Desperate to Cling to Power: If Trump Upsets Election, “Martial Law Could Follow”

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 103 comments

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    Simply put, the stakes are very high for this election.

    Whether he is a farce, or a force to be reckoned with, Donald Trump has shaken the foundations of the establishment.

    And there may be hell to pay.

    So far in 2016, we have witnessed the two party system collapse, as the GOP was taken over from within, and the Democratic party fought a coup against a grassroots insurgency to install Hillary Clinton as their favored puppet president.

    Every media pundit on the airwaves has circled round and round the flaws of Trump, while giving Hillary perfect cover to steal the election in plain sight.

    These things are happening… and there is every possibility that civil unrest could result after a contested – or strongly challenged – result in November.

    If angry Trump supporters, possibly encouraged by Trump himself, took to the streets, things could get pretty nasty.

    And only weeks away, it remains a real possibility.

    There is also the outside chance, as Michael Snyder has discussed, that a Trump victory could be challenged by the system itself. On the pretext of war with Russia, or a catastrophic terror attack, an economic collapse – or anything at all that can be blamed on election aftermath – President Obama could declare martial law, and call for an election do-over (keeping himself in charge until things are sorted out, of course).

    There is a very real push for a big war to revive the empire economy, and the grip of the system; there is a very real chance that this country is on the brink of conflict, division and fallout on a scale never before seen.

    As Joe Joseph discuses, the elections are indeed being hijacked, war is being fixed and the powers that be are preparing to make the people accept the election outcome – one way or another:

    In this edition of The Daily Sheeple’s “Daily News Update”, Joe Joseph goes over the treasure trove of documents that have come out against the Clintons… It safe to say that this election is a textbook example of how leaders are selected, not elected. Joe also highlights five ways martial law can be enacted in the United States!

    The Elections Are Being Hijacked! Possible Martial Law to Follow

    Hopefully nothing of the sort happens, but in these dark and strange times, anything is possible.

    One thing is certain, the American people won’t be able to vote themselves out tyranny and deception. But it appears that the path to peaceful revolution is being cut off, leaving more pressure than ever on all sides, waiting to explode.

    Stay vigilant.

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    If Martial Law Comes to America “Dissidents and Subversives Would Be Rounded Up”

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      1. People are getting tired of the same old corruption. The corrupt are holding on as hard as they can. Lot of money at stake.

        • The only thing that is conserving peace among the Trump supporters is the fact we all have jobs to work so we can support our families and pay taxes for others that don’t. Otherwise, the long-overdue revolution would have already commenced. Not sure how long it’s going to sustain like this though.

          • Blackmoe,
            YUP, agreed and time to clean house, the scumbags need removal from there perch!!

            • Just vote republikan, they will save Murka!

              • Please remember, neither Trump or Hilary will be inaugurated as the next President.

          • Hillary lovers are more likely to riot. We all know that, just like we all know the establishment gang will do everything they can to see her in the oval orifice. The RNC has spent NOTHING on TV advertising in support of Trump.

          • Trouble is that only those that are full of $hit are ever believed. It is easier to believe the actual lie than the obvious truth (as least to a certain segment of our society.
            Take for example – I am full of $hit (from my intestines to the exit point just a foot or so below that point). Others who it should be obvious to you by now – are full of $hit and it is coming out their mouth and ears AND their eyes are brown to boot. In Hillary’s case she is using colored lenses to cover that fact because she if so full of (you know what) that there is NO possible way that her eye color isn’t brown and her breath doesn’t stink like (you know what).
            NUF SAID.
            Disconnect the microphone and turn off the camera.


          I wasn’t planning on voting before, but now I definitely will– FOR TRUMP!! If the elite hate him that much, he is the man to choose!!!

          • Unfortunately, deciding not to vote could make or break America this election.

            If this election is close because of voter fraud, illegals and dead men voting, etc., then if someone votes for a candidate other than Trump, it would directly help get the globalists’ NWO candidate into the WH, because she will need one less vote to win.

            We cannot in good conscience act in a way that helps a criminal and enemy of America like Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

            The Second American Revolution has begun, to wrest our country and economy back from the global corporate cronies that have robbed America.

            Like all tyrants, the ‘elite’ establishment demoncraps and repub traitors believed that they could continue to fleece America forever.

            Let’s hope and pray that We The People put a President into the White House who is FOR our country and not against it.

          • Unfortunately, deciding not to vote could make or break America this election.

            If this election is close because of voter fraud, illegals and dead men voting, etc., then if someone voted for a candidate other than Trump, it would directly help get the globalists’ NWO candidate into the WH, because she will need one less vote to win.

            We cannot in good conscience act in a way that helps a criminal and enemy of America like Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

            The Second American Revolution has begun, to wrest our country and economy back from the global corporate cronies that have robbed Americans and are attempting to destroy our Republic.

            Like all tyrants, the ‘elite’ establishment demoncraps and repub traitors believe that they can continue to fleece America forever.

            Let’s hope and pray that We The People put a President into the White House who is FOR our country and not against it.

        • Interesting …” …the path to peaceful revolution is being cut off.” Doesn’t seem those two words should go together. COULD we have a peaceful revolution if the path to it wasn’t being cut off? (Whatever that may be)…

          Peaceful Revolution ….peaceful revolting…hmmm…

          • What you don’t believe in a peaceful hanging? Depends on who’s swinging from the rope I suppose.

          • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
            John F.Kennedy

            • So true.

              In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
              George Orwell
              English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 – 1950)

        • God am I sick of repeating myself – if such a thing happens – we have the most basic of reasons to act. Our founding declaration document and reason for the 2nd Amendment was written very clearly: “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on … ”

          Any questions? No? Didn’t think so. Why? For a ‘right’ is not derived from government. And ‘splain’ that to the liberals…. my rights, your rights, their rights come from God and inherent in all of us at birth (actually @ conception). Period. And “F” off any who just don’t get that. For them – suggestion….. move. Leave.

          • Very well said Heartless. I could not agree more!

            We have reached the point to install a new gov if Trump does not win or has the election stolen….most likely scnerio.

            Now Obummer and Hitlery are floating the idea the Russians will hack the election. Gee laying pipe for voiding the election because of non-existent hacking.

            I’m sure the coco puff eaters will believe it and welcome the lies.

          • Very well said, but you need to ask yourself a VERY important question. Are you ready, able, and willing, to pick up, and use the force of arms to protect those God given rights???

            • My house is physically a fortress. I am prepared.
              I have had to defend an isolated buttress in the past and know what to do and what to plan on.
              My neighbors will (probably the majority) will hunker down with me when and if the time comes.

      2. Yep. These stupid communists socialists progressive scum talk all this violence toward patriots. They will die by the bunches when the line is fully crossed. Fuck them.

        • Menzo’
          That was a short rant that Ron Ahrens would be proud of!

          • Insert “boot lickers” for an A+

        • I like it!

      3. Bring it, enough of this twaddle

        • another 100%er

          bring it .. quit teasing

          Standing Beside you again

          maybe Ill just sit back and let you run with my views

        • good word, i like it. im with you, lets get this show on the road. there hell to pay.

      4. Martial law! Run for your lives! Man, this ‘martial law’ stuff is getting old.

        • When in Martial Law, you simply do not comply with a damned thing at all costs. Expensive living.

          • Equorial, that’s right. I don’t recognize martial law and won’t follow it, period.

            • “Martial law” is total war waged against the people. It is waged anytime government threatens or uses force against the people in order to obtain their compliance. There are only two reactions possible to that war: either surrender to the ravages of, or, obliterate the enemy.

            • Martial Law will be used for the purpose of opening the doors for UN control of the USSA.

      5. this is like the first civil war. half of our country went in the wrong direction, doing something so obviously wrong, that it was apparent for many years we would not be able to resolve it peacefully. now we have our country MORE corrupt than many turd-world countries, and there is NO WAY to resolve it peacefully. 10 years ago i said to give the constitution to Iraq, because we weren’t USING it anyway. and from ALL appearances, that’s what has happened. it’s just a piece of toilet paper to a good many so-called americans….SO much so, that they are willing to hand U.S. over to the muslims. in the end i suppose we will do the right thing, but exhaust ALL other possibilities, in the meantime….that’s how we DO it in america,….these days.

        • Just to be clear the 1860’s Civil War was about the South paying lots of taxes to the North and not getting anything back in return. It was NOT about Slavery. As the North winners would like for you to believe.


          • You’re an uneducated idiot…

            • Lincoln freed the slaves in the south before he freed the slaves in the north?

            • Zlatko, I have to agree with WWTI on this one regardless of the dispute I have with him. It’s a historical fact that all throughout the first half of the 19th century the tax money we sent to Washington was spent on projects in the Northern states and the Western territories. Not one dime was spent for anything to benefit the Southern states. slavery was only an excuse to cover up the true reasons for the Lincoln regime’s crimes against the South. Members of Congress from the South tried their best for decades to keep the Union together, but the Northerners’ attitude toward the South made it impossible. When the Declaration Of Independence was signed, ALL 13 colonies had slavery within their borders. NOT JUST THE SOUTH, ALL OF THEM! In the years between the War Of 1812 and the Mexican War all of the Northern states were able to eliminate slavery peacefully. How? THEY HAD THEIR TRANSPORTED TO SLAVE AUCTIONS IN THE SOUTH TO BE SOLD TO SOUTHERNERS AND MADE A TON OF MONEY IN THE PROCESS. The so-called ‘free blacks’ were in an impossible situation. Their ‘freedom papers’, from the legal standpoint of those times, were a joke. They were in a “no-man’s land”; they were no longer in bondage but they couldn’t become citizens, either. That was their true status in the NORTHERN states before Lincoln came along. Another reason for the war was a major dispute between North and South over the Western territories. The Northerners didn’t want Southern slaveholders bringing their ‘property’ into those territories, thus creating more ‘slave states’. The Northerners wanted the territories to become ‘free states’, which they really meant to be FOR WHITE PEOPLE ONLY AND NO BLACKS ALLOWED. The Southerners believed the territories should be open to everyone whether Northerner or Southerner who wanted to settle there. But the tax issue was the biggest one by far. Did you know that all of the slaves brought to this country were brought in ON NORTHERN VESSELS BUILT IN NORTHERN PORTS AND FINANCED BY NORTHERNERS WHO WERE IN THE SLAVE TRADE? NOT ONE SOUTHERN VESSEL EVER BROUGHT ONE SLAVE TO THIS LAND, PERIOD. ALL OF THE SLAVE SHIPS WERE BUILT BY NORTHERNERS AND BROUGHT INTO EVERY NORTHERN PORT. NOT ONE SOUTHERNER WAS EVER INVOLVED IN THE SLAVE TRADE, EVER. EVEN AFTER THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION ENDED, THE SLAVE TRADE CONTINUED. SLAVERY IN THE US WAS FINALLY OUTLAWED, SO WHERE DID THE SLAVE TRADERS OPERATE? BRAZIL, WHICH DIDN’T END SLAVERY IN THEIR COUNTRY UNTIL 1889. It was only then that the New England slave trade finally went out of business. Google the ‘RECONSTRUCTION ERA’, the period after the war and discover what your beloved US Army did in the postwar South. You’ve got a helluva lot to learn.

              • There’s another example of that damned truth again. Shush with that. My text books in grammer school told me that Lincoln was born a saint and rose to godlike status before he died.

            • Fuck off Zlatko.

            • You shame YOURSELF Zlatko with your ignorance.

              • I would say there never was a civil war but a war of succession,the south just wanted to break free of DC and the north,not take over the govt. in dc.It was a economic war plain and simple,one that has actually never ended but in hiatus.

          • I wonder if a big part of the civil war was taxes to the federal gov. But mostly Federal control of the dollar . No more confederate dollars . The Feds wanted a cut. And all that land after the war when no one had money to pay land tax . The same thing happened during the depression. Purposely destroy the economy then scoop up all that land for non payment of taxes. The same thing since 2008 crash how many people lost everything to the banks? And it will happen again and again. They will really cash in after ww3. You will sell everything you have for a measure of wheat. Or a penny?

            • great post, wolverine….and the biggest problem with THIS war, is that there will be no way to figger out WHO to SHOOT. the haves against the have-nots….the MAKERS against the TAKERS…..hold onta’ yer BUTTS!

      6. “… and there is every possibility that civil unrest could result after a contested – or strongly challenged – result in November.”

        It is practically a guarantee – that this happens.

        Whether Trump or Hillary is the “victor” – the results will be the same – Civil Unrest ?

        • I wonder if the only way the we inherited billions so we deserve to rule crowd can win. Is to take out both candidates and have a do over?

        • Stolz, LOL! Everyone in that gallery is a lot smarter than Obola. I’ll take any of them for my team.

          • The REALLY obese guy has white hair now, yet I’ve got a youtube of him with a full-auto glock .45acp using a very long magazine. I’m also thinking the last thing I’d do is give an M16 to an ape, on or off safety if something can go wrong it usually does.

      7. I’ve thought all along that Trump would win in a landslide and Obummer would call for Marshall law to stay in office. TPTB just aren’t going to let Trump in the whitehouse. Hope I’m wrong, but who knows anymore, the worlds just gone plumb crazy!
        Take care all.

      8. 3 lies from last night

        sure theres more… you hear any?

        Here are three of Hillary Clinton’s outright lies from last night’s debate:
        Lie #1
        Responding to a question about Wikileaks, Clinton deceptively suggested that Wikileaks is in somehow tied to the Russian Federation:
        “We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyber attacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin, and they are designed to influence our election.”
        There is no evidence that Wikileaks is a nationalist organization of any kind. Why does Clinton insist on portraying Wikileaks in this way?
        According to the Department of Homeland Security, the hacks came from Russia, but there is no evidence of collusion between Wikileaks and the Russian government. This is merely a red herring from Clinton to distract from her culpability in what was said in those emails.
        Lie #2
        Clinton also lied when she said that her plan will not “add a penny to the national debt.”
        This turns out to be completely false.
        The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget predicts if implemented, Clinton’s policies would increase the debt by $9 trillion over one decade.
        Lie #3
        Clinton says, “I want to make college debt free.” Of course, just like any other politician, Clinton likes to make empty promises that sound nice but are truly bold-faced lies.
        The facts are clear. Clinton’s college plan alone would require a federal budget of over $500 billion over a 10 year period to allegedly give “free” college to in-state college students. This means that most people will be robbed $500,000,000,000 of their hard-earned money and suffer drastic inflation rates so that some kid can get another useless liberal arts degree.
        Clinton has no plan to make college debt free. She wants to raise your taxes and have you shoulder the burden of a college bubble that is just about to burst.

      9. If Trump wins, and I pray that he does. There will be RIOTS like you have never seen. Martial Law in the Big Cities, and that will spread into the country side. Now that will be a bad thing for them. I for one will not stand for it.

        TPTB will start and will push RIOTING so that Obullshit/Obola will try to pull something like that.

        So you folks in the big cities had better have a plan to get the HELL out after the election if Trump wins. If you are planning on staying in the City. May God watch over you and my your M4 shoot straight, and may your 12Ga. spread a great pattern. Remember my saying. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!


        • All true in my view as well

        • 2017 is going to get really messy, regardless of who “wins” this election.

          If Trump wins, TPTB will accelerate our path to war for sure. Then Obola will, by executive order, suspend the inauguration indefinitely.

        • And where is the downside to that. This isn’t south Africa. If the DINDUS and wiggers want civil war they will soon wish they hadn’t started . going tribal outside of their element will not be unchallenged. I think something has to give. There is always that straw that breaks the camels back. You can only Police and Tax a people to the amount that they allow you to do so.

          • Old Guy—> Then I must express my desire to kick their asses unlike they’ve ever been kicked in the written history of mankind. They, and they are and stand for, are beyond comprehension which is why it appears that so many fear nothing, when the truth is that they’ve no clue what’s about to come falling down all around them, for normal to complete chaos in far under 24hrs.

            Oh …joy.

        • Sarge, that’s exactly why I’ll be back in GA within the next 2 weeks.

        • Don’t worry, tptb will install hellary.

        • The Second American Revolution is just beginning. The real battle for America will start after Donald Trump is elected.

      10. If the result of this election is not what the powers that be wanted. Id say they will use the same stratagy they have used in countrys around the world.A popular uprising by the people. Like in Lybia, Egypt,Urakrane and Syria.. In fact its already happening here in the US at a lower level of intensity. But still the same game plan.Divide and Conquer. .

      11. Off. Topic:

        Man I hate to even want to talk about this , but it is eating at me.

        I had a nightmare last night. Trump wins by a landslide, He starts off and things are going great, the world is at peace. The US and Russia just crushed the Muslime hoard and things are now working well with the Muslims and the Christians are working together to make the world a better place.

        Trump is shot and killed by a BLM and when she is arrested she dies in Police custody. Found out she was killed by a inmate that she tried to rape. But the police got the blame and Riots started over her death. With in weeks there was a race war going in some of the Big Cities. With in a short period of time all hells breaks out. I wish I could have ended the dream on a good note but I can’t. It took me over an hour to go bad to sleep. Lord I pray this doesn’t come to pass!

        Terrible, Terrible DREAM!


        • I dunno a civil war & race war might be a fun adventure to watch? I sometimes visit the daily stormer website. Those guys are biting at the bits to participate.

          • You really think you will be able to just sit back and nothing affect you?

            • Not exactly sit back. But I will not go looking for trouble. If trouble comes looking for me & mine. We will do our best to properly deal with it. Where I live We don’t have any race problems. The Adjoining county Boone Is where the National headquarters of the KKK is. My county has less that one half of 1% population of a race other than white. That one person claims to be a Cherokee! I relocated here on purpose. We have to the best extent possible insulated ourselves. Our well being isn’t dependent on other people ,things or conditions.

        • Sarge, let’s all hope it’s only a dream, but the scenario, I’m sad to say, is plausible considering how things are going at this time. We’re heading into the war regardless of what happens on Nov. 8.

      12. If Obama tries martial law after a Trump victory the military might have other ideas. They don’t care much for Obama or Hillary and would recognize what would be happening. Any sign of an unlawful order would be ignored.

        • The military hasnt stepped in so far to protect us so the oath they take to protect the Constitution is worthless.

        • Thanks Jim in Va. as you are precisely right, and so THAT is when all hell breaks loose and “The Fleet” (or whatever remains of her), consult together or via radio and then carry out their pre-arranged orders in the event “this happens” (and it friggin’ is)!

          At that moment all troops would be headed home with the afterburners engaged – and we’d then have lots more toys to play with in dealing with those who had “gone tyrannous” (sounds like “rabid” or something nasty doesn’t it)?

          That’s my #1 reason for not worrying about areas outside of large metros, and the deeper into the boonies and off the beaten paths. I don’t believe all that many will or would venture this far into “the dark woods” (and it’s next to impossible to get around due to snarled grape vines, and so the forest is my friend for at least that much.

          Motor mouth here. Yes. I would not obey ANY orders given at all. THEY would NOT BE “my government” thus they are powerless and it is also correct that the military would ignore any unlawful order, if they even had dependable communications. (Sometimes things screw up due to solar flares and you can’t hear them ya know)?

      13. More bullshit from shit for brains. Obama has not grabbed your guns, there are no FEMA camp, no economic meltdown and no sharia law implemented. When are you idiots going to figure out you have absolutely no cloud. You never will until you get your head ot of your ass and out of the collection of myths, fables and legends you spend so much time reading and spouting off about. Take off your tinfoil hats and join the rest of us sane people i reality. You might find it to be rather pleasant, but flawed, place and actually do something meaningful to make things better. But no, rather than do something real and meaningful, you prefer to live in your fantasy world because you are too lazy or too scared to confront reality.

        • Didn’t the Obama administration sign a UN accord on firearms? Didn’t Governor Jesse Ventura do a special on FEMA camps .And what about the stacks of coffin liners? Isnt a Muslem no go area under sharia law? Tell 40 million Americans on food stamps there isn’t an economic meltdown. Did our Hilary not deleat 30 thousand e mails after having them supenaed as evidence? And her comment of. We came we saw he died. Have you noticed a disproportionate number of Muslem mass shootings? Who’s to lazy and scared to confront reality?

        • Damn Buttface, you must’ve gone to sleep sucking on a turd and the fumes have fried your last brain cell! Bet you won’t think it’s a myth when you find yourself in a FEMA camp getting assphucked by Hitlery with a strap-on or Michelle without one as you beg for more lube! You’ve got it coming for sure.

        • cant stand bs

          You have a right to your opinion. I am happy that you feel all is fine. As far as being lazy or too scared to confront reality. You will find reality soon enough and I am sure you won’t mooch off of others should things go south. Am I correct?

        • Cant stand bs, about time you came back. You still live in your little fantasy world, I see. I “can’t stand BS” from a troll.

      14. I think that the following is the most likely.

        1. Hillary will win the election.

        2. Even if voter fraud plays a role that would have altered the results the race is too close to make a solid case that it was rigged sufficiently to alter the outcome.

        3. Hillary is unhealthy and her mannerisms and un-likability inhibit her to ability to get some legislation through effectively limiting her value to TPTB

        4. Hillary leaves the Presidency for health reasons

        5. Her VP assumes the Presidency unencumbered by the scandals that plagued Hillary

        6. The public is temporarily pacified but the economy worsens and their standard of living drops

        7. The populist movement grows

        All of the above are off in the event of a nuclear war.

      15. Getting down to brass tacks.

        Prep Tip of the Day.

        Silent Running/Sound Abatement. Hand held Slingshots, Bow and Arrow, Pellet Rifle, Pellet Pistol, Low Velocity 22 cal. Ammo, Cross bow.

        GIANT SLINGSHOT used in Syria On Google.

      16. All that the Trump supporters need to do to pull off a revolt Is not show up for work. that’s all it will take. The producers and enablers could simply refuse to participate. And it takes a united effort. We don’t work and nobody else does. Anyone refusing to strike will have to be dealt with harshly. There will have to be a hard line. We don’t produce and allow any production until our demands are met. Its a much better choice and more viable than a armed insurrection.

        • Who is John Galt?

      17. I have no comment for now, and just waiting to see wtf happens next.. I am almost certain that it will be one nasty supprise. Some dude called in today on the Alex Jones show while he was interviewing Larry Nichols and the caller heard that clinton just transfered all her money to Qutar, and looks like they are leaving….not sure if this is real?..this must be plan B to escape while hey can… It could also mean that they plan to role out the UN..


      18. Trump WINS by a landslide.

        The project to build a wall taller and wider than the wall between the Israeli occupiers and the displaced rightful owners of Palestine, the Palestinien people.

        Trump arrests the provocateurs and criminals who have held this Country hostage for such a long time.

        After appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court, abortion is deemed an issue for individual states to resolve, the States quickly withdraw funding to Planned Parenthood and overturn the right to kill healthy babies.

        Immigration laws return to pre 1968 and most gang members disband after multiple arrests. An exodus of illegals takes place over time as anchor baby status is defined as contrary to the spirit of the law. Only the children of citizens are citizens themselves, and only citizens have a right to welfare, food stamps, education, medical care (some emergency care followed by deportation).

        Employment returns and the infrastructure is rebuilt. The Country has a new currency. The Banksters have either left to a remote island in the middle of the Ocean or they have joined the workforce and become normal people (all 13 of them). The Free Masons have been arrested or disbanded and several become Monks.

        Melania is voted the most beloved First Lady when she successfully revamps the educational system and personally gives free language classes on a TV program. Our American children are rated number one in the world. Most speak three languages, English, Spanish, and Chinese. But among the youngest children, it is common to find children who also speak German fluently. All children are acquainted with Latin as it is used in Law and Medicine and all University Graduates must receive the equivalent of education in these subjects comparable to a registered nurse and a para-legal. Those with PhDs must have an MD and JD in order to qualify. We have put carpentry and cabinet making, plumbing, and electrical engineering back into the schools. Both boys and girls take these courses but girls are not required to do heavy work. Sewing, cooking and Home Economics is required by both girls and boys in kindergarten to twelfth grade. All students learn nutrition, natural cures, and raise medicinal herbs to bring home and homework requires parental involvement and home gardens as well as Hugh School gardens from which student lunches are made. Salad is the most popular food in America.

        Physical Fitness is the norm. Children are taught Martial Arts at school. Children learn archery and marksmanship. fishing and hunting are required courses. Children are taught how to care for animals, veterinary, and all learn how to catch, butcher, and cook their catch. Excursions into the natural habitats accompanies book learning for hands on experience.

        Children are taught to swim. They learn how to navigate both on sea and land. Everyone knows astronomy and there are areas of lights out between 9pm and 10pm for night star gazing which has become a National pastime replacing TV which is now relegated to seven stations and none of the former media owners are in business.

        Children composers and musicians replace radio and the former music industry is gone. Music is heard emanating from home by the people themselves.

        Water energy has replaced Nuclear Energy.

        America has the strongest, best most high tech military, yet we are at peace.


        • yea and the easter bunny, tooth fairy and sandy claws are real also. We is a gonna be eating Rainbow Stewwith a Silver Spoon. Even if trump is elected. He will not be able to change very much. If he was successful with term limits and crippling lobbist that would be a good start. But realisticly its pretty much over for the republic. Time for the USA to break up into several different nations. Or we need to take everything from the Istmus of panama to the artic circle.

          • “yea and the easter bunny, tooth fairy and sandy claws are real also.”

            You forgot to add ‘Jesus’ to your list if fictional characters.

      19. May God never turn his back on America. Our only hope to survive.

        • This entire chain of events that seemingly and literally has been nonstop for years was meant to be precisely that and no less. A constant barrage of (often) insane ‘particulars’ to fight out in a court due to a president, who has never done anything in favor of America in any way, and never will.

          Whatever Obama can do between now and the future, whatever he can pull off that would serve him as the most destructive, yet hopefully “constructive” (as in whipping ass – which ain’t gonna happen as our men would return, and our local Combat Veterans are more than adequate to hold down about anything that I can imagine, to include overt ops conducted from a precision base-station (only for as long as is needed)

          This isn’t OUR government, and folks like John Kerry isn’t overseas making deals in YOUR best interests. He’s doing whatever Obama is instructing him to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

          For those not aware, there are several ships that always remain at sea, with a small contingent of marines aboard (like a skeleton crew in that they know how to run anything aboard that ship, and the ship carries every needed for a complete Marine-style invasion using 3,000 Troops. Everything needed is onboard. MRAPs, Tanks, Shoulder-Fired everythings, firearms, ammo galore, grenade launchers, laser distance finders and just plain everything, including full uniforms and “webbing of your choice” (a sniper isn’t going to haul around the same shit as a Ordinance-Expert). My cousin was Coast Guard then switched to Merchant Marine, and spent 20years as an Electronics Tech on just two of those ships. All he ever did was change light-bulbs, and onboard 110v lighting blows all the time, and so went his career. The ships are flat-bottomed and designed to be beached for a fast off-loading. Now that was years ago. Wonder if the same is still in motion or if they’ve another way to keep marine’s “at the ready” (and those ships play by the big rules, so he says it gets dicey …I can just imagine one that must be close to “the hot spot (but these ships appear harmless cargo haulers, rusty and unkempt looking but actually in bristol condition).

      20. I say we have a National general strike on November 5th… it a work stoppage bomb………for one day no one shows up for work….this will put the fear of god in the government…..if that doesn’t work it’s pitch fork and torches time……..

        Remember, remember, the fifth of November,
        the gunpowder treason and plot;
        I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason
        should ever be forgot.

        • Perhaps most widely known in America from its use in the movie V for Vendetta, versions of the poem below have been wide spread in England for centuries.

          English Folk Verse (c.1870)
          The Fifth of November

          Remember, remember!
          The fifth of November,
          The Gunpowder treason and plot;
          I know of no reason
          Why the Gunpowder treason
          Should ever be forgot!
          Guy Fawkes and his companions
          Did the scheme contrive,
          To blow the King and Parliament
          All up alive.
          Threescore barrels, laid below,
          To prove old England’s overthrow.
          But, by God’s providence, him they catch,
          With a dark lantern, lighting a match!
          A stick and a stake
          For King James’s sake!
          If you won’t give me one,
          I’ll take two,
          The better for me,
          And the worse for you.
          A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,
          A penn’orth of cheese to choke him,
          A pint of beer to wash it down,
          And a jolly good fire to burn him.
          Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!
          Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!
          Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

        • Ive already went on strike. quit when I was 62 and started drawing a SS Ponzi check. I take more than I give. Im now a parasite trying to weaken the host goverment. Ok on November 5th. We should not purchase anything. Don’t go anyplace don’t buy nothing. Turn everything off for 12 hours. start at 6 AM and go till 6 PM. Don’t use electricity , phones don’t drive or even flush the toilet. Do do anything that would generate tax revenue for 12 hours. That is a viable action that would have a positive result.

      21. The United States will wake up to NO POWER on November 9th, the day AFTER the election– and possibly will have their power cut off PRIOR to the results being tabulated in order to halt/undercut/sabotage the election.

        Obama will “blame” it on “terrorists” when he darn well will know it was himself and/or his minions.

        Russian and Chinese soldiers, already spotted and identified here, will be dispatched to “keep the peace”.

        Martial law will be declared.

        Dictator Obama will preen about and Trump arrested while allowing the Clintons to leave the country under cover of darkness.

        There will be no more Internet, and food and gas deliveries will be HALTED.

        You will be on your OWN.

        The easily manipulated sheeple will “accept” Obama’s dictatorship.

        If you do not go to your own personal HIGHEST “Defcon” status the week BEFORE the election, the week OF the election, and the week AFTER the election, then you MIGHT fall victim to the soldiers dispatched to round up those on the blue and red lists in the middle of the night after you have tucked yourself in to regroup the next day.

        If you think what the Dark side COULD do, then you will be prepared for what they MIGHT do, and THEN you will be prepared to UNdo or halt what they WANTED to do!

        As a wise Jesuit priest taught me at the ripe “wise” age of 18, “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • “Russian and Chinese soldiers, already spotted and identified here, will be dispatched to “keep the peace”.


      22. If Trump tries to throw out the international bankers. We will end up like Hitlers Germany . Jesus tried to throw out the money changers. Anyone who tries knows they are sacrificing their lives. Has anyone else but these two tried? Name them?

        • Saddam Hussein

          tenir les cordons de la bourse

          he tried to end the petro dollar

          it cost him his life

        • Muammar Gaddafi tried as well.

      23. Again.

        She stole it from Bernie (and you know what, math challenged or not, I’d give just about anything for Bernie to be in the running right about now, as opposed to her)…

        Now she’ll Diebold it for Round 1 but you know, there’s only so much you can do there and keep it convincing enough…

        But it’s ok because now! We have the BULLSHIT of RUSSIAN ELECTION TAMPERING (does not exist gimme a fucking break).

        So now if it comes out how you don’t like it?? GOSH ALMIGHTY OBVIOUSLY IT WAS THOSE MEDDLING RUSSIANS. RECOUNT! (Diebolds the recount, no one pays THAT much attention the second time)…

        Cheating slore.

        Fucking… everything slimy about bad American stereotypes distilled down to the crack cocaine version.

        HEY TRUMP


        MY MAN TRUMP




        In other words, unless the fucking whore can buy off the entire UN (or kill them all), cheating’s now off the table… or at least MORE off the table.


      24. New poster. Please let us remember that there are so many wonderful Gospel people who love Jesus when you speak of a race war. Race war has nothing to do with race. Content of character does. I love my Gospel friends. I think you know the difference between them and BLM or Panther militants. Self defense is not a sin.

      25. Grandee,Gaddafi also.

        • Yep-he gave up his chems and nukes to try to stay in power and alive. But his ideas of an African gold-backed currency were his major undoing.

          Gaddafi’s plan was to introduce a gold-backed currency which he hoped African and Muslim nations would adopt.

          If Qaddafi had succeeded, the United States of America and Europe would have been forced to buy oil and minerals in the gold backed currency thus tipping the scales. This was a horror the West dared not experience.

          He forgot about the petro dollar and was targeted.

      26. Many say the tribulation . Third bulation. Third World War? Will last 7 years. But isn’t it written 7 weeks? If the supermarkets were empty for 7 weeks almost two months . How many would be left alive? How many people have one week of food in their house. Then to go a month and a half with no food? Most would commit suicide. Or become canables.

      27. Stop the Dis-info!

        Get this straight.

        There is No Such Thing as Martial Law

        or The Authority Granted!

        Stop spreading BS!

      28. Anyone watch Mr. Robot on USA? I’m not sure if life imitates art or vice versa, but that show seems a bit too close to real life.

      29. See how the movie denial made less then a million dollars . People are waking up.

      30. When you post your next article that mentions the possibility of “martial law” (as most people understand that term), please explain in detail how the Constitution (let alone the Declaration of Independence) allows for “martial law”. That would be a far better foundation for analysis of the present situation that the unfounded assumption that “martial law” is a valid concept.

      31. What I want to know is will a .45acp round stop all these stupid Trump supporters. I feel that as Trumps term continues and he does stupid stuff, the country will begin to break up. These Trump supporters are able to shoot a gun ,but can do math past 2+2. So I need a pistol capable of taking out their dumb asses.


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