GOP Concedes: Trump WILL BE The Nominee… “We’re Going After Hillary Clinton”

by | May 4, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 161 comments

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    It is a bombshell moment in this bizarre 2016 election, as Trump now has enough momentum to convince even the GOP establishment to get behind him.

    Indiana proved to be the decisive victory for Donald Trump in the GOP primary contest. Ted Cruz, who teamed up with Carly Fiorina as a last ditch effort to save his campaign, was forced to acknowledge bitter defeat – ending his campaign last night. John Kasich is apparently staying in the race for the time being. NBC News reports:

    In a result that once seemed unthinkable to many Republicans, Donald Trump became the likely GOP nominee on Tuesday as top rival Senator Ted Cruz withdrew from the race.

    “We are going to win again and we are going to win again bigly,” a confident Trump declared from Trump Tower in New York.

    Trump is not only on path to win the delegates he needs to win the Republican party’s presidential nomination outright, but he has forced a reluctant establishment base to back him against the larger enemy… Hillary.

    Donald Trump gave a victory speech tonight in a tone that reflected the de facto end of the primaries and a focus on the new opponent.

    “We’re going after Hillary Clinton,” Trump Declared.

    In response to the Indiana primary results, GOP chairman Reince Priebus tweeted “Donald Trump will be presumptive nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating Hillary Clinton,” sending a shockingly swift sign of support from the very party that openly conspired to bring him down:

    The tide has turned.

    However you see the election shaping up, things have turned a corner in a way that will never be the same again.

    A fed up electorate is up against a crumbling empire… and anyway you slice it, Trump’s victory is historic.

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      1. It’s going to be an interesting year

        • And hopefully “The Donald” will go after “Killary” and make her squirm like the snake she is. I can’t wait for him to bring up her email server or Benghazi.

          • Man’splaining. Or whatever femmie garbage.

            You know this is what she’s going to do.

            F**k logic or facts, she’s going to appeal straight to emotion and make this guy out to be the biggest wife-beater that ever beat all 15 wives.

            To say nothing of going for the jugular with the “outlaw abortion – imprison women doing it” sh*t.

            This is no longer going to be an “issues” debate. As it basically never is with Feminists.

            Good luck to him on that one. Why would women vote for a “maybe” when they have a “sure thing” with the Wicked Witch here? F**king free sh*t for all women everywhere. Tax men into oblivion to pay for it.

          • How about who is answering the 3 AM call – or not in her case. Instead scheming about a video that riled up the animals in Benghazi.

            • It’s too late for America boys and girls, God gives us leaders after our own heart. Obama, not once but twice.
              A Republican house since 2010, they have done nothing, the power is in the budget.
              No one will make the hard choices, close the borders and stop immigration and close 70% of

              Close the Department of Education, energy, housing, transportation, agriculture just to get the ball rolling.

              Nothing changes…

        • A third of it is already gone, and, yes it has and will continue to be a VERY interesting year!

      2. No matter who wins, we loose.

        Same shit, new day.


        • yep

        • I agree. we have yet another year of voting for a Progressive… or a Progressive. Don’t know why anyone is even getting worked up about it at this point.

        • “LOSE”goddamnit…lose, NOT “LOOSE”….WHY is this so hard?

      3. Had a feeling it would come down to the wire with these two against each other…

        Trump 2016…

        • Eppe,

          It is amazing how quickly things can change!

          Now, the dollar is sliding and gold is gaining! The priceof gasoline is going up. Many are beginning to anticipate a reversal of Obomanomics.

        • LoL, I agree with Trump 2016, but not because I think he’s going to fix a damned thing. Nope. I want Trump 2016 because on this sinking ship we’re all on, I’d much rather be entertained by this clown on the Miranda deck than to have that domineering twat Hillary having the whole of the crew and passengers barking orders to rearrange the deck chairs every 5 minutes. I really hope people can finally see how their vote truly is meaningless after all this. What a fuckin joke.

          • Joe,

            You make good points, but, it is amazing to me that Indiana voters have succeeded in changing the course of the elections! I am proud of the Hoosiers and of Bobby Knight! Geaux Hoosiers!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • I’m fairly certain that the Der Trumpf victory in Indiana signified the progressive party’s final swallowing of conservatism. The republican party and the democrat party are now wholly and completely ONE.

              America is through.

              Alright progressive mouth-breathers, lets hear your incoherent babbling…

            • Trump is obsessed with success. A true Maverick, who will fix a lot of bad shit going on in this country and the world. No more wars. Trump is brilliant and will surround himself with the best, not politically connected or favors, but who can get the job done. First fire half of the worthless deadwood, Grabberment employees. Trump won more Evangelical votes than Cruz did in Indiana. Reagan Conservatism is DEAD, NeoCon Deadbeats, go fuck off. Your war crap is over. You’ve raped our country of everything with phony wars and boogymen. Trump has a lot of fixing to do. The bar tab is due, charge the drunks first who are flush with tax payer’s cash.


              • I’ll be happy if Trump can fix anything WITHOUT getting us into world war three…

                • If the only thing he accomplishes is getting rid of 25 million illegals in this country, I’ll chalk that up to a great presidency.

                  The benefit to our nation would be incalculable.

            • Yeah great. Now we have two democrats running against each other.

          • Hey Joe- If you’re the Joe I think you are… looking forward to today’s videos. I know you check in here at SHTFplan. If you are not “that” Joe, really enjoyed the sentiment of your post anyway.

          • JoeRepublic, welcome back. I can agree it will be the most ‘entertaining’ campaign of my lifetime. I don’t know what to expect from a President Donald Trump, IF that happens.







            Its imple.

            Foreigners, especially Latinos, have NO loyalty to US history or culture. Muslims are indoctrinated from a young age to revere the Korean, not the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, or US Constitution.

            These asshats, plus the democrats and RINOS would vote in a REFERENDUM to merge the USA and Mexico into the North American Union under UN auspices, and DISSOLVE the Constitution and especially, the Second Amendment, in a One World Government, of the multinationals, by the multinationals and for the multinationals.

            Got the picture now ??? 🙂

            • Exactly.

      4. It’s 3 am where I’m at and the dogs woke me up – seems I was just visited by the mountain lion that is stalking the area. So since I’m up, decided to check into my go to site here. After all these years, turns out I am first to read and maybe to post.

        Wish I could think of something profound – except to say am relieved Trump has made it this far. He had me from the beginning when he said illegals were criminals and would build a wall…

        He’s pushed a number of buttons important to me – no country without borders, The robbery of our Treasury. The PC crap. Get out of the Middle East. Vetting of the number and the who is coming into the country. America First…

        Todd Starnes article: Make America Mexico Again’: Why Americans are fed up with illegals was great. Hope Trump’s camp will do more about why refugees and illegals feel they are entitled to invade our country and we not be angry watching our culture,language and values trampled.

        Sharia law?? Call to prayer 5 times a day over a loud speaker? Press 2 – for non English speakers… Where is the assimilation into the American culture???

        Trump … keep on keeping on…

        • Madam,

          I don’t think Eppe ever goes to sleep!

          • Agree – maybe the Trump could do one of those commercials on who are you going to call at three in the morning??? Eppe!

          • I do sleep some, now China is chiming in about Trump…

            ht tp://

        • “He had me from the beginning when he said illegals were criminals and would build a wall…”

          And did you ignore him when he backed off of building that wall?

          Did you ignore the realities that the stupid ass wall is a failure before it ever became a monstrously expensive govt boondoogle?

          You do know Latinos, despite being uneducated, know how to dig, right?

          • If walls don’t work why do so many countries (other than the US) have them?

            • Yup,,,
              KISS principal

              • if he DOES build the wall, will SOMEone please tell him to build the muhfugguh on OUR property, so we can patrol BOTH sides of it?

            • Well most those countries back up the wall with gun fire or prison. Do you think we will do that? I seriously doubt it. Ask people in the military, any obstacle can be easily breached if it is not covered by fire (gunfire).

            • Those countries back up their walls with gunfire or prison. Do you think we will do that? I don’t think so.
              Ask anyone in the military and they will tell you any obstacle can be easily breached if it isn’t covered by fire (gunfire or artillery).

            • Those countries support their walls with gunfire and prison. Do you think we will do that? I don’t think so. Ask any military and they will tell you any obstacle can’t be easily breached if it isn’t covered by fire (gunfire or artillery). I don’t think we are at that point yet, at least I’m not.

            • Big wall and self deporter is called stop welfare of any kind to anyone not here legally. That will take care of the problem. Add a bit of E-Verify.

          • nunny – link please on not building wall – last I saw in print was on how Trump was going to make Mexico pay for it.

            Hmmmm -The Wall seems to be a good deterrent for the Palestines – they constantly bit ch about it. Yep, like the Latinos, they too can be uneducated, but industrious and know how to tunnel and dig, but it does slow the flow.

            The Wall is better then the open border we have now with the water stations, tour guides, welfare, medical, housing, education, grants to start a business, voting … etc etc

            An illegal just wants a better life – and they covet and steal mine

          • America has secured the DMZ between North and South Korea for 6o years with 38,000 troops at the cost of trillions of dollars, and nuclear weapons. We can secure own.

            Seal the border. Mine the border. Give standing instructions to shoot any SOB that tries to cross the border without a visa.

            Once that policy is declared the law of the land, even the Pope is fair game. 🙂

            • ❤❤❤

              • LMFAO, six !!!

      5. I have a bag of concrete I’m donating to trumps build the wall campaign. Just doing my patriotic duty.

      6. If Trump is stupid enough to let ANY of these greasy, stinking, conniving, scheming, war mongering, criminal Israel First neocon cockroaches into his campaign or in his administration if he gets elected – then, this guy will be as total failure as President.

        • Is that possible??? He did bring in some insiders who knew the politics of how the game is played when Cruz was poaching delegates for a brokered convention – liked he kept true to himself and style against their advice.

          Now that he is going after Hillary, he needs to do more of the Presidential thing – like the speeches – not sound bites -and less of the personal attacks – Kelly, Cruz’s wife and his VP on her looks.

          Americans come in all shapes, color and sizes – delighted he has a model beautiful family, but would be nice to see some of us plain janes represented. A lot of us are savvy and smart and we vote.

          Be interesting who he considers for VP

        • I hope Trump picks Rand Paul as VP. Paul shares a lot ideas especially with foreign policy and of all of the Republicans he can get Sanders supporters. Trump once in the oval office should call in TPTB representatives like the bankers and say, ” I seen the Oliver Stone JFK movie, I know what your capable of”. “You get to me and you get him (pointing to Senator Rand Paul)”. “Have a nice day”. He needs an incorruptible AG too. Its then time to start replacing heads of the Bureaucracy putting people in positions that actually know how to efficiently run things. GW Bush had some horse track owner, political appointee, in charge of FEMA. The response, or utter lack of, to Katrina, was damn near criminal.

          • Kevin2
            I might vote for him if he picked Rand Paul who makes a lot of sense on foreign policy.

            • Rebecca

              Trump recently unveiled his Foreign Policy and CNN and CNBC stated that it looks like it was written by Rand Paul referring to it as isolationist. This is where the light bulb went off regarding Rand Paul as a VP. I’ll bet shivers run down the spine of TPTB having distant memories of burying Theodore Roosevelt in the VP only to have fate make him the President.

              Rand Paul as VP would be the best protection Donald Trump could possibly get as TPTB might dislike Trump but they hate Rand Paul and his father.

              • Lots of folks are waking up to the reality of globalization, they are realizing that the more pieces of the American pie they are forced to share means less pie for them, hopefully enough wake up before its too late, have my doubts but can still hope,



          • It would cause the globalist elites a world of hurt, should he pick Rand Paul as his VP – if they assassinated Trump, they’d end up with Rand Paul! A no-win situation.

        • What’s really cool is that you anti-semites are easy to spot and therefore easy to ignore, for the morons you are.

          • @nunya:

            Anti semite…..drink the koolaid do ya ??

            Palestinians are semite.

            Lebanese are semite.

            Jordanians are semite.

            Syrians are semite.

            Modern jews….not so much. Look up Khazar.

            Anti semite is just MSM propaganda.

            If anything, posters on this site are anti zionist.

            Descended from Abraham my ass….BA.

            • Zionist is synonymous with psychopath, although not all psychopaths are Zionists.

          • Look up what famous men have said about the ooos . And you will see who the morons are?they call themselves ooos but they are the children of satan. Jesus Christ. Said that.

          • You are an absolute fool. What makes you think that Jews or Israel are beyond criticism.
            80-90% of the neocons are dual citizens who have kept Americans in war for this entire
            century. They have dictated America’s foreign policy of illegal wars on Israel’s behalf. If you are globalist pond scum they do a great job. They were hired to work for America and in that regard they are abject total failures.
            I’m not antisemitic – I’m anti stupid – I am anti YOU. The gun grabbers in America are
            almost entirely Jewish. Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, etc…
            Soros funded hate groups like SPLC make a living accusing decent people of being
            racists and then they go home and drive on Jewish only highways and slaughter
            children. There wouldn’t be any need for prepping if not for criminal bankers and corrupt politicians. The Islamic destruction of Europe is the direct result of failed, ignorant neocon foreign policy. If you are scared of criticism, try acting like human beings instead of animals.

        • Tucker, Trump is already owned by the cockroaches you mentioned in your post.

        • Tucker, spot on. If he sells out to that stinking ‘tribe’ and their cohorts, then he’s no different than Cruz, the hildebeast, etc.

        • Trump is a Likudist all the way. An Israeli owned Trojan Horse.

          You can bet your ass that he is going to continue supporting Eretz Israel. Have no doubt.

      7. Someone at GoldenSacks gave Cruz the cue to beat it to the bushes to maybe rise to another occasion. It would be just like that character to slime his way into the governor’s office. He really is in a bad position in the Senate now that it’s come out publicly that hardly anyone in Washington gets along with him. For those of you that think “Ted” is truly conservative… I’ve been watching this guy since the nascent tea party days squirming his way into people’s hearts with the right catch phrase and his smarmy, well-rehearsed closed mouth grin after every patriotic point he makes. Don’t be fooled. Ted is in it for Ted. Trump may be in it for Trump too, but at least he’s not a climber. One thing I have to say for Cruz though… he’s tons smarter than the Bush boys ever were, and tons smarter than the Crats give him credit for-

      8. Not my first choice but better than Hillary. I just hope he puts together a high powered cabinet and dump all previous executive actions by Obama. Time to get serious.

      9. Now let’s see who he picks for VP. A Quayle will keep him alive. A Bush will get him assassinated. This should be interesting.

        • Whatever Works – “Let’s see who he picks for VP”…imo, nothing worse than NJ Gov. Chris Christie. You think Bush will get him assassinated, think Chris Christie. Christie wants to be POTUS. He drools at the thought of wealth and will stop at NOTHING to acquire wealth…and get away with it too. The man has no conscience. Many people don’t realize how dangerous NJ current Governor really is. And, Trump has not ruled Christie out as a possibility for his VP.

      10. While I do not have a lot of hope that Trump would really change things he woke up a lot of ofolks who thought they were a tiny minority/and these folks are sick of the corrupt 2 party system.Will Trtump change that,doubt it but the barn door is now wide open,makes the path for real positive change something to shoot for!

        Nice the bern won as it is just at least another hit at billary!

      11. Trump will Say ANYTHING to get his way with things.
        Trump will Do ANYTHING to get what Trump wants.
        Trump is DANGEROUS and SELF serving. Trump might start a large scale war?
        Trump will tell you what you want to hear. Then do what HE Wants, once IN office.
        Do NOT Trust or Believe his BS.
        Trump is a Deceiver, with NO scruples, or ethics. It is ALL about Himself “the Donald”. No One else Matters. EVERYTHING is about him “the Donald”.

        But Maybe, just Maybe, Trump will try to slow down the INTENTIONAL Economic DESTRUCTION of the USSA Amerika by those supposedly in charge.

        The Current two term, Anti American, Anti Constitution, Anti Freedom, Anti Business, CLUELSS COMMUNIST Occupier fake “Pretend President” O-foul-ma, who is an EXTREME NATIONAL Security Threat of the HIGHEST order and a Clear and Present Danger to Anything and Everything American, should be IMPEACHED and held for TREASON/ARRESTED. Why hasn’t he been Impeached? Why? Why? Why? Why isn’t he in Jail?

        But Trump Might get us into a Nuclear war too? If he is even allowed to take office. Maybe Trump is even more dangerous? We are ALL just screwed.

        Leave while you can. Leave.

        • Ive threatened to vote for hellery just to bring everything to a head for the reason im old and tired of the dilly dallying around. So It may be voting for Hellery might not be necessary. Possibly the Donald will set things off just as hellery would. There isn’t a solution. So its likely there will be a SHTF really impressive Shit Storm no matter who is elected? Ya gotta admit its entertaining!

        • I am not running from my home nor from my country, fear mongering that DT is some huge threat is just more trolling BS,
          And so since you are so allseeing,
          What would be the better alternative?
          At this point you got 3 answers, and two of them are decidedly leftist

        • Not that that matters, left right, whatever
          DT i have a feeling is like a middle finger, straight up the middle

        • Trump, Hellery & Gov Christie…all ‘without conscience’ dangerous sub-humans. The rest are almost as bad, but when it comes to corrupt-minded I say these 3 take 1st prize.

        • #NEVERTRUMP

          • No thanks. TRUMP 2016

        • o’bomber taught him well….if o’bomber gets away with all HE has, why can’t trump….it IS something to THINK about….but i happen to believe in trump too.

      12. While I do not have a lot of hope that Trump would really change things he woke up a lot of folks who thought they were a tiny minority/and these folks are sick of the corrupt 2 party system.Will Trump change that,doubt it but the barn door is now wide open,makes the path for real positive change something to shoot for!

        Nice the bern won as it is just at least another hit at billary!

      13. And Ted Cruz will not be the VP..and my source says that Trump did not like cruz.. so as we can see I am not always right and my source is nor always right.. that was not my scientist friend.. that was my gift source. According to him Cruz is working for the UN.. it’s good news that a globalist dropped our of the race.. will a false flag end the elections, and trigger and shtf event?… your guess is as good as mine.



        • obama and the elite WILL NOT allow for anything done to be unraveled. All of this collapse and dependency has been purposefully created to strain and weaken our system and lead to total collapse. All what’s needed is a trigger point to finish it off. Plan on this happening before November. If the FBI recommends Hillary be indicted and the dem party fails, expect it shortly after that. The chairman is going no where.

        • HCKS. You are the most connected and influential person on this site. Modest too. Your connections know Cruz is a UN globalist. Not only do you have scientist friends but also “gift” sources. You know the exact date shtf. You have to know. Your friends posses every piece of information imaginable.
          Do you know what I think? I think you are the connected one and attribute knowledge to your “friends” because you don’t want to come across as not being a mortal. You are smart, humble, and an excellent thinker/writer. Thank you.

      14. Lets hope so. For the last 12 years or so, the RNC has lied to the Party and the American People. They said they were going to do something, and did the opposite.
        The people are FED up with the nonsense.
        That is why Trump is there.
        To clean House.
        It needs it.
        Kind of like mine I guess, Throw all the crap out.
        It is Spring Cleaning time.

        • “That is why Trump is there. To clean House.”

          Good luck with that. You might have Stockholm Syndrome. Believed the lies of yet another abuser.

          For the life of me, I’ll never understand why trumpbots think this progressive liberal is going to magically clean house. You people ARE NO DIFFERENT than the hope and change buffoons.

          • So tell us professor
            Who would have been better and why

          • Most of us support Trumpster not because we think he is best or some majician but because he is the biggest asshole middle finger to the establishment possible. He is rude and politically incorrect and just a basic dickhead, perfect to screw with every single last one of the establisment pricks. Can you picture nancy plousy trying to give one of her cockamaimy explanations of something to DT?

            • Ding Ding Ding!!!!

              • Good to see u Ladyhawk,,, been a long time

            • Kula,
              I was going to post something on this article,
              But I find you have said everything already,
              and I don’t think I could add much to the
              Keep it up!

              • Sorry bout that Rellik, not tryin to be a knowitall, mostly just common sense stuff,its my morning purge cycle

          • Nunya, f$%# you! Who the f#$% are you to compare us to Obama supporters? You need to lay down the crackpipe.

            • Nunyabisness: Study This before you go off half cocked..

              A Jewish-English dictionary: translating what Jews say into what Jews are really saying:

              Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
              Freedom: Depravity
              Equality: Favoritism
              Tolerance: Debauchery

              Holocaust: The holy milk cow
              Holocaust denial: Blasphemy!

              Freedom of speech: Shut up!
              Hate speech: Words Jews hate
              Race: Something that doesn’t exist
              Racist: A White person

              Liberal: A useful sucker
              Liberalism: Useful sucker farming

              Social justice: Cultural Marxism
              Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
              Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking

              Feminism: Home wrecking
              Gay marriage: Society wrecking
              Gay rights: Disease propagation
              Teenagers: A mob of violent Blacks

              Hater: Rightist
              Rightist: Hater

              Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to the Jew game
              Right wing extremist: Anyone Jews don’t like
              Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter

              Justice: Jewish perfidy
              Injustice: Resisting Jewish perfidy

              Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
              Republicanism: Jew rule
              Democracy: Jew rule
              Communism: Jew rule

              Republicans: Shabbos goy
              Democrats: Shabbos goy
              Gentile: Non-human
              Goy: Contemptible non-human

              Negro (schwartza): Sub-goy
              Christian Zionist: Imbecile

              Antisemitic canards: Indisputable truths

        • People are fed up with government crap period, not just RNC,
          Need to get rid of incumbents,
          Most of them are the bigger problem

          • If the incoming politician acquires the majority of the staffers from the outgoing politician, then what was the point of voting out the incumbent.
            Change can only happen if the staffers also leave when the incument is replaced.

            • I was mostly talking about ALLLLLL the professional retread politicians that these dumbass people keep electing term after term,,,

              • I agree we need to remove the re-treads but to have a course change, we also have to have the minions behind the figurehead change.
                If the old minions advise and write the bills for the new figurehead, then how can we expect the new figurehead to be any different than the old one?

                • 101 reasons to shuffle the deck every few years, might still be the same deck but if the hand is different every time it makes the game go in different directions, some is chance, some is skill, just got to hope we can shift who gets the better hand and eliminate some of the players.
                  If we get rid of the established clowns and then switch everybody out every few years it will be tougher for the manipulation machine to get their hooks into the new players, the biggest problem is a stupid constituency, these are the people who elect crap like nancy plousy and paul ryan to term after term,,,
                  Get rid of all of them, clean slate

                • Personally
                  I dont think we will ever see any meaningful change,
                  All we will see is more of the same shit leading to a steady degradation of our way of life

                  • hemingway said it best, how amurcuh went bankrupt….gradually, then SUDDENLY!….how did he KNOW?

      15. Whether you are a Trump fan, or not, this election was fascinating to watch. When it became clear what the establishment was trying to pull, the American people gave them the middle finger…. LOVE IT!

        Weeks ago (I live in kalifornia), my voting family decided to cast our vote for whomever could reach 1237, because more than anything, we did not want to be dictated to by those in the republican party.

        Now I fear for Trump’s life, and it could come from the lunatic left who quickly get violent, or the right that would rather have Hillary in power than relent any control over their precious republican party.

      16. I feel has the American people truly spoken. My answer is no they have not. Now will they get the opportunity to do so in November my money is on the word NO!! Alas time will tell.

      17. I want to hear him tell all the muslime brotherhood and other appointed crap,,,
        YOUR FIRED
        Needs to run this place like a business

        • Ahh, I got it, you were pining to put a reality TV buffoon into the White House.

          • No, i want to get rid of alllll these assholes who have made their way into positions of power

          • Better him than another establishment liar

          • Yes, nunya… and one who has promised his TV reality show psychopath side-kick, Omarosa (AKA Teresa Manigault) an official government position (of course, with power for her to abuse) if he is elected… another dangerous ‘without conscience’ sicko sub-human, imo.

        • Kulafarmer
          This country is being run like a business… by global megacorporations.

          • Yes and no,
            What corporation do you know of that will run in the red for a decade or more and not cut the fat?

      18. Welcome to the Greatest Show On Earth.

        How things can change in one day and I am LOVING IT.
        Let’s see if Trump does a Boner and picks a V.P. that is part of the Establishment that he vehemently rails against. Like a Sarah Palin or John McCain style individual. I do not think a Rubio would be a smart move.

        Can Trumpster make the needed changes or will he become an Obama with all his Hope and Change. Figure with unemployment a main concern for this Nation and the eight years of Obama. Why would people vote for Hillary to continue the same policies.

        I know all you good people have read my past posts and you know that I am absolutely fed up with the way the country is headed. To the point that I would vote for a candidate that does not have the best interest of the American people at heart and will IMO try to bring our nation under a New World Order. Complete Tyranny for us and our future generations.

        Can we avoid a Civil/Revolution with Trump as President?

        No More Lip Service by politicians.

        I have pulled back my “Dogs of War” to vote outright for Hillary to force her hand with her policies of Gun Control and UN treaty’s.

        I am hoping that Trump doesn’t turn out to be another Messiah like Obama. Hope and Change/Make America Great Again. Lying Slogans and Nothing more.

        I await the angry flashing eyes of Hillary as Trump debates the issues and the way Trump shrugs his shoulders, a slight nod of the head with that tight facial glance to deflect her attacks.

        Underneath Trump is thinking, Fuck You!

        • I have a feeling we wont make it far enough to see DT in the whitehouse, if they can install hitlery they will, i cant imagine they will allow DT to actually get to the point of taking the oath of office and filling out his change of address cards, something will happen, not sure what but something wicked this way comes,
          If we do get through the holidays without some major chaos DT will be like all the other whitehouse occupants, just a figurehead, he might shake stuff up a bit but the establisment political hacks will just carry on with more business as usual corruption and slimy back room deals.
          Same old same old
          Or like GMA like st say
          Same shit different day

        • Trump’s been talking the talk since 1987. Hopefully, he will show he can walk the walk.

          Trump Video From 25 Years Ago Will Shock You: “I’m Tired of Seeing This Country Ripped Off”

          Mac Slavo
          March 18th, 2016

          Comments (207)

          Read by 23,896 people

        • Trump is nothing but lip service. He would have made a good lawyer – not intended as a compliment.’Hope & Change’ are not strategies, just empty words. Trump will not make good on his promises, he’s a liar, and a self-benefiting one too.

          Trump may not be in it for the fortune (like Gov Christie’s main reason for being in politics) but he is in it for the fame. Trump is an applause junkie. He won’t make things better, he’ll just create that illusion. In reality nothing will change for the better with this narcissist in office.

          • CommonCents

            Then we will have our revolution.

            • Unfortunately, you are right. There will simply be no other alternative if we want to retain our basic rights as human beings and Americans. If we were to surrender our guns right now, we would forever surrender our right to fight in the future. I personally do not want to fight, but will if left with no other alternative to the creeping fascism we see today. It is time that we return to the concept of all men being created equal, with equal rights and get rid of the concept of the wealthy and the multi national corporations being more equal than others. Also, corporations are NOT people. They are legal entities but should not be given the same rights as human beings. Doing so has caused much of the problems we see today.

      19. “We are going to win again and we are going to win again bigly,” a confident Trump declared…

        Is ‘bigly’ even a word???

        Anyway–Passed by a TV the other day and the talking head was saying something to the affect that the GOP ticket would be Cruz and Fiorina.

        Then said head looked horrified at what he’d just said and tried to cover it up by moving on to other questions fired at his guest.

        A slip up?

        I wondered if that meant there were some shady backroom deals being made.

        We’ll see if Sir Trump actually gets the nomination at the convention.

        Might be fun to watch with a bowl of popcorn.

        • Naaah, he should have said he was gonna win HUUUUGE!

      20. Baltic Dry index update…

        After 7 days, Dry Ships has finally been updated. The Baltic Dry index dropped 30 points overnight. It is now 652.

        That is a drop of 58 points since last Thursday.

        The index appears to have peaked and is now dropping quickly. Maybe this is why they didn’t want to update. (?)

        Too many do not realize that this little-known index shows the true strength of the global economy.
        It is an indicator of the direction the global economy is headed.

        ht tp://

          • You should look here for the BDI:
            ht tp://

            I haven’t seen any interruption in their reporting.

            The BDI has been on a basketball bounce toward zero since December of 2013. I think it may go down close to 200 before it bounces again.

            • Archivist,

              Thank you for the link! I have started checking the BDI at Bloomberg. I like the 1 yr and 5 yr charts.

              I noticed the Bloomberg data is a day behind Dry ships.

        • KY mom
          it went from ~200 to ~650 pretty fast. I reiterate that global shipping is a good measure of loss of American jobs to 3rd world slave factories. If it isn’t coming in from slave factories I am happier… let it drop to zero.

          • America first,,,
            Wish it was easier to find stuff from American sources,
            If someone could figure out how to make an Amazon like site that sells only stuff made in the USA they would be billionaires!

            • Kula: Go to Devvy Kidd’s website, she compiled an A to Z master, Massive List of stuff made by americans made IN america….It has the links to said stuff sites too and/or phone numbers and address’s. It really is a huge list of products too.

          • Rebecca,

            It actually took several months to go from the all time low of 290 on February 10th to reach the high of 710 on April 28th. Except for the past couple weeks, most of the changes were a few points day to day.

            Look at the Baltic Dry index charts (1yr and 5yr charts for comparison) at Bloomberg. We are seeing lower highs and lower lows.

            • And those follow the normal seasonal cycles,

              • Kulafarmer,

                Yes, the BDI does follow cycles. This new “high” number is not much of a “recovery.”

                This must be “the new normal.”

                There were concerns in 2014 when the BDI dropped to 732 on July 18th – the LOWEST number for that whole year.

                Note the concern when it dropped to 867
                6/24/14 – The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record
                As of June 2014…index is at 867
                “had collapsed over 60% year-to-date”
                “worst first-half of the year on record”
                ht tp://

                How The Baltic Dry Index Predicted 3 Market Crashes: Will It Do It Again?
                ht tp://

        • by most any indicator, except for the stock market and gdp; we are in a recession already. the only one telling you things are great are the media, CNBC and obama.

      21. I still think it a dog & pony show. I still think its too late. I still think there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. For the sake of my grandchildren I hope & pray im totally wrong! Its nice to see people like Cruze defeated. We had this liberal commie Blanch Lambret. She was so arrogant thought she owned the office. It was great seeing her lose big. And at the same time the entire state of Arkansas had a majority of republican elected to state offices. First time since reconstruction. And Nothing really changed for the better.

      22. I don’t agree with TRUMP 100% but I hope and pray that he will be the Prez. that we need to bring back the Republic. Time will tell. He was in the top 3 of the guys that started out of the 17 in the beginning.

        If Hitlery gets in WE ARE SCREWED! Lock and Load!

        Was great to see Hitlery get burned by Bren In Indiana!
        Now they will start talking about the fight at the convention for the Dumbocrats.


      23. We can only hope Trump, “The Bull in the China Shop” takes his wreaking ball to all the alphabet agencies in DC., like the EPA, HUD, DOL, DOE, IRS, HHS and a host of other entitlement and immigrant programs. And lets not forget Obamacare!! Hopefully in the coming weeks Ted Cruz emerges as the VP.

        Regardless of what the polls say the democrats are already toast on Main St. America. I predict a landslide bigger then Reagan. Every time I run across a democratic supporter and ask them to name one accomplishment of Bernie or Hillary the only thing I hear is Om, Om, Om or silence. Those Om’s arn’t sacred sounds either, there the sounds liberals make because they know absolutely nothing about their candidate…

        • Yep, vote the party line like good little commy turds

          • Ok well just whom do you think I should vote for that has any possibility of winning?

      24. cruz “suspended his fight”, which I think means he’ll just wait for the brokered convention for the puppeteers to put him in

      25. You or a family member have surgery scheduled…

        Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States

        “Institute of Medicine (IOM) report calling preventable medical errors an “epidemic”…

        The report “shows that “medical errors” in hospitals and other health care facilities are incredibly common and may now be the third leading cause of death in the United States — claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s.
        Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the research, said in an interview that the category includes everything from bad doctors to more systemic issues such as communication breakdowns when patients are handed off from one department to another.”

        This “equates to nearly 700 deaths a day — about 9.5 percent of all deaths annually in the United States.”

        ht tps://

      26. Someone please explain to me with all of the doom sayers here and elsewhere on the internet, the economy of the west coast is on fire. Home prices are being routinely bid up, a guy I know is looking for a fishing boat used priced between 10 and 30 thousand dollars. Every one he goes to look at has been sold for cash by the first guy that could race to the location with pockets full of hundred dollar bills.
        I despise the current administration as much as anyone but, the economy seems to be strong in spite of them. I think I will spend the day putting my extra stuff, which is too plentiful, on craigslist. The USA may be trillions in debt but you are not, at least on a personal level. I like doom porn as much as the next guy but if it consumes you, you are lost.

        • Its a balancing act,,,
          Lots of us are doing ok, if not quite well, there are lots of folks still making good money and such, you really dont see the people struggling, some of them are running up their CC balance, some are just screwed,
          The doom collapse porn is just that,, grain o salt,
          IMHO, the high end of the financial world and corporate entities are struggling, too much competition, especially from overseas, average folks not feeling that yet, locally we are looking at lots of layoffs coming, eventually they catch up, for now stuff is still moving, its a cycle though, cant be anything other than and has highs and lows, as the population grows it fans out even more and is more of a raggedy wave

        • you have to know the facts though.

          around 50% of the country doesn’t have the savings for a $400 dollar emergency and the same country has about 50% earning $30,000 or less.

          now, those making $100,000 or better; and i would bet people buying boats likely are in that group; are not really feeling the economy because they have a float that most people do not.

          The point about all the gloom is because most people in america have generally figured that tomorrow would be a better day and if not then eventually things would get better.
          There is no where that the future looks good for america to brighten people’s moods, so the gloom intensifies.

          • Lena and Kula;
            Thanks for responding. I feel a need to talk about such things from time to time. I have trouble thinking of myself as one of the “haves”, that is just ingrained. The idea of being at or near retirement age with no possessions is not a cheery thought. I can see it happening due to real bad luck or health issues but if it because of having to drive a new ride every year or living a lavish lifestyle on credit I don’t think one should complain. I think there is opportunity at present and it just needs to be exploited. I am no genius but I bet I could go to anywhere in this country and within a day or two have a job that would feed us. When I was younger I traveled a lot and would sometimes pick out companies that I thought were ok and walk in and ask them if they needed help. Even in the 70’s the owners were taken back andd I got decent gigs Just sayin– I think it would work today.

            • Thats the can do attitude and really having skills, am the same way to some degree, can usually figure something out to either get work or create work, i tend to like doing my own thing so have been fortunate to be skilled. Feel sorry for people with no mechanical ability or real smarts, must be tough.

      27. Is Trump’s days numbered, I fear, now room temperature is fast approaching him. We as America must go down so the NWO can fulfill it’s dream. The end approaches fast be ready.

      28. I think Trump will be very healthy for America and for the West. Just the campaign against Hillary alone is going to clear the air: so much will leak out; so many truths will be revealed.

        Trump has a no-nonsense approach to things which will make for a big change from political correctness. Hillary would be more worried about getting transgender pilots in the B-52s than actually wiping out ISIS. It is just priorities: the world’s got bigger problems right now, which do not involve gaining the right to whip out your weannie in the gal’s toilets just because you like to wear a mini-skirt and f-me pumps.

        • All that racial and sexual deviance crap is just a distraction, they pop smoke on that crap so people arent paying attention to other stuff DC is screwing with, the media foments it, all media, alt, main stream, doesnt matter, is like the false left right crap, same smell, is all crap, but people are gullible, they are like mindless monkey watching the show

      29. I can’t wait to hear Hillary try to explain the $21 million she accepted from the Financial Sector for speaking fees and attempt to justify NAFTA and China Free Trade. Trump will get a lot more Democrat crossovers than Hillary will get Republican.

        • I wouldnt be at all surprised if the unions back DT, free trade has hurt the unions more than high wages and non union competition within the country have. All the cheap crap from overseas has hurt US jobs and hurt us all, unless of course you are a sales rep for some foreign company,

          • The leadership of the large Labor Unions have been bought off. They didn’t raise a peep when Clinton did NAFTA but raised holy hell when GH Bush proposed it. Clinton and the Democrats that voted for it were unaffected and then gave us China Free Trade. Union leadership is different from Union members. Trump needs to ram the job eviscerating Free Trade message home 24/7.

            These two messages resonate with the middle class and they will cost Hillary the election.

            1. Free Trade and the subsequent loss of good jobs
            2. Hillary taking $21 million from the Financial Sector (corruption)

      30. Let me use a particular example. A cruise missile is a very expensive thing, and very damaging to all in its detonation radius (depending on the payload). People will have different points of view about the same cruise missile and the goals its use can get. It can also destroy the owner/user of it if employed too close or incorrectly. As they like to say in the totally PC Defense Department….you can get acceptable collateral damage. But in the end, if you leave all the POV values and judgements aside, the cruise missile is just a bomb and it destroys…Period.

        Trump is in a manner a cruise missile. He is advanced weaponry, aware and smart terrain following technology that is pushing all the right buttons and makes the REST OF THE WORLD and the One World Government people/adherents very very scared, because nobody knows when where or how bad the damage will be when he finally detonates. Me personally, it is the hopefully a poisonous payload that ENDS the WHOLE CURRENT corrupt paradigm by the NWO people overestimating and overreacting to him and his decisions he has not made, but the psychological value of his rise is what I see as the biggest boon. It will force the plans and hand of the corrupt NWO to ACT FINALLY….and that means we can finally move forward OUT TO FTHIS MISERABLE STATUS QUO, for good or bad doesn’t matter. The WO types cannot assassinate him without sparking a Civil War, they can’t let him go forward without sparking a civil war… So it is WIN WIN no matter the number of casualties that may come from this. It is finally the start of the very overdue reckoning and reprisal against the Political Correctness culture and the corrupt society we live in and suffer under.. Rejoice, the moment to grab and make justice has come, and true freedom comes not from the War itself, but from grabbing the opportunity to finally TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your futures.. it has been forced on you, don’t WASTE IT.

        • Neal Jensen.

          They don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

          As for us. Stand Ready. Be vigilant. For we are about to step on a rattlesnake.

          • I do not think folks should wish for nor desire any type civil war or race wars or wars by other names.

            And to desire such On homeland territory here within usa is the absolute worst attitude one can have.

            I often wonder if those who state such ideals have ever really been in any hot war zones? because most everyone I ever met that has been in war tell me it is the absolute worst scenario to be in period.

            I agree on the mass frustrations and fed-upness most folks now maintain, and I too feel likewise.

            And I cannot count the many times I too stated how badly I sometimes wish I could get deputized or whatever so I could have a free pass on cleaning house with the typical perps that so infect america now.

            But when I think on it and realize just what it really entails I really do not wish to do war at all if it can be avoided.

            That don’t mean I will sit still and refuse to fight if need be…But 21 yrs ago I moved to up north Mich, from detroit life all my life for 43 yrs worth, and my number one main reason was to reside with whites like myself. And to avoid any race war type events if possible.

            Hopefully if stuff goes hot I am safer here 200 miles north of detroit and 120 miles north of flint mich.

            If it does come to here oh well then time for more talk ends..But I do hope the center holds for at least another 25+ yrs so hopefully if I get to live that long, I can do so in relative peace and thats so far better than live war in usa.

            However that said..I also believe in Jury Nulification so if any of You younger guys (I’m 63 yrs old) some day go All Out in say, some detroit ghetto and drive thru in an armored truck with three belt fed .30 Cal’s and simply begin to rid usa of the filth etc?…Count on Me if a jury member to judge the Laws too!…One innocent vote means you walk scott free correct?

            I rekon this stuff all depends on the plans those bolsheviks running america have and none of Us are privy to that info eh…I do believe their deep desires are to cause the same type revolt here in usa as they did in 1917 russia, so to exterminate whites and christian whites mainly…aka, their Two largest obsticles to their JWO world.

      31. Hillary must be wetting her Depends right about now

        she could very well lose

        “the establishment” just doesn’t understand how
        very pissed off people are

        it will be very interesting to see what they do to try and hold on to power

        • Satori

          “the establishment” just doesn’t understand how very pissed off people are”

          That is a fact. TPTB thought it was just business as normal. The classic political system is incapable of dealing with grassroots. Trumps galvanizing force is Free Trade. I believe that this race won’t even be close. The outcome will be both Hillary’s and Bill’s Waterloo. Those that don’t know (and there are still many in denial) that Bill Clinton was responsible for the loss of their employment to Mexico and China are going to get educated.

      32. Trump may get the vast majority of votes, come election day.
        BUT, The Powers That Be, have already decided that Queen Hillary will be the next President.
        ‘It’s not the votes that count,
        It’s who counts the votes.’

      33. I’m not convinced Trump is not an establishment psyop from the start. He will probably pick an establishment VP, maybe one of the losers who held the stage with him recently. Have you ever heard Trump criticize the bankers who are responsible for much of the mess this nation finds itself buried in neck deep? He attacks Iran, big red flag, while saying he will be friends with Russia. He is an Israel firster, aren’t they all. America, played like a fiddle once again. Besides, that rug on his head is ridiculous and hideous at the same time, indicating his fakery. Embrace your baldness.

        • aljamo – And to add, Trump also said “Police Officers are the most mistreated people in society”…that means he will give them more power than they already have and things could get even uglier, especially in terms of militarizing LE.

          If that doesn’t scare the s**t out of decent, hardworking, law-abiding citizens I don’t know what will.

      34. You know I love this website but sometimes it’s just not worth posting. My most recent posts have all taken two days or more before they’re up there and by then they’re all outdated. I guess I just wonder why it takes so long before things are posted here.

        • WW, We moderate pending posts every couple of hours, so i am not sure why they would take two days or more to show up. Looking at your previous comments it looks like all were approved on the same day as they were posted.

          The automated moderation system AKISMET, however, does cause some issues but it is a necessary evil to help prevent literally thousands of spam posts.

          One recommendation: when posting, use an email address — even a fake one — and after a few manually approved comments AKISMET should ‘recognize’ you and start auto-approving them. This works for most users but not all (and i am not sure why — it’s an AKISMET algorithm at play).

          Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.


          • Thank you and trying with e-mail this time. 🙂

      35. The NWO agenda 21 crowd have only one option. They must dump Hillary. contrary to the lies the liberal news polls tell. She cannot beat Trump. So they need to support Sanders. Go ahead and let her be charged for her crimes? Im enjoying seeing how frantic the insiders of both partys are today.

      36. Congratulations. I knew you were a winner. Now go out and beat the opposition like a baby seal.

      37. Any time the Republicans declare #neverSOMETHING… that something always seems to happen.

        Not exactly inspiring confidence. Maybe they should just STFU. I think their party has now been officially ‘jacked. The originals are pretty much done at this point.

      38. The best insurance for Trump’s long and useful life would be to ask former Presidential candidate and Representative from Louisiana Dr. David Duke. The Zionists would go nuts.

      39. I think Trump will be better than Hillary.

      40. Watch trump will start dialing back the things he said and will say something stupid like he always does and hitlery will be the pres. If not trump will be just as liberal as her come November. I’m with old guy there is no political solution because there is an agenda that will progress no matter who the puppet is in the Oval Office he works for the devil. Trumps wife looks like a prostitute. She’s gonna be First Lady. Trump used to be demoncrat and has flipped his lid. He will flop back to his demon roots. It’s like two sinners arguing who sins more.

      41. Ass hat is in all probability correct. Trump quite possibly will do like Perot pick a loser running mate. and self sabatoge his campaign. Never believe anything that comes out of a politicans mouth.

      42. Trump might pick a loser V.P.

        Very possible.

        • Yeah, like Chris Christie.

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