House Passes Bill to”Microchip Citizens with Mental Disabilities”… And Then Those Who Speak Out

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 58 comments

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    Sub Skin Microchip Turns Humans Into Nothing More Than Walking UPC Codes

    This article was written by Whitney Webb and originally published at True

    Editor’s Comment: Mark of the Beast… we’ve all been warned that it is coming. What is disturbing is that while technology surrounds us and *some* have concerns about privacy, most shrug at the massive amounts of data they are collecting about our lives, and the incredible level of control the system now has over each individual. This bill passed, clinging to the broadest base of “good intentions” that it could muster, i.e. caring for those with disabilities and decline with age.

    But in reality, it is a nose under the tent for a system that needs the ability to microchip dissenters, and to force cooperation on the part of the general population. In effect, everyone is now under their thumb with this, because anyone could doesn’t go along with the mass conditioning will be labeled ‘mentally –––’ and branded with a track-and-control chip. Game over.

    At the first sign of suspicious behavior, or troubling social media profile, or a misunderstanding during an encounter, police and medical personnel – among others – will have the authority to declare someone ‘mentally disabled’ (or incapacitated, or temporarily insane, or unsound of mind, or whatever label is handy) just because they express discontent, anger or outage at the state of the world and political affairs. “Fake news” journalists can be shut down, and “conspiracy minded” individuals controlled… and of course, it will be abused. The tactics used against parents by CPS will be forged together with the creepy total surveillance of the fusion centers, etc. Potentially a very nasty police state.

    This power will expand, and try again if it is slowed down or rejected. Whether it takes the form of an implanted chip, or a tracking number that is tied to each person, they will stop at nothing short of mark in everyone with identity tied to bank accounts, etc. They will insist you be on the grid in every way… and with this bill, they just got one step closer to controlling the future. All this has been foretold, and yet it is beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

    THIS REALLY JUST HAPPENED: House Passed Bill Allowing Government to Microchip Citizens with ‘Mental Disabilities’

    by Whitney Webb

    Though the bill only targets those with conditions such as Alzheimers and autism, critics say the bill’s passage will open a “pandora’s box” of invasive government surveillance.

    Six years ago, NBC Nightly News boldly predicted that all Americans would be fitted with RFID microchips by the year 2017. Though at the time, NBC’s prediction seemed far-fetched, the House recently passed a bill that would bring a micro-chipped populace closer to reality before year’s end. Last Thursday, the House passed HR 4919, also known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, which would allow the US attorney general to award grants to law enforcement for the creation and operation of “locative tracking technology programs.”

    Though the program’s mission is to find “individuals with forms of dementia or children with developmental disabilities who have wandered from safe environments,” it provides no restriction on the tracking programs inclusion of other individuals. The bill would also require the attorney general to work with the secretary of health and human services and unnamed health organizations to establish the “best practices” for the use of tracking devices.

    via Truthstream Media

    Those in support of the legislation maintain that such programs could prevent tragedies where those with mental or cognitive disabilities wandered into dangerous circumstances. Yet, others have called these good intentions a “Trojan horse” for the expansion of a North American police state as the bill’s language could be very broadly interpreted.

    “While this initiative may have noble intentions, ‘small and temporary’ programs in the name of safety and security often evolve into permanent and enlarged bureaucracies that infringe on the American people’s freedoms. That is exactly what we have here. A safety problem exists for people with Alzheimer’s, autism and other mental health issues, so the fix, we are told, is to have the Department of Justice, start a tracking program so we can use some device or method to track these individuals 24/7,” Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said in a floor speech opposing the bill.

    Gohmert’s assessment is spot-on. Giving local police the authority to decide who is micro-chipped and who is not based on their mental soundness is a recipe for disaster. Though the bill specifically mentions those with Alzheimer and autism, how long before these tracking programs are extended to those with ADHD and Bipolar disorder among other officially recognized disorders. Even the dislike of authority is considered a mental disorder known as “Oppositional Defiant Disorder,” which could also warrant micro-chipping in the future.

    If these programs expand unchecked, how long will it be before all Americans are told that mass microchipping is necessary so that law enforcement and the government can better “protect” them? Many Americans have been content to trade their liberties for increased “security” in the post-9/11 world, particularly when the state uses these talking points. Yet, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

    This article was written by Whitney Webb and originally published at True


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      1. There are already methods (in place) to “micro chip” the collective without them even knowing, how, where and when, it was administered.

        • Passed by a Republican controlled House of Representatives. Administered not by a health agency, but the DoJ. Tell me what business the Guvment has monitoring health issues, not with health agencies, but law enforcrment agencies.

          • The damn government shouldnt have any power over the people period,,,if it isnt of benefit to the people but is an out of control thug it needs to be dissolved and re built from scratch, they can go to hell

            • Nailbanger,
              AGREED, 150%

            • We need to GeoTag and track each and every Politician to track their every move and whereabouts.

            • EXACTLY, nailbanger… the GOVERNMENT needs to be chipped– with hammer and chisel until there is nothing left

            • I find this really really SCARY!
              The RFID chip implanted into people would enable control of the masses.

              Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. John Dalberg-Acton

              Yes, the chip is used to store and retrieve data.
              Man has RFID chip implanted in his hand that stores info for smartphone
              ht tp://

              They can remotely locate and shut down a car that is many miles away – because it has a “chip” in it. Likewise, I believe with an imbedded chip, they could locate and if desired ‘shut down’ individuals by causing a heart attack or some other condition.

              The technology also exists now to plant ‘suggestions’ into your head. All that is needed is ‘direct contact’ or an implanted chip.

              Sky Deutschland has developed technology to transfer ads from train windows directly and silently into commuters’ heads.

              “Passengers leaning their head against the window will “hear” ads “coming from inside the user’s head”, urging them to download the Sky Go app.

              The proposal involves using bone conduction technology, which is used in hearing aids, headphones and Google’s Glass headset, to pass sound to the inner ear via vibrations through the skull.”
              ht tp://

              Neuroscientists plant ‘false memories’ in brain…
              “MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can plant false memories in the brains of mice. They also found that many of the neurological traces of these memories are identical in nature to those of authentic memories.”

              “Whether it’s a false or genuine memory, the brain’s neural mechanism underlying the recall of the memory is the same.”
              ht tp://



          Every last thing supported in the name of some altruistic temporary restriction will always comes home to roost as permanent authoritarian unconstitutionalism for everyone.

          Raise your hand if you’re one of the imbeciles that supported the Patriot Act.

          • I said when they passed it we lost more freedom in one fell swoop than we lost in over 200 years !
            I still believe it was an inside job. Too many things smelled fishy there !!

            • call your SENATOR NOW,identify yourself, get the name of whomever answers the phone call and tell him or her the message IS absolutely NO WAY ON HR 4919 as the microchip DOES NOT AND WILL NOT PREVENT ANYTHING,etc etc,and inform the 1 that took the call that your call will be followed by an email and USPS mailed letter aaaaaand YOU EXPECT AN APPROPRIATE RESPONSE, not the usual form letter thanking you for contacting the office of so and so regarding HR 4919 and as this is a very complex issue blah blah blah BS.
              thank you.
              and the contact info for your senator is out here on the ‘net so the email can get done right NOW.

        • They will have to put me to death on the spot,if they can if they want to “chip” me. As I will be trying to put them to death. I guarantee I come equally armed and trained. And much more pissed off.

          • Menzo, same here. Braveheart says that microchips are NULL AND VOID.

        • European American:

          Please post your info or some links to it


        • Avoid doctors as much as possible, don’t take vaccines. Eye Drs and other specialties wouldn’t be suspect like GP’s would. I think forced micro chipping will happen if and when shtf and FEMA camp chipping for those who won’t be executed.

      2. To bad that 73 year old man with dementia didn’t have someway to identify himself. Maybe the cops wouldn’t have shot him.

        • naw… speculation on your part. If anything they’d arrive to have shot hom sooner!!!

      3. Ya’ll know what you can do with that micro chip……………..

      4. We’ll well and so it starts.

      5. If you have a cellphone, you are already microchipped.

        • mmm, no and not the same.

      6. I’m a type D but if any spook comes around asking I’m a type 5

      7. How about this progression of thought? Instead of an ankle bracelet for criminals, RFID chip? Then, require all felons to be tracked for the greater good. With all the laws, pretty soon everyone will be a felon. Then chip everyone!

        Think of all the money to be made in the chip elimination business. This needs to be stopped.

      8. You’re right about the cellphones. Don’t overlook the craze that had developed in the millenials and earlier generations to regard tattoos as normal. Hell, I know for a fact the law enforcement agencies already record all those pretty much exactly as they will a RFID.

      9. The bill says NOTHING about microchips. Currently, family members use bracelets and anklets, to protect the most seriously demented patients, while those in nursing homes and “rehabilitation centers” are typically locked indoors around the clock.

        It’s terrible to see so many severely autistic and demented people die needlessly when they wander away from home. There has to be a better way! That’s why this bill authorizes grant funding. This bill funds family education and communication programs, as well as grants to improve the current “tracking” programs, such as GPS enabled anklets mentioned above.

        Suggesting this billl allows the cops to decide who will receive a microchip is either intentionally misleading or tinfoil hat crazy. Don’t believe me? Read the bill for yourself.

        • “start a tracking program so we can use some device or method to track these individuals 24/7”

          The imbecile obviously thinks it cant be that.

        • Why does the government need to be involved? If the family is that concerned about one of their members then the family should be able to track their loved one which is doable with today’s technology. There is no reason the government needs to get involved other than to develop/enhance the activity to allow mass tracking and a centralized clearing house for the tracking data.

      10. Oh joy! I can hardly wait. Soon the day will dawn when I break a leg and the hospital edits my code through my chip and poof… few minutes later the leg is like new again. Oh…I’ve contracted a disease. Doctor edits my code and eliminates the disease and restores my perfect health. All this mark of the beast nonsense, like really people. Its the same people who were crying social security number, mark of the beast, bar code, mark of the beast, credit card, mark of the beast.

      11. Who dosent have a mental disability according to some government rat. If you don’t agree with them you must be insane. And in need of psychological help? They want bigger pensions and benefits. And anyone who disagrees must be a danger to society. Warehouse them.

      12. Wait until 10 miles over the speed limit. Is felony speeding . You are all ex felons and have no constitutional, rights you idiots.. Then your time has come . And you deserve it.

      13. Yes Wipreped . They will soon make every thing a felony . And the idiots will cheer them on. Does the constitution say anything about ex felons can’t own a gun. You idiots? You fing idiots? The Tares . You will burn. And as written it will be a great day.

      14. Yell. Shall not be infringed. Then make everything a felony . You fing idiots.

      15. Wipreped . You possess rare wisdom. Don’t let the idiots get you down.

      16. When will people learn. Don’t take anything from the evil gov. Suffer gracefully. The gov is not your friend they make laws to oppress you. We all know the mark of the beast is coming you dont have to put the shackles on yourself to help them out. By taking gov assistance your subjecting yourself their rules. Just like telling your doctor you feel depressed that goes into a file. Their is a record of that on file just like the court has records on criminal history. This is why I say cope with shit on your own free from doctors lawyers and gov agencies who claim to know what’s best for you. My employer has therapy girls that happen to be attractive to give us physical therapy. I don’t go to them because they work for my employer and report my range of motion and estimate my discomfort. I told the girl I don’t need therapy life is pain I deal with it. My point is they try to use therapy girls to get input on our physical condition to later use against us if we become injured and go out on comp. going soft leaves you open to their schemes. I will live with pain everyday to be free. It’s just how I am. guys need to fuckin man up and take their beatings on the chin. I’m not gonna be emasculated. The less shit that is known about me the better. corporations and gov can leave this good ole boy the fuck alone. Be very suspicious of any agency that claims to be there to help you. For men they use pretty girls to break you down women are usually on board with their schemes they just fall for it easier. Never put yourself in a position of weakness.

      17. Narcissists and sociopaths are very, very NOSEY. They don’t respect personal boundaries or another’s privacy.

      18. The author mentioned CPS.

        CPS, child protective services, is so dangerous, I can’t even begin to tell you people, how dangerous it is.

        No one wants to see children abused. We have learned a little about the Government employees involved in pizza gate or in child exploitation. We know that many of these children were removed from their homes under some form of “protective service”. These children are perfect victims. Their sexual rape or torture can be blamed on their own family. It is a crime waiting to happen by allowing Governments the authority to take anyone’s child for any reason.

        now, take it a step further. What happens when the State can take your kid for any trivial offense. Perhaps just having the wrong opinion, or being on a fake news site, or looking suspicious.

        How would you cope if the government took your kid, knowing your child might be subjected to a pedophile ring.

        The American people should repeal the laws creating these agencies. Drain the toilet bowl.


      19. What did people expect to happen when Trump was elected? Seriously people do not look at history. Modern technology combined with an unchecked elite oligarchy was never going to mean anything good for the common man.

        Vulnerable groups are always targeted first, together with racial minorities. The propaganda attacks on the critical thinkers that might otherwise be heard when they sound the alarm began some time ago. Of course by then it is too late. The average working class idiot cannot join the dots to figure out that sooner or later their own turn will come.

        Those with Autism are almost immune to indoctrination and the group contains some of mankind’s smartest innovators and critical thinkers. The Asperger diagnosis has been subsumed into the Autsim umbrella under the DSM-V folks! Visit any top Uni’s science, engineering and technology departments if you aren’t understanding what I’m saying here. Of course those immune to indoctrination that might possess the self-determination to come up with innovative ways to fight back are going to be targeted. This is the next stage of the plan.

        • Why is it that so many people are idiots and want to blame Trump for something when he’s not even president yet? You aren’t even from the U.S.. You have plenty of crap in your own swamp to drain. Let’s see what a republican controlled government can do for a change. If it doesn’t work we have the power to replace them in 4 years.

      20. Yes . lonemum. The are studied experts at manipulation. The Oprah watchers will destroy our civilization . The jerry springer types . If Trump stabs us in the back ? We will be fighting in the streets with our children at our feet and the morals that we worship will be gone..? And we will say . We won’t get fooled again? Yea right?

      21. i took the time to read the entire bill. no place in the bill said anything about microchip. it states non invasive non marking and non permanent. i formerly worked delivering to nursing homes regular mental disabled as well as alzheimer’s. and the patients do manage to get out even with locked codes and gates. alzheimer’s are cognative at times one man watched for weeks and he finally got the doo code and out and quite often home bound patients get away from caretakers.and there found dead from weather or crime. there not looking to chip people there looking for a wat when there missing to track and find them quickly. the most likely will be a watch that’s either cell or sat tracked. the grants are to try to find the best way.
        i do often see article from bot preppers and others the either fail to read bills or often only report parts of the sory something the preppers accuse the MSM of doing bill/4919/text
        erepeat the bill states not evasive and not permanant a chip is invasive

        • There is also something called “fear mongering” too

      22. hmmm, when was the last time you had a colonoscopy, didja think everything got pulled back out? Try running your ass over barcode reader next time you shop hahahaaaa

      23. And yet, if anyone would bother to read the actual bill, like I did, they would know that is bill is expressly AGAINST chipping people. Here it is, the part of h.r. 4919 that the authors of the stories above didn’t bother to read far enough to see, straight from the House’s website:

        (6) NON-INVASIVE AND NON-PERMANENT.—The term “non-invasive and non-permanent” means, with regard to any technology or device, that the procedure to install the technology or device does not create an external or internal marker or implant a device or other trackable items.

      24. I need two or three chips.

      25. The only time the government or anyone else should get involved with tracking people is when the caretakers [ or family ] are abusing these people. Accidental escape does happen sometimes, and you can’t condemn when an accident. Caretakers need to be very alert and diligent when caring for these people. One other thing about microchipping your dog or cat, there are cases where it caused cancerous tumors at the site of injection. The chips can also migrate to other parts of the body. We should be attentive to our fellowman and to our pets so tracking with microchips is not needed.

      26. With the race to prepare for the coming of
        an extinction level event in the fall of
        2017, the governments of the world are set
        to begin orchestrating events which cause
        the need to chip everyone by august next
        Being a veteran and a believer on Jesus, I
        see alarm bells flashing. THE GATES HAVE

        The ELE will (according to computer models)
        wipe out a third of mankind. DOESN’T IT
        NUMBERS WERE CORRECT? Also tally the dead.

        Expect seriously adverse situations to begin
        by April.

      27. They’ll have to kill me first!

      28. I have a chip on my shoulder, so don’t even fucking try to put on in my brain. Two chips cannot rule on Brain, especially the brain of a red neck.


        • Best comment by far.

          Way to go HCKS!

      29. Hello All, The alleged governments of this country are not real governments, but rather corporations pretending to be the government. So where does a corporation gain authority to chip you? They don’t really, the only way they can gain control over you is by your consent, they do not have jurisdiction over “People” but they do have jurisdiction over “Persons” and “Citizens”. If you vote or say that you are a citizen then they have control over you. There are other hooks they use to gain jurisdiction which can be overcome if you really want to study how we got here. ron

      30. The chip as we know it already has the power to DISable your free will, have you hear voices, and make you carry out what the voices command you.

        The patents are online for all this and the September Naval Yard shooter a year or so back stated repeatedly he kept hearing voices telling him what to do.

        The mainstream media wants us to believe all these shooters are or have been either schizophrenic and have been on psychotropic meds.

        Don’t kid yourself: the psychotropic meds are the cover story for the chip which continues to be implanted in humans and refined..

        “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle
        Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray
        And do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Host
        Cast into Hell Satan
        And all the evil spirits
        Who prowl around the world
        Seeking the ruin of souls,

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      31. Read the bill before commenting!
        Kevin and Avonte’s Law would have been a major milestone for the special needs community, As Doron Somer, AngelSense CEO said: “The realization of Kevin and Avonte’s Law would help prevent wandering tragedies. With life-saving technology, like AngelSense, in the hands of those who need it most, families could finally gain the peace of mind they so desperately need.

        We just wrote a blog post about it:

      32. “It is for your Safety.”
        “It is for the children.”

        No concern.
        Take your Flu shot.
        Drink that flouride water.
        Eat that GMO food.
        Keep that cell phone on.

      33. HAHAHA AWESOME! They can start with all those liberal heads of the Internet and computer companies who refused to help Trump establish a criminal muslim registry database, and then move on to all the other liberals who claim to be non-compus mentis as their default alibi to excuse their own criminal desires and actions!

        All criminals (muslims; libtards) prejudicially presume that, since all of our free-will choice decisions were actually forced on us (because something must have CAUSED us to decide one way, instead of the other, right?) and because we’re all too stupid to ever really understand the complexity of the inevitable predestined, predetermined forces behind our choices, we really don’t have free will, so we’re all really ever only helpless VICTIMS – of “society”/mere products of our environments, and of course proudly Submissive slaves of allah! Therefore there simply is no “mens-rea” guilty mind free will intent to commit any crimes ever, and so also no real “crimes” nor “criminals” at all! So also the only real “crime” must then be to accuse other victims of being “criminals” simply because they “chose” to commit their “crimes” against other equally yet diversely innocent victims, so there, NYAH!” In other words, these double-standard spewing subjectivist hypocrites want it both ways for them, and to pre-judge everyone who dares to take personal responsibility to expose crimes AS criminals! And since their paranoid hypocrisy is intentional slander, they won’t learn or change!

      34. If they want to micro chip somebody, they need to chip illegals and muslims.

      35. The lake of fire has a physical location in space. It’s called the SUN. We are all going to be spending a long time there for the way we live. Welcome to Babylon.

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