Elite Hiding in Bunkers to Escape War with China: “Intended Survivors Are Moving Underground”

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 169 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. “Bathed in deadly radiation”

        Ha ha – and the Japanese still live.

        What BS

        • I call bullshit on this article. Are you telling me that the shielding that prevents radiation from leaking out of a nuclear power plant is not enough shielding to stop an EMP? If a basic faraday cage can stop an EMP, then the shielding that contains a nuclear power plant should be fine.

          But who knows, there hasn’t been an EMP attack yet.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • Yup

            • It’s David Hodges so skipped the article and came to say, yeah… David Hodges.

              • Yup
                Just come to mingle or vent

                • Since nothing is coming of Jade Helm, I am surprised he hasn’t had a coronary.

              • Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the us navy maintain half of the nuclear sub fleet at sea fully locked and loaded should the need arise?. I don’t think china would be so fool hardy as to do something as drastic as an emp strike least they became glow in the dark cinders as well. Most of what Dave Hodges puts out there is either wrong or greatly blown up

                • to be fair, one of the primary targets (and purpose of..) EMP would be the command and control structure. No organized retaliation if theres no orders/comms.

                  Not arguing the validity of the article, just making a point on your comment.

                  Be safe out there.

                • Rabbit, during my stint in the Army I served on a thing called the NRASS (Nuclear Reaction Security System). I never even saw a nuclear weapon and wouldn’t have known it if I did. We just shuffled papers to “Assure” they were all accounted for, wherever they were. It was that crazy. But this was back when we supposedly had field artillery nukes that could be fired from the 155 Howitzers. That said, we were told as long as the President was alive he controlled the submarine nukes. However if the submarine commanders could not make contact with Washington for a certain number of hours then each and every submarine in the fleet had predetermined targets that each would destroy. They never told us how many hours had to go by before the crew launched, but this system kept all our enemies honest and above board. Probably, the Russians and Chinese have the same system. What a mess.

          • I agree on the bullshit factor, but not for the same reason you are.

            There are two issues at a nuclear power plant. One is the fuel in the rector and the other is the spent fuel in the coolong ponds.

            The fuel in the reactor is very thermally hot. (I distinguish this because they are also radioactivly hot.) No brainer right? The water in the reactor vessel gets up to 600 deg farenhiet. The control rods regulate the criticality or power. Pull out the rods, the more critical, the more heat, the more power. Drop the rods all of the way in stops criticality. In an emergency safety rods also drop, insuring the cesastion of criticality, but there is still a LOT of thermal heat to get rid of, hence the need for pumps. If the pumps fail and there is still too much heat, what happens if you heat a pressure cooker up to far on the stove? No saftey valve. Boom! Same thing here. Water will expand 1600 times when it flashes to steam. That is a lot of pressure to build up inside the containment dome. This too may fail. The there is an environmental release. As the water boils away, the metal of the rods will catch on fire and the metal that doesn’t burn will melt and pool in the bottom of the vessel. Newer reactors will pool the now liquid uranium in such a way that criticality won’t restart, but older ones may allow criticality not to resume. Slang term China Syndrom. It will continue to burn and discharge radioactive soil and minerals as it brurns through the ground. It will stop, but not after discharging tons of material.

            The second is the s poo ent rods. Same thing. They are thermallynhot and the water needs to be cooled and more added from time to time becsuse they are not sealed like the reactor. It evaporates inthe atmosphere. These aren’t as dangerous, but if they are hot enough, once uncovered, may melt. If they melt and catch fire, the same issues apply, except no initial explosion.

            I’m hoping that all plants will have enough diesel to cool the reactor enough, that the reactor vessel and containment structure hold.

            • Forgive me, I typed the above on my tablet in the car.

              • Hopefully, you weren’t driving.

                • stole a new Vette, didn’t ya 😉

              • On the your table in the car! You should be a driver with Nascar. Very impressive. thanks for the info. PS: If you typed it while in the garage…then all bets on Nascar are off.

            • The problem with an EMP and a nuclear plant is not the reactor (at least at first). The problem is whether the EMP takes out the electronics that control the reactor and the pumps.

              The article is bullshit from a nuclear disaster viewpoint. If the U.S. is uninhabitable, it will be so for a LOT longer than you could survive in your bunker. If you truly are in a combination disaster with nuclear plants and EMPs your only hope is to get out of Dodge as fast as your bicycle or legs can carry you. If you are lucky enough to have an old car, start driving right away before the pirate roadblocks go up.

              • at first the problem is not the radiation or functioning of the plant i agree with. but the emp will kill all sources of electricity from outside the plant. and sooner than later without electricity a nuclear plant has problems. big problems.

          • I agree with you JJsan. Also, there isn’t enough ground and sunlight for solar panels to replace all the nuclear power generated in the US. That is a greenies pipedream!

            • Just have to chime in here on the solar thing. My house is two years old 2400 and change square feet. Energy efficient but still all the normal creature comforts. Washer dryer 60 some inch tv. House is totally off grid not a single wire or pipe connected to any outside services..not that they are avalible in my remote location anyways. Cost for the solar was about 40 000 dollars total. Total solar panel area is about 14 feet by 30 feet. I will never have a hydro bill. By design off grid solar should be emp proof. No long wire runs and it’s designed to survive a direct lightning strike. Emp will never come close to that kind of current or voltage over my 100 ft wire runs. Only problem will be not knowing the grid went down until I wander into town…..

              • Catfish, not to worry, town will come to you. lol

              • If you are so far away from town-then I take it when you say that you will merely wander into town, that is B.S. too with all the other things that you have said?

                • I’m about 20 min drive to a town of about 15000 by wander in I mean when
                  I get board at home and head go town to my favorite breakfast joint. . Not BS about the solar house. Wasn’t cheap but to have grid power here we would have had to extend the power line. That would have been about 10k figured just go off grid and be done with it.
                  Have been very happy with it. Takes some getting used to. Don’t do laundry on the cloudy days. No air conditioning but the place is slab on grade so it stays pretty cool on its own.
                  Some of the major components of my setup are Xantrex xw6048 invertor outback flexmax 80 charge controller 1300 amp hour absolite battery bank at 48 volts. Ground mount solar panels on an A frame that doubles as a firewood shed. 15 solar panels at 245 watts and 12 at 300 watts. Just saying it can be done with enough cash that’s all

          • Not what they are talking about is my guess. The nuclear reactor and reactor coolant pumps or flow pumps are inside the shielded housing the reactor is in. All the control systems are OUTSIDE of this shielded housing and are all over the plant and are NOT shielded at all. So…all one has to do is blast the U.S. or any other country with a powerful E.M.P. weapon and the control and operating systems fail. That’s all there is to it. Since you cannot control the plant it will SCRAM which is an emergency shutdown but…there is no way to remove the heat generated by decay fission. All the cooling pumps will be offline. It really is that simple. In a matter of minutes the reactor will reach extremely high temperature and pressure and the reactor/primary relief valves (they are mechanical) will lift to remove the excess pressure. This will continue until the core is uncovered which means there is now no decay heat removal so the core/fuel rods melt down. Hence…Chernoble or Fukushima…take your pick. It gets worse….the spent fuel rods in the Fuel Pool will also melt down. Why? Because they too require continuous cooling water flow provided by a fuel pool cooling system. Since that system (and the backup system which we installed BECAUSE of Fukushima) will not be operating (remember that loss of control and operation I mentioned earlier?) eventually the fuel rods in the Fuel Pool will also heat up and boil the water off the Fuel Pool uncovering the rods causing another melt down and fission release into the environment. Now it gets EVEN BETTER….every single nuclear power plant in the U.S. sits on a water source. Most water sources are fresh water. Guess what? That’s right! Every one of these plants will MELT DOWN and release heavy duty fission products directly into the rivers, lakes and oceans and directly into the air. It’s a killer for sure. I should know what I’m talking about. I’ve been in nuclear power plants since 1978. We are doomed if this happens.

          • So this clown claims that the US was responsible for the disaster in China> Funny no one else including the Chinese have said that. What a BS article. This place is starting to get as stupid as the I was abducted by aliens stories.

          • It is not about the shielding at the plant. It is about the shielding of the huge step up transformers outside the plant. I work in the field. Not at a nuke. I am a supervisor at two different plants that are not nuclear. Nuclear plants have about a months worth of back up diesel fuel. Then it is about the spent fuel rods. The reactors may melt but they are designed to stand that. The big concrete domes. The spent fuel rods are the problem in a blackout. They are in pools outside the reactors.
            That would be the worst case scenario for us all.

            Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

          • What I want to know is how one of these “EMP Events” is actually set off?
            The authour of the article just says….”China could easily set off an EMP event”…..but how is it done?
            No one even knows.
            I say an EMP is just like an American politician….a load of hot cock.

            • It’s supposed to be an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and it’s set off by the sun or by terrorist. They are saying this will happen, not if but when, but who knows when?

            • The first EMP weapon was designed and patented by Tesla in 1908. It was offered to the Army, but they said that there would never be a use for such a thing and never built them. An EMP is simple to make and release. It requires a high voltage power source, and a capacitor to make a very simple one. Then you discharge the capacitor rapidly.

          • A Faraday cage goes not stop all EMP. If magnetic fields can pass through, then the EMP can pass through and induce currents inside the cage. The higher the frequency the better the Faraday cage is at shielding.

            The problem with nuclear power plants is they need outside power to run the cooling system.

            Without the grid working, they melt down.

          • $40 for oil is Nothing. I been reading articles about $15 Barrel of Oil coming soon. Which makes Saudi Arabia one of the only producer who can still make a profit. Their cost is like $4 a barrel. Just goes to show you the big ripoff in oil and gas to Americans. And the Billions jack ass Oil Co’s make off of us.


        • Quick,
          evidently you don’t understand LONGTERM nuclear exposure!! better look at the stats of infants on the west coast and then again at the stats going on in Japan, they were instantly killed BUT just like what you don’t hear about all the people here in the USA that were in the fallout zones during testing of nuclear bombs from years ago are still having massive birth defects and deaths. so my friend do some research, and you will be sick at what you will find.

          • stupid auto correct!! they were NOT instantly killed,

        • Lots to chew on there SHTFPlan. Potassiam Iodide…. And evacuate up wind. The Big X Factor is 99.9% of people dont have access to potassium Iodide in their preps. Thus they will die clinging to their bibles, poor souls. So should be easy pickings through their stuff. Its TEOTWAYKI for you!!! Live at least 500 to 1000 miles from one of these Nuke Plants. Sell and get out now, from any major city as well. At least a full tank of gas or more away from and big city or nuke plant.


          • well then i guess your sol ,Fl 100 mi wide give or take and 600 mi long give or take ,five reactors, homestead , crystal river ,levy county ,offshore power ,and port st lucie ,so where does that leave you

            • Lower 40. Crystal River nuke plant is out of service forever, has been for at least 2 yrs. Homestead by Miami is 400 miles away. St johns by JAX is doing OK and big port for diesel fuel. Never heard of a nuke plant in Leavy co. But the wind blows west to east and Gulf of Mex is fresh air for 600 miles. FL is in pretty good shape nuke wise. Go north of FL and it is Winter. No Thx.


      2. Having worked in both the Chemical & Oil Refining industries for three decades the probability of the Chinese chemical fire explosion being accidental is very high.

        If there are Space Based weapons that can destroy facilities on earth undetected the likelihood of their use is 100%.

        Life is turning into “The Twilight Zone”.

        • if they did use the God Rod then there would have been a streak similar to a meteor. Nothing can reenter the atmosphere without sonic booms if traveling over speed of sound and a fireball across the sky. It was either sabotage or some one light up a smoke at the wrong time.

          • If they aim that god rod near my BOL, I will introduce them to my ventilation team via hot lead.

        • An absolute BS article from Hodges. This guy makes Alex Jones look legit.

          • Rodster.

            We can all take the info posted here and determine if it is bullshit or not by research.


            If Mr. Hodges’s information is so detrimental to the Prepper Nation. Why does Mac post his articles on his site?

            Three points.

            Does Hodges’s information contain some value.
            Mac is providing entertainment and wild discussion points.
            His articles may generate sales.

            • ” BUT.

              If Mr. Hodges’s information is so detrimental to the Prepper Nation. Why does Mac post his articles on his site?”

              Just because Mac post an article or blog, doesn’t make it truer or real if it’s based on bullshit. This article is just that, based on BS. Just think, if what was written by DH, was true, you’d have a HOT WAR on your hands right now between two nuclear powers.

              • Rodster.

                Good point.

                For the sake of obtaining good prep information would it be an advantage to bypass all D. Hodges’s articles with no input. Die on the vine. so to speak.
                If so, how many other contributors are to be included in such action.

                • We haven’t had any articles from Colonel Klink and his fema walmarts recently.

                  • “We haven’t had any articles from Colonel Klink and his fema walmarts recently.”

                    LMAO – absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

              • Look at the statement: “It ( solar panels) could replace nuclear power, thus rendering nuclear power plants useless.”

                Fact: No amount of solar panels in the desert can produce as much power at a nuclear plant. A solar power plant is no threat to a nuclear power plant based on ability to generate power.

                • Well let me get you straight on this one: just because there is no disclosure of efficient solar panels for consumer/civilian use, it does not mean there aren´t any out there.
                  Actually the military contractor i work for has solar panels way past the developmental stage, which have a staggering 87% efficiency converting solar radiation into usable electricity, which brings us back to the point in case: rendering nuclear plants obsolete with solar panels? ABSOLUTELY, just not with the ones the common joe has knowledge of.

                • The 4 -6 ft Solar panels I have at my BOL runs everything. Fridge to an A/C. Ran a table saw today. Full electric Cottage. Cheaper than building a Nuke plant on the property and way safer.

                  Just Saying…


              • If his article is total BS, then explain why their are 59 square miles of tunnels and living facilities beneath the New World International Airport in Denver, CO? Our own government has admitted that is true. Even the Bible says the rich and powerful will be in tunnels and caves when He returns. Dave can get way out there sometimes, but this article is a long way from the feedlot. Thanks and God bless.

              • Mac slings this out to his fishes (Us) to munch on everyday.. I bet he gets a few chuckles reading our BS. I bet he even predicts what each of us will say by whats posted on the daily buffet menue of articles.

                ~ WWTI. Keep prepping and stacking folks. Dow down another 2% today, I hear. Weeeeeeeee…….

            • Ding!Ding!Ding! WE, have a winner in the post by Rodster.
              Hodges articles generate sales(hits) and revenue.

              it’s ALWAYS all about the money. Follow the money.

          • As soon as I saw Hodges was the source… well, I thought here we go again. He never proofreads his articles, he turns conjecture into nailed-on fact and then changes his tune with the next cartload of anecdotal “evidence” he stumbles over. Don’t get me wrong – I believe he is very sincere; but he is also inconsistent, sloppy and an inadvertent peddlar of disinformation.

            • ELLO jay. You write a good sentence fella.

              • Ta v much for saying so…

        • No shit. File this under “why conventional and nuclear warfare is completely impossible in the 21st Century”.

          104 nuke plant failures? Whole planet’s gone. Up to and including 50 miles underground.

          Any form of warfare furthermore would necessarily have as its main objective, landing troops and securing all nuclear power generating sites and stabilizing them. All of them simultaneously actually. Because an indigenous population that’s losing and losing badly is just as likely to sabotage them themselves.

          • I think the Chinese would have to know our nuclear power plants are protected from EMPs before using them. This could be kept secret for just this reason.

        • Personally, I doubt that the Tianjin explosion was anything BUT accidental. The PRC (China-for the publicly educated)is the planet’s largest exporter of the precursor chemicals used to manufacture meth-amphetamines. The bulk of their exports go straight to Guatemala and southern Mexico.
          Seems rather plausible that some inscrutable Asiatic on his smoke break lit up in the wrong place at the “right time” and the Tianjin KaBoom occurred.
          Like the article above by Hodges, my opinion on the Tianjin KaBoom! is based on personal supposition, random wild-assed speculation and personal animus towards the entire PRC Congress and Party.
          The common sense part of my opinion is based solely from the US State Department’s public open sources on Chinese imports to Mexico and Guatemala.(at least I actually did some research where Hodges pulled the above article in a masterful feat from his own rectum, without removing his cranium first. Kudos!)

      3. Feeling like Stephen Falken after all these years. Bring it.

      4. Good old Disinfo Dave. Next he will tell us how the elite are going to colonize the moon or some other farcical garbage. Dave was discredited years ago and one needs to question why Mac would put his articles of SHTF.

        • No shit! I guess if it’s posted on the internet it must be true. 😉

          No evidence other than speculation. You would think they would accuse the US of shenanigans and start a war. Not a peep from the Chinese and they are looking for an excuse as do the Russians to start something.

          • Bonjour. I am a French model.

        • Seems like a lot of sites are still posting Dave’s horseshit. He writes great doom porn, mixes in some truth with a pile of disinfo and calls it fact. About every post he puts up has this format.

          • Spot on .02, Hodges is a master manipulator. I’ve actually met this fraud in person before. He was so phony I literally could not contain my laughter.

            • Most media is posting dis or mis information,
              Its all to stir the pot, hype the fanatacism, sell stuff.
              Alt media is just as bad as or worse than the MSM, and theres a slew of the doomers who just keep posting the same articles again and again and again with slight changes,
              This stuff is entertainment at best,
              I prefer reading about farming or gardening and self sustainable lifestyles, healt, real prepping stuff and things that are informative and helpful weather there is a collapse or no,
              This crap here is not informative or helpful period..
              If there is a holocaust or huge war all the preps or bunkers won’t make the world worth being anywhere to struggle and possiblysurvive.

              • Kula
                You said.

                “If there is a holocaust or huge war all the preps or bunkers won’t make the world worth being anywhere to struggle and possiblysurvive.” JMHO


                There you have it in a nut shell.

                • Big difference between surviving a depression and a massive nuke exchange or meltdown,,,
                  A hurricaine, earthquake, fires, even fleas or locust! Those i can deal with.
                  A radioactive smouldering contaminated world where everyone is severely compromised? No thanks, hope it lands right on my head!

            • I talked to Hodges on the Ph one time 5-6 yrs ago,, he wanted me to come on his Radio show. I declined. OPSEC. Way too risky at the time. He had a lot of legit beefs Re: Eminent Domain Taking by the Govnt Trolls.


          • “Seems like a lot of sites are still posting Dave’s horseshit.”

            You ought to see how this article got everyone including Sean at SGTReport all lathered up. It’s was like reading a replay of Orson Wells “War of the Worlds”

            • SGT report was one site I wrote off long ago as well. I agree with Kulafarmer’s post about almost all alternative media being disinformation.

              • “SGT report was one site I wrote off long ago as well.”

                I did too, I got tired of the Jewish Zionist cabal ruling the world, the Illuminati and tin foil hat BS.

            • Rodster,
              I don not know where you get your info. BUT SOME of Daves articles are pretty valid!!! some are a little far fetched, but i do my own research and Dave’s articles do merit consideration, you would do better with a open mind!! a closed mind WILL get you dead or comped!! IF you know what i mean! maybe you don’t get it. but soon you will. hope it works out for you!

        • If you run across one of those Air Vent tubes from below the ground, just poor some diesel and gas down it followed by a road flare. Kaboom. Aka: Illustrated in the Dirty Dozen Movie. Ytube it. 1% becomes Zero %.


          • Who Woulda you are not a Thinking. Down in that bunker is a family or perhaps many families. Just because people are wealthy doesn’t make them agents of Satan. You have no right to harm anyone especially innocents. There will be children, babies who will be the young strong rebuilders of civilization after a catastrophic event.

            • My best bet is that the rich and others in the know are not so much preparing for man- made events but for the one event for which they can not control. I’m referring to the Volcano that is going to put us into another ice age. Yellowstone is the real deal breaker. When she blows it will make a nuke look like child’s play. And she could blow at anytime between now and 100,000 years from now. But she’s going to blow her top sooner or later. We need to do our preps and let the rich do theirs. They want to survive too.

      5. I doubt the cost if 1 stealth bomber would cover the cost of protecting the entire American grid??
        Obama let Russia and China observe the emp testing, is he totally retarted?
        We should have done more to protect our grid and nuclear plants but Obama would rather have us destroyed and Congress cant get their shit together to do anything useful.

        • Please contribute to Obama’s Presidential Library. AKA
          The House of Lies and Deceit.

          • I’ll donate 3 coloring books.

        • We’ve known about ALL of this for decades at least. There WAS an underground storage facility for control rods half a century ago. Why it wasn’t used, why the outdoor “cooling pools” are used to hold “spent” rods instead is unfathomable – until you start thinking about the danger posed to the planetary surface by the nuke power plants in the U.S. ALONE. Those power plants are essentially GUARANTEED to fail at some point. As far as I’ve EVER been able to see it’s never been a matter of “if” but “WHEN”. America will NOT be the sole victim when it happens either – the entire planet will be inundated with radiation. This has been known, again, for at least half a century. I remember 50 years ago quite well, and I remember warnings about this. They were ignored. The ONLY conclusion possible is that this is part of the “elite” depopulation plans.

          I think that sooner or later, whatever happens, this will be trigger if ANY of the so-called “elites” are left running around loose. Obama is an agent of theirs, and there are many others in high positions. The results from Fukushima were known before the “accident” was triggered; they did it anyway. They’ve always been insane – sociopaths, specifically – and they remain so. If ANY are left alive and free they WILL trigger this. They’ve stolen MORE than enough wealth to make it happen at will.

          This isn’t “doom and gloom BS” – it’s simple fact. The insane “elites” have worked for this for a long, long time. They’ve always blocked every single effort at mitigation – they WANT THIS to happen. Nuclear power was unnecessary in the first place; it was just made to sound “efficient” and futuristic to the public. It was always a weapon. I think this is the time it was intended for. Nothing else explains this insane “government”!

          • Ian.

            In that case, booby trap everything before you die.

      6. Dow down 284 points. Can they save the day?

        • Options expiry today right? So witching will be out. I certainly THINK they will save the day [for themselves and their investment bank buds]. But not betting on it with my money!
          Look for market to close up a percent in order to cover all the options.
          Then next week the real deal may begin. I guess this is how credit bubbles end, not with a bang but with a whimper.

          By the way, animals in Chernobyl reproduce faster than they die of cancer. Maybe humans could too. Or maybe that is why most animals have short repro and lifespans. Need to repro before the cancer. Need to die before wearing out. Otherwise, how to we explain animals not living to 1 million and not having babies forever.

        • But they are keeping metals subdued. When the market loses 600+ and the gold/silver/etc take off to the moon is when you better head for the bunker b/c the ppt and the fed just lost control.

        • TAKING BETS ☏ I call a negative 400 points with a +/- 10 point spread! Any takers?

          • ZB

            Dow down 375 points. Tick tock, tick tock.

            • Ya I’m surprised somebody didn’t challenge my – 400 +/- 10 point spread.
              Now only if I had placed a Bet on it! Oh well, don’t matter none. There will be more Quantitative Easing being introduced into Wall Street again. Everything should be looking back to normal after Monday’s Closing. The Numbers will be back to the Plus Side once again so the dummies can continue to have faith in the system.

          • Good call. It’s -388 @ 3:10 with 1:20 to go. The Plunge Protection Team is slackin.

            • I suppose it was Joe! Hell, I just woke up today and said to myself. “you know what? This looks like a good day for a Negative 400 points to close out the day.”
              Because, installing fear into the failed system needs to happen every year at this time, since we have been living on life support. [QE]
              Faith will be restored after Monday’s Closing, so no need to sweat it folks.

        • Elites going underground?

          Hell most of them have been underground/un-accessible, for a long time. A lot will go underground when the “great” shaking begins.
          Some out of fear, and some because the earth has opened up and swallowed them.

          Anyways, back to the hot topic of the day..the stock market.

          I read where one economist said this is now a bear market.
          Wait a minute, he must have skipped Econ 101.
          A 10% reduction in the overall stock market is a “correction”.

          It takes a twenty % dump to officially make a Bear market.
          And a total of 30% or more to signal a collapse of the market.
          China’s market has collapsed, but they have superficially kept the 30% loss look like a shaved Bear.

          This USSAG DOW market sell off is nothing but a slight correction…as of now. But, more importantly, when all indicators and graphs are looked at, it is a “trigger indicator”, of what is to come.

          I believe that a full on collapse is coming. I believe it will be so drastic that the feds or the gov can do nothing to stop it or cover it up. WHY?

          This is warfare. Spiritual warfare to change the hearts and minds of selfish and worldly thinking peoples. Satan has used money and stuff to indoctrinate the people. God played along.

          But when the majority let the heathens display their Homo displays all over the streets and even on the White House, that was a slap in the face, and the gloves came off and it is bare knuckle bashing now.
          The wrath has been boiling, over the killing of millions of innocents, but to allow the live births to breathe air and then be murdered for their parts, for money….that is it.

          The proverbial last straw.

          From 2008 until now has been a warning period. Make a change in your moral compass, or the next round of chastisement will be coupled with judgments.

          Wealth of Americans will be depleted at staggering rates. The world will follow suit. We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Now I don’t claim to know God’s mind and thoughts as some here make their accusations of, but i do know His Words, and hear the Spirit voice of change in the air.

          That is why I have been teaching what I believe is coming, on here for years. I admit, some of my predictions on the timing could be off some, because God operates on His time clock, not ours.
          I guess we will see how it all pans out. But, there is a short window, I truly believe, for last minute preppers to get their shit together. Spiritually, financially, and mentally.
          Expect the worse, but put yourselves in positions to be covered as best as you can, for there is some protection available.

          You do not want to be in the predicament like the elite and run to hide in some rabbit hole, where the demons can crawl up and grab your ankles. Literally.

          • Luk 17:2
            It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

            Ya’ll think about it, and have a good weekend. Me and the wife and the Dingo Dog are going to the b o in the woods for the weekend. Fresh air and spirits in the wind. Maybe even dig out a dusty bottle of homemade red that has been aging for ten or so.

            • An EXTRA blessing for the righteous passin… I love this dude… I’m gonna spend eternity with him… YEAH.

            • God is not real PWTW. You are wasting your time spouting this nonsense. Also, I thought your God was against drunkenness?? I know a little wine is acceptable, but getting intoxicated is a no-no. Typical hypocritical Christian.

            • Top Ten Signs You’re a Fundamentalist Christian

              10 – You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours.

              9 – You feel insulted and “dehumanized” when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt.

              8 – You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Triune God.

              7 – Your face turns purple when you hear of the “atrocities” attributed to Allah, but you don’t even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in “Exodus” and ordered the elimination of entire ethnic groups in “Joshua” including women, children, and trees!

              6 – You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

              5 – You are willing to spend your life looking for little loopholes in the scientifically established age of Earth (few billion years), but you find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen sitting in their tents and guessing that Earth is a few generations old.

              4 – You believe that the entire population of this planet with the exception of those who share your beliefs — though excluding those in all rival sects – will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of Suffering. And yet consider your religion the most “tolerant” and “loving.”

              3 – While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in “tongues” may be all the evidence you need to “prove” Christianity.

              2 – You define 0.01% as a “high success rate” when it comes to answered prayers. You consider that to be evidence that prayer works. And you think that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of God.

              1 – You actually know a lot less than many atheists and agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history – but still call yourself a Christian.

              • FTW,

                Thanks for posting the most cogent argument for all the Christians to see. You’ve probably brought down the wrath of old passin on yourself though, because he’s Gods anointed one here and all who dare make sport of him will know what it’s like to have God come down and ” gitcha!”. I especially like the part about how God, who created all these other billions of people in the world will turn around at the time of their death and say” Sorry! Even though I saw fit to create you, you were not put in the right place or time to be exposed to the ” Right” type of religion, so, no Heaven for YOU! Hey, what can I say, I’m God, the ultimate jokester!”. Yeah, that situation has ALWAYS made TONS of sense,how could ANYBODY possibly doubt it?

                • You’re Welcome Jason D

                  I normally keep to myself on issues of this matter, but…..
                  When somebody wants to keep habitually posting fraudulent Scriptures in a Forum where it has no business.

                  Then I suppose I have no problem indulging myself in such conversations…… besides ….

                  Now … if Jesus decided he wanted to have a 1 on 1 talk with me, I would intervene with ….

                  “Jesus, Jesus … whatcha doing down from your cross? Hey little buddy, let’s go find it, and I’ll help you back up there where you belong.”

                  • When the hammer falls, and the locust army is released from the pit, Their demonic sensors will seek all you buttcracks out, and find plenty of warm bodies.

                    Your bodies will not be housing just one, because there are legions and love to be inside, already dead, souls.

                    In Mark 5, we are told about a man that had almost 2000 in him.
                    Oh you boys will be so dreadful and filthy, but you will still be in flesh bodies so you won’t last too long.

                    Happy mocking, girls.

                    • Pissin, you’re going to give all us southerners a bad name. People are going to think we’re all fuckin nutjobs with dual personalities and IQ’s of 65. Knock it off already, your charade is becoming an insult to everyone’s intelligence, except your own.

              • FTW- You forgot Chriatians that get married in a church that believes the earth is only 5000 yrs old; but then give your wife a diamond that is several million yrs old as a wedding gift. Cant fix stoopid!

                ~ WWTI

                • I believe it is said to be “6,000” years old … but who the hell is counting anyways … besides, in this day and age. “What difference does it make?”

                  Yes, I agree with the “marriage/wedding ring” ordeal …… ‘oh the IRONY.

                  EARTH – 6,000 years old
                  DIAMOND – millions of years old

                  God is not good with MATH!

                  • FTW: I posted one reply to you but it has not shown up so here goes another try. For anyone that reads and understands the Bible knows the earth is over 6000 years old. Genesis Chapter One vs. 28 tells us that when God sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden He told them to go forth, multiply and replenish the earth. Now, that would prove that the earth was at least once before populated and then destroyed before Adam and Eve ever came on the scene. The earth is much, much older than Churches teach the congregants to believe. That’s church doctrine and has nothing at all to do with the real teachings of Holy Scripture. Thanks

              • 10. The Bible clearly states there are other gods upon the earth, but only one God in heaven. If people do not believe in the Sovereign God then that is their business and none of mine.

                9. God did make man from the dust of the earth and breathed into him a living soul. There is no missing link, we did not evolve.

                8. There is no Trinity, never has been, never will be. The Bible tells us, “There is one God, and one mediator between man and God, the man Jesus Christ. Jesus is not God, He is the son of God.

                7. God cannot commit a crime. He is sovereign, and as a sovereign He is the author of the law and therefore is not subject to it. Whether we like it or not that is the way it is. As for the murders He committed against other people or ordered Joshua or other underlings to commit, there is one that stands out above all else. Here it is, “The slain of the Lord shall cover the earth on that day.” Luke 19:27, “Bring all those to this stone that would not have me be their King and kill them.” Yes, on judgement day Christ will be the biggest, baddest murderer the world has ever known: by far.

                6. Yes the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary. That proves the there is no Trinity, because if the Holy Spirit and Jesus were also counted as God, then that would mean Jesus slept with his own mother, and that dog don’t hunt. That is just Church doctrine, God calls heresy.

                5. The Bible says the earth was created in six days, but that is not at all what the Bible teaches. Genesis 1 vs. 28 shows God telling Adam and Eve as they were evicted form the garden, “Go forth and replenish the earth”. This clearly proves the earth is well over 6000 years old and that it had to have been populated and destroyed at least once before Adam and Eve arrived upon the scene. I’ll be back with the rest on another comment, thanks.

              • @FTW: The entire population of the planet should already have a copy of the bible and a good garden planet with plent of fresh drinking water to go with it. Christians failed them by spreading Church Doctrine instead of brotherly love. The blood of those people will be counted against the Christian community because of that failure. Christ said, “Those that knew better will be beaten with many stripes, those that did not know better will be beaten with few stripes.” Christians also refer to themselves as “THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM.” Here is a sobering verse for them. Christ said, “Many on that day will come from the North, South, East, and West, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but the Children of the Kingdom will be cast into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” This pretty much sums up how Christ feels about the Churches and their spreading of false doctrines.

              • @FTW #3: The idiots, and that is exactly what they are, rolling around on the floor speaking in “tongues” are commonly referred to as Pentacostals. When speaking in tongues the Bible gives clear directions as to how it must be done. No more than three are allowed to speak in tongues at one time. The tongues must be interruped by another person in the church and the “message” must come true or else it is of the devil. Tongues, to my knowledge have never been done right as directed in scripture. Just please don’t confuse real believers with these blowholes called Pentacostals. They are only good for two things: entertainment and scaring the hell out of small children. Ghandi would have shot them, so leave them alone on their path to the abyss.

              • @FTW #2. 100% of my prayers are answered. Here is why most other people’s prayers go unheard. Scripture, “You ask (pray) and receive not, because you ask amiss.” If Churches would spend their time thanking and praising Christ instead of looking at Him as if He was a spiritual Santa Claus then we might get the congregation up off their asses and actually get something accomplished. Just for the record, God doesn’t fail, man has free will, and we don’t have a good track record.

                #1. I’ve read the Bible, cover to cover, many times and know much more than atheists and agnostics. As far as Church History goes, their is very little recorded. Rome and their clown Popes dressed up in Gargoyle suits are not the leaders of Christianity. It disgusts me to no end that a person calling themselves Catholic would sit down and listen to a man that they know damn well has been sodomizing children. Prosperity preaching, tongues, TBN, etc. the list goes on and on. THAT IS NOT CHURCH HISTORY; THAT IS PAGANISM TO THE CORE AND IS THEIR FOR POWER AND TO GENERATE MONEY. NOTHING ELSE. The true Church has spilled its blood by unpaid people who dared to step into the jungle or walk across the desert to spread the True Gospel of Jesus, humble repentance and the wrath to come for the non believer. Churches will tell you God is love, FTW, they leave out the God is a consuming fire part. Someday I hope you get around to reading the Bible. If you do, stay away away from churches and the paganism inside. Let Christ deal with you. It’s your move. Thanks for your time.

      7. Let me know when the Dow is 10,000 down. I’ll dance a jig.

        • I’ll join you!

        • I’ll sit that one out, I don’t like Jigs either.

      8. YEP, IT’S HERE.

        We are no longer heading toward the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, ITS HERE:

        And Hodges just posted this article to remind us why guns and ammo is the way to go just like what Dr James Garrow warned us about. When you have chinese males entering this country when they have a shortage of women, this can create real serious problems once they launch the attack. Like what Hodges stated, the chinese will be mercyless.


        Independent research shows it ugly facts everytime:

        Here is what i feel we are dealing with in the near future.

        Everything bad is going to happen, economic calapse, engineered, environemtal calapse-non engineerd, followed by a chinese invasion from within, the US, and then the jihadist, mexican army, latin countries, and we will be surrounded and attacked from the north of Texas, the south, east and west and of course from within. I listened to Hawk last night, and a few “russian spetzatz” i belive since they match the discription, just got arrested in Austin, alegidly planning terrorist attacks in the city area and threatening a guy who had a concealed carry, who happen to notice the suspicious activity. And we remember my personl run in with one of these spetnatz in the Galleria that roughed up my tatoo artist girlfriend, and i ran his ass off. Must have been my street like butch, red neck, cammo, tea shirt, semi relaxed, dont give a rats ass typeo of appearnce, no so metro sexual looking type of fashion, looking appearance that concerned him. I guess the russians need to go hang out up north Houston, to get a little more familar with the clothing aparell. As he is in the middle of a racial diverse cluster f…..k of city. No the cops and sherrifs are caught on to you all BS, and are arresting the crap out you f….ks. Its not a wonder that the cabal is trying to disarm police officers to make it easier for chi-com, jihadist to take out our cops. The cops are waking up rapidly and this is not what the cabal wants to happen.


        My researh and data mining talking to scientist, etc now shows it results:

        The cops, veterans, marines, pissed off red neck and non read neck citizenry will join forces to tear up the invaders to pieces. Not only will these invading forces get caught, they will smashed up, shot up, chopped up, streatched, carved up, eaten, burned, hanged, decapitated, etc, you name it. The jihadist muslims will get a taste of how read necks process humans like deer.

        Then again, we can now expect that agency azz clowns will be coming on here to discredid me, call me a mental nut, and prove that Hodges is not credible, that i making up stuff, faking it, and other non sensical b…sh…..t, as if i am making money posting on this site. I have seen lots of extremely muscular chinese males popping up in my gym, and all over Houston lately. They are very fierce looking and have bad attitudes and are rude to people in public. Dr James Garrow warned us in and interview with John Moore Last year that we need to expect a Rape of Naking type of result once the chinese soldiers enter Texas and other states. Any of you chinese PLA COMMUNIST soldiers who are reading my post. I wish you all good luck with that in America, because you have no earthy f…king idea what you are getting yourself into thinking that the American White man is going to put up with that BS. During the revolutionary war, the British and german hessians were systematically doing that and then the militia’s go ticked off and wiped out the British an germans and took this country back. I heard it from veterans and red necks. According to them, if such and attack reaches Houston or Texas, they are not running, and that they have purchased large knives to scalp, carve, and chop up anyone who comes here. Think is just some made up crap. Like one cop i was talking to at academy, was jokingly telling me that everytime he comes into the store all the large and small pocket knives are always sold out. Knives are selling out year round and its not even hunting season. I told him that evertime the shipment comes in it sells out within a few weeks. Cop tells me that me, that he is prepping and so are his cop buddies.

        Like Spartan King Leonitis said, this is where we stand, this is were we fight this is wherewe die, this is where they die.



        • GoOd fuR yoO Hix… like YOO HIX I aiinT afraid oF no onE… yOur tHe only oNe WhO understands Mee. HiX iS a lEaderE. LISin too HiX yoO stOOPiD pEoplE.

          • ReD NecCK

            Did you watch a lot of Ren and Stimpy?

        • Your spelling is just terrible. If you misspell a word when commenting those little red squiggly things are there to tell you it’s wrong.

          Won’t you at least try to make an effort and Google correct spellings? It would make it a lot easier to read.

          Not to mention more paragraph breaks would be great too!

          • RJ, I could understand HCKS’ post but not redneck’s.

        • hcks,

          We don’t know HOW you ferreted out our plan, but you’ve done it yet again! Congratulations! For years we’ve been loading up all the Chinese and Mexican resturants in the Houston metro area with our secret special invasion forces just waiting for Nibiru to hit before we could launch our secret invasion of Texas. And you had previously discovered our secret army of dreadlock brain eating zombies which we were all ready to unleash before you leaked out our plan. Well done hcks, you’re truly a worth adversary!

          Agency Azz Clowns

          Being discovered by hcks, one invasion at a time.

          wtf shtfer’s?

        • HCKS, bullets will do wonders on the ‘yellow peril’ just like anyone else. No ‘yellow peril’ will take anything from me, period.

      9. The specter of 104 nuclear events in this country would render the United States uninhabitable…

        The PLANET, man. The PLANET. Render the PLANET uninhabitable.

        And being underground won’t save you, ya gotta breathe and drink something…

      10. C’mon Mack. This is borderline Blade Runner.
        With zero environmental controls in China (shut down manufacturing for the Olympics so the athletes can breathe) it’s a no brainer the Chinese explosion was caused by lack of safety ops. Dollars to donuts someone lit up a Marlboro in the wrong section of the storage warehouse.

        • Or some bonehead dumped over a pallet of an oxidizer next to a stack of something really really volatile,,,
          Wouldnt be the first time, sure as hell wont be the last

          • Kula, it was MADE IN CHINA. The ‘yellow peril’ aren’t half as bright as they claim to be.

      11. This is no separation of the savings side and the investment side of banking. Thanks to Glass Steagal Act being removed.
        So where are your life’s savings going? How much money will it cost to bring the Dow back into the green.

        • I feel bad for those who are attempting save or create wealth when the world markets fold.
          All paper assets will become worthless
          Gold and Silver means nothing if you don’t currently have it in your possession. Even then, gold and silver won’t be good bartering items. People will need necessities, not pretty looking metals.
          I doubt the DOW will recover, this is the season we have been preparing for. 2015 is becoming what 2012 was suppose to be.

      12. OK, since there is no such thing as a stupid question, please explain to my ignorant self; Why a nuclear reactor producing electricity for millions cannot produce enough electricity for it’s own cooling requirements?

        • i have the same question.

        • Nuclear reactors are net positive in terms of supporting the grid. They produce much more electricity than they need to run their systems. As a basic design feature in the U.S., plants are not literally self-powering. That’s by design, because you don’t want to end up in a situation where a problem at the plant cuts off its own power source. Therefore, the primary means of power for a plant in order for it to run is electricity from the grid. As a general matter, for U.S. plants, if you can’t use power from the grid, you shut down.

          • Sorta like a grid tie solar setup, grid goes down so does your house,
            Sorta worthless if you ask me, screw that net metering crap

          • But why not power itself only in the event the grid goes down? Just asking.

      13. The elites are going underground? To take a dirt nap, I hope.

      14. The post goes up this morning and the first thing you do is attack Hodges crediblity.

        Yep Smooth Criminal things that we are going to stop talking about David Hodges. You are 100% agency ass clown, and i have called you out. Do need to know why we know you are agency. Because 99% of people do not prep and they do not read these prepper websites. So have been caught. Non peppers heads are in the sand and even worst burried up your ass. If the cops are prepping and telling, like one old gieser retired Texas Ranger friend of mine is telling me that this is real. I guess you are going to call me an liar and my cop friend a liar. F….k you smooth criminal, you dred lock, felon piece of sh..t. Thats it, change you handle again, let see what new names you idiot will come up with next. Even your own kind is posting on here warning us. Your agency boy USASECURUTYGUARD PROVED THAT YOU IDIOT.


        Everybody, click on this link.




        Agency azz clown super moderator.

        • Haust, I enjoy reading your posts.

          You are absolutely correct, when LEO’s and ex LEO’s start openly discussing the fact that they prep it is a strong sign of what’s coming.

          My favorite Au shop in our little rural town is owned by an ex LEO and he is none-too-shy about discussing what he sees happening.

          • yes, for many years very knowledgeable about leos in northern arizona putting up stuff for…they have their teams…they will put up their own road blocks…they are pretty much ready.

      15. I think I”ll just stay topside and fight. This is the way I was raised and also trained in the Corp.

        Someone has to protect the weak, elderly and those that do not have the means. Some of us won’t make it, but many will so fuck em, let them hide under the dirt where they belong.

      16. The Owl and the Pussycat.
        Or Obama and the Pope.

        The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

        By Edward Lear.

        The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea

        In a beautiful pea-green boat,

        They took some honey, and plenty of money,

        Wrapped up in a five-pound note.

        The Owl looked up to the stars above,

        And sang to a small guitar,

        “O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,

        What a beautiful Pussy you are,

        You are,

        You are!

        What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

        Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!

        How charmingly sweet you sing!

        O let us be married! too long we have tarried:

        But what shall we do for a ring?”

        They sailed away, for a year and a day,

        To the land where the Bong-Tree grows

        And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood

        With a ring at the end of his nose,

        His nose,

        His nose,

        With a ring at the end of his nose.

        “Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling

        Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”

        So they took it away, and were married next day

        By the Turkey who lives on the hill.

        They dined on mince, and slices of quince,

        Which they ate with a runcible spoon;

        And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,

        They danced by the light of the moon,

        The moon,

        The moon,

        They danced by the light of the moon.


        They will be dancing on our graves if we are not careful.

        • awesome

      17. Folks China stepped on their meat on this one, but they could just blame Taiwan for it and use that as a way to invade. They know all to well Big O will just say stop it, cause I’ve got a golf tee time in an hour. The whole world is falling and there is no way to stop it, prepare.

        • FWIW, I’m surprised the african virus isn’t spending more time at the golf course with everything happening.

      18. Elites going under-ground is in the play book and we are on the last few pages of it, prepare.

      19. Dave Hodges is either bat-shit crazy or gets paid to come up with this garbage. I used to think it was fun reading his stuff but now when I see his name as the author of an article I skip right over it.
        Uncoroborated, sensational fear-porn. This guy is a joke that’s not funny.

      20. Two thumbs down on this article

      21. Plus a similar blast in Iran the week before. Can you say weapons check?

      22. Solar power would never replace nuclear. It costs too much and produces too little. The Chinese want the Bundy ranch because of the mineral rights.

        The explosion at Tiajin wasn’t a US attack from space. That’s ridiculous.

        Fukushima has been a big disappointment to those expecting everyone in the northern hemisphere to die from it. We don’t know where the ocean currents are taking the radioactivity. For all we know it could be being deposited into the Marianas Trench.

        I think we’ll see World War 3 because Obama is doing his best to provoke it.

      23. Has Hodges ever actually “examined China’s history” like he claims?

        They only operate in their sphere of influence, much like the Monroe Doctrine. They don’t invade foreign countries. They consider Southeast Asia to be their domain…and why wouldn’t they?

        Time for the Anglo-Zionist Empire to mind their own damn business. They are stretched beyond their warmongering limits and should not be pivoting to Asia to fuck with the Chinese or Russians.

        No one “spreads democracy and freedom” like the corporate DC state claims. It’s all about accumulation of wealth and power and they will send your boys to die for it.

        China lets you defeat yourself by stupid moves, not by “invasion”. They will let you do yourself in.

        • China doesn’t normally invade, but they have already been promised the country and resources….so I think that it’s possible that they could invade to collect what they believe is owed to them!

      24. Good poem, makes sense. SHTF poetry at its finest.



        For the untimate power and excellence, we rely on the

      25. I’ve gone about 6 weeks (since July 6) without a single solar alert, until last night. There was an M1.2 which ended at 10:37 PM last night, and an M1.4 which ended at 6:07 AM this morning. I know they were small, but we still need to keep watch.


      27. stock market down 405 points

        glad I’m out of it !!!

        oil dipped below $40 today

        world’s economy grinding to a halt

        now all we need is a black swan to swoop in

      28. The Japanese and the Germans built elaborate bunkers.

        They died in them. We dropped satchel charges down their air vents, or used flamethrowers, or simply closed all the exits with bulldozers.

      29. I tell you what would happen if the trucks coudnt get fuel to the reactors. Watch the series called JERICHO !!!

        • I started watching ‘Jerico’ when it first aired but soon gave it up in disgust. Months, and eventually years, pass after The Event… and look at the citizens: clean, shiny hair. Unblemished skin. Clean, undamaged clothing. Solid, undamaged footwear. No maiming or disfiguring injuries. Everyone at a comfortable body weight. And of course (absolutely mandatory on TV!) absolutely PERFECT teeth…. –and all of this is true for EVERY SINGLE PERSON, no less.

          The episode scripts call for constant hand-wringing about shortages and privation, but the actors all look fresh out of Central Casting. It is impossible to achieve “suspension of disbelief” when watching this ludicrous attempt to simulate the effects of a long-term crisis. Geez, even ‘The Walking Dead’ gets it better than ‘Jericho’.

          You want to know what people will REALLY look like six months, or a year, or two years after an Event like this? Look at photos of civilians trapped in the ruins of the Bosnian conflict after six months, etc. People become scrawny, sick, filthy, malnourished, and look horrible. But it’s unthinkable to show that on MSM. Gotta exhibit Plucky Optimism and a Challenging Journey Leading To A Hopeful Resolution… else the viewing audience may feel uncomfortable and change the channel. (Which, for the media corporations, is the REAL Fate Worse Than Death.)

          The citizens of Jericho are given lavish and unrealistic supplies and advantages. (For just one example, note the huge, unending supply of candles that is constantly displayed.) The same issues can be said of the citizens in “One Second After”… if the town were realistically portrayed, things would have decayed MUCH faster and in a FAR more hysterical, ugly, and tragic manner than in the story. The author pulled his punches so that the story would last longer than a month (which would pretty much clean out the entire population in real life) and to soften the grimness and hopelessness of it all.

          What would Jericho, or any modern town/city, look like six months or a year after an EMP-type event? Just read about the Siege of Leningrad. Starvation deaths reached 100,000 per month; murder for ration cards was not uncommon; and cannibalism, while surprisingly rare, did occur. The appearance of the survivors differed a great deal from the plump, clean, comfortable-looking folks strolling casually through the town of Jericho.

          I’d love to see ‘Jericho’ produced with realistic effects. In fact, I bet that while many would hate it, many more would watch it. There is a great hunger in this country for no-BS information, and not nearly enough of such info to be found. ~ KV

          • Jericho is just a tv show. I don’t expect the actors to look like 70lb pow’s. Unless they get fat actors to start with,let them drop gobs of weight. Win win for everyone.

      30. I suggest that we get all the railroad tanker cars and fill them with diesel fuel.

        Then we can get all the locomotive steam engines – probably the only things that will work after an EMP – out of the train museums and transport the diesel fuel to the nuclear reactors.

        This may give us enough time to find another solution to the problem. Just my $0.02.

      31. Don’t be silly. The explosion in China was exactly what it looked like. Corrupt,uncaring idiots storing things in unsafe conditions and in the wrong damn places. All of China is one second away from total disaster ever second. Poorly built shit with no regard for safety at all. You don’t need some vast conspiracy for China to have huge problems. They built their own.

      32. Maybe if the emp takes out our power, our leaders plan on just taking what we need from the
        Chinese to get it back up and running? War would be on anyway just saying……..

      33. I”m feeling quite annoyed with some of the posts here.

        If you IGNORE Hodges, you do so at your own peril.

        The chief reason some of you trash what Hodges writes is because it’s so frightening to you. What he has written is verifiable. It’s not speculation at all.

        One last note: someone from Homeland confirmed to a buddy of mine that Jade Helm is about the coming Asteroid in September and the destruction it will cause.

        The Internet won’t be up for me to say “I told you so” which I don’t say anyway because I’m not that kind of person.

        Trash/Ignore Hodges at your own peril. What’s coming is coming.

        How many of you who disparage him work for the government? Probably 9 out of 10 of you.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger…you’ve hit the nail on the head with that comment! I think it’s 10 out of 10!

          Take care Lone Ranger and God bless you….

      34. Anyone thought about just sealing up the entrances to these places after the elite burrow in? Snuff of their air passages…….

        • Yes, I did about 4 hours ago.

      35. Incoming!

      36. Nope, all smoke and mirrors. Anything major never happens in a planned out, advertised fashion. There are anterior motives and tricks at play. Don’t fear. That’s the trick, they’re fooling everyone with this virtual kaka called news. Seriously, let it all go. What’s the difference? Life is lost to all eventually. Let God.

      37. Yes, its obvious that I am having and effect.. look at what they are naming their handles..keep up the bull.



      38. The US is asking for a kicking over its involment in the Ukraine and now North Koreia

        Just loud speakers well what would happen if Mexico tried the same trick or don’t you think the war lords in the USA would hit back.

        Jewish bankers and corporations have invested in the US military complex and not only do they like wars but they also want lots of americans dead so that they don’t need to pay out on pensions because they also own the insurance companies, they own everything including you.

        We in europe have our own troubles and much has been coursed by the US under the control of the jewish banking system bombing the crap out of the middle east and to be blunt, we don’t need friends like the yanks starting trouble over here.

      39. In order to neutralize most radiation we must utilize Organic Sulfur,Sodium Bicarbonate,and Ionic Minerals then this major problem can be solved. The real problem here is that the global elite do not want this to ever take place. Fukushima, gmo’s, toxic vaccines, the Bp oil spill,etc.. are slow kill programs that are minor compared to an economic collapse,EMP’s, and endless/senseless wars. I say Give your hearts to God and Jesus Christ they are our only last and true hope for eternal salvation. May God Almighty
        Bless everyone, take care.

      40. They say ww3 will be fought with technology. I would say a EMP is a high probability. While they may think about it..will they do it? Muslims sure would.
        What do they care about life on earth? None. They THINK their reward is up there somewhere. So…they have nothing to lose…so they think.
        All the people up on top ( and those with beans n bullets ) might as well bend over and kiss their butts goodbye. Emp is survivable…but the meltdown will still happen.
        But…those in the bunkers…they will also run out of food eventually.
        Bible says there will be NO place to hide. Count on it.
        The only way to survive is by divine intervention. Count on him.
        End of story.

      41. emp whether natural of not puts us back to the 1200’s, not many alive now can live like that. but the new children will think it’s normal.

      42. If God was so smart with devine intervention he would prevent it. One fact remains, everybody eventually dies and Nobody, no matter how much you think you believe, will never receive ever lasting life. So why spew more false hopey wishy washy Babble BS? The entire Religious sector cult is for gullible morons to be fleeced. Id rather live my life based on facts, not superstitious BS. Devine intervention = is a sexed up version of luck or chance, coincidence.


        • @ whowudda

          And who made you an authority on this subject?
          You believe what you want. But you are wrong.
          There is such a word as FAITH. All will see.

      43. Japanese people consume a diet rich in Iodine. As an island they have a culture that is homogenous. Unfortunately even with these advantages, many Japanese died of radiation related Cancers decades after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Americans close to Los Alamos after the “experimental” bomb was exploded in our own State of New Mexico, soon began to have Cancers. Actors John Wayne and others were filming near the blast. No one knows why there are so many cases of Cancer in America but we do know that Radiation which ironically is used to kill Tumers also causes Cancer. Oncologists know this. There is a lot of controversy about the best way to attack Cancer as a disease but there is no controversy over whether or not Radiation is responsible for some Cancers. If you consume more iodine by eating more fish and eat seaweed it could have benefits with or without a nuclear holocaust.

        • As far as John Wayne is concerned, the movie he made in 1956 in the Utah desert was about him being Genghis Kahn of all people. Needles to say, it bombed. However, it has to be mentioned that he was a notorious heavy smoker and didn’t die until 23 years later in 1979 so it’s impossible to say exactly what caused his cancer for certain.

          • Anonymous you are correct. Not knowing what causes cancer (plus it’s similarity to normal cell growth) is why with all the money and research, there is still no definitive cure. If you like, there is a wonderful book-won the Pulitizer Prize-“The Emperor of All Maladies A Biography of Cancer”
            By: Siddhartha Mukherjee. He is an Oncologist/Cancer Specialist. Great Book. Highly Recommend.

      44. i recommend reading the book by David Brownstein M.D. “Iodine: Why You Need It – Why You Can’t Live Without It”. Whether you agree with the science or not, you will have a better understanding about the Thyroid and its relation to Iodine. After the Sunami and the subsequent accident at the nuclear plants in Japan, it’s no wonder people want to do what they can to protect themselves from Radio active contamination. I don’t know if there is an actual threat coming from our own power plants. I hope not. I take Iodine in supplement form as a support for health reasons not as insurance against nuclear accidents. But I guess it does serve a double purpose.

      45. @WhoWuddaThunk
        Be careful what you say.
        Man may have changed the bible some, but those will be held accoutable for it also. There have been many proven things in the bible that man himself cannot know or explain.
        And YES..there will be everlasting life. But not as what most people think it will be. False religion has taught them differently. They ALSO will be held accountable for misleading many.
        God can intervene. But now is not the time. Man must learn more lessons.
        But he will intervene when it is time. A verse in the bible says that basically, ” no flesh would be saved unless he steps in.” I imagine many will find that out soon. In our time.
        Some say these things have been going on since the beginning of time. Yes, but NOT GLOBALLY. That is the difference.
        Whether you or anyone acknowledges God…you will find out in the end.

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