“Credible Evidence Of A Terrorist Infiltration”: Congressman Says ‘Secret Intel’ Proves ISIS Connection To Las Vegas Massacre

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 48 comments

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    The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

    Congress is in possession of ‘secret intel’ that exposes an ISIS connection to the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, according to a surprising claim made by Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry.

    Appearing on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight, Perry described evidence he had personally seen that suggested that some sort of terrorist infiltration aided the Las Vegas Massacre. One can imagine that said terrorists either helped Paddock or were actually some of the many other shooters reported that night.

    “Recently, I have been made aware of what i believe to be credible evidence, credible information, regarding potential terrorist infiltration, through the southern border, regarding this event,” Perry shockingly claimed.

    “Let’s face it, twice before the attack ISIS warned the United States that they would attack Las Vegas and then after the attack claimed responsibility four times,” Perry continued.

    Keep in mind that this lines up with other alternative media reports regarding the Oct. 1st massacre as well as hints provided in the mainstream media. We also know that it is a conclusive fact that there was more than one shooter, according to literally dozens of eyewitnesses who have continued to come forward with what they saw that fateful night.

    Interestingly, there are also reports that Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend actually deleted her Facebook page an hour before police released her boyfriends name.

    Infowars reports:

    Alex Jones reports on new connections to ISIS found in the Las Vegas mass shooting as the feds investigate more suspects and the whole massacre cover-up narrative implodes.


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      1. I am more concerned about goobermint connection to corruption.

      2. From the Mainstream Media, “Well, Congressman Perry… we know that what you say cannot be true because, after all, Islam is the ‘religion of peace’, doncha know?”. And from Congress, “STFU Scott!!! we’re going to pin this on Trump as part of the Russian ‘collusion’ investigation”.

      3. how is it that a corrupt goobermint is allowed to control the eviddnce? must be corrupt?

      4. nothing secret is credible, no way to check sources.

      5. If this is true then the Vegas sheriff needs to RESIGN. He has been lying to us for some time. If the FBI was in on na cover up, if that creepy guy who stood next to the sheriff is behind it, HE needs to go to.

        • The Vegas sheriff is just an FBI stooge. He is just a puppet on the string and he is happy to be in the lime light.

          • Then why is he bugging out and leaving the job?

        • If lying got you fired in this country, there wouldn’t be a police force or government

      6. just remember that it is legal for feds to lie to you but it is illegal for you to lie to feds?. got it?

      7. Ballistics, they need to compare ballistics from all bodies. If their are multiple calibers,someone is lying . And don’t tell me the shooter had multiple weapons lined up to shoot. I dont believe that

        • what happened to all the hundreds of wounded. i but they kept their bullet as a souvenir. so just look at those?

      8. The Guy from the Woodpile report says stay away from crowds. sounds like good advise to me. We know we cannot trust the government and their lackeys. My advise is DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. YOYO You Are On Your Own.

      9. The owners of the Mandalay Bay are probably exerting considerable effort trying to keep the facts hidden as much as possible, in order to evade lawsuits.

      10. I could believe Paddock was an illegal weapons dealer, and was set up by two ISIS gunmen, who killed Paddock, shot for 15 minutes, then escaped. I could even believe that these two worked with one or two ground level shooters.

        I cannot believe the ‘official’ story – especially with the coverup and slow release of details.

        • NoWayJose your assessment is very plausible.

        • What doesn’t make sense is if this was an arms deal gone bad, who brought in all the ammo and loaded magazines? No, this was absolutely planned and executed by an evil dark organization with an agenda, not just a gun deal gone rogue. I’m sure the alleged shooter was already dead too, placed in the room to stage the scene.

      11. I have said before on here that I see no way that one man could shoot nearly 600 people in 15 minutes at 300 yards.

      12. CIA / ISIS all the same crew. Then the FBI covers it all up. So many people in this US Government neefd ti be firef and put in prison. This is obstruction of justice. Supression of evidence and condspiracy to cover up criminal activity.

      13. Since ISIS is the US this makes sense. The truth will never be fully revealed like the rest of the inside job mass slaughters.

        • It makes zero sense. Why all the guns? How was Paddock making his living? Outwitting the casino video poker machines?

          They’re up against a wall because the official narrative doesn’t fit the circumstances and ISIS is the “get out of jail free card” in public perception. Oh terrorists did it. Oh see terrorists can get guns, see all the guns there.

          100% false flag.

      14. As a general rule I’m not into conspiracy theories, I’m more of an Occam’s razor sort of guy.
        I do not trust our government however.
        I realize the impact to Los Vegas if there really
        was an ISIS attack. A cover up would make sense as there
        is a lot of money at stake.
        I was involved in the sense, I knew about a lot about the tests and results for the aircraft investigations of TWA flt 800 and Egypt Air 990. I can tell you, our government lies when it comes to aircraft missile attacks and Moslem pilots committing suicide by crashing their planes. Once again there is a lot of money at stake.

        Las Vegas is considered Hawaii’s “9th island” but I will not go there ever again.
        I would never fly on a plane if I knew the pilot was a Moslem,
        I ask.
        The only flights I’d take to Europe would be non-stops out of Seattle or San Francisco.

      15. All I need to know is that it occurred at a virtually only white people event. Country music attracts mostly white conservative Christian anti-abortion anti-gay anti-communist country types.

        Who would want to kill this demographic?


        • If it were a rap concert then their story would be more believable.

        • I’ll tell you who it would kill this demographic the people that would come to the aid of the Bundys. Who is our government more scared of.

      16. We are ISIS, so still an inside job! Absurdities know no bounds in vegas! I guess we just ignore all else and believe a few cave dwelling nomads with self taught educations came over and did it! We can just ignore the mexican lady, 4chan, a mentally ill white guy with 50 rifles, soros, and the ceo playing with mgm stock. A security guard that no one knew. I suppose ISIS were responsible for all the helicopter activity. The strange going on at the airport! Guess we can ignore all that!

        • Truth is, I don’t believe the ISIS theory on any level. Again 4chan saying something huge was going to happen in vegas, and basically spells out what would happen, and who would benefit, and it was spot on!

          Then there is paddock. Rifles everywhere certainly indicates something more than we know. But the idea that an over 50 white male who lived good and in America his whole life does not join or collaborate with ISIS / arab terrorists. As for ISIS taking credit. They take credit for everything! It was probably the songbird mccain pretending to be arab!

          All the incredibly strange helicopter activity, and reports coming out of everywhere, and yet no one mentioned arabs!

          Soros orgs and the ceo playing huge stock games with mgm stock in the weeks before, just like 9/11!

          This was 100% deep state / cia!

          • I think paddock was a patsy. I think he was a dead body on the floor during the shooting. I think if he actually had all the guns, he was probably mixed up in some kind of gun dealing. Interesting how the room was right next to the stairs! The real shooters could have bailed at anytime.

            Now we are hearing that no one at the mgm knew the security guard!

            Just like 9 / 11 there are so many holes in the story, but a pristine passport is they only thing identifiable. Kind of like a lone gunman shooting > 420. Must be another magic bullet, or many!

      17. ISIS was involved.


        (1) You don’t earn a million dollar living outwitting casino poker machines

        (2) He was an illegal arms dealer operating with the blessing of the Shadow Government

        (3) He expected to make a sale

        (4) The “buyers” killed him, committed the mass shooting and fled

        (5) The planning goes back at least as far back as Paddock’s “income” coming from repeatedly outwitting the casinos in video poker. This implies that this was meant to occur with Hillary as President. Not letting it go to waste it occurred under Trump.

        • concur, your assessment matches my appraisal of the event as well.
          Recently I also learned there may also be a Saudi connection since a Saud prince owns some floors above at Mandalay bay. and those guys and .gov have ample funds for multiple helicopters….it may have been connected to the coup/house arrest exortion of billions form rival Saudis going down after this shooting, but i have not been able to connect the dots.

          • The Saudi’s are background noise to confuse the public and misdirect their attention.

            My bet:

            1. False Flag

            2. Intent to derail Second Amendment

            All else is clutter.

      18. Lets see the evidence! Then kick ass and take names.

      19. IF ISIS had anything to do with this they would have been celebrating and making songs about it in XXXstan. Of course our .gov could have squashed news feeds to keep the citizenry in the dark. Conspiracy theory at its best.

      20. rednek101

        Terrorists claim ownership immediately.

      21. The truth is , you’re never going to know the truth about anything. Your government is your enemy, and that’s the truth.

      22. The facts you are all talking about are so unbelievable to the average American that nothing will ever happen to those who planned and did this.
        Average Americans have that normalcy bias that no one, absolutely no one, could do such a thing. That no one would be so evil.
        Ruination, USA.

        • You’re 100% right about that, which is why I am always so amused to see alex saying we are winning the infowar.

      23. What we have here is a tired piper attempting to lead everyone in the wrong direction. Its “Castro Killed Kennedy”.

        • read thru the stories about his ties, trips and knowledge of the muzzies. there’s some real questions about it and this guy turned fast like muzzie conversions do.

          now, imagine the hysteria and calls for revenge on muzzies near and far if they can turn a whitey into a muzzie that will kill and injure hundreds in the largest mass murder in history ?

          I’m not a conspiracy person. I do not believe the jfk stuff, do not believe 8-11 was an inside job by our govt, but something is very, very wrong in the vegas attack and today; muzzie involvement is your best bet in any domestic attack.

          • Free Country. We differ.

            Oswald was an intelligence operative of the US government. Traveled to Russia even with Top Secret Cripto Clearance, unheard of. State Department “loans” him the money for his return. Hires in Texas School Book Depositary over a month BEFORE JFKs visit is announced. No police / security at the best ambush site “The Grassy Knoll”.

            It was a coup.

          • lena.. to say that JFKs murder and 9-11 were not inside jobs takes a limitless imagination.

            • WTC #7 fell on its own in sympathy for buildings 1 & 2.

      24. ISIS. if so, used as a Patsy so that new intrusive protection laws that violation our privacy ans strip further personal freedoms.

      25. So, what was Pres. Trump’s gutter ball Alex Jones? Let me guess, he did not legalize marijuana? Why is the legalization such a continuous theme on InfoWars? Why are you siding with George Soros, who has the identical crusade, to legalize marijuana? Why do you refuse to have an open debate of this? One of your guests, Michael Savage is outspoken on this subject, why isn’t his view on pot legalization published on InfoWars? WHY is the legalization of marijuana such a big issue with InfoWars, when there are actual much more serious issues to be addressed? Your credibility is being stretched beyond belief.

      26. So, what was Pres. Trump’s gutter ball Alex Jones? Let me guess, he did not legalize marijuana? Why is the legalization such a continuous theme on InfoWars? Why are you siding with George Soros, who has the identical crusade, to legalize marijuana? Why do you refuse to have an open debate of this issue? One of your guests, Michael Savage, is outspoken on this subject, why isn’t his view on pot legalization published on InfoWars? WHY is the legalization of marijuana such a big issue with InfoWars, when there are actual much more serious issues to be addressed? Your credibility is being stretched beyond belief.

      27. The Saudi Prince who has arrested allot of other corrupt princes was in Vegas that weekend. It was a Saudi Civil war on our territory. Many other hotels were shot up and shooters were all over as they tried to assassinate the one top Saudi Prince. It has already been announced by the real alternative news months ago. SO get off all this paddock did it or it was ISIS and it was the CIA … it was factions fighting their little war in Vegas

        • SAM

          “it was factions fighting their little war in Vegas”

          Why shoot up core American concert goers? Purpose? All those guns, they for a massacre or a sale? When overall damage and death are in the big scheme of things “insignificant” for a military victory the purpose is political change. What political change does the “Saudi Connection” achieve doing this on US soil? Conversely what political goal is the demonization of civilian arms ownership?

          We’re getting and will continue to get disinformation to lead the pubic down the “Yellow Brick Road” to the land of mental confusion and and investigation ends there. Dilute the implausible with the plausible.

      28. These are the terrorist hits we all were told were coming to the USA

        The sooner you get that processed , the further ahead you will be
        Hopefully your always armed and aware

      29. Isis: Israel Secret Intelligence Service…

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