Does Trump Realize: Legalizing Marijuana Would “Lower Healthcare Costs, Boost the Economy”?

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 126 comments

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    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Let’s see, legalization could spur economic growth in independent small businesses at the expense of private prisons, the pharmaceutical industries and the capitalization of servitude. The reason it would be great for almost everyone centers around freedom and prosperity; and the reasons it would be bad for a handful of rulers is that they stay profitable when people are controlled, imprisoned and constantly harassed… is that an over simplification?

    The benefits it would create in terms of easier access to basis relief from pain and many other ailments, without the addiction and risk of death posed by opioid prescriptions and illegal heroin, opium, etc. are enormous – in their ability to drain guaranteed monopoly profits from those who hold shares in health care services – from drugs on down. While the healthcare system itself may be unmanageable and difficult for the average individual to get good treatment in, at a reasonable price, it is off the charts for those providing goods and services to an industry that now represents 20% of the economy.

    Does anyone have any questions as to why the federal government is going after marijuana – despite nearly half the country voting to legalize it in either medical or recreation aspects?

    Dear President Trump: If You Want to Lower Healthcare Costs and Stem the Opiate Death Spiral, Legalize Marijuana

    by Charles Hugh Smith

    If there is anything the left and right, progressives and conservatives, and everyone in between can agree on, it’s ending the counter-productive, destructive “war on drugs” that has generated crime and violence, a “we’re number one in Gulags” prison complex and pushed people into harder, far more dangerous drugs (see chart of “legal” opioid deaths below).

    Dear President Trump: if you’re truly serious about lowering healthcare costs and stemming the rising tide of opioid addictions and death, then fully legalize marijuana via executive order now.

    The usual justifications for continuing the criminalization of marijuana have moved from threadbare to completely disconnected from reality. We’re told that marijuana is surrounded by violence–well duh–the violence is the direct consequence of Prohibition.

    What happened when alcohol was prohibited? Crime and violence exploded around the production and distribution of the outlawed drug. What was peaceful when legal becomes violent when outlawed. This is so obvious, yet we have “leaders” who are blind to the dynamic.

    By outlawing medical marijuana, we have pushed everyone with chronic pain into extremely addictive and increasingly deadly “legal” opiates. This is the height of insanity: outlaw natural substances with pain management potential while legalizing highly addictive and often deadly synthetic opiates.

    Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the violence, lower the costs of operating the Drug War Gulag and lower healthcare costs by reducing the dependence on addictive opiates for pain management. Yes, there are circumstances that require opiates–but does it make sense to make opiates the next step above over-the-counter pain relievers?

    The social, human and financial costs of the opiate pandemic are skyrocketing.Adding marijuana products to the spectrum of choices would reduce these costs and the death toll. Regardless of whatever critics may claim about the negative effects of marijuana, the truth is death by marijuana overdose is essentially non-existent.

    Compare that to the tens of thousands of deaths caused by “legal” opiates and the millions of lives destroyed by the “war on drugs” and its American Gulag.While those benefiting from operating the “war on drugs” and the American Gulag propagandize a completely false pathway from marijuana to opiates, the reality is grandmothers are benefiting from medical marijuana and it is the sick-care/Big Pharma cartels that are the pathway to opiate addiction and death.

    Dear President Trump: you say you want bold solutions that unite us: start by fully legalizing marijuana. Listen to your young advisors and those in law enforcement who see the counterproductive insanity of the “war on marijuana” first-hand. Listen to the elderly who are benefiting from medical marijuana.

    Do the right thing and fully legalize marijuana. It’s time to move beyond addled fictions and deal with the ugly realities of a system that actively promotes “legal” opiate addiction and death while outlawing marijuana.

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    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.


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      1. I live not too far from Amsterdam – scag capital of Europe. Make pot legal? Mr Smith, have you ever visited Damm Square on a weekend and watched the brain dead hippies rambling about, stoned out of what little brains they have left! Another American with an instant answer to a self created problem!

        Well, that’s one way to cut your budget deficit (and increase your long term health bills).

        • Roger that Delta Bravo

          • Puff Puff pass to that!! Making it Legal to grow your own will reduce crime and the export of hundreds of Billions of Dollars to drug cartels in foreign nations. Grow American Buy America. The money stays here, the jobs stay here, and the CIA will be out of a job. Just the cost to US Tax payers for housing people in Prison over a friggin joint is worth it, or upsetting families and creating one parent family which then leads to more poverty and welfare roles. Lets put the big drug companies out of their monopoly, and the alcohol companies which kill more people than pot. More people would rather smoke a joint than get drunk on liquor. They have the handcuffs on the politicians that create the laws and their monopolies. No Brainer. And all you goody too shoes, go F-off. The war on drugs has been a massive disaster.

        • I have visited any a bar / nightclub and seen murder missiles leave the parking lot every night at 2AM. They functioned more on basic physics there the driver attempted to stop two bodies of matter occupying the same place at the same time.

          The overwhelming majority of people that I know that smoke pot are productive. Do you think that there are 22 million dead head pot smokers in the US?

          • -Kevin 2-

            Use whatever academic reasoning you want to support your beliefs.
            I’m looking at it solely from a readiness, survivalist standpoint. Sad state of affairs.

        • Drugs and booze are fucking hugely expensive on the island but are both well tolerated.








        • As a physician that has been the medical director of a methadone clinic, had a 100 patient license for Suboxone, and ran an in house detox hospital for 75 patients, I have yet to meet a drug addict.
          I meet many people/patients with health care/mental health care issues. These patients are seeking a solution to their health issues and end up going to street drugs, because COP DOCs, Doctors that apparently are the patients JUDGE and JURY and not their doctor. These patients get judged inappropriately as a result, they do not get proper treatment, they try to treat themselves, these patients want to work, they want to have families, they want to be a part of society, but our society has turned on them, and these EVIL COP DOCs have set up the Prescription Monitoring program just like HITLER and other Despots.

          People with health care issues are NOT CRIMINALs.
          Inannimate objects are NOT evil, such as drugs.

          The issue and problem is BLACK MARKET. Removing black market will
          end the night mare.

          Every politician, police officer, mayor and authoritarian that tells me that DRUGS NEED TO BE ILLEGAL, through Time, I have found them all to be involved with the manufacturing, sales and distribution of illegal drugs. Keeping drugs illegal and on
          the black market is very lucrative. However,
          Patients with health care issues are NOT CRIMINALS.
          Innanimate objects are not evil.

          It is the black market that is the issue.

          The only solution is to legalize all drugs, expose the black market criminals, which are our politicians, our police and other
          authoritarians, these people are making millions of dollars per day, We Need to stop drinking the kool-aide, recognize the reality of who is involved and legalize all drugs, over the counter. Then we can rest soundly at night. And window bars
          will not be needed.


      2. Even though I support legalizing weed, just because it’s stupidly expensive to fight something so trivial… and it can be taxed heavily. (And I’d never touch the stuff, even if it were legal and free)

        But your article just sounds like non-sense drivel of someone baked out of his mind.

        “bold solutions that unite us: start by fully legalizing marijuana” LMAO… no… that does not unite us.

        “Do the right thing and fully legalize marijuana.” Right thing? LMAO… that one’s just too funny.

        I’m all for liberty… but you don’t win ppl over with hyperbole… you just sound like a nutter instead.

        • I agree, go ahead and legalize it, but the article should not make ridiculous claims like it is some kind of useful pain killer. A sleep aid, demotivator, appetite enhancer, and mental relaxant, yes, pain killer for joint (pun intended) or back pain: Not hardly.

      3. This is total bullshit. Pot makes people lazy and less healthy.

        • Like any sort of Drug – some people react differently than others.

          As for myself – I’m a lightweight when it comes to Maryjane.
          I require a low THC count – can’t do the stronger stuff.

          I have personally seen people work better and be more productive on Maryjane than not being high at all.

          ( ) (
          ) )
          ||||||| ( ( (
          ( O O ) )

          I say … “smoke ’em … if you got ’em”

          • FTW
            Bullshit. high is high. Some can operate better than others while under the influence, but ALL are hindered. NONE are enhanced. Stop fibbing.

            • “NONE are enhanced.”

              There is no doubt that its an asset to art and music. Zero debate with that.

              • -Kevin 2-

                It fogs your brain. They call it dope because it’s for dopes.
                If you want artists and musicians in your foxhole, my condolences.
                Stay alert, stay alive.

                • “If you want artists and musicians in your foxhole”

                  I’m not in a foxhole but you can bet most of the 70s rock was created with its influence. I know people that smoke pot that are quite productive, highly intelligent and very well read. They’re middle age, well off financially and universally self employed. I know moderate drinkers and drunks too. They’re not alcoholics as alcoholics have to go to meetings. Most people operate well with marijuana, some like to get stoned so often that it effects their life inhibiting what they could be. None of it is either the responsibility nor in the sense of a free society their right of the State to use the power in its enforcement, which can escalate into its use of lethal force.

                  Freedom is a frightening concept because people love to control other people.

                  • 1st Prize. Best in Posts.

              • -Kevin 2-

                It fogs your brain. They call it dope because it’s for dopes.
                If you want artists and musicians in your foxhole, my condolences.
                Stay alert, stay alive.

                • “It fogs your brain”

                  No it temporarily fogs their brain and it is their brain to fog. Its called personal freedom.

                  No you can’t drive a car, do brain surgery or fly a plane intoxicated on anything. Someone smoking a joint on Friday is insignificantly effected on Monday.

            • vocalpatriot, I disagree. I would say you are correct that everyone does experience a degree of impairment, but for some with anxiety and/or focus problems its better than the speed solution that is ridalin or the narcotic solution that is xanax, both of which have the capacity to impair you even more than marijuana and can potentially cause pain/illness/death in incorrect doses or if mixed with other intoxicants like alcohol. And if you smoke frequently, you don’t get stupid, just mellow.
              I have seen grades get better, social skills get better, performance at work improve, and even some athletes progress while frequently using marijuana. For some, the cost benefit analysis truly seems to be in favor of use.





          • An ape be an ape. Look at Africa. 2000 years ago what the whites in Europe, Rome, and elsewhere accomplished. Today look at the dumb ape na ga’s still living in huts and starving. Lol funny. Less who get to come here and vote ni g ger cray. Race war now.
            Daily Stormer. Hail Andrew anglin!!!!!


            There goes that Hidden Figures movie premise.

            The problem with blacks isn’t race, its culture.

        • I live in a 20% white area. We whites live in a pleasant all white gated community while life outside these walls is the characteristic dysfunctional black and brown. The usual drugs, gangs, low IQ, tattoos on faces, pants low, ass crack showing shit.

          You wonder why I am a racist?

          How much welfare is spent on asswipe single moms and black and brown welfare. How much more progress could we make if America was all white again?

          What is going to happen when America is majority brown?

          America has magic dirt? The pygmies will come here and suddenly become first world citizens?

          God damn you fucking idiot baby boomer scum.

          In other news my attempt to build my own well was a scratch. The aquifer is all fucking contaminated with salt water. If you are in the advanced prepping stages, I recommend a garden, a well, storm and combat structural reinforcements, and a nuclear shelter.

          • Again, the sellout you speak of began long before “baby boomers” were even thought of. Over a century ago, in fact. The sellout was complete, with the “victory” of WW2.

            The “baby boomers” were the first generation to be fully indoctrinated into suicidal altruism, to continue the sellout. The “millenials” have zero idea they were sold out, nor that they have zero real future.

            It is not just here. All of Western Civilization is being destroyed from the inside out, via top-down control. Most “baby boomers” do not even comprehend their role unwitting or not, in their own people’s demise.

            Years ago, I tried to warn people that White Genocide is coming, and was always attacked for it. Now, hardly a day goes by when those who want us dead don’t speak their mind freely, without repercussions. It is coming faster than anyone wants to face…

        • “Pot makes people lazy and less healthy.”

          People have a right to be lazy and less healthy if they so choose. You their mother and father?

          • Kevin2, you either didn’t read a damn thing, or have too many dead brain cells from smoking pot.

            While I agree with you, people have the right to be lazy and dumb, what I don’t agree with is the bs claims made by this obvious baked-brain pothead author that pot use lowers healthcare costs and boosts the economy, what a total crock of shit. Claims like those are always made by loser potheads. Are you one of them too?

            Fake news.

            • Half of Wall Street Smokes Pot, Half of Congress Needs to smoke Pot. And make it a requirement that Congress smoke Pot before every session. Watch the War mongers simmer down and begin to love each other again. Pot, like Coffee or chocolate stimulates the same brain cells to be creative and more in tune with themselves. Ever smoke pot then go work out, or go for a bike ride, or ski down a mountain side? I have, its great. Smoke pot them go clean your house, or mow the lawn, or go fishing and enjoy nature. Get in tune with yourselves and find your frequency. You can also vapor or eat magic chocolate which is more healthy, and go have a conversation with friend. I am referring to Pot only, not the hard core narcotics that fries your brains, like cocaine or prescription drugs which fries your liver.

            • Don’t smoke pot. Actually since quitting smoking cigarettes 15 years ago my lungs have a distain for any respiratory irritants. The only thing legalizing pot would do regarding governmental cost is save that money spent on unnecessary law enforcement. It would prevent the destruction of countless lives as the worst thing about is being caught with it. There lay the difference between virtually every Senator and Congressman 65 and younger and a few Presidents too, getting caught.

              I only addressed the specific premise that people have a right to be lazy and dumb. Regarding that I’m correct.

              • K2, I agree, valid points. Legalizing to the point of cutting unreasonable convictions, enforcement expense, court costs, fines, lawyer fees, etc. but not for the ridiculous excuses this article tries to give credence to.

                • It *could* boost the economy, selling pot legally makes tax $’s. Selling/creating hemp products boosts exports etc.

                  Not sure about the healthcare cost thing… but i suppose it’d be a cheaper pain relief for some? Although isnt it cheap enough anyway? (I dont know I dont do either)







            • Mr. Genius Eisencrap obviously picked the wrong place to move to, huh?
              Gated community, 20% white…they’re going to love you lots, Acid.

              • 6 hours later still in moderation? BS

        • And another Delta Bravo.
          I retired at age 42 with more money than you will make over the course of your lifetime, and I smoke many times daily

          • Pot increases appetite, cures cancer and cures Glaucoma. Is better for cancer survivors than chemo therapy which makes you lose your hair and destroys your immune system. My productivity goes way up when smoking pot. When I was young, I smoked pot and work on machinery, lathes and drill presses in a Manufacturing plant. My productivity went way up and always got raises. For some of you pot smokers you know exactly what I am talking about. Do you know how much cleaner you house is if you smoke a half of a joint before cleaning? Your house will sparkle.

            Making pot legal will also create a recognized variety. There are many kinds of pots. Buying on the street today you never know what you will get. Ever buy angry pot, or Pot you seem to have to fight? You know what I’m talking about. Florida just legalized Medical Pot last election in Nov. That’s a great thing. Now you know what kind of pot is best for you. Sativa? Puff Puff Pass!!! Heck I’d open up a Pizza House next to every pot dispensary. I will be rich.

            • Smoking pot makes you delusional and think that you are more productive when you’re sitting on the couch all day munching Doritos.

          • Mr.Majestic

            I have no doubt that your being factual as I have met several people in a somewhat similar position.

            Its shocking that roughly 80 years post Reefer Madness there is still madness about reefer.

          • Majestic, and it will eventually choke the life out of you.

        • I personally worked with people for 35 years whom have smoked all the time, they never miss work, they are still smarter than new kids, they are machinists, and highly skilled they are not lazy, and are healthy they are nice, and non violent like the alcholics so unless u speak for the whole world Fuck off in my opinion

        • My experience appears to be somewhat different from yours. I have found over the course of some 50 years around pot that people who are already lazy and unhealthy will remain so whether or not they smoke weed. On the other hand, all the productive people I know have remained so despite the fact they indulge in a toke now and again. I am unaware of anyone who has taken up weed who suddenly became a zombie. On the other hand, I HAVE seen what alcohol and opioids can do to addictive personalities. Just my 2 cents.

      4. And with that folks, Hostess will be a billion dollar company again!

        But for real, in the words of Dennis Leary “there is always that Ahole that coke (in this case pot) is not good enough for he had to invent crack.”
        People will still look to get a higher high than pot. So how dose this make health care cost go down? Because the same people that are doing heroin could just a easily bought pot for their high.

        • Many alcoholics out there who have devastated the lives of others and their own.

          • Anonymous, thank you for that post. I’ve lost someone I loved to a POS drunk driver. My loss was especially devastating for me. My wife was one-in-a-million. Life has never been the same for me since then. I hurt every day. It’s a pain that stays with you for life; never goes away.

        • The CIA Invented Crack and brought it to America, and is the worlds largest drug dealer. They did this to destroy the black population in the US. And to fill up the prisons and pad the police state’s budgets. They import Heroine into other countries to undermine foreign governments. Get your facts strait, otherwise you sound like an uninformed imbecile.

          • What facts? All I said was if you buy Heroin from a dealer you could have bought pot. I never said it should or shouldn’t be legal or illegal. And I also lost my father to alcohol he was only 48yrs old.

            Fact: I have had many friends that after a while pot was not good enough and they looked to stronger drugs. (My first friend that oassed from drug use was only 13yrs old and it ws his first time smoking pot . He was un aware thet it had been laced with Angle Dust).Some are dead now and some are still alive. I never said all people will look for that higher high. I just said people in general.

      5. Pot is a problem in too many ways to list.

        There may be some limited medical benefit but that is in question.

        Pot users tend to be serious underachievers that end up a burden on society and those around them.

        Limited, occasional use may not cause problems but it leads to habitual use which does.

        • And another Delta Bravo

        • Agree marijuana is another drug and the burning creates a chemical change. Would never inhale any smoke even campfire smoke if I can help it. Don’t even believe in getting high, BUT there seem to be benefits to this plant that could be used for medicinal purposes if used in a tea, which would not cause a chemical change in the molecular structure. Just sayin

          • ” Would never inhale any smoke”

            I still can’t believe that I burned better than a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years and since quitting 15 years ago the slightest irritant is very bothersome. Wish that was my first reaction to smoke as a young teen. Actually it was.

      6. Mr. Smith’s “Facts” are incorrect. Just like the other left-wing whack-jobs that sold “streets paved with gold and potholes filled with diamonds” to Washington, Colorado, and others with the mantra of “think of the money for schools” and the like, Smith and his ilk are wrong.

        Marijuana is a drug, not a medicine. It dulls the senses and early results are showing that heavy chronic use is Causing medical issues, not curing them. It’s ruined Colorado by bringing in thousands of neer-do-wells (read “Hobos”) who have no job, no skills, sit on the street corners begging for money smoking weed and drinking, and drain the system by using up precious law enforcement and social assistance dollars better spent elsewhere. Put down your bong for a minute and do some unbiased research.

        • A psychologist friend of mine who works with rehabilitation says if you start smoking pot at 13, you’re a 13-year old the rest of your life. Until you’re about 25, the brain is not fully developed, and pot or any drug is going to retard your emotional development into adulthood.

          • Did your friend tell you how many adults are on anti-depressants, pain meds, sleep meds or anti-anxiety meds? Numbers off the chart and all legal. Side effects off the charts too. People can certainly get a buzz off the prescribed shit too. No wonder Big Pharma is against natural cures. They have lined their pockets and made many sicker in the process.

          • Not off topic. Don’t you hate it when someone who has never touched a gun in their life trys telling you how dangerous they are? Or when some kid in their twenties tells you how to be a better driver? Probably close to how I feel when someone who’s never smoked pot tries to tell me how dangerous it is. Don’t be so quick to speak about things when it’s OBVIOUS you know little about the subject.

      7. The only drug I do is beer.
        I’ve had close family members die from
        the effects of drug abuse, be it tobacco,
        heroin, pot, et al.
        There are some drugs that must be stopped
        like Meth, but the rest it is a waste of
        our time and resources. We should do like the
        Flip president, determine which drugs are
        really bad and then kill them.

      8. People have had a little weed or a one hitter found on them and really paid a steep price. Arrest, possible car impound, court dates and fines. Of course, a no show for court gets a warrant out. The cops have enthusiastically made untold arrests for weed. I could care less what a cops opinion is on weed.

      9. “Freedom over one’s physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”

        ——————— Dr. Ron Paul ———————-

        Why did it take a Constitutional amendment to ban alcohol? Because, at the time, the courts had a much narrower definition for the Commerce Clause. Now, the courts and .gov have expanded it’s meaning to include ALL trade they have control over.


      10. Off. Topic!

        This way off topic, but I’m DAMN PROUD of my area in which I live.

        We had several Tornados touch down yesterday and caused a lot of damage and one death.

        I got called into work to go over and help Ottawa P.D.

        The storms hit around 1700hrs and by 2300 hours we had over 15 different Police Department there to help. When I left at 0700hrs there were around 30 Police Department there to help out. These guys and gals came from all over Down State Illinois.

        There were out pouring of people wanting to help. This goes from just getting Coffee and water to full blow meals for free. People were showing up with all sorts of equipment from rakes to Heavy equipment. People asking what they can do. The problem was we had to turn them away until the hot power lines could be moved. The two High schools closed and offered help from people to opening Gyms up for shelters.

        Where am I going with this. When TSHTF in my area the people come together to help each other. In the big cities they RIOT and burn things down.

        GOD BLESS SMALL TOWN USA Oh yah! Keep us in your prayers please. There is a lot of heart ache and tons of repair to do in Ottawa and Naplate Illinois.


        • Sgt. Dale,

          Not exactly off topic – speaking of gvmnt interference.
          How THEY actually control and even CAUSE weather! THEY have much blood on their hands!

          2/28/2017 — NEXRAD Weather RADAR + HAARP weather modification — EXPLAINED

      11. The author must be stoned. Marijuana is a well established gateway drug. It is nothing like alcohol. Alcohol gets completely metabolized in the body over time. Marijuana is stored for very long periods of time in cells. I know I don’t want the person in my rear view mirror to be high on any drug. Considering how little disciple and bad judgement people display today, there is no way I would support legalizing marijuana.

        • YH

          ” Marijuana is a well established gateway drug.”

          Gateway to where? There are at least 50 million people and more likely 75 million who have tried marijuana and 22 million that currently smoke it in the USA. There are 700,000 heroin addicts in the USA. Regardless your highly unlikely to be physically assaulted with someone under the influence of marijuana but we all know that alcohol and violence are highly connected.

          “Considering how little disciple and bad judgement people display today, there is no way I would support legalizing marijuana.”

          The word is discipline and your making a very subjective argument without established facts. You have the right to stop people from driving under the influence because it can potentially effect you. Your rights end when and where another’s rights begin. The concept is called freedom and it scares the hell out of authoritarians.

          • Keven,
            Since pot has been legalized for recreational use in some states, they have conducted studies and are finding it is not a gateway drug. Turns out that popular myth is just not true.

            Alcohol is a drug, it’s legal, is it a gateway to heroine use, and Alcohol is far more addictive than pot?

            Under a system where pot is illegal, the same guy that sold pot, would also sell heroine. Buy enough pot and he might throw your child a free ride on the horse. It is the illegal drug trade that is the gateway to stronger drugs. Our society often attacks the inanimate object, instead of the human issues.

          • A drug users’ rights ends when they pose a danger to society. And yes I get to decide when I think someone poses a danger to me and society. You want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes? Get a prescription from a doctor. But don’t tell me people should be free to get behind the wheel of car when they’re high as kite.

            Alcohol drinkers can’t drive under the influence and neither should drug users. I don’t care what a person does in their home, but it becomes my business if I have to deal with their recklessness in public.

            • YH, BRAVO. truer words were never spoken.

            • “Alcohol drinkers can’t drive under the influence and neither should drug users.”


              There is no way that marijuana has any effect for driving a vehicle days after use. If a trace of it is in your fat cells so be it.

        • YH:

          The research is that nicotine, not marijuana, is the gateway drug to hardcore drug addiction.

          __ alcohol may not stay active in cells for as long as marijuana, but alcohol causes severe damage to the kidneys, liver, and brain; and overdose is lethal, killing many from poisoning or from inhaling their own vomit. The latter is common among first time users, teenagers who don’t know how much to take. One of Roy Rogers kids died that way years ago. I have personally met young people who died from alcohol intoxication.

          In European cultures, children are sometimes given a little wine with dinner. I sometimes think that a moderate approach teaches children to drink wisely, and moderately, if at all.


          • I’m not giving alcohol a pass. But I’ve seen enough aggressive people high on drugs in cities all across the globe in my travels to understand the danger drugs pose.

            I don’t need to see a research paper to know what I see with my own two eyes. I will oppose illicit drug legalization till the end of eternity, but I know I will lose this argument because the masses want their high.

            • A frightening study showed that in 90% of all murders, one or both the perpetrator and victim, were alcohol impaired!

            • “But I’ve seen enough aggressive people high on drugs”

              One cannot with intellectual honesty group all illegal drugs together regarding their effect any more than penicillin can be grouped in with cortisone.

              • Simply put marijuana was made illegal and then put on the title 1 drug list predicated on not mere falsehoods but outright lies. It was political in intent and ostensible in presentation. Its purpose was to be used as a tool to circumvent the 1st Amendment of both the Anti War protestors and Civil Rights movement. Both could be incarcerated for marijuana possession instead of the true reason their political opposition. It was “Tricky Dick” being “Tricky Dick”.

          • Besides, I can’t think of a better to way to dumb down an entire society than to give folks all the drugs they can handle.

        • Drinking leads to smoking cigarettes. So alcohol is a gateway drug. Why is that not banned?

          • “Why is that not banned?”

            They tried that in 1920 until 1933 and it put the big O in Organized Crime, taking simple street thugs like Capone and elevating them into a huge business leaving us with a legacy that we still live with.

            Like futilely fighting guerrillas there are limits to power both actual, moral and legal.

      12. Cannabis Oil CURES Cancer. ALL CANCER, I cured myself using The Rick Simpson Oil. Anyone having or knowing someone with cancer should advise them to google the Rick Simpson oil, or, Run from the Cure.

        Skin cancer a little dab for 2 weeks & it’s gone. Our bodies have Cannabinoid Receptors. When the immune system (Spleen) wears down it’s cannabinoids that replenish it.

        Had a friend that was sent home to die with lung cancer. After 90 days on the oil the caner was gone. I had prostate cancer & the oil REBUILDS the prostate in 90 days.

        Go Ahead and Google Rick Simpson OIl & LEARN!

        • Unicorn urine mixed with crushed pixy testicles consumed anally 5 times a day cure aids.

        • Ken:

          I’m really glad you mentioned this. I have read about this and many swear by it.

          The standard for Cancer is surgery, radiation, and Chemo. The radiologists make enormous profits. The profit motive is so big, you can’t stop it. The pushers for standard care are suspect in the deaths of many alternative care researchers and physicians. They just cry quack. Most people stop without even trying something as harmless as you describe. The fear tactic is usually centered around time. Diagnose today. Hospitalized before you have time to consider any other alternative.


          • Thanks B, The LORD put this plant on earth to help us fight disease. Not only cancer, but you’ve might have heard of the SARS virus, these are antibiotic resistant viruses…the oil cures these viruses as well.

            Cannabis-Cannabinoids Cannabis Cannabinoids…Where else in nature do you find Cannabinoids. CB1 & CB2 receptors
            in our bodies. The LORD intended for us to use Cannabis as Medicine.

            BIG Pharma has committed TREASON against the PEOPLE of the world.

        • Yep Ken, thanks for adding real facts. Most posting here are ignorant as F#ck on the facts. States are approving legalization because they understand the facts and health benefits, not some propaganda BS from the Pharmaceutical industries who wants to keep their Trillion dollar monopoly sham afloat. Then corner the market and charge people $600 for a friggin Epi-pen.

          • Your Welcome Zeus. Millions & Millions are dying of cancer for no reason at all. Big Pharma wants to make a profit and their profit is more important then peoples lives.

      13. YH, I agree. I tried pot once when I was 15 AND inhaled it. I halfway choked on it. Never touched it again afterward. I just stayed with beer until 1982. Shortly after my wife was killed by a drunk driver, I stopped drinking myself. Haven’t touched one drop of alcohol since then. No drug or drinking issues with me. I believe in keeping a clear head literally all the time. But I do agree the war on drugs needs to be ended and Big Pharma and private prisons eliminated.

      14. Lurking in the Trump puppet shadows is the strings being manipulated by Big Pharma and the banks who own them.

      15. Here’s another DIY buliding kit you can use for storage or emergency shelter.
        I have one and use it for a shaded gazebo, built without the walls. They’re versatile and can be built to several different sizes.
        Don’t look for them on any other site as Stromberg’s seems to have the rights to them in the US. I believe they are originally from New Zealand.
        They specialize in game birds but sell these kits to build.
        Prices have risen on them over the years but you can build them a lot cheaper than those dome kits. They won’t stand up through a tornado or hurricane but ours took a modest tornado with 50mph winds just fine.
        A good carpenter could probably build 2 or more connected together and you’d have a decent quick shelter.
        Sarge, good luck and bless you for helping those in need.
        Saw the destruction on the news tonight.

      16. There’s way more important things to worry about than pot. Stoners and crime related to pot aren’t a real pressing issue. Use our resources where they will have the most impact.

        • rednek101

          Roger that. You can’t lock up everyone for everything. You have only so many resources. On top of it its a freedom thing.

          • They’ve done a pretty good job with the low hangers. Lots of people arrested for a joint or small bag of weed. An arrest like that just gets people into the system. Just like a simple traffic stop gets someone in the system.

            • $378 BILLION laundered and no one criminally charged with a WOPPING $160 million dollar fine imposed.

              h ttps://

              By all means lock up the 18 year old with a joint and ruin his life while giving a pass to the above.


      17. you don’t suppose the beer a liquor industries would be “helping” to persuade the politicians to keep a beneficial plant illegal do you? what about the private prison industry? or the police unions? you don’t think they would try to influence the politicians do you? hemp is one of the oldest medicines on the planet.

      18. If you guys aren’t aware of Dr. Joe Alton, MD, and his site, it is pretty cool. Basically, he’s an MD who believes in preparedness. A lot of good stuff. Today he had how to control rodents as a disease vector, but everything he has is good.

        For your reference.

      19. Well I was had. Don’t buy stock in the pot industry. Not that I did but after researching it I recently discovered why Trump (who I voted for and support) selected Jeff Sessions for AG. Because he knows Sessions HATES pot more than anyone else hates it on the planet and if Sessions could eradicate every pot plant he would.

        Trump promised “I’ll leave it up to the States” knowing Sessions wants to make MJ a Schedule 11 Drug so that it will transition back to Federal jurisdiction, and out of the State, and therefore be illegal countrywide. Trump didn’t want to lose the pro-pot people so he played it safe and said “I’ll leave it up to the States to decide”, knowing it wouldn’t end that way.

        I rarely smoke but know people with sleep disorders who say Indica strain knocks them out at night and it’s the only way they get a good night’s sleep without taking dangerous sleep medications. I know others who said it calms their anxiety without taking sedatives so they can function during the day and work more efficiently.

        No, it’s not for everyone, and teens shouldn’t have it, but it should at least be legalized recreational for those over 21 yrs, so that those who really need it have it.

        Trump is a Big Pharma guy, he’s all for the pharmaceutical bigheads and knows legalizing pot will surely cut into both their OTC and also their prescription drug profits. He’s going to get big kickbacks for having Jeff Sessions make it a Schedule 11 so it’s under Federal jurisdiction, not State, and illegal everywhere. Watch and see.

        Jeff Sessions is also a big private-prison guy, if ya get my drift, who has no problem having those who grow/sell small amounts and even those who use/carry small amounts thrown in prison with rapists and thieves and their ilk. Something to think about folks.

        • Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the hot seat right now. If he gets canned Trump will just pick another anti-pot AG. They don’t want it legalized and will make sure it isn’t as that will cut into pharmaceutical profits like you said.

          It will soon be back under the feds and using will become a criminal offense everywhere = more people imprisoned.

          Except for one person in Trump’s administration no one in his Administration approves of rec marijuana, not even Trump.

          I hope a lot of people protest when that day comes, where it’s back under the feds and illegal everywhere. And it will come. Coming soon.

      20. Studies have shown that wherever opioid/heroin use is extremely high, weed is illegal. When heroin users were asked by drug counselors why they didn’t just get high everyday, instead of sticking a needle in their arm and damaging their organs with a dangerous and potentially deadly substance, they said it was because they had no access to weed. It seems that in regional studies there’s a direct correlation with high opioid/heroin usage and no access to weed because it’s illegal, and lower heroin usage with those who have access to legal marijuana.

        Legalizing marijuana seems to be the lesser of the two evils.

      21. Gee people. How many people thoroughly research anything. I would say that one needs to read articles, and entire books on both sides of the issue, as well as on the plant and it’s components, uses, and risks. Actual experience is one of the most important parts of intellectual research. Some scientists have used drugs in order to report their effects. One brilliant scientist decided to research Cocain and record his observations. He wrote increasingly more chaotic jibberish on a blackboard. He was found dead in his lab. Cocain can cause cardiac arrest.

        Pot has been heavily researched in is real hell. The results of the research is extensive. Like any plant, it contains many different chemical compounds. CBD stops epileptic seizures. CBD eases spasms and arthritic stiffness. THC which is the high, reduces pain. The correct amount of THC can be used for various conditions ranging from depression to schizophrenia, and anorexia. Using it in conjunction with chemo reduces nausea. Glacoma can be prevented and or its effects minimized.

        When research is done on artificially high doses, patients experience negative effects including but not limited to paranoia.

        Continued use of large amounts of maryjuana can lead to psychological dependence. It can be habit forming but is not physically addictive as is heroin and cocain and synthetic cocain/meth. It is extremely useful in reducing symptoms of hardcore drug addicts who are in withdrawal. Either in the acute stages of withdrawal or during maintenance.

        Children and teenagers using maryjuana can have brain function problems during the growth and development stage. It is therefore countraindicated unless child is epileptic or getting chemo or is otherwise in need medically as in debilitating spasms, in which case the correct prescription may be restricted according to need.

        Pot has been found to lower ambition in some individuals and is especially a handicap to teenagers who need to be alert in class, not doping off in a stuper.

        In short, like anything else, it has benefits and risks.

        My personal opinion is legalize completely. Punish anyone distributing to children for recreational purposes. Leave parents with sick children to decide what is best for their kids. Allow adults to decide what they want to use. Stop trying to control every aspect of people’s lives.

        In short, I say yes, legalize it. But include a warning of the side effects, risks, and contraindications.

        That’s all folks. ?


        • B from CA

          The definitive thorough medical research done for the epic Reefer Madness movie says your wrong.

        • My sister was on some medication when she became pregnant, dr. prescribed marinol a drug with the active ingredient in marijuana, because it would be safer for the developing fetus. Long story short, when the baby was born she(baby) tested positive for THC, hospital got social workers involved, hospital punished mom by making perfectly healthy baby stay in hospital for 6 weeks until they could prove with lab tests on the baby that the mother hadn’t been smoking pot.
          This and other stories here makes me wonder if med profession it trying to keep natural remedies like plants from subtracting from their pharmaceutical profits.

          • I was a 50s baby. The bottle with formula was sold to the public as man made, modern and therefore better than Mom herself.

            Yes the medical profession tends to be bias. Its not a grand organized conspiracy but rather a natural order of events where businesses do what they can to expand sales. To a great degree the FDA is the mouthpiece of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

            I have a core unwavering belied; I don’t.

      22. The president can’t legislate by executive order. If Congress passed drug laws, they have to repeal them, or the Supremes have to declare them unconstitutional.

        How about we quit encouraging Presidents to legislate with the pen ?

        • Bingo, TnAndy! There was a reason for separation of powers; checks and balances. Executive Orders, although I like the intentions behind many of DT’s recent ones, are not the way to make new legislation. He is stepping out of bounds with EOs, just like Obola did. POTUS should not be doing Congress’ job too.

          • Most of Pres Trump’s EOs are to cancel
            out the ones Chewbacca’s Husband decreed
            with out congress or to reinforce laws
            that are already on the books but the
            Mozlem in office refused to go by.

      23. Well then maybe all alcohol should be banned and illegal since it can easily lead to addiction, gateway drugs, unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancies, accidents, impairment, job loss, financial problems, divorce, broken families, spousal/child abuse, crime, violence, death, and so on and on.


      24. The wide availability of pot certainly hasn’t stemmed the tide of the heroin and opioid addicts. This entire article is birdseed.

        Our state has legalized recreational pot, and all we’ve gotten for it is about a 50% increase in DWI cases, and absolutely no budget or tax relief from the state. They take the money in and squander it.

        There will be no benefit whatsoever, this is just a pack of lies.

        Don’t get me started on the potheads, that’s something else. The benefits being touted do not exist.

        • Smokey

          Its not their job to provide a benefit to The State but it is The States job to provide freedom for them.

          DWI cases is a cash cow to most States. Impound a car, court costs, $10K easy. Increase the DWI penalty, perfectly legal and justified.

          • Libertarian

      25. Really in moderation???? Don’t be a cuck!

      26. Son Of Liberty says:
        Comment ID: 3670995
        Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.
        March 1, 2017 at 8:19 pm
        Side note on different topic but needs our attention to prevent coon ass na ga apes in heels (like moochelle obozo and her tranny cross dressing husband Barry), I was at 24 hour fitness in Pasadena, Texas today at 4:30 pm. I was watching Fox News the 5 at 5 when some naga banana Eating fat a ss ape had the manager change the channel. I said hold on wtf? He’s like well she wants to watch it. I’m like so was I. Turn off the two channels that are Clinton news network and MSNBC to the Cu ck to houston channel she wants to watch.
        Incidentally there were plenty of treadmills open at other tv’s she could have waddled her fat Kentucky fried chicken ni g g e r as s to and asked to switch channels. She only chose the fox tv.
        Everyone contact the cuck little bit ch midget body builder manager at the gym and complain. He wouldn’t even give me his name. Everyone please. Call and complain to the Pasadena Texas 24 hour fitness on fairmont. Corporate won’t answer or return calls- of course cuz they are cu c ks from california. Let’s encourage patriots to open up gyms in these areas for real men to work out at.
        Son Of Liberty- race war now! Ni g g e r!!!!!

        Steve– the real SOL not the Cuckl k who has posed as me.

        Call 24 fitness now !!!!! Patriots mobilize


        • Son of Liberty:

          That’s all it takes to start a race war. You sound like my kids when they were little, little kids. Grow up son. Forget the box. Fox is only slightly better. The whole thing is owned by enemies of Liberty. Take out a book instead. Something challenging like chemistry or physics.

          Open a gym yourself. I attended a private small gym. The owner worked with me one-on-one in a way no big gym can do. Take classes at a community college. Get certified and work as a personal coach. If you have a real affinity for it, open a small free weight gym. That’s how my friend did it. After a while he moved to a better location and now he has a bigger place with machines in one room and fre weights in the other. He specializes in helping older folks. Many of his clients were young when he started, and are now seniors. Fitness is for people of all ages, but older people really benefit, it seems, more than others.

          Good Luck with 24hr. We have them here. They are ok. You should have to deal with black people from where I used to work. They can sure get you upset if you’re not used to attitude. I personally think a race war is the worst possible approach to dealing with white people’s problems. Chews are the cause behind black entitlement. Chews in the media and academia have taught blacks that white people cause their problems from slavery to poverty. Ironically, these things are in large part the result of actions by Chews themselves, not white people.

          Next time you see that black lady, give her a copy of “The Hidden Relationship Between Blacks and Chews”. Did you know that there was a synagogue at every port where black slaves came into the United States. Did you know that only 2% of whites owned slaves. While 40% of Chews owned slaves. Did you know that virtually all slave ships were owned by Chews and manned by Chews. Did you know that the Chew “religion” allows a Chew to own slaves and treat them HARSHLY as long as the slave is not Chew wish. This includes white slaves. Did you know that Chews in Is real hell has many white slaves captured from Eastern Europe and held for sex, legally under Chew wish law.

          You want a race war over a TV show ?? You might be going to war with the wrong people; for, the wrong reason.

          Good luck, young fella.


      27. Daily Stormer. Good info like shtf plan and a good way to meet and form book clubs in your areas of operation.

      28. Bombed up for years while I don’t believe in legalizing it people shouldn’t be locked up over it. In my younger years it did help me be productive at work. It also made me withdrawn hiding from the boss and staying busy. I know he knew I was stoned however he didn’t care cus I was producing for him. I didn’t care as long as I got my check. I think businesses like hiring stoners and want the gov to legalize it because it makes workers complacent compliant and easy to control. I had my fun gave it up about 8 years ago. For me I had to grow up and get real employment. I’m all set wasted a lot of$. Another vice scam like cigs booze and drugs. You don’t need it to live so it’s a waste of $ but if you wanna burn your $ fine I’d rather keep mine.

      29. I admit to preferring my own kind. which is redneck killbilly cracker. So im a racist who don’t care for Yankees ,blacks, or any other race than white folks. I also don’t like welfare drawing liberal white folks I call them wiggers. Most are fat obese mental midgets. They star in people of wal mart videos. Im Ok with me being a racist and really don’t give a rats ass what other people think. I was brought up to know what it means to be white and taught my children the same. I often lurk over at the daily stormer . I never post there. Its good for laughs. And a Race war is a possibility.

        • You are not a racist. You are merely racial. That’s a good thing. There is no such thing as a racist. The word was invented in the early 1900’s by communists, in order to intimidate white people out of the political process.

      30. The legalities here should be paramount, particularly to fellow conservatives. Prohibition was legal since it was a constitutional amendment. Current US drugs laws are illegal as they are unconstitutional. The ability to ban Drugs is not delegated to the federal government by the constitution, This must therefore be the responsibility of the state or the people. Finally, does anyone really think the banning of a plant grown commercially by Thomas Jefferson is in any way constitutionally possible?

      31. Marijuana is not physically addictive
        Alcohol is physically addictive
        Opiates are physically addictive
        Nicotine is physically addictive

        This is a significant amount of information so I will only focus on opiates initially,

        I am a physician, addicted to endorphins (natural opiates) from exercise and here are the facts:

        Opiates: Heroin and pain medications in particular continue to top the list as the fastest rising addictions in the United States. As with prescription pain-relief medications, just because a medication comes in prescription form doesn’t mean it’s safe to take whenever the mood strikes. For opiate-based drugs – both heroin and prescription pain-killers – a high potential for addiction exists no matter the type of drug. Opiate addiction statistics paint a clear and somewhat surprising picture of the effects these drugs can have when misused as well as when used as prescribed.
        Fortunately, opiate addiction statistics have drawn the attention of local governments to the point where 36 states currently have Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These programs are designed to track prescription and dispensing practices for prescription drugs from doctors to pharmacies to patients. While these programs do help to contain opiate misuse, opiate addiction statistic rates continue to grow at alarming rates.

        1. Prescribed medications, and not rampant thefts from pharmacies, account for nearly all overdose incidents caused by prescription pain medications. Opiate addiction statistics show as many as three out of four people abusing prescription drugs obtained them from a friend or family member.

        2. An estimated 80 percent of prescription painkillers are prescribed by 20 percent of prescribers. The majority of scripts come from primary care and internal medicine physicians. Very few pain prescriptions originate from physician specialists.

        3. Medicaid enrollees receive pain prescriptions at twice the rate of non-Medicaid patients. Results from a Washington state study show Medicaid enrollees accounted for 45 percent of overdose fatalities in the state.

        4. While drug overdose rates vary from state to state, the highest rate of overdose fatality incidents occurred in New Mexico and West Virginia in 2008. Opiate addiction statistics rates in these two states were five times more than in Nebraska, the state with the lowest rate.

        5. Data collected by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show as many as 4.2 million Americans reported using heroin at least once in their lives. Of this number, an estimated 23 percent become addicted to the drug.

        6. Between the years 1999 and 2010, sales for prescription painkillers to hospitals, doctors and pharmacies increased fourfold. By 2010, the number of pain medications prescribed was enough to keep every single American medicated for one month’s time.

        7. Since 1999, the number of overdose deaths from pain medications has increased by 300 percent. In 2008, opiate addiction statistics deaths resulting from prescription pain meds totaled 14,800. This number amounts to over and above the combined total for heroin and cocaine-related deaths.

        8. In 2009, the abuse of prescription painkiller drugs accounted for more than 475,000 emergency room visits. This number represents a twofold increase in drug-related emergency room visits since 2005.

        9. As of 2010, opiate addiction statistics show over 12 million Americans reported using prescription pain medications for non-medical purposes without having obtained an actual prescription.

        10. In 2010, an estimated two million people reported abusing prescription pain medication for the first time within the previous 12 month period. This number amounts to 5,500 people a day abusing prescription pain meds for the first time.

      32. I love how people still believe what the government tells them

        about ANYTHING !!

        what a bunch of stooges .. these Fcks been lying to you all for decades , and some still think “they know best”

        seriously ?

        no really!

        Think for yourself.. do for yourself , stop telling others what you think they should do , and just do whats right for you

        leave me and my decisions for me out of your concern ..Get off my dam lawn!

      33. You can’t legally or safely operate machinery, automobiles or work around aircraft when under the influence of pot. Pot may stay detectable in your system for a month. So, where you going to work? How you going to get to and from anywhere? Work, stores, etc.? More people on welfare, SSI or whatever. Jail for possession? No. Jail or fine for operating anything under the influence? Why not?

        • Him

          “….under the influence”

          The problem is unlike alcohol there is no threshold limit. Someone who smokes Friday night is good to go on Monday morning with insignificant effect far less than having a cold insufficient to keep you from work. Say to your employer, “I have a headache” and see if that is ample reason not to be at work.

          • I have worked 16 hrs day for over a month straight W/O a day off. Being tired is not an excuse either. We actually had a guy that did it for 3 months and was fired because he was late too often. Interestingly the arbitrator was shocked that the company has the balls to take such a case before him. The guy got the full award. 100% back pay lost with the overtime he would have had to work, compensation for loss of benefits, loss of vacation time, saving plan contributions.

            Because the training is so expensive and skilled people are so difficult and time consuming to replace think about fatigue of the workforce in ultra hazarded industries while your driving by. When the news has a major story like BP Horizon and the like believe it that the story your getting, the root causes, almost always have this as a contributing factor. They pray that some poor sob employee, that worked 16 hrs day for the last 3 weeks had smoked a joint 21 days prior because its, “Eureka, we found the cause”.

      34. You don’t smoke it you make it into oil. If the government would allow people to grow their own all of our medical insurance problems would be solved. We don’t really need doctors that push pills. Cannabis cures cancer.

      35. Thank You Jimmy-You nailed it on the head.

        Big Pharma has committed TREASON against ALL people of the world.

        The Rick Simpson Oil cures ALL Cancers and help/cures other dieases as well.

      36. I laugh at all these people denigrating cannabis. It’s not pot or marijuana, it’s cannabis period. Like Kevin said, reefer madness still holds sway with a big part of the population all these years later. That’s some heavy duty brainwashing. Cannabis makes one reflective about all things in life, which is just great. Cannabis makes the majority non violent, not an attribute the warmongers like. Cannabis is healthy, the real drug dealers nightmare, the poison pill pushers. It is so obvious that a deaf dumb and blind person can see its benefit. To oppose Cannabis is to oppose health and freedom.

        • aljamo

          As the people who graduated from HS before 1965 or so pass on the following generations are much more tolerant of marijuana as they have actually seen it and in very high (no pun intended) percentages smoked it at some point in their life. The “Reefer Madness” propaganda is therefore dispelled. To give you an idea how prevalent this literal brain washing is my father, depression baby, WWII vet, still drives and plays poker very well has an answer for everything. First of all, in his opinion pot is dope and all dope is the same. “Pop why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot Kennedy”? (I won’t go into the validity of that premise at this time) “He was on dope”. “Pop, why is the economy bad”? “They’re on dope”. Myself and a few friends were going to jump out of an airplane, Pops reply, “Are you on dope”? Wall Street Crash, was it greed? Nope it was dope. If anything looks strange or requires any thought the cause is dope.

          The blame it on dope people are trying in vain to resurrect the falsehoods of “Reefer Madness” and if it wasn’t effecting so many people I’de be laughing at the absolute ignorance used in their arguments.

      37. Drug Crisis in the United States

        Due to – Spiritual Crisis, Disconnectedness, Numb Pain,

        Miss Community, Fill an Unseen Void,

        Churches are Dead. just mho.

      38. Drug Crisis in the United States

        Due to – Spiritual Crisis, Disconnectedness, Numb Pain,

        Miss Community, Fill an Unseen Void,

        Churches are Dead. just mho.

      39. I use a simple standard. Is pot as harmful as other things which are legal? I don’t think it can really be disputed that alcohol causes more problems. Cigarettes… Let’s take it farther… Cars, they are soooooo dangerous, ban them and gov handles all transportation from now on. Anything with an open flame… How many fires are there because of candles and do they really serve a useful purpose? War on weed is complete madness considering what could be done with the effort put into it. End of discussion far as I’m concerned.

      40. Don’t think marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Marijuana legal for treating disease, yes. I was married to someone who smoked it for 46( I left after 16 years) years, and also had an alcohol problem too. He died at age 61. Nothing good came of the use of these two crutches. Also had a discussion with my drug using, drug selling next door neighbor about legalizing its use. My statement was, the biggest part of users stay at home to use it so they don’t have as much of a chance to be caught; if legalized it would put more impaired drivers on the road driving causing same situations as drunk drivers. And my neighbor agreed with me. I’m a retired nurse, and don’t claim to know as much as a doctor, but IMO doctors prescribe too many drugs; especially to the elderly. I’m 70 years old and I stopped taking all the drugs prescribed to me. There was so many I had to sit down and figure out a schedule for taking them. I now take only 3 baby aspirin a day. I corrected my problems with diet and natural supplements. I had some serious problems, A-fib, asthma, lung tumor(benign) rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, colitis. I do not recommend you do what I did, again do not do this on your own. There are doctors who recognize natural treatments and Dr. Josh Axe is one of them. I would like to say that I never smoked anything in my life, but was around plenty of secondhand smoke; and never used any illicit drugs in my life…….despite being a teenager during the sixties. Was exposed and overcome by a chemical at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant I worked for. People have to want to get off drugs, this is the decision they must make, my husband did not want to get off drugs….yes alcohol is a drug too. Waiting

      41. Cannabis cures cancer . No need for doctors anymore . We can just take a little cannabis oil and be healed. The drug companies getting nervous over this. They love to treat with chemo and radastion.

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