Is Syrian War Over? Putin’s Ceasefire Includes Plan to “Break Up Syria Into Sub-States”

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 19 comments

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    The war could be over in Syria. A peace is being negotiated on Putin’s terms, signaling a drastic shift away from American hegemony and unipolar world order.

    Assad’s forces, fully backed by Russia, finally secured a decisive defeat in Aleppo, turning the tide for the factions of “moderate rebels” and “ISIS terrorists” that have been ruling intermittently in pockets of Syria.

    Now, with targeted diplomats and larger threats to peace, President Putin has scored a psychological victory over the West, negotiating a peace in Syria in which the U.S. and NATO have no official involvement.

    The deal could lead to a new political system in Syria that would break the country into three sub-states, and a formal federal overlay, inherent in the tensions surrounding the embattled state. President Assad would retain power for a short time, before being replaced by a new leader.

    According to the Daily Caller:

    Russia, Turkey, and Iran are reportedly discussing splitting Syria into three autonomous sub-states in a final deal to end the ongoing Syrian civil war, Reuters reports.

    The three sub-states would be regionally autonomous and nominally remain under the power of a federal administrative system. This federal system would retain Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in the beginning, before a less divisive figure took the helm. Assad’s religious sect, Shiite Alawites, would remain in charge of the federal system and have their own zone of influence under the terms of the deal.

    The Syrian proposal hearkens back to Vice President Joe Biden’s 2006 proposal to split Iraq into three autonomous sub-states in lieu of pursuing the 2007 troop surge.

    […] Each of the three countries retains a large geopolitical stake in Syria’s future.

    Turkey wants to deny Syria’s Kurdish minority a de-facto state on its border, whom they regard as an existential threat on the same level with the Islamic State. Iran wants to retain a friendly Shiite ally along its border, and remains invested in Assad’s leadership. Russia conversely backs Assad but ultimately wants to retain its basing rights in Syria, and broker a successful deal to signal leadership role in world affairs.

    […] After a ceasefire is fully in place, the U.S. and its Gulf-Arab allies would be brought into the negotiations to offer input. The lack of a U.S. role in the ceasefire or beginning framework of the talks is a significant embarrassment to the Obama administration.

    The Obama Administration has been conspicuously quiet, having been embarrassed out of the arena some time ago.

    Two terms of a disastrous foreign policy, under the misleadership of Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, have undermined U.S. interest, created more terrorism, escalated tensions with Russia and inflamed relations between Muslims and the Western world.

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      1. Analgesic lotion. Stock up.

        • Imposter, you just won’t quit, huh?

      2. Putin sure schooled Obama. LOL

        • Yes he did! Of course, Putin’s been doing that for a while. Obama has been a non-entity internationally for most of his second term. Bravo to Mr. Putin for bringing this deal to fruition. He is doing more to preserve world peace than Obama with his “Nobel Peace Prize” ever has.

      3. That’s why John Kerry is looking at BOL’s in Antarctica to hide from all the people who would love to dust him for his Genocide and al his lies.

        • Zeus, John Kerry tricked all of those Irish Catholics in Boston to vote for him when he ran for the Senate. He told them he was Irish. Kerry’s grandfather on his daddy’s side was a Russian Rabbi. Kerry’s father changed the family name from Kahane to Kerry to help with the lie. I knew he was Jewish 5 years before Kerry owned up to it. Problem is that Kerry knew his grandfather. He was old enough to know he was a Rabbi. So Kerry even lied about finding out he was Jewish. What a slime ball. Nothing wrong with being Jewish, but he shouldn’t have lied. I’ve hated that POS since he lied during testimony about his time in the ‘Nam.

      4. So, the Obama regime was embarrassed. Boo hoo, cry me a river.

      5. As long as Islam is alive there can NEVER be peace in the mid east OR ANYWHERE in the world!

        • Not just Islam, *all* religions prevent peace.

      6. Russians trying to make the best out of it.

        I 100% agree with Apache54. Russia will never have peace as long as the Muslime have any power. Russia will get it stuck up their A## with they let Iran and any say.
        remember if you are not muslime you are a dog.

        • No Problem!
          Over 15% of russians are muslims. And President Putin called islam an integral part of russia. They can handle…

      7. Can’t Obama just BOW to someone? Again.

      8. “a less divisive figure took the helm”

        Read that as, Putin’s choice.

        Syria stays/becomes a defacto Russian satellite country. Warm water, ME port, nice if you can get it. And right on Israel’s front porch.

      9. Those people in the middle east have been fighting each other for thousands of years. They are all radical extremists and always will be; I say leave them to hell alone and let them go on killing each other. The USA needs to stay the hell out of the middle east, and they maybe will kill each other off for the betterment of the world. There’s no changing the heathens, we need not waste our time, money, or lives of our soldiers trying to change this part of the world. Let Russia do it if they want to.

      10. The “peace” would be more like a “time-out” with no major issues resolved. Still, it might allow a lot of Syrian refugees to return to Syria.

      11. I’m glad to see the ape-in-chief and globalists suffer any kind of defeat. The US never had any business in Syria to begin with. Let the Syrian people solve their own problems.

      12. BUT! BUT! BUT!

        WAIT A MINUTE! I thought PUTIN was the new DEVIL according to this site and all the others?

        Yet….. Hes creating a PEACEFUL solution to the Syria debacle brought about by obungler and the CIA????

        WOW. Imagine THAT!

      13. eliminating the dictators to build the caliphate – and the Russians are assisting….

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