Coming Destruction? Alan Greenspan Warns “Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next”

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 139 comments

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    The potential for a truly devastating economic collapse has been real for some time.

    And it is coming to America.

    Though most Americans are accustomed to having shelves full of food and goods, and enough money to keep going, this sense of security is quite false.

    The real economy is bottoming out, and the experts have been warning about the extreme stress in the system for some time.

    Job growth has stagnated, personal and institution debt is teetering on edge and the central bank policies of the Federal Reserve have been widening the gap between artificially-boosted corporate interests… and all the rest who have been stymied by low-interest cash flowing to the top of the pyramid at zero interest (and failing to trickle down).

    While the United States seems miles apart from the implosion taking place in Venezuela, looks can be deceiving. Even former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan is admitting it.

    As Anarcho-Capitalist market analyst Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante warns:

    It seems barely a day passes now without some big name person warning of imminent collapse.  The latest is .

    In an interview on Thursday [Alan Greenspan] told Fox News that Venezuela is now under martial law and that “America is next.” He said that what was happening in Venezuela was inevitably going to take place in the US.

    I agree with this.  In fact, we said this exact thing just last week with our article, “Venezuela Descends Into Chaos… Europe and US Next.”

    But while we agree with Greenspan that crisis is coming to the US, that’s where our agreement ends.  We say it is coming to the US because the conditions in the US are not that much different than Venezuela – and the globalist plan is to turn the entire world into Venezuela.

    Greenspan, on the other hand… explained that the reason the US would end up like Venezuela involved a “global problem of a shortage of productivity growth.”

    The warning isn’t just that oil prices are rendering socialist economies vulnerable, but that too much power in the hands a central government and a central bank creates an inevitably unstable situation.

    All the dollars and all the paper money in the world can’t hold things together once things reach a certain point.

    Things are so far gone, that even the iconic faces of Federal Reserve are addressing the problem, and redirecting blame for what is coming to most of the people of the world.

    As Berwick explains:

    Things aren’t growing at all in Venezuela. In fact they are imploding at a rate I’ve never personally witnessed before.  But that isn’t the root cause of the problem.  The reason why Venezuela’s economy isn’t growing is BECAUSE of the government and the central bank!


    The main cause of ruin over time is central bank money debasement – not some mysterious missing “growth.” And government generally makes things worse via regulations, taxation and debt.


    Things are not going to get any better in 2016, only worse.

    What is in the news today in Venezuela are the events of the slow-motion long term collapse that is coming globally, and will not spare the United States or its dependent population of serfs.

    What is happening will reach every part of the global economy… be ready.

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      1. The USA will not look like this. We will be an all out war zone blood bath.

        • If the USA is going to look like Venezuela then the whole world is going to total hell because the USA is the strongest economy on the planet.

          • Keep in mind that it’s Jeff Berwick saying this. The same Jeff Berwick who lives off of “Doom Porn” to sell his anti Doom Porn utopian communities.

            The USA is the cleanest shirt in the laundry hamper.

            • The New World Order can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards. Create a FREEDOM CELL where you live. Make a list, check it twice. Know WHO has been naughty and WHO has been nice, in your neck of the woods.

              Freedom isn’t free and TRAITORS must pay the price to ensure American freedoms. Indict. Convict. Execute.

              Its US or THEM. Engage. 🙂

              • Got to agree with you DK on that one. Our Guns and Ammo can solve the parasite’s appetite for chaos. Where is that Soros POS these days?


            • Rodster,

              Did you even read the article before you screamed “Doom Porn”?

              You could have Googled the key words and found multiple news organizations including Obama’s luv puppies at MSNBC covering Greenspans statements, not Jeff Berwick.

              As a troll you just don’t cut it. Why don’t you get out of mom’s basement, get a couple happy meals and have yourself a big fat heart attack.

              That fifty pounds you carry on your butt does not count as stored food when you are starving.

              • Sure it does!

                • All you married Guys with BIG FAT Wives, can tell your wives to hold into those skinny clothes, cause things are a changing quickly and the Nation will be on proven successful diet plan. Called Societal Collapse. Biggest proven weight loss program out there. Can she swing an Axe? How the garden?


                  • WhoWTFKnows, I think you meant to say, “Can that Fat Ho hoe the Garden?”

                    • Exactly!!! Hoe the garden of thirsty weeds..


                • That is where I carry my emergency Homeland Security Internment Rations.

              • Plan twice, that has to be the most eloquent bitch slap I’ve ever read on this comment board. Nice work.

              • I’ve read the article & watched the interview. Unless I missed something, I didn’t hear Greenspan say Ameria is next? Nor would I expect/trust a member of the 13th tribe to be truthful when speaking to the goys & girls….

          • john stiner….Thanks for the laugh. USA USA USA

          • The first thing I want to see in the US is all EBT FOOD CARDS CUT OFF. This will allow and give license to the Producers of the country to kill off all the Non-Producing Looting Free Shit Army of Parasites. Thats 50 Million low rung losers that destroy this country daily.
            Then CUT off all Medical Care, and drugs, except for Accident emergencies. That’s another 100 Million weak genes and hangeronners that drain our Treasury.

            Then Export all Blacks and Jews and crime will stop 75% over night.

            Then we will have a pretty damm good country. Trump hates Losers so he will fix this.

            -WWTI… Im ready to participate in Holloucaust part 2 globally. Nuke and fry em once and for all!!!

            • Interestingly the majority of those with EBT cards are the working poor that emerged in great number post manufacturing eviscerating Free Trade agreements. They were the taxpayer, for decades.

              The Looting Parasites are greatly concentrated in the Financial Sector. Offering future employment to government regulators in exchange for fraudulent ratings on investments they stoled billions. As a reward they didn’t receive an EBT card but rather taxpayer funded bailouts reached about a trillion dollars. Some of those funds were actually given out in bonuses.

              To fix the problem you must first identify it. Your analysis is flawed and plays right into the “Establishments” hands.

              The problem

              • Kevin. Just try to find an elitist or a Banker/ Wall Street Cockroach in SHTF. They will be off to some island, not looking your home. However fun duck hunting at the end of a private airport runways will be an exciting Trap Shoot Event as they try to flee. In fact it may be so much fun, take 5-6 of your hunting buddies with you to play along. See how high that Lear Jet can fly, riddled with holes through the belly.


              • “They were the taxpayer, for decades.”

                quite true. and if the ebt tax burden is removed, then businesses will be able to hire them and they will be taxpayers again. ebt is not about feeding the poor, it’s about dependency.

            • I sense a lot of people very angry at the symptom of the economy rather than the cause. How can people read this BB and not become educated regarding how we got here? The information is ample. Google it for validity. Ask yourself, “Why did my vaulted free shit army grow so much since 2008 and why”? “What caused this to happen”?

              “None are so blind as those who will not see”.

              Its sad that largely the victims of government corruption and Financial Sector outright thievery, unethical and illegal are blamed rather than those responsible.

        • Menzo.

          Could come to that in parts of the country.

          • I hope people will be civil standing in line for food. But given what we’ve seen on black friday with people fighting over junk from china and stomping on each other, makes me believe it might be an extremely violent situation. The free shit army is huge and everywhere and they are stupid. There will be exceptions I hope. It’ll be best to have food and water and not have to be in line.

            • You are exactly right,, the free shit army will burn it to the ground. But we need to identify each member of the fsa. Their army includes welfare people, government employees/retirees, veterans, politicians, kids that eat free at school, and anyone else that can’t grow their own food or has not prepped.

            • Menzo

              I have first hand experience of people jumping lines to get the last cans of Coleman fuel before a hurricane.

              Distinctly heard from behind me, “I am going to get mine”.

              The doors open and I was knocked to the side. So was another women.

              They had brought the last five cans to the front of the store and everyone else ran to the back of the store where the camping gear was.

              The Lady wanted the both of us to buy all the cans. But we decided to only buy four and let the rest fight over the last can of fuel.

              • Why did you wait until the last minute? You had days of warning.

                • John W.

                  Wanted a top off can and was going to help the neighbors. I brought two instead of one and so did the lady.

                  That is not going to happen today. You’ re on your own as far as I am concern.

              • Great story. Ain’t carma a piss!

                I knew a woman who worked in the World Trade Center, she was there when the planes hit.

                Against advice of experts she decided to run. She ran down stairs, more than she could count, she hurt from running but she ran on, flight after flight, down and down. She passed firemen and police running up and thought they were on a fools errand.

                She finally broke out into the lobby, and looked for the nearest exit and saw a broken open window, more on that later. As she ran toward freedom she heard the voice of a man behind her. He shouted, get out of my way bitch and pushed her to the ground and he ran across her back. She felt pain and terror like never in her life, as she pulled herself together and got to her feet, she watched a steel beam strike so fast it was like magic, and instantly crush the man who had pushed her down. He had been standing about where she would have been.

                She walked over him and the beam. She kept running, obviously she lived to tell the tail.

                As for that window, there was a police woman in the lobby, trying to help people get out. As people flooded out of the stairs is was obvious there just weren’t enough doors. She went over to an inch thick unbreakable window and put a round into all four corners and then kicked the center. It broke away. Hundreds escaped through that opening. It was later discovered police brass wanted to charge her with improperly discharging a firearm. They felt she might have hurt someone?

                When it is most important, doing the right thing is what what counts.

            • The fix is black tipped 7.62 X 63 into the blocks of the EBT queens 4WD crew cab trucks, Escalades, and Excursions. Then they have to walk.

              • I d go with 50bmg steel core

                • I don’t have access to a 50 BMG.
                  But I can get a 30.06 (7.62 X 63)
                  overnight from Fed EX.
                  Black tip is AP from Montana Air guard
                  surplus 1950’s.
                  All legal like.

                  • 3006 is 7.62×54…..308 is 7.62×51…And Rodster is correct about the USA being the cleanest shirt in the laundry basket compared to the rest of the world. Those of us that have traveled the world a bit realize this. Too much fear porn and not enough prep articles that have technical info on physical conditioning, which most of you don’t do, gardening, deer dressing and processing, which a few of you do, but most need to learn technics. The “end is near” has been going on since 1996 that I know of…and it hasn’t happened yet. Things are getting worse, but at a slow pace, compared to a instant collapse. We are still here although everyone here said LAST YEAR was the shtf year…..and the year before etc.

                    • Dave,
                      30-06 is 7.62×63, .308 is 7.62×51 and 7.62×54 is its own caliber, usually seen in the Mosin-Nagant rifle.

                    • 3306 is not x54. That’s a Russian round most commonly used in the mosin nagant.

                    • 3006

                    • 30.06 is 7.62 x 63

                    • Oops..7.62 x 63. Not the 54R (rimmed) russian for my Nagant.

                  • I would love An ammo can of that 30-06AP. Great reviews. That would split open a few watermelons.

                    I think my 556 greentip steel penetrators is about the closest I can get to AP.

                    Green tips will still rip through level 3 and some 4 body armour.

        • “Greenspan, on the other hand… explained that the reason the US would end up like Venezuela involved a “global problem of a shortage of productivity growth.”

          that F’n a$$ hole greenspan

          how can America have “productivity growth” when YOU F’N bankers off shored the productivity you F’n neo-con zionest pigs

        • completely…OK, now queue the gold sellers…

        • Ya think? I’m thinking; “Since when has ANYTHING that has happened in Venezuela ever had an impact upon America?” NEVER! So why all the rhetoric bs about it now? How does England’s plight affect the way America ‘rolls’? It doesn’t.
          The influx of immigrants is to first (hopefully) get to them to “illegally” vote for Hillary (since when have we allowed NON US CITIZENS TO VOTE – – – – DAMMIT ALL)!!!!!!! That one right there is more than enuff bullshit from TPTB to fully justify a HUGE SLAP IN THEIR UGLY FACES …in the form of “all of the terrors that come with what they are seeking to accomplish” (while ‘teams’ of Rovers skid around the country looking for ‘whities’ and Christians to kill? hahah… Christians have already laid in arms and supplies to last a decade, and most every last one of them are well-versed in “how to live like it is 1805” (right down to making tallow from bear-fat). (((stinky stuff)))
          They still continue to “Fail themselves” by not considering they are fallible (and they’ve actually very little “taking THEIR 6’s” (as compared to ‘we’uns’.
          We’ve been printing up Constitutions and Bill of Rights “mini-books” and placing them everywhere they’ll allow us to place them …including our Sheriff’s office (which is one reason we ousted the last sheriff in favor of a GOOD sheriff with REAL values and ‘gonads’). The City just paid out of their (private pockets) to have IN GOD WE TRUST painted on the backs of the police cruisers, and there are hundreds more towns doing the very same everywhere.

          We will do just fine – – ignore the bs and just keep on keeping on.

        • At Paul Craig Roberts website, they’re saying that what is occurring in Greece (the austerity measures on behalf of the bankers, in order to thoroughly loot the country)– it is coming to Puerto Rico and to the US (already started here)..

          PLEASE LISTEN TO LATEST VIDEO AT PCR WEBSITE…(interview about Greece).

      2. I am already having trouble finding by favor foods… and when l do go to get food. it is welfare people pushing two carts at one time, both so full that they tie up every one forever… Then I see the Seniors.. It will break your heart. Wondering if they have enough money to buy it or not , some times with three little bags to last them all mouth

        • I was in a grocery store yesterday. The girl in front of us bought two bags of chips or something and a single soft drink. She used her EBT, not enough cash to buy a snack.

          I have to use actual FRNs.

          • Archivist, I use FRNs to get all my preps anyway. No stinking credit card for me. Don’t want or need that monthly bill with the 28% interest rate.

            • What is FRNs?

              • Paper money = Federal Reserve Notes. That’s what they all say at the top. They are not really money, but promissory notes.

                You find out your dollar bill is not worth a dollar when you try to buy a product that is marked $1.00. You have to pay more than that in interest, which they call sales tax. I can remember not having to do that, when I could buy a loaf of bread for a single silver dime, with no sales tax.

                • if your paying tax on bread your farther behind than you think. There is no tax on most foods.

                  • Wrong. There is sales tax on food in NC and has been since the late 1960s.

              • John, when I first saw FRN I thought Franklins.
                Federal Reserve Notes.
                Future TP…FTP

              • Federal Reserve Note

              • I often ask cashiers if they take FRN’s It Always gets a funny look and most say no or they don’t know what that is. LOL

                • Arby5, apparently none of those cashiers ever think to pull out one of those bills and look at it carefully. Makes you wonder how they got to be cashiers in the first place.

                  • Try giving a cashier, especially a young one, an old bill with a small picture on it, like they used to have. They’ll think it’s a fake because there’s no large picture, no magnetic strip or any of the other markings today’s bills have.

                    You’re right about wondering how they got to be cashiers. Most can’t even make change without the help of the register. One of my last assignments was to train a new cashier. Her first words to me were “I don’t know why I have to do this. I know everything already.” In about 5 minutes, she found out she didn’t know jack. She went through 3 trainers before she was asked to leave.

                    • Nubmaeme, as a teenager back in the early 70s, I worked part-time in a grocery store. We had the NCR registers which were electric but also had mechanical backup in case of a power outage. They had the old hand crank on the right-hand side that someone had to turn periodically during a power outage in order for the register to keep working. In my day all I dealt with was cash and checks. No plastic whatsoever at the time. If you didn’t have a good head with math back in those days, you could forget about being a cashier.

                  • Braveheart – Same here, only ours didn’t have a crank but you did have to be something of a contortionist sometimes. The keys were arranged in 10’s and 1’s and all had to be pressed at the same time to ring the sale up, that is, after everything including sales tax had been added up usually only using your head. It looked like it belonged more in an old west general store than a drug store in 60’s. No electronic cash registers, and no calculators. If you had a problem, you used pencil and paper. Then had to make change. I was 14 and working my first job at a drug store’s soda fountain and sometimes helping on the pharmacy side.

                    • Nubmaeme, at least back then something called “common sense” prevailed. Those were the days…..

                  • A note here for those with a #10 can full of tens and twenties. Periodically go through and remove any old design bills, replace them with more current designs, and spend the older ones.

                    It may be a good idea to also remove any bills that are defaced or otherwise marked. A black light can reveal hidden marks. In a SHTF situation people may get picky about accepting obsolete or marked currency.

                • Think of the mentality level IQ of thoses he’s asking. This dope works at Arbys.

              • FRN’s = Fake Rothchild’s IOU Notes.


                • Better yet, FRN’s = Fraudulent Rothchild IOU Notes

            • FRN’s also makes it more difficult for them (TPTB) to track your preps. Cash is still king, at least in this respect.

        • That’s why I have a big garden. I share some. However, if some UNwelcome people came over demanding food, I would not give it to them.

          • I never share my excess produce. I feed it to my pigs or into the compost heap. That person who you willingly share with now. When times get lean will most likely return and bring other unwelcome guest with them. Feed them now and you might have to fight them later. The saying no good deed goes unpunished applies.

            • @ Old Guy….Feed them now and you might have a friend and asset later. Unless you are very remote, and I mean a population of less than 10 per square mile for a thousand square miles, those people you could have helped will show up anyways.

              • That’s a really big Might? The population in Newton and Searcy counties is small. And less than 1/2 of one percent is something other than white. That one person claims to be a cheorkee! and the neighboring county is Boone county. Its where the national headquarters of the KKK is at. And you cant see my house from the public road. No one shows up at my place ive got a locked gate 1/4 milefrom the house. No mail box and my siblings don’t know where I live. That maybe friend & asset will most likely be a danger. I believe in DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. I don’t want or need others . Me and Mine are self reliant and have know how. We will take care of ourselves and if others do the same it will be just fine.

                • Sad.

      3. somebody please tell me how and what to prep quickly! I have been reading this blog for sometime. we have some basic preps stocked but that is all. I know we are very very late in the game, that is why I need advice on what to get quickly.


        • Jennifer, Go TO YouTube and type in “Prepping for Beginners.” They are not trying to sell you anything there but knowledge. Its a more well rounded knowledge base from many sources. Watch and decide what’s best for you as to where you live and who is in your group. Many survivalist book writers today, are armchair writers based on theory, and not proven with real experience. They are there to sell shock factor, fear porn books and overpriced prepper supplies. I bought a lot of things cheaply off sites like CheaperThanDirt, CampingSurvival, SportsmansGuide, MidwayUSA, And real food you eat daily at your local Sams Club or Costcos.

          Crappy products like Wise Survival Bucket food is loaded with 300 Times the daily salt intake. And it all tasted like creamy filler BS, with NO Vegetables, like the picture shows on the package, ZERO. Try samples, then buy. You can stock up on 2 years of food, just with regular canned food with 2 year expiration dates and rotate the food out. And vacuum seal rice and beans for extended lifespans. Canned Salmon has 5 year expiration dates. That is protein food you can buy cheaply at Stores in your Neighborhood. Look for canned meats, been and chicken as well. Half the price of Online stores. Shop smart. Look for sales and stock up.. Good Luck.


          • thx I appreciate your help!

      4. Greenspan helped put this country under with the Federal Reserve policies. He is a fine one to talk.

      5. Dusty Fae, I haven’t run into that problem in my area yet, but I guess it will start happening soon. It’s only a matter of time before the balloon goes up.

        • Brave – I’ve seen a big decrease in items in my area here in Appalachia. One store I frequent has risers (storage shelves above the regular shelves) that were once packed with extra items that wouldn’t fit on the shelf below. Now, not only are the risers empty but there are gaps on the regular shelves too where they are out of the merchandise. If you look behind the boxes or cans, the back of the shelf is empty. Everything is pulled forward to make it look fuller. I’ve been in the store late at night when third shift is coming in to stock. I’ve noticed that the pallets of merchandise appear smaller than they did just a few months ago even though the shelves are getting a little thin. Shortages are creeping up on us, for sure.

          • To be honest I don’t think it’s shortages. Look at Wal-Mart The “New Wider Isles” I think a lot of Co’s are either expecting poor sales or are short of money and don’t want any extra inventory. IMHO

            • What else would you call it when there’s no merchandise on the shelf; their hand-held computer shows none in the stockroom, none on order, and none in the warehouse or distribution center? To me, that’s a shortage, no matter what the cause. When I go to other stores, not related to the first, and they are out of the same items, that’s a shortage. I have gone all the way to the manufacturer to try to get certain items and they don’t even have them because they can’t get the needed raw materials. Isn’t that a shortage? Just asking!

              • Running short is just bad Management. There was a Rural Bar in my area that had to close because they ran out of Beer. Oh there is plenty of beer to be bought, just no cash on hand, by the bar owner to buy it. She preferred fancy cars and drugs to Keeping her business running. A week later they reopened, so she must have gotten a loan or something. Just a few weeks ago there was a Stabbing at that same Bar, Love triangle gone bad. You don’t take your new boyfriend to the same bar where you Old Boyfriend likes to hang out. Can’t fix stooped!! I have only been in there a few times.. Not my kind of place.


            • The wider aisles are to accomodate the land whales.

              • The wider aisles are to accommodate robots

              • MMMM. Where we typically go to shop, once monthly (we do a ‘load up’) they once had 34 ailes. There are now 22 with a StarBucks stuck into the middle of it all. Has anyone else noticed that the sizes of the products for sale have become smaller, (or the box has become bigger with a teeny-tiny tube inside, (of course the HUGE box makes you THINK you are getting the size you want). Stores are much like banks …they only see “in green” and nothing more.

                Raw materials are indeed getting harder to come by as SEVERAL suppliers have had their asses trounced just trying to keep up with demand, yet cannot because those THEY depend on have fallen through the cracks as well.

                SELF-SUFFICIENCY: The earlier you learn to do it, the lesser you end up paying for “rip-offs” not too far ‘down the road’. imho

                Plant now, harvest later (Save MORE THAN ENOUGH to justify the extra work, unless you are into eating pesticides they provide at no cost to you (or warnings). ALLLL of the “old tricks” are coming into play which ‘telegraph that trouble’s on the horizon’ if not already bearing down hard on (some) of us. Supply and demand for food shall quickly ‘overturn’ upon itself just as it has with .22LRs, certain powders and primers (depends on your area too, of course).
                (I am comfy with what I already have for ammo and stuff. Now I am concentrating on the crossbow and longbow ‘extras’ …since silence is golden a compound bow is my first choice, and a “puff-gun” (blow-darts) aren’t all that bad either once you have ‘mastered’ (ain’t hard at all) the idea.
                Word here has it we are in for another run of low to no supplies being on hand for ammo or bullets. Powders, primers and brass MAY follow suit (they usually do). “They” (store owners of three FFLs are saying it will start soon and continue to the end of August …THEN I am hoping for an OVER supply and nice prices as compared to the present. (Haven’t seen a .22LR in three months now). You can order, then get told there will be a delay, and I ain’t falling for that shit again). As in, “Well sir, you’ll have to pay upfront or we can’t help you.” Answer: No problem, I’ll just take my business elsewhere and keep my money away from the likes of you.

          • Nubmaeme, 2 days before I left for GA, I had to go to wallyworld for a certain item. had to go to 4 locations before I finally found it. But in every one of those stores, I noticed stock running low myself. So Memphis will get short on certain items soon, it looks like. I have to go back tomorrow, but I’ll be back in July right before the repub convention.

            • It’s just not wallyworld, I’ve noticed it in other stores too. Like I said before, it’s sneaking up on us. We need to be ever more vigil so we don’t get caught up in it when it finally does hit the fan.

              • Really, I’ve been hearing about a record retail inventory build up because no one is buying.

                • Cws. Doesn’t fit the arguement today. Some say targets stock has sunk due to their stance on the restroom issue. ( reality is almost all retail stock is down due lower sales ). You need to get with the program here. Use the same facts for different and often contradicting arguements. Do not make statements that are clearly factual and true. The reason inventories are lower is due to demand being lower.

                • Next time you’re in a store take a good, hard look around, especially if you’re in a Wal-Mart or their Neighborhood Market. It also possible that these shortages are starting in different areas and will then spread as time goes on. TPTB probably want it to creep up on us to try to catch us off guard.

                  • Plenty of food stocks in stores here.
                    I upped my storage a few years back when I learned about the logistics here.
                    The island has basically a 3 week supply of goods.
                    In a hurricane or SHTF event, those trucks will not, and do not, roll out of the capital. It’s YOYO time. You’re on your own.
                    Like I said, years ago ice delivery trucks were robbed making deliveries after a major hurricane.
                    Expect similar in your area!

            • I was discharged and left Memphis about the same time that the last of Germantown was being ‘bought up’ by those who devalued those nice homes. Everyone was fleeing to “the new residentials’ being built south-easterly, but I am sure that’s all changed as well.
              I am SURE I would not wanna be anywhere near “The Hub” at anytime in the future. no no no…
              Last I heard, Shelton Harrison Chevolet (Millington) had gotten into some sort of trailer sales (ripoff artist). Surely he musta passed on by now? His daughter was a cutie in her day with a decent singing voice and BIG MEAN DOGS as her only needed means of protection. Always did wonder why she turned away from her Daddy putting her INTO NASHVILLE (as the next star), but she went pop and flopped. Is Elvis’s (first recording studio) still standing (sorta at the end of Highway 51 South as you ‘enter’ (what used to be the edge of Mempho)?

              • Camille Harrison is her name, or was assuming she got married.

      6. Daisy Luther recently posted a pertinent article on her site:

        ht tp://

        • I can think of three items. Hope, change and luck.

          • FAITH, FIGHT, CHANGE and Sisu

        • Good article!

      7. Bring it,,,,,

      8. I for one would rather share my food with an oldster in return for their wisdom, some of the stories they have to tell will make you feel ashamed, and they are so proud they don’t want to apply for any charity benefits, God bless ’em..

      9. Ho Hum, Alan Greenspan. I thought is old ass was embalmed and placed in a museum standing there grinning and holding two stuffed sacks of (fake cash) spilling over.

        • PoP, nice image, “make it so!”

        • His wife is Andrea Mitchell the news caster. The money and the media .

      10. – “[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” –Samuel Adams, essay in The Public Advertiser, 1749
        – A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. –Dwight D. Eisenhower

      11. – “[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” –Samuel Adams, essay in The Public Advertiser, 1749

        – A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. –Dwight D. Eisenhower

      12. The reason I use quotes from people like Adams, Washington, Jefferson, Eisenhower, Bastiat, etc. is that these were truly – and demonstrably – brilliant people (JFK once remarked at a gathering of august people at the White House that there was more intelligence gathered there at that moment since the time Jefferson was there – and dining alone!

        So in that vein, I repeat again:

        “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement’ in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Why do I repeat this quote so often? Here’s why: Like Brandon Smith, when I was very young, I tilted left, like many young ignorant youth, impacted by the lying leftist media, etc. However – and this is a BIG however – their ideas not only suck, not only are they utterly disproven by history, the are anti-human and illogical. That certainly woke me up.

        I now have as a major life calling to wake others up with my pen/keyboard. I hope some of what I write is helping.

        • I enjoy the repeated quotations every time, as they are needed as constant reminders of who has placed us in such a precarious position. AND NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT IN THE SHORTS NOR LYING DOWN PASSIVELY.

          We are “domestics enemies” of the true “domestic enemies” and we want their fucking blood (slung all over the damned place) until they start wising up, or getting the hell out. Until that time, everything will be a ‘tad dicey’ in our neck of the woods and as far out as we can influence. 🙂

      13. Good news it’s the first of the month all the free shit bums ebt renewed. the goal is to push everyone on ebt or they won’t afford to eat. Then if you wanna eat they will make you give up your rights to guns. It’s all over people were being chipped away at and no one will stand up to it. im glad I took care of my future needs there is gonna be a lot of hurting people soon.

        • Bullshit. We are more than ready to “do without” whatever they seem to think they can take from us. Can’t have our water unless they empty the earth. Can’t take our air without frigging up theirs. Can’t scare nor force us into doing a damn thing …and those who may intend to TRY will die and fry. Bears love cooked human!

          And I live back in the woods you see. My woman and the kids and the dogs and me.
          And we can skin a buck, we can run a trot-line, and a country boy can survive. HANK JR. (I built our present home listening to that song FOR TWO YEARS)! The tape is kinda ‘stretched’ a tad now. lol… THEN they came out with CDs …wouldn’t ya know it?

      14. I watched the Fox News video with Neal Cavuto and Greenspan. I did not hear Greenspan say, “Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next”.

        Things don’t look good in the long run but it served no purpose to embellish it as its bad enough.

        • That’s what I’m thinking too. I didn’t watch it but I can’t believe Greenspan would say anything like that at all.

        • DollarVigilante on youtube has misquoted the EXACT SAME interview. There are too many people that need to get their sources correct instead of just repeating each other. This turns journalism into gossip.

        • Venezuela is NOT UNDER MARTIAL LAW. They WANT them to leave and not hang around. So, they are headed this’a’way.

          Every is once again seemingly convinced “we are totally screwed” or I’m ready everything wrongly. Hey …it was ‘victors’ who WON this country in the face of certain death …yet they won because they were TRUTH AND RIGHT. Europe is heading straight for what TPTB over there have arranged for everyone with their bs, which has little to do with an ARMED COUNTRY (armed to the teeth, pissed off from being pissed on, and more than ready to kick ass). We do not have a choice in the matter.

          And will ya quit swallowing the bullshit and misinformation being thrown at us constantly. (It is to be expected, and it tells us just how ‘strong’ we actually are). If we were NOT a problem to deal seriously with, there wouldn’t be anyone attempting to keep the heat on us …especially trying to disarm us, which would mean certain death no diff than Hitler and Jews watching his movies in tents. (Unless you just HAVE to re-enact history, disallow their attempts at giving you migraines and stay focused on what counts).
          Satan has already fallen once, and thus he’ll fall again. (So what are y’all worried about)? 🙂 NEVER QUIT!

      15. Wish some young ones would watch “King in the High Castle” for just a bit of insight as to WHAT the brave accomplished with WWII…and understand that such a scenario could actually come to pass now….with horrific results

        • Did you mean “Man in the High Castle”?

        • Do you mean the “Man in the High Castle?”

        • Man in the high castle. I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that what the brave victors had accomplished was helping the communists enslave half of Europe . And what the brave victors are doing now to our country. Who’s ruling our country now the brave victors or the defeated enemy? And look at the situation the brave victors have put us in. Do you think the defeated enemy would of allowed what is happening to us? Did they allow the international bankers? Did they allow members of the same group to control the media and films? Jesus himself said the same . They call themselves ooos . But they are the children of satan. Did Jesus lie is Jesus a liar? Is he a racist ,bigot ,antisemite. Isn’t it obvious .?who do you trust ? The history books . Or the words of Jesus? Or the words of his greatest enemy? The children of satan? Satan is a crafty devil. And his children receive his help. Believe who you want and suffer the consequences . I’ll believe Gods words. I know the blasfamy of those that call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of satan . Plain enough. You get it? Pick a side.

      16. Man in the high castle. If it wasn’t for the fact we helped . The communists enslave half of Europe. And the fact that our country is being destroyed by the very people Hitler warned us about in the way he warned us about . Satan rules this world . And his greatest weapon is the lie. Everything bad will be said good. Are the victors making our world better or worse? Say it. Hitler spoke openly about the international banker destroying nations with debt . Is that happening? He spoke about a group that was controlling the media and films and lieing and perverting nations Is that happening? Jesus himself in his own words . Said what they call themselves but they weren’t what they call themselves they are imposters . They are the children of satan. And his greatest weapon is the lie so they are liars. The greatest liars on the planet. Break the spell. Believe Jesus not his greatest enemies.

      17. ‘It’s better to have it, and not need it
        Than to need it, and not have it.’
        ‘He who hesitates, is lost.’

      18. Yes it’s coming for certain. I hav even prepping for 3 yrs for this bullshit to commense. Like I told everyone over a year ago. 2016 is th year that th laughing stops, and that laughing wi tune to tears by the time October role around.. although I support Trump and would like to believe in a man who would be a good president that backs up its word, I can tell you all that he stands no chance in hell to influence my decision making when it comes to my survival when th shtf commenses. Like I was told by scientist friend for the kazillionth phucking time, HELL ON EARTH AS WE KNOW it will BE UP IN OUR PHUCKING FACES AND ALL SHIT WILL BUST LOOSE..if you have a BOL. Get ready to get the phuck out of town and leave now if you can..or get it ready like what Sarge, Brave has already done. I have some options but no certainly, so I am busy scratching my balls trying to figure our how to handle WWZ, once it starts. In my city, they, MK Ultra of who ever was responsible, just had some jackass with and AR shooting up the phucking city, killing men and women, then the lunatic fired on the police copter, going all out ballistic. What the hell was that assholes phucking problem.. wtf..luckily the cops capped the phuckers and stop them.

        The question is what happens when shtf commenses. Folks prep again, prep some more..


        350,000,000/49 states=3,000,000-5,000-W..

        Yes that means 3,000,000/5,000 women..

        • Last time i checked there were 50

          • Kula seems like we just have to many States joining and dropping out, it’s hard to keep up. Even our beloved leader didn’t know how many States there are. Trekker Out. 13 In The Confederacy!

          • Lots of people don’t believe Alaska is part of the U.S.

            • And lots suddenly think that Puerto Rico is our 51st state.

              (Banging head on wall…). I’ve had folks from all over the USA, when I was active duty, ask me ‘sincerely’ if Maine was part of The USA or ???? Sometimes I’d answer, oh no, not at all. Continental drift for Maine is extremely fast and Maine is just a ‘break-off’ of Iceland that slipped into The St. Lawrence Seaway then “drove itself” through Canada and stopped when it hit The Live Free or Die state (they believed me).

              HOT T-STORM headed Northerly and just now passing into Knoxville within 20 minutes or less. Batton down the hatches as it had our logs ‘jiggling’ with BOOMS and tons of nice ‘rainwater’ flowing into our reservoirs. Hail up to 1/2 inch @1744hrs.

              • I think I’m a State of Confusion.

      19. Omg. These poor people are still waiting in line. It must be 2 years now.

      20. Folks I see it day after day. Retired people barely getting by. With retirement from Foleys, or schools, or a welding career. They are tapping into retirement 401k funds to get by, because of medical bills, or the need to re-roof their house, or a car problem. While on the 1st of the month there is a flood of people in Walmart maxing out the EBT card. Yet guys like me go in buy what we need with cash, and scrimp and save to get by each month with whatever we can, so we can put money up for later. I make good money, but so did the retired folks I just spoke of. The rat race is what it is.
        What do we have in common with the failing economies around the world? Corruption and greed. When the government quits doing what’s best for the country, and cares more about their corrupt pockets it goes all the way to the bottom of the hill. Central banks or not, the world is jacked and we are along for the ride. When the last trick is over, it collapses.

      21. As for stock items, yea I have noticed it. Certain things are out, no idea when they will receive stock, etc. It’s a slow process, and shelves are thinly stocked, isles made wider, bullshit displays that are more display than product. Makes one wonder, yet still many tricks can be pulled to make it hold togeather for a while longer. We shall see…

      22. Greenspan is part of the problem.

        End the Fed. Kick the Banksters out.

        “You are vipers and thieves…by God I will rout you out.”
        Andrew Jackson

        Hitler kicked them out and the Country, Germany, went from bankrupt to a total Renaissance. Anyone who believes the lies about how uniquely evil Hitler was is nothing but a dupe. Hitler helped his Country and he was loved. They tell you lies and you believe them. Don’t fall for it. They wage war by deceit. They lie. They want to make slaves of us all and they have come very close to succeeding.

        Anyone who refuses to be a fool for these globalist bank criminals is demonized and lied about. But so what. We have to deal with them or else things get worse until they kill us all.

        • Hitler was a renaissance man, full stop. As an artist by training, Hitler knew to view the whole picture and how all the parts fit together. He was not a compartmentalized thinker, stuck in his silo.

          When Hitler took over from the hyperinflating, bankrupt Weimer Republic, he used innovation across the board to rejuvenate Germany and make it strong again. The first thing he did was get rid of the banker slime cabal and their usury economics. He instead had the Reichsbank print the money to get Germans working again. But not sitting around living on food stamps, but building infrastructure, doing science, making things, pushing the boundaries of technology.

          He made being fit a priority and had Germans do athletic training and he also set about improving the diet and making sure everyone ate healthily. Judge a person by who he surrounds himself with. Hitler didn’t surround himself with trans-sexuals, greedy fundraisers and freaks; he surrounded himself with scientists, architects, planners, sexy and smart women (Leni Riefenstahl, Elly Beinhorn etc.).

          The result? Germans, in just five years, were the healthiest people in the Western world, they enjoyed a booming economy, ate very well, had nice clothes, had the best infrastructure (the Autobahns, airports, airships, the latest airplanes, etc.). The military became the most advanced known to man at that time. The population also became much healthier, as defects were scientifically bred out of the population. No accident you still see the beautiful and fit looking men and women in Northern Europe who are the descendants of this program. Just compare the British for example, with their bad teeth, wonky faces, and weedy bodies to see what happens if you neglect human health.

      23. It will be more of the same till the people get violent toward tptb. This is the only thing they understand otherwise their agenda keeps marching toward. America is not a free country I don’t know where this line of thought ever came from. Your either broke and criminalized or a corporate slave as I see it. Most of the bums on programs have a criminal record. Corporate slaves are victims that are so used to being victimized they are basically corporate property. So basically microgoverned American rights no longer pertain to employees it’s what their company says. If they don’t wanna do it they can join the criminal poor group.

      24. Greenspan a big name person? I think not. He is a parasite banker. I wouldn’t put any credibility in what he said or does. Him and his ilk are the cause of our troubles.

      25. I’m concerned about large FRN’s becoming worthless over a very short period, like possibly overnight. Spend them or hold on to them? It’s not like you could take them to the bank and request smaller bills, except over a period of time. Is that even a solution. At the rate the funny money is decreasing in value getting less in return of products, the end of the completely worthless FRN seems close at hand. Or maybe it’s just all BS.

        • aljamo:

          Convert some/all larger FRN’s to smaller by buying small at store. Do not convert at Bank!

          Save some for a “rainy” day, TP or Fire-starter.

          (The degree of “Investing” is totally up to you and yours. But at least have enough for a reasonable period of time that you would be comfortable with.)

          Invest in Preps.
          Invest in Food.
          Invest in Water.
          Invest in metal. (Tempered Steel, Lead and Precious)
          Invest in Skills.
          Invest in Practicing those Skills.

          – Use It, or Loose it … –

      26. Shortages. What about people who stand in line for housing? Those who stand in line for jobs, We have people standing line for food. I see them at the neighborhood food bank every Thursday morning.
        The major stores are bringing in new products and cancelling others. Also Store names are appearing on food items. Store Facing is common to give the shelves the appearance of being stocked.. Check for price changes for the product price on the shelf will be Lower. Higher at the checkout at times because the computer upgrade has been entered. Not on the shelf.

        Produce has been sitting in the bins longer than ever because of the increase in food prices. Especially fruit as you can see the bananas and mango’s turning brown and smell the over ripen cantalopes. Dry corn on the cob.

      27. Greenspan was the head retard of the retarded fed. Why listen to a thing he says and why listen to out of context quotes?

      28. So how are those good people in Chicago doing?

        One hell of a weekend with 70 shot.

        Nothing new and I have gunshots where I live and people being shot and killed.
        Just another day.

      29. In the words of Paul Shanklin, through Ross Perot:
        They’re Coming to Take Me Away HA HA!

      30. Big cities will turn to rubble if we get hit hard like Venezuela. I don’t care what happens to those bastions of socialist commie liar thieves of teat sucking government liberals. They are adults who freely made their choice of lifestyle to be morons.

        • While federal united nations agenda 21 NWO army domestic combatants will be taking over and militantly attacking private property owners such as farmers and ranchers in the rural areas.

      31. The sooner the fascist Police State hell on earth of vile evil disgusting America collapses, the sooner we can start rounding up ALL the fascist boot licking Corporatist Globalist filth for their crimes of TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Any so-called Law Enforcement COWARDS and fascist boot licking filth in the alphabet agencies still protecting these criminal psychopaths will be arrested and prosecuted right along with the evil scum of the earth.

      32. Is there only one picture out of that country in the past 6 months?

      33. Please cite the direct quote and check your sources. I watched the interview and Greenspan DID NOT SAY THAT. Yet I’ve been seeing this quote repeated on several websites. Please cite the original source.

      34. “Alan Greenspan Warns ‘Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next'”

        Greenspan never says either of those things in the Fox interview:

        Venezuela is not in martial law yet either.

        So forget these alarmist headlines. Here’s the disaster awaiting Venezuela:

        “Venezuela Is Running Out Of Beer Amid Severe Economic Crisis”

        Those poor people…

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