Ever Wonder Which Words Will Flag You as a Terrorist?

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 112 comments

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    By now, we all know that the NSA is spying on us. They read our emails, our texts, our Facebook posts, passwords, and they even listen to our phone calls. They record every thought we utter and every website we visit onto massive databases, and use sophisticated algorithms to predict our actions. But how exactly do they decide which of our thoughts are threatening, and which ones are harmless? Which words have the potential to flag us as terrorists? The answer may surprise you.

    A Slovenian artist by the name of Emile Kozole has compiled a few of the words that international agencies use to identify terrorists. It’s a growing list that may include upwards of 40,000 words. He in turn used these words to create a font that crosses out everything you type that might be flagged by the NSA. He has since dubbed this, “Project Seen.” You can try out his font for yourself at projectseen.com, where you can also download it for your own personal use. You’d be shocked by some of the mundane words that can have you placed on some government watchlist.

    Kozole explained his reasons for creating the font. “I still wanted to show and educate people on how ‘normal’ words we use in our online conversations on Facebook, emails, or search queries on Google are all stored and could potentially get you in trouble.” Perhaps such a font will make the public realize that the freedom and security of the internet is in jeopardy at the hands of the NSA.


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      1. Lets face it we all have an excuse for using fecies book. There really is no where to get away. Toss your cell phone cut up anything with a chip basically toss all your electronics out. Our lives have been engineered to fit this lifestyle who can effectively function as a person without it.
        When the time comes ill kidnap a Canada goose duct tape. My phone to its back and let them fuckers chase that down

        • Speak for yourself. I deleted facialreconbook and never looked back. If you are posting on Facebook you really do need your head examined. What an orgy of self worship that place is.

          • “Orgy of self worship” couldn’t have said it better myself.

            • “Which words have the potential to flag us as terrorists? ”

              These ought to work: “Death to the New World Order!!! Its totally Constitutional!!!”

              🙂 🙂 🙂

            • .02, ‘orgy of self worship’. good one. BTW, I never use any social media anyway. I’m most likely on lists already regardless of what I say. They have their lists and we have ours. Lists work both ways.

              • Exactly, BH. The lists that they are on are the only lists they should worry about.

                • Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. You are responsible for the US Constitution in your neck of the woods.

                  Create a FREEDOM CELL where you live.

                  The New World Order can be eliminated overnight. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

          • I have a account at fecalbook… But never access it..just have a pic of me and a two word description…
            Constitutional Conservative

            Live Free or Die…proud member of the “list”

          • There’s an alternative to Facebook called Rectumbook where you are free to show your ass without anyone tracking you.

          • Same here, have family who cant live without that crap,,,
            Said it before, im sayin it again,
            Cant wait for everything to just go dark….

            • Kulafarmer, Braveheart is right there with you all the way. There’s no telling how many lists I’m on going back to the Clinton era. I don’t think it really matters what words I use. So they have lists of us, eh? So what? We have lists of our own. That shit works both ways as I said in an earlier post. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. Bring the mofo on down. I don’t care anymore. If I’m going to have a target on my back, I might as well give the best accounting of myself I possibly can, and then some.

            • Kulafarmer, you absolutely nailed it on the head. At this stage in the game, there’s no way I’m going to get out of my college debt, so I’m pretty much screwed. It’s my fault for believing that college would make a difference for me in the first place. But I have to admit, there’s a morbid part of me that just can’t wait for the whole system to come crashing down.

              On that day, I’m going to sit outside in my lawn chair with a cup of coffee in my hand, watching it it all burn while everyone around me go absolutely insane as they watch their hopes and dreams disappear into nothingness. They’ll have no idea what to do. Then I get to watch all these fucking momos panic because that giant house they just took mortgages out on, or that brand new Mazerati or Jaguar they just took out a $100,000 loan for is going to be a liability for them to the point that it might as well be a death sentence.

              Then I get to watch everyone come running to me asking me for advice, and I’ll tell them in a calm voice as they’re panicking, “I tried to tell you for years this was coming. You simply laughed at me and told me I was a paranoid tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. You have no excuse, and you have none of my sympathy, especially when you had plenty of time and financial resources to prepare yourself.”

              I don’t know about you, but I just. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

          • What’s facebook?

            • Nobama & commodester: Facebook is the opposite of buttbook. Me and friends are on buttbook and we are not tracked by gov. or anyone else.

          • Put it on a turkeys butt and watch them chase their own tails!

          • Greetings,

            I disagree. We know that 1/2 of the users on Facebook are not even real people. That means that 1/2 of the info that is collected on FB is not of any value but, as far as I’m concerned, 1/2 is not enough!

            Look, lets say that the authorities do come looking for you. Of course FB is the first place they are going to check so as to see what is waiting for them on the other side. You know this to be true so use that to your advantage and fill Facebook with disinformation.

            The authorities have become lazy and complacent and depend on us giving away all of our secrets. Overwhelm them, overload them and use that direct channel that you have to the NSA to feed them garbage.

        • Never been on Facebook, never will be .. thank you very much

          so theres my Excuse

        • I deleted Facebook back during the first few weeks of the Occupy mess, I could tell where the whole thing was going. Besides, the whole concept of broadcasting your life to the world is just plain weird. The only reason I even had one was to kind of keep tabs of what my teenage son was saying on there.
          Like I said the whole thing is just creepy.


          • I know a few folks who use Facebook and such sites on a continual basis. Seems to me they are attempting to get a poor semblance of a social life by staying indoors and interacting only with people who agree with them, or ‘like’ them on the media.

            Guess there is something seriously wrong with going outside and talking to real people, not sure yet what it is.

            • I have a family member who uses it for political purposes to connect with other people of like minds who share their perspective and comments about the issues and candidates.

              So its not just selfies or pictures of their pets that these people share. Dissent in America is wide spread. Trump is talking about the issues that real Americans have already been talking about for years.

              The commies have organized for decades and infiltrated all American institutions to spread their gospel of socialism, liberalism, one world government, and anti-Americanism. Cannot WE so likewise?

              This election, and Trump, CAN roll back Obola’s policies if the American people rise up and engage the political elite this time around. White conservative voters stayed home the last two times, giving America “Hope & Change” by default.

              Engage now while someone is talking our lingo who is not ashamed to be white, patriotic, conservative, anti liberal, and anti political correctness: someone who wants to SEAL the border and reverse America’s decline economically.

              If not now when? If not US, who? Engage. 🙂

              • And guess what? Trump doesn’t need your money (if you have any) to do it. He will spend his own if necessary. Just add your voice to his if you want to SEAL the border, and eliminate the economic advantages that the NWO has given to Mexico and China.

                This time around, there may be a real choice for the direction of America. What will YOU do? 🙂

              • Good points DK,
                Ive heard others say the same thing, use their own platform against them. I guess my problem was i got tired of sorting through 50 nonsense posts to get to the one good one..


              • DK, etc: I tried to get feedback from others about Donald Trump, also Ben Carson, some agreed with both on issues, yet said to forget it, as they are strictly in a survival mode from now on, refuse to discuss anything political, protecting family priority now, and getting more supplies ordered, building shelves, canning, and making sure they have all their preps in order. Folks, we must all be in a survival mode. Anyone that’s a real threat to the NWO clique will be bumped off or slandered like Herman Cain and others. Things are getting dicey. Go to: thecommonsenseshow.com for updates on Jade Helm, etc and Dave’s radio show once a week. Time is running out. This site is cutting edge.

        • This list is so old, I still had some money the first time I saw it.

        • Who needs any words at all? All you need is NOT having a FB account. After all, what have you to hide?

          FB is it’s own punishment.


        • Have never had a facebook account, never seen twitter or instagram and I am pretty sure there are dozens more of this type of “convenience” that I am not even aware of. Lose most of them, you will be better off. Too many other things to do in life, (like digging up a good crop of potatoes)

        • Use a pen name for your cell phone; don’t go to Google; don’t have a name/address attached to your store ID card, don’t have email account they can get to– use a foreign one. You can have your own, private business. But how do you get out of other stuff? don’t know. But there is this book written about how you can remain anonymous–go to http://www.howtobeinvisible.com ([email protected]).

      2. Bomb Washington DC.
        Kill progressives.
        Eat the dead.
        Proud to be a member of the club.

        • You should also include words like Militia , Guns , long knives and such , maybe EXPLOSIVE or detonate would be possibilities ?
          And lets not forget Fertilizer or Diesel fuel those two are certainly NO GO words to use.

          I am glad i keep all my posts clean and never use words that could flag my post as terrorist like or liberty and constitution supporting , because we know the NSA groups both of those as well .

          How about Sessna and IRS or Post office , bad words .

          • ERRR, Cessna
            They also spread LIQUID fertilizer with em too, much like the Barrack O and John Kerry.
            now THOSE two names SHOULD send up red flags , much like the ones they already are wavin.

            • Don’t forget the more recent favorite – PRESSURE COOKER.

              bomb – obama – jihad – Christian – God – Bible – bunker – treason – traitor – Anonymous and freedom.

          • After buying reloading supplies for decades and ordering all kinds of gear it’s pretty fair to say that any long term prepper has been placed on the list based on buying habits alone.

            I gave up worrying about it with our second and third visit from State Police and Utility company workers who had to deal with a “gas leak” or a “credit card fraud”. They are scared to death of us and don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

            I could care less. They have no clue where the stuff is, and even less of a clue when it will be used. There are WAY more of us than them and I actually like scaring them with buying habits. They do the math and realize that if regular people are doing this…what about the “Secret Squirrel” types.

            The list is way to long for them to hit us all at the same time and the minute anyone gets wind they will alert the world. It’s probably true that if you are at the top of the list you are probably screwed.I doubt very seriously that we’re near the top.

            • OT-
              Agenda 21 in action
              Obama and the UN playin snuggle butts:

              ht tp://www.nationalreview.com/corner/354734/regionalism-obamas-quiet-anti-suburban-revolution-stanley-kurtz

          • Nitrates
            Pressure cooker
            List schmist
            Who gives a rip, i got a list going too, ill bet mines smaller than theirs

            • Pressure cooker
              Straight marriage
              Constitutional carry

      3. Too late now,we’re on too many lists to count and they don’t have enough space to house us all. Sure hope they have clean sheets,clean restrooms and plenty of good food in the cafeteria. Where do they do the dry cleaning?

        • is there cable tv???

          • Yep and all the SOS you can stand!

      4. 1984 indeed arrived as and when Orwell predicted. Behold 2015 the unwritten sequel playing out right before our eyes. I am a fan of alternate endings and since the skids are now “Greeced” so to speak, it is time to choose. The game cannot be saved past this point. Choose wisely or you have to play the whole game again.

        • Gramps,
          It’s like 1985 meets A Brave New World with half the population on some kind of phyc meds!
          Anyone that can think for themselves is pretty much on a list.

      5. Oh Darn!

        I see that “Daisy” is on the list. Maybe that is why this site unreasonably moderates all my posts. I had no idea that Daisy is a bad word.

      6. everyone can say what ever they want, it doesnt matter when it comes to breaking the and setting your self up to put on some watch list…. all you have to do is live your life and you will be there sooner or later, everyday we break laws up one side and down the other… they hide the laws from us so that we dont know what is legal and what isnt.. i dont worry about what i say, they can kiss my ass as far as im concern… this isnt the country i grew up in so so why should i go out of my way to obey every law thats out there, if i did that, then there is no way i could be anything more then a robot… last time i checked, im human

        • Deano,

          You break very few laws unless you hurt someone, steal something or kill someone.

          You do, however, break about 1 color of law statute or code per hour. We all do.

          The good new? You’re not liable. Just don’t forget you are a living, breathing, human being. The simple fact of the matter is that color of law only applies to you if you allow it to. The supreme law of the land applies to EVERYONE but the color of law is put forward as the only law. Its not law. Its, frankly, corpo-fascist bullshit that they, TPTW sorely *WISH* they could apply to you and they sorely *HOPE* you never read a message like this that clues you in to what kind of bullshit sandwich they’ve been trying to feed us for nearly 100 years.

          Your statement “last time I checked, I’m human”. No! Human, according to the law, is a beast. What you are is a living, breathing, man of spirit with blood, intellect and emotion. Tell them to pucker up: you’re not a corporate entity (corporation, trust, etc).

          You’re close to understanding. Very close.

          • …I misspoke, above. Strike “you are a living, breathing, human being.” and replace it with “you are a living, breathing, man.”

            Color of law, codes, statutes and ordinances can only apply to dead things. Men are things with life.

          • ever since we were kids, we were taught that we go to school, get a job when we turn 16 so we can afford a car, then school, then married then a house and i cant forget kids.. it may not be in that order, which doesnt matter what order you put them in… once you obtain those 5 things, you then pay for them the rest of your life… and we are taught that corporate america is the way to pay the bills, how twisted is that… this is all wrong, its not the way it should be… i myself wish i could get away from corp. america, but the older i get the more i see that the best i will ever be able to, will be about 90% away7 from corp. america and no more then that… and that really sucks…

            i was working for a cmpany that wanted so much control over the employees that if they didnt agree that your activities on vacation then they reserved the right to tell you that you cant do it or you could be fired, oh wait make that separated from employment… so i turned around and told them that i dont work for anyone but myself and that i was using them as a means to accomplish what i needed to do just like they do with every employee they have….. they didnt like that at all… then i told them that i dont get out of bed for them i get out of bed for me, and they got pissed, at that point i reminded them that they do the same thing and they shouldnt be so sold out to the company because they were just a number and an article that will be thrown away when they are done with them…. they had nothing to say

            • Deano360, spot on comments. Sometimes the truth hurts but always wins out. Give me truth over propaganda any day.

          • A law is valid if and only if it defines a crime from which there is an identifiable victim. No victim = no crime. Any other law is null and void.

      7. Grandpa…..” Choose wisely or you have to play the whole game again”. Very intelligent comment. My concern is the new generation is so brain washed that they can’t even think let alone choosing correctly.

        • For the most part, I’m sure the younger generation(s) feel that “thinking” produces a major migraine for them.

          If they were told to start thinking outside the box, I’m afraid they will find themselves confused and lost.

          I know there are some late teens to mid 20 something crowd that are aware of what’s going on…but unfortunately, there isn’t enough of them.

          • Think outside the box? What box? 🙂

            • The kitty’s litterbox, for many of them…

            • Sixpack, I thought they couldn’t even think WITHIN the box, let alone outside of it.

              • BH, you’re one up on me, I didn’t think they even knew there WAS a box, much less how to think in/out of one.

            • Unfortunately, the majority of peoples inability to think outside out the box has been a generational issue for someone.
              Unconventional problems require unconventional solutions. Not procrastination.

      8. Freedom of Religion
        Freedom of Speech
        Freedom to Bear Arms

        Wow I must be an enemy of the state to want these things

        • I resemble that comment

        • Hey! I resemble that remark!

        • I am the epitome of that remark!

          • Sixpack, count me in that club also. No way I’m going to be left out.

      9. Jade Helm is about to commence and, like every military exercise before it and conducted here, there will be no adverse consequences experienced by anyone much less the loony tunes predicting martial law. What’s next for the doomsday porn paranoid conspiracysexuals? As a kid I always enjoyed reading the comics section of the newspaper. This site has replaced the comics as a sources of wry amusement. Which purported conspiracy will be served up next? Stir-fry and serve.

      10. I’m on so many “lists” I no longer give a crap at all. Screw ’em, if the US State Department and the White House with it’s current Organizer-in-Chief, can make a “deal” based on words alone with the Worldwide Chief Sponsor of Terror and Islamofacism, I can freely use a few mere “words” to exercise my Constitutional Rights. Screw ’em if they don’t approve of it or like it.

      11. Nah,they put put a list a few years back.I am on the rock with limited connectivity,that said,will prep dinner while listening to the melodic sounds of Anthrax!That don’t get me on the list,there is always the standard end posts with”Fuck the fed”!Have a good week all and will if we avoid shtf be online more regularly end of week.

        • I was going to type anthrax, but you beat me to it. So I’ll just type pressure cooker.

          The last time I tried to type anthrax a bunch of times, the message was censored.

          • Obama is an african virus. How’s that sound, NSA?

            • Somehow I think even the NSA agrees with that.

      12. I went to the website listed above. It said to type anywhere on the page and their font would flag the words. It flagged “anthrax,” but it didn’t flag “pressure cooker” or “bomb.” I think their dictionary is missing a few words.

      13. Hell I’m not worried about a word. If it makes me a terrorist so be it.
        GUN OWNER. GOT MANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!
        And many more.

      14. We make NO mistakes EVER… You people have nothing to fear.

      15. F.U.Z.O.G.!

      16. It’s kind of like those 7 words that George Carlin said you couldn’t say on TV.

      17. How many earthquakes can Oklahoma have per day before it sets off the New Madrid Fault Line? Check the USGS map today?

      18. No one gets away even if you think you’ve deleted it it stays there if there’s a computer in your house you’ve typed an email somewhere given it to whomever walk into a bank your facial features have been Bio metrically. Weighed measured and profiled you think going dark will help just another red flag

      19. As far as I am concerned free speech can never be taken away from human beings. How else do we let the NWO criminals know where we stand as citizens without violence? Like what kind of morons would cast a vote for Clinton or Bush, the choices the establishment have picked to extend government tyranny? Like the unending stupidity of this psychopathic warmongering state to protect the perpetrators at the top from justice being served for the people’s interests, the majority. It is a thoroughly corrupt bunch of demons calling the shots in a rapidly expanding nightmare. Just like the mainstream media, lies stacked upon lies, not one truthful bit of info is uttered, at threat of elimination. Bring on the People’s Revolution in America. It is long overdue. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. How far will the people be pushed before pushing back? If never, expect the worst ahead. That’s Free Speech! That does’nt make me a terrorist for speaking truth to power. Power to the People! It is our country!

      20. I’m a Christian. I believe in the Bible.
        I swear to defend the Constitution.
        I believe the Bill of Rights is the law of the land as written. Only superseded by the 10 Commandments.
        I own firearms.
        I believe in right and wrong, there is no gray area.
        I don’t believe in gay marriage.
        I don’t believe in abortion.
        I don’t believe in a free entitlements.
        I pledge allegiance To the Stars and Stripes.
        I respect the Stars and Bars.
        I believe that GOD made man, S&W, COLT, WINCHESTER AND REMINGTON AND A FEW OTHERS, made them equal.
        So If these make me a terrorist, Then I’m Proud To Call A Terrorist!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Northern Reb, you sound just like Braveheart. At least I know I’m in the right kind of company.

      21. I installed nuclear warheads in the Air Force and had one of the highest security clearances available. I’ve been a police officer, licensed security professional, and worked as a contractor for the DOD for 23 years. I have signed more non-disclosure act forms than I can remember. I get my medical care from the VA. I have had a federal firearms license and I also have a CCW permit. I figure I am on every government list going and probably already have a microchip up my rectum, so they can tell when and where I take a s–t. I doubt if there is any chance of me going dark, so I might as well try to set a record for the number of lists I can get on.

        • I often wondered why the medical profession keeps agressively pushing colonoscopies on us. They advertize in every place imaginable, and if you have a pain, they suggest a colonoscopy….Perhaps THAT’S why, because they need somewhere to shove that damned chip…

          Moral of the story – NEVER drop the soap.

        • I love it. Thanks for making me laugh. Similar to yours but not as colorful. Start google funeral expenses and cancer and you will fall low to off the lists. Medical projection and ability is part of the projection protocol 🙂

      22. Zog Amerika CIA and the Israehell Zionist Mossad wages an illegal ISIS aL-CIA-duH war against Children!



      23. Folks anyone that has or has had a security clearance higher than a confidential is on the list. Anyone with comminution training is on the list. The same as with Intel, hey you get the picture, so if you have said anything on the phone, computer or whatever you are now considered a terrorist. Unless you were a total sheeple your whole life guess what; you are a terrorist. Hell we are all terrorist in the eyes of the PTB plain and simple.

        • Copperhead, let them continue with their BS; they’ll do it anyway. I don’t recognize anything they do as legitimate. Even their attitude toward us isn’t legitimate. So they can go f#$% themselves. Hear that, NSA?

      24. I AM A TERRORIST!
        To the bugs in my kale field!!!
        Have mass murdered millions of caterpillars and aphids,

        • Kula….did you use hollow point or FMJ? lol.

          • He gassed the living hell outta ’em and then he shoveled them into the incinerator.

          • Yep,
            Poisonous liquids turned arisol!

        • LOL KULA , I snipered a sick racoon the other day with a 410 at almost 3 yards !
          I must be a terrorist too!

          • OHHHHHH KF….you said ‘terrorist.’

          • Definitely,,
            I be a sniper too, was hunkered down with my marauder and executed a pheasant from 1000 in away,,,
            Poor bastard never even heard the shot! Just did a hop and flop and that was all he wrote,

            • Kula and Hammerhead, I took out a squirrel in my backyard with a .177 pellet pistol last weekend. I’m a sniping mofo.

        • I snipe at the magpies denuding my fruit trees and garden with their voracious predation. “Protected status” be damned, there’s thousands of them on my property…well lots and lots of them.(now) They attacked and destroyed the nests of nesting pheasants on my property, so I protected one species over another!

          • DING DING DING
            WE HAVE A WINNER !!!!!
            TP , Wins the” Margret Sanger gene pool protection award”

            Congrats to TP , We will also enter Mr TP into the ” fruit orchard social engineer” contest to be held next month.

      25. Friends until cell phone and internet go dark everything that goes down is false flags and or training. Cell phone and internet are the two main way of communicating with one other after they go down then all we will have short wave radio and ham radio. All other news outlets be MSM, radio, TV, will be no more than propaganda from TPTB. So until cell’s and the net go down it is not for real only fake B S. IMHO!!

        • Any more , most shortwave is internet dependant , most broadcasts are from ISP via shortwave.
          If it all goes dark , they lose control , they wont lose control on purpose.
          But , if shortwave is all we have , then CBs will rule the day locally , ten four ol’ buddy , i see a bear in the air .

          • Hammer:
            There is a SMOKEY in a plane wrapper at mile marker 110! What’s your 20 good buddy?
            C.B.’s and walkie/talkies for local use.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • NR and Hammerhead, I see a smokey doing a strip search on acid at mile marker 0. That acid is an uglier mother than I thought.

              • You sound like you’re the one who would prefer to be strip searched by acid, you’re always going on about him, makes one wonder about your dispositions.

      26. the screws tighten

        Kuwait enacts law to make DNA testing mandatory

        ht tp://www.arabianbusiness.com/kuwait-enacts-law-make-dna-testing-mandatory-598566.html

        and for a western”democracy” to pass a law like this
        is criminal

        Amnesty : Spain’s new counter-terrorism law would infringe human rights

        h ttp://www.tumbit.com/news/articles/9934-amnesty-spains-new-counter-terrorism-law-would-infringe-human-rights.html

      27. I love the comment, “we are losing our freedom.” Just a little note– we lost it a long time ago.

      28. When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see http://www.gwu.edu/~ffcp/exhibit/p6/p6_7.html ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

        The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to Politifact.com and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

        But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size). One source for this you can check out is
        (http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2011/jul/01/randy-forbes/rep-forbes-says-federal-registration-containing-re/ )

      29. Off Topic:
        Fox news actually has something about Jade Helm 15 on its web page???
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      30. why not overload NSA with thousands and thousands of junk emails which contain those words only.

        • When that news first came out i think Mountain Trekker was doing the word of the day, we would all use the offensive terrorist word as many times as possible even if it made absolutely no sense at all, fun times,,,,

        • thereareactuallyverysimplewaystoconfusethensamegaputeritisimpossibletooverloadonceyouconsiderthatifeverymanwomanandchildstartedtypingnowuntildoomsdaywestillcouldnotoverloadthathing. Trhee aer wysa rauodn it htghou. Get it?

      31. Despite pressure to join a hand-off-of-profile website I am sure everything else I do is compiled into some other data profile. Facebook makes me sick to see what it allows your psych profile to be sorted as.. That said, we are all profiled and categorized based on basic comments anywhere. Its silly to think otherwise. We are addicted to the internet.

      32. htt p://counterjadehelm.info/salute-reports/public-reports

      33. I know Google builds up profiles on people that they then sell to governments so i run a web-bot that feeds google millions of fake search request very slowly so they don’t have a clue what i am interested in and you can bet it includes a lot of these banned words.

        ISP’s also collect HTTP Posts to pull out and record any passwords and use names so again i use a web-bot to feed them junk

        Sometimes in a war you need to fight back to be in with a chance of winning but it does not help running the windows virus that gives all these spyware agents a backdoor

      34. I have 3 words that may get me on the list; “Fuck you obama”.

      35. Barns and Noble have a book written by Kristen Powers on this subject, “The Silencing”. She is a liberal Democrat by her own testimony. Nonetheless she criticizes other liberals whom she refers to as illiberals. I suggest you buy this book and read it. It’s a very important book. Powers should get a Pulitzer for her brilliant evaluation of how “the left/’il’liberals” silence through demonization, insults to the person’s character or intelligence, etc. makes people look foolish, and how they use them as examples by punishing them. She’s so spot on.

        • And yet, turn about is not fair play in their view. If it happens, they put up such a hew and cry about being mistreated.

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