Civil War Erupts Between Black and Blue As Chaos Looms Over America: “The End Is Coming”

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 119 comments

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    Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.17.38 PM

    Is all out civil war and widening unrest coming to America?

    There’s good reason to think that it could be.

    So far, the official story is that at least one sniper killed 5 police officers, shooting a total of twelve. The now-deceased 25 year old Micah Xavier Johnson has emerged as the prime suspect. Earlier reports claimed that there were between two and four snipers involved in the shooting, but now it is now clear whether or not other suspects taking into custody are still considered to be involved.

    Dallas Police Chief David Brown emphasized statements allegedly made by the sniper indicating that race and an intent to kill white officers was his primary motive. People are the country were protesting the recent police killings of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling during traffic stops.

    It seems that Johnson, before being killed by a robot bomb, managed to explain his motivations to police during the standoff that resulted in his death.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    Around 11pm, cops cornered a suspect at nearby El Centro College and attempted to negotiate with him, but four hours later the talks failed and a robot was brought in to detonate a bomb and kill the suspect. 

    Before he died however, the gunman told the hostage negotiator his motivations behind the attack.

    ‘The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter. He said he was upset about the recent police shootings of black suspects. He said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,’ Dallas Police Chief David Brown revealed at a 7:30am press conference.

    Authorities have identified the shooter as Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25-year-old from Texas with no criminal history or ties to terror groups. He allegedly claimed to have acted alone, countering previous reports that as many as four gunmen were involved in the massacre.

    The horrific shooting spree in Dallas last night will do several things to further divide this country.

    Despite the peaceful march of Black Lives Matter in Dallas in outrage over the recent police shootings of black men, the brutality and scale of this event will reflect poorly on the group, though it is unlikely its members had anything to do with it. The group has been active in opposing both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and it is unclear whether this event could slow their momentum.

    Regardless, it sets the scene for a greater clamp down and atmosphere of repression during protests in general, and furthers the divide between black and white, and police and people.

    The hatred and perceived differences will only be exacerbated. There is the sense that something major is coming.

    Moreover, this sensational event sparks the chaos that some in the system seem to want – and only a few short weeks ahead of the RNC convention in Cleveland, July 18-21, and the DNC convention in Philadelphia, from July 25-28.

    Are riots at these and other events, and consequential martial law headed our way?

    Former Congressman and commentator Joe Walsh stirred controversy after the shooting, tweeting:

    Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh caused outrage when he tweeted that the Dallas killings ‘mean war’.

    Mr Walsh said, in a tweet that has now been deleted, ‘3 Dallas cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming for you.’

    The suspect reportedly told police “The End is Coming.”

    Whether or not people will take sides, everyone will be on alert, and the potential for an unruly mix of violence to overshadow peaceful protest has deepened. The possibilities for chaos and unrest checked by an unrelenting police state are more real than ever.

    As Michael Krieger noted:

    Everything necessary to put these United States on total police state lockdown are already firmly in place, I’ve been following it closely for nearly a decade. These things have been put in place not for foreign terrorists, but for the American public once they inevitably revolt against their economic slavery and hopelessness. The powers that be knew all of this was coming, and they are entirely prepared for it. Are you prepared? Senseless violence is the only justification needed to put marginalized Americans in walled ghettos like the Israelis have done to so many Palestinians. Don’t think it can’t happen here? Just watch.

    While the facts are still coming out about what really happened in Dallas, it is clear that impact it will have on everyone’s psyche, and the state of the country.

    Read more:

    WAR ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA: LIVESTREAMED RAW FOOTAGE – Snipers Triangulated Cops From Elevated Positions – At Least Four Suspects Involved – 11 Shot – Four Dead

    PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive

    Homeland Trains Police for Riots, Civil Unrest: “This Training Has Never Been in Texas Before”

    Martial Law at Republican Convention? Riot Cops “Preparing For A Siege Rather Than Political Event”


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      1. at least some members of the “media” are doing their best to stir things up

        New York Post can take its ‘civil war’ and go right straight to hell

        ht tp://

        A lot of people are unhappy about the New York Post’s ‘Civil War’ front page on the Dallas shootings

        h ttps://;_ylt=AwrC1zEK6n9XUgEAxdLQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

        Photos Taken Before Dallas Shooting Show Cops Supporting Protestors

        h ttp://

        • Police reported saying the “gunman wanted to kill white people — especially white officers”.

          Obviously nothing racist about that.


          • the problem is, MOST AMERICANS are so in delusion– they have no idea what is really taking place– they will believe anything the media would have them to believe– they are so clueless..

            ON THE OTHER HAND… the other day, I came across this guy and I commented that most people in this area have knives on their belts– which you never see up north!! and the guy said, “yeah, we have guns at home too!” We started talking about the seonc amendment and finally he said, ” You speak my language” and he said he was an anarchist… we spke more and I said soon there will be no government and he said, well, we are on the cuspid– it could go either way– either more austerity/police state… or total anarchy and finally rule by the People… anyhow, it was so cool to come across someone who was awake!!! We both were saying how when you try to wake people up from the Matrix, they attack you!! Occassionally, you come across people who are awake; occasionally you come across people who gradually awaken…

            • …cuspid….

              I think you mean “cusp.” Cuspid is a tooth.

            • Man you got that right!!! I see so many clueless people day after day, face pressed to their smart(dumb)phone. We all need to wake the heck up soon and realize what is coming just over the horizon. I read this article earlier and it really drives the point like a knife, are any of us really ready and prepared for what is coming? Beans Bullets and Band-aids people!


              • And some good like minded people to help you keep it.

              • Derek and Anonymous you are both quite correct. But beans/bullets and band aids are only a small and secondary part of any hopeful solution to survive what is coming. Your health, fitness, training and mindset are far more important along with those other items. Without those prerequisites somebody else will simply come and take all your shit !

                Our government has created every issue we see before us very deliberately. All it will take going forward is a few more Jihadi attacks within CONTUS and maybe a bit bigger ones and the people will beg for martial law ! Many still believe BHOs bullshit and most Americans are afraid of their own shadow anyway. So it will be rather easy to pull off, what they will call legally ? They have created all of the racial animus with blacks, illegal aliens and latinos and of course the fake refugees to deliberately break down the social fabric and create chaos ! It is all part of their globalist plan to control YOU and undermine and destroy this country from the inside out !

                I realized all of it about 2 years ago and started writing and commenting about it almost 5 months ago as it became crystal clear that 2016 would be just like 1968 violence and extreme acts. And it is all right on schedule going into the supposed election. There will be much more going forward and the conventions will force Trump to take a stand on the violence at his gatherings and the fact that police do not help his attendees ? He will be forced because most likely people will be killed !

                I would urge everybody to get your shit together as I mention above. I can tell you from first hand experience that you can have all the gizmos and if you are not fully capable of using them properly in any circumstance you are wasting your time and energy as well as living in a fantasy.

                See the body fat percentage chart at my site and you will find that 12 to 14% BF is ideal for battle conditions. And anything over 20% and you are in serious trouble and will not perform well and fatigue very quickly. Having this confidence in your training is also a very big part of your mindset, which is critical and far more important than simply beans and bullets ! Most American men are over 25% body fat and it gets worse from there to beyond technically obese. Those folks will be victims very quickly. 73% of Americans are either over weight to the point that it affects their health or are simply obese, Your choice ! The point is performance and results, nothing else !

            • the delusion here is that anarchy would last. anarchy is a vacuum and some despot will fill that void. people don’t realize how good we have it in the u.s…. shame, cant properly defend what one doesn’t know exists.

            • MARTIAL LAW BABY!



              • Pollock, your moniker sounds just right. Move along troll.

            • I recall Dusty Baker, former MLB outfielder and coach for several teams, including the Cubs, talking about being young, and asking his dad if he could join Farrakhan’s hate-filled Nation of Islam. His father said if he did, he would be in deep do-do. Baker didn’t join, and instead became an all star outfielder for the Dodgers (and others).

              Fast forward to today. There ARE no fathers around in the black family, and in white and Hispanic, not much further behind. THIS, mes amis, is the base of the problem (and part of the reason why the gay Brownshirt Nazis are so destructive). This gets turned around, or things will get worse.

            • Anonymous : I think more people are awake than most people think. While I do agree that a crap load have their heads in the sand. Definitely the majority are ignorant idiots. I also think that more and more people everyday are waking up or at least getting that their is something wrong feeling.
              I myself, talk less and less to people I don’t know but I notice people stocking up, little comments that are made about their purchases. By human nature people want to talk and congregate around like minded people. Be careful who you talk to but engage when possible. Even if they will never be in your group, they might be a trading partner someday. Maybe nothing more than information. In the future, a mere scrape of information could mean the difference in life or death.
              Seize upon every opportunity.

          • The Commie Socialist Jew Chaos makers are the instigators. They own the Media and inflame hate and roots. Soros and their ZOG Tribal gang needs to all be arrested and imprisoned in FEMA Prison camp’s. Hitler was right. Wake up America and BOYCOTT all JEWISH BUSINESSES AND MEDIA CHAOS MAKERS for starters. The line has been drawn by these parasites. “Hello Orkin Man” yrs being the big truck this time. Fellow Patriots, prepare to defend oir Country from these domestic shills helbent on destroying out way of life. They hate US and our Country.


            • In isreal their is no immigration of non Jews . There is no marrying of non Jew for immigration. But Barbra Lerner specter. Says Europe must allow immigration for it to survive . And the Jews are the ones pushing for it. These people are the worse lieing hippocrats on the planet. Just as Jesus called them the children of Satan. And God called them the liars of the synagogue of Satan. And if you are not totally brainwashed by their media . Hitler was the only man to at least try to defeat them. And their media totally lied about him and the German people and even fooled the elect. Which is us the Cristian’s. Anyone who goes against them is destroyed by their media power. Look up ww2 lies . Or watch Hellstorm. The truth will one day come out. And then we will all realize . Satan does rule this world. And his greatest weapon is the lie. And Jesus and God were right.

          • Only whites can be racist, or so it seems.

          • It’s called justice, not racist, when a black does it.

          • and trust me, there will be no “hate crime” here, either. This is a significant part of the problem.

            • Just saw Hitlery on the news spouting off blaming white people for this, saying “whites need to listen to the blacks”. What a crock of sh!t. She’s only encouraging and fueling the problem.

              • Nobama

                Got love that woman.

        • Connecting the dots; BLM are the ‘useful idiots’ for Obama’s and Soro’s excuse for their bigger plan:

          Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

          Pamela Geller 2 Oct 2015

          Police Killings In Dallas Was Carried Out By Homegrown Terrorist Group Allied With Muslim Groups. Obama’s Race Baiting And Pro Muslim Gov Is Setting The Stage For Civil War In America

          By Walid Shoebat on July 8, 2016

          “PPP as a Tool of Tyranny”

          The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack

          Gun ban (for law abiding citizens only) through Federalization of Local Police… and the plan is in the works.

          (Coinciding with importation of many hundreds of thousands of, mostly, military aged Muslim males and open borders for Mexican drug gangs and ‘other’ illegal invaders).

          The Federalization of Local Police

          Ultimate goal: “… Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis released a document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalism and Recruitment,” which listed war veterans, anti-abortion activists, small-government advocates, and those concerned about immigration as terrorist risks.

          “Thousands of police chiefs and sheriffs who understand their role as public servants and protectors of the Constitution will be powerless to oppose these edicts, and if they dare, they will simply be fired by the federal or international body that has already assumed control of personnel decisions. The Second Amendment would be dead. Which amendment would be next?”

          As envisioned by the UN and the internationalists in the U.S. government,

          By incorporating this new company, the UPD, county officials dissolved the bands that attached police to the people of a city, and forever robbed the people of their constitutional sheriff — the last line of defense against the encroaching federal government and its mission to arm a national police force.

          Self-serving bureaucrats inside the U.S. government are tirelessly trying to obliterate local police forces answerable to local citizens and promote the consolidation movement as a step toward federalization of law enforcement. These proponents of regional and national police forces desire nothing less than the eradication of all local police departments and sheriffs’ offices, the surrender of state and municipal sovereignty, and the conversion of cops into federal security agents sworn not to protect and to serve their neighbors, but to protect the prerogatives of politicians.

          Police Consolidation: The End of Local Law Enforcement?

 usnews/ crime/ item/ 1293… Proxy Highlight

          Sep 25, 2012

          Go to minute3:30 for Black Lives matter:

          George SOROS: The One-Man Illuminati Machine


      2. and the stock market likely to hit all time highs on monday.

        this country is messed up and when reality hits, things are going to fall fast.

        imo, this is just the beginning.

        Welcome to Obama’s America !

        (i gotta given him credit, he transformed it into a a very socialistic country where its the very elite living the good life while the serfs fight amongst themselves).

        • lena, As the planned chaos and killing is being designed and implemented by the owners of the “Wailing Street”, the stock market is just climbing.

          One day it should and would be All Vs the ZOG. The only way for the mankind to survive.

          • More and more people are coming to realize. The children of Satan are behind this. So stop bad mouthing Hitler the only man in history with the guts to stand up against the Bolshavic Jews . The holomodor look it up. Wasn’t able to be faked or lied about like Ww2 . And Hitler also won two iron crosses. The equivalent of the metal of honor. And outlawed animal experimentation. And increased gun rights. The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 so he took away their gun right then threw them in enternmen camps like we did the japs. But we didn’t lose the war so the japs didn’t starve to death. When the food ran out. Everything we’ve been taught is a lie. People made into soap . Lamp shades. All lies to justify the rape of Germany . And they are still paying. That’s the true holacaust.

            • Lone wolverine……1000 Amen. Indeed that was and is the true Ho£ocau$t.

        • Obola built this mess. Must make him so proud.

          • Remember georgie soros is the money behind BLM

            do not forget that

      3. The police chief ordered his officers to go out with NO protective gear.

        Was he paid by George Soros?? Was he promised some reward?? Or…Is he an affirmative action supporter of white genocide.

        Stop white genocide!!!

        Remove J*ws from power in America. Arrest them. These criminals have infiltrated our media and they control the money supply. They’re looking for an excuse to call for Marshall Law, to disarm us so we can’t fight when they really drop the Mr. Nice Guy routine and start rounding up and killing us wholesale.

        Don’t be stupid. It’s not black verses white. It’s J*w verses all the people who are not J*ws. It is the J*w money that paid Black Lives Matter. It is J*ew media that fomented the hate for white and for cops. The enemy of the human race is the devil J*w. Put an “e” in place of the”*”, if you need it spelled out.

        • B from CA…….. ” It’s not black verses white. It’s J*w verses all the people who are not J*ws”.

          PRICELESS. Bravo to your intellect and integrity. Sadly majority of folks even on this site are dumb to the core to see the real picture.

        • You ar phuked in the head you stupid azz nazi. My best friend is Jewish and former combat marine. He is as pro 2nd amendment and freedom loving as they come. Anti semitism is straight from the pit of hell, exactly where you are headed.

          • sgt bill, the entire constitution can and will be abolished by the Zionists in charge of the ZOG. Most of the tribal members are dual citizens and don’t give a rat ass about the US and the non jew Americans.

            See you in hell sarge.

          • Jesus said. They call themselves oos but they are the children of Satan . God said . I know the blasfamy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of Satan. Who should we believe sarg. You and your best friend . Or God and Jesus?

        • Probably figuring the use of protective gear made the cops look to intimidating and wanted to have the officers look friendly, peaceful and harmless for community relations reasons.

          It worked, but maybe not quite the way it was intended to.

        • Brain washed walking cliche one trick pony. Watch the dancing poodle folks!

      4. NO one, even the MSM is not talking about the murder, by the Gestapo of an unarmed white guy in Fresno, CA

      5. Ive already posed the difference between Civil War and Revolution on this site

        this isnt Civil War

        Welcome to the Revolution people.

        funny how many people dont know the difference or even think there is no difference

        • Enemy:

          Killing working class officers is a stupid and destructive way to wage a revolution. This was not a revolutionary act. This was a stupid black seduced by the media into hatred of white people. He aimed his rife at police, but his underlying motivation was enmity of the white man.

          The J*wish led communist-globalist agenda is a race war followed by enslavement of survivors of both white and black. That is why TV newscoverage encourages animosity between black and white.

          Integration and civil rights was communist inspired knowing it would never work out. Integration of the races is intended to fail and result in bringing back actual slavery with the J*w as Master of both.

          • Well there goes the pork chops….a helluva note.

          • And the seduction continues all over MSM and social media. This thug is being hailed a “hero” and a “martyr” allegedly by the BLM groups.

            We’re sure to see more of these events, some by solo copy-cats seeking attention and notoriety, others staged by more organized groups to perpetuate their agenda of gun control and the PRotUSSA police state.

            STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!!!

          • Well call it what you will than but it isnt a Civil War

            so many uneducated, so little time

            especially when you have to get ready for the war of your life

            • The Jews would like civil war in America. Their shill media wants civil war. But this is not Civil War, this is Jews creating chaos. Lock them all up and see America return to Glory in just a few years. Why isn’t George Soros in Prison? He funds and insites riots and hate. Hang his ass in the public square and let Americans beat on him like a Mexican Pinata’


              • Another knuckle dragging cave dwelling troglodyte troll with the “It’s all the Jews fault” line. Those damn Jews! Gwake! “Poly wanna cracker?” Gwake! Those damn Jews! Gwake!

                • Yes, I’m tired of the Jew stuff too. Don’t people realize there are Jewish people reading their comments? I pretty much stay away from this site now because of it. I’m barely in charge of myself, much less the world. Shalom.

                • How about explaining barbera Lerner specters comments. Before resorting to juvenile name calling? Or why Moses Mordicia levy the son of a jewish rabi changed his name to Carl Marx? The inventor of communism. Poly want a cracker?

                  • The Jewish people reading these comments? Have you heard how many coming clean about the FED . Their total dominance in the lieing manipulating media . The Bolshavic Jew holomodor . That most communists were Jews including their grand leader Carl Marx? How many have come out and said the truth?

          • Perpetual victimhood!

          • Aren’t the police helping the j* wish do that? Washington crossed the Delaware and sneak attacked the law enforcement officers on Christmas Eve. Murdering the legal authority innocent men just doing their job on Christmas Eve. This country was born using the worse terrorist tactics. If you enforce an unconstitutional law . You are a traitor . And traitors get executed. It’s always been that way. What part of shall not be infringed . Don’t they understand? I find it hard to believe that a rational person can’t see that the government has gone to far. Only your enemy wants you disarmed. Don’t you see they are slowly encircling us. Day by day making more laws to enslave us . Isn’t it obvious.

        • EOTS

          Some people call it a Revolution.
          Others will call it a Civil War.
          Then there are those who will call it a Race War.

          All and all. There is going to be plenty of shooting. Somebody is going to die. People have lots of reasons to kill each other.

          When the killing stops, then we can figure out what to call it.

      6. Really can’t wrap my head around the statement that only one sniper was involved and that he was killed on scene, when watching unfolding news last night they said police were involved in a shootout and police had taken the shooter alive, and he was in custody. Trekker Out. What Gives?

        • Just like JFK was taken out by a “lone nut?” The gubbmint and their suckophants in the MSM love to blame lone nuts when doing so fits their agenda.

        • That, along with the three others arrested, is going to cause some problems in the coming official explanation.

          Wonder if the dead guy (Johnson) fits in with the video of the gunfight on the ground where the attacker, or one of the attackers, is seen shooting a cop twice, once after he has already been shot and is down?

        • The media tripped all over themselves last night, lots of unsubstantiated claims, contradictions, and such. Others were pointed out as ‘shooters’, but they were protesters legally carrying openly.

          There was a shootout with the guy, he did most of the shooting, so they ‘negotiated’ with him while they brought up the robot and killed him with an explosive.

          Much better than getting more people killed.

      7. So this is how they have been trained to kill us if we resist. this has opened up the view of what would happen if we had to defend ourselves from a dug in position. No air-force bombs will come…no black choppers overhead…… just a neverending march of cheap disposable robot bombs, driven from over 2 miles away by faceless Goons. . Anybody have 4gw ideas about a good counter for this

        • There Is No Excuse For The American Police

          If unaccountalbe police brutality continues, will American citizens come to the conclusion that cops are criminal thugs of great danger to the public and must be shot down on sight before they murder again? Is the report of police shot by snipers in Dallas an indication that the wanton murders by police are bringing retribution down on the police? An eye for an eye.

          The goon thugs have done a good job of generating hatred of police and proving that Amerians would be far safer in the absence of police who during 8 years of the iraqi War killed more Americans than we lost troops in combat.

          Here are today’s citizen casualties:

          The Amerian police are a disgrace. They are far more brutal than the Nazi Gestapo, who when they asked for your papers said “please.” The American police shoot first and demand your papers after you are dead.

          How did an allegedly free democratic country get a police force that consists of unaccountable psychopaths?

          How sick is American society to tolerate routine and everyday murder by police? What pathology afflicts Americans that they tolerate routine brutal murder of their fellow citizens?

          What goes around comes around. Now that the police are grieving perhaps they will finally come to grips with the grief and sorrow they have inflicted on the friends and relatives of those murdered by police.

        • I would think a run on the ground robot could be shot . But a flying one? And multiple ones coming at the same time. With small light weight charges to knock you out . Or flash bang wake up in a FEMA torture for entertainment camp? They show us pictures of the big drones . But what about the little handgrenade carriers.

        • Fence. Wire molotov deadfall type traps even pitfalls or trip wires

        • Ground or Air:
          Mini-EMP? (Grenade)

        • EOTS

          Would 200 watts output from a C.B. radio at close range override/jam the control signal.

      8. Buffalo Springfield, Neal Young and Steven Stills, had a song and the lyrics said, “No ones right when everybody’s wrong”.

        1. Some of the police shootings were so questionable that reasonable prudence, and video evidence, dictated that they are unjustified.

        2. Police protect police virtually regardless of circumstance either directly or by omission with the Sargent Shultz, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”.

        3. Every black suspect, even with gun in hand, is wrongfully shot by Police according to vast segments of the black community and they also, see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing when drug dealing is on their street poisoning their children.

        4. Last and certainly not least murder is not justified as a remedy. Murder is murder, period.

      9. Who would listen to a retard like me?..

        October and November 2016.. from this point on, things will never be the same..the scientist….

        2016, the year that the laughing stops..

        Let them keep laughing, because they think that I don’t exist that the info I am giving to you to put on this blog is fake..when they the cabal gets done, barely 3,000,000 men and barely 5,000 women will be on the surface of the continental US By 2017, Niburi will literally be in the sky for all to see, day and night.and the environmental destruction commenses by the time that planet comes around, it’s appearance will be the least of your worries, food watt and safety is what you will need to worry about..

        The scientist quoted.

        From my mom’s basement, typing away because I am just a kid..quote in Agency ass clown troll.. lets see how the trolls fare in the month of October and November.

        you troll…idiots are getting so stupid that you are posing as FTW and mountain Trekker. Totally laughable…


        Like the saying goes, we are a little different in Texas.

        Good job Dallas PD for capping that thug..

        • Good for you…keep learning and practicing awareness in all its forms.

          I’ve seen new footage of Nibiru showing up and in the back of my mind, although I can’t prove it for myself, it is the only thing that makes sense of this circus that is posing for civilization.

          Beans, bullets, bandaids.

          • If Nibiru is actually real. I would much prefer it to what apparently is happening. Ive researched it. And it will not be a extinction type event. just a end of an age earth change. I would consider it divine intervention. However I remain a skeptic. Ive not personally seen any tangible proof of Nibiru.

        • Too bad you can’t spell.

          • Spelling may not be his strong-suit, but the point was made.

            How about you? Got anything better? Or are you just the self appointed spellling police?

            • Sumit, HCKS has lots of strong-suits, notice how his spelling has improved, by atleast 100% I think he took a crash course in spelling. Things are never what they appear. Trekker Out

      10. Rich bankers paid Russians to overthrow the royal family and exterminate them so royal succession was stopped and the rich bankers could take over . Trash the economy so people are desperate then pay them to do things they would normally never do. How many Americans would take the bankers money to feed their family. Betray your people or let your children starve to death? Food is the ultimate weapon . Who do you think will win ? The preppers or the starving masses? Joining the enemy to get their RFID food ration chip.? Lining up to take the mark and get their measure of wheat. That’s why it says . Whoever takes that mark the smoke from their torture will rise for eternity. That’s pretty much a red line from God. Chipping your kids to keep them from starving in this life. Might be condemning them to a fate much worse then starvation. Dig for worms eat grass . Because ( whoever ) takes that mark the smoke from their torture. Will rise for. ( Eternity )

      11. The robot said special package for Mr. Sniper and he went BOOM.

        • Candy gram for Mongo!

          I’ve read conflicting things about the robot used to kill the guy.

          It definitely was a bomb disposal robot and they are often equipped with a shotgun that can normally be used to blow a hole through a critical part of a bomb to disable it. The robots also use shaped charges behind a large bottle of water that turns the water into a cutting tool for disabling bombs.

          My guess the shotgun was used.

          I am thinking this story is growing a unicorn horn of disinformation.

        • Nubria:

          Was that a reference to; “Candygram for Mongo,” from Blazing Saddles?

          I wonder if the robot played the “That’s ALL folks” song ending?

          you /watch?v=P8ciVBQixpU

      12. The robot said special package for Mr. Sniper and he went BOOM.

      13. the 18 of July is when the shit will hit the fan for real

        • Why 18th i need to know

          • Godsoldier, beware of date-setters. They always end up with egg on their face.

          • Republican National Convention 7/18/16 – 7/21/16 Cleveland, Ohio

            • Oh ok yea the convention i diddent know exact date but yea that will most defiantly be one to watch on tv im gonna call national guard on duty due to this whole police sniper thing and prob at other cities when the riots get going we are gonna see a real police state

              • I’m going to make an extra batch of popcorn for that show. Should be interesting.

      14. It’s going to “end” with blue UN helmets. But people are too stupid to see that and they will continue the violence.

      15. The police need to quit executing citizens. Citizens are shooting back and citizens will win. The police will have trouble replacing the ranks until they remember executioner is not in their job title, nor is theft through unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture. Citizens come in white, black, brown, purple, orange, etc. Feds turned neighborhood police officers into thugs that kill and steal. Two police thugs came to my job and coerced free carpeting and installation out of my boss while he sent us into the back room. These bad boys are out of control.

        • then why are they saying they want to kill all whites? I dont get that.

        • Rebecca

          What state are you in? I’m sure it happens as I’m a former Jersey boy and I had friends that were cops, since retired. They never paid for a breakfast when we went out boozing. They always drove as they never get a DUI. I moved to Delaware and I knew cops there from shooting and the gym. If a cop gets offered a free meal in Delaware they are not allowed to patronize the establishment. I have read of a cop getting a DUI there. While NJ is very corrupt Delaware is, The Little Wonder. I’ll put it at the top at the State level.

          • Kevin2
            New Mexico. I am not talking a cup of coffee or eggs over easy. I am talking two threatening thugs that the owner would not turn in for fear. Several thousand in carpet.

        • Rebecca…c’mon, really, execution???
          The cold hard facts are that bad shootings are going to happen. Of the thousands of felons who are arrested daily, some are going to get shot due to their own actions and behaviors. On the flip side, cops are going to make mistakes. They read the situation wrong, draw their weapon and things go downhill from there. Statistically its just going to happen. That it happens so infrequently is only because of the training cops get before they are certified. That and the fact that they will go to prison if the shooting cannot be justified. IMHO

          • “S**t happens” said the shameless boot licker

            • Just the facts yackoff. If you don’t like what they tell you you’re more than welcome to stay in your little dark fantasy world where everyone is coming to get you.

              • Bow before your gravin image slave! Bow!

          • Rednek
            Execution. Watch a few videos of these executions rednek. A disliked minority makes it okay to you. Remember the brouhaha on here over Finicum and he was holding a federal building at gunpoint. Wagging his arse at the feds on film. What a bunch of howlers over that. Divide and conquer. That is why we are going down.

            • Rebecca
              I watched the videos. Only based on what is shown in the videos, there doesn’t seem to be any justification for the shooting. The color of the persons skin doesn’t make any difference.

              Several years back there was a video of a police shooting on utube. The perp was handcuffed and laying on the ground. One of the cops, a female, was standing next to the perp with her weapon trained on the him. She was shaking and obviously freaking out. Then she just pumped a round into him. Cops make mistakes.

              • And some like her shouldn’t be a cop.

                • Cops go through all kinds of training designed to cull out anyone who shows potential to “freak out”. Still there are people who make it through.

            • yes divide and conquer. Its a trap. We know its a trap. However when push comes to shove. are you gonna run away?

      16. Ahh yes the ol second term curse is in full mojo mode.
        For Johnson it was Urban Riots …Nixon = Watergate… Reagan = Iran Contra… Clinton Lewinsky Scandal and subsequent Impeachment …Bush= Hurricane Katrina and dam near total economic meltdown .
        But I’m thinking Obama might trump them all (pun intended but then again not so much)

        WAKE UP PEOPLE~~~~~~~~~~~~`


      18. Micah Xavier Johnson= co opted tool.

        How many smart black Americans need to die because somebody sells them a line of goods? Think teenage suicide bombers… think Vietnam cannon fodder draftees. Mr. Johnson has a sad and weary expression in every photo I have seen so far. He did someone elses dirty work, and it wasn’t a black man’s dirty work.

      19. News is reporting two more attacks in the South East, SC to be specific.

        In the first a black male was ribbing in a car shooting at whites driving in their cars. He may have murdered one woman and wounded several other people.

        The other shooting was a guy who called 911 and reported a burglar, when police responded he opened fire. Officers vest took several hits plus one to the leg, and he returned fire wounding the shooter. Both are expected to live.

        • Riding in a car not ribbing.
          autocorrect sucks.

          • Maybe he was ribbing in his car, got pissed when that yellow BBQ sauce spilled on his dashiki and called 911.

          • He coulda stopped at a BBQ joint first and got some ribs, no worries. Gotta keep your energy up when you go out shooting folks, you know.

      20. Red chinese Cop from the PLA..

        The Minnesota cop was chinese, a chi-com from the PLA, trained as a police officer?. I just read something on this one, let us preppers know if anyone has any intel on this one..So a chi-com murders a black man in cold blood?

        The man’s girlfriend should consider herself lucky that the chi-com didn’t kill her and her daughter…We know that the PLA are very abusive toward women..

        This is really getting crazy. Since most of them are from China, and are ex military over here on visas. I have no proof is this, just that it’s just getting more crazier as to the info that popping up on some of our favorite sites.


        No comment this time around..

        • Where do you get that he was a Chi-com?

          I don’t find that information readily available.

      21. The Latest: Officers in several states targeted in attacks

        h ttp://

      22. It is sad to admit, but the races cannot live side by side. It was an experiment but the evidence is over-whelming: mixed race societies are violent and angry places. It is depressing and brings everyone down, black and white. Asians and whites are fine but black and white just has never worked, anywhere. Whenever a place goes all black, it goes all poor, and crime is high. The best mix is 10% black with 60% white, 30% Asian. Those are the most interesting and vibrant areas. There is no black Switzerland and there more than likely never will be.

        I think the best solution is to create separated states that are constitutionally dedicated to one race or another. Israel is a good role model: it is all about Jews and this works.

        • You think it’s bad now . Wait until it’s not 15% black 15% Hispanic . When it’s 50/50 .our lives will be over . And read the history of Islam and what they did in India. And how Asians treat their own people . Especially North Korea. It’s all about numbers . If any of these groups get ahead we are dead. They will try to mix the seed of man but it will not take.

      23. This may have nothing to do with our current situation but this morning 16 -130 Hercules Carriers flew over a small town in Texas. All were flying extremely low.

      24. I want to be politically correct I love all people even the dark ones that our taxes go to so they can stay home and eat ,sleep and shoot . Hug one today and say your sorry about there great great great grandparents misfortune.

      25. Seriously, you are concerned about the Palestinians! God bless the Israelis and let us all mourn for the death of a perfectly good robot that will cost the taxpayers megabucks to replace.

      26. Using Leftist numbers from ThinkProgress from 2015 the number of U.S. Police Fatal Shootings of Citizens was listed as:

        Total: 1186 round to 1190

        WHITE 500
        BLACK 320
        LATIN 200
        OTHER 170

        I would expect just about all the Black deceased would fall in the 15 to 30 y.o. male bracket which is about 6% of the US pop or about 18,000,000.

        Assume ALL the shoots were UNjustified.

        The math is simple: 320/18,000,000 = 0.000018 or 0.002%

        Another way of saying this is that 1 out of every 56,000 Black males in the US between 15 and 30 is likely to be shot FOR NO REASON by the Police.

        In 2015 Time mag showed 468 murders in Chicago alone. The racial breakdown was not in the article but if we swagged 75% we would be at 350. That is just ONE big city.

        While I don’t want anyone shot by the Police unjustifiably – it is easy to see that this is a manufactured issue from a numbers standpoint.

        Black males have so much more to fear from their Brothers than the Blue Brigade.


        • bb in GA
          police killings are not mandatory reportings, many states do not report, and many films show execution of unarmed and restrained suspects. 1/3 of police officers are arraigned. 1/3 of those may go to jail.
          Having watched many videos… I have no sympathy for their executions.

      27. Funny thing. There is no race war inside my church, or the churches I know. We understand ALL are made in the image of God, and thus all have inherent and intrinsic dignity.

        If you are a Christian, WE must lead the path forward to reconciliation, and justice. And by this, I do NOT mean selective justice, where whites go to the back of the bus. I mean equality and dignity that inheres to our personhood, yellow, black, white, or red.

        It is interesting that now blacks have more freedom than ever in history, the violence is rising. Is it the injustice? May I tender my thoughts: it is NOT. Rather, it is the absence of **fathers*** in the black family (don’t worry, whites are catching up there!) that is causing the maladjustment, the rage, and worse. Democrat Daniel Moynihan wrote about this years ago, and Dr. Ruth Dafoe Whitehead wrote extensively about this in her Atlantic article decades ago, Dan Quayle Was Right, which you can read at This article was *highly* regarded, and still referred to today. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

        You destroy the family, you destroy the culture. End of story.

      28. HEADS UP, we are ALL being played…

        These tragedies have steadily increased because national police hiring standards were DELIBERATELY lowered to allow in aggressive alpha males who fear minorities.


        Good question. – We need only look at history for the answer.

        There is a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE – DIVIDE & CONQUER is the oldest and most effective dirty trick in the book.
        It’s a slight of hand – the REAL rulers of the world are the banksters and they’ve bankrupted the system but will NEVER admit that – so historically when this happens they must DISTRACT the masses using divide and CONQUER.

        Naturally removing guns from law-abiding citizens becomes priority number #1, and all throughout history the removal of guns from the citizenry has led to one thing – a POLICE STATE and/or a dictatorship – wherein citizens lose all rights and become slaves or serfs to the elite ruling class.
        The only other “solution” to their financial crimes has been to start a World War to enrich themselves again – as they keep the population clueless to their crimes, while appealing the public’s decency and patriotism to “fight the enemy.” Of course these criminals have always funded both sides of every war – to maximize their profits, while willfully sacrificing our young men on the altar of their insatiable greed. Like addicts who lose all morality and think solely about their next “fix”.

        If you don’t believe me read what General Smedley Butler, the highest ranking solider in U.S. military history, had to say about it in his memoir entitled “WAR IS A RACKET.”
        The powers that be WANT A RACE WAR – they’ve been stirring this pot non-stop for years now. – Do you really think that it’s a coincidence that this year the OJ story has gone “hot” again, oh and ROOTS is being re-released.

        C’mon people don’t fall for their evil B.S. – Don’t take the bait, REFUSE to hate. Two wrongs never make a right – and an eye for an eye will just leave everyone blind and vengeful for eternity.

        Life has taught me that no matter how justified you think you are, when you hate the hater…YOU become him.
        Don’t let the system play us for fools – they’d love to see rioting so they can justify Martial Law.

        THINK instead. Protest PEACEFULLY – and call out and reject all agent provocateurs (obvious infiltrators sent to turn a peaceful protest violent, so it can be aired on TV ad-nausea – to convince the masses that Martial Law is what’s needed). – Once they have us divided and fearful they win – enter the police state…and kiss freedom goodbye forever. That’s what’s at stake here! So wake up and smell the deception and manipulation, before it’s too late.

        The powers that be even hire trolls to stir up dissension online – that’s been proven – so I won’t even dignify such traitors to freedom and justice with a response, neither should you.

        For the record, I have African, Hispanic and German blood running through my veins, so I understand this problem from multiple perspectives and I can tell you that the only solution is the golden rule – loving and respecting others as an extension of yourself, “source”/”god”, or as a member of your own family if you don’t believe in a creator. Seeing people as individuals first and foremost, and not mere stereotypes is also key – for EVERYONE, no matter their race or profession. We are all one race – the HUMAN race.

        Here are a few quotes from former CIA Directors that should wake you up to how controlled the media is – it is used to control peoples’ opinions and incite whatever EMOTIONAL REACTION and SUBSEQUENT ACTION they desire, in this case FEAR and HATRED.

        “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – William Colby, CIA Director

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)
        “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” – James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974

        “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.” – Harry S. Truman

        “Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” – Edward Bernays, assistant to the founder of CBS, and former head of NAZI propaganda

        “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X

        FINALLY, here’s a few words of wisdom from our founding fathers, who experienced tyranny firsthand:

        __”If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” – THOMAS JEFFERSON

        __“This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.” BEN FRANKLIN – and “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

        For any who doubt what I’m saying, then please explain ALL of those quotes. – EACH are part of the historical RECORD. (BTW, many have died trying to expose a lot less truth – so please respect that, even if you are not ready to wake up.)
        I took the time to address this for the uninformed, NOT for the willfully ignorant. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will do so. Those who turn a blind eye are the REASON this stuff is perpetuated. I know one thing, WE will get the gov’t that WE deserve – so while we still can I would choose wisely (and clear out the criminals from the bottom up)…or don’t complain when the the final Orwellian roll out happens and they no longer have to hide their plans. Orwell was a student of Huxley, btw, and when Huxley clued him in to the nefarious plans of the elite (which Huxley romanticized in “Brave New World”) Orwell thought him insane for not seeing the dark side of their “happy dystopia” – and wrote 1984 in protest, to wake us all up. Naturally, since these chess masters think decades in advance, they also “dumbed down” the masses with all the nonsense of forced NATIONAL academic curriculum – which teach students WHAT to think (aka mind control) instead of TO THINK (aka freedom).

        There is a reason whey slave owners have always forbidden slaves to learn and become literate – it’s because KNOWLEDGE = POWER. Study history and figure it out – it’s very obvious when you take the time to do your own research instead of basing your opinions on MASS MEDIA – which was designed to keep you ignorant, distracted, and controlled.
        If reading is too much for your mind to handle, than I’d suggest (re)watching the first Matrix, V for Vendetta, The Hunger Games, and the Divergent series – which are ALL based on ORWELL’s revelations – and designed to clue you in.
        Wake up already people, before it’s game over and WE THE PEOPLE lose everything.

        PEACE out

        P.S. All we’ve ever needed to do to figure out who’s running this theater of the absurd is follow the yellow brick road (read MONEY or GOLD BARS/”bricks”). Now it’s time to pull back the curtain, expose the crooks and manipulators, and restore the peoples’ republic (return home). – But it’s gonna’ take HEART, COURAGE, and a BRAIN (to connect the dots and see the truth). 😉

        As Gloria Steinem famously said “The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.” The GOOD NEWS is that the shadow rulers of the world have been exposed – which is why they are making so many desperate moves to distract the masses by focusing on the negative events they incited.

        Above all, remember that only LOVE can conquer hate. As the late great Marvin Gaye profoundly sang.

      29. Jean

        Sorry Jean. We are going into the abyss.

      30. Where are the Illegal Mexicans? Taco Bell. Sure are quiet.

        • The illegals are watching BLM poke the grizzly with a sharp stick. They’re stayin’ the hell out of the way.

          • I got a big laugh out of that Remark. And That is about the size of it. Poke a grizzly with a sharp stick. Kin to playing tag with a rattle snake!

      31. The police in the USA are little more than thugs and a better name would be tax enforcment officers who work for the elite and the bankers and for fun they like to kill anyone that won’t jump when told to.

        Blacks have more balls than the whites when it comes to being pushed around by the police becuase they won’t jump and this is why so many of them are being shoot.

        Talking to the rouge criminal government does not work and the police this time got what they had coming to them

      32. “Micah Johnson went by the alias Fahed Hassen. Micha Johnson or Fahed Hassen, he is a domestic terrorist. Now, that’s it been revealed that Johnson is a Muslim, one has to look to see if Fahed Hassen had any ties to ISIS or other Muslim terrorist groups.”

        “The sister of the sniper who assassinated five Dallas police officers spoke out on Wednesday, before the ambush, claiming on social media that cops needed “to get a taste of the life we now fear.””

      33. Of course, getting stopped the other day for expired inspection by a cop dressed in a SWAT get up isn’t threatening, is it?

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