“I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF” – No You Won’t

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Editor’s Note: This article has been generously contributed by Glen Tate of 299Days.com. Glen is the author of the 10-part series 299 Days, which is inspired by his own life and personal journey. It begins with 299 Days: The Preparation and introduces us to a husband who awakens to the fragility of modern society and embarks on a personal journey that introduces him to a world of self-reliance and liberation. 

In the following article Glen covers an issue that is very dear to most preppers – what to do when neighbors, friends and family come knocking. With limited resources available we’re all going to have to make tough decisions. Like many of us, Glen plans on helping those truly in need. But what about those who refused to see the warning signs and stuck their head in the sand, perhaps even lambasted you for your extreme ideas and theories? Instead of being frugal and preparing, they focused their efforts on entertainment and good times.

But when the good times end, they will come to you for help. What will you do when they show up at your front door?


“I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF” – No You Won’t
By Glen Tate | 299 Days

(This post is something you can send to your friends or print out and hand to them when SHTF.)

Dear Friend:

I love my friends, but I will shoot you if I have to.  I’m serious.  Here’s why.

I tried to persuade you to prepare for what’s coming and, in the process, revealed that to you that I’m preparing.  You realized that I have food, guns, etc., and ended up saying, half kidding but half serious, “I’ll come to your place when SHTF.”

No you won’t.  I will shoot you.  If you threaten me and my family, I will use force to defend against any threat.  And showing up at my place hungry and unprepared is a threat to me.  You will eat my food and use up my medical supplies, generator, firewood, etc.  That’s less of these life-saving things for me and my family.  That’s a threat.

Is this greed on my part?  No.  I will take care of the truly needy – those who cannot take care of themselves.  But you are different.  Very different.  You had plenty of chances to prepare for yourself.

But what did you do?  You spent the weekends watching football, went on expensive vacations, and never made your spouse mad at you with your “crazy” ideas that something bad was happening.  You didn’t do shit because… you would just come to my place.  Problem solved, right?  You didn’t need to spend time, money, and create domestic strife because I did that all for you.

Not.  Why should I spend my time, money, and stress just so you can waltz into my place and live happily ever after?  I’m a nice guy, but – really? – I’m going to spend my (very limited) free time, disposable income, and domestic tranquility just so you can have a leisurely life and more material comforts pre-Collapse while I don’t?

Why do you think I will sacrifice enormous amounts of my time and money so you can enjoy yourself while I’m slaving away?  Would you assume you could come over and leave your broken car at my house?  That I would just spend thousands of dollars on parts and several weekends fixing it and then hand it over to you with a smile – just because I’m a “good guy”?  Would anyone expect that?

You do, apparently.  You actually expect to waltz over to my cabin and receive – with a smile – thousands of dollars of food and other supplies that took me all my weekends to acquire and store.

So, my grasshopper friend (as in the story of the grasshopper and the ant), here is your official warning: if your “plan” for your and your family’s safety is to come to my place, you’re wrong.  When you show up, I’ll ask you to leave.  When you don’t, I’ll point a gun in your face.  If you refuse to leave, I will shoot you.  You are a threat to me.

You had years of time and very clear warnings to get ready.  But you didn’t.  Hey, I love football but haven’t been able to watch a game in a few years; I’ve been fixing up the cabin, buying supplies, and training with the Team.  I spent a lot of money doing all these things so I haven’t gone on a long vacation in… forever.  I have had several difficult times with my wife because of all the prepping I’m doing; I could have easily done what you did, which is just say “Yes, dear” and not prepare because she didn’t want you to.

I hope this message jolted you.  There’s still some time.  Go prep.  Please understand that your plan cannot be “I’ll come to your place.”  I don’t want to shoot you.

299 Days

Glen Tate” (not his real name) is a lawyer and political person in Olympia, the state capitol of Washington State.  He was a secret prepper, hiding his activities from his wife – and he wrote the ten-book 299 Days series in secret, too. 

Glen has led an amazing life – and one that took a surprising turn. He grew up poor in the rural logging town of Forks, Washington. He worked hard to become a successful professional with a job in the political arena. Thinking he’d finally made it and everything was great, he was stunned to see how corrupt government is. From his observations at his job, he realized that America is collapsing and bad things are coming. Very soon. He began to prepare for him and his family to make it through the civil unrest of the coming collapse. That meant he had to return to his rural roots – quite a shock to his family and friends. Even more amazing was that he wrote down what he foresees happening during the collapse and it became a ten-book novel series published by Prepper Press.

The 299 Days series is available in Audio Book Format, as well as print and Kindle.

You can visit Glen’s web site at 299days.com

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    1. Confederate

      Like hell you will!

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        As John Wayne like to say, Rebel, “That’ll be the day…”

        • KY Mom

          From the financial news…

          The Fed’s Hands Are Tied Unless the Market Crashes

          “Having just engaged in QE for TWO SOLID YEARS STRAIGHT the Fed would totally destroy any and all credibility in its monetary policies to engage in QE anytime within the next three to six months….

          QE 3 and QE 4 are ending in a little over a week.

          Which means… the markets are losing their most critical prop: the Fed’s money pumps.

          Prepare now, the next round of the crisis beckons.”

          Saxobank CIO Warns “Another SHOCK DROP Is Coming.. And It’s Coming SOON”

          “Saxo Bank’s Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen is predicting another ‘shock drop’ in the markets within a few weeks.

          Steen argues that we will hit fresh lows in mid-November… with targets for the S&P 500 around 1810 and the Dax at 8000 – 7800.”

            • the renegade braveheart

              Acid, I do appreciate the sarcasm.

              • Anonymous

                One of the Biggest weaknesses in a Group Wide prepping plan is the Loss of OPSEC (Operational Security. And keeping your prepping a secret. One of the Biggest leakers are your children. What do you think they talk about at school with their friends or post on Facebook or Tweet about or take photos of your preps and place them on snap chat of how weird their parents are, Hording up food and ammo and guns prepared for WW3. Kids will tell their innermost secrets to every other kid out there who will listen to them. Trying to out do the other kid of how weird their parents are in comparison. So when real SHTF the kids may gang up and come attack your shack stealing all your preps when they know you will be away. They infiltrate your home during sleepovers and your kids show the other kids all your prepping supplies after school before you get home. You think I am kidding here? You better have a plan for that, and hide or avoid spilling the beans to your kids. Kids just to lack of maturity just does not understand what OPSEC means. So when you consider group prepping to Lone Wolf OPSEC, the Lone wolf has less hols and gaps in their security than groups which dozens of pairs of snoopy eyes, and chatting bragging or yapping about your weird prepping habits.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Ha.. I forgot to add my title name. Hows that for OPSEC? lol

                • dontbeanidiot

                  Not to mention those retards who poison some of their supplies. Don’t do that. What if some kids opens one up and eats it.

                • CASEY

                  How do you keep a 5 year old from telling a cashier everything? She tells people where we own houses, why we are buying 50 things of bleach etc. I dont know what to do. Any advice would be great!

                • Jus'Say'n

                  This @ dontbeanidiot

                  “Not to mention those retards who poison some of their supplies. Don’t do that. What if some kids opens one up and eats it.”

                  Then I won’t have to worry about ther lil fat azzes EATING the rest of my sh1t!!!
                  Thanks for reminding me!!! Now I’m going to move the poisoned one to the top of my stash!!!

                • Shootit

                  Casey, Get a baby sitter.

            • 5000sqft Bunker

              Who would red thumb that, does Obama have paid trolls come here?

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Yes…he does.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Yea, isnt that a hoot,
                  they have tens of thousands of people who show up at these NSA facilities and monitor the net etc, they sit there for hours looking at the forums and such, trying to hunt down the dangerous people like you and I,,,,
                  WTF has gone wrong with our government??? they pay more attention to American citizens than they do to Pakistani terrorists or ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!
                  they are mental
                  Know your neighbors

                  • betterlatethannever

                    Indeed, about the neighbors.

              • mark

                No, it’s just that Acid is very caustic…not to mention a sick pervert.
                By the way I didn’t red thumb him but I understand why some did.

                • The Old Coach

                  Acid and caustic are polar opposites by definition.

            • Dean GULberry

              Larger signs and an environmental impact study are needed. This may require a ‘Sign Czar’.

            • Anonymous

              Funny shit dude,
              Cant cake this crap up can we

          • AlphaFrog

            I’ll just say the same thing to friends when they
            were looking for money …. I haven’t got any.

              • Jay

                Voting is useless unless you have a court system that enforces the laws on the rich and poor alike.
                In a functioning republic, the right to prosecute the powerful is a more fundamental freedom than voting.
                That means you have a law of the land (a constitution) that has the teeth to be used against government officials when they break their own laws. If government can break its own laws, voting means nothing.

                • FYYFF

                  Been gone for a while. Jay has a great point. Crimes are classified by legislators who are either wealthy or put in place by the wealthy. Hence, financial crimes are not treated as seriously as say street drug dealers. Once charged, the rich get good attorneys and it makes a difference. Contrast the good lawyer from a public defender. The public defender churns cases and is paid by the number rather than quality of work.
                  If prosecuted and convicted, sentences for the wealthy differ from the rest of us. Shorter sentences and nicer prisons await.

                • Tabby

                  Jay is brilliant

                • It is I only

                  Voting ??
                  I’ll give you an idea about voting in our free democracies.
                  You are the Turkey voting for Christmas & you only have the choice of stuffing. Cranberry stuffing or Chestnut stuffing.
                  The end result is, that you’re the stuffed turkey!

                • possee


                  Correct you are!


                  of all rags,,,

                  The Boston Globe

                  just released an editorial titled thus..

                  “Vote all you want..the secret govt won’t change”

                  Jordan Michael Smith
                  for mainstream media..this is a significant realization


                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  RE; Voting: Its amazing how these medium income class people get elected and after a few terms they have a net worth of millions of dollars. Then you take a Billionaire Medicare Fraud Criminal like FL Governor Rick Scott who ripped Medicare off by more than $1.5 Billion as CEO, then got kicked out of the HCA company, pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars, and then today puts $22 Million dollars of his own money into his own re-election campaign that only pays a $250,000 a year salary as Governor. POWER, Control, EGO,… You think he give a hoot about the average Floridian? Although has has passed 5 good Pro Gun laws. So do we vote for the Criminal or the questionably Gay Liberal Charlie Crist who will pass Medical Marijuana? And keep our homeowners Insurance at a reasonable cost? lol Light-em up if you got-em!!

                • Jus'Say'n

                  The WHOLE problem with this country is THE SYSTEM!!!
                  The BROTHERHOODS/SISTERHOODS – secret societies, fraternities and alt. “closed-door” organizations.
                  Sir John Kennedy’s “President and Press” Speech of 61 SAID IT ALL!!!


                  Add to this that EVERY SEAT IN AMERICA should be accompanied by Term Limits, Overwatch and Mandatory Prison Term’s for Oath Violations!!!!
                  These things should have been written into the Constitution!!!

                  But, of course they Wouldn’t have been, would they?!! — as ALL the so-called founding fathers were members of Secret Societies and azz-kissing Brotherhood’s!!!

                  Welcome to Babylon!!!


              • passinwiththewind

                I was of the same opinion as George Carlin about fifteen years or so ago when i started digging around and praying for the truth. The more i learned the more i came to hate politicians of all parties. It seemed as though the conservative party, on the surface, was the lesser of the two evils and that is how i voted for many years and then i realized they are just as evil as their bed fellows, the liberals, so i quit voting for a while.

                Now, as a practicing Christian, I had to do a little soul searching for the future. I asked myself; what if, I go before my Maker and He poses the question…..

                What did you do to help squelch the killing of my innocent unborn, but very much alive, children, and did you oppose homosexuality as I do?

                At least i can say that I did the best as i could by casting a vote “against” those two issues and against liberalism that supports those ideologies, by voting for republicans.

                Will it matter? Will it come to that? I don’t know, but i know i have at least made an effort as a small vote. i also can truthfully say i didn’t call myself a Christian and then turn around and vote for a liberal agenda.

                There is no straddling the fence on that. You are either for or against the whole platform of the liberals, not just the parts you choose, and will be held accountable for those decisions, and actions.

                Just sayin’

                • Navy Vet

                  Wind … That was a tornado :^). I’ve been wrestling with some of the same issues. I’ve voted in every election, federal state and local since I came of age. I’ve considered it my duty as a citizen. For the last 20 years or so with the rise of having to vote for the so called lesser of two evils in many elections, I’ve gotten very disheartened with whole process.

                  Your post raises and clarifies a couple of issues I hadn’t considered. Thanks!

                • European American

                  You are correct, pwtw, their is no straddling the fence. And as you say, “… you will be held accountable for those decisions, and actions.”

                  I’d say 15 years ago you had it figured out, spot on, when you realized that both parties are just as evil. FYI. IT HASN’T CHANGED. Liberals, Neocons, not only do they support destructive behavior, they perform destructive behavior. You don’t think, like the lawless liberals, republicans don’t have demonic skeletons in their closets? Doing the nasty with young boys and girls? Whether it be sex, or drugs, or power and greed, it’s running rampant on both sides of the aisle. Anyone votes for either party, then they are voting for the status quo of letting satanic rituals continue.

                  Demonic behavior, whether it’s of a sexual nature or not, supports corruption against Natural Law. Evil is evil, no matter whether its red or blue. And anyone who supports evil will eventually be held accountable, regardless of one’s religious practices. How can that accountability be experienced? Knowingly, and unknowingly, perform wrong action, and the lessons of retribution will be swift and severe, e.g. like a SWAT team looking for dangerous criminals “accidentally” being guided to the wrong house with guns locked and loaded and that unsuspecting door happens to be yours. Now that’s how the “Maker” teaches us our lessons, if we consciously or unconsciously continue to let ourselves be lead astray.

                  And don’t buy into this false assumption that Voting is the Democratic Way. Our democracy is comatosed and on life support and voting is NOT going to revive it until “other” things take place, first.

                • JustMe

                  “What is your “civilization and progress” if its only outcome is hysteria and downgoing? What is “government and law” if their ripened harvests are men without sap? What are “religions and literatures” if their grandest productions are hordes of faithful slaves? What is “evolution and culture” if their noxious blossoms are sterilized women? What is “education and enlightenment” if their dead-sea-fruit is a caitiff race, with rottenness in its bones?” – Might Is Right, Ragnar Redbeard

                • Old Libertarian


                  As a practicing Christian, not that we have license, but we do have forgiveness. All we must do, as practicing Christians is our best. He, the Almighty will do the rest. And, here’s the best part: If you feel unsure as you do, ASK for guidance, wisdom and forgiveness…

                  But, be sincere. No one can fool The Big Guy Upstairs.

                  Old Libertarian

                • munchkin52

                  You are so right. I’ve read so many comments on this thread saying it doesn’t matter, why vote. For the very reason you just wrote. To vote against gays, abortion, and this corrupt government. Call me ignorant, misinformed, if that’s what you like, at least the real PTB knows what I think!

                • passinwiththewind

                  @ Navy Vet, European American, and others, Thanks for the comments. It is good to know so many are in the same boat as i.

                  EA, I follow most of what you say and would like very much to just “stay home” on Nov. 4th.; but, my conscience won’t allow me to do that for the very reason I stated. The personal accountability one.

                  I’m not worried about the forgiveness part, I just want to be held accountable for as many “righteous acts” as possible. Casting a vote for a conservative/republican will not change Washinton DCs inner Beltway, but it can have an affect on the positions Americans take on issues that matter to me and my Heavenly Father.

                  Regular sin is one thing, and I do that daily in some small capacity. But….Killing of the unborn innocents just because of indiscriminate fucking and a lack of responsibility///population control, that is an outright abomination to God. His Word proclaims homosexuality in the same way. He hates it! Does He hate those that perform these anal acts and spread a deadly disease?
                  I don’t care to guess.

                  Government should have never been allowed to take a stance and make a ruling on either. Let the evil be evil and reap what they sow. Using my tax dollars towards anything having to do with abortion/killing, and homosexual proliferation in our schools is just plain bad judgement of voting Americans. It “will” come back to bite us all.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Great post PWTW. Keep ’em coming!

                • passinwiththewind

                  BTW, glad to see many of the regulars on this wondermous site, have survived National Nut Day.

                  I tried to act sane, ate many Cashews/legumes, and only pissed off the little woman once.
                  She really does love me, she just don’t like me much.
                  I think it is the references to her being just like her “nutty” mother. Except for the part of her mother’s whacky liberalism. a “big” self-proclaimed christian that votes and promotes all democrats, especially Billery…..achk ak..ak. choke..mouth puke..splat.

                  i don’t dare accuse the little woman of that, cause she is far from that, and i really don’t won’t to suffer the long drawn out painful death she would impose on my body.

                • John

                  Jesus called the Political Leadership, Religious Leadership, & the Scribe/Lawyers – VIPERS

                  It was right after he beat & chased the Money Changers/Banksters out of His Temple that these 4 large groups crucified Him.

                  He started over with 12 new working men.

                  He said anyone who puts their hand or mind with the VIPERS takes the mark of the beast.

                • BJ

                  Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. You can rationalize it all you want with fantasies of God questioning you some day, but it won’t change the fact that you took the time to participate in a “good for nothing” process and still cast a vote for evil.

                  I would offer a different fantasy of God’s line of questioning one day, but I can’t say it here with the nsa watching and listening…..and if I am right, we are all going to be held accountable….cause ain’t NONE of us getting together and doing a damn thing about it…. but talking!

                • BJ

                  Do you honestly thing that voting will get you off the hook with GOD? I think you are rationalizing and looking at it all wrong. Do you think that voting will answer the call in regards to abortion as “protecting the innocent?”

                • shootingblanks

                  “Now, as a practicing Christian, I had to do a little soul searching for the future. I asked myself; what if, I go before my Maker and He poses the question…..

                  What did you do to help squelch the killing of my innocent unborn, but very much alive, children, and did you oppose homosexuality as I do?”

                  Why would he need to ask questions when he already knows the answer????????

                • Pigskinner

                  As a 57 year old poor example of a Catholic, I have had many a pew to myself asking the voting democrats who come to church if they finally had a come to Jesus moment. Asking them if they finally decided to become a Catholic ? In their befuddled look, I tell them they need to be “pro-choice” in their Church choice,either a Catholic or a democrat, you cannot be both,it is spiritually impossible.
                  I just love being despised by the despicable

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I switched my voter registration to the opposite party, that I am affiliated with so I can vote in their primaries to vote out the worst embedded corrupt politicians who have been fleecing and destroying our country from within.

                Also just watching CNBC, a Guest speaker layed out to Rick Santelli that our Government is so Broke, if you compound the actual debt(80 Trillion), the US owes more than our country net worth is values at. He said don’t count on Social security, medicare or any other federal Program to exist going forward. He said GW Bush caused it and basically Obama is putting the nails in the coffin. We are done, finished. Bankrupt.

                • camellia

                  WWTI – I sure agree with your post on Scott/Crist.
                  Being a Floridian for 36 years I’ve seen it all.
                  We call him Charlie “Crisp” haha!
                  And ck out the amount of prop taxes Scott paid last year
                  for his Naples beach home …. $97,862.00
                  I have no faith in either one of them!


              • laura m.

                yourmotherwaswrong: Because politicians are a bunch of loser bums and few if any ever had to work for a living. Most all are crooks and liars. The speaker of the house in Ala. was just arrested on 23 felony counts. Many other scandals exposed nationwide. Don’t vote- save gas and time. The country is trashed anyway. Refugees (tens of thousands) will be sent here soon from Muslim countries like Syria and Iraq. We don’t have the resources and mayors are protesting them coming to their city. go to:refugeeresettlementwatch for info.

              • BJ

                While George Carlin was trying to be funny for his career (although I think he really felt this way) he was more spot on than most the sheeple who paid to watch him and laugh their ass off. And apparently he was light years ahead of and smarter than most people even at a site like this.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Frog,have loaned friends money when have it,many times don’t.That said,as they are friends and they and I both need money work with em to find ways to make a few bucks together.A perfect example is went scrapping today with a lot of saved up metals and a friend and I will be working together to do the same tomorrow.

            • Charley Waite

              I hate this kind of article, where tough guy author flexes his pecs. Makes us all look bad. Even if we would shoot our friends, we gain nothing by bragging about it. Just my two cents. You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word only.

              • FYYFF

                Well said Charlie. It is frustration talking. Time, money, and effort goes into prepping. What do we get in return? Called a bunch of names and dismissed as zany. That said, Its unrealistic to turn away family or friends. They may not stay with me, but they won’t be hungry. They may have to listen to my told you so taunts for hours, but they will still get fed.
                Strangers? Not so much. Can’t feed everyone and I will protect myself and preps.

              • ENFP

                I don’t think he is bragging. He is just disgusted with people unwilling to face the truth and do what is necessary in light of it. All my family members are in the city. I have a home in a small rural town. In preparation for what I see coming, I am raising chickens and rabbits and growing vegetables. I don’t do this for fun. It is hard, smelly work. I broke my hand and now it is doubly hard.
                A very generous neighbor has helped me some and another family lots. I had to be away 3 days at a sale and he asked that family member to care for my animals while I was gone. She had some excuse. When that family comes for help when shtf, I will do the same as Glen. My family members, on the other hand, I have told are welcome. They aren’t going to make it in the city. I don’t think what we are going to be facing is something we want to go through alone. I need to think I am doing this for more than just myself.

                • Dean GULberry

                  My siblings couldn’t exen live up to Jerry Springer’s standards. I hope they still can’t muster up the gumption to come to my house in a crisis. I can’t afford riders now, let alone in a crisis.

                  I’m going to apply for SSID. My back’s broken from carrying my siblings.

              • Gregory8

                I made the mistake of trying to warn people in late 2007 to early 2008 of the real possibility of a major market correction, and all I got was a bunch of sarcasm from my friends and coworkers; a self-directed 401k was a big part of our mixed retirement. Well, I prepared and rode it out by switching to various bonds while my so-called friends took a bath in the stocks. I learned a valuable lesson: keep your opinions to yourself. I knew this ‘market correct’ and the subsequent mishandling of the economy wasn’t going to be the end of our financial troubles. The time for talking and warnings is long past. I’ve since retired and moved to a small town several hours from any major city and I never tell anyone anything personal about ‘being ready’ for the next event. By the way, the story of “The Ant and the Grasshopper” has been a favorite since childhood. Good luck to all my fellow “Ants”.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Sorry Charlie, when you are faced with a dozen hungry zombie thugs knocking at your door, are you going to try and sweet talk them or start blasting?

              • BJ

                A freakin men….I said essentially the same exact thing, but I was thumbed down so much by the wonderful editing process here that my comment is only readable if you click on it. I guess I am not as eloquent with my words.
                Articles like this bring out the worst preppers, and the worst in even the “good” preppers. I am to the point I wish there was no such thing as a “prepper.” I just wish there were true Godly people who were strict constitutionalist and fuck the rest of you.

            • laura m.

              Besides who in their right mind and have family to protect would go around blabbing about their preps and other private info.? Most of us cannot afford to feed and help others after shtf much less right now when things are normal. We stay low key and have several close friends who are doing the same thing. Have a small group you know well, and do bartering and stand watch, etc.

              • John W.

                I love the morons who brag online about all the weapons and ammo they have. So stupid. Guess who gets visited first.

            • snake eater

              WEll well I have been digging elephant traps for years anyone ever wonder why????so when you bring your sorry ass to my place to eat,,,,wont take much dirt to cover ya up the hole is already dug and deep


          • Justice

            Hi KY Mom, my Mom is also a KY Mom. But I promise she wont come to your door when the SHTF.

            I don’t believe for a second that the FED will stop their manipulations. They may stop QE, however they will merely start a new form of monetary manipulation. Every time they have started it they can’t stop because the results are a complete collapse in demand or growth (i.e. a Depression).

            I’m just saying I don’t believe they will stop Q. Has Japan stopped?

            Finally, I always appreciate your comments and links! Thanks for all you do to make this a great place to visit!!

            • KY Mom

              Thought for the day…

              Take Time

              Take time to pray…it helps to bring God near
              and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

              Take time for friends…they are the source of happiness.

              Take time for work…it is the price of success.

              Take time to think…it is the source of power.

              Take time to read…it is the foundation of knowledge.

              Take time to laugh…it is the singing that helps with life’s loads.

              Take time to love…it is the one sacrament of life.

              Take time to dream…it hitches the soul to the stars.

              Take time to play…it is the secret of youth.

              Take time to worship…it is the highway to reverence.

              Author Unknown

              • WARFACE

                Wow …Kentuckymom…that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.. and I am a hardcore. I guess that in the hard days to come, the people that are less than good will destruct themselves and the folk like us will… how do I say…press on..Its a hard thing on a person with a good nature and soul to have to think that one day you may, in the name of survival, have to turn away people that you thought were your friends. I guess that one day we will all be tested .

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Mom,though knew that lesson has truly been hammered home to me this summer and early fall,time is short,spend it wisely.

              • Scout

                Very nice KY Mom.

                I like this one.

                The fruit of silence is Prayer.

                The fruit of prayer is Faith.

                The fruit of faith is love.

                The fruit of love is Service.

                The fruit of service is Peace.

            • KY Mom


              Thank you!

              I like this website – the articles, comments, the fellowship I feel here, and the knowledge that many have shared here.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

          • WHoWuddaWhunkIt

            So what is your plan to stop lets say a Gang of 6 heavily armed Looters, looking for food, as they surround your home on all sides looking for the weak points? Telling you to either open your doors or they will burn you out of your house? What is your plan for this? Are any of your neighbors prepared to shoot at these thugs from across the street to help you? Do you have any mutual aid plan in place. Where every house has a small Bell to ring sounding the alarm? Does your neighborhood task force have a warning siren to sound off when suspicious people enter the neighborhood to alert everyone to get on their toes? Get packing and get ready to shoot. Its pretty hard at this time to try and organize this, but as the economy collapses or when SHTF, I suggest you put together ahead of time a written couple sheets of paper you can quickly hand out to your neighbors to get on board as their survival many depend on mutual aid. Have this already printed and ready to go. If the grid goes down there will be no electric to print this info out. Be prepared. In my neighborhood its mostly older single women. I know a few are prepping and about 80% own guns. But can I depend on them shooting if there is a threat. I would say maybe about 10% as the rest would probably go hide hoping the threat passes. Myself,I will be on the street stopping the threat from a distance and lay down a line of fire they will not want to ever proceed in my direction. Get your High capacity magazines ready now, keep they loaded and in a carry satchel for switch out, and a dump pouch for the empties. Just more info to consider. How will you put out a house fire if it is yours? Do you run from your house and get shot or burn inside?

        • FreeSlave

          I hate getting hosed. But I might get hosed. Several unhappy scenarios lurk with regards to this post by Glen Tate. (I live in a suburb of a city that has 60,000+ people)

          (A) Moms with starving young children. (Or clever dads who send their wives and starving children to ask for help). What a horrible situation.

          I go back in the house. “Honey, there’s a mom with 3 young children outside. They said they haven’t eaten in 3 days. What do we do?” “For God’s sake, give them something to eat, and send them on their way.”

          “Okay, but they’ll just come back later. Or they’ll tell other people that we have food and supplies.”

          (B) Spouse says, “Bring ’em in. We can’t let these poor people starve. They’re our (family, friends, neighbors)”

          “We’ll have less for ourselves. That’ll cut our food duration by at least half. And what do we do with the next family that’s starving and asks for help?”

          (C) Point a gun and tell them that a FEMA camp is only 10 miles away. Give them some bread for the walk. This ingrate non-prepper family *then* tells the FEMA commandant and his super-armed henchmen guards that there’s a home that has food and supplies, and then proceeds to give them my address!

          Then one of those militarized vehicles come barreling down the street and here comes one of those warrantless, no-knock raids about to make another prepper just another statistic.

          Whaddya gonna do?

          • Kulafarmer

            Dont open the door.
            Turn on the Hendrix real loud

            • BJ

              This was probably one of the more boring or useless articles ever posted

              • LaughAtStupidPeople

                Oh do so enlighten the good folks as to why, poopy pants.

                • BJ

                  Well share with me what you learned from it that hasn’t already been discussed here to the point of ad nauseum, other than how tough all the keyboard commandos are here.

                  I knew when I read the headline, that 99% of the comments would be testosterone filled egotistical bullshit.

              • Americanism

                I assume by your comments that BJ means blow job…..

                • FYYFF

                  That was too obvious. BJ means blowjob. Not one of your best.

                • BJ

                  I am sure it does among certain crowds of lower intellect and maturity levels.

              • John W.

                Boring and useless people see everything as boring and useless. It’s what they are.

                • BJ

                  Wow, I bet you feel clever and cool, I am deeply hurt.
                  Did you come up with that all on your own?

                • BJ

                  Why don’t you tell me how this article was exciting, other than to those who like to mentally masturbate their egos and sick fantasies.

                  And how was it useful in a “I learned something new today?”
                  And if you can answer the second question successfully, I think it would only pertain to the sick and twisted who mentally masturbate.

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, how do you know that without reading the article first?

                • The Old Coach

                  I’d reckon that 90% of the posters don’t read anything but the headline either. So I see BJ’s point.

                • BJ

                  I did, wasn’t easy but I did.

              • anonymous

                Wow. Sorry you think so Beej. I thought it was was one of the better articles we’ve had in a while. I have had that situation come up a lot and have always been tongue tied at a response. This response is right on the money. Puts everything in perspective. I’ve tagged everyone I care about every pertinent article for two years. I’ll now share this one and not share anymore articles again.

              • dave in Idaho

                BJ…. email me. My old pc crashed and I lost your data…Dave

                • BJ

                  Is this D, the one I caught fish with?

                • dave in Idaho

                  yes… and you only caught 1

                • dave in Idaho

                  And I didnt catch any. Wait.. maybe you caught 1 or 2 more itty bitty ones.

                • BJ

                  I caught one rainbow trout, but it was a tasty one. Highlights were, conversation, getting to see and hear a loon up close and laughing over the fact that we both forgot oars and you had to use a log to row with.

            • Anonymous

              Play Helter Skelter real loud.

              • Lisa

                The younger generation don’t know anything about Helter Skelter. It would be meaningless to them.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Lisa, yeah, what happened to Sharon Tate and the others in their home when the murderer Charlie Manson Gang and his twisted women came and looted. What happened there is what will happen a million times more if SHTF happens here in America. Just think if Tate and her companions were prepared and armed when the Manson Gang broke in their home. They could have had a chance. Helter Skelter

              • Armed American

                just tell’s more liberals that you’re there.

                well so does a few shots, but that also tell’s ’em to keep away.

            • The Old Coach

              Biohazard signs at every door and window. Maybe some dried blood and vomit at the doorstep.

              • lonelonemum

                The Old Coach – is that so they know whose home to torch?

                Panic about Ebola may mean the mob resort to fire in order to cleanse an area of disease.

                Criminal types often burn what they can’t steal for kicks.

                What to do in the event of fire when there are no regular fire departments left should be part of everyone’s preps.

                • The Old Coach

                  Good point.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  How to keep your house from being torched. Immediately put on a Metal Roof for starters. Take a garden hose drill 1/4 inch holes all on one side of the hose about 5 inches apart, facing down, then fasten the hose at the soffit under hang area by your roof and exterior wall, and around the entire perimeter of your house roof under hang. So you can turn on your garden hose and it runs a water curtain down each side of your house. Nothing is full proof but this is a stater. If you don’t have a metal roof run a hose on the roof line with holes, so a water curtain runs down each roof side. Have 1/2 inch plywood you can use to cover each of your windows with a peep shooting hole near the bottoms of each wood panel. Or buy metal hurricane roll up shutters which you can rise or close with a flip of a switch. You need to build yourself a fortress and go acquire now several rolls of barbed wire to string between trees and on the ground as tangle foot yards away from your house, farther than throwing distance of a Moltov coctail. I found a roll of barbed wire on Craigslist on the cheap. Get this house protection now, and get ready. Fire double in size every minute, so when minutes count, you grab what you can and get out. And another reason to only store about 20% of your preps inside your actual main house. Bury the rest under a brush pile, or old dog house, cached remotely. Need to get clever on this. Hide it in plain sight, or in a fake outhouse, or in the trunk of an old parked junky car. And that goes for ammo and a few other weapons you can put in a dry bag sealed with Oxygen absorbers. Every bit helps in your layer of security.

                • little birdie

                  My answer is birdhouses! If you need to shoot behind a tree you need a properly placed birdhouse. (with a little tannerite inside). If you’re the crazy bird lady, which ones go boom! All of them….some of them….the one beside you maybe? If one goes boom, do you continue fighting or run from the one hanging by you? That’s my answer to the “golden horde”

                • The Old Coach

                  That kind of fortress would blend right in if I were back in Detroit. Here, not so much. Even though I know the sheriff personally, I think he’d be suspicious. The local pillbillies would sure take notice if they ever came this way.


                • BJ

                  Tannerite is only good for a day after mixing it with the catalyst.

              • lonelonemum

                The Old Coach – is that so they know whose home to torch?

                Panic about Ebola may mean the mob resort to fire in order to cleanse an area of disease.

                Criminal types often burn what they can’t steal for kicks.

                What to do in the event of fire when there are no regular fire departments left should be part of everyone’s preps.

            • Rockelle

              Hey Joe, where ya goin’ with that gun in yo hand?

          • buttcrackofdoom

            excellent post,free….i haven’t read the comments yet, but i betcha i find a BUNCH more of THESE kinds of thoughts….it’s gonna be mighty interesting….got a few ex-wives that COULD put me in a HELL of a spot!….awww, the hell with this….i’m MOVING!

            • Pissed Off Granny


              “All my ex’s live in Texas”?

              • buttcrackofdoom

                i WISH!

            • Nopittypartyhere

              I’m moving too. God has given me the opportunity to get to a place hat I’d not only dfensible, but the potential to be bountiful.

              • Nopittypartyhere

                Uh–oh the trolls haven’t had their medicine today!

          • rainyday

            You bury your stuff in the ground and get the hell out of your house for a while. I’ve thought about this for some time. How am I gonna handle starving children at my door, especially if they are children I know. I have had people tell me that they are coming to my house as well. My answer, “Won’t do you any good cause I ain’t gonna be there!” And I don’t plan to be. I plan on caching my supplies and then hiding out with the family somewhere until the die off happens. Yes, my house will probably be torn apart or burnt down, however I can always find some place else to settle or I could rebuild. Having a good place to hide will be the tricky part but I have some ideas about that as well. The point here is to avoid confrontation with people at all costs. You never know what kind of funky bugs they could be carrying that are contagious and you also never know what desperate people will do so its just better to avoid them.

            • Anonymous

              Think about SELCO and how they fixed up their house– no one got in except him/family… was fixed up sort of like a fortress– no need to talk to anyone– just point the gun through the window and fire…

              • FreeSlave

                Got a link to this description about Selco’s home?

                • the renegade braveheart

                  FreeSlave, go to shtfschool.com, Selco’s website. It’s a gold mine of survival info. Selco survived the Balkan War in Yugoslavia back in the 90s.

                • Anonymous

                  LOOK IT UP: “SELCO– SHTFPLAN.COM”

                • BJ

                  he “supposedly survived the Balkan war in the 90’s”

                  The guy in South America is much more believable if you want authenticity. Not saying Selco doesn’t have good info…..it’s just that I think the story of who he is and his history is fraud.

              • John W.

                Almost impossible to harden the stick built houses that most Mericans live in. You have to into the old inner city areas to find concrete and brick over steel construction.

                • The Old Coach

                  True. My MIT trained shyster brother in law was a builder in Littleton Colorado. I saw what he was building. There were places where you could go through an exterior wall in seconds with a rifle butt. Not even any flakeboard sheathing – just vinyl siding right over the fibreglass, and inside nothing but a thin panel of gypsum. And the building code allowed it.

            • maddog

              This is what the wife and I are going to do. We plan to hide out and wait for the die off.

              Kinda neat is my wife has her own chapter in the last book “chapter 360 Pam Angelo”. Glenn put this letter out sometime ago. One of the few times the red thumbs were limited when I shared it.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Here in Florida, the water table is so high and all the rain we get, it is difficult to bury anything without it being saturated, just in a regular rain storm. So maybe in the attic space to hide some goodies. I think when people break into a house they will do a quick go around picking the lowest hanging fruit. I cant see them going up into the attic space crawling around. I think the average house burglary is over in just a few minutes, for some quick grabs. Here is a clue, do not hide valuable Jewelry in a jewelry box on your chest of drawers. Do not hide your guns under your bed or in your bedroom closet. LOL Build some false hiding spots in walls, or closet wall spaces. In floors or a floor safe covered by a rug. Maybe leave a cheap gun that does not work in the closet, or under the bed, loaded but with the firing pin missing as a decoy. Load the thieves down with worthless items.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I see the Red Thumb Space Wasting Trolls are out there today working.

              • steve

                I was thinking of having a false food cache. With some of the menus that did not appeal in these kits and using it for needy, friends, or as false cache. Also of going to goodwill and getting some really crummy clothes, you know not flaunting it. Not shaving I already limp.

              • BJ

                Don’t worry about it, nothing but armadillos and alligators are going to survive a real shtf scenario anyway.

                • BJ

                  That was supposed to say….

                  Don’t worry about it, nothing but armadillos and alligators are going to survive a real shtf scenario in Florida anyway.

          • the renegade braveheart

            FreeSlave, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve agonized over that same scenario myself and I decided that every individual is responsible for themselves [at least that is what my Dad taught me as a kid.] I am only responsible for me and my own and no one else, period. If other people refuse to do any prepping for themselves, that is on them, not me or anyone else. If they come to my place thinking they can turn it into their “store”, there will be some corpses laying in my yard. I don’t want such a thing to happen. Nobody really wants what’s coming, but it is coming and we all better be prepared to make our stand. I really dread it but I will do whatever is necessary to protect me and mine. It doesn’t mean I have to love it, which I don’t.

            • Scout

              I have been thinking about this as well.

              One thing I can help with is heirloom seeds of all kinds.

              I am still harvesting them, let a lot bolt this year.

              Beans rice and bullion and seeds will be my barter or charity if I choose to give. It is a tough decision as you folks made a lot of great points as to the danger of even answering the door.

              But we are the future, so we need to consider that.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Scout,helping others long term will be the only way.I as have said many times will probably die quickly due to not letting atrocities happen no matter who is engaged in em.We all make it beyond the initial insanity ect. will need to work together and be vigilant,we will still have enemies among us and others who will exploit this countries downturn,though they themselves might find they also having a down turn.I understand folks wanting to keep close family/friends safe but do you plan to forever keep em separated,if so,not much worth surviving for,tough decisions among us all,really hate to even have to think this way,makes one wonder WTF!

            • fishandmud

              @ the renegade braveheart : I know you all know I was prepping, and I really tried to get you all to do the same. Well it is a good thing you did not waste all of your money. I did something wrong and all of my food went bad. Sorry. Hey, do you know anybody else that stored up food and supplies ? Maybe they did a better job than I did.

              I only have a couple family members around here, and a couple of true friends. That is going to be my story, and I’ll stick to it.

              Step two, point, ask to leave, wait 5 seconds, don’t ask again.

              This story was spot on with the 5 vacations a year, and 2 trips a month to Bass Pro, and out to eat all of the time. My wife and I go out to eat 1 – 2 times a year. And we take a coupon when we go.

          • Walt Kowalski

            I agree with Kulafarmer….

            Don’t answer the door.

            • FreeSlave

              If you don’t answer the door, they’ll try to break in.

              • Leslie Anne

                If they try to break in, pull the trigger. Problem solved.

                • DaisyK

                  I plan on putting a note on my front door, “Jane, We are out of food and water and we have no heat. We went to the senior center. See you there.”

                  If they try to break in anyway, then I will shoot.

                • Me here

                  Yep! It’s called “breaking and entering”, or in times like that, “A direct threat”.

                • passinwiththewind

                  Yea, I have a selfish, greedy, younger brother, that will not prep. he keeps his quarter million dollars worth of stock certificates, in his safe, and has about one weeks worth of food stuffs, maybe two if it’s before New years and he still has some venison frozen.

                  I have another life long friend that is the same way. She has about the same amount of retirement savings, all in the markets. About two weeks worth of food and fuel. Neither one fills up a woodbox on cold nights because they don’t have a woodstove.

                  I do, and that is why the note that will be posted before the entrance to my walkway reads…..

                  I have a woodstove that loves to eat hardwood. If you are a friend or relative and you have walked in this far, you need to understand. you will be fed and given enough food/beans & rice for two days, after you have worked in re-supplying my wood shed, as i see necessary, according to your abilities.

                  If you are not in the mood to work then come back when you are. We do not front food nor do we extend credit.

                  if you are reading this note and i don’t know you and you don’t have little children with you; the lead will start flying as soon as you reach my front porch. If you have little children, stay put and send them to the door.
                  No exceptions to these rules. This is my land, and these are the laws of “my land”.

                  Looters are meat/protein, for the two pit bulls we have inside!!!

                  Have a Blessed day!

                • Armed American

                  As soon as you see them (on IR; drone; whatever) pull the trigger.

                  If they see you before you see them, you’re dead, they’ll rape then slaughter the rest of your family.

              • Peanut Gallery

                I plan on putting up quarantine signs on the door, with Ebola floating around, no one will want to break in.

                • Me here

                  Complete with biohazard stickers… perfect!

                • whyte flyt

                  Just ell them you’d be happy to eat them for dinner.

                • just me

                  We have gone to the nearest town to see what graffiti the gang bangers are painting all over. we plan to “tag” our house, maybe break a window or two in a room we don’t use. Make it look like it’s ALREADY been looted…..

            • orn

              I agree with kulafarmer. “All Along the Watchtower” at Manuel Noriga siege volumes.

          • Leslie Anne

            You actually answer your door?

            • DMONIC

              Not without a loaded pistol after checking the security cams.

          • pyrrhus99

            You cannot reveal the fact that you have stuff to ANYONE in this situation. Look poor and never answer the door.

          • nlighened2

            Just give them a sandwich and send them on their way. Thats what my grandmother did in the great depression (if they had it.) they never came back.

            • fishandmud

              @ nlighened2 : The problem is during a SHTF event, they will come back and they will tell others about your generosity. Practice OPSEC. Never tell anyone that you have anything. Appear dirty and hungry.

              • Armed American

                Never let anyone get close enough to see you.

                The only greeting must be immediately lethal.

                But I like sending the kids on first – they’ll be able to run an dodge better, easier to take ’em out on approach then when they’re running…

            • ENFP

              The Depression was not a total breakdown in society like we are apt to see. We have to be prepared for gangs of looters, not people looking for work.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              people WERE respectful back during the depression. it’s a whole different world out there now. they’re entitled to your stuff, and if you won’t GIVE it to them, they WILL take it from you. in ALL the history of the world….ALL OF IT……the last TWO generations are the ONLY ones that WEREN’t preppers. we did it to ourselves, america(ns)….if there IS a god, i hope he’s merciful.

              • Cabin Fever

                Yep- my mom used to tell the story of men coming to do yard work (her Dad, my Grandfather hundreds of miles away working at the shipyards while her Mom was at home alone with 5 girls) she never let them in the house but let them work for a meal and then sent them on their way. Would never happen today. They would come one at a time, I should clarify that…. But still… We are now on the edge of the Tribulation and when it all collapses, literally all hell breaks loose.

              • Armed American

                Allah may be merciful. God is not.

          • Ame

            Whaddya do? Depends upon your life view.

            If you think this life is one to hold on to above all else, you shoot them. You have no choice. Besides, it’s “winner takes all” in the game of life.

            If you believe in an afterlife, you must believe this life will be judged by a deity of some kind. That deity expects something of you. Do you know what it is?

            Some would say the “Widow’s Mite” story clarifies things with regard to this question of sharing your wealth when you want to hoard it in the face of poverty.

            Think about eternity.

          • Merree

            Raise crickets, mealworms and other insects. Food for the animals but useful in other ways. Tell the moochers, “times are hard but I will share what I have. Do you realize insects are full of protein?” Offer a large bag of bugs. Problem most likely solved.

            • eppe

              Bizzare Foods on travel channel. Amen Merree…

            • passinwiththewind

              Good points and projects to undertake, dr Merree.

          • Armed American

            Honey, there’s a mom with 3 young children outside. They said they haven’t eaten in 3 days. What do we do?” “

            2 to the torso, one to the head.

            If you’re even contemplating anything else, you it would be kinder just to round up your own truly American family now; do the same to them; then put a Glock in your mouth and pull the trigger.

        • Anonymous

          From “raconteur report”…

          “…load with Liberia.

          Medical workers at University Hospital in Newark have isolated a sick passenger who landed at Newark Liberty Airport from Brussels and are evaluating him “as if he has Ebola” out of extreme caution, sources tell NBC 4 New York.

          The man, a Liberian national, had traveled from Liberia to Brussels before flying into Newark on United Airlines Flight 998 just before 1 p.m., Tuesday, officials said.

          He waited in line with other passengers at the customs check-in, and then was singled out for a health screening by agents because of his recent travel history, sources familiar with the screening said.

          That’s when officers discovered he had a fever, according to the sources. It’s not clear if he was exhibiting any other symptoms of illness.

          1) So, what are the odds? 150 passengers per day, 5 airports, on the very first day of enhanced screening protocols, and they already have a hot one?
          WHO KNEW?? (Oh that would still be “Everyone but the CDC and the rest of the Government.)
          Anybody want to speculate how many of the 150/day (3600 or so since September 28th, when Duncan was diagnosed here) might have already gotten here?

          Crickets. I hear crickets…

          2) But wait! There’s more!

        • IMPCALGI

          This is much like the problem with illegal aliens: I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried pointing out that part of the reason people try to break into this country is because their own governments treat them even worse than our government treats us. Letting millions of uninvited foreigners stay in America does NOTHING to improve the situation in their home countries; in fact, it probably helps their thuggish governments by giving them a way to get rid of people they don’t want to deal with. What it DOES accomplish is to tear down America even more; and not just because of the seismic strain being placed on our schools, prisons, medical facilities and “entitlement” programs. The worst problem of all is that millions of people around the world see our country as their ATM, the piggy bank they’ll break open when conditions in their own countries turn to complete and utter vomit. Coming on top of years of reckless spending for the sake of home grown layabouts, fatcats snuggling up to get some more handouts, and pointless wars that have accomplished precisely zilch, this is more than we can take!

          It is the same with those who think they can live it up while we real Americans do what Americans have always done: make hay while the sun shines, in preparation for hard times ahead. I was a Boy Scout for years, and I remember very well their motto: Be Prepared. If our fellow citizens wish to shirk their responsibilities as free men and women, then let them be slaves; let them believe the soft fuzzy lies being yapped from the television; let them believe that “all is well”. There’s no one more foolish than a fellow who won’t understand that you cannot see the world as it really is as long as you have your head up your rump! You couldn’t be bothered to look ahead, so don’t think for a second you’re going to look for the path that leads to my door.

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • Seen2013

            ” I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried pointing out that part of the reason people try to break into this country is because their own governments treat them even worse than our government treats us.”

            You may want to look up the political rhetoric within the US alone during the 60-70s, and the political rhetoric of nations prior to open authoritarian governance was rolled out while also comparing the actions opposed to rhetoric of politicians today.
            Bismarkianism is a political ideology inspired by Otto von Bismark’s ambitions and placation of the German populace through his Bismarkian policies that further lead to the original modern Cloward-Piven strategy the Weimar Agreement creating the Weimar Republic that gave rise to Hitler and his National Socialists, yet Bismark held ambitions of Astroturfing a group very similar to the National Socialist Parties to create populist approval of public-private mergers.
            According to Bismarkianism, we haven’t begun to see Authoritarianism yet. We have Authoritarian leanings right now.

        • Tex

          As Roster Cogburn said “Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!”

          • sixpack

            You know what bothers me? The same problem they have with the drug war and the war on terrorism…

            For every ONE they allegedly catch, how many others slipped right through unseen?

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Six Pack – The US Drone Strikes in Pakistan are only 12% successful. Meaning out of 100 person killed by Drone strikes, 88% are innocent civilians and only 12% are suspected Enemy. That’s the facts.

              SO when you kill innocent people and families 9 to 1, your enemy increases Ten fold. If a Russian Drone wiped out your family would you then now go off and fight the Russians? Duh!! No Brainer. Our Government is so inept, they will get us all killed. They are doing a great job of bankrupting us so far.

              • sixpack


              • sixpack

                I know I’d be screaming for vengeance if a drone took out my entire family.

                • Armed American

                  Which is why I want drones. Lots of ’em.

      • Iowa

        How’d he keep his wife? Mine was black, nuff said.

        • Acid Etch

          Tip: Wear a technical nylon webbed belt instead of a leather belt. I have found that the leather gets soaked when you have to hoof it a few miles and it takes the leather forever to dry out.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Acid, excellent point, I have been a meat-eater all of my life and will be for the rest of it. Braveheart will NEVER give up meat.

        • Winston Smith

          That may not be a bad thing. Most of them tend to be liberals and the best thing we can see is that they breed less than us. hopefully this, and their reprehensible desire to murder their children before they have a chance at life, will help lead to their extinction.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        If you fail to prepare, you have prepared to fail.

        • talon1776

          My favorite quote from Ben Franklin

          • buttcrackofdoom

            life isn’t fair, but YOU should be…..MY favorite ben franklin quote….and SO appropriate!

        • anon

          Credit please wwti

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I did not cut and paste it off a website like some trolls do daily as their signature mantra.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              When you look at True American Heroes, BEN Franklin surely was one. A good example, was when Ben Franklin Invented the Franklin Wood Stove which was way more efficient than fireplaces. He did not go out and patent this stove for Greed, He allowed NO Patent to be placed on his Franklin Stove invention because he knew that so many Americans needed to keep warm during the winter that they needed to quickly ramp up this new invention for the success of our country and to keep warm during the winter. So anybody who could build one or copy the stove’s dimensions could do so with out violation.

              Unlike the criminal Thieving Greedy Corporations we have today that will patent every coined phrase, term, process like Monsanto to Monopolize the Food industry and put small farmers out of business. Today’s Big Pig Corporations will buy up all the worthy inventions and patents, then shelf them for 17 yrs, so their own inefficient process will dominate the market in a greedy monopoly. The auto industry is a perfect example for fuel efficiency.

              If I was the President of the USA, I would put out an EO executive order to the US Patent industry is that if you don’t use the patent in any process for more than 5 years, the invention or patent becomes public domain product that anybody can develop here in the united sates that included manufacturing to create Jobs. No pass to foreign countries. You want to see a mass expansion in our economy? Let loose of the patents. There is probably $20 Trillion in business sitting on the shelf doing nothing. That’s what I would do for economic expansion. Instead we hurt Americans from developing the patent and the Chinese just steal it anyway and build it cheaper and then Americans have to buy the Chinese inport product that was invented by Americans. Think about it. Ben Franklin Was a Smart Man for a reason and a Real true American Hero.

      • Anonymous


        • LaughAtStupidPeople

          Just an FYI, when you typed “monitering” and “monitered”, the squiggly red line under it meant you misspelled it… TWICE.


          • Anonymous

            No one cares.

            • LaughAtStupidPeople

              No one cares that you’re illiterate? I did, that’s why I attempted to impart just a little bit of knowledge with you. That you rejected the knowledge so you could kick and whine, is on you.

          • anon

            Laughatstupidpeople=Insolent prick

            • LaughAtStupidPeople

              I’m laughing at you. I’ll give you 3 guesses as to why. I gave you three because…well, I am laughing at you.

              • LaughAtStupidPeople

                LOL, I guess that red thumb is because you couldn’t figure out why I gave you 3 guesses.

                Just because you’re stupid and/or illiterate, doesn’t mean I’m insolent for trying to help. However, this response just might make me a prick. To paraphrase the illiterate Anonymous, I don’t care.

          • Armed American

            The only red line that matters is the reticle.

        • Sierra Dave

          It’s only a matter of time before some Ebola traveler is at their prime contagion level and leaving germ laden moist spots all over.

          • KY Mom

            Sierra Dave,

            Obama continues to let illegals flood the country through our porous borders (esp. our southern border) and flights from Ebola ravaged countries in west Africa continue.

            My worst fear would be a terrorist coming into the country infected, but not yet symptomatic.

            When symptoms emerge, they strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in a busy mall. They could kill or infect MANY people very quickly.

            We know the terrorists like to make a “big show” of their power. (On 9/11, they hijacked 4 planes.) I could picture them planning this in multiple locations on the same day.

            • Sierra Dave

              What would be worse is that when they became contagious. They frequented dozens of public places and wiped their sweat/saliva/germs on hundreds of door handles.

              If they did that at an airport. Ebola would be world wide in a couple weeks.

              You’d have one happy Muslim who single handedly killed more Infidels than any other Muslim in history.

      • Anonymous


        Recently Published Articles
        •The Entry of Ebola into the US Has Hallmarks of a Planned Happening (10/21/2014)
        •US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized (10/20/2014)
        •Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time? (10/20/2014)
        •Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaks to the World — Paul Craig Roberts (10/17/2014)

        Interviews with PCR

      • FuckingPissed

        Only the ones invited know about the man traps.

      • ready down under

        Pretty much my view too. I only have a few family members to worry about – 2 kids and 1 grandkid. Perhaps 2 very frail parents if the poor old folks are still around when TSHTF. I have a few real friends who are also preppers and they have made their own arrangements but would be welcome at my retreat if their bug in plans go belly up.

        For those bugging in in an urban environment who have gardens, chickens and the like. If it really gets bad your gardens will look like a plague of locusts went through it – you just wont be able to protect it forever. Maybe better to have your place look like a toxic waste dump and have stored food to last?

        I had a thought about ebola too – if there is a pandemic and it’s all going to pieces the best way to deter intruders/looters might be to have some biohazard signs made up stating your house is under quarantine?

        Something like………..

        “This house is quarantined due to an active ebola contamination. Do not enter these premises until they have been certified as clear of infection by the relevant health authorities.”

        Should work?


        • sixpack

          I’ll bet there will be idiots who will think to themselves:

          That just means I can’t touch any open packages…

        • Feisty Old Broad

          Aussie….I hope it WOULD work, but I have my doubts….those who have not had food or water for some time would risk anything to obtain them….Not trying to douse you with cold water…..but maybe it would be better to hide things in plain sight? Remove springs from box springs and fill with canned goods and cover with wonderful comforters….oh, line the bottom with bags of beans and rice….in your air vents in your home, put light weight items in plastic bags and tape to the inside of your ducts….another odd thing is have potted plants with what you want hidden underneath the plants….have more ideas along these lines, but hesitate to state them for obvious reasons…..
          YOU will be okay, Aussie….and so will your family…YOU will know When to move out….I wish you and yours well and happy now…and in the FUTURE
          My Best Regards to You

      • Estrella

        Confederate “Like hell you will!”.

        No. I will.

      • Jake

        I recently watched an interview with a WWII vet. He fought in the 9th Division. His interview was specifically about his time spent in the Hurtgen Forest. It was some of the bloodiest, fiercest fighting of the war and it’s almost as if history forgot it. He said they would go out on patrol and only 1 or 2 would come back. Every day they would send new recruits straight to the front.

        What struck me most about this was what he said next. They kept sending us city boys and they just kept dying. They didn’t have a clue what to do. They had never been in the woods, never shot a gun, and would get turned around. He said he would look for landmarks so he always knew what direction he should be going. He said the city boys would at times run straight to the Germans. He said they didn’t know how to move in the woods, didn’t know how to talk so your voice didn’t carry, were just walking targets.

      • Man on the inside

        one of the best articles I’ve read on this site I’m going to print this out and hand out flyers and get the book series

      • Man on the inside

        one of the best articles I have read here. I m going 2 print this out as A flyer 2 give 2 my “friends”

      • Vote Because

        Vote because it is the right thing to do. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing!

        If the above does not work, you all know what comes next.

      • Anonymous

        Kind of like what Jesus tells people when they try to come into the wedding and they have no oil in their lamps.

      • Jay in UK

        This is not as simple a matter as appears. First of all, consider the strong argument against a “Tough luck, I warned you” attitude:

        “We ought to lay down our lives for the brethren” – 1 John 3:16

        Some of you are saying you won’t lay down so much as a potato for your friends / relatives who (for whatever reason) didn’t prep.

        Also, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” – Matthew 22:39.

        If those people really were your friends, you would care about them regardless of the merits or demerits of their situation when they come begging for aid. Otherwise, what act of love or friendship is it to turn them away empty handed? What relationship can you expect to have with them should they somehow survive the long emergency and things recover in the world outside? Who will be the pariah in the community then?

        That said, “if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” – 1 Tim 5:8

        That means we must provide for our own dependants first and foremost, but not without factoring in something extra for unprepared friends and relatives.

        If any of you do the mathematics on this, you will see that one or two extra mouths to feed makes very little impact on the rate of supply depletion and gains the extra value of more help around the retreat for say, sowing seed, occasional defensive duties, and so on. These people will feel obliged to you, not that I encourage that as a motive in giving; rather, it should be an act of selfless love.

        You go against a law of God if you say point blank “no way” and in doing so you will bring calamity on your own head, one way or another, just as you would if you go against another law (gravity) and throw yourself off a cliff. The laws in God’s Word are even more enduring, more steadfast, than all the laws of physics. Break them at your own great peril.

        Of course, if you’re ungodly the above will mean nothing to you. But so will all your prepping come Judgment Day. Here endeth the lesson.

        • Billy Hill

          Also, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” – Matthew 22:39.

          I tried that once. Her husband wanted to kill me so I moved.

      • Foxglove666

        This dude I know keeps buying $60,000 cars, remodelling his kitchen, buying huge flat screen TV’s. He was trash talking about when shtf and he is coming to my place. I asked him how he felt about canoes. He asks why. I tell him that is what my 45-70 govt at long range will make his head look like. He piped down after that.

      • Anonymous


        Off the World News Desk:

        Virginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone Records

      • Anonymous

        NYC ebola case? guy with fever of 103 and nausea, who worked overseas (doctors without borders)… also,

        North Korea– banning all foreign visitors over Ebola scare… at least their leader is intelligent!

      • Mudflaps

        When the SHTF I will place a sign outside my house,

      • hungry jack

        Don’t worry the government will show up long before your “friends” do…then you’ll be wishing you had more “friends”.

    2. Kevin2

      If I told my brother to bring only essentials he would show up at the door with his golf bag and clubs. What are you going to do? At least they’re clubs.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Met a guy while surf-fishing who told me he knew what was coming financially, but had prepared for anything because he was too busy. Told me would take people like me’s stuff.

        I told him that people like me have already prepared for people like him…

        • KY Mom

          Unfortunately, there are probably many more neighbors, friends, and acquaintances that have done NOTHING to prepare, but have OBSERVED SIGNS of those (like us) who have. The majority may say nothing, but they have noticed.

          They have noticed things like who has a big garden, fruit trees, solar panels, large stacks of firewood, etc.

          I live in a rural area. Last summer, a man who lives nearby, stopped (en route to enjoy a day on the lake on his boat) in front of the garden where I was working. After some friendly greetings, he said, “Ya know if things get bad, you’ll have to guard your garden 24/7. If not, it would get cleaned out quick.”

          It made me very uncomfortable hearing him say that. But, I do realize it is true.

          “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
          Proverbs 22:3

          • Calgagus

            @Ky mom and others
            A garden will be thieved if anyone whos hungry sees it. Thats why were working on a 2 year supply of shelved foods. At first we might not get the produce from a garden planted.
            If theres a collapse or near collapse and the ebt cards end, a small % will go outside their comfort zone and leave the city then start to thieve. Some might make it to the country. The country folks who dont garden are already around so theyll be the ones who might turn on all of us even though we dont expect or think they will. we have to be prepared for any and all scenarios. Good neighbors may do desperate things. Sure we can have the bag of rice or beans for them but does that mean we support them then? Happened in the depression in my family. Once you give out the milk and butter, the neighbors expect it. It dont always go like one turn deserves another. There will always be cheats and lazy people. So where does the line get drawn? For us, no food handouts at all. But well give out seeds and help teach someone to garden. Remember the story Little Red Hen? Thought of getting a few copies to hand out when people come wanting.
            Its said that starvation will drive people to do unexpected acts. I think yes and no and that depends on the mental state and survival instincts. Many will give up and perish, others will fight to the end. Some will fight you. Were not opening the door to start that so we wont feed others. “Please dont feed the animals.”
            After the first year, the population will decrease and the areas will change Im sure. We dont know if there will be increased or decreased gang violence or just violence in general but thieving will be a way of life.
            Everyone who plans to support their family needs to learn how to grow there food in w/ other plants, hidden if possible. Grow like for permaculture which means more of a natural weedy look and a way to grow foods w/ trees and under trees, and alongside bushes. A big ole straight row garden may be a thing of the past for a year or two. a fencerow or thicket will hide a garden. No time like now to get it going.

            • Anonymous


              But people would come around to the farm and my grandparents would fill their cars with food– my mom told me this… they had huge farm with orchards and helped the people– wasn’t a problem for them… maybe back then, people were different, don’t know.

              • John W.

                During the depression there were farms close to or inside the big cities even in New York where much of Queens and parts of Brooklyn were still rural. We also did not have an entitled underclass and such a huge number of foreign born who have no use for this country except as an ATM machine. Things will be much different this time. The second and third weeks will be the worst after which most who did not prep will be too weak from hunger to do anything.

              • Me here

                Yes, they were different. Now we need to be more cautious. Sad but true.

              • Winston Smith

                Also, back then farming was done by many smallish family farms. Today farming is done on corporately owned tracts and traded on Wall Street. Most of us do a little gardening for our own subsistence but very few people own a farm and work it for a living. It’s just not a workable proposition anymore when you have to compete with the big corporations. It’s also why our system is so much less resilient than it was before. The knowledge has largely died off as fewer and fewer people are involved in agriculture.

                • The Old Coach

                  “Revolution Down on the Farm”, by Paul Conklin. A real eye-opener. Think it’s still on Amazon. He has a long chapter on what subsistence farming was like in the 1920s and ’30s. Then traces the conversion to the industrial farms of today in the Great Plains, and how so many small farmers went to work off the farm just to keep a hold on the land.

                  But I will say that small farmers are alive and well in my area. It’s very hilly, so no row crops, but cows thrive on hills, (as long as there’s grass), so most run beef cattle. I lease my own pasture to one such farmer. (Too old, infirm, and ignorant of how to manage cattle to do it myself.)

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                My dad told the same stories, Anon, but people had manners and respect and morals back then and would ASK for help. Today it will be much different.

              • Anonymous

                This question has kept me up at night…grandpappy has a great article on this. This man is very wise I think.

                grandpappy (.) org/hsschari.htm (take out the ( ) and spaces)

                Had a friend who has enough money to buy a plane, new cars, vacations, toys, boats, etc., tell me that if things go bad (after I have been telling her to stock up for over a year now) that she will just come to my house. I was shocked. She knows we are living on less than fumes. Amazing the mindset…very disappointing.


                • TLBaby

                  Give her the option of storing some preps with you.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            trust in yer CAREFULLY kept 15 round semi-auto pistol and battle-rifle: proverbs .308 and psalms 9mm

            • buttcrackofdoom

              ky mom, you needed a PERIOD there, and you got it in the wrong PLACE! proverbs.223?…or was your freudian SLIP showing? thanks for the idea though!

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                You know you can shoot these beggars, but what will you then do with the bodies when they drop their fluids on your front porch?? I suggest start collecting large buckets of saw dust, or chainsaw cuts to soak up the fluid litter, Lime or Lye (debate) to sprinkle on the bodies to keep the flies from swarming. Preferably shoot them in the leg first and as they hobble away across the road, then finish them off in someone else’s ditch. And if you live up north, I suggest before the ground hardens up before winter you have a few graves pre-dug. With loose dirt nearby or in sacks, to cover the remains in a speedy fashion. All joking aside, you have to prepare for this. Its going to happen. Or a nearby canal like here in Florida makes great Gator snacks.

                • Warchild Dammit!

                  Who,predug graves in frozen territory?!Nature is just a freezer for long pig,the other other white meat!Man,I read that book about the soccer team in Andes plane crash way too young as a kid!

                • Overwatch

                  Wrap ’em in chain link fence and throw ’em in the ocean. I mean, if I were writing a story about such awful times. 😉 Sorry, this topic brings out my inner wop.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  WWTI you must have already heard of me. I already started doing that, and all my neighbors are mad at me cause I’ve dug big holes in all of their yards. Most of them ask me what I was doing and I told them I was going to shoot them in the leg if they came to my house asking for food. So if that happens I ask them to please hobble toward the hole and I would finish them off. So I have killed two birds with one stone, none of them will be asking me for food, and if someone does I won’t have to worry about the bodies cause the holes are already dug. Trekker Out. Love Shall Overcome!

                • chickadee

                  Nonsense, grow your own buzzards, dude. Too much trouble to soak up the blood with sawdust. Also hogs love human flesh and fatten up real quick on it.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Overwatch, You must have been watching all the Soprano’s re-runs/ Loved that show. I like the Italian signatures they leave for their murders. Like Stuffing money in their mouths. Cement shoes, piano wire, or the “Bloody Necktie” where the Rat would be killed, his neck cut and his tongue pulled out where it hangs out of his neck, for being a RATBastard and yapping to law enforcement. The Mob is pretty clever in sending messages to the rest of the living.

                • camellia

                  WWTI – Love your mindset on digging a few graves ahead
                  of time. Fortunately, living in FL we have all the canals for body disposal.


            • the renegade braveheart

              BCOD, for me it’s Psalms 12-ga., .30 Carbine, and .22LR; also Proverbs .380 ACP.

          • Gopher

            Question for you Ky Mom, Is there a way to get the olive and pickle smell out of Lexington container barrels? I’ve added baking soda and let them air out and it helped, but I can still smell it. Not looking forward to eating pickle flavored rice. Yuk!

            • Jon Connor

              I’ve read filling them with vinegar and water, let stand overnight and rinse out. Also Hydrogen Peroxide in the same manner. Good luck.

            • BJ

              mylar bags

            • Northern Cousin

              Try lemon juice with soda bicarb.

            • KY Mom


              Hi! Here are some instructions that might help.

              How to Remove the Pickle Odor from a Plastic Barrel

              1. Rinse out the barrel with clear water, and then scrub the interior and lid with hot, soapy water and a mildly abrasive sponge. Rinse a second time with clear water and then completely dry the inside and outside of the barrel.

              2. Stuff the barrel with crumpled sheets of newspaper, or place several pieces of new charcoal or a handful or two of coffee grounds inside the barrel. Place the lid on the barrel.

              3. Wait at least 24 hours before opening the barrel so the newspaper, charcoal or grounds can absorb as much odor as possible.

              4. Remove the deodorizer and rinse out the barrel. Allow it to air dry in a sunny location. If the pickle odor persists, repeat the process a second time.

              5. Wash the barrel with hot, soapy water, scrubbing thoroughly.

              6. Fill the barrel with water. Stir in 4 tablespoons of baking soda for every quart of water in the container. Soak the barrel in the solution for 24 hours.

              7. Empty the baking soda solution from the barrel. Cut a lemon in half and rub the cut half against the insides of the barrel, scrubbing lightly. The lemon juice removes any lingering odors after the baking soda treatment.

              8. Rinse the barrel with clear water and dry it in a sunny location.

              *Natural sunlight helps break down odors. Setting the barrel outdoors in the sun for a few days can sometimes destroy mild pickle smells without the need for additional cleaning.

              ehow. dot com

              • Gopher

                Thanks to all for the responses, will give it a try.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  there’s a lady on craigslist in riverside, ca sells “food grade” buckets(5 gallon) for 1.75 with lid. family has a bunch of doughnut shops, so she had LOTS of them….been a while since i bought any, but got the idea i should go to LOCAL shops to see what’s available. so now i got a couple here in hi-desert that save their buckets for me at same price….make sure they’re washed….they had doughnut filling in them….thanks to all the contributors here on SHTFPLAN, what a treasure trove of info!

              • skeptic

                Good grief;
                I think I will save work and just manufacture barrels!

            • Anonymous

              Try Massengail’s disposable douche. It is good for fishy smells.

            • navydoc

              I would do Nok-Out. Takes
              all smell out of anything

          • Anonymous


            • buttcrackofdoom

              you effen well BETTER have at LEAST a couple of dogs! don’t forget that SMALL dogs have the best ears, and that’s what you’ll need to survive…..added benefit is you can feed FOUR or FIVE of them with the same amount of food a BIG dog eats….got DOGFOOD?

              • Anonymous

                Then kill and eat the dogs if things get tough?

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  you would eat the guards?

          • Yes and No

            You may need to protect your garden, then again, you may not. Consider how long it takes for calorie crops to mature, then consider what *those* people will live on while they are waiting for your garden. That combined with the fact that nothing from my garden is shrink wrapped in Styrofoam. Much of it does not even look like food.

            There are things we can share when the time comes, knowledge of gardening, seeds, encouragement. In the best of times, gardening is not 100% secure. Crop failures happen and sometimes occur for more than one season. There may not be anything in your garden to take, consider the CA drought as an example.

            In war torn countries, crops are sometimes left to rot in the fields because it isn’t safe to harvest them. During an initial period of social unrest, you may not even be able to even plant a garden.

            Keep stacking ‘n packing.

            • Armed American

              Keep lockin’ & loadin’!

          • Plan twice, prep once

            Regarding garden raiders.

            Plant in staggered plantings so only a small amount is ripe at any given time.

            During the Great Depression people weren’t all that kind. Ask and you might get a handout. Get caught garden raiding and you’d get a butt full of rock salt. Pepper spray is the modern rock salt, and yes they make pepper spray shotgun rounds, as well as bean bag rounds, check your state laws. Why a non-lethal round, I just don’t see myself blowing an eight year old away!

            • John W.

              Get a copy of the old movie from 1972 Bad Company about some kids who set out across the Midwest back in the 1860s. The scene where the little kid is running from a farm house with the pie he has just stolen may be instructive as to what may happen when life gets tough.

            • The Old Coach

              “Square Foot Gardening”, the book. He’s writing for backyard hobby gardeners, but concepts can be scaled.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ive had a few people tell me that,
          I have a few surprises for them.

          • TPSnodgrass

            I’ve had folks in our church tell us, “We’re coming to YOUR place”. I always tell them with a smile on my face, “then, you will die at the bottom of the hill with everyone else who thinks that way.
            While I will not let a child go hungry, even IF, their parents/spawners haven’t loved them enough to prepare for them, I won’t give Mom and/or Dad a damn crumb.
            I do believe in being charitable for those who WOULD prepare were they able to, OR, to help those who have prepared all their means and health allow, but when I see people with wave runners, boats, atvs, and all the other toys, complaining and whining that they “can’t afford it”, I have zero problem telling them to sell their damn toys and prep for what is coming. Sound harsh? Toofreakingbad.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Lots of Sandbags

          • Yes and No

            I think it is much better to tell people like it is and not let them get the wrong idea. They are responsible for themselves and their families, not you. Avoid surprises. If anything, be hard on them now. It won’t get better later.

        • anon

          I’ve only told one person in my community that I prep…and that was one person too many as far as I’m concerned. He is an NRA member and supposedly a “wise”, honest and capable person. He is none of the above. His response to my prepping was: “It will only make you a target.” His grand frigging plan is to do nothing. This individual is an arrogant dumbshit.

          I’m not helping anybody when the SHTF and if I do, it will be done anonymously.

          • Armed American

            Or more likely. his play is to go after preppers with smaller armories than he’s got!

        • the renegade braveheart

          US, only yesterday, someone approached me and said they would come to my house when TSHTF. I told him forget it if he wanted to live. I gave him a look that could kill and he took off scared.

        • orn

          Few years back had an acquaintance tell me while discussing preps that he had a 12 gauge that would get him anything he wanted.

          • orn

            Whatta fool.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Orn, someone else with a 12-ga. can definitely stop him.

            • Overwatch

              And someone else with a rifle can stop him from much further away!

          • Make My Day

            I’ve heard that, “I have a gun and will get what I need” story before. I ask them if they are willing to kill someone for a can of corn? Then I ask them if they think anybody else thinks the same way that they do. I also tell them that I would not kill someone in order to take their food, but I would kill someone for trying to take my food. Word to the wise.

            Besides, I tell them if they take my food, to take all of it. It’s salted. So now where does that put me on the list of people with food available just for the taking?

            Taking my food is like hiring a prostitute. You never know what you are going to get for your money, and you never know what you really got for your money until much later.

            Word to the wise as they say.

        • lower40

          a line from Cody Lundin ,when my freinds say i know where im going when it hits the fan he say ,me too ,”right in my pot ” so make sure to come fattened up

      • Navy Vet

        This article expresses my feeling almost exactly about a friend that I written about here on more than one occasion. In fact, just a couple of threads back.

        I pray that I NEVER have to make the final decision portrayed here.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Navy Vet, I share those sentiments. I hope I never have to take a human life in self-defense but that possibility is looking more likely with each passing day and all the shit that’s going down.

        • sixpack

          I have sat back and watched as the “gimme dat” next door, squandered her welfare, burned through her food stamps trading more than half for dope and booze. She has THREE TIMES faked an ‘accident’, so she doesn’t have to go look for a job as mandated for welfare here.

          You should have seen her dragging herself behind a walker for days, then getting caught outside without it, walking just fine. That was when I made up my mind how I will handle her when TSHTF.

          She has three children and NO food stores.

          I am NOT looking forward to what comes next, but I’m prepared for it.

          • Anonymous

            Its hard to tell those who really do need help (like the war VETS, sometimes) and those who are scam artists… I saw this guy a year ago who was pan handling (looking for some change/cash/hand-out). Later on (that night) i saw this guy take off his prosthetic leg and lay down on a bench to sleep for the night… It broke my heart!! I wish so much I had helped him out the day before! I tried to find him the following day to get him some cash but he was no where to be found.. and I think he may have been war vet… so sad, got so mad at my self!

            Howeever, there have many occassions when I did help people out (even though I’m very poor) and they took the money I gave to them and went to get cigarettes, etc… so its really hard to know what to do!!

            • sixpack

              I often decide whether I’m going to give them anything (or not) right from the start. I have no respect for scammers who try to play on your sensibilities. I don’t have but a very few.

              So I directly engage them. I say, “I see your sign says you want some money for food. Now tell me the truth, what are you really trying to get money for?

              If the continue to say it’s for food, I’ll hand them something edible. If they tell me it was for a bottle of hooch, I’ll sometimes give them a little change, if I have it.

              I don’t care about the change, I just hate being treated like a fool, a mark, like I’m stupid.

              People always get farther with me with the truth, than with a bunch of shit, designed to make people feel sorry for them. “Convenient victimization” just isn’t my thing.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Sixpack, the ‘gimme dat’ you mentioned is exactly the kind of scum I rail about. So she got caught by someone in her little con act? Not that it would really matter, she’ll still be sponging on our tax dollars regardless. I do understand the point you made in your last sentence.

            • sixpack

              Those poor kids do everything for themselves. They don’t really NEED her for much.

              The only things that useless bitch does, is spend the welfare check and does the grocery shopping. I’m convinced that the only reason she even has those kids, is for the welfare. Shit, she doesn’t even sleep in the apartment with them. They are TRULY on their own most of the time.

              I’m considering having a long talk with her welfare handler. I do so loathe getting those workers involved, it rarely ever does anything positive. I don’t care about the bitch, but I do care about those kids, since nobody else seems to.

              I don’t know what to do. How about a vote:

              Thumbs up, I call the worker.

              Thumbs down, I forget about it until the time comes to deal with gimme dat.

              • The Old Coach

                The welfare handler won’t do anything. Long-time friend of mine, during his rose-colored-glasses period in the ’70s, was a welfare case worker for about 8-9 months. He actually got a “client” off welfare and into a job, and his boss gave him a reaming for it. The welfare office funding is calculated on how many “clients” they have.

                Sorry to say, he’s still an Ann Arbor liberal, but at least a competent one, so if he and his wife manage to get here, I would take them in. He would work, and he can shoot, and his wife’s a hell of a cook. IF they get here – they’d have to survive “Escape from Detroit” first, then get past Toledo and Cincinnati.

              • Anonymous

                Six. not sure if you’ll see this….what I am concerned about is the child stealing by DPS…maybe you could prep for the kids too?


              • shootingblanks

                See something, say something. Janet will be proud of you.

                • sixpack

                  I have decided to prep for the kids. I have always intended to have what I need, plus a little extra anyway. If someone puts the ‘mom’ down the kids will still need help.

                  I didn’t figure the caseworker would do anything, and welfare only steals HEALTHY, WELL ADJUSTED KIDS. They can’t place troubled or sick kids as easily, so they ignore their very real suffering.

                  CPS is useless and should be disbanded.

                  I guess if a bug gets into their ear, at least I can say “I tried”.

                  As far a “see something, say something”, that’s a load of crap never intended to do anything but turn in preppers and gun owners. The kinds of crap I’d turn in, would not impress Janet Napolitano one bit…

              • Bob

                There is a great chance her “handler” would tell her you dimed her out and you would have to deal with hr even sooner and wit her having help and foreknowledge of you actions.
                They don’t get the programs administered without the handlers already knowing what’s up and approving of their lifestyle, often seeking out more “victims” to “he’p” with other folks ( damn sure not “they” money! monies Word to the wise…..caution in this subject….32 years ib LE tells me beware of these manufactured victims and their sympathizers. It’s a whole “nuther” way of aberrant thinking. Many of them consider themselves as self appointed “reparations” administrators. It’s a guv’mint minded “social workeresque thang”.

      • Enemy of the State

        Kevin.. im sure you know this but

        You dont take Golf Clubs to a Gun fight..

        maybe someone should have told Obama that too?

        • Kevin2

          I know that, you know that but my brother God bless him knows nothing but sports . He’s a grown man 60 years old. I on the other hand would have to be hog tied to a chair with toothpicks holding my eye lids open to watch a sports game. I refer the activity as, “worshipping the sphere”.

          • KY Mom

            “US gov’t seeks supplies for immigration documents.”
            -Yahoo dot com

            Obama plans to open immigration floodgates…

            Will ‘transform America into nation no one will recognize’…

            “President Obama lets slip his scheme for a permanent majority.

            The White House intended to remain silent about its plans for immigration. Revealing a scheme to open the floodgates of amnesty would be disastrous on the eve of the critical midterm elections. But this is the gang that can’t shoot straight.

            The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Friday threw open the door to as many as 100,000 Haitians, who will now move into the United States without a visa.
            That was just the beginning. The immigration agency earlier this month had solicited a printer able to handle a “surge” of 9 million green cards “to support possible future immigration-reform initiative requirements.”

            “In an ordinary year, about 1 million green cards are issued, and over the life of this contract the company is expected to produce up to 34 million cards, a figure representing an increase of the population of the United States by 10 percent.”
            -Washington Times

            currently on Drudge Report

            • Mr Rodgers

              Hi KY,

              CWII enroute?….surely Folks; if those fools think that they can pull THAT one off; Um-um, not in this COUNTRY.

              …over THIER dead body’s. Really.

              • Kulafarmer

                Let the games begin

              • Vapor

                Mr.R: How’s everything in the neighborhood? USGS is at it again in the New Madrid Zone.

                Feed Jake

                • Mt Rodgers

                  Howdy Vapor,

                  Wassup Friend…we have been seeing a spate of tremors along the Atlantic Ridgeline over the last few day as the effects of Bardbunga’s activity begin to manifest in the plate tectonics involved; stress/strain buildup.

                  BI was rather clear (per another poster here that looked into that recently) that activity along the central portion of the Atlantic Ridge was BAD..that it might well have ‘repercussions’, Yes? Well, go over and take a look at the 7 day log at the USGS real-time page…3 occurances between 1 and 11 degree’s North…right in BI’s postulated ‘danger zone’. And No, we don’t see a lot of quakes occring through that region, not often.

                  Personally, I think that IF somesuch occurs, we’ll first see the prototypiccal ‘mega-event’ somewehre along the Carribean plate…then, the NM will stirke. If we’re not seeing a lot along the Carribean, then I think we’re OK..for a while. Otherwise…..

                  Till later All….

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  any news on Be Informed? i miss him!

              • KY Mom

                Mr. Rodgers,

                Good morning!

                I think the Obama administration is pushing for executive amnesty to ENSURE a Democrat voting majority for 2016.

                The policies of this administration have angered a large majority of Americans – both Republican and Democrat. This is evident in the abysmally low ratings Obama is getting in polls.

                Allowing the country to be flooded with illegal immigrants is classic Piven and Cloward. The goal is to overwhelm the system to collapse it and then establish whatever system THEY WANT.

                I don’t believe Obama even CARES about the well being of Americans, just will do whatever he believes will keep him and his cronies in power, to fully establish and entrench his policies in America.

                • Mr Rodgers

                  Hi KY,

                  “Classic Cloward-Piven'”, yes, very much so. However, as is (lately) the cae the PTB are mis-estimating the results – that is the consequnces – of thier intended actions, I think…this one , if true, would be the match to the POWDER KEG…’boom’, in a word.

                  Obama…..what to think about that one, Eh? I can only imagine WHAT the ‘invisibles’ have – think NSA, CIA, etc – on that one to “neuter” him so completely and to compel him to such flights of lunacy as well. Well, we’ll see soon enough I suppose….

            • CB

              If we dont grow a pair and fight back then we deserve whats coming!!!!!!!!!

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              KYMom, What on earth are these Idiots in Washington thinking? All I can think is that they are going to offer these illegals fast track citizenship in exchange if they join the military to fight the Bankster’s Wars, or fight us Citizen Americans who will be in Revolt.

              America, now “Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave!!”

              • David


                Don’t you remember Obozo promising to build a CIVILIAN police force larger than our present military? Why? Because Obozo wants them to kill Americans…and the military won’t do it.

                Now he’s gonna have his military made up of foreigners…Syrians, Haitians, Africans, anybody willing to take from us.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  David, I remember it and I won’t have any trouble shooting any foreigners who come to my place with such intentions.

                • Sam

                  Don’t forget the Mexicans !

              • Make My Day

                I don’t understand why the African-American community isn’t up in arms about illegal immigration and for that matter, the legal immigrants as well. Who do you think is going to pay for them when the middle class is gone, they will in one way or another.

            • Tex

              If amnesty is declared for the illegals, why do we have DHS, ICE et. al.? We will show that all those “border security” efforts are useless and a waste of resources.

              • Make My Day

                Why do we pay money for a congress if they are not going to do their job?

              • camellia

                TEX – They were useless all along anyway.

          • the renegade braveheart

            kevin2, I let my TV service go earlier this year. Nothing on the boob tube I want to see and that’s some extra money I put into prepping.

            • sixpack

              I haven’t had pay TV since 1981.

              • Make My Day

                You haven’t missed a thing.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Six.. Ahhhh stealing cable are ya? lol we used to be able to buy black boxes before they encrypted everything. If you are into hacking the hack sites will list encryption codes for boxes so I hear. I’ve been a sucker and paying..

                You can come over and watch the Walking Dead Sunday Nights on AMC Cable if you like. We can split a 12 pack. haha.

                • camellia

                  WWTI – I’ll be over, too, to watch it.


                • sixpack

                  If I was going to steal something, I would steal something useful. I don’t even have a cable jack in my house. I tore it out and put in another phone jack instead. That way, I can have a phone on my end table if I wanted to.

                  that’s about how much I value cable TV. There’s no satellite here either, and out here, I get no free channels and I’m okay with that.

              • The Old Coach

                Gotcha beat. I haven’t had any TV since 1977. I feel like I’m a clear-sighted man in a land of the blind as a result.

          • TPSnodgrass

            I’m a “grown man 60 years old”, (just had that birthday) and believe that I am irresponsible and immature if I am not prepping for what I KNOW is coming….and it ain’t another round of golf.I outgrew that game back when I was a senior in high school. Was fun then, would rather take comfort in knowing my family and I are well prepared and able to be a blessing to those truly in need of help.(truly, being the operative word)

      • Anonymous

        At least your’s will bring something. Mine will only bring 4 mouths to feed.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Kev- I think a nice 3 Iron could take out a few Zombies. Fore!!

        • the renegade braveheart

          WWTI, 12-ga. with buckshot does even better. PULL!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          And don’t worry about replacing the divits. Ha.

      • Walt Kowalski


        Tell him that you hope he has a nice day on the links.

    3. He

      I dread the day I have to turn family away.

      • Kevin2

        They are all you may have to rely on. I’ll find a way to make mine useful. If I’m down to a can of peas I’ll share it with the ones I love.

        In the end you have to live with your conscience.

        • Angry Old White Guy

          “In the end you have to live with your conscience”

          I gave up my conscience, when I started working for the government. It kept getting in the way.

          • Wilson

            “Darling, after you kill your conscience the rest is easy.” J.R. Ewing

        • He

          I could live with my conscience knowing that I saved my younglings lives by turning away aunts, uncles, and cousins.

          • the renegade braveheart

            He, I will find a way to live with my conscience after the day I have to take a human life in self-defense. It will be either me or the scum and I WON’T let it be me!

          • John W.

            If you have advised them to take some steps to get prepped and they have ignored you there will be no reason to feel as guilty. Unless you are very wealthy and have a nice size and remote home there is no way you can play uncle sugar to ten relatives unless of course they are good looking young women.

        • Walt Kowalski

          You will not be able to rely on anyone who has disregarded your advice to prepare for what’s coming.

          If they failed to reason properly BEFORE SHTF…what makes you think they will reason properly AFTER?

          No. They will be a liability.

          Recently saw the movie “Fury”. One line from the movie seems to sum up the kind of attitude someone will have to have in order to survive when civilization falls apart…

          “Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.”

      • Adam Selene

        Years ago I included my parents and in-laws in my prepping plans. My parents prepared for nothing, and though my in-laws were somewhat prepared they lived in an area where they couldn’t stay if there was a long term break down. Four more people would strain my resources to the max, so I was ready to turn away ALL other family and friends. Due to deaths, I now have some open slots. Who do I choose to fill the slots? Triage is necessary when you have no choice, but I would have a hard time saying, “You are the best of all of us, but without your meds, you might not last a year so move along.” or “You can stay because you are a stand up kid, but your sister is a very nice but useless liberal flake so she cannot.” You’re not kidding dread the day.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Shoot, just invite the in-laws over for dinner, disarm them, chain them up in the basement and cut off a leg or 2 and throw it in the pot, add some salt and pepper. Let simmer a few hours… Yummm Yum. Imagine a nice tender back strap with taters and gravy. lol

        • LaughAtStupidPeople

          Sounds like someone’s been watching the new season of Walking Dead…

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yes Laugh. The last Walking Dead the guy was eating part of the guys leg like a hamburger right in front of the guy who lost his leg. Hey that’s what you tell people that say they are coming to your house. You either bring your own food or you will be dinner. Ha

        • TPSnodgrass

          Have you SEEN MY in-laws? YOU, can have them. Not someone I’d care to make a dinner of “backstraps” and gravy out of.Yuck!!! Have a sister-in-law so fat, it would take her days and days to render down,then again, she’d be good for at least ten thousand 100 hour candles or so…

      • Anonymous

        Hi, he-says… You should look up “SELCO– SHTFPLAN.COM”. SELCO told about his place which has some kind of construction around it (forgot exactly, but according to what he wrote, many homes had this)… even when he came back from having to go look for food or whatever, he had to climb over certain barriers to get inside his house… if you had this kind of contruction and just put your gun through the window, this would warn would-be-beggars to go away and you wouldn’t have to converse with them/have any kind of dialogue.. basically, I think it would work best to keep some distance/barrier between you and the outside world when SHTF and then you won’t end of feeling guilty.

    4. Angry Old White Guy

      That’s why my wife and me gave up on having friends years ago.

      • David

        @ Angry:

        You know, oddly enough, I never thought of having friends (more than one or two) because of the work I did, socializing was not on the to do list. But, after awhile, it became second nature. Keep people at arms length. Its been a lot easier and lot less confrontational.

        @He says: A mouthful. But when the circumstances are such that the only thing the person(s) standing in front of you want is what you worked extra hard to accumulate for you and yours to exist on. And they were going about their business like everything was wonderful. Too fucking bad. See ya. Don’t come back!

        • Angry Old White Guy

          My wife and me ran into the same situation. We worked as a consulting team and traveled, so we were never home and everyone we dealt with day-to-day was a client.

      • Hammerun

        Any friends I have I can count on one hand. Anybody else is just an acitance.

        • Wilson

          Me too, and I’d have four fingers left.

      • Jake

        People throw the word friend around too casually. I have no friends outside my family. I have acquaintances. I have people that I might do an activity with but they aren’t friends. Only people that know we prep are family that preps. I will say this. I already have plans in place to help my elderly neighbors. The next houses are 1000 yards in either direction, we share a driveway and you can’t see their house from the road. I won’t be able to provide them with medical supplies but they will be warm and fed if the need ever arises.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Jake,good for you,just because they are elderly does not mean also in challenging times they can’t help out in some ways,hope you never have to find out though!

          • sixpack

            You also might end up needing another roof over your head, if things go sideways at your house…bright side, not far to drag your preps.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Reality, the more friends you have the more problems you have. Same with Girlfriends, One is more than plenty. I got so tired of friends borrowing tools, pressure washers, saws, etc, then never bringing them back, or brought back broke. I finally stopped that program years ago. Then when I needed help like moving something, they would get all pissy or not show up. So in the end we are all on our own. Believe me I am more than eager to go help someone, and helped a smokin’ hot lady down the street a few weeks back cut a tree down that somebody else wanted to charge her $400. Little by little we got it cut. Its always been my nature to go help someone if I can. I have even learned a few trades helping friends, like laying plankwood floors, etc.

      • intheforest

        The only friends I have are here.And you don’t know me and I don’t know you

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          You know you are in trouble when a Salesman, whom you never met, starts the conversation with “Hey Friend” I suggest RUN!!

      • TPSnodgrass

        Yep, hate everyone equally. Works out well.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          It never fails for those like us who are prepared. Those who you call friends always seem to be about 10 times needier than we are, thus you are usually having to help them fix their problems. I also noticed a few years back many people I knew went underground I think out of embarassment they were economically depressed. Never to see them again as one high flier had his speed boat reposessed.

          • Ghost Rider

            “Those who you call friends always seem to be about 10 times needier than we are….”

            That’s the most truthful statement made today. I have recently come to the same conclusion, and I’m sad about that.


            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Thats right Ghost;… One thing I have learned in life is when a problem arises is to try to quickly deal and take care of it right away. So many people I know procrastinate (Ex GF’s) and then the problem grows and grows and compounds and then it becomes 10 problems and more costly disasters.

              In fact, an Ex-wife back when,even if everything was going right she would invent new problems and chaos just to keep me busy. After a few years I realized I was tired as some things you can never fix. ha.

    5. Jerry

      Sure! You can come over. I need several cord of wood split before the snow flies, be careful of the rattlers though!

      After that I can have you clean the chicken coop and put more straw in it – then clean the barn, the rabbit cages, goat pen, and then come on in for a bowl of watered down broth!

      After that, more fence needs repairing and after the evenings bowl of broth, you can get a good night sleep in the barn (sorry, no room in the main house!).

      Oh, never mind about the sleep – you’ll have guard duty and fire watch tonight!

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats right,
        You know what time it is!!!

    6. watching and waiting

      No, you won’t.

      Remember the biblical story of the ten virgins, five were foolish and five were wise. Matt: 5: 1-13

      12th Commandment Thou shall practice operational security at all times…….

      This is why you have guns and ammo…….

      • smattering

        As you consider the parable of the ten virgins, consider also the story of the widow who was asked of Elijah to prepare him a cake BEFORE she made for her and her son before they lay down to die.

        Her bag of meal and cruse of oil never failed in the famine.

        I am thinking on both and charity (the pure love of Christ) seems to be winning.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Watching and waiting, AMEN to that. I do have a ‘ventilation team’ and plenty of ‘groceries’ for each member of the team.

    7. Enemy of the State

      there are people who will come to my place when The SHTF.. but thats because we’ve planned it that way .. they wont be anchors, they will be back up, and have skill sets and preps of their own

      Teams survive longer then a one man dead army , just my .02 cents

      there wont be any free loaders , because I dont hang with free loaders , they all know the score

    8. Archivist

      Just before noon (ET), there was an X1.7 solar flare.

      It might be time to Faraday cage some more electronics.

      There’s a partial solar eclipse Thursday afternoon, peaking at 5:30 PM (ET). Most of the country, except New England, can see it, if it’s not cloudy. Take the usual precautions if you want to look at it.

      • Mr Jameson

        Our magnetosphere has weakened 20% since we started recording it so….perfect. A nice solar flare will be beautiful. Really.

        • wormdirt

          Been keeping an eye on this one – sunspot AR2192. It is the largest sunspot of this entire solar cycle and is now pointing our way. NOAA has updated the chance of another x-class at 55%. Before it came to the earthside it cut loose a flare so large that instruments on THIS side registered it as an M class. Hopefully it will pass us by but as always, be ready.

    9. Waiting in Idaho

      I have had several friends say “I’m coming to your place when it all goes to shit.” My response is, “Good, we will be low on meat for the dogs and ourselves.” They get a very perplexed look on their faces, especially when the figure out I ain’t kidding.

      • Waiting in Idaho

        You know I was kidding about eating them, right? The dogs don’t like “long pig”.

        • Old guy

          Run the corpse through a tree shredder. the pigs will eat every part. Bad guy Wes Hardin shot & killed a fellow just because he stood in a window and blocked his light. They simply drug the body outside and the hogs disposed of it. Im greedy & stingy Ill not let those who had ought naught with my prepping benefit. Ill poison & burn everything before I let anyone else benefit from my work. Im mean and hard hearted enough to do whatever I deem necessary to take care of & protect me & mine.

          • Overwatch

            Dat da funny lookin guy in da wood chipper?

      • Make My Day

        When you tell them not to come over or else, don’t laugh. They need to know you don’t joke about such things.

    10. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      hard choices are coming for all of us. do I let this person in? or do I stick a gun in his/her face and say “bugger off”?

      • Old guy

        If I pull a gun Ill be cocking the hammer & pulling the trigger. Any person you chase off will become a enemy and they could return with others. I wont take that chance. No one who climbs my fence and gets within range of my home is putting themselves in great danger.

    11. eppe

      Sept. 22 2014
      GA Guidestones
      comment # 3230998

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Wow, eppe shows up again. We haven’t heard from you, since you last wanted to have sex with everybody’s email address. lol

        • eppe

          WWSI, you have gigged me about one liners, jokes, useless drivel, and posts that have nothing to do with the subjects. But yet here you are doing the exact same thing. Then you say my email idea will have viruses. What is your problem???
          I tried to be nice to you months ago, and you have lied, trashed, and berated me for no real reason. Even Mac stated I have made great thousands of great comments waaaay long before you graced our presence. Great jokes too. Do you lead such a useless life that the only thrill you have is to mess with me and others? And you still have not answered the question on where humanity originated? Can you give a coherent answer? POG and I are still awaiting. You cut and paste most everything also, and when you opine, well your true character comes out, and shows the lack of any integrity. Quit being such a hyprocrite. We are collectively tired of the Jew bashing. Or are you too ignorant of you own stupidity. If you died tomorrow, no one would miss your inputs, because most of them suck…

          • passinwiththewind


            my jawjin friend,

            I’d give you a thousand thumbs up if i could. The jewsters are definitely running most of the show and there is nothing that our continued rants about them are gonna accomplish. God will sort ’em out in His own way and time.

            Keep up the good work.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            zzzzzzzzz Peppy snail, So what does your today’s rant have to do with the article mac Posted? Thought so. You contribute nearly zero to any legitimate conversation on here daily. I just call it like I see it. You got a problem with the truth? Or would you rather live in your fantasy world like you are some comedian on stage taking away form the conversation? And all you contribute is someone else’s hacked joke. How small can you get as a joke hack? If you are looking for my past answer, I have posted it several times back when, go find it. I resort to legitimate science for the origination of man or any other species. You can go to the library and discover volumes of proof. Like I said before like you waste space here you probably did the same thing in high school, cracking jokes when they discussed History or science or biology or physics. I am not sure your education level nor do I care. If you post something post a link? That is all I asked and stop trying to pass off other people creativity as your own, when that all you contribute to any article. I am not bashing any particular person here, but you. And I don’t hate any body even you. Just your motive of stealing jokes. I can post my thoughts and opinions here on any subject as I try to stick to the article content. Like them or not, just like anybody else can. But at least you can give this site respect and add to the conversation. Or post something that will help people in their pepping. I think you should just go start your own website and you can post or start a blog of your own if you want to make it a cut and past joke site. And if you can find idiots to send you their emails so you can send them daily spam hacks and viruses off your computer go for it. Maybe you can even get people to advertise on your own site. Mac is plenty smart enough here not to let his intellectual property and disclosure of other poster’s personal info to be passed off to you including email addresses. That would degrade his website’s integrity. Do you see the bigger picture here? You seem lost of your purpose or target audience. Go find it. Go start SHTFStolenJokes.com I am sure the website is available if you like, and for only about $10 a year. Go for it skippy snail!! And yes I too think the Jews are ruing our country. What stake do you have in that defending them? Are you Jewish? Fess up?

      • SCTV

        We may never meet but know that should we do I will take care/arm/and watch your back. Both you and yours.
        The guidestones scare me.
        And aside.
        The mooslom terrorist in Ottawa, that SOB may he be buried in bacon.
        And any little dog f$%^ing terrorist mooslom’s out there should know that I have a special selection of bullets that are dripped in pork to send you straight to hell. And many more of us are doing the same.
        Now we believe that you are going to hell anyways, but it is a nice touch on many of us sportsman behalf that we are spreading the word. And if that does not bother you, my wife will shoot you twice if you attack us, she’s good.
        If a man chooses to come to our country and wants to make his home here in peace welcome brother. If another man chooses to murder you had better hope that the police get there first.

        • Canada Canuk

          @SCTV: Yes it is a sad day for Ottawa, and All of Canada…seems like the radical killers have arrived on our soil!

          2 soldiers murdered in 3 days!! Please pray for their families…..seems no one is safe anymore! Take care all, CC

      • eppe

        To everyone who worries about bugs in the emails, I only do the transfers at work during lunch, the security is tighter than Sybil’s ass, oh sorry, than a virgin, so do not worry about bugs. Ask War, Ghostrider, Swinging rich, and Mike in Va, we talk, email and they got no bugs. Screw you, WWTI.

        • ready down under

          I’m not worried eppe – Mac has my email address as the one I use when posting is genuine. Flick Mac an email and ask him to please forward it to me and I’ll get back to you.

          By the way, anyone know where ugly from Idaho is these days?



          • Ghost Rider

            Hey eppe;
            I meant to comment in the previous article where you posted your idea. You know I’m all for it.

            To everyone else;
            I can confirm that I have emailed eppe without any issues and I will continue to email him in the future.


        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          eppe, you are really have a screw loose here. Now you say you are posting all of this from your workplace job computer? Does your Boss know this? Lets clarify something here. Are you clueless as to any cyber security procedures or info or just a dolt that fell off the truck, when it comes to common sense.

          Let me help you here. This is the Real Deal

          Summary: Since September 2012, approximately 50 U.S. financial institutions have been targeted in over 350 separate DDoS attacks with varying effects. The botnets used in the attacks, identified as (Brobot) and (Kamikaze/Toxin) consist of compromised high bandwidth
          webservers with vulnerable content management systems (CMS). The compromised bots are infected through a vulnerable CMS account. Once the account is accessed, attack scripts are uploaded to a hidden directory on the associated web site.

          This information may assist in identifying and removing malicious code from compromised systems and in defending against potential future distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

          eppe, This is a short summary in layman’s terms saying, “don’t be cutting and pasting that crap, from a website which logs your IP address, then you send that on to other people, from your employer’s computer no less, then he can catch the viruses, and hacks and malicious code, stealing bank accounts, all so you can get your daily jollies.

          Like I said before you are way out of your league when thinking you are going to be some operator passing on other people’s email addresses.

          That is a joke, thanks for the laugh today. WWTI

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I will also add that if you do post a link on here it will turn into a hyperlink. Hyper links can also redirect you to some other off beat website which can install malicious code. If you want to look a source link posted on this site just cut and paste the actual link into a new URL. Clicking on a hyperlink can possibly take you to some other website. Just saying. Cut and past the link and hit enter then it will take you to the website source. Mac says he does have some software on here that will catch most of the spam. But like any site it can still get through. And also for your own home protection, just delete these crap email you get from joke passers or pictures attached or anything that just seem suspicious. I would guess most peoples home computers are infected with malicious code and they are clue less to it and maybe stealing your passwords and email data bases. Websites like Facebook are hacked daily stealing people info for data mining, then you get an invite to facebook and then you catch the virus and then they steal your email data base and start sending spam using your email address, then your dot friends open it up, cause they think it is you sending another joke and Boom you are infected.

            Eppe is like the Infected Guy from Africa standing on the corner with a “Free Kiss Me Booth” ready to spread his Ebola love to you all. Oh yeah eppe here is my email address send me some loving, I love your Ebola Jokes give me another helping full, I’m spitting coffee here, more more,.. lol You Can’t Fix Stupid!!

            • Anonymous


    12. David

      I doubt there will be a handful of posters here saying to the masses “Yeah, come on over” when the SHTF. Anyone doing that, while certainly would qualify for a seat at God’s side, the reality is you won’t last very long. Your stuff, and your life, in that order–maybe–will be the priority for those who are too FUCKING LAZY to do their own prepping.

      Me, I’ve told my grown kids and neighbors (and few friends I have) you have your own lives you have been living. When the SHTF since you thought I was nuts prepping for myself and my wife, don’t now want to be included in our lives since you haven’t included us in yours previously–. When the SHTF I will have one rule: Shoot to kill. Remember this, its down to kill or be killed!

    13. Cellar Spider

      Oh God,

      Whatever you do, DON’T hand a letter like this to your friends.

      1. It breaks OPSEC.

      2. It puts a target on your back for Law Enforcement.

      3. And worst of all, if you ever have to use your weapon in self defense, and kill someone, it flips the table and turns you into a premeditated murderer.

      Instead of being heralded as a defender, you’ll end up fighting for your life especially in a state with capital punishment.

      Don’t listen to the stupid lawyer turned fiction writer. He should know better.

      • frank

        Law enforcement? Are you fucking serious? Do you honestly think law enforcement is going to exist when the SHTF? You’re fooling yourself. Not only is it not going to exist any more, it’s not going to come back either and in the unlikely event that it does no one will give half a shit about what you did when everything was going down because it will probably be several years after it happened.

        • Cellar Spider


          Shhhhhhhh…..Don’t tell anybody. The Shit Has Already Hit The Fan. It happened in September of 2012 with the total abandonment of the capitalistic U.S. economy.

          I’m really sorry the pretty fake blonde on Fox News didn’t announce it or that it didn’t appear on the crawl. But this is what it looks like.

          Militarized Local Police, an increase in Private Security Forces, 50+ percent of people (with more to come) on government aid with fictitious money, a forced mass population shift of incoming immigrant labor which will then be used to replace the aging / expiring baby boom generation. Decreased constitutional rights, and tons and tons more.

          Welcome to the jungle. It’s all just getting started.

          • passinwiththewind

            Guess what else happened a few months later that wasn’t picked up on?

            The confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant of the Bible about Israel’s homeland and the area around the Temple Mount. You know the one, the one that man has dubbed a seven year “peace” agreement/treaty.(Not so)

            I found it while surfing the net about the UN giving Palestine a recognized status in the world, appeasing their requests, temporarily, for statehood. Of all places it was within an article put out by Al Jazzera.

            I would have never read it because i don’t follow All- jazz-ra media; but, the title of the article said something like….”Palestinians loose more than they gained in recent UN vote, according to Islamic Cleric”

            So I clicked and found out that in the wording of the United Nations/NWO, document, signed into law in December 2012, the World acknowleges that Israelies have a right to their lands/country/nation of Israel and will further have “final” say so over issues within it’s borders and will always maintain the overseeing of the Temple Mount.

            Many scoffers will argue this can “not” be the confirmation of the Covenant spoken of in the Bible.

            I say, just because it was slipped in under the radar doesn’t mean that it isn’t what God was talking about happening in the future. The future is here now.

        • LaughAtStupidPeople

          “Do you honestly think law enforcement is going to exist when the SHTF? You’re fooling yourself”

          Uhh yea it will. It sounds like you’re fooling yourself or you’re stupid. On the contrary, it will exist and it will be totalitarian. Just because TSHTF, doesn’t mean govt is going to disappear. That’s an idiotic notion.

    14. Indy Colts

      Boy, how many times have I heard this statement. I always reply with: There will be a sign in my yard stating “Due to the ammo shortage, no WARNING shoots will be fired” They then reply, ok maybe I won’t come over. 🙂

      • David


    15. infidel6actual

      Remember the John Wayne rule…..

      In the John Wayne movie where he stars as “Rooster Cogburn” the young woman who hired him to find her Father’s killer was bit by a snake.

      John Wayne ran his horse to death to get her to medical help, and stole a wagon at gunpoint, things Rooster Cogburn would never normally do.

      So it will be when people realize its for real.

      • Mike in VA


        John Wayne talked about gun control

        ” Gun Control requires concentration and a study hand “




      • ed

        would you fight for this country ?

    17. PO'd Patriot

      Only my mother-in-law is welcome. All the rest are on their own.

      In today’s news Canada learned a lesson the hard way…and that is…no one is safe….ever.

      • Wilson

        The LAST person I’ll help is my MIL.

      • PO'd Patriot

        I got lucky. One of the sweetest people alive.

        • LaughAtStupidPeople

          Yup, mine too.

          • Mr Jameson

            My MIL is pretty awesome too. Love her much.

    18. David

      When the Ark door of Noah days was closed no man entered afterward. If, you aren’t strong enough to say no or at least be able to pick and choose there no point of preparing. Your food will be gone in days. I know a family that decided not to save because of that reason.

      • sixpack

        Would that same family jump into a raging river, to die with someone who had fallen in and couldn’t swim?

        Birds of a feather, should DIE together? Is that what they think?

        I feel sorry for them.

      • Make My Day

        Years ago, I had a Mormon neighbor, who talked about storing food. He said that he had 5 years worth and we share. We lived on a court and I asked him how long his 5 years supply of food would last if he fed every house on our street. He didn’t answer, but I said, less than a month. This is why sharing cannot work long term. Do the math.

    19. Jim in Va.

      I will help my family and help those that are serious and trying to prep. Others…..keep on walking!

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        A big rule of thumb is if anybody you know, that shows up in SHTF, that has never come over to pitch in, or help out ever in any way for you ever before, to bad so sad, beat it.

        Now if people have repeatedly before come over and have helped out with projects, and pitched in various times, and never asked for anything, then you can consider them as an potential asset part time. You know how to judge people’s character of what they are like. Years of history with them will dictate how they will most likely respond in SHTF.

    20. MC

      I have spoken about this over the course of a few years with friends, and at first they actually made me a tin foil hat. As of a few months ago, all were either reading “One Second After” or an assortment of Rawles’ books. It took several years, but from the questions they have asked me and the items I have seen at their homes (plus the knowledge that they each would add), and their growth in knowledge over many things that are out of our control, I would be happy to invite them in.

    21. lena

      i bought some pretty brtual ammo, like shotgun shells that fire nails, ball bearings and wire; that’s going to shred thru anything.

      unless i am overrun by a mass; theyre going to go somewhere else the first person one of those shells hit.

      i “hope” it doesnt come to that, but life gets real nasty when empires start falling and that looks like what is happening and has been happening for 15 years.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        lena. You mean fletchettes? & Piano wire between ball berrings? Try some Dragon’s breath.. lol Not in the house though. lol. There is a lot of specialty 12g ammo out there. Check your state laws too. No since spending SHTF in jail. ha.

      • sixpack

        When faced with a mob, there is only one question that needs to be asked:

        WHO’S FIRST?

    22. shane

      We’re in the prep business, so we’ve heard this many times before from relatives, friends, neighbors and even some customers and news reporters that have been here, that when TSHTF they know now where they are coming to.

      To all, I’ve told them they won’t be able to get anywhere near here then without the password. They’ll ask what it is and I’ll hold my hands up to my mouth like I’m yelling from afar; “I brought all my own food!”

      Stunned at first, you can see it dawning on their face, the new reality that’ll be in force then.

      – Shane

      • Waiting in Idaho

        Well said.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        PERFECT shane, just PERFECT! i’m gonna steal THAT One!

      • Armed American

        2-3 year’s supply is more than just a pickup truck.

        even then, better just to slot ’em and “repossess” the supplies.

    23. Mick McNulty

      A few weeks back on an American TV show, I forget which one, they had a sign which made me smile. It said, ‘Notice to burglars. Survivors will be shot again.’

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Mick. Its Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. Got the sign here ready to go, when necessary.

    24. Woogie

      This article sounds exactly like my brother!

    25. Just sayin"

      If people show up at my place, I’ll have a bag of old water jugs, a map to the nearest creek, and a guide to local plants and roots nailed in bulk to a tree near the road and tell them “good luck, you’re on your own”.Oh , yeah, I ‘ll ask them who won the last Super Bowl and how did they enjoy their vacation?

    26. Prepper

      Dear Friends,

      I have been trying to convince all of you to prepare for earthquakes, power outages, floods, pandemics, or “the unknown”. It’s not rocket science; just stock up on food, water, ways to treat tainted water, medical supplies, light, and ways to protect yourself from the woefully unprepared. If you are not sure what to do, I am happy to help anyone before the crisis hits.

      Some of you have told me in a crisis you’ll just visit me and I’ll give you whatever you need. The funny thing is, as long as I can replace whatever you need, I don’t have a problem with that. But what if it’s impossible?

      I have some bad news for you. If YOU have trouble getting necessities, then I ALSO will have trouble. I have some supplies but they are for my immediate family. I wish it would be possible to feed and supply everyone who walks up to my door, but if I did there would be nothing left for my family.

      I am trying to help you by getting you to get off your fat @$$, take personal responsibility, and get those essentials while they are readily available. If you can’t figure out what those essentials are, I will spend hours of my precious time helping you every step of the way. If you are so lazy or oblivious that you refuse to do that before the crisis hits, I’m sorry but I have nothing for you. You’re an adult and you need to make your own decisions.

      Love, Prepper

    27. Just sayin"

      I lived thru the riot in Detroit 1967. I know what it can be like in a city gone mad. Watch some LA riots on Youtube to get an idea of what may happen.

      Get out of the city now before SHTF. Move.

    28. Norse Prepper

      I am very troubled with what I will actually do when this situation arises. I’m the only one with wood heat in my neighborhood and probably the only one with sufficient supplies.

      I dread the day when a neighbor’s child arrives at my door hungry. I know in my heart I will feed them and help. I also know this reduces my length of survival for my family and I, but I will do what I can to help as many as I can and pray the lord provides.

      I wrote an article a while back on this site entitled Defining Moments. If you haven’t read it I believe it to be very thought provoking.

      Deuteronomy 15:11 ESV / 369 helpful votes
      For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

      God Bless,

      • Mr Rodgers

        Morning NP,

        Well, then..MOVE Brother. Ummm…there is say – Oh about – 2 million acres, which wil be really ‘open for new occupants’ rather near to me in a few short months with the FedGov and the Markets going as they are. Don’t like where you are?…just re-think it, really.

      • infidel6actual

        Matthew 25

        25 “At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish and five were wise. 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. 4 The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 5 The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

        6 “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’

        7 “Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’

        9 “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’

        10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

        11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’

        12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’

        13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

        • lena

          2nd that.

          i have 3 possibilities for the future and i believe one or more will come true.
          1. this is the end of western civilization as we now it and after whatever the breakup is, the next state for most people will be elites or dictators and serfs or slaves controlled by technology.
          2. a serious collapse and/or wars with the worlds people throwing out the dictators and democracies spreading the world over afterwards.
          3.serious war all over and a new power system emerging with china at the head and most of europe playing lapdog in efforts to remain relevant while the usa, brazil, russia and india play second thru fifth.
          4.the end times of the bible. if you watch much john hagee, its hard to argue that this is not whats happening.

          • infidel6actual

            Do you believe the Church is raptured before the tribulation begins?

            I always ask Christian Preppers that since they (and me)are preparing for all eventualities.

            • FreeSlave

              Prepare for post-trib, hope for pre-trib.

              • infidel6actual


              • Mike in VA


                For me it does not matter. The bible clearly says we will go through wars, rumors of wars, Earthquakes, ect.
                If there is a rapture then anyone who knows and is left can enjoy my preps. If there isn’t then I will be prepared as I can be.
                I just don’t understand the arguments Christians get into over the rapture. If you have excepted Jesus as your lord and savior than why does it matter?
                We are all human and make so many mistakes. Christians argue over meaningless things at least to me. Rature, no rapture, sprinkle, fully submerse, ect.
                I can say this. Most Christians are good honest people. At least if Christians are in a group you have a better chance of being able to trust them. Not all but most.
                I get upset over two things with some Christians. Gossip and Judging. ” Hey did you here what so and so did ” and then the ones that tell do not want to be around you or talk to you if for example you have a beer. Those types act like they are better than you. Those two things annoy the heck out of me. Bible talks about gossip and the bible says ” Judgement is mine sayeth the lord “.

            • Dejavous

              Me and mine are pre-trib folks. We are prepping for the time frame between when SHTF and the rapture. Since the Lord may tarry – we do not know how long that will be so we are prepping for a long duration after which anyone who finds what we left are considered to be led by God to find it. We will not care as we will not need it any longer. We are prepared to defend – well armed. A few who also prep have been invited to fort up with us if they wish – just bring food and other needs with you or stash it with us beforehand. They have been warned well in advance. The rest will be considered like the 5 unprepared virgins and treated as such. Only a fool does not know what is coming with all the news in our face every day. It is their choice to prep or not. Noah built an ark – prepped. Joseph prepped for the seven years of famine. Whoever said that the bible does not teach prepping? WRONG.

          • lena

            sorry, that should have been 4.

            regardless. i think the next 5 years are going to be brutal as i just dont see the world making it 5 years without one or more of those. so, my advice is be ready for anything and if you have some extra time and money left after being ready, you might take a vacation somewhere nice and enjoy it while you still can. dont think there will be much vacationing in an ebola epidemic or WW3.

          • passinwiththewind

            I do watch John haggee sometimes because he does have some good topics and more importantly I learn where he is wrong. “Using other peoples lies can open up you eyes.”

            Haggee is dead wrong about a pre-trib rapture. I have heard him say that the antichrist is a flesh man walking the earth today and get this…..he will be shot in the head and mysteriously come back to life.

            What a crock. None of that is biblical.
            Why even be concerned about a so-called rapture?

            Well, If it is Satans’s message when he comes to earth, first, and posing as Jesus H Christ, then he just might get a person to worship him and believe his lie of a rapture.

            My friends, you do “not” want to make that mistake. According to God’s word, that will put you on the fast track to h–e double l.

          • sixpack

            “brazil, russia and india” are all making great efforts to become independent and self-sustaining. You might want to rethink your ranking criteria…looks like the USA will be dead last, if it continues like it is.

      • Mieszko I

        The lord helps those, who help themselves.

      • Anonymous

        I think every situation is different- you just have to use your intuition as to who you will help and who you will ignore… sometimes its just too dangerous to help. Other times, its hard not to help.

      • Feisty Old Broad

        Norse….Be not troubled for You will do the Right thing at the Right time…..and, you will be Blessed for it…
        Keep on the PATH

    29. Mr Rodgers

      Back again Kiddos,

      Oddly, there have seen no Type II or Type IV event warnings posted by NOAA relative to this morning’s X-class flare. Now, normally, within minutes of any serious solar event at least one of those shows up; the absence of either is mystifying to me inasmuch as this AM’s X-1.6 was both abrupt (impulsive) and sustained (LDE)…frankly I just don’t ‘get it’ here. Then again, the entirety of the events we have seen coming from 12192 to date have been, well, ‘tame’…in a word.
      Soooo, maybe a CME later…or not, dunno here

      Well, till later then…

    30. infidel6actual

      looks like they suffered for not keeping their own lamps full of oil……….25 “At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish and five were wise. 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. 4 The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 5 The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

      6 “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’

      7 “Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’

      9 “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’

      10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

      11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’

      12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’

      13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

    31. Sgt. Dale

      Even if I wasn’t a Prepper people would come to me any way.

      Only the people that are allowed to come to my place is the ones that I have invited.

      If someone comes to the area they will be taken into custody to a secure area given a meal, water, and a good nights sleep. The next morning they will be given some food and water and told to leave the area. They will be told that this is the only thing that they get and if they return they will be considered an enemy. If they bring other with them they will be shot first. No taking just shot.

      Now if the person is a doctor or something that they can do or offer the Group they might be let in. They will also be guarded for a period of time. With a meeting of the Group and their Ok then they will be let in.

      We can talk about what we will do now. But remember the best made plans of Mice and Men.

      When the SHIT HITS THE FAN everything changes!


      • Calgagus

        turning people away or sending people on there way -would you suggest that road signs be removed in suburban areas to avoid any retaliation ?
        Never seen this brought up but if I lived in the burbs Id want road signs gone so the foreigners couldnt navigate via road maps or personal vendetta instructions. Know what I mean? What do you think?

        • MommaD

          Cal, I read a post from a guy over in, I think it was Pakistan , and he said the locals did just, tore up all road signs and it was effective.

        • Enemy of the State

          Excellent idea.. and if it can be done in short order before things go all war zone like .. it might help to slow down even the local Rights stompers , if you get my meaning?

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            You put up signs that say FreeFood at the Police Station

        • Sgt. Dale

          During WW2 the Germans did that. They just turned the signs. removing them would be a very good idea.
          You hope you don’t get retaliation, but you might. This sounds crewed but the first line is sign telling them not to come any further. Second is Body part on a poll (With the way I was raised, this is the tuff one.) But the SHHTF and It is up to you to take care of you and yours.
          Things aren’t going to nice like it is today, it is going to be HELL.

          Now for the Burbs!
          Get the hell out and get into the country.
          If you are in a walled in community you will have a chance if 75% to 90% of the people there are on the same page. If you have that many folks on the same page you will have power and water and an area to grow food and raise animals. This will also give you a small army.
          I will give you odds that you and may two or three families in you Burb are up to speed.
          May the Lord be with you, you are going to need Him!

          • Genius

            “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth”

            Mike Tyson 😛

            • FreeSlave

              I wonder if Mike Tyson said that after he got knocked out by Buster Douglas.

            • durango kidd

              Genius: I think he said, “mouf”. Just saying. 🙂

              • PKLL


        • TEST

          IF GPS navigation is still possible, tearing up road signs won’t work. That’s a big if, of course. However, if it is still working, I wouldnt waste the effort or the personal risk

          • sixpack

            It could work on my street, even the post office can’t spell it right. It’s a dirt road, dead end, so removing the sign would raise even more confusion. We look like an alley into a parking lot from the highway.

    32. Ted Kennedy

      Four kinds of people:

      Elite with a plan
      Those that live in the country with a plan

    33. Townsaver

      OK all you hard core lone wolves.

      You have to sleep sometime. People are force multipliers. Yes, they can be useless eaters if you choose to sort them as such, but civilization requires more than yourself.

      No one can prep every single thing that will be required to maintain a standard of living. Trade will happen, as well as roving gangs. You get a gang of 20 people coming after you, you are dead. Yeah, you might take some with you, but you will NOT defeat an armed gang of 20 hungry bandits. Sorry Rambo, not going to happen.

      After you get over the “I prepared, you didn’t, now go die” mentality, come back to reality, and realize people are required to divide the labor, accomplish tasks, and allow for some semblance of a sleep rotation.

      This whole, “I’m going to shoot anyone who comes near me and mine” thought process is why people label us as crazies. All you preachy types here constantly quote the bible, but when it really comes down to it, you are just selfish and scared.


      • FreeSlave

        Well, there may be a few prepper families (dad, mom, and children only) that could survive an attack of 20 hungry bandits, but not many. Depends on the layout of their house, booby traps, how many attack and defense points, how well-armed the fortress defenders are, and how well-armed the storming barbarians are, etc…

        But your general point is well-taken. 3-4 prepper families need to team up and pool resources to survive an attack by a roving gang. If the FEMA guards come driving down the street in a convoy of 3-4 MRAP vehicles to take down the prepper fortress, well, it’s one of those Waco, Texas events for the preppers.

        • KRM

          Don’t forget the value of making your home look like it’s already been ransacked.

        • Tonto

          The whole state of West Virginia is a survival group, how do you think we made it this far? All the folks raised dirt poor in these (hidden) hollers are preppers!

          • The Old Coach

            I know it’s the wrong state, but do I hear banjos in the background?

        • Townsaver

          Thank you for the comment FreeSlave.

          Even 1 MRAP would probably make my day a bad day.

          After years of study, I come back to the same conclusion. My crystal ball is broken, and I have no way knowing exactly what will transpire, globally, nationally, locally. I don’t want to bug out but I may have no choice.

          One thing I don’t see discussed much is, ok, you bugged out… are you ever coming back? What is the return plan?

      • KRM

        The problem with softening for those who haven’t bothered to prep, is a lot of them are dumb enough to run their mouths and encourage a prepper to soften for even more deadbeats. You let someone come and live off of you, they will likely share the news of their good fortune with their loved ones, and before you know it, there’s nothing left for your family but the mess. Know ahead of time who you can let in and who you can’t.

        If I were you, I’d keep my head low and downplay anything you have saved back. Be prepared with something disgusting to “share” with those who don’t know the extent of your supply.

        Folks who brag that they’re going to be alright (aka your grasshoppers) may just gab to the wrong person. Those grasshoppers often have really poor mindsets and may just be singing about their good fortune in the wrong crowd. If a mob comes to take your supplies just because you softened toward a grasshopper, you’ll likely really regret it. You also need to be sure that you’re not going to be taking in a grasshopper with a “giving” nature, or you’ll be dead. Period.

      • Old guy

        If twenty people come after me. I shoot just one in the gut or butt from a distance. And the rest will quickly lose heart. as for sleeping im not alone I do have my immediate family. Twenty people cannot sneak up on anything. the wildlife will alert those who are already in place.

        • sixpack

          All the better reason to have a dog. My cat thinks he’s a dog. He growls when he sees people outside. Quiet and effective alert, he is. Luckily, I’m a very light sleeper.

          • Anonymous

            yeah, my cat and my daughter’s cat saved our lives on a couple occassions… animals are so sensitive…

        • Townsaver

          Old Guy

          I agree with your thinking.

          I tell my kids, punch the bully square in the nose as hard as you can. Might end the issue, or might piss him off. Stand.

          Generally people are disorganized. Act/React accordingly.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Ah, Lone Wolves can move fast silent and deadly. Groups will move only as fast as the slowest sheep. The straglers will be picked off one at a time. Just watch any nature channel for the details.

      • Ron Lilly

        My family and I could defeat a gang of 20 or even more of your “force multipliers”. But, we wouldn’t have to: take out a couple as they approach and they’d multiply their butts outta there. In a hurry.

        Mobs, like the cowards they are, when engaged by our 338 and 375 from a distance would immediately decide to seek sustenance else where from less dangerous individuals. If they didn’t leave, they’d lose a lot of their “multipliers” as they got closer.

        Those that get closer would be dealt with by the trusty AR10 and FAL. They’d lose some more. Those that survive that (and that haven’t fled) would be greeted by the 870 and the Mossburg.

        By then, WE would out number any of their survivors. Preppers know more than how to can tomatoes and make our own soap. Prior military here.

        When it does “hit the fan” Mr. Townsaver, my advice to you is to not make the foolish decision to lead a group of “force multipliers” to my place.

        Ha. Who am I kidding, you wouldn’t be leading, you’d have your unprepped hinny in the rear with the beer and gear.


        • durango kidd

          If they get past the gatling guns, I’m dead. 🙁

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          It never fails for those like us who are prepared. Those who you call friends always seem to be about 10 times needier than we are, thus you are usually having to help them fix their problems. I also noticed a few years back many people I knew went underground I think out of embarassment they were economically depressed. Never to see them again as one high flier had his speed boat reposessed.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Ron. And if they get past all of that including the wall of sand bags. Go for the fixed bayonet. And very last act of defiance give them the finger. LoL

      • the renegade braveheart

        Good evening, Townsaver. I have an arrangement to go to a cousin’s BOL in north GA located near other family when the time comes. Most of my supplies are already there in a storage building on her property. The family and I will be banded together for local defense. They all have homesteads with alternative sources of energy, wells, gardens, livestock, etc. There is game, timber, water in abundance all around. They all grew up in the prepper lifestyle. They all learned how to handle firearms, hunt, fish, forage, etc.at the earliest possible age and pass on those skills from one generation to the next. They are survivors. I’ll be in the right kind of company.

        • dave in Idaho

          Be there to get there. Alot of magpies and tweeks between Memph and GA. Best of Luck, but odds are slim.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            As is everyone….braveheart is welcome to head west….I and others will render aid along the way….west…remember “go west, young man, go west”…..there will be many there ……

    34. CM

      When a ‘friend’ said ‘I will come here if things ever get bad’, I took him to the outbuilding and showed him a marked out area, among others marked and stacked high with preps.

      I said, good, you can come as long as you have stored and maintained your own stuff, just like the others that are planning on coming here. Notice that we will not be alone – while pointing to the other areas. BUT, if you haven’t been a ‘contributor’ then you will be a ‘contribution’.

      When he said he thought we were all ‘nuts’, I told him ‘That may be true, but we aren’t going to be depending on anyone but ourselves. So if you won’t get ready, we won’t help you’.

      You know, he hasn’t been in touch since then.

    35. infidel6actual

      There will be Tribes that form only AFTER.

      From people who do not even know each other now.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        And Lone wolves will also form packs like ferral dogs, taking what ever they want at will. The sheep will all huddle together unless they have organization an leadership to give them direction. Just like in life there are leaders and followers. There are a lot of unknowns yet to be discovered. All depends on what kind ofSHTF. It will be a continuous changing situation. Fluid. There is nothing guaranteed.

        • Old Guy

          Why is it any skin off of anyone,s nose if I refuse to band together. Im not taking anything away from them. People are really fond of telling others what they ought to do. When the fact is the choice of what anyone ought to do is their own decision. My home is isolated but if faced with a overwhelming force ill leave it and burn it as I leave. The place where Ill then go is only accessable on foot.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Old Guy. I have no doubt you will be fine as a lone wolf. It is usually the weakest sheep in the bunch the spread fear that nobody will survive unless you are in a group. What they are really saying is that they can’t possibly survive without a group commie socialist welfare program to prop up their useless asses.

            • Old Guy

              Your probably correct. Any road its not like I will be on high alert 100% of the time forever. I figure for a few weeks at most. when the food & fuel run out. Walking will be the only mode of transport, where I live the terrain is steep. Someone weak from hunger wont likely make it very far. this region abounds in things that grow wild that can be food & medicine if you know how. its not importiant that I do fine as a lone wolf. The younger members are the ones who are importiant.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            I pray for GOD to protect your Family….old guy….

        • Armed American

          There is nothing guaranteed

          effect of a .45 mag on a human skull pretty much is guaranteed.

    36. Charlie

      Hi…Very interesting article & the comments are pretty interesting also. But there is 1 thing not one of you has thought about:
      If you are not going to take people in (And you shouldn’t have to) you must shoot them. You can’t send them away, here’s why. You force them to leave at gunpoint & they walk away. About 1/4 mile away they get apprehended by an armed gang of looters looking for food, water, etc as well…They have nothing to offer but your location which they are sure contains all the things they are looking for. AND…in order to save their own lives they even offer to escort the looters right to your door. Next!!! NO ONE LEAVES!!! It’s a very hard choice but it seems the only way to stay off the radar of others or at least a good many others.

      • FreeSlave

        The logic is cold and brutal. Can’t really refute it too well either.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Nobody will be sleeping when the shooting starts. All hands on deck loading magazines for the shooters.

      • T-town

        You can’t shoot and kill everyone who knocks on your door. Answer the door and look like hell. display yourself as if you yourself have no food or supplies either. Ransack your own home on the first floor and live in the basement with supplies.

        • Old Guy

          Really Who says I cant shoot everyone who comes knocking on my door? It just depends how many there are. And how many come at a time. If they come one at a time ive got thousands of rounds. Ive got a premeter fence & locked gate, No trespassing signs and purple paint. By the time anyone gets to my door they have been trespassing for a 1/4 mile. Warning don’t come to the Ozarks and trespass.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Shooting people at your door will get interesting. Do you open the door and then shoot or just use the element of surprise and shoot through the door. Lol. Cause I wouldn’t be walking up to any door with a bunch of bullet holes venting. Also the dried blood splatter is a dead giveaway not to go to th a t door begging.

      • Old Guy

        Read my comment #3252133 I made the statement Ill be cocking the hammer & pulling the trigger. although my post was not as point blank as yours. I essentially said the very same thing.

    37. Plisken

      Again, so eager to shoot somebody. The redundancy or these articles and the simple replies has drawn to a bore. The only shit hitting the fan here, is what you’re throwing.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Plisken, I won’t try to speak for anyone else here so I’ll only speak for myself. I’m not eager to shoot anyone and I don’t think anyone else here is either as far as I know. I truly dread what’s coming and not looking forward to it at all. I’m only responsible for the well-being of me and mine; NO ONE ELSE. If other people failed to prep for themselves and/or their families, that is their own fault and nobody else’s. As individuals, it’s all any of us can do to keep our own heads above water. Not a single one of us is any government agency with tax money to waste on freeloaders. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves. All I know is I don’t have any resources to spare to any outsiders and that’s the bottom line. That’s my decision to make and nobody else’s. That’s the way it is and it will not change. I’ve worked too hard and spent too much money gathering supplies for myself to just give it up to any 2-legged animals that come along wanting them. If they come to my place looking for trouble, they will find it. That can be arranged.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Well Said

    38. Chilton

      I think the only way someone could just waltz in is if they had a serious skill set – ER Doctor, Special Forces Solider, Master Mechanic etc…. Other than that they are SOL.

    39. MommaD

      It would be rough. In this semi rural area we are the only ones growing the majority of our own food, 99 percent grow nothing or a couple tomato plants and that’s it. The next closest garden is about a mile from us. The old guy across the road though who is awake came over recently so proud with a big smile and showed us his new purchase “a survival seed vault”. God bless his heart, that was his way of asking for some help with it if shtf happens. Lots of hunters around, but taters with meat sure makes a better meal. I’ve contemplatedthis many times on how it work out around here. Hope I never have to find out, but I do think about those situations a lot! The grown kids are pretty prepped on their own but would welcomed here, they know the routine so to speak.

      • KRM

        I like to spoil the local birds with leftover bread and cheap birdseed. They aren’t afraid of me now, and it’s an easy way to encourage a bit of meat for the stew pot if the SHTF. If things never go south, well not too much has been invested in the venture and the ground is pretty fertile now from all the droppings.

      • Scott C