Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old, Walks Away Without Helping

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 56 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The innocent days of protect and serve are long over, and some officers seem very far gone. But how could this incident even have happened? Is this really what some individuals in uniform are capable of? Is there any humanity left?

    On June 19th, an accidental shooting involving a police officer was reported in Whitehall, Ohio. The officer was responding to an unrelated case, when a girl rushed over to him from a house down the street. Her sister Ava had been badly injured by a broken piece of glass, and was hoping the officer could help her. He decided to investigate the situation before calling an ambulance. Once inside, the family dog apparently charged at him, causing him to open fire on the dog. But instead of hitting the animal, he accidentally struck Ava in the leg (She’s currently in stable condition, and is recovering from her injuries).

    As bad as that sounds, the family has revealed their side of the story, and it’s far worse than the one reported last month. They claim that the dog did not charge the officer at all, and that after shooting their daughter, he didn’t offer any kind of medical assistance. In fact, they claim he never said anything at all. He simply walked away from the scene.

    Columbus police have since made a statement offering their condolences, and are currently investigating the matter. “The Division will take the steps necessary to appropriately address what happened, make any necessary changes to training or policy and take any corrective actions that are warranted to lessen the chance that a tragedy like this ever happens again.”


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      1. Cop shoots child, Cop walks away, nuff said. F’n scumbags

        • Should have been a dead son of a bitch right after that.

          • Zero, just give it time, that day is coming for one or more of these rogue cops.

          • It’s time for Americans to shoot back.

        • Sad thing is that the government wants to take the guns out of our hands.

      2. While I’m glad to hear that the child survived this incident and will live, even if the shooting is proven to be accidental, that cop still needs to be held accountable and face some kind of circumstances. I’ll give the department credit for investigating and not sweeping the incident under the rug. Time will tell.

      3. Never let LEO in your home. Anyone that comes to my front door gets “Yes, how can I help you.” with the door closed. I have to know you before I open the door. Wife and kids, do the same. Who invites armed strangers into their home, Law included, sorry.

        • Sodbuster, I agree. Nobody, regardless of who they are, comes into my home without my permission. That also includes LEOs. If you try to force your way in, you die. Period. End of story.

        • sodbuster, that is excellent advice! A local defense attorney just held a class on protecting yourself and this was exactly his advice.

          • Diane D, I’ve had numerous ‘close calls’ with would-be home invaders over the years. Every time I confront one I flash my weapon at him. That’s how I get them away from me ALIVE. I will handle the situation any way I consider necessary. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense and I most certainly won’t take advice from anyone with a law degree. Lawyers have done more damage to this country than any other group of people around.

          • Correct in SOME (or maybe many states). Nobody kicking down your door likely has anything ‘sweet’ in mind for you, so just blow them away AT THE DOOR=THROUGH THE DOOR=WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STOP THEM JUST DO IT OR YOU BE GET DEAD AS SOON AS THEY ARE INSIDE. Rule #2 is NEVER – EVER – NEVER say ONE WORD to the police (anywhere but especially “at the scene” cuz ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU thus there is NOTHING you can say they “they” will not “twist all up” then use against you …and after the lawyer spoke for 45mins a retired FBI man got up and told us how correct the lawyer was in not talking to police, EVER! Just keep asking if you are free to go yet. If you are not being held for any specific reason you do NOT have to hang around …you can simply walk away, or drive away. I’ve done it on two occasions so far so it MUST be correct.

            • Equorial, welcome aboard, and everything you say is correct.

      4. That should have read ‘consequences’, not circumstances. I’m having another rotten day.

      5. Sounds like that cop needs an intervention. How could anyone shoot another(accidentally) and not render help or at least an ambulance call?

        • Jim, I agree, he needs an intervention for his own sake as well as everyone else’s. The day is coming when a cop shoots an innocent person that cop will get shot in self-defense. I wish such incidents could be avoided, but that’s what I see coming. I just wish cops would think before they act.

      6. Jim, I have to agree. If I had shot anyone by accident, I would have done all I could to help.

      7. As a side note, relative to the recent SOTU ruling… NOTHING says “love wins” more than 14,000 male on male rapes in the miltary per year… right?

        26,000 thousand rapes reported in fiscal 2012 – with 14,000 of them male on male. 12,000 women – also a result of our corrupt culture – were raped. No word from the radical left yet about how many sheep or dolphins were attacked. Frantic leftists say these aren’t “homosexual” attacks… but perhaps the left might want to learn what the word “homo” means in the original Greek. You KNOW this won’t be in the lamestream media anytime soon, but here are some links from alternative sources for verification: See the Center for Military Readiness at Specific stories on this at ; or (a group of modern Minutemen in MA.); or or

        Oh yes! the leftist BOOK BURNINGS have begun. One leftie movie critic just called for Gone with the Wind to be banned, Apple had now banned Civil War games from iTunes when the Confederate flag is displayed, a CNN thought police operative has now suggested we should destroy the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.! “CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield this week questioned whether the Jefferson Memorial should be taken down because Jefferson owned slaves,” reports the LA Times. “At the University of Texas, Austin, a public statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, was reportedly vandalized this week and more as reported at :

      8. Sodbusters is right if the door is unlocked they can just turn the knob and walk in with no sign of forced entry they will say you let them in. Try disputing that in court. Now if they bust the door down they forced entry and better have a warrant or you can sue them. I do even answer them there is nothing to talk about here. I told my wife this and my kids that anyone can get a policemans suit and badge don’t let them in period let them break the door down. I don’t trust the Gestapo criminal cops. This is the relationship they have with the community they serve. They made it that way.

        • Asshat, in that kind of situation, When I’m at home an someone tries to do a forced entry on me, I flash a gun at them and give them ONLY ONE CHANCE to go away ALIVE. So far every time that method has worked for me. But the day will come when it will stop working. When that happens someone will die and it won’t be me.

        • Asshat, PS, all cops have been totally brainwashed by the feds since 9/11 to be against the public. The attitude they have toward us now is the same attitude the feds have had toward us since the Civil War.

      9. SS Polezi, What do we expect, a Confession?
        Only the peeples “confess” or Christians. Polezi will increasingly prove they are neither.
        You are on your own, and free to organize “Your Own”.
        That used to be at least given lip service in the Constitutional Republic, now a days Der Authorities don’t waste their time or breath on illusions.

      10. Greek Banks Considering 30% Haircut On Deposits Over €8,000: FT

        h ttp://…000-ft-reports

      11. Does it even make sense to shoot at a dog? Wouldn’t smacking it on the head with a baton or butt of the gun be more effective? Anyone trained in this? Sounds like police officers should be trained how to handle dogs?

        • That’s why I’ll never willingly open my door.

          I got a boxer-border collie an English fox hound mix.

          They’re family far as I’m concerned…

          • 1vet, you have the natural, God-given right to defend your home and loved ones against any and all evildoers. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they’re wearing. If they force their way into your home, just blow their stupid asses away.

            • Agreed!

      12. Sorry to the few good LEO out there, but these rouge badges need to be grabbed held down and neutered to end their genes from entering the pool. Or taken completely out, any of those two things happen to say 400 or 500 bad badges across America in a week and thing well start to change. If not add some more to the stats. The badge is quickly becoming the mark of the enemy; good badges take that as a warning. Instrument of either procedure a nice smooth bore.

        • Copperhead, give it time and something like that will happen. That day is getting closer. I hate to see it happen but the cops are bringing it on themselves.

      13. The Blue Crew…ha ha ha…they’re livin’ their own American dream…one takedown at a time.

        “Book em Dano”

        The real American Dream is about living life the way you see fit, without interference from the criminal classes…that includes those with “official” titles, shiny badges or jackboots.

        It has little to do with buying a McMansion or shiny new 4 door truck. That’s just corporate programming thru teevee and Eddie Bernay’s school of public relations.

        I’m supporting a Liberty candidate whose plank is this:

        Legalize prostitution (no victim in that “crime”)

        A chicken in every pot and pot in every house.

        Remove the regulations and permits for home distillation of “biofuels”.

        Run a pipe to the Moon since it is not really made of cheese, but hollow and full of oil. It will flow by gravity to Earth since it is all downhill. We will all be able to drive our F-250s and Suburbans forever.

        Give all revenuers a mandatory vacation on the new Mars shuttle.

        “Go Fund Me” says they can raise a buck fifty for my candidate.


      14. I have law enforcement in my family. Wouldn’t trust them farther than I could kick them.

        • Chantilly, welcome back. I have retired cops in my family who won’t even let their own siblings become cops. They are totally against what has happened to their former profession.

          • The older members of the family for the most part are good men that were LE, their kids that went into LE, well I dont trust those.

        • R: Chantilly Lady
          Me to, grandaughter….. Hopefully she can make a difference.

      15. Wife’s father was retired providence cop on the reserves and a state constable plus had his own private investigation firm. Before he passed I asked him about becoming a cop he said don’t do it. It’s not what it used to be. I believed him and I know why now more than ever. He was trying to keep me safe and out of trouble. Not worth a lousy paycheck.

      16. Their is now way in hell that the American people are going to continue to out up with this. Bad cops ate really tormenting this situation and continue to damage the reputation of good cops

        This will lead to a revolutionary and civil war. Asshat, I have been told something similar about not becoming a cop. One cop friend of mine told me join HPD. I was going to become one 15 yrs ago and decided not to. Another cop advised me, and older cop, that it’s not the good old days anymore..I would be scared sh….less go walk around in uniform during a calapse because I know that I am going to get my azz shot up by the anti cop people
        I am better off researching trends and look into covering my own azz.

      17. Becoming a cop these days is done by the IDF training manual.
        The police brutality that has been occurring is the same tactics that the IDF does to the Palestinians.
        Civilians today in America have become Palestinianized.

        • Took less than 8 hours for someone to claim the Jews are responsible for rogue cops in America.

      18. Blah blah blah, same old bullshit response from police. This guy needs to pay. Better yet what if something happened to his family member because of his actions? Would he think twice about pulling a weapon so irresponsibly? Would he show regret and take responsibility for his remedial actions? How is this clown still on the streets with a gun?

      19. Any rogue cop that would shoot a four year old and blame it on the dog, can’t be all bad. thanks

        • messenger sounds like another damn troll.

      20. The more I read about American cops, their guns, their rampant stupidity and their abject callousness, the more I think the terrorists are right there, wearing blue and a badge.

        So glad I don’t live in the US, and there isn’t a large enough amount of money in existence that would make me or my family or my dogs ever live there…

      21. The state has to keep leting the pigs off else they might just do the job our taxes are paying them to do and arrest some politicians who are taking bribe or shagging our kids.

        If it’s OK for the state to use force en-mass on it’s people then it’s OK for the people to bring them to justice in peoples courts because it’s clear that the judges in the USA are all on the take too.

        Police in the US now kill more people than criminals it seems and this cannot be allowed to continue.

        • Smith, it’s high time for the people to respond in self-defense with force en masse. Forget what anyone else says and forget about the judicial system. The system always stands up for cops regardless. this is what it’s coming to unfortunately.

      22. If cops had any interest in being responsible for their behavior, they wouldn’t be cops.

        The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops. ~Robert Higgs

      23. Ok first of all I’m not excusing this cops action but really guys what is wrong with this picture #1 the kid goes looking for help finds cop cop comes in shoots dog misses hits sister walks away, but her family has a different side of the story why didn’t the parents get help or call 911 instead of the daughter running outside to find someone. Is it possible parents were not there n now are coming forward wanting to sue also this would have never happened that he just walked away I have family n friends in law enforcement and they have to constantly check in when getting out of car and responding to emergencies I think we should all be adults here and not get the cart ahead of the horse. A cool head stays alive longer than a hot head

        • This entire story does not pass the sniff test. Do people really believe everything they read?

      24. the further mankind distances itself from God, the more depraved and indifferent it becomes… if you truly believe that there is no correlation between compassion, morality, personal integrity and a God-centric religion, you are likely one of the indifferent depraved…

      25. More of AMERICA going down the tubes 🙁

        GOD HELP US !!!!!!!!!!!

      26. Not surprising. A few years back in the Fascist Police State of NJ, a Beach town EMT (MONOC) traveling about 70 mph crashed into me while I was stopped at a light, totaling my car and severely injuring me.
        He attempted to flee the scene with his air bag deployed. The local police covered the whole thing up, ostracized me and intimidated witnesses. I never got a dime and suffer from injuries sustained in the accident until this day.

      27. I wonder if this is a vet just out from the gulf. I could see a vet seeing a kid from there being a threat.

        Other than that….what about the sniper movie!

        These cities that are hiring vets out of the wars should rethink their crap and policies.

        Most vets, like cops, are good people, but there are boundaries and limits!

        I am so tired of this sh*t! I am just wanting for the SHTF and purge this evil, starting with the NWO members!

      28. When the hell was this war on dogs declared …. every time I turn around there’s a news article about a cop shooting some family pet …. I can see pit bulls chained up in drug labs or some dog fighting club – contained and close in shooting …. but here again a dog was running loose in the neighborhood – God forbid it’s a rampaging wild animal – let’s shoot up the neighborhood ….

      29. Police used to play good cop, bad cop!

        Now they play good shot, bad shot!

        Pray the cop that pulls you over for a cracked tail light is a lousy shot!

        • This is lacking a lot of information. First of all the LEO was invited in to that house due to the emergency. “He decided to investigate before calling an ambulance”…..BE FOR REAL. THE FIRE DEPT. will stage around the corner until the scene is clear. Let’s switch the scenario. LEO calls ambulance first on a supposed cut foot. Paramedics go in. It’s a domestic violence case, or mentally ill person out of control, OR the dog attacks them. Paramedics get hurt/killed. Police dept. gets sued. LEO gets fired. You like to put your comments in but you have no idea what your talking about. Hit the dog with the but of the gun? Are you serious. Let’s say the gun goes off from that? And in what direction? I can hear it now, in court, the judge asks, actually the prosecution asks ” officer at what point in the police academy did they teach you to hit anyone or any thing with the butt of your loaded weapon”. So, what kind of dog was it? And obviously the LEO missed the dog so is the dog still charging? And who is stating the LEO just walked away? How long would the LEO keep his job after that? Or did he go to his patrol car and get gloves, gauze, and quick clot? You know quick clot? To stop the bleeding? Was he trying to guide the paramedics in who have real medical training? What the name of the officer, the victim, or the witness? What’s the case number? What’s the address of the incident? Where are the “crime scene photos? This was a crime in your eyes wasn’t it? I am a LEO. My best partner was deathly afraid of dogs. No matter what size. But he perceived them as a threat when they came at him. At the end of the day I can’t tell you what scares you and you can’t tell me what scares me. Cops are people too. What you need to understand is we are witnessing a break down in society. And yes, I have told my children to find another profession. This job is for the birds

      30. Seriously! “make any necessary changes to training or policy and take any corrective actions that are warranted to lessen the chance that a tragedy like this ever happens again.”

        Exactly how can they prevent individual stupidity.

      31. How hard is it to understand, you never ever invite “Law Enforcement” into you home, or into your life, because their job is to enforce law not help the public, their job is not to protect and serve, that is a long gone concept their job is to be Enforcers, they are the Frank Nitties of the establishment, they are “Just Doing Their Jobs” Never ask the police for help unless you want to end up with a dead dog and a shot child.

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