Eyewitness: Police Ambushed Oregon Militia Car; With Hands Up, Finicum Said “Just Shoot Me, Then”

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 197 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Editor’s Comment: By all accounts, people seem to have regarded Robert “LaVoy” Finicum as a level headed good guy. His family has issued statements indicating that he would never prompt violence or threaten law enforcement with a gun. He may have been involved in a controversial and dicey armed standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but going offensive meant going against his principles.

    These statements about LaVoy Finicum’s character would seem to support the eyewitness account – and thus, it would seem that the Oregon State Police have some explaining to do. Wonder what the police dash cam will show? Will people demand it be released?

    Eyewitness Says Lavoy Finicum Gunned Downed With Hands Up (TRUNEWS VIDEO)

    Eyewitness: Oregon Militia Spokesman Killed By Police While Surrendering

    by Claire Bernish

    Precious few details are available today after a shootout between Oregon State Police and several people who had been occupying a wildlife refuge led to the arrest of seven individuals and left the group’s de facto spokesperson and Oregon militia member, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, dead. As the Bundy Ranch Facebook page announced:

    “The resolve for principled liberty must go on.

    “America was fired upon by our government and one of liberty’s finest patriots has fallen. He will not go silent into eternity. Our appeal is to heaven.”

    There is some confusion over how, exactly, the situation escalated and who escalated it. As reported by OregonLive, “Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said that Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car Tuesday night.

    “Fiore, a vocal supporter of the Bundy family, said that Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finnicum was cooperating with police when he was shot.

    “But sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Finicum and Ryan Bundy disobeyed orders to surrender and resisted arrest.”

    Several occupiers are claiming Finicum had his hands in the air when he was shot by police, reported CNN.

    According to a press release, both the FBI and Oregon State Police “began an enforcement action to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. During that arrest, there were shots fired.”

    This “enforcement action” took place approximately 15 miles north of Burns, Oregon, along Highway 395, in the form of a traffic stop. The leaders were heading to John Day for a community meeting held at the John Day Senior Center when the shootout and subsequent arrests occurred.

    Ryan Bundy also suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot in the exchange, but was treated at a nearby hospital and released into custody of the FBI. Also arrested at the scene were Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox, and Brian Cavalier. About an hour later in the town of Burns, Joe O’Shaughnessy was taken into custody, and conservative Cincinnati radio host Pete Santilli, who began a livestream of events as they unfolded, was also arrested outside a hospital in Burns, “after pleading with the FBI to allow him to set up a convoy to save the women and children in the refuge,”said a Facebook page associated with Santilli, according to OregonLive.

    Separately, Jon Ritzheimer turned himself in to police in Peoria, Arizona, without incident, after a visit with his family, which he filmed and posted on his Facebook profile along with a plea for donations to fund his legal defense.

    According to the FBI, all eight people arrested “face a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.”

    Finicum, who is a father of 11, stated in an interview earlier this month that he refused to end up behind bars:

    “I’m just not going to prison. Look at the stars. There’s no way I’m going to sit in a concrete cell where I can’t see the stars and roll out my bedroll on the ground. That’s just not going to happen. I want to be able to get up in the morning and throw my saddle on my horse and go check on my cows. It’s OK. I’ve lived a good life. God’s been gracious to me.”

    “We all thought it would end, but not like this,” Finicum’s daughter, Challice Finicum Finch, told NBC News. “My dad did stress that they couldn’t pull a gun on [officers] unless they pulled a gun. They were all committed to not firing on federal agents.”

    “My dad was such a good man, through and through,” said Arianna Finicum Brown to OregonLive. “He would never want to hurt somebody, but he does believe in defending freedom and he knew the risks involved.”

    The FBI has “initiated a containment” of the Malheur Refuge — which is still occupied by some members of the group — and announced they will require photo identification and vehicle searches for anyone attempting to pass in or out of that area. A press conference is scheduled for 10:30 am.


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        • Whore of Babylon….. must be Hillary Clinton.

          Hillary for Prison 2016

          • Anybody know the whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi?

            • Don’t know where Horiuchi is now, but one day he will burn in hell.

            • The last address (1993) I have for him is in Spotsylvania, VA. He got married in 1985 in Front Royal, VA. Since the 1980s he has lived in a number of different towns in VA, so he’s probably still there.

              • The helicopter video clearly shows that the rancher HAD his hands up when he got out of the car. He moved away from the car with his hands up, and THEN he went for his gun while officers had their rifles pointed at him.

                I believe that he deliberately committed suicide, rather than be captured. Ammon Bundy did not have that courage. These men should never have put themselves in this position. There were STUPID !!! 🙁


                • DK: thanks for posting the video. Incredible. Shooting happens after the 9 minute mark.

                  He had his hands in the air and their were two gun pointed at him. One of them shot him from not very far away. Stunning.

                  I am ashamed of this country. This is sickening.

                  • Granted, I don’t believe that a shooting was NECESSARY in this case, at least not a head shot. Tasers probably would not have worked through the winter clothing.

                    The bottom line is that this Rancher said “Just shoot me then”, and went for his gun. If he had been “slipping” in the snow instead of reaching for his gun, he would not have been shot.

                    He committed suicide by cop.

                    This cop was justified in shooting Lavoy when he reached for his gun, but a head shot was not necessary to neutralize him. 🙁

                    • DK, those were FEDS who AMBUSHED them. They all would’ve been justified in acting in self-defense against the feds. The feds attacked the occupiers, not vice-versa.

                • Over on Veteran’s Today, known and admitted disinfo agent Gordon Duff and Jim Dean have a video embedded that they claim shows that Finicum had a pistol in his right hand and that he was waving it in the general direction of the jackbooted thugs. Here is the youtube video link used by VT:


                  I watched the 38 second video several times, and I see no possible way that anyone can state with 100 percent certainty that Finicum’s right hand had a gun in it. Not by relying on that 38 second video alone. The footage is shot from above and does NOT provide any close-in, detailed imagery. With the temperatures and the snow accumulation, I’d guess that Finicum probably had a pair of gloves on, which would enhance the size of his hands and thickness of his fingers. With a pair of dark colored gloves on, an extended finger could easily be mistaken for the barrel of a gun.

                  There are a few very peculiar things that I did notice in this video. When the vehicle that Finicum was driving swerved off of the main road, right before the road block, and ran up on the snow bank, I noticed the following:

                  1. The vehicle appears to be moving up a slight incline, because it tips to the right and looks like it almost flips over on it’s right side.
                  2. As the vehicle initially drifts off of the main road, at the top of the screen – just above the kwap’s roadblock vehicle – you see the dark figure of a man, presumably one of the kwaps – quickly dash out into the direct path of the oncoming vehicle. Is this guy some kind of idiot, and trying to let himself be run over by the vehicle or what? He appears to disappear under the vehicle or falls into a pile of snow.
                  3. At the 7 second mark of this video, at the SAME TIME we see the moron dash into the path of Fincum’s vehicle, suddenly, whoever is operating the camera that is recording the video from above jerks the camera downward and the entire ‘sight picture’ of Finicum’s vehicle, the kwap’s roadblock vehicle, the kwap moron and Finicum’s rapid exit from his vehicle are either lost entirely from the clip or blurred to the point of being impossible to see clearly. Was this done deliberately and has the video been tampered with or doctored immediately after this point?
                  4. At the 23 second mark, you see Finucum turning his body and, with his back to the camera – appears to be glancing over his left shoulder at the kwap who’s standing at the edge of the woods. For a brief half second or so, Finicum’s left hand appears to be reaching towards his left hip, right under his left shoulder, as if to grab onto something (such as a holster on a shoulder rig?) At the same time, as his body is turning, his right hand moves around in front of him – and is concealed from view by his body, since his back is still towards the camera.
                  5. Question: Could he have been using his left hand to hold onto a holster, while his right hand tried to release the retaining snap and draw the pistol out? Or, with his legs and feet stuck in a couple feet of snow, were the arm movements simply part of his effort to maintain his balance as he turned to face and listen to whatever the kwap in the woods was shouting at him?

                  I do one thing, though. This 38 second video does not provide sufficient evidence that Finicum had a pistol out and was threatening to shoot a kwap with it. I’d like to see a video shot from the opposite direction, where Finicum’s right and left hands would be in the picture.

                • And then……………they riddle the car with fire to delete any witnesses and conflicting stories with the gub’mnt line..

                • the video shows that after he was out with hands up and cops approaching, he put his hands down and was fumbling in his waist or jacket and you don’t do that unless you are reaching for a weapon after the deceptive move of pretend surrender.

                  • unless your trying to comply with the officer’s screamed demands to drop your weapon – the weapon does not jump out of the holster all by itself – you have to reach for it.

                    How convenient for the cameras.

                    • Excellent point, Sixpack. Also, another reason why Finicum could have been reaching for his left side – was to reflexively grab onto the wound where the kwap had just shot him – WHILE HIS HANDS HAD BEEN UP and IN THE AIR. You can see him drop his hands and immediately react to something (bullet impact?) and reach for his wounded torso.

                      Since my earlier comment, I have seen other pictures of Finicum and he was not wearing a shoulder holster rig. He was right handed, and had his holster and pistol on his belt and strapped to his right hip. Also, the FBI is now admitting that Finicum never had a gun actually in his hand – a detail that makes a bald-faced liar out of Gordon Duff and Jim Dean over on Veteran’s Today. The FBI is claiming that Finicum had a semi-auto tucked inside a jacket pocket located on the left inside of his jacket. Yea, right, I believe that.

                      What that sounds like is that the FBI planted a throw down weapon on Finicum after they shot him, and they had reviewed the video and decided to put it in his left, inside jacket pocket so as to make their bullshit and the video match.

                      I’m still wondering why Finicum didn’t simply exit the vehicle and then put his hands on the roof and maintain the surrender position until one of the jackbooted thugs came up from behind and handcuffed him?

                      Why trudge out into 2 or 3 feet of snow? Was he afraid that the jackbooted thugs would spray him and the vehicle with a hail of slugs and was he trying to make sure the woman and kids inside didn’t catch a stray bullet?

                    • Tucker, good insight, just put your hand on the vehicle and maintain surrender position. Continue the fight in court. I am sad that man is dead. My guess is one reason LEO are rougher now is that they know that people are ready to throw them off. It inspires increased violence in tptb.

                • I think that was a drone, not a helicopter.

                  • Agreed John. With all of the redactions it had to be a drone and the Feds were protecting its capabilities. I think that video was pretty good.

                    What we don’t know is the altitude of the drone. While it looks like it is just above the trees, it is probably much, much, higher. How high is anyone’s guess. 🙂

                • DK, I watched that video and it’s not at all convincing to me; not even decent quality video. Those people were AMBUSHED. IT WAS ALL PLANNED AND PREMEDITATED. None of them fired any shots. It was the FEDS who opened fire hoping to kill all of them. It’s a wonder this didn’t turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco. Whichever fed shot Finicum better start watching his six.

              • Just saw the unedited event of the shooting on SurvivalBlog.com. No comment. Trekker Out.











          • AE: thanks for mentioning locusts. That is one of my favorite prepper books by the way.

            Title? “Locusts on the Horizon.” Excellent. Love it. One of my all time favorites. Must have.

        • What about a less than lethal option to their arrests? BLM were using X36 stun guns during Bundy situation!!

          • Can’t kill with those

            Is it clear now ?

        • Why the fuck would you buy a McMansion and a useless sports car????

          Don’t consume more than you actually need.

          Don’t have more than one kid.




      1. My condolences to the Finicum family. Whoever shot and whoever gave the orders to shoot needs to give an honest accounting of what happened.

        So far I’m leaning towards the witnesses.

        • This was an execution plain and simple. An example to any and all American Patriots that resistance is futile. This land is not your land it belongs to the elites who control it all for their accumulation of wealth. The people only exist to work for the banksters who control our government.


          • This was an execution plain and simple.

            Dem! If it was, apologize and make $$ restitution and reparations to the Finicum family. At the least, identify the shooter or shooters (CSI and gun ballistics) and the one who ordered the shooting.

            [Folks are always talking about lists. Okay, get a list of all the LE that was involved in this episode. If no list, then openly and honestly acknowledge that folks can’t get that list. And if you can’t get that list, do you really think you have an accurate, up-to-date list of all the so-called “Global Bankster Elites” and their paid-off puppets?]

            An example to any and all American Patriots that resistance is futile.

            That example might work with some. But not all. Molon Labe.

            • If you think that way you really are a slave, why even bother posting, just give up,,,

              • I am a slave to Christ.

                • Your a slave to ignorance and stupidity. Like that shit will ever happen? Don’t kid yourself man…

                  • “Genius”, do you reject Jesus Christ as your God, your Lord, and your Savior?

                • Jesus Christ is no slave to TPTB.

                • God, if there is such a thing, has never loved a single human soul ever, and why nobody has ever been granted everlasting life. John 3-16. Its like playing the lotto weekly and nobody ever wins ever in hundreds of thousands of years on this planet. Would you stoopid asses keep playing weekly if nobody ever wins? Seems the dumb keeps playing that religious BuyBull sham.
                  I laugh at stooped gullible sheep.

                  – WWTI..

                  • WhoKnewIt- I once thought as you do , until the Lord caught me in a cross-fire. Thought I was smarter than those “dumb” bible-thumpers.Then I started studying the Bible just to show those dim-bulbs how dumb they truly were. Well the outcome wasn’t what I expected. God’s Word is true- by any objective analysis of historical and scientific data. And , if you take a good look at Jesus Christ , an itinerant preacher , former carpenter, never held political office , never led an army nor published a book. Yet He is the central figure of all recorded history.So, the choice is yours- meet Him now and enjoy eternal life or meet Him later under dire circumstances.

          • shoot FIRST, and ask questions NEVER! standard protocal for the cops these days….even if TRUE, his boss will back him up….even if there’s VIDEO proving it….cops are ALWAYS right, right?…..RIGHT?

            • BCOD, RIGHT! The cops are NEVER charged with crimes no matter how obvious. The cops are the biggest criminal gang in the country and supported by the plethora of retarded citizens. Some good mixed in with the bad so you can say “hey look at all the good they do” we can live with the bad because we are too stupid and pathetic to deal with it ourselves. I would never want to be a cop but hey man, it’s a free ticket to extort and harrass and kill. Perfect job for a fooked up psycopath!

              • god bless all the GOOD cops in america…BOTH of them!

              • if there were GOOD cops, there couldn’t BE any bad cops…..thanks genius for the lead-in for my fave-rite sayings when it comes to the REAL killers in ‘murca….

          • I agree. It was an execution. The hired guns have a license to kill. They just got away with murder. I hope that pig has nightmares for the rest of his pitiful life.

        • FS, I also lean toward the witnesses. Feds are never to be trusted on anything.

      2. They murdered Lavoy. Am awaiting release of car photos & bullet holes counted will confirm they meant to kill them all. See this was a lesson ordered from DC to “keep the rabble ” in line.
        Feds seem to be attacking websites to prevent new details. This is part of their attempt to use omms “killswitch” .

      3. FBI said that Lavoy Finicum drove his car off into a snow bank, but when you see the photos of the road, where is the snowbank?

        Why was nobody charged with criminal trespass of the federal facility?

        These were all “on-view” arrests, not warrant arrests. Why were no warrants ever issued?

        The FBI and Oregon State Police provoked a confrontation so they could kill.

        If they wanted to arrest Bundy they could have arrested him numerous time when he went to the airport to talk with the FBI.

        This was Ruby Ridge all over again.

        • John this is also like WACO, I had no use for David Koresh, but if he was a child molester as they stated, why didn’t they arrest him on the streets of Waco where he was often spotted. Patriots on this site often refer to “kill one of us and we kill 100 of yours” only problem is, we don’t adhere to that policy, but Big Brother does. In Waco they made just that point! In Orgeon they did what they should have done in Waco, cut the head off the snake and the body will die. This Orgeon event is having a sad ending, but when it comes time to make a stand, you had better be ready to die or go to prison. Trekker Out. Bars Ain’t For Me!

          • MT: “Patriots on this site often refer to “kill one of us and we kill 100 of yours” only problem is, we don’t adhere to that policy, but Big Brother does.”

            That’s exactly why I wrote this up top: “Folks are always talking about lists. Okay, get a list of all the LE that was involved in this episode. If no list, then openly and honestly acknowledge that folks can’t get that list. And if you can’t get that list, do you really think you have an accurate, up-to-date list of all the so-called “Global Bankster Elites” and their paid-off puppets?”

            • to find the list of all the “global bankster elites” and their paid off puppets , search (dante brought the house down) on utube . the complete list . also see (le cercle)

          • MT and other readers, correct me if I am wrong, but if memory serves me right, wasn’t the initial charge/ reason for the LEO to surround the Koresh’s compound was that he had illegal full auto weapons (machine guns)? Why would one need the ATF or the Feds if he was a child molester? Isn’t that a matter for the local LEOs and Child Protective services? Yeah, I get it, they had to burn the children to dead in order to save them (sarc). It seems to me that the “official” story kept changing. Sure, David Koresh was a douchebag, that is a given, but he denied due process of the law. And the whole WACO siege was a set-up to send a message to the public at large: We will kill you if you defy us. I am 100% certain on this point, the official story about what happened and why is a lie.

            • New Vegas,
              don’t forget ONE of the people who lived there ( don’t remember his Name) HAD a class 3 license for full auto weapons! that came out later BUT of course very little was said about it in the fed controlled MSM

              • apache54, I remember that one also. Last I heard, the surviving Branch Davidians are still rotting away in a federal prison somewhere, if they’re not already dead.

            • NVB, you are right on the money. You may not have been aware that when the ATF attacked the house, 4 ATF agents were shot dead in front of the main entrance. They were NOT shot by the Branch Davidians. They were killed by the ATF ON ORDERS FROM ATTY. GEN. JANET RENO. They once served on a bodyguard detail for Bill Clinton and saw something they weren’t supposed to see. So the ATF raid on Mount Carmel was the perfect setup for killing them and then blame their deaths on David Koresh.

        • ‘Where is the snowbank?’

          There’s two feet of snow on the edge of the road, and a plowing berm. Definitely a snow zone.

        • @Stiner

          You reported….”FBI said that Lavoy Finicum drove his car off into a snow bank, but when you see the photos of the road, where is the snowbank?”

          What I want to see is an audit of the Oregon State Police vehicle maintenance logs. I bet there is going to be a bill from an auto repair shop for some serious front end damage to a cruiser which might have been used to “push” another car…..possibly into a snow bank.

        • Well obviously you didn’t watch the video. Truck was deep in snow.

        • Well obviously you didn’t watch the video. Truck was deep in snow.

          • Yes, it was – and in fact, it looked to me like the vehicle hit a fairly steep incline once it left the main road, because at one point, it looked like the vehicle was almost ready to tip over on it’s right side.

            One other weird detail that bears mentioning. What was going through the pea sized brain of the FBI agent who, just as Finicum’s vehicle veered off the main road – this blithering, IQ challenged moron decided to suddenly dart out in front of, and in the direct on-coming path of the approaching vehicle? This idiot disappeared, either plowed over by the vehicle or knocked into a snow drift and wasn’t seen again in the 38 second version of the video.

            There is an unconfirmed rumor circulating around on the internet that this guy has been seen and suddenly emerged from the toilet bowl in Barney Fife’s bathroom down in Mayberry, North Carolina.

        • blind idiot the snowbank is obvious, the side of the road.

      4. Be careful what you ask for

      5. When I was in school We did a report on the KKK act of 1879.
        This is the Act that brought this Conspiracy charge that the Gov is trying to pin on these guys into law.
        According to this act an officer is a Judicial Officer. A judicial officer is someone who has authority granted by the people to act on maters of Law and make decisions. In other words a judge. Or a duly elected US official such as a congressman or senator.
        A police officer is a officer of the court. Not a Officer of the US. Just how this law applies to Police Officers of any type is a long stretch. Unless of course it has been updated since 1879. However I couldn’t find any info about it being updated.
        There are instances where this law can be true. Did a Federal judge issue a order for them to leave? And did a officer of his court deliver it? Then it could be a valid law. But I never heard of any such thing yet.
        Im not an expert on this but the charge really makes no sense. Anyone else?

      6. Hey Feds, release the dash cams and the body cams, and show us the car

      7. Fuck all the bullshit , every swinging dick cop , detective Agent etc are all guilty of Capitol Murder
        Just say it the way it is

        Now that that’s out of the way

        What as a Nation of Laws are WE going to do about it ?

        I’m guessing same as always
        But maybe sooner or later , somethings gonna light this shit off

        • I’m new to LE and I certainly am not guilty of Capitol Murder. Please don’t paint us all as guilty with too wide a brush. Certainly there are many bad apples in the LE barrel, but there are also many good LE’s out there protecting lives. Just last night I stopped a son from killing his mother. I didn’t shoot him or use any force but minimal force to stop his violence and take him into custody. Where is the Capitol Murder? When you make egregious and overinflated statements like this you lose credibility to speak from wisdom. Speaking without wisdom is just noise.

          • Please read my comment below Dales
            I didn’t mean any other cops etc than those on that site during that action

            Like the law allows

            • Newbie LE, then please do your duty and arrest all the officers in your department for any crimes they commit. Otherwise you are just a hypocrite and covering up crimes that need to be punished. Which by the way makes you an accomplice by knowledge of crimes and failing to report them. I know it’s a tough job but you are either on the right side or the wrong side. That IS THE LAW! Be a good cop and do your sworn duty or sweep it under the rug and violate everything you supposedly stand for and commit more crimes than anyone. Report back to us and I will back you up….

              • better watch out…you might get “dorner-ed”…that’s what started HIS troubles, when he turned on a bad cop, and he ended up an ash heap!…good one…AGAIN, genius!

              • I was in a car accident with a LEO, another LEO, not present until several minutes later, claimed to be an eyewitness to it all! Said it was all my fault.

                The physical evidence be damned. I was hit in the rear, behind the back wheel well.

                I had family that lived in that town, I bit the bullet.

                F#cking lying pigs! Yup, that’s my life lesson!

                I will never trust a lying LEO or their corrupt court system again. Millions of Americans have had similar experiences, and it doesn’t matter our color or race.

              • Genius. All you will hear from LEO’s is crickets. They are a slave to their paychecks way before rule of Law when it comes to their own and justice. They all go along to get along. Nothing will ever change. You justifiably called New LEO out, so lets see how he responds. Like I said, I predict crickets.

          • If you were there , than yes you are

            Understand me now?

        • RS
          With all due respect.

          I have worked with over 300 Different cops in my 30 years. Only one has shot a person and the turd survived. The turd shot 15 times at 4 Cops and they returned fire. He was hit once with a 9mm the other three where carrying 357 mag.

          In my 30 years I haven’t shot any one, and I pray to God that I wont have to. I was trained to only shot to protect the life of another or my life. I have had three times where I was in my right to shot if they would have pointed the gun at me or another, but I talked the guys down. Thank God.


          • Sorry I should have said
            “The ones at this site when this action took place”

            We do have a law in the books that applies to everyone ( or there isn’t rule of law)
            And that law states that if a murder is taken place all those involved in the act even if they directly didn’t do the shooting are still charged with the murder of the dead person

            • RS
              I agree. We just need more info.

              Like I said remember Ferguson Mo.

              • See my post above, I know there are a few honest LEO’s, I suspect when the time is ripe we’ll be on the same side. GOD help me to see the truth at that moment.

          • Thanks Sarge. There’s definitely good LEO’s out there. But what happened in this situation don’t sound good so far. Sounds pretty bad actually.

            Good Lord, I don’t want any more violence out of this. Let’s get some justice without violence if we can.

            • FS
              We don’t have enough info yet to see what really happened.

              Remember Ferguson? All the witness. They turned out to wrong.


              It’s a DAMN shame that Mr. Finicum died.

              You guys know if this was a Muslime or a black, Obullshit would be all over this like stink on SHIT!


              • Sarge,am friends with two cops,one who quit CHP due to cops there breaking the law/some running a pot ring worth millions was the final straw,he now works for a small town.

                I have said to both and they agree cops need to clean up their house if they want public trust,and also speak out against all unconstitutional laws,till then,won’t trust any but 2 cops,and even then keep a sharp eye out but that is always on the list.

                • I think most police truly good people and good officers. When the bad cops are exposed they paint all police as bad, so it is really unfortunate for the good officers.

                  Something to think about:

                  95% of the criminal cases against police by the FBI civil rights division are initiated by other police officers.

                  Good police don’t like working with bad police officers.

                  • “Good police don’t like working with bad police officers.”


                    I just saw Serpico the other day. He stood up against his fellow police officers which took a boatload of courage.

                    I honor good cops. And good LEO’s. It’s especially hard when the chiefs and the ones at the top are brown-nosing politicians. That’s demoralizing for the rest of the force.

                    • Serpico was FICTION dude!

                    • Serpico was a plainclothes police officer working in Brooklyn and the Bronx to expose vice racketeering. In 1967 he reported credible evidence of widespread systematic police corruption. Nothing happened,[6] until he met another police officer, David Durk, who helped him. Serpico believed his partners knew about secret meetings with police investigators. Finally, he contributed to an April 25, 1970, New York Times front-page story on widespread corruption in the NYPD.[6] Mayor John V. Lindsay appointed a five-member panel to investigate charges of police corruption.

                      Frank Serpico was the first police officer in the history of the New York City Police Department to step forward to report and subsequently testify openly about widespread, systemic corruption payoffs amounting to millions of dollars.[

                    • FS, too many chiefs and sheriffs get federal money under the table from DHS. That Sheriff in Harney County, OR gets money under the table from BLM. Must be the same with the mayor, prosecutor, and judge there. You think they want to give up that fed money that I bet they don’t pay taxes on? Think again!

                  • But Union policy doesn’t reflect this

              • I really doubt we will ever know the real truth

                They didn’t do this out in the middle of nowhere so they could control the narrative . Nahh
                This was premeditated , and was set up to make an example
                You don’t have operatives up in trees and in distant shooting positions unless you are planing an ambush

                This isn’t how this country is to operate

                We are in rouge law , I don’t like the implications anymore than you do sarge

                • Rouge government=rouge people.

                  • rogue Genius rogue

                    Rouge people? Redskins?

          • great. How many rights have you violated ?

          • I don’t think the sheriff is happy about how this all went down. He was honestly upset at the press conference to the point he had to take a breath to continue. guilt might get the best of him and will come forward with the turth.

            • PA farmer, that sheriff is upset only because of the possibility that his corruption might be exposed. He was bought and paid for by the feds and I’ll bet he’s not reporting that extra source of income on his tax return. No way he’ll give that up.

          • Sarge, So your saying cops are extremely shitty shots?

            • WHERE DID THE OTHER 150 ROUNDS GO?

          • well, there’s ONE good cop….where’s the OTHER one?

        • Yep, Hey piggies, Release the name of the LEO Trigger Puller ASAP. If you refuse, you are all guilty of murder and shall be delt with accordingly to street justice as the public sees fit. Eye for an eye. Every street corner in America will be the public’s court of law Judge and Jury. Yep ambush is effective as was in this case a set up. Complete with Goons in trees with sniper rifles. It works both ways under rules of engagement in street justice. The tipping point is upon is folks. Had enough of this BS Thug Tyranny?? Let it Rip!!

          – WWTI..

      8. LOOK—LISTEN—LEARN !!!


        [A]t the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people, and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects . . . and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.” Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. 419, 471 (1793).

        The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state. [citing In re Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.E. 505, 141 N.Y. 479, affirmed U.S. v. Perkins, 16 S.Ct. 1073, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L.Ed 287]



        You’re either IN, or in the way….BA.

      9. Finicum stating he would die before prison opened this up, take care what you say.

        • They didn’t hold the RIGHT to give him his wish

          That’s up to our court system
          This bullshit of judge jury and executioner all wrapped up in a camo commie suit a half mile away dotting your skull with a 300 magnum is OVER THE FUCKING LINE!

        • Rebecca…Excuse me!!??

          • Reb is a flaming lib.

            • I’m sure his wife and ELEVEN fatherless children are so glad for his ultimate sacrifice….. (sarcasm button clicked)no, Rebecca just has more than 2 consecutively firing neurons. That is more than can be said for 99% of the mooks posting here, to include owners of misnomer like “Philosopher”….snicker

              • F: FU and w/e. Get a life.

                • FU? Classy with a K. Snappy rejoinder…. (rolling my eyes)……

        • I got no beef with you,
          But i just want to point out why we are in this situation today,
          Its because everyone has been going along to get along and keeping their mouths shut for fear of their little apple cart being upset,,,
          So more and more the PTB take and take and take,,,,,
          But by all means just dont say anything, that should work out well,,,,

        • Sure, lady. So the First Amendment only applies to you and your kind. 10-4.

        • Just don’t say, “Oh Shit” You might just do that…

        • Rebecca,
          I think you are on the wrong site or you don’t understand very much about what is going on! you might think your a prepper but I don’t think you are much when it comes to saving our country from the tyranny that it is today!

          • I disagree, I think she’s done at least as much as YOU have to saving the country from tyranny, which is jack shit save big blowhard BS on the internet.

            • Anon351,
              well of course YOU will never know what i have or have not done to help this country! BUT i would bet MY life i have done more than YOU will EVER do!

          • Apache 54,
            I may be more of a survivalist than prepper, although I have food stored. I am more about learning skills to be self sufficient… for me that is going to be pretty 1800s since I do not have mechanical/technical skills. I can live with that.
            As for being a soldier, I am not much of one, no military training at all. As far as strategy goes I think the situation in Oregon hurt more than it helped.
            Insofar as protecting myself, my own, my family, I will stand against anyone. Even scared I would do that.
            I am still trying to work within the system to stop these abuses. I suspect I am a Libertarian at heart and need to took at joining that party.
            Revolutionary? Anyone would believes in our Constitution is a Revolutionary If it comes to that, I would fight for my Constitution and Country. I kid you not, that would look like guerilla war to me, and not acting the fool on camera in a government building in the backwoods of Oregon. That looks like suicide by police officer.
            If I said anything encouraging any of you men to get yourself into something like that, I would fear for my soul for being a murderer.
            Maybe I am wrong and our country needs some dead martyrs… but the Bible is very strict about not seeking martyrdom for His sake… surely less so for the Constitution’s sake? It is not to say there won’t be martyrs, not don’t seek that out. I have had these conversations with my son since 911.
            Would I encourage you to run after martyrdom and tell my son something different? I am capable of standing for the Constitution. It looks like that will come. We will know when it does. We sure don’t know when.
            I understand if you don’t agree with me. I hope you don’t think I am against our duty to our country.

            • Oh BS Reb! A survivalist that thinks it is a good idea to grow vegetable inside their fricken house and spend money on grow lights rather than a high tunnel you can build for less than $100 with some plastic, some PVC pipe, and some wood?

              And you ignore the advice that people have tried to give you and then throw it in our face that we are stupid to have the foresight to stock up on MREs?

              I don’t know what your fricken gig is lady but I think you are stupid, clueless, and a liberal idiot. My advice to you is wait until SHTF and show up to the local FEMA camp and let them feed your sorry ass.

        • I’ve been trying to find a couple of solid reasons to like you but have been having a hard time.

          This one really seals the deal.

          Justice is NOT served on-scene at 3,025 feet per second.

          You, Rebeca, are an idiot through and through. You’re a liberal shill and really don’t belong here. Move along please.

          • BH: nailed it. Thank you.

          • Okay, so let me get this right……The first Amendment of the Constitution only applies to people who agree with your echo chamber….duly noted. I would have thought fellow Constitutionalists would actually, you know, follow the Constitution…..my bad

            • Foxglove666… fascists don’t believe in silly Constitutional things like freedom of speech. I love our Constitution. I liked what Rand Paul said today and was glad to see him back on the stage.

              • Reb, Fox was talking about you sounding like a fascist. You don’t even get it.

                • Philodough, I get it just fine. I was talking about you, you moron. You, Apache and anon are a pack of idiots.

              • A lady using 10$ words spouting out of a 50 cent brain.

              • Rebecca,
                your statement about Rand Paul, seals the deal! I hope you wake up to the fact that ANYONE in politics has sold his soul to the devil and is worthless to fixing this country! we need NEW blood on the white house and a complete new set of political leaders with NO ties to politics from there past!

                • Apache 54, and I have stated that numerous times on here. Give Rand Paul his due, he was talking sense. I support the 50 percent of voters who do not belong to the D/R corporate machine. Third Party. Rand Paul is a Libertarian and Bernie Sanders is an Independent. The D/R corporate machine has made it nearly impossible for a third party candidate to run. Unconstitutional. It will break and the D/R corporate machine will flush. Right now it is street theater because they are owned by corporate interests.

              • Reb, was referring to Philosopher. You have a brain, he apparently doesn’t. 🙂

                • Foxglove666. .. I knew you were and so was I! How’s it going is beautiful Washington these days? You were talking about moving? I have been looking at Skagit Valley, very nice. Maybe Concrete area near the reservoir and above sea level?

                  • Rebecca, exactly the right place. I have a place there as BOL and part-time home. Got condo in Bothell for part-time work. Semi-retired. Love the life! 😉

                    • Foxglove666,
                      Congratulations to you! That is gorgeous up in that area and I know you are loving it. Keep me posted.

                    • Foxglove666,
                      Congratulations! That is gorgeous up there and I know you are loving it. Keep me posted.

        • Anyone know how old Finicum was? And, while it isn’t likely that anyone outside of his immediate family would know – is it possible that he had been told he had cancer or some other terminal disease and figured he’d rather be killed by a jackbooted thug than to let his family be bankrupted by having to pay massive medical bills and then he’d probably die anyway?

          If he did take this way out, I hope he had life insurance that will help his family cope now that he is gone.

          • Tucker, that’s a thought. I read somewhere he was in his mid fifties. He looked healthy enough but you never know. I think most of those kids were foster children he got paid totake care of. He might have been on shaky financial ground if he lost his cheap federal lease… it is way cheaper than buying land. He might not have wanted to start over. I wonder if more of his story will come out.

      10. Judge Reitz’s commercial Lien.

        Can this expose the land grab?

        DK put up the link.

        • Slng:

          Everyone should take a look at Judge Anna Von Reitz website. Would make another excellent subject at SHTF.

        • We will all know for sure when they start mining the uranium. Also keep a watch on McDermott, Oregon. I hear 10 miles from there, the plan is to open pit mine uranium.

      11. Multiple eyewitnesses testified that Michael Brown -the Gentle Giant- also was surrendering with his hands in the air when he was mercilessly gunned down by the murdering police.

        • CNN and another network aired one of the ‘witnesses’ claiming they draped a Confederate flag over Michael Brown’s corpse and danced a jig around it.

        • Anon: which resulted in several cities being burned and Baltimore PD was told to stand down.

      12. Witness in the car at the time after being released said the car had been riddled with bullets while they hunkered down inside. Once the firing stopped the murdered man got out with hands up, got shot once, fell on the ground, then he was shot several times more. She was told media said only three shots were fired, she said it was over a hundred and you should see the car full of holes. No one was miraculously hit during the initial shooting. No return fire. More shooting after victim stepped out! The whole story of how they got setup then the ambush is a citizens nightmare!

      13. Mmmmmmm doesn’t a shootout mean there are two sides actually SHOOTING at each other? One side shooting only is an ambush or killing, especially if one was not armed.
        Don’t you just love how the feds love to spin the facts?

        • exactly….

      14. ICD9-978 is the Obamacare billing code that allows you to be killed via guillotine and the hospital, that’s right, the hospital, uses this code to collect their execution fee. All of you should read it. Just punch in the code and go to your search engine, read it and weep. thanks

        • No joke. I checked it out tonight.

      15. Read Sun Tzu’s “Art of war”. On my bookshelf, it is on the left of one of my bibles, and Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is on the right.
        We are at war with a government that has virtually unlimited resources and an “nanny state” attitude. You need to kill them in their homes, not out in the open toe to toe. After Kristallnacht,
        the smart Jews should have started assassinating police. They didn’t and they died. America will have a Kristallnacht. Once that happens, I won’t decry people walking up and killing cops in their cars, homes, stations, et al.
        We prepare for some “Black Swan” or Kristallnacht event. I’ll keep on prepping.

        • Rel: I took a class on history and remember hearing about three books being owned by every lord: the Bible, the Prince, and a book on Chivalry (I forget the name).

          There already is a big financial collapse in the US since there are 100 million out of work and 50 million on food stamps.

          Killing people in cold blood is never moral nor acceptable. Ever. No matter which side you are on. As a Christian I will speak out against immoral and unethical acts until my last breath. And shooting people for no reason is an immoral and unethical act. Period.

          • LOL. That’s hilarious.

          • You missed my point.
            Kristallnacht is a reason to kill.
            You never kill innocents,
            you kill opponents.
            That is what the US military
            taught me.

            • Rel: I appreciate the clarification.

              It is illegal for the US military to operate as a military force within the borders of the US. (How about we just pretend that laws still matter and the generals in charge of the military still honor their oaths to protect and defend the US constitution and that way you can indulge me in this little thought experiment). LEOs and the military are not my enemy. They never were and never will be.

              Furthermore, I think you are full of shit. Former SM here, too. I have no idea what fricken military you served in but that is not what they teach. Sounds like you have slipped into the deep pool of psychopathy and want to drag the US military into your delusional thinking. Nope. Not gonna fly with me. You can try that BS someplace else but it stinks and I am not buying it. Not now. Not ever.

              • Did anyone say for sure that an American made the shot?

                • Wrong convo dude.

          • There is always a reason to shoot somebody or you wouldn’t do it derrrr….

          • Philodough, glad to know a good Christian such as yourself is more than ready to tell me to go fuck myself. Thanks, buddy! You are a GREAT example of……..something. (scratching my head)

      16. “a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.”

        Hey, cheer up. I’m sure you know how cops use their little bull shyte “resisting arrest” charges nowadays, right?

        Just wait until the popo become federales. Yep, you “small-govt” drug warriors helped build that. “helped” is generous…

        • So close to saying something just like this

          Everyone of these “officers of the court ”
          Have helped create this , and their own future end
          Once the big boys don’t need the foot soldiers they will turn on them like rabid dogs
          It’s in history , I remember

      17. The facts dont really matter, and I can tell you why. You 9have no idea who rules this world and by the time your perfect circumstances arrive it will have been too late. Even now your children are being indoctrinated against you. This is beyond the pale. You can only be harvested, never win. The dead are where they will be. Keep waiting, the Master loves it.

      18. Ok, so recap of dos and donts
        Dont occupy anything federal unless youwant a free bunk and food plus lotsa furry asses
        Dont jump outa your car if the cops run you off the road, and especially not with hands up,,,
        Do work like a good little slave and send at a minimum 1/3 of all your income to be squandered by political trash
        Do tow the line and keep your mouth shut no matter what,,,,
        Oh and dont ever think you are free, or have rights because thats just silly

        • You must be a good Hawaiian citizen. Have you seen the latest bills
          submitted to the legislature and counties?

          • No, havent,,,,
            Whatz da scoop?

        • You missed the point…..

          If you are a law abiding, firearm owning rancher, then you can’t occupy anything.

          If you are a dirty stinky unemployed hippy then you can occupy wall street and other cities demanding cash, and get it.

          Socialism at it’s finest.

          • Yup,,,,
            101 reasons why i think maybe the hippies are on to something, im thinking turn my farm into a commune, i always was kinda partial to furry sun kissed women in loose fitting clothes,,,,
            I like bathing though, hopefully that doesnt count against me, oh, and the gun thing too, those stay,,,,

          • JS: nailed it.

      19. Yep , bout sums it up , don’t it ?

        • Oops that was to be attached and agreed to KFarmer

          • Thats cool EOS,,,
            Im feelin a little detached lately anyway,,,,,

      20. More holes in this story than the car the feds shot up. FALSE FLAG. Keep your powder dry.

        Semper Fi

      21. Please sign the petition to free the Hammonds,look up the case/trial/sentancing and then resentancing,at same time look up the (former)prosecutor and her past.We can at least say we tried to exercise peaceful solutions.

        Oh,and keep stacking them cases,future generations will need it and remember you!.4sth gen,seems the time is upon us.,

      22. I keep reading about a shootout, isn’t this term indicative of both parties exchanging gunfire?? Haven’t heard anything about the activists shooting only the copiers???

      23. I know it fits an agenda you may have, but there are a lot of holes in this story, and witnesses have come forward offering a different version. I think it most likely did not happen this way.

        The most glaring problem was that Ammon was in a different vehicle, so could not have been a witness, as the shooting happened quite a ways away. You really ought to research more closely before posting these kinds of articles, I think.

        • @abitbetterinfored, Let take a look at the witnesses..
          1; a young girl riding with LAvoy & Ryan said Lavoy exited with hands up.
          2; Bundy call his wife from the back of the cruiser stating exited truck with hands up.
          3;a guy running with the convoy said Lavoy charged the officers. Everybody has been charged with a felony but this guy, why. Yes saying he was released without charges because he told them he was just driving down the road, just bad luck to be there with guns in his vehicle. And they just cut him lose, right. Why would they let a civilian follow in a convoy that they know there might be a shoot out. Why because he is a plant, a two faced looser and his story doesn’t hold water, but nice try.

        • It doesnt really matter,
          The fact is most of us are sick and tired of the government crap no matter what the bs is that they are slingin,,,,,

          • Kula,
            YUP, they just don’t get it! we the people are sick and tired of the BS from Washington and all the lies corruption and filth, we want ALL of them replaced and IF it doesn’t happen, the civil unrest WILL advance. only a matter of time! the stupids cannot figure out why Trump is so popular, they are too brainwashed in the corrupt NORMAL of politics they cannot see the light!

            • Yea buddy,, its actually really amusing to listen to and watch these gov peeps and their sympathizers, they really dont get it, all i can think of is the arrogance and normalcy bias that you read about in these dozens of dystopian novels,,,, really pathetic how they are ok with this crap.
              Almost feel sorry for them, almost,,,,,

      24. “Ryan Bundy also suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot in the exchange, ”

        “Exchange”? Doesn’t that mean gunfire went both ways? I haven’t heard of any militia folks doing any shooting so how does a “one-way” gunfight become an “exchange”?

        Perhaps its time to ask yourself; “If the gunfire had all been going in the opposite direction (from militia and at the feds) what word would the media use then?

        What a tangled web we weave…..

        • Excellent point; is there any claim, or more importantly, evidence of a shot from the Oregon Ranchers side? This is bullshit.

      25. The media hype’s it up with words like, Assault Rifle, Militants, Amour piercing bullet’s, Cop killing bullets, Black Guns,High Capacity Magazines, (they call Clips) and misidentification of items and they usage, within the story.

        The News Media is a bunch of Hyperactive Toads in most cases.

        I wonder who Proofed the story.

      26. I wrote here that the fbi had snipers and were filming the incident. I’m not trying to speak ill of the dead but I can’t polish this turd. Fo ovum was playing hood rat games by reaching for his gun three times. This was a waste of his life and he could have lived to carry on the cause.
        Anyone reading this remember that playing games when the odds are terrible often doesn’t work out well. Funicum could have used his speaking ability and his experience in Oregon to advise others. I just can’t behind him as a hero. We have seen the tape and it’s legit. Another idea to recall, the Feds will release the tape if there aren’t witnesses to be tainted. If the officers have been interviewed. And if the tape bolsters their side of a story.
        Don’t be stupid and don’t fight when you know you will lose.

      27. The general population will never support a silly ass, fringe patriot movement. Bundy and his Carnie Cavalry look like the ass clowns that they are

      28. Garrison Stste

      29. “face a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.”

        If it is unlawful, is it not right to resist??
        Have we forgotten the Neuremberg Trials??

      30. Finally got to read up on the background of the conflict between the Oregon ranchers and the Feds. IMO, bottom line is that that land should be turned over to state authority, and that any violation should be adjudicated by the local courts, AND that penalties should be proportional to damages. Why are these men imprisoned for 5 years? What does this correct or remedy? What damage does this repay? From what I can tell, the Hammond’s actions were reasonable and necessary. Can the Hammonds claim affluenza?

        • PO: I watched it too. It looked like his arms were up. This is a police state so they can do anything they want.

      31. testing

      32. It appears the fbi coached the OSP to do the killing. The video is out, he looked more like a man wading through snow than one reaching for his piece. We need to see the cam footage from the Officer who crept up and shot him in the face…. what was his name? The drone footage sucks, the pimply faced kid who ran it should be replaced.

      33. testing again

      34. Isn’t that a bitch??
        I can’t post anything about the shooting!!

      35. excerpt from a great account by Jim Kirin……
        in a situation which the state created by first inviting the victim and the others to another town to meet with them to discuss ways to supposedly resolve the continuing conflict ­ only to run them off the road and then proceed to fire dozens of shots into their car full of people, and to shoot down LaVoy Finicum who had left the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene

        link below

      36. excerpt from a great account by Jim Kirin……
        in a situation which the state created by first inviting the victim and the others to another town to meet with them to discuss ways to supposedly resolve the continuing conflict ­ only to run them off the road and then proceed to fire dozens of shots into their car full of people, and to shoot down LaVoy Finicum who had left the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene

        link below hopefully??

      37. Kula, feeling detached also.
        Wondered about the fuzzy?
        Seems we all hate govt.

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-28/americans-really-really-hate-government

        Eyes open, no fear…

      38. sorry–this site won’t allow posting the link, even with breaks in between…weird. searchengine.. jim Kirin
        Uniformed Agent Provocateurs

        • Pete santilli IS A FED!

      39. Video shows why you won’t ever outrun the cops in a vehicle – if they know you are inside. And even on foot, you can bet they are using IR.

        Looks like a stupid cop tried to step into the snow – he should be thankful the driver was nice enough to miss him. Best chance of getting past the roadblock was right over that cop.

        Stepping out of the car is OK, hands up is OK, cops are probably yelling to freeze – but lowering your hands, and reaching/twisting across your body toward a pocket is “suicide by cop” in this situation. But knowing where he was going to end up, maybe that’s what he wanted.

      40. I really think the FBI has overstepped. The FBI will not be able to justify this execution on a lonely Oregon road. Thus Amaon Bundy tells us to stand down.

        The people in the car never fired a shot. Yet the FBI with dozens of snipers and soldiers in total control of the situation fired hundreds of rounds, in a traffic stop? The FED’s will rue the day. The FBI is screwed by their own hand.

        The FBI conspired to murder these US citizens, and failed to manufacture the needed justification or evidence.

        Next comes the coverup, which is where they always fail.

        • Yep.

      41. Everything that is happening is all about the HAVE’S and the HAVE NOT’S plain and simple.

        We The Few!!

      42. The Federales acted like they were in a movie at the OK corral. Sickening. I hope the executioner has nightmares for the rest of his pathetic miserable life. Maybe he will do the world a favor and shoot himself in the head.

        • The governor of Oregon said to end this…How much money is she getting from uranium one to keep her yap shut? George Carlin was right, everything is an illusion to give you the feeling that YOU have a choice… BUT, you have NO choice, just OWNERS, and these evil bastards WANT EVERYTHING WE HAVE, up to and including our lives…SO, we will ALL have to decide what we will do… some choose guns, some Jesus, some guns and Jesus, others are not so sure…there’s SO much disinformation out there that it clogs the brains abilities. So one must adopt a filter to sift through the b.s. You have to identify the TRUE puppet masters first, and understand that you will NEVER be able to eliminate all of them. After that you go down the slope of the pyramid and you identify the different layers of puppets and puppet masters. I’ve reached the point where I just don’t know what the hell to do…taking care of my family is what matters to me. And from that vantage point is where I’ll stand…if THEY want my little FLAG, then so be it… BUT be Damn SURE I’ll NOT hand IT to them.

      43. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes..

      44. 2 questions–why in Gods name did they think traveling on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere to go to a meeting was a good idea? SKYPE anyone??? Also, since their vehicle was stuck in a snowbank and they obviously weren’t going anywhere, why did the FBI just not wait them out, duh…

      45. When are the names of the killers going to hit the air? Just like pedophiles we have the right to know who they are and where they are. How can we protect ourselves and our Children if we don’t know? Anybody???

      46. Mac, why not my postings?
        Where is the link that posted and has been removed??

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