing when asked his opinion on Nuttyahoo?…Trump declared Nuttyahoo to be his number One main best buddy pal in israel.

            His eldest daughters hubby is the son of new yorks multi billionaire real estate mogal and probably NY’s top wealthiest real estate guy.

            plus NOTHING happens within NY and manhatten etc unless done via full approval of it from top NY tribe members period.

            So…Yes he speaks swell about a fix for usa etc…But READ his AIPAC speech and Then see if you really belive somehow things will be different compared to the typical gang of dems and neocons we had the past 100 yrs now.

            I think Trump wont even consider to go against ANY of zios plans or policies. And if he did Dare to do so?…He’d get JFK’d in a NY moment.

            There will be ZERO usa Fix ever possible unless and untill america becomes nation #110 to follow in foot steps of Prior 109 nations that finally had enough and Booted out the tribe first before attempting any sort of fix nationally. Banksters First, then the rest.

            Anything less wont get it done period. Histroy well Proves this fact with 109 prior nations.

            Nobody else has ever created so much anomosity of themselves nor been booted out from so many nations like their nefarious kommie tribe has. Only a total Fool could think or believe it was always those 109 nations were the bad guys, and they that got booted out were somehow always 109 times totaly innocents and non deserving of being expelled. And even them that do believe such nonsence of totally innocent always, would never in a million years have such belief if it happened to ANY one other than the tribe it did happen to.

            I rekon that means such crazed belief of somehow all 109 nations was bad guys and those booted were always 100% good guys, must be due to either complete brainwashing of issues, or its simply based on pure raw emotional feelings that they have been fed a huge line of their entire lives. #110 and never again! or forget any real usa fix period. Histroy proves it in spades.

            I wont be shocked if at some future point we discover that we have witnesed History in the makeing for this 2016 us prez contest. That which we are likley to discover will be that all that MSM TV bad-talk and trashing of Trump was all along Us/You being Played Via a form of, Reverse Phsycology similar to what parents use on small kids by telling kids to do exact Opposite of what parents really desires done!

            “IF” all that trash trump speak was real?…Then every TV news show would have done exact same as they did to Ron Paul both times he ran for us prez…More like a total ignoring of him. But trump probably got more Free tv air time and face time than others paid to get!

            Reverse Phsycology folks…History will show it one day.

            MSM with their Master Race NY zio corps, all six existing tv news stations, took advantage of a massive swelling bad attidude by white folk across the nation, and used a Reverse form to get folks to so support trump is closer to reality I rekon. And look how good it worked!

            because 99% of whiteys never know they being played for chumps and suckers untill long after events are done.

            most Never realize it and rely on their lifelong brainwashing from every source they so trust or believe in. TV news-Fed Govnt actors-Pastors!-and public schools and colleges. Any other info sources they always reject and never bother to consider.

            it is why so many so hate truth tellers like a small Few here are. Instant alinsky tactics whenever anybody Dares speak or write truth.

            If Trumps elected?..We may need a rehearsal practice of grade school “Duck N’ Cover” if he is half as good buddys with Nuttyahoo as he claimes he is eh. I Hope I am totally wrong, but time shall tell and I do not think I am so wrong on him. Read his aipac speech like I did and be prepared for an eye opener not told to you folks in other sources of info.

            • Them Guys:

              You are the last person I want to debate as you are so well informed. I hope you are wrong, too. The problem is that third party candidates NEVER win. So it’s a choice between dem and republican. Now I am not loyal to either. I pick the best person. Between Hill and Trump, I’ll take my chances with Trump.

              Kissing up to AIPAC is part of getting elected.

              Kids marrying Jews. Jews have antennas that lock in on money and power and brains. They have made a science and an art of that. I have learned some of their tricks. They learn all about you, your likes and dislikes. Your weaknesses, too. Let’s say you are interested in a person of the opposite sex. They screw that up for you and when you’ve reached the breaking point, enter the set up. You fall for it. You marry and they have control of you and your money.

              Them Guys, I’m not convinced that either the CHOSEN will do a Kennedy replay or that Trump is more under their control than meets the eye. I do think, unless they do him in, he will give them just enough to keep them happy and he’ll fix just enough that his election will be a good thing, even if less than perfect.

              How do we get to the point of putting out the trouble makers?? You need a plan. So here’s hoping we do better than Germany if we kick out the Bankers.

            • Them Guys:

              I got put into moderation. Check back later to see if it is allowed.

              • B from CA: oh yes I agree Trump is about the best so far. Hes about The only person that has not yet been elected to any position and so has zero past we can go by etc.

                I just think all this ongoing anti trump hooplah crap was all pre planned as a form of reverse psyhology to take advantage of many very pissed off white usa folks.

                you must admit that Many self admited white folks online forums everywheres now have stated that The biggest reason they plan to vote trump is due to the lousy MSM treatment hes gotten so far.

                So it does seem as if at least with many white voters such a reverse psychology plan is working swell for them eleites eh.

                I just hope this don’t turn out to be more like once elected trump will make GW bush’s various anti personal freedom policies and patriot acts and ndaa acts seem Mild!

                Remember since 1992, most usa cops has been sent to Israel for advanced “terrorist” trainings. And thats also been used as a form of free advertizement on behalf of the too many israeli anti-terroist weapons and computer spying programs etc so they can sell alot More of it to usa fed govnt and EU govnts.

                The Real main reason every airport today has a $250,000 Xray machine to scan travelers has 99% nothing to do with terrorizim, and 100% to do with Former GW apointed DHS Top head was Chertoff, whom is a Rabid dual citizen israel/usa ziojewbolshevikommieboy to the Inth degree.

                What a big “coincidence” chertoff as DHS head conned congress and airports into spending all them hundreds of billions dollars for Xray scaners, then quits DHS for his New Job as CEO/PREZ of the very Corp based in Israel if I recall correct, that manufactures them very airport xray scanners! His starting Pay not counting benifits etc was about $2-Million per year.

                Plus hes Still trying to convince americans and feds to buy many More xray scanners to place into every usa school! and every usa Fed govnt buildg!

                Them ziokikes worship Cash money equally as much as they self-worship their selves. Khazar Kommies all of them!

                Now what if Trump is far More influenced by Israels main methods of “policing and controling” of oppressed palestinians?…What if Trump being Very very pro cops as he stated prior is so damn pro cops his best buddy Nuttyahoo and his daughters new rabbis can convince trump that WE patriot Whites and Christians in usa must also get treated same as Palestinians in order to prevent any “Uprisings” to regain Our lost freedoms etc?

                Yes I too hate to think that way B/CA…Really. I have always been type guy that Hates violence, always told others since I was 10 yrs old when asked what do I want?

                Always answered back “just to be Left Alone and I want zero problems or troubles,and thats how I treat all others when possible”

                But everybody aint got that attitude and many desire total controls over us peons and serfs. I just do not see trump considering anybody like Us as his friends etc.

                Hes an huge egotistic maniac, has probably been in Bed with zios and jewry and israel since 1948 or longer now.

                Like You said that tribe has had Centuries practice how to get into peoples Heads and Minds..Think Trumps head and mind aint been a major Target of zios etc?

                this is my main concern B/CA…Trump and his ego going crazy with Power as usa prez and either doing Massive WAR worse than so fars wars in mid east to appease his israeli pals, and/Or the worst ever usa clamp down on freedoms and his Love of Cops gets released full Bore as is done within Israel against palestinians.

                Far too many folks, especially Here at SHTF forum have zero Real clues on that issue and how bad pallies get treated there. All the fools know or believe is what they hear or see at FOX TV, which even a huge idiot has to be able to discern is chock filled with at least 90% jewish news personal and final 10% are all shabozz goyim, sell outs for pay and book deals.

                But…ACTUAL Online research of NON MSM type websites, NOT WND and NOT Drudge, whos also tribe, But sites like dukes and incogmans and daily stormer etc etc…Sites with real solid proof and documented truths of what really goes on behind that 40ft tall israel wall. Most refuse to do.

                If more folks did this research we would no loner see such massive Blind eyed defense and support for all issues israel and jewry period.

                Maybe Thats reason so many refuse to research such real truths eh!…They too scared and too whimpy to deal with or handle such truth as it will Haunt their minds untill they RE think all they former knew of israel etc. Thats a Huge NO NO for the foolish ones. And all based on a bible verse that dont even exist!!!! Maybe loons fits better than foolish?

                Anyways…I just do not wish to end up hateing self and have guilt feelings for voteing like I still harbor for me voteing for GW bush and look how evil he did stuff.

                I only voted ONCE prior to GW in 2000, and it was when I was 19 yrs old and voter law age changed lower.

                I never before had this type self guilt via never voted.

                Now I did vote and still hate that I did. A Non vote means I never gave MY own athourity to crap done in My name B/CA…Does that make any sense?

                Why do jihadist Muslims Blame usa folk, avg common peoples?…they blame Us because we vote for people that Later on Carpet Bomb their homes and kill Their entire families! Who can Blame that?

                its all just a huge big mix up of crap and I so hate it.

                Last thing I wish for is to again harbor self hatered for voteing in another Tyrant!…Decisions decisions eh!!

                Sorry also if my other replies on trump caused you or others to feel bad…Its Not my intention, all I wish to do is cause folks to Think is all and do research on real facts/truths is all I desire by my replies.

                And Thanks for so often replying back to me B from CA as not often do many others reply unless to call me nasty vile names etc…Must be them Haters of truth eh?

                • Them Guys
                  Bush was the first election I refused to vote in.
                  I am grateful I did not, but it did not save us from the evil that Bush did. I guess I’ll vote Libertarian and call er quits with the D/R corporate machine.
                  Oh well, at least the Dems do not think Hillary is their savior. Signs of waking up.
                  I suspect it doesn’t really matter, the house of cards will finish falling.

      6. ANOTHER spot-on article by mike snyder! i got all the faith that trump WANTS to make america great again,but unfortunately…..HALF of america(ns)is AGAINST him. this titanic ship is split in two, and water is up to the upper decks….no way to stop it. prep like a muhfugguh, cause we goin’ DOWN!

        • BCOD

          Wait till we get enough Muslims in the country.

          Five and a half times more.

          • We do have enough bullets to kill all the muslim trash.

        • So make two of the fuggin things.

          I mean isn’t that the logical thing to do when you got a split of opinion right down the middle like that?

        • BCOD
          If Obama can completely destroy the country with Congress an half the people against him… you don’t think Trumpster can handle the pressure?

      7. Why is America in Decline?
        Take a look at Donald Trump and his education at Wharton school of business. A main concept taught at Wharton and other business schools in the good old USA is “externalizing costs” and old man Donald internalized “externalizing costs” as if it were the Word of God. Is it?
        So Donnie thinks building a wall and making Mexico pay for it is the Word of God incarnate. You may laugh gleefully at the thought… you grew up in the Eraof “externalizing costs” too, after all.
        Okay, but Donnie thought “externalizing the costs” of his poor business decisions on onto his investors, bankers, and employees when he filed bankruptcy 4 times
        was peachy keen. Note the bad decisions and their consequences did not disappear, they were “externalized” onto people who did not make them.
        Donald got the Word of God at Wharton. Screw up all you want, and know how to screw others. Take all profits when you do good.
        Most evil done by corporations is just following the word of their God”externalizing costs.” This country is permeated with it and dying from it.
        “Externalizing costs” is not intrinsic to capitalism, it is intrinsic to Donald Trump.
        Understand that this concept taught in business schools is not the Word of God, it is not written in the Constitution, it is not in the Capitalist Manifesto.
        In a closed circular economy like our planet, “externalizing costs” is the great lie of our generation.

        • You need to seek help soon. When trump becomes president I would hate to think of what you would do to yourself.

          • Knot. Beat me to it! Becca you obviously don’t like him go vote for cankles!Idiot
            Maniac –out

          • Knot,beat me to it!Becca you obviously don’t like him!Go vote for cankles!Idiot
            I’ll take the lesser of two evils
            Maniac –out

            • Its okay Mac ,I cleaned my phone,went back in wrong.Redneck Dino strikes again
              Maniac –out

          • Knot
            I will do what I am already doing after decades of CEO theft… living a self sufficient lifestyle and keeping every possible dollar away from the corporate thieves.
            What are you going to do when you wake up from your doped out dream of Trump the magic dragon? Your disappointment will be legion. I will be eating from my garden and enjoying the view of the mountains.

            • Do you know who the next big protest group in America will be?
              No? Well White Lives Matter of course. Oh sure they won’t use that moniker but the paradigm will be the same.
              You see the grassroots makeup of BLM are poor blacks that thought Obama was going to be their boy .
              Unemployment numbers are double digit for young blacks not to mention a general atmosphere of despair and rightfully so.
              Had they known Obama was going to spend his time in office promoting gay rights and Muslim outreach programs they never would have slapped that Obama bumper sticker on their ghetto glider. Anyone that’s ever been con’d knows it’s hard to publicly admit you were hoodwinked. So what’s the next best thing? Blame whitey!
              Trump has made sure in advance that none of the issues that are important to working class whites will be achieved by not having the cooperation of incumbents D or R.
              Blame Congress.
              So what are the issues that Trump and establishment members of Congress can agree upon?
              Why padding the pockets of the 2% of course.
              Assuming Trump can get past the Electoral College one might be well advised to keep their expectations within some realm of SSDD reality.
              BTW … seen any Obama bumper stickers on Ghetto Gliders lately?

              • Nobody fixes their cars anymore. Ok, scratch that… nobody half-witted enough to bumper sticker up their car with Obama slogans fixes their car anymore. And why should they FREE SHIT YAY!!!

                Most of those bumper stickers are still attached to the cars they were stuck to.

                The cars are now cubes assuming ambient temperature, there’s that… but the sticker’s probably still on there…

                • After 4 years of Trump….. I look for that old slogan “New Yoke Ciddy” “Get A Rope”… to make a comeback?

              • Hoosier
                Obama betrayed black people that put him in office.
                Trump will betray old white men if they put him in office.
                Hillary will betray liberals if they put her in office.
                There seems to be a theme here.
                TPTB are in control until Republicans and Democrats kill the D/R corporate machine running this country and quit blowing smoke and name calling.
                I am working on self-sufficiency while children sing Puff the Magic Dragon.

                • Clicking my heels…. There is a land called Honnah Lee… There is There is There is ?

                  • Hoosier
                    We’ll see how long those old time fantasylandia dreams keep you happy. Wink. Don’t overdose.

                • Becca,
                  Sorry but I’m tired of hearing how your smarter and better prepared then us poor people,I work my ass off trying to do the best I can for me and mine!Wish I had your shit,bet I last longer than you!REDNECK PURE COUNTRY KMA
                  Maniac –Out

                  • The less you have the better . You do not need all that fancy stuff and brand names.. My house and some clothes come from yard sales.. Look just as great as a rich person’s place, may be better.. But either way, we are happy. The earth belong to the Meek, not the rich

                    • AMEN
                      My kids know how to survive,fish,hunt,trap,and plant.Don’t have much but it’s paid for,and don’t forget the jar of change and $82 under the mattress!Brass is important have plenty of 22’s.Go smart go cheap
                      Maniac –out

                  • LM: Becky is nothing more than a communist. Of couse she is smarter and better than you (and everyone else here). Thanks for calling her out for the fake she has been all along.

                  • LaManiac
                    Au contraire… I started prepping later than many of you. I prepped in a different way. I looked at the situation and paid debt off. I stacked food but focused on growing my own. I already know wild foods. I am studying medIicinal herbs and the human body, an extension of my degree in biology. Ahead of some, behind others.
                    Where I am behind is in mechanical and technological knowledge. I just decided to go 1800s if I can’t keep up. Makes me a good deal behind most in that area.
                    Guns and self defense? Not a conversation for the internet.
                    I am light years ahead of some of you wasting time frothing at the mouth over stupidity like Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. If things are really really bad… there is no
                    survival value in it or in you worrying about my supposed arrogance.
                    I know where I am and what I still need to do. The second list is longer than the first.

                    • Excellent reply Becca. we are on the same page I imagine, hope you are focused on the most important preparedness items of fitness and health ! Without those all the rest is mute. And yes many will argue otherwise but that is because they are lazy and fat and likely afraid to take any action !
                      Nothing new here in USSA today. I have zero debt as well and about to move onto 14,000 acres of wild lands and cows ! Far away from prying eyes. I am always amazed at the dimwits that simply cannot see the forest for the trees, but we are all on our own merits or demerits as the case may be, Hey ? Good on Ya !

                • Rebecca, I’m with you on this one.
                  Vote for Hellary. She will totally screw up everything.
                  Vote for Trump. He won’t fix everything he said he would.
                  Or don’t vote at all. What difference does it make anyway?!?

                  • Nobama,
                    My biggest concern is not Hillary because even the Democrats don’t like her. My concern Iis about the star-filled eyes looking at Trump like he is Jesus Christ Superstar gonna save America. They are deceived and vulnerable, and dangerous in their defense of Trump. Scarey bunch. This penchant for blindly following…. someone promising what would be hard even for a dictator to deliver.

                    • I feel exactly the same but I am certainly going to vote for him. What other choices are there ? waste a vote and perhaps allow Hillary to get in ? You will end up voting for him, all the rest is puff.

                      The one thing that shouts at me is when he says China is the worse currency manipulator ? Apparently he does not realize USA is and has been the worse currency manipulator forever, so you have to wonder just what does he fully realize and know ? and no doubt it is no where near what people seem to think he knows ?

        • Building a wall having Mexico pay for it it simply stopping Mexico from “externalizing” their expenses. For too long the middle and upper class, however small, in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and other nations south of our border have placed the costs of taking care of their indigent upon the backs of the American taxpayer.

          It is time that trade agreements are written that benefit the nation as opposed to being written to benefit a very small cabal that wants a one world, totalitarian government. It is time the people force their legislators to read the laws they are passing.

          Can this nation survive? Not until we go through some really, really painful lessons in reality and logic. The people need to realize that the unwitting foot soldier of the NWO cabal has been in the classrooms of America’s public schools for decades undermining the younger generation’s ability to think critically and independently. They need to be terminated and multiple generations of each family will need to bear the responsibility for truly educating their children.

          • Plain Old
            yep… Mexico is externalizing their expenses on us… only because corporations want it that way and they get what they want. Stupid to call it on Dems because Repubs are owned by the same corporations. American citizens are paying for all of the above. Externalized expenses don’t disappear, they get paid by folks like me. Trump loves his illegals and imported labor and women. He is a sociopath and he does not mind making the Trump Brand more expensive by lying to stupid victims. It is what he has done his entire career… suckered punch stupid folks.

            • Corporation externalize expense to reduce them. After all you would rather pay $3 for your Chinese made slapchop than $10 for one made in ‘Murica. Regulation and bullshit mandates have made doing business in America very difficult. (case in point; just sitting in my office working on quotes when the local fire marshal shows up. A two minute walk thru of our clean shop and now I have to spend $1500 on a fire rated locker to store spray paint, WD-40 and a few other things. Next I have to pay all of the field employees an 8 hour day to go thru MSHA training and on it went) Criticize corporations when you have founded one and know how to read a balance sheet.

              Both parties want and benefit from the invasion. The ones that pay for it financially and with diminished pricing power for their labor and as victims of the invader’s criminal acts, are the people. The Democrat party gets more ignorant voters and more people on the dole. What I am confused by is that you acknowledge the costs of the invasion yet seem to abhor the idea of empowering the only person in decades that may actually stop it.

              As for Mr Trump being a “sociopath” or “loving his illegals and imported labor and women” that sounds like the unfounded opinion of another mass media zombie. Upon what criteria do you base your diagnosis of Mr Trump as a sociopath? I know when one pundit accused Mr Trump of hiring illegals he responded by saying “name him and I will fire him today.” While it may be true that some contractors working on his developments may have hired illegals I have yet to see anyone provide proof of Mr Trump knowingly doing that. As for loving women I can’t think that that is a bad thing. Less than 1.5% of the male population is homosexual.

              • Plain Old
                Externalizes expenses do not disappear, they are generally paid for by others. It isn’t truly capitalism but is is truly oligarchy.
                I don’t care much about Trumpster’s fluff, but he has outsourced jobs and filled hid businesses with imported labor. Well documented. He is exactly what brought this country down. He profits from the destruction, he will not fix it.
                Hiring illegals? He subcontracts out to those who hire illegals. Those are just word games without merit. I lived in Texas, I know the drill. Even the building I worked in Seattle did the same. I speak Spanish, talked to the workers too.
                You excuse Trump filth because you choose to do so. I know that Trump and his type only takes from our country and from anyone he can scam. Being President will only expand his ability to bilk. Illegals aren’t the problem, the CEOs are. Have you forgotten Reagan’s lie that he would shut down the border to ge the your votes? Amnesty and millions more illegals came out of that.
                I will vote Libertarian and kill the Republican Party. Dems are likely to bust too..
                It is not a binary election if we say otherwise. Other countries have more parties. The D/R corporate machine has to go.
                I will never vote for Trump or Hillary. Better vote 10 times for your magic dragon Trump.

                • Illegals aren’t the problem ? I agree many business like the low wages . but you sound like a definite democrat numbskull, only taking in what you want to take in and leaving out the majority of the issue conveniently !

                  Did you vote for the fraud black man for president twice ?

        • R- He didn’t attend Wharton for 4 yrs, he transferred in from Fordham University in the Bronx. He attended the last two yrs of his undergraduate at Wharton. His grades were sub-par so his wealthy father Fred Trump, donated a few million to Wharton to ensure Donnie was accepted.

          The professors and staff said they have no memory of him being there because he rarely showed up for class. He thought he was smarter and better than everyone and was just there to get the piece of paper… which btw, was by the skin of his teeth, according to them.

          They said he technically had a D average, but they were pressured to graduate him with a C average, NOT at the top of his class, as he often boasts. And he does not have a Master’s degree as he alludes. He makes it sound that way when he pluralizes his degree.”I earned my degreeS from one of the top universities in the nation.” Serial liar.

          He was hardly ever in class and his father just kept throwing more money at the school. Same for his daughter Ivanka, only she transferred into Wharton, also in her 3rd year but from a different school, not Fordham, and she had a C average due to low class attendance, but was awarded Summa Cum Laude (4.0/Highest Honors).

          Trump threw millions at the school in donations and the professors were routinely pressured to give her Highest Honors recognition. Oh what money can buy. SOURCE: My two youngest cousins went to school with Ivanka and I have friends who worked for him. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        • Another delusional liberal, parroting buzzwords and pablum.

          Never, ever, ever, consider that your beloved liberalism is responsible for anything wrong with our society, it’s always something else, isn’t it? Mighty convenient for you, otherwise you would have to be intellectually honest, but integrity has never been a strong point with the left. All they can do is whine about others. Nothing is ever their fault. Don’t look behind their curtains, there’s nothing there.

          • Smokey the Fool
            Notice that “externalizing costs” is just spending other people’s money in drag. If you can’t speak the CEO’s English, pretend.

            • There you go again, parroting the buzzword of the day.

              ‘Externalizing costs’ is also known as gaining investors, selling shares of stock, or even borrowing money. Hardly the evil activities of a sociopath.

              Try making some intelligent posts for a while, you’ve been doing nothing for the past few days but ignore Hillary’s selling out her influence for millions of dollars, nearly 200 million bucks so far, while complaining about a businessman funding his operations using normal practices.

              Tell us what the Clinton’s gave away to the Saudis for six million dollars in bogus fees, also known as ‘externalized income’, why don’t you. That would be intellectually honest of you.

              • Smokey the Fool
                Look it up. CEO 101.
                Loans to be repaid with tax deductible interest is corporate welfare, to be sure.
                Externalizing costs is Nestlé stealing water, bottling it, and selling same. Or Knocking a mountain down for coal, dumping toxins on the community while you are at it, and taxpayers doing the cleanup and paying disability.
                Externalizing costs is selling Atrazine to farmers for improved corn production, and knowing but not paying for male sterilization, feminization, Alzheimers, etc. Even though it has been known over 20 years to be a nonbiodegradable endocrine disrupter.
                Externalizing costs is knowing that cotton land was ruined with arsenic, growing rice on it which remediate the arsenic… but selling the arsenic laced rice for baby food.

              • There is a reason I nicknamed her “Red Becky.” Just another communist spewing the same old shit.

                • Anonymous… is that you, philo?
                  Philo that wanted North Korea to EMP the US and kill 300 million Americans? My goodness, a bitter old woman living in an apartment in the city and calling me down.
                  Oligarchy stinks and oligarchy is what we have. CEOs that talk like third graders to get your vote. Phony primaries like Hillary. Elite rule.
                  You were not the first to call me Red Becky unless you are Philo, lover of Kim Jong Un.
                  Republicans with no education call names, short list:
                  Commie, librul, feminazi, gorilla. Work your brain and try a new one.

        • May we stop stabbing Trump in the back?

          The alternative is freaking Hillary, as in 8 more years of the progressive movement that s destroying the US. If you love communism/socialism then vote for Hillary.

          If you know history and realize how many people Communism has murdered and like that idea, then vote Hillary for a global holocaust.

          Will trump fix things? I can’t be sure, but the US presidency is huge, many presidents are overwhelmed. They either micro manage or they put up their hands and turn it all over to globalist bureaucrats like Obama did.

          Trump has been good at one thing during his carreer and that is hiring the right people to run his projects, and applying the proper amount of guidance. If Trump continues that philosophy he could end up one of the best presidents we have ever had! We don’t so much vote for a president anymore, we vote for a platform. Presidents then hire an administration of thousands of people to carry out that platform. It is a managerial nightmare.

          I can predict one thing for certain, if Hillary wins, you can kiss America goodbye. We have a certainty with Hillary, we know how she ran Benghazi, we know how she ran White Water, and we know how she ran everything in between.

          • PTPO…..
            The very idea that you should point to the truth about what is really at stake as represented in party platforms. Is lost on delusional gobbly gook types like julzey and Rebecca. These two embarrass themselves with their weenie quirky ideas that no one who previously held the presidency has been dishonest. They bash the next President of the United States as if it has an impact on what everyone who is clear of mind cannot t allow the status quo to continue.
            So congratulations on an insight that is truly lost on these Nimrods!

            • Talon don’t always agree with you!Spot on.
              Can he do it?and Becca shit or get off the pot!
              or stfu
              Maniac –out TRUMP!

            • Talon
              after calling Clinton dishonest and saying it disqualifies her… a bit of hypocrisy to say it is okay that Trump is dishonest. After saying Obama is Kenyan, it is okay that Cruz is Canadian.
              You get the destruction you deserve.
              I am not voting for Trump. He already busted the party, so it is a good time to register a protest vote as a Libertarian.

              • I will vote for Trump and I was a Cruz guy and a Libertarian ! You are wrong about this Rebecca and you have your heels dug in stubbornly and egotistically. Let go, take a deep breath and rethink ? which is better Trump or Hillary ? very simple stuff. A no vote for Trump is a vote fore Hillary ! wake up and get with the program of saving this country. I know Trump is NOT the perfect guy but he is all we have for this election.

      8. Trump laid it all on the table for all to see.

        No more Rose Colored Glasses. We have been talking here at SHTF about the problems this nation has for years. We NOW have a person that is in the Right place to say the Same as we have on a much Bigger Scale and ALL at ONCE.

        The speech was Dark but it put credible light on the problems.

        • yuuup!

      9. “Homicides last year increased by 17% in America’s fifty largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years. In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. They are up nearly 60% in nearby Baltimore.”

        If large cities would repeal their anti-constitutional gun laws, this trend would reverse itself. Sadly, most large cities are communist enclaves and are ruthless to enforcing rights violating laws on the peasants.

      10. Don’t know if Trump can turn this ship around,it’s going to be painful.Can and will the masses,suck it up?
        A shipment of AR’s just came in 2 days ago,friend bought one,said the store was packed.Young to old were buying!Went back yesterday,sold out.People are waking up!But are they prepped,may be to late.
        It’s coming!!
        Be well all!
        Maniac –out

      11. Come on Mac!my last comment didn’t show up at all.quit looking for it after 2 days!I cleaned my phone but,really
        Maniac –out

        • As far as I know none of your comments have been deleted.

          Hope that phone thing you did worked!


          • Thanks Mac hoped you have deleted my screw-UPS didn’t mean to double comment,trying to figure what I did wrong
            Maniac –out

      12. The editor hits the nail square on the head: “Trump identifies the problems we all see. Is he really going to improve the situation ?” paraphrased.

        Trump has made and inherited his fortune with help from Wall Street and government contracts. I see all of the problems of society originating from criminal embezzlement of money by Wall Street’s ownership of the Federal Reserve. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised .

        I see the embezzled funds as financing all government policies as dictated by Wall Street for their financial enhancement which is impoverishing the world.
        Ref. https://www.scribd.com/document/115919607/FUNDING-THE-NEW-WORLD-ORDER.

        I do not see Donald upsetting his lucrative exploitation of government and Wall Street.

        Donald has made an investment with his campaign funding. He has always expected to make a profit on his investments.

        • Firstly, what is wrong with making a profit on your investment? Secondly, I cannot tell from your post whether you are hot or cold for Trump but I will say that if you are not for Trump then you are for hitlery and that is one very scary thought… whether he upsets the “lucrative exploitation of government and wall street, is yet to be seen but one thing is for positive and that is hitlery will not and in fact will fuel the fires that bring us into the inevitable WWIII because she is for all those corps who build the weapons of the destruction which, even if Trump wins, will be hard to avoid with the scum bag “elites” doing everything in their power to bring it about…. pray, prep and protect…

          • The Truth, I am obviously not for Trump but that doesn’t mean I am for Hillary. She’s actually worse than him. But I am not voting for the lesser of the two evils… been there… done that, and never again. If they can’t allow a fair-minded candidate with a moral compass and real values to come forward them I am not voting. If I were running a company, and only had two finalist candidates for a highly visible key position, who were screwed up self-servers I wouldn’t fill the position. I’d let it go unfilled before I would hire a dog only to later end up regretting it.

            They (tptb) select who they want anyway. IMO, the election process is a scam to divide ‘we the people’ and so the candidates can marvel and one-up each other and boast at how many votes they received.

            But my point is that just because one doesn’t trust and support Trump, doesn’t necessarily mean that they trust and support Hillary the criminal…. just clarifying.

          • A profit on your investment was done by Bernie Madoff.

            The assumption that possible lack of support for Trump must mean that I support Hitlery is not supported by facts or logic.

            The subsequent assumption that Trump is less oriented to promote expanded military action is also not supported by facts or logic. Trump makes a good talk of reducing a lot of government and then says the reverse. Do you remember the promises of eight years ago to empty Gitmo and get out of Afghanistan ?

        • So Trump is evil for achieving the American Dream?

          Personally I’ve had enough of progressives like Obama and Hillary Clinton destroying the American Dream, because they dream of unlimited power, without the constraints of the Constitution.

      13. This country started its downward spiral after the last spark from a flintlock musket ended the Revolutionary War. Think about it. We’ve assassinated politicians, including presidents, we’ve had the Civil War, Whiskey Rebellion (cost civilian lives),The Federal Reserve, Indian Wars, mass killings by psychopaths and government led forces, three Depressions, the abandonment of the Gold Standard, prayer taken out of schools. I could go on but there’s no need. It was a great idea this “America”, but the humans screwed it up. When I have to pick up my rifle it’ll be for the defense of my loved ones and good friends.

        • PoP

          “When I have to pick up my rifle it’ll be for the defense of my loved ones and good friends.”

          Pretty much sums it all up for me too. Lots can happen and I am not going to rely on campaign slogans.

        • PoP

          “When I have to pick up my rifle it’ll be for the defense of my loved ones and good friends”.

          This is why thy haven’t moved on us. When the day comes when less than 20% will do this, then they will move. IMHO.


      14. I don’t trust VP pence none what so ever, because he is a Rino left winger supporter. He supports most of what the left wants and if he moves into Trumps job you will see the huge mistake trump made just by picking pence for VP.

        • that very well may be and the thought of him stepping into Trumps spot is something I’ve been thinking about…. the alternative, however, is hitlery and her hoard of muzzies stepping into the spot I once thought that was for our children and their children….
          He had to pick someone and while “no one is perfect, no not one” I can only pray and vote for Trump… pray, prep and protect.

      15. Talking yesterday with neighbors,one was talking about stealing horses to bail,really!Hope you do!Stay away from me,don’t trust you!This is going to be nasty!Lord give me strength
        Maniac –out

      16. Sorry Mac think I know what I did wrong

      17. The establishment has done nothing to help the USA ,,, nothing. They are all free loaders robbing all people and nations Over throwing other nations and wanting to ban their culture and laws..
        Our establishment are the evil that is within USA that will destroy many innocent lives

      18. Trump will have a hard time turning this around,can and will the masses be willing to pay the price?
        Drinking beer with neighbors yesterday,gun shop in town got a shipment ofAR’s in 2days ago said it was packed.All ages young to old,people are waking up!He went back yesterday,sold out!!But are they prepared?One neighbor talked about stealing horses to bail,really!Good go don’t trust you,this is going to get nasty!!Lord give me strength.
        Running out of time!
        Maniac –out

        • LAManiac
          Trump made moneywith the current corruption. Why would he change the rules now? He is nearly 70… he will just skew the current corruption to his/kids benefit.

          • Rebecca, you need to get a grip on the reality of the world in which we live. I know you won’t as you are a paid hitlery shill but just the same, this ship once great is in the throws of destruction and the saddest part is that if your employer gets into the white house the other reality that you will eventually wake up to is the horror you so vehemently promoted will come beating down your door…. pray, prep and protect…
            Oh, one final comment. I know you will have “something” to respond to my post but I will not be playing that game with you… if you want to know what my response to your response is just reread this post…

            • The Truth
              No imagination. The list:
              Shill for Hillary.
              Not an ounce of brainwork. The biggest Republican fault is to lack critical thinking skills and go brain deadwith feminazi, commie, librul when anyone does think. What if I am not willing to vote for “Not the Hillary” because he is a sociopathic con man? In your tiny world that makes me a Hillary shill. If you can’t see past those two menu items, this country is well and truly screwed. You drank the D/R corporate machine’s lemonade laced with Monsanto poison.

          • Becca not saying this lightly,what the hell do you want cankles?Look it’s better than Romney or McCain we pray!!!
            Maniac –out

      19. And if Trump is elected, if he will start in a low key way of removing those satanic symbols and idols erected in Detroit and Oklahoma City, respectfully, and tie in in that Americas reverence for God and scripture has been part of our success, we may have a chance.

        Just a thought

        • Just a thought
          are you on dope? Trump has no church but money.

          • shill.

            • Dope head fantasist.

              • Becca sorry this is late,some of us are gone 15 hrs a day to work,sleep a little!I’M starting to think you’re an educated idiot.Known many,what the hell do you want the perfect person,good luck
                Maniac –out

      20. I watched the Trump speech, he left more questions than answers. Face it, looking forward to the future, these are the good old days.

        • Aljamo
          Unfortunately I agree with you. I wish I could believe in Puff the Magic Dragon, but I do not. In fact, these believers in the latest Magic Dragon probably lost critical brain cells with old Puff back in the day.

      21. Trump isn’t politically correct!!! He tells it like is. Not like the libtards telling you that its chocolate peanut butter when it is really SHIT in your mouth! The worst part of this is the SHEEPLE believe them.

        Trump: I pray will turn it around, but I KNOW that he won’t do it in the first year or 2 that he is in Office. This is going to take time. Saying that I don’t want to wait for ever!!!!

        Like the song said. “WE WON’T BE FOULED AGAIN”!!!!


        • The press have used political correctness to control the conversation for decades.

          Trump told them you will not control my speech. He seems to be winning.

          The press are freaking out, and resorting to the most absurd and hateful claims. Even so they aren’t winning the day.

          Trump has just jumped the biggest divide, now that he is “the party candidate”, matching and other campaigns funds are being released. Hillary appears to have missed her opportunity to destroy Donald while she was in control.

      22. “I’m tired of wondering where on earth we’ll come up with the cash for our children to pursue their interests.”

        Jeez….tell the kid to go mow some lawns and earn his spending money, or take a free course at the library…..WHERE is it written that child abuse is not providing your kid with all this culture crap ?

        “I’m tired of never, ever going on vacations that don’t involve someone flying us out to see them or crashing at someone’s house for free.”

        Again….want cheese with that whine ? Do you think you have some Constitutional right to a fricking vacation ? Prioritize your spending…cut out that daily lunch out, or Starbucks, or cable package with HBO/sports package (or cut the TV altogether). Last dadgum vacation wife & I went on was our 7 day ‘double’ cruise (first and last) for our 25th anniversary….18 years ago. We turned our homestead into a paradise…the kind of place people would like to vacation, and dang if I’m going on crowed highways to some ‘vacation’ spot to put up with the crowds/prices/bullshit.

        “I’m tired of wondering how on earth we’ll be able to send our kids to college.”

        If you had one lick of sense, you’d encourage them to do a 3-4 year stint in the military (avoiding the cannon fodder MOS’s), give some time to grow up, maybe learn a bit about the world, and get the fuck away from your stinking thinking.

        THEN they could use the GI bill, and work, and pay their own dadgum way thru college….IF they haven’t managed to figure out a good trade is probably going to beat most college degrees in the future.

        “I’m tired of renting, and the almost certain feeling I have that we’ll never be able to afford to buy a house.”

        BUY a house ? That is for idiots. Owned two houses we lived in….our first one (8yrs) and our second one(31yrs)….wife and I built both. Save up little, pay cash for the land, borrow the money for the materials and what subcontractors you can’t figure out how to do (put rock veneer on front on first house after getting a quote “well, buddy, never laid a stone in my life, but you just made a stone mason out of me”). Pay the materials loan off in 8-10 years versus 30 on a mortgage.

        “I’m tired of having to pretend I’m not worried about it all.
        I’m tired of my kids overhearing our worries, of knowing that money is a constant struggle for us.”

        Stop worrying about stuff you can’t do anything about, but get to work on the the stuff you can do something about.

        WHEN did we change from a nation of do’ers into a nation of whinners and dependent on govt and other people to fix our problems ?????

        • Great points

          Most people have plenty of income, but then most spend it away each month with little or no thought as to where the income went. Then as you state, the whine just never stops.

      23. It doesn’t matter where one looks… (infrastructure, economics, social norms, etc.) everything in the USA is in decay. Whenever something is done to “fix” some aspect it tends to be liitle more than a band-aid and the decay is left to fester below the surface.

        Since so much of the decay is a consequence of the actions of career politicians, electing someone who has suceeded in the private sector may be just what is needed. Unfortunately for Trump, he is just one man and will have to deal with some 500 career politicians and about a million career bureaucrats…

        • Lurker
          politicians are owned by CEOs like Trump. They are Piscesccuthe ewantsto steal directly Iinstead of through them.

      24. Any one talking about Voting is a traitor

        Do NOT give credence to Tyranny

        Do NOT VOTE

        the talking part is DONE!

        But he said he/she was going to do all kinds of fabulous things for America…… and you hear the same nonsense every four years, and you keep falling for it like a moron.

        voting every 4 years to see who the next asshole is to enslave you is idiotic at best

        To cooperate is to cooperate, to resist is to resist.
        We resist occupation and this is occupation.
        You are not voting for the Bill of Rights, you are voting to decide who will violate it in a corrupt election and a corrupt presidency

        The Bill of Rights isn’t just a good idea or a notion of something given by God. It is absolute written law and whether the rights of one or a hundred million are violated, the violation of the law is absolute. The Bill of Rights is the common law guaranteed to we the people through the constitutional contract. That contract is usurped and I do not have to tolerate those who cooperate with a usurpation. It is treason to cooperate with an insurgency and by voting you are giving permission for your rights to be violated

        “You could not pay me enough to vote, which would be selling out my fellow Americans”.

        • You know Red you just about got me convinced. Been giving it a lot of thought ever since this election year started.

          • PoP
            No one to vote for.
            Mighty Mouse has come to save the day?

        • Has anyone told you there are always more than two presidential candidates ?

      25. All good points, but people still have the right to live their own lives without having to build their own homes or enlist in the military or replicate the choices you made in order to have valid concerns about where our country is going.

      26. The decline of the producing middle class started with the fake gas shortage in the 1970,s. That raised the price of fuel and the cost of . We began the decline and a slow regression. and lately the situation has accelerated. And no president including trump will actually fix anything.

        • Hello Old Guy

          I guess it wasn’t too fake if you needed it and couldn’t get it.

          What really happened was Nixon closed the gold window and devalued the FRN. The Saudis were pissed so they embargoed the US oil until they could get the price up to make up for the devalued FRN. They blamed it on the seven days war or somesuch, but it was all about the money.

          • CORRECT JRS.

            • No there was plenty of gas . that scam raised fuel prices. and opened the door for fuel miserly imported vehicles. And that began the demise of the US car manufacturing industry.

          • JRS
            Lest you forget… Nixon opened China up for corporate manufacturing.

            • However the fake gas shortage was the very beginning. that fuel spike caused a rise in the cost of production and a demand for import vehicles. It was the nose of the proverbal camel under the tent. The middle class was tied to the car auto manufacturing.

      27. Didn’t Hitler promise the same thing if only Germans would elect him? And, they did. Seeing Hitler’s way of making Germany “great again”, why does anyone want to vote to make any of them “great”, expecting THEIR greatness to be “our” greatness? Voting for oneself or, at the very least, for anyone who’s platform is to abolish government by others over you– to allow you the liberty to govern yourself, and to defend yourself from those who won’t govern only themselves and, from those who attempt to govern you–is the only vote that will count (if it’s counted).

      28. K – Street owns the president of the United States and most of Congress as well . Funny how that never gets a mention. Could it be because we all have a little friend that lives on K-Street too?
        Sometimes you just have to take the bitter with the sweet.

        • K Street. Metaphorically meaning the big20 but hey I’m old school and still like the ring of it

      29. WTF is wrong with some of you stupid fucks .I’ll roll the dice with Trump because at least there is a chance of some good changes taking place.With the lying filthy witch Swillary further disaster is guaranteed.

      30. •••
        _____Great speech. Trump is OK._____

      31. It’s never been better for me. I make more$ than ever before. I’m not looking at how hard it is for others. I don’t see starving people. They can get ebt or go to food banks. There is plenty to eat. I see signs everywhere saying now hiring. You can get a job. I don’t see it being as bad as trump says. If you wanna survive you have options. Or you can just accept poverty and complain the rest of your life. The free shit you got keeps people working. That’s why free shit useless eaters don’t bother me anymore. I will still call them bums though.

        • sounds like somebody helped you get a government job.

      32. Well Anonymous stated that Hitler wanted to make Germany great again… He started out by tossing the (((Rothschild bank))). Every country should do THAT. Remember Meyer Amsul Rothschild’s famous quote…”If I control a country’s money, it matters NOT what laws they make.” The next thing he did was tear up the Treaty of Versailles… Which was crafted with the hands of Rothschild. Now skip forward to 1939. Germany had already marched into The Sudetenland, Austria and Czechoslovakia… no shots fired. The League of Nations barely muttered a peep. Germany and Russia entered into a Non-Aggression pact. Then on September 1st Germany enters Poland from the west… Who entered Poland from the east??? RUSSIA!!! Did Britain and France declare war on Russia??? Hell no, Why??? Russia already had a Rothschild bank… Germany had tossed theirs out. Gotta punish them krauts…Same crap happened with the country’s that told the world that they weren’t going to buy/sell oil for (((petrodollars))). See the connection folks…it’s ALWAYS BEEN about the (((Rothschild families control))). That good (((tribe))) that’s been causing trouble for us nontribe members…

      33. Asshat says:
        Comment ID: 3590377
        July 23, 2016 at 8:48 am
        It’s never been better for me. I make more$ than ever before. I’m not looking at how hard it is for others. I don’t see starving people. They can get ebt ………………

        Yes but those EBT cards are paid for by taking money out of MY PAYCHECK!

        • Zap, Even in this economy it still only amounts to pennies out of each paycheck, which is better than children starving to death or being malnourished and permanently stunted. After all, they are our future. Plus letting people, especially children, starve to death is cruel.

          I gladly donate at least a dollar to the stop hunger campaign every week at the grocery store checkout without fail, and also happily donate food to the local food bank during their quarterly food drive. And, I intend to keep doing so, even though they are deducting a few pennies out of every one of my paychecks to help cover EBT.

          • for every dollar that is received via EBT, you have been ripped off for $1000 for war-mongering, bureaucrat overhead, subsidies for growing catfish, grants for studies to eliminate bovine gas emissions, Michelle’s shopping trip to Paris, etc.

      34. In decline its hanging on the verge of chaos.

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