Former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile Literally Said Clinton “Rigged” The Primary And Is Now Pathetically Backtracking

by | Nov 4, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    As the shocking revelations published by a former Democratic National Committee interim chairwomen have begun to reverberate throughout the country, the person who wrote them, Donna Brazile, has laughably tried to claim that actual sentences in her own book do not exist.

    Brazile first released the explosive allegations that the Clinton campaign had effectively taken over the entire DNC before the primary even began in a piece for Politico that was actually a section of her book turned into an article for the popular beltway insider.

    The article directly states that she was looking for evidence (and had found it) that the Clinton team had “rigged” the primary. (emphasis mine)

    I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested.

    I’d had my suspicions from the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month or so earlier, based on the leaked emails. But who knew if some of them might have been forged? I needed to have solid proof, and so did Bernie.

    So there you have it. Straight up and simple. After Brazile took over the DNC she eventually found the “cancer” (evidence) of the primary being rigged and felt like she had to let Bernie Sanders know. There is simply no denying that this is what she wrote.

    Obviously this is a shocking allegation that goes hand in hand with other information that already pointed to the fact that the Democratic Primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

    Eventually the president himself weighed in on the issue:

    Remember, Brazile had just written one day before that Clinton had rigged the primary which is what Trump stated in his Tweet.

    Amazingly, as if she believes the entire country cannot read, Brazile responded to Trump’s Tweet by directly lying with the shocking claim that she never said Hillary rigged anything.


    As you can see above in her own words, neither Trump or anyone in the “right wing media” misquoted her. Instead they simply directly repeated them.

    One can imagine that Brazile may have been threatened in the 24 hours after the bombshells she dropped in Politico but to publicly state that you did not say something that is in your own book is flabbergasting to say the least.

    FACT: Donna Brazile directly claimed that Hillary Clinton rigged the primary. Period. End of story.


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      1. The leftists are now lying to our faces and daring us to call them out.

        • Somebody threatened her to change her story OR wake up dead at the end of a short rope !

          • Someone read her the names on the Clinton Death List…

            • My exact thoughts.

          • The Clinton hit team must have already made their presents known. Shut up or die . Can we get them to wack the Clinton , then justice will have been served .

          • GODAMMIT MAC!!!!
            Please remove those damn pics of Bill and Hilary!!!
            I don’t come to this site to see that trash. Please have an ounce of class and take that trash off. Thank you.

      2. Rigged from start to finish. Even Bernie said over and over that he would back Hillary when she got the nomination encouraging his voters to vote Hillary. He is independent at what exactly? Saying words he knows will never happen, he is a long time deeply entrenched deep state puppet like most of the rest of the evil clowns continually re-elected as rubber stamped authoritative lawyers.

        • The problem is the Primary Election process is not regulated by law. Each party has their own rules. If those rules are not followed, there could be lawsuits, but no one is going to jail unless a case for fraud could be made. It was perfectly legal for Hillary to buy control of the DNC and then direct party controlled votes her way.

          Democrats knowingly constructed a set of rules that allow the party bosses controlling the DNC to basicly override the vote and install whomever they like as their candidate. It’s how Democrats keep outsiders out of the process, and insure a NWO Globalist shill will always be a candidate.

          The republican process is a lot cleaner, and let’s an outsider that the party bosses hate, like Trump get in, if they can get voter support. The party bosses have limited control over the outcome.

          We seen in recent special elections the DNC spending like drunken sailors and still losing key elections. The Democrats became entirely too comfortable winning elections because of their party name alone. The wacky “new world order” globalist thing is finally being questioned by voters.

          • I don’t believe this!

            So the election process is actually determined, not by law and constitution, but by the political parties in the US?

      3. That coon is a typical, lying, pathetic nigg#r. HANG that coon along with Crooked Killary!
        Killary reached out and told her to check that shit or she would never be seen or heard of again and or end up in a very bad “Accident”

      4. Since she was caught lying before why should we believe her now? While Hillary was buying her nomination and trying to buy the election Brazille was no better than her or the rest of the democratic establishment. I’m glad to see them eating each other and leaving the door open for anybody but libs.

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      7. Looks like the new CZ pistol is getting good reviews? If you can find 9mm.hollow points?

      8. All the talk,talk,fight,fight,. Should be prep,prep or die,die. We who are alive today is because our ansestors prepared for a bad harvest? And we who are alive tomorrow won’t be any different?

      9. Revolvers still work with totally messed up reloaded brass? And we might get to that point?

      10. The bs keeps getting lower and lower while the noose is getting tighter and tighter.
        Keep on waisting your time reading the political bs and watching TV, while the bottomless pit is getting primed for its “visitors”.

        • Agree BB. The uninformed will suffer. Distracted by the children of Satan. But that’s his best weapon. Lies. But the Tares must burn . What else is the alternative?we also will suffer. As written. it’s the price we must pay to end satans rule. Even so lord come soon.

        • so true bobane, so true. I keep wondering what we are NOT seeing or hearing. I feel I’m witnessing a 3rd-rate stage magic show. “Look over here!!”… Anyone, without exception, who thinks any of us actually ‘know’ the plans ongoing is a fool – myself included. Oh, I reckon we’ll all be a-findin’ out soon enough though. I’d dare say – get ready, get right with your Creator, for what’s coming is going to test us all to limit and then some.

      11. Primers and powder? Priority one? Some say magnum brass can be reloaded lite for ever?Bullet molds. .? Car battery lead? Powder and primers? Maybe we should think long term? 357, 44 mag. . ? Think 7 years? Cross bow? Lawn darts?

      12. Gotta love Mac. And wonder why he is still breathing. Proof of Gods power?

      13. Donna doesn’t understand that publishing a book saying one thing cannot be changed tomorrow by telling a lie to protect the GUILTY ones. Drug and booze-addled leftists might fall for the lie but clear thinking patriots aren’t buying the revised version. For heavens sakes, didn’t you proofread the book before publishing Donna?

      14. Hey , can’t wait for America to turn into a brown third world shit hole . It will be so much more diversified then. And we will live in perfect harmony with the third world. Get your bicycles ready. And your water jugs. We must get to their level to make a more perfect playing field. It’s not them who must change . It’s us. The new world order. Master and slave. F the middle class. They are too uppity.And want too much. How dare they. We inherited billions . So we say what goes. it’ must be Gods will. Or why did we inherit so much. Satan rules for a short time . But only a short time . And the time has come. End time. Finally.

      15. Pathetic backtracking. Because of death threats?

      16. Let the libturds devour each other. I love it when they have disputes with each other. Brazile is only admitting to what we already knew. Her days are probably numbered now. BTW, she is one ugly bitch; kinda like Moochelle Obola, LOL!

      17. With people like Brazile, Wasserman-Shultz, Hilary the fascist left is doomed, thankfully.

        BTW, just repeating my public service announcement on behalf of Antifa here: The Anitifa brownshirts will be hold their monthly annual book burnings Sunday at noon. Check your local papers for details

      18. Wasn’t it Donna Brazile that fed Hillary the questions before the first debate with President Trump? Yah, she’s a real peach…and so honest.

      19. You ratted out the Queen of Rats. Be afraid, Donna…. be VERY afraid.

      20. Negroes gonna nig

      21. Donna Brazile’s comments suggests that her book was ghost written and that she, Donna Brazile, has not even read the book.

      22. I am currently re-reading George Orwell’s 1984.
        As I read this book and then read the political crap going on, it is a scary, surrealistic reflection of the path that we may be on. Give the libturds a few more years and this book will be the blue print of the future. If you don’t believe me,,, read the book!
        Now is the time to pounce on their totalitarian ways, eradicate this insanity and save America.

        Wake up America,,, Rise up America,, or pay the price,, it is just that simple!!!

        • I read Orwell’s book when I was still young, and I didn’t read it completely, leaving parts out, as I was very busy and had my attention on all sorts of stuff.

          I think I am going to read it again too.

      23. Add another one to Americas suicide watch list

      24. I believe she had better find a deep hole to hide in now that she has brought out the facts on Hitlery and her minions.
        She will NOW make a popular “hit” item and make the clinton “list” to be “dealt with”.

      25. She along with The Squaw just move to number 1 and 2 on americas suicide watch list

      26. She is probably afraid she will be joining the long list of people who have been found dead by various and sundry methods after posing a threat to the Clinton machine!

      27. The most amazing revelation is finding out that Obama left the DNC bankrupt.

        We all watched Obama jet all over the country to $10,000 a plate fundraisers every weekend. When he wasn’t at a fundraiser, he was partying with big donors and celebrities. I can only imagine he is keeping a huge stash of money for his and Moochele’s future political aspirations.

        I have this image of the poor sap running the DNC computer network being penniless, ill equipped, undermanned, while government spooks are warning him they are being hacked by every government in the world, and they are helpless to stop it. And if anyone thinks it was just the Russians they are fools. I for one don’t think the Russians gave anything to Wikileaks, I believe Seth Rich did and was murdered for it. Those servers had such a trove of information, the Russians would have never shown their hand that they had hacked it.

        The DNC had compiled a massive database with information on every voter in the US, it contains not just your personal, employment, health, Internet presence, and financial info, but also personal profiles including religious beliefs, political opinion and mindset that let them predict how you will vote, what issues are important to you, and how they might manipulate your vote. It is likely factions of the deep state may have pumped data into the DNC databases from intelligence data sources.

        This is perhaps the biggest invasion of privacy in American history and the data has been totally hacked. This is bigger than the recent hack of Equifax, the credit company.

      28. What a handoff from Bush to Obama. The complete snooker job. People actually voted for that? Stick a sharpened fork in us as cooked well done.

      29. Why have not the Clintons and members of Obamas administration been prosecuted according to the law? The level of corruption in our government for the past 16 years is absolutely sickening.

        • Try 30-years.

          What did the American people get with Black Mamba Obama? The FISA court. Record setting levels of asset forfeiture. Foreign terrorism on U.S. Soil. The biggest revenue grab since the IRS. Obamacare. TheirRA (spelled Myra). Endless war and endless war-mongering.

          What did we get with George Bush? 9/11. The Patriot Act. The Department of Homeland Security (Homeland? Who talks like this except for Nazis?). Dick Cheney. The NSA Site at the Utah Data Center. Endless war and endless war-mongering.

          What did we get with Bill Clinton? NAFTA. Cigars took a real PR beating. So did skanky c*nts. And then Bill gave the American people Hillary.

          George H.W. Bush? What did he give America? An enhanced CIA. Two worthless pieces of crap sons in George H. and Jeb.

          Ronald Reagan? What did “the gipper” give the American people? “Morning in America.” Reagan took all of Social Security to fund a spending race which destroyed the Soviet Russia, and pushed them into an early grave. The same grave of economic collapse the American people are gazing down into. And a broke, busted, and bankrupt Social Security system.

      30. Ms. Brazile, is now realizing that going up against the Clinton Mafia is very difficult. I’m sure she’s having a ve4y tough time of try8ng to find someone she can trust, to start her car for her, each morning. Far too many former Clintonistas, have had an early and unfortunate demise after crossing them.

        • Not too many places to run and hide.

      31. She is dead already. she used the Clinton name in vain. Oh Oh. Bye Bye.

      32. It’s fucking with reality – just like what happened with the number of people who showed up at president Trump’s investiture.

        It’s something straight out of Orwell’s “1984” and his Ministry of Truth.

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