Is This The Lost City Of Atlantis? Incredible Aerial Photos Of Ancient City In The Pacific

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 61 comments



New aerial photos of an ancient city in the Pacific Ocean have renewed a debate about the existence of the fabled “Lost City” of Atlantis.  The new photos have now brought real questions about the existence of the previously assumed fictional city.

The latest episode of the Science Channel’s What on Earth? reveals new aerial images of the site, which was built on top of a lagoon. The virtually uninhabitable Nan Madol is located just off the main island of Pohnpei in Micronesia in the Pacific. As the city is separated by tidal canals and is protected by the ocean by 12 sea walls, Nan Madol is often considered the ‘Venice of the Pacific’. The name Nan Madol means ‘spaces between’ and is a reference to the tidal canals that crisscross the ruins. The Micronesian city’s ruins are not only that of a once-great city of man-made stone islands, but they also inspired the city of R’lyeh in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos (a shared fictional universe.)

Mark McCoy, who led the team of researchers at the city’s ruins, said: “It now looks like Nan Madol represents a first in Pacific Island history. To me, in its prime, Nan Madol was a capital. It was the seat of political power, the center of the most important religious rituals, and the place where the former chiefs of the island were laid to rest.”


According to the Smithsonian, the buildings that makeup Nan Madol incorporate an estimated 750,000 tons of black rock. The Saudeleurs must have needed to move 1,850 tonnes every year, despite a population of only 30,000 people and no access to pulleys and levers. The Saudeleur kingdom also spent several centuries creating the stone structures which still stand on 92 artificial islands in a lagoon off the coast of the island of Pohnpei.

Evidence of the early human activity on the islands dates back to the first or second century BC, but it is not known exactly when the construction of the artificial islets started. Theories put the city’s construction timeframe from the 5th to the 11th century AD.

Locals are so frightened of the city, that they won’t go near it, out of fear that spirits and ghosts intent on taking life now inhabit the desolate place.  They have dubbed it “the island of ghosts.”

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    1. THAT GUY

      >Is This The Lost City Of Atlantis?

      Yup, that is it, no doubt about it.

      • Menzoberranzan

        It’s in the Pegasus galaxy about 3 million light years distant. That’s as good an answer as any.

        • THAT GUY

          It’s in the Pegasus galaxy

          Is that that by the Pleiades? Cuz I know where that is, or they are. The 7 Sisters Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope.

          • Menzoberranzan

            Give or take several trillion miles.

      • Eisenkreutz







        • awed bawl

          Could White Supremacy be established without White Guns?

        • andrea lankford

          liberal moron

      • durangokidd

        Atlantis, no. Mu maybe, or something constructed by the statue makers of Easter Island. This construction and topography does not resemble the reports of Atlantis handed down through history.

        Atlantis is off the coast of Cuba (discovered by a US Navy nuke sub during the cold war) and extends to the Bahamas and beyond with parts visible undersea in the Canary Islands uncovered by Russians. 🙂

      • Oddfellow

        Nope, it’s not Atlantis, no doubt about it.

    2. Yohan Smythe III

      “Atlantis” – in the pacific ocean?

      Um, I thought Atlantis was supposed to be in the Atlantic ocean?

      • THAT GUY

        > I thought Atlantis was supposed to be in the Atlantic ocean?

        Nah, you are thinking of Pacifiantis 😉

        • TEST

          Then there is Infantitis, where the original snowflakes and infantile campus whiners, and moral midget Antifa fascists had their capitol. They tried to burn their own capitol down, but as you might expect, they were not smart enough to realize that, being underwater – like the rest of the Infantitis economy – it wouldn’t burn

          • marie

            Ha ha ha . That’s a good one TEST.

        • dick tickly

          So that’s where pacifists come from…..

        • JOJO

          No Pacific Heights is a neighborhood in San Francisco.

      • rellik

        Actually the latest general consensus it that is really was in the Mediterranean sea somewhere.

        • Oddfellow

          Nope – Plato says “beyond the Pillars of Hercules”. This means “outside of the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic”.

          Consensus is only that, a consensus. It doesn’t mean it’s right, true or correct.

          • rellik

            The pillars are one place mentioned, but “modern” archaeologists have other ideas. You are right about the term consensus, that is why I used it.
            Usually there is some fact in legend, or poems. Discovering those facts are difficult.

            • Oddfellow

              Modern archaeologists seem to want to place it anywhere except where Plato said it was. Maybe they are just in denial.

              I’d trust Plato sooner than I’d trust any of those “deviants”. Most of them have had an appearance in some documentary for NatGeo or History Channel or some such, and maybe that was their motivation rather than truth because something tells me placing Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean is more of a sin in conventional career science than placing it on the moon.

      • Mensa Graham

        Look a little harder in the Mediterranean. Atlantis before the rock of Gibraltar split open.

      • awed bawl

        The Atlantic Ocean is supposed to be in the city of Atlantis.

      • Heartless

        You know? I agree – I thought the Pacific ‘Atlantis’ was once called “Lemuria” or “Mu”.

      • Oddfellow

        You are right. According to Plato, Atlantis was located “beyond the Pillars of Hercules” – the Pillars of Hercules being the entrance to the Mediterrean, so to speak, the strait between Spain and the African continent.

    3. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Can we send the libturds there?

      • JustMe

        That would ruin the value of the place.

      • javelin

        They would all starve within a week.

        • marie

          Ok, So let em starve. Send them all there!

    4. Star

      This is likely Lemuria another lost continent. Atlantis was in the Atlantic, Lemuria in the Pacific.

    5. RSBL

      Atlantis was highly advanced, hardly the stone age looking place they are showing. Pre-flood civilization.

    6. aljamo

      I thought they found Atlantis under the ice at the South Pole along with vast land areas undiscovered beyond the pole.

      • Yohan Smythe III

        Yes, obviously they did, but they do NOT want anyone to know that! So they spew this story to the masses.
        Total disinformation….

    7. Archivist

      Being in the Pacific, it would be the lost continent of Mu or Muror, as written about by James Churchward. I bought all of his books back in the early 1970s, except the first one, which was out of print. But I have that one on the computer.

      • JustMe

        Another possible connection to Mu, is Yonaguni, near Japan. Underwater structures exist, that would have been above current sea level around 8-10 thousand years ago.

        There are sunken structures off of the NW coast of Cuba, more likely part of “Atlantis”. Sunken structures exist off of the coast of Dwarka, India. There are others elsewhere, also, near Greece, and Turkey, for example.

        But, none of those things fit the narrative, so they cannot exist, and we must ignore them…

        • Oddfellow

          Yonaguni belongs territorially to Japan, but is a very small island close to Taiwan, so it’s located in the farthest reaches of Japan to the west. It has even its own language.
          Use Google Maps.

      • marie

        I had Churchwards book too, but don’t know if i still have it. Good book. Yep.

    8. Old Codger

      My BS Detector just went off – AGAIN!

    9. HM

      If the city was built 5th thru 11th century AD or even 2nd century BC, it’s neither Atlantis nor Lemuria.
      This article is simple click bait. It’s worse than Jeremiah Johnson telling us again about wars and cataclysms ending civilization tomorrow. (For sure, this time!)

      • Oddfellow

        Yesn it IS clickbait. And it is a badly written article with serious inaccuracies; as visible in the comments.

      • "Oddfellow

        I just realized there could be some misunderstanding – I was talking about the source Mac Slavo based this article on, the article on It is very inaccurate, it even got the distance LA-Pohnpei completely wrong, and it wasn’t even corrected although some reader commented on it.

    10. Annabel Morgan

      Atlantis? No, wrong ocean. But it would seem to be a likely candidate for the fabled Hawaiiki, where the Polynesians say they lived before departing to voyage throughout the Pacific and settle in Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Rapanui, etc.

    11. Anonymous

      A 91 year old missionary from Indiana had thousands of artifacts from all over the world he had collected. Agents, art curators and museum curators descended upon on the home and seized the collection. Looking for some possible “illegal” item, of course. Never did hear the outcome of this. But I bet the Smithsonian had their nose in that raid.

    12. pipes

      OLD news.
      This site has been known of forever…I saw it featured YEARS ago on a Discovery show.
      Yet all of a sudden, it’s splashing all over media the last few days.

      • Oddfellow

        Yes, it’s based on a (badly written) article with serious inaccuracies in the online Mirror, written by a freelance reporter.

    13. Brian

      Plato described it as having been past the pillars of Hercules which some scholars think was the Straits of Gilbratar. Others think it was the Isle of Santorini. The lost city in the Pacific was Mu.

      • "Oddfellow

        Mu (or Lemuria) wasn’t a city but a continent.

        The catastrophe which destroyed Santorini must have been tremendous but it wasn’t Atlantis. According to Plato, there was a population of 64 million people which were wiped out with Atlantis (or its last remnant, rather).

    14. PO'd Patriot

      When I first saw the picture I thought it was Puerto Rico. Wrong ocean.

      • Eisenkreutz

        During the hurricane my island was covered with a 15 ft storm surge. Everything, absolutely everything was underwater. People lost everything they had in this earth and we had full blown shtf actually. It was nothing glamorous. Survival sucks. Bad.

    15. War Thog

      I saw this on another media site the other day. Atlantis? Doubt it. Just another ancient civilization. Besides One would think that since Atlantis was 1st heard of from Aristotle or Plato then, one would think that more than likely it would’ve been located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. My 2 cents….

    16. Press 9 for English

      They’ve (science) know of this site for many years.

    17. Prepared 2 Thrive

      Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (YouTube channel). -Click my name to visit my channel

    18. Plan twice, prep once

      So inquiring minds want to know, did rising sea levels due to Stone Age global warming cause it to go underwater?

      • Yohan Smythe III

        You only asked half the question! … and did they tax the people claiming the money would be used to stop it?

      • Oddfellow

        Rising sea levels seem very unlikely to have been the cause (at least not directly). Atlantis’ last remnant, according to Plato, was destroyed in 24 hours (or one night). No sea level would rise that fast, IMHO.

        It must have literally sunk, being engulfed at the same time. Imagine a huge tsunami racing over hundreds of miles, until only a very few of its highest mountain tops are left sticking out of the ocean to this day – Madeira and the Acores….

    19. TEST

      Are we there yet?

      “… in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly.” II Timothy 3:1-5

      • marie

        This is a very good quote. Sounds exactly like our world today. Can’t argue that.

    20. FTW

      Is This The Lost City Of Atlantis? Incredible Aerial Photos Of Ancient City In The Pacific

      No … and this is without a doubt … very old news on this area.

    21. Old Codger

      Google Earth says this place is only about 200 metres square!

    22. Michigan Wolverine

      Maybe SHTF is down there jumping sharks

    23. Bctruck

      Sorry. Not Atlantis. My dog was able to crawl under my fence yesterday and while I was in the woods looking for it, I stumbled across Atlantis. I should have told you sooner. I could have saved you the expense of all that aerial photography. My bad.

    24. Iain Lewis

      Why do articles about Atlantis always refer to Atlantis as a city? Atlantis was said to be a large continent, not just a city.

      • Oddfellow

        I think most of those articles are really clickbait and disinformation at the same time.

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