Clinton Campaign Denies Birther Ties… But “Emails Show Aide Sid Blumenthal Created” It

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Alt Media Daily, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 32 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: It is as if Hillary Clinton is the fountainhead of all conspiracies. If they aren’t about her own family’s misdealings, then they consist of dug up dirt on opponents and competitors. Now, with all the “trust” Hillary has built up, her campaign is pretending that it didn’t stir that stick on a campaign to undermine Obama’s perceived ability – back at a time when he was a rival candidate and not yet the president.

    The fact that Trump picked up the torch not only shows his willingness to embrace controversy, but his deep ties to the Clinton’s, with whom he socialized and donated to for many years before becoming her fiercest opponent. Now, the curious questions surrounding Obama’s birther controversy are nothing more than sticking points for the two sides in this arena. What a tangled web we weave…

    Emails Show Hillary Aide Sid Blumenthal Created Obama “Birther” Conspiracy

    by Tyler Durden

    Following last week’s clarification from Trump that President Obama is American-born, the mainstream media has worked hard to dispel his claims that Hillary’s team in fact started the “birther” issue. Just this morning, Hillary exclaimed that she was “appalled” that Trump had not apologized to Obama, which is ironic as McClatchy has just clarified the details on emails that show Hillary Clinton confidant Sid Blumenthal did share “birther” story tips.

    Via’s David Goldstein,

    It’s still one person’s word against another. While emails show that Hillary Clinton confidant Sid Blumenthal did share story tips about Barack Obama with McClatchy’s former bureau chief James Asher, the emails aren’t conclusive that Blumenthal was the source of the “birther” tip.

    Asher says he recalls the conversation clearly, and a former McClatchy reporter recalls being asked to check out the birther rumors. Blumenthal denies it all.

    The issue came to light Friday when Donald Trump accused Clinton of starting the “birther” conspiracy story, which alleged Obama was born in Kenya, when the two were competing for the 2008 Democratic nomination. The Clinton campaign has denied any role in the birther conspiracy. The campaign did fire one aide who talked about the issue in an email. Several fact checks have debunked Clinton’s involvement.

    Trump championed the birther issue for years. Only last Friday did he acknowledge that Obama was born in the United States.

    Asher said Friday and repeated on Monday that Blumenthal did spread the story to him, and that he assigned a reporter to check it out. Blumenthal, who did not have a formal role in the campaign in 2008, denies Asher’s account.

    Shashank Bengali, who was the McClatchy bureau chief in Nairobi in 2008, confirmed Monday that Asher asked him to look into Obama’s background.

    He said he did report on several tips as well as the false rumor that Obama was born there, and not in Hawaii. Candidates for president must be native born.

    Jim asked me to look into Obama’s ties to Kenya and sent a number of tips to check out and one of the things I looked into was the unfounded rumor that Obama was born in Kenya,” Bengali said, speaking from Afghanistan where he was on assignment for the Los Angeles Times, where he now works.

    “I don’t have any specific knowledge where that tip would have come from. Jim’s instructions were just to look at everything.”

    McClatchy has not been able to reach Blumenthal for comment. He worked for both President Bill Clinton and more recently for the Clintons’ charitable foundation.

    He told Fox News on Saturday: “This is false. Never happened. Period. Donald Trump cannot distract from the inescapable fact that he is the one who embraced and promoted the racist birther lie and bears the responsibility for it.”

    In an email in 2008, Asher forwarded to Bengali an email he had received from Blumenthal:

    Jim: On Kenya, your person in the field might look into the impact there of Obama’s public comments about his father. I’m told by State Dept officials that Obama publicly derided his father on his visit there and that was regarded as embarrassing and crossing the line by Kenyans for whom respect for elders (especially the father, especially a Muslim father, in a patrilineal society) is considered sacrosanct. Sidney”

    In a statement to McClatchy on Monday, Asher said:

    “Blumenthal visited the Washington Bureau of McClatchy, where he and I met in my office. During that conversation and in subsequent communications, we discussed a number of matters related to Obama. He encouraged McClatchy to do stories related to Obama and his connections to Kenya.”

    Asher said that as far as the “birther” issue, he has “nothing in writing,” but that he recalls the conversation.

    He has been tweeting about his accusations against Blumenthal since March. He also cited an email Monday from Bengali, who wrote: “What I remember is that you told me to look into everything about Obama’s family in Kenya. I can’t recall if we specifically discussed the birther claim, but I’m sure that was part of what I researched.”

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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        • Another lie from the Lying Bitch of Benghazi. They never end. 🙁

      1. Surprisingly some people believe Democrat politicians are human.
        I don’t agree and thus I don’t believe anything they say.

        • i have taken to calling them communists, socialists, marxists, whatever i got a feeling for at the time. we GOT to PERSONALLY start calling out these sons o biches when we converse. i never let them get away with letting me know they will vote for killary without giving them some “vitamin buttcrack”….they get a tongue-lashing from ME…i educate them on where their policies will lead(or should i say have LEAD)U.S…… educate them, and if they are reasonable adults, they will fall in line with U.S., in stead of the communist/socialist way of doing things….i will NEVER stop trying. education is KEY.

          • I have read much about what would happen if Hillary couldn’t fill the office after being elected or even prior to the election. Well I remember a few years ago when Mo. Gov Mel Carnahan was running for the U.S Senate and was killed in a plane crash, and then won the Senate seat posthumously, and then his wife was appointed to fill his seat. How this would work for a President, I don’t know. Trekker Out.

            • I think it was set up under Missouri law that a spouse of a deceased candidate-elect can fill the office in question, but that’s not the case for the Presidency.

              If the President-elect dies before being sworn in, the VP-elect is sworn in as President.

              If the candidate dies before Election Day, too bad. There’s a lot of names on the ballot to choose from, and write-in candidates as well.

            this is a link to a video of killary’s rapid eye movements…i think the first few seconds MIGHT be her body double….what do you guys think?

      2. Fed Talk. Yellen says No Interest rate increase in Sept as expected, Gold soars $18.30 to $1332.00 Silver also up 3.25% today to $19.85. Keep Stackin.


        • Which makes no sense.

          I would think gold and silver would go up when the rate hike comes, not when postponed.

          This is what happens in Bizarro America.

          • John when interest rates are low or non-existent, people seek security over returns, but when rates go up, people seek returns over security no matter how small the return. Just as our founding father said, when you give up freedom for security, you end up with neither freedom nor security. Trekker Out.

          • John S. Gold and Silver will go up even more when interests rates rise, because the era of free money will be over, and many will flee to Gold and Silver for safety. The Smart Money is now getting out of the Stock Market Bubble and buying physical PM’s. Before the market implosion.

            Just read this:
            $195 Billion Asset Manager: “The Time Has Come To Leave The Dance Floor”
            09-21-2016 • by Tyler Durden
            ht tp://


            • Thanks for the link

        • WWTFK
          Yellen said no increase until after the election. So she is setting up the winner for a fall. I think it will be Trump.

          Here is why. They Know that Hitlery isn’t going to win. If she was going to win it would be done now so it would be behind her, but because Trump is going to win they are going to stick it to him.

          • Sgt D. Yep that I their other motive for not raising rates, to 1. try and help their puppet witch get selected. Because it will be more of the same.

            or 2. Trump will have the Fed audited, catch them on Fraud and erase most of the nations debt off the books as being illegal gotten gains. The Fed is F*cked if Trump is elected. Trump will print his own money without the Fed, backed by Gold or Silver. It will be Trump Dollars with the Don’s photos on the bill. In Trump we Trust.

            ~WWTI… Not sure of the 2nd half, but I can wish that could happen.

      3. Seems like the chickens are coming home to roost. The hillarybeast is a fucking bitch. I don’t like Trump much, but I’d love to see him win. Put a stake through the Clinton “dynasty” and give that crack the boot. Hopefully she’ll have a stroke on the debate stage and be flipping and drooling out the side of her nasty mouth on TV for everyone to see.

      4. All democrat are liars that a fact Jack.

      5. It’s enough for me to know that the chimp-in-chief was born in Kenya. I’m grateful to the original source for the birther issue whoever they are.

        • When the president does not act like an American, it is not hard to believe he was not born an American.

      6. Who gives 2 shits who brought the fact that BarryO was born in kenya.

        He can admit it now and the progressives/communist/socialist/democrats will still kiss is ass as the first Negro-in-cheif.

        • You can say nigger, it’s o.k.

      7. I don’t believe this article. Clinton would never lie.

        • You know what they say John. Only if her lips are moving at all other times she ain’t lying. Well maybe if she’s writing she could be lying, but it would take the FBI to prove that. Trekker Out. Don’t Hold Your Breath!

      8. NEXT is Arnold! If we can have a Kenyan. We can have an Austrian. Nobody cares anymore. Or maybe ET will show up and we will put him in as the next Prez. I think Mork from Ork would have done a better job than Obullshit! NaNew NaNew!!!!

      9. From now on people who do not make their birth certificate available at the first request or before, simply won’t get off the ground in a Presidential run for office. This is a very important issue. Otherwise we are globalists. Eeerrrrr !! NO WAY !!!!


      10. The clinton campaign lied?!Say it ain’t so Pepe!

      11. Its time to get over the birth place issue and start putting our country back together. I hope there is enough time left.

      12. I don’t believe for a second that Oliar was born in the US. Everything Oliar presents is a lie. He is the hand selected muslim usurper who has attempted to take America down and faces little pushback as the agenda moves forward. Oliar is murderous NWO scum.

      13. I didn’t really get interested in the whole “where was he born” issue back in 2008 until…

        I heard about some sort of hearing that had taken place just to determine if john mccain was eligible because he was born in Panama, followed by a video of obama saying he was born in kenya and another of his wife saying he was born there. Never heard if the videos were validated, but what REALLY caught my attention was that mccain had to go through some sort of hearing to verify his eligibility, but obama didn’t, even with several examples of him and his wife saying he was born in kenya.

        Add to that the various names he supposedly used, the madrassa he went to, the other foreign schools, his pro islamic statements, the fact that his pastor hates this country, his mentors are domestic terrorists and then I understood.
        America has fallen. We are presented with “evidence” that the man running for president may not have been born here, associated with communists and terrorists, didn’t bother showing up for his senate job most of the time, and we watched as he was swept into the white house.
        That is when I realized we don’t elect our president. I already suspected it, but after seeing all the passes handed to him in the face of so many questions that 25 years ago would have resulted in him being laughed at for THINKING of running, I felt it was confirmed.
        I don’t know who is getting in this time, but I know the choice isn’t really up to us anymore.

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