“Day of Rage”: Black Lives Matter Descend on Cities After Obama Meets Leader

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 133 comments

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    Today is the “Day of Rage”, and there is no limit to what could happen as protests spread like wild across the map.

    The recent events in Dallas and with several police shootings across the country have built up pressure that is likely to end in pure chaos.

    Is the goal to have a violent confrontation with police? To instigate riots, burn down buildings or fuel a race war? Concern about all of these possibilities and more is on the minds of millions who are waiting anxiously to find out how far gone things really are in America. Just look at what has already happened in just the last few days.

    Terror and violence are ruling the day. It is as if things are coming unglued.

    While many of the protesters showing up at cities literally all across the U.S. intend to be peaceful, there are plenty of provocateurs and potentially thousands of Americans – right or wrong – who are simply fed up and may not stop at anything to get their point across.

    Multiply this rage against the machine with the astroturf backing of players as big as George Soros, and it is clear that the nation is on edge, communities are torn, and the black community has drawn a line with the police in general on the other side of it.

    Now that President Obama, too, has met with a top leader from Black Lives Matter, and entertained him at the White House, there is clear evidence that the system wants something to happen. They want division.  They want a crisis. They feed off of it.

    Frankly, there are those who are ready for things to burn, and we must hope they don’t get a repeat of race riots from the 50s and 60s – though they may have planned it that way.

    The response is ready and waiting. It is almost built in and automatic. The police state is set in motion once there is a pretext to clamp down with more control… control that people will demand when things break down into chaos and get overturned into the unrest we can all feel coming.

    Is today that day?

    Heads Up! BLM Leader Meets with Obama Ahead of Day of Rage

    Gee, could there be a plot afoot? President Obama met with Black Lives Matter members for three hours on Wednesday, as Tweeted out by BLM member Deray McKesson.

    The Day Of Rage: Weather Underground 2.0

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    Is This The Breaking Point? “Day of Rage Protests Across America”

    Is America On the Brink of a Civil War? “If We Defend It Together, We Can Avoid Bloodshed”

    What is Coming? Elite Feverishly Building Survival Bunkers: “Fear of Uprising From the 99%”

    “Unfortunately, This Is Only the Beginning”: Black Gunman Fires at Whites, Police in Passing Cars


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      1. Stay

        • They better not get in my way on the road. My vehicle is built to take punishment and keep going. They mean to hurt white people. Don’t give them the opportunity. Always go armed. The war has already started

          • Menzo, spot on. I already go armed everywhere I go. Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter has already been stepping up their activity in my area and my city is on that list of 37 cities they mentioned. Thank God tomorrow I’ll be heading back to GA.

            • Dont wait , you should head out now Bh1776. If you wait you might not be able to get out in time.

              We are *this close to m law being declared. Im betting quite soon

              • CC, thanks for that. I’ll make it, especially with my plans B, C, D, etc.

              • martial law? if driving to town ,should you go armed? if they stop you on the road,ie,checkpoint, suppose the search your car, find arms? then off to a FEMA camp you will go? ??
                SGT USMC 1966-72

            • Of course, you would say this, Braveheart… really sad because you seem like a decent person, otherwise! People are fed up withy the horrivle shit that’s coming down on them and they have a RIGHT to strike back!

              I have been abused by men on a number of occasions– especially in my own family… It took me half my life to get over my scum step-father’s abuse, and now recently, I made the horrible mistake of visiting a brother I felt sorry for and the assw– basically beat the crap out of me while I was asleep!

              people can only put up with so much abuse before they start fighting back!!! Read what horrible things happened to black peole by the hands of the no good cops before you start running your ignorant mouth!! Just one example, the poor young man who was fiddling with a toy gun at a store while talking on the floor and all these fuscking police cars pulled up, lights blinking, and the guy KNEW what they were there for!!! (Black equals bad to stupid ass hole white people!) and so he ducked under the coungter, threw the gun away and kept screaming, “its a toy!! Its a toy!!” and the ass hole cops shot him ANYHOW~@!!!


              Basically, stop fighting with people who are different colors and fight the real enemy– the cops and the police state!!


              • Well and truthfully said!

          • yep !

            • KY Mom, thanks for that heads-up. Things are becoming too “interesting”.

              • BTW, with the Day of Rage and the repub convention starts Mon., the timing is just right.

                • Folks, listen up! I’m usually one of the bigger skeptics here, so please…
                  At 14:20 today (Friday) an unusually large (for our area) convoy of a dozen HMMWV, two newer light trucks bearing the Oshkosh logo, two big MRAPs (6 wheeled) and two transports towing gear on trailers departed Wright Patterson AFB and got on I675 Westbound for I70.
                  HMMWV were primarily “plain”, two had comms equipment
                  Oshkosh vehicles were kind of aerodynamic, for an armored vehicle and carried top mounted turrets, no guns.
                  Transports were small square units with tarp-over-rails in the bed and a similar sized trapped trailer.
                  I have no idea why two MRAPs were driving on the highway rather than loaded on lowboys for transport.
                  NO I did not get pictures. YES I feel like a complete tool.
                  Army reserve transportation unit at the base is done for the summer, and gear moving through here usually never leaves the fenceline, so this is very unusual movement. Maybe “riot support” for Cleveland..?

              • Braveheart,

                I agree. We live in unusual times.

                Take care!

                • BTW everyone, I left for GA last night somewhat earlier than I planned and now back at the BOL. I’ll be having ‘fun’ for the next week. The 2 protests that Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter had planned in my city last night was a joke. One even only had a dozen protestors with an equal number of cops and the other one had NO protestors but 10 cops. Something doesn’t sound right about that. Maybe planning a surprise move somewhere else? Anyway, I’m back at the BOL for the time being.

            • Erdogan’s “coup” crap can be pulled here to by the U.S. Government as their excuse to round up everybody they accuse of it, just like Erdogan’s doing in Turkey?

          • AP Admits that UN Troops Will Impose Martial Law In US
            “I want to stress to you that this is only a partial list where I reference the intention of the establishment to use foreign troops under the banner of the UN flag to subjugate the United States.

            They are here to take your guns, and user dissidents into FEMA camps for final distribution. I have written over 40 stories on the planned UN takeover that is already underway.

            Below is a partial list of links to my previous stories, followed by an admission by the AP that the UN will be used to impose martial law inside of the United States.”
            ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/07/14/ap-admits-that-un-troops-will-impose-martial-law-in-us/

            Remember this…
            UN Troops Told To Kill Americans That Don’t Give Over Their Guns
            November 27, 2013
            ht tp://www.mrconservative.com/2013/11/28002-un-troops-told-to-kill-americans-that-dont-give-over-their-guns/

        • Never forgot when I saw the first video of Reginald Denny being dragged from his truck in the LA riots. Changed my perspective on life greatly. There are animals out there who don’t have any respect for anyone.

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMP6bXnXdZM

          • No doubt I remember that too. The animals celebrated as he lay on the ground.

            • Black Rifles Matter

              • Menzo, my black Mossberg 590A1 with 00 buckshot matters. makes all the difference in the world.

                • Yes it does my friend

              • That is the best slogan I’ve ever seen!!

          • rednek101, had Reginald denny been armed, those animals wouldn’t have touched him.

            • TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILIES. Stay quiet Be smart

            • Exactly Brave
              Some idiot tries to drag me out of my vehicle they will get pure hell unleashed on themselves.

              • Rednek101, I’ve got some nice hot 9mm for anyone who tries that shit on me.

                • The worst of this behavior will be tempered by the potential victim being legally armed. Woe to the law abiding people in NJ, NY, Md and California. One can say I’ll carry anyway but the downside, if caught, is often draconian with mandatory prison time.

                  • Judged by 12 carried by 6…. I will take my chances with the 12 …SFO area!

                    • You forgot:

                      “Protected by 6 (or 12 or 15 or 30, etc)”

          • Denny screwed up when he stopped.

        • Something must be done—-
          Ban Trucks.
          All trucks must be Banned or Registered.
          Trucks are Evil. ” Please ban Trucks for the sake of our children.”

          Knives must be Banned. For your safety.
          Ban and Register all knives. Background check mandatory for knives. Maybe for pencils too. Because they too are sharp, might hurt someone. We need laws.
          Knives are Evil. Knives hurt Authorities. Ban them to be safe:

          Not making light of tragedies. But humor in the face of Horror, Chaos, and Insanity. Can help you stay on even keel. Yes I am that guy that broke out the Kit Kat bar in the lull of a vicious fire fight. Sarge asked what the f@ck I was doing? “Break time Sarge”. People stopped being uptight and laughed. Bastard Sarge took away my melted candy and passed it to everyone else. Everyone was smiling.

          Keep your humor no matter the Horror. Or loose your Sanity.

          Seriously though. Keep foreigners and those of the Peaceful Muslim religion out of your country and incidents go way down.

          How about keeping Foreign Dogs out of your Nation?
          Notice names of Perps. Muhammad–Maritnez
          Aren’t open borders great !!

          Oops that doesn’t work either. A PFC Juan Martinez pulled me down when I was about to prairie dog up and get my idiot head shot off. Was a close zinger pinger.

          So I have no answers. …………… Except Ban Dangerous Trucks and Knives.

          • Indiana,
            HEY!!! you forgot one thing!!! we got to ban PEOPLE, and then NOTHING would happen, DAMN, i better be quiet some libtard might take me serious ans start a campaign!!

          • Watch out for that Truck Show Loop Hole

          • Actually, if you purchase a vehicle at a car dealership one of the things they are required to do by law now is to check you against a database of terrorists. Just had that done to me two weeks ago. Now all they need to do is expand that list to include conservatives…. and they have us again.

        • Kulafarmer, Amen. That’s probably the best single advice for folks.

          There was an interesting reader comment on WRSA, “Your community is now your country”. It’s a good time to have good neighbors.

        • but not out of range !

        • Looks like the day of rage petered out and the rage monsters are not nearly as bad ass as they claim to be ! But that is a good thing to know , hey ? Myself and a few friends went to Portland yesterday to see how it all might play out. We had video capabilities, but nothing ever really panned out. The BLM people we anticipated encountering were in small numbers and quickly backed down as soon as we challenged them. They realized we were not gonna roll over and took off after one of my friends simply said take the first punch and find out what happens to your sorry ass! So it was really uneventful and rather wimpy. But very clear we were all very fit and ready to rumble as we smiled at them and moved forward in unison !

          I am not at all sure we will see such a wimpy showing at Cincinatti. I expect we will see massive violence and likely some killings. The Mayor and governor have actually lessened security in Cincinnati, as a retort to Trump. But many Oath Keepers and others are showing up in large numbers to act as security and I imagine some heads will get cracked by Bikers for Trump !

          Some of you here can watch on TV because you are fat and afraid ! Far better to get your shit together and take it to them on your terms ! The police avoided us like the plague because we had a video guy with us and it may have deterred the BLM numbskulls as well ? The negro in the video I gave a link to a few days ago was not so rowdy when confronted straight up by a group of white boys who were obviously ready ! They simply slithered away into the crowd and that was that !

          • Not trying to be a smartass but with everyone going to Cincinnati they will be not trouble because the action will be in Cleveland. One way to stay out of trouble!

      2. say goodbye to feeling “safe” in america. I knew this the day after 9/11. and now they are going to step up their activities. i often wonder WHY don’t the people of america(especially the liberals) SEE what’s happened to U.S…. these muslims, especially the more “radical” ones, want U.S. DEAD, but many are clueless to that fact. if they don’t see it on TV, they just won’t sit up and pay attention to it. and so they just refuse to see trump’s point of view(and mine). they have ALREADY destroyed america. all that’s left is the crying….yet they STILL talk of disarming U.S…..I maintain we need to see MORE guns, not less. it’s time america(ns) woke up to the fact that your safety is in YOUR hands…..you can ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore YOU!

        when SECONDS count, the cops are only HOURS away!

        • ” I knew this the day after 9/11.”
          Indeed! everything changed and security, both from our government and from our fellow man changed at that point. Its been a progressively less safe world since, and will continue to be that way while tptb play groups off of each other

          • they just don’t “get” that when you trade freedom for liberty, you end up with neither….but as we TYPE, they are DEFINING that statement.

            • agree, that is why you gotta stand up and actually be prepared instead of just talking !

              • i’m quite SURE i’m in the top 1% of prepared americans…all that’s left to do is to pick up our pitchforks, and git to MARCHIN’…..

      3. Obama and Loretta Lynch have told the BLM crowd that the Justice Department has their backs. No charges. No jail time. For over 50 years the government has been openly anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Western. Time for a Coup d’etat.

        • They may have their backs but they cannot protect these pieces of shit in those moments they are trying to kill us. We need to remove anyone trying to kill us from this earth at that moment. Fuck trying to prosecute them

          • Menzo, Obama and Lynch can kiss my white ass. If any of those animals attack me, I will defend myself, period! I don’t care what feds or anyone else says.

          • My life matters more.

        • Observer:
          Agreed. From the top down. Don’t get caught up fighting peons.

        • Time for a COUNTER Coup D’etat…Obmas has already launched THE Coup D’etat. Time to take this country back if they go forward and attack.

          • Actually, i think that’s in Turkey just now.

            • Yeah, that’s one more thing, isn’t it? Yet another stable country on its head in that region.

        • A silent coup has already occurred.

          A police investigation says that obama is using false documents. Another investigation also says there are problems with his social security number. Congress refused to investigate and the judiciary consistently blocked every inquiry.

          Think about it: An undocumented worker in the White House? This could *never* happen if a legitimate government was in power.

      4. You know what this is ? Obama Nation wide State Of Emergency known as the Martial laws His 3rd term. They planned this all along and this is what will happen.. A mass attack on Americans..

        When they Corporate Media was reporting their lies, Obama was making plans behind our backs

        Can get those establishment people off their free gravy train ride..

        The people coming across the borders are Obama’s army against Americans

        • You may not be far wrong on the 3rd Term. He has stated such by way of joking. If this is the way it will be, it will truly be bad, very bad.

      5. “Terror and violence are ruling the day. It is as if things are coming unglued.”

        Strongly AGREE!

        It appears each day we get closer to the “Circus Show” called Election Year, is another step backwards in Freedom.

        All the madness at Home and abroad has been Planned, Orchestrated, and Instigated by Government Insiders, Elite, TPTB … call them whatever you like – they are all destroying our way of life.

        The Division between Rich & Poor
        The Division between Religious Groups
        The Division between Races

        Too many are falling for this classic divide and conquer technique that has been used since the dawn of man. Take your anger and frustration out on those who have perpetuated the situation – Fight the CAUSE (Government) and the SYMPTOM(s) -race baiting, class warfare, religious warfare – will subside!

        None to very little of this Chaos would be happening in the World – if Government did not intervene themselves into our daily lives.

        Too many are falling for this trap, that they (government) has instituted here – and sadly, many here at SHTFplan are doing exactly that!

        • You’re right.
          Divide and conquer is how those 3% at the top. The real “Puppet Masters”, rule over the other 97% of population.
          Race–Religion–Economic Standing–Nationalistic Sentiment–Nation vs. Nation–
          City vs. Country People
          The “Puppet masters” that control the Politician/Corporation Crime Bosses work the 97% of population against one another for their own Agenda and $Profit$. Using them to kill each other and destroy as cannon fodder. In order to Eliminate as many local potential combatants as possible.

          The British always pit two or more factions against one another. After those factions murder each other and thin each other considerably….. Only Then do the Brits get involved Directly with Brit troops or Surrogate troops, Mop up.

          Look at the British Empire’s History. Always happens that way.

          If Traitor Obummer tries martial law, UN troops. or staying in office. The USA will become a massive Civil War. Hell on our own ground. It would be Horrible.
          Pray to God that things NEVER go there.

          A real President would bring the Nation together. Not divide. But America does not have a Real American president since JFK. And look at how that ended.

          JFK brought people together and got us to the Moon. Then Puppet Masters killed him.

          WE as human beings need to come Together as a People. Not Allow emotion or the “Puppet Masters” to divide us common people and Nations.

          Too much is at stake to have World War or Civil War.
          Civilization itself and perhaps ALL of Human Species is at stake.
          War is a Fools Game. We could loose civilization.

          How about we work Together to conquer Space Travel and the Colonization of Mars instead of Destroying our Home World and our Country? Why not?
          Maybe YOU could put that idea out there to take hold in humanity’s consciousness.
          Email and comment on that idea. Channel humanity to that goal.

      6. All is well… Nothing to worry about… Lol..

        The funny end to all these protests is that they burn down their own hoods, 1st to instigate violence , shooting and stabbing and grabbin! Yes .. Black lives matter… But For what again?

        You really don’t see white People in general burning down their own personal shit they’ve works for and running into the local KFC and grabbin and bucket of chicken and dancing in the streets like a pack of wild monkeys!!

        * Don’t judge me …I’m not racist – “I’m just the realist”

      7. It is clearly part of a plan. Stay away from crowds and demonstrations. Leave it to the police to deal with.

        There is no rational discourse left I am afraid. America is not the worst place in the world for black people but you would never no it from the rhetoric. Try being black and living in Libya or Saudi Arabia. Violence will not solve any of these problems and never has in the past. What was made better by the riots of the 60s and 70s? Nothing: it destroyed Detroit as one example.

        Unfortunately, math has never been a strong point in the black community. Numbers do not favor a long-term violent uprising. For one, whites will wake from their current stupor and react. They will also have allies in this – Asians and Hispanics – that adds up to a lot of people, many of whom are hard-working, very smart and have wealth and means.

      8. “Day of Rage”: Black Lives Matter Descend on Cities After Obama Meets Leader- AND gives his racist blessing to these out of control morons to continue their Idiocy

      9. Might I suggest a bit more caution than usual, even if you have to defend yourself. Remember, this is a “Black Lives Matter” event and if you kill one of them it will provide fuel for the fires Obama wants to set. I’m not saying ‘don’t kill,’ but if you must then quickly retreat to a defensible position and call for help.
        Better yet – stay away from them.

        • If you have to shoot, shoot the most vocal lead agitator/instigator/attacker of the terrorists that attack you. You never have to apologize for SELF DEFENSE, so make sure you are right do not provoke them or back down. Defend, disengage and retreat to safety. let the cops sort it out later IF THEY WILL NOT DO THEIR DAMN JOBS.

      10. The provocateurs will be the infiltrated CIA types to get the mayhem riled up, the same as in the Vietnam War protests in the past, to discredit the protesters message, it’s more than obvious. The frequency of staged mayhem escalating worldwide is all in the plans of the establishment, all to the detriment of freedom. This is not caused by the average people. Overwhelmingly people are exhibiting their right of free speech. At least they have the youth and nerve to stand up for justice, unlike older people who are set in their mostly brainwashed dogma and abhor change of any fashion.

      11. Tis reasons/situations like this we prep.Gun sales through the roof breaking records monthly/more folks mainstream taking up the idea of prepping/folks have and some new ones are waking up.

        Do not start issues just to start issues,but,you/loved ones/ones who can’t defend themselves threatened,well….,just do the right thing.They do declare martial law remember,tis a declaration of war on the citizens of this country,what ever excuse the powers that want to be come up with,just do the right thing when it happens.

          • Thx
            Needed that.

            Speaking of the Twilight Zone, a good episode is “The Obsolete Man”

            h ttps://vimeo.com/15365268

            • Obsolete Man is absolutely profound..the logic challenged by Burgess is timeless and relevant.

            • Thanks for that video. a real classic and some important lessons to be learned. BTW, NO MAN IS OBSOLETE.

          • when the bullet hits the bone!!

      12. You know- I don’t care what color a person is… I wouldn’t want to go out on one of the hottest days of the year, under a banner of “rage” and get caught up with a bunch of fools in the street- especially one day after somebody tutored the nuts on how to mow people down with a vehicle.

        RIP the father and young son who were killed in Nice from Texas. The Copelands.

      13. Nothings gonna happen to the prepared. fuck the rest of the dummies.

      14. Hillary gets the go ahead with no prosecution from the Justice Dept.

        Black Lives Matter, gets the go ahead in a meeting with the president.

        Terrorist don’t have to do shit but sit back and watch the country destroy itself from within.

        • Yes and a nonviolent response to this shit from us will be useless.

          • I ONLY condone a direct violent response to an actual physical attack, any attack using a Molotov cocktail (it is assumed that possessing one that is lit is a direct and confirmed INTENT to grievously harm or murder someone with it).

            A bunch of pushing and shoving spitting mob members, well that’s just the big intimidation and annoyance factor. Violent response, IMHO is reserved for specific intent and acts to kill or harm grievously using weapons and gang tactics. These annoyances, are best dealt with by ignoring them and avoiding them altogether.

            That’s said, the most dangerous attackers are the apparent leaders and the principle inciters at any particular location, they are the most dangerous ones that should be engaged if you are attacked.

            • Lets not play someone elses game. Stay away from the trouble. Only as a very last unavoidable resort in defence of us and ours. Its a divide and conquer trap. We are smarter than that. Those rioting pavement apes aint worth the bullet it takes to stop them. Don’t give them free rent in your head. The Bundy and Finnican fell into a trap. Their effort achieved nothing. Wait be patient. Time is running out. The propping up of the entire world ecomomy with debt is soon to end in collapse. What the NWO is doing now are Hail Mary last ditch efforts to get us to fight each other. Remember who the real enemy is.

      15. The president meets with and endorses the leader of a terrorist group. He should be hanged. I wasn’t even gonna bother to vote this fall. However I will now and ill vote Trump and hope he is a closet racist. However we dont need to react just yet. Lets hold off a bit. If we can be patient & we can give Folks like Obama enough rope they will hang themselves.

        • Old Guy

          I agree to hold off a bit. I am in a higher stage of alertness. Nothing stressful. High confidence level. Defensive posture.

          Don’t make me open the safe or it’s Katie bar the door from then on.

          They may start it but I will definitely finish it.

          • Old Guy and Anon, agreed. Let the scum make the first move and we’ll respond in righteous self-defense.

            • You will know its time when they enact a false flag. And the event will be when they on purpose turn the electric grid off. Not to worry the nuke plants will still have power just the same as all the continuation of government facilities. The rest of us will not. That the time to take action. I think sometime around end of the year? Don’t worry with pavement apes ,moose limbs ect. they are symptoms not the root cause. Nope we attack the government and elete strongholds. We need to keep our eye on the ball. don’t be drawn into wasted effort with race wars and ethnic cleansing . Let it be civil war against the actual treasionus govt. We need to make certain that countinuation of the present and future UN -NWO government is a impossibility. My self I want to investigate area 51 with my very own eyes. Let us pick our own battles. Not be duped into the same stupid futile things like the BLM are doing. Be smart be patient. Wait until the time is ripe. Remember what it means to be white.

              • Power? Meh, can do without,
                Water, mmmm not so much,
                Food, check, water, check, gasoline, check, weapons, check, now all i need is more popcorn,,,,

      16. A mind truly is a terrible thing to waste…especially on a member of the black lives matters. But they waste it so effortlessly that it appears to be all too natural. Maybe they can’t help themselves. Any suggestions. thanks

      17. meh….
        Day of Rage around these parts consists of people getting a little peeved that Walmart doesn’t have enough cashiers on duty
        (as usual)

        • Satori

          About the same here but there is always a couple of idiots that want to make a name for themselves and start screwing with people. They want people to remember them while they are laying in a casket. All they wanted was to be part of a social movement and where did it get them.

          • Anon, they’ll damn sure get names…..on their TOMBSTONES.

            • Repost.


              See the broken bodies.

              You got that right. In this country we have not seen enough death. They cover it up with blankets or blur the video. People have not seen how flesh can be ripped from the bone. The medical and police people do and it is a wonder they are not half stark crazy seeing it up close and personal.
              Because we don’t see it we are sanitized and all we think is it is another news story. Till it visits your front door.


              I wanted to repost this because those that are caught up in the moment may not realize what can happen to them.
              Things that can change their lives FOREVER.

              Remember the days when we thought we would never die?

              No doubt about it, Braveheart 1776. We are headed into the abyss.

        • I guess they don’t know it’s quicker to back a 48′ foot box trailer through the front door and make your own express checkout line…
          ???….. copy?

          • ^ joking of course in case you didn’t get the gist of the smiley face
            Mr G-man

      18. Obama does not meet the leader, he is the leader.

      19. been building and prepping for the day the niggers and lefty filth start this.fun and games shall commence.
        the nigs triggered my hatred for them as a teen in the 70s-been planning for this since then.bring it you animals.

        • gonna moderate me now?who cares.

      20. I don’t think much will happen. They are too spread out. Now if there was only 2 or 3 cities then We might. Remember they bring people in to area from all over the country.


        • Don’t see Day Of Rage happening in downtown Nashville TN @ Broadway, the other article said.

          Seems all the excitement is in Turkey tonight.

          Noticed the first thing the Turkish people did when the coup lit off was run to atm’s and grocery stores.

      21. nagger nagger nagger niqqer niqqer niqqer.

        see if that works past the filters.

        • yep,it works.

          been building and prepping for the day the niqqers and lefty filth start this.fun and games shall commence.
          the nigs triggered my hatred for them as a teen in the 70s-been planning for this since then.bring it you animals.

      22. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Several controversial posts have been shared on the Facebook page of a Louisville Metro Police officer in the wake of protests over the recent police shooting deaths of two black men. One of those posts includes the same meme that prompted Metro Corrections to suspend a sergeant earlier this week.

        It appears Officer Ryan Scanlan recently shared a meme on his personal Facebook page that pictured a white police officer leaning against his cruiser that said: “If we really wanted you dead all we’d have to do is stop patrolling your neighborhoods. …. And wait.”

        Im not sorry to say this, they should treat these riots JUST LIKE FERGUSON, pull back and get out of the way and the rabble will turn the locals against them in every WAY because of their actions when they loot and burn. After they destroy their own spaces, they will have no one to blame but themselves. they ALREADY KILL each other of the dumbest stuff, so let nature takes its course, pull back fence it up, don’t let them out and let them kill one another. Problem solved by their own violent nature.

      23. Perhaps we should all be shouting, “My life matters!”

      24. Unleash the dogs of war and let all hell break loose.

      25. On Drudge.

        The Nice, France terrorist crush children and babies in his rampage.

        Thought I would let you all know.

      26. The quote, “If we really wanted you dead all we’d have to do is stop patrolling your neighborhoods. …. And wait.”

        You can argue all day long that this is POLITICALLY INCORRECT… I would agree. But you cannot argue that the anecdotal evidence is UNDENIABLE and FULLY SUPPORTS this statement as being TRUE.

        Truth in this age is the new “racism”. Pity that, society will implode / IS IMPLODING because it refuses to acknowledge reality. this is the poison the Political Correctness is and how it works. It denies facts and embraces “feeling”s only.

        • The people who think that quote is racist are the ones sitting around wondering ‘what to do’ about the muslimes.

          John Major was right: “We can defeat them or be defeated BY them”.

      27. Neal, the command staffs of LE agencies need to get off this censorship crap and back up their people instead of taking up for criminals. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut a LOT of cops will break ranks and join the people.

        • Initially they will ‘Tow the Line’.

          But as things get worse, they will soon realize that the line they are towing will soon be around their necks as their superiors (inferiors, actually) will be tightening the noose.

          Then, they might join the people.

      28. Just reloaded the benelli m4 with 00buck went and did function test at range with m4 and 300blackout along with several 1911’s. After seeing the horror in France and reading the response of that slimey asshole obooboo who won’t call it Islamic terrorist, and then to sit and probably swap spit with that skinnyass blm punk plotting the destruction of America. so to you low level chimps that swing in the trees and believe all the nonsense coming from those you make leaders as you lay there bleeding out after trying to enter my AO you did it to yourselves.

      29. Turkey having problems. France with terrorist truck driver.

        So much for Black Lives Matter in the USA. Put on the back burner.

      30. The USA has not declared war since Dec. 8, 1941. But we have had many wars since then, all undeclared. People still died but technically we weren’t at war. And so it will be with martial law. There will never be a formal declaration of martial law but it will still be implemented in fact if not in name. This is so TPTB can say, “What martial law? We didn’t declare no steenkin’ martial law!” and denounce anyone who complains as some sort of right-wing nutcase. Even though the reality will be obvious to all who care to see.

      31. I got my pistols in my pocket

        https ://youtu.be/v_jMBh7GCYo

      32. Black Lives splatter!

      33. Gun confiscation, OK – here’s my stripped serialized lower. Now get the fuck outta here bitch.

      34. looks like all is quiet on the western front tonight…for now…thinking the real action will occur during the conventions…I’m thinking that is what BLM en Obama were having their chat about…have a nice week end all!

      35. There is a reason nothing happened today…the announcement for this “Day of Rage” is actually from 2014 and its a scare tactic to get people reading this tripe. Is it just me or has Mac Slavo become a sensationalist…its always HIS posts that are like this

        • @Anon. The black lives matter “Day of Rage” was cancelled due to the terrorist that killed all those people in Nice France. They were really pissed off that someone else took their headlines away from them and put them on the back burner, so the “Day of Rage” has been changed to sometime in August.

          • Seems to me everyday is a day of rage for the ragers who are enabled by our own government ? So it all continues until the day it can’t !

            Personally I will remain vigilant and well trained out everyday for the rest of my life and fully enjoy the many benefits of fitness , health and overall well being everyday no matter what happens or doesn’t happen. A far better way to live and think for many reasons!

      36. Soooo wheres all the news coverage?
        All i see and hear is crickets

        • Same here. I was expecting terrible things and found no news reports.

      37. Wow! What happen to the Big Day Of Rage?

        Bad weather or too hot? The news coverage wasn’t there for sure.
        Guess we will have another quiet weekend. Blah, Blah, Blah.

        • I was wondering the same thing too. I wonder if this was a gov operation to set up the useful tools to come out and riot, and then it fell flat on its face due lack of interest. False flag set up FAIL! The media was strangely silent over all of it. I suspect the conventions will be the

      38. Yep-not a thing happened–just like in 2014, where by the way, that list of cities came from.

        ht tp://www.snopes.com/2016/07/11/anonymous-day-of-rage-protests-2016/

      39. all this panic and not 1 riot happend so much for we are legion.more like you are looser.

        • Wonder if these loosers will chimp out at RNC

      40. Well If it happens, then adapt, we can talk about Coup D’etats all day, we can discuss amongst ourselves how we can conduct a revolution, and many other tactics, but in this day and age, with the ball already rolling, i believe the time for talks and negotiations had been over and there no stopping the ball. We will for lack of a better term rise above the ashes. Go through the mud and blood. It will be worse than anything we can imagine but it will have to be this way. Train, get fit, stack your supps, get you materials, and train some more. In the darkest hours we will see that we had to go this route. Where there is no struggle there is no reward. Stand beside eachother and work as a team, we are all brothers and sisters. For whom the bell tolls we will ring that mother F*%^er

      41. Apparently, government agencies were also concerned about the day of rage protests.

        Thankfully, the violence called for did not occur.

        Defense Department workers warned to avoid ‘day of rage’ protests
        Jul 14, 2016
        ht tp://nypost.com/2016/07/14/defense-department-workers-told-to-stay-away-from-white-house-during-day-of-rage/

        Military told to avoid 37 U.S. cities for fear anti-police protests may turn violent
        July 14, 2016
        ht tp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/14/us-military-told-avoid-37-american-cities-fear-ant/

      42. It’s the day after and all is calm on the Western front.

      43. These things couldn’t “organize” their way out of a paper bag. Creatures with IQ’s of 45. Too fummy.

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