“Christmas Was The Perfect Day”: FBI Arrests ISIS Terrorist Who Planned Christmas Day Attack On San Francisco

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    The FBI has stopped an ISIS sympathizer in San Francisco from carrying out a terror attack on Christmas Day at the popular shopping center and tourist attraction known as Pier 39, according to FBI documents related to the arrest.

    Multiple news reports have revealed that the FBI has arrested Everitt Aaron Jameson, who also apparently referred to himself as Abdallah adu Everitt ibn Gordon in a handwritten letter obtained by police.

    According to authorities, Jameson targeted Pier 39 because of his knowledge of the area and the specific fact that it would be “heavily crowded.” The man also believed that it would be easy to “funnel” more people into the area in order to murder them.

    The local ABC News affiliate reports:

    Jameson reportedly said he was inspired by the New York terror attack on Oct. 31, when a man drove into a crowd and killed eight people, and the deadly 2015 shooting in San Bernardino.

    The documents also say Jameson was posting and liking pro-ISIS and pro-terrorism content on Facebook.

    Perhaps most worrisome is the fact that the suspect was apparently once a Marine Corps sniper.

    And according to the documents, the suspect was discharged from the Marine Corps. He had prior military experience with a “sharpshooter” rifle qualification and expertise with rifle marksmanship.

    Of course, a terror plot stopped by the FBI wouldn’t be complete without the use of an undercover agent.

    Officials say Jameson was talking to an undercover FBI agent. They add that he was arrested earlier this week and a search warrant was executed at his Modesto home. Several firearms were found, along with fireworks.
    ABC7 News contacted officials at Pier 39 to ask for a response, they say they did not know about this plot.

    Keep in mind that the FBI has a history of entrapping idiots into terror plots that they would normally have no chance of actually carrying out without the help of the feds themselves.

    With that being said, ISIS has absolutely conducted attacks in the past that were not western intelligence agency false flags so it is highly possible that Jameson was indeed planning and actual able to conduct this attack after either being trained and or inspired by ISIS.


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      1. One down,so many to go……

        • I thought frisco and the fbi loved isis? The cia will release them probably. Will Trump use his new exec order against them? You can read it after it clears mod here…

          • Damn it, here it is (take out the space)…

            ht tp://allnewspipeline.com/President_Trump_Just_Lowered_The_Boom.php

        • SFO is sanctuary to turds like this, when will they ever learn that the more turds you have floating in the toilet bowl the crappier it gets. Liberals love their cesspool society.

      2. Wow! I didn’t know qualifying as a sharpshooter at the range made you a sniper. I guess that means there must be tens of thousands of snipers running around the country. The author really should do a little self-education before making such stupid statements.

      3. Just remember to bring your weapon with you to church……!

        • I was thinking about getting a Glock 17 in 9mm because of it’s 17+1 capacity. Anyone have any opinions on them? Is there a better high cap for the money?

          • There are other alternatives but nothing better. Practice a lot with the one you have.

            • I don’t have one. I was thinking about getting one. Nothing better sounds good, thanks!

              • I have a glock 19 gen 4 and I love it.

              • Just the FBI and their usual BS.

            • No safety on a Glock. And I have heard they require a lot of maintenance. The idea of shooting a plastic weapon has never appealed to me.

              • Your safety is your finger. I carried one for 25 years as a PO
                never had a misfire or jam. Get educated!

                • I grew up shooting and reloading back when we could go next door to an old gravel pit, set up targets, and shoot all day on Saturday while on Sunday the 4X4 people high marked on the sides of the old pit.

                  Glock isn’t my style, never will be. Glad to hear you like it. At my age (50ish) probably not going to change what I like and don’t like and what I am comfortable around.

                  Thanks for your service, Popo! Huge fan of law enforcement 🙂

              • PD, Glocks have multiple safeties built in, just no external idiot switches/levers.

          • Yea there is a better gun out there. It’s called, anything except a glock.

          • A Sig Sauer P229 chambered in .357 Sig has a lot more stopping power and has better penetration ability than a

          • Genius – have an older Glock 21 – never an issue. I prefer the old-school 1911 models for a magazine-fed sidearm though. One of my favorites is a Rock Island plain Jane; but, I’ve found to be very very reliable. Yeah, I know all the drawbacks (mag load, etc…); but, I just like them. Have others; even, a Hi-Point JHP (by the way – all .45 ACPs) and it too is just ‘there’ when needed. Never an issue and I’ve tried my level best to break it (mud, water, crap ammo…). Advice – get what your hand just tells you “yes, this is fine” & what you can afford – both for the weapon and the ammo in bulk. Practice, practice, practice with whatever you choose. The real trick is to be able to pick up any handgun and operate it in a real-world situation.

            • I have a auto ordinance 1911 and love it too. I just want something reliable that holds a lot of rounds. 17 is good and 9mm is the minimum size I would have. I can fast draw my 1911 and point shoot with it very well, but 7 rds. isn’t a lot. If a 1911 held 17 rds. I would be in heaven….

        • Sside: Better yet, home church or meet with friends in private facility, avoiding the 501c3 gov. controlled churches run by PC clergy. If we keep letting Muslims in to recruit people like him it will get worse. He probably attended a mosque.

      4. This is yet another “look squirrel” event. C’mon all – ask the questions!! First off, the guy talked. What? Got diarrhea of the mouth? Can’t formulate a plan without yapping about it? The dude’s supposedly a ‘sniper’ because he can shoot? He owns several firearms and some fireworks and that is a crime? The FBI who can’t prosecute a child-rapist ex-President and his corrupt cankled wife who sells our uranium to Russia can find this one yo-you and ‘prevent’ a terror attack……. and anyone here actually buy that cr*p? Bull. Flat bull the whole thing. Just shoot the moron and let’s move on.

      5. What a stupid looking douche bag, yikes, almost as much of a douche as the antifa queers

        • (thumbsup)

        • I agree. The stupid reporter naming his marksmanship badge and stating that he had marksmanship training was pure idiocy. Everyone in the Marine corps gets marksmanship training! Just because you qualified in basic and requalify once or twice a year does not make you a sniper, either.

          I can tell by looking at that guy’s face he didn’t have the intelligence, or eyesight, to be a Marine Corps sniper. Let me guess: he was a cook.

          • I read what are his news preferences, and was told which state channels are now politically incorrect to watch.

            Whether or not he is a radicalized, useful idiot, whether they want you to fight, and all they do is pick up the pieces, later, he has supposedly shown conservatives pics of beheading, and not even that would provoke a response.

            A wider community of interest has given him glasses, a camera, fresh clothes, and a literal gun in his hand, all the while saying there is no reasonable way he can be responsible for himself. He was hired, enrolled, enlisted, and given accommodations, the whole way, while were being told, expect Venezuela, there is not enough to go around.

            • Obviously English is not your first language. I have no idea what you were trying to say or what point you were trying to make.

              Your argument disappeared in your own mind and your poor writing utterly failed to communicate whatever that argument may have been.

        • For some people you can just look at their face and instantly see their level of dumbness. This imbecile is one of them. Just looks like a dumbass, as many liberals do.

      6. They should have let him do it! F#@k San Fran and ALL the lib-tards!

      7. “Perhaps most worrisome is the fact that the suspect was apparently once a Marine Corps sniper.”

        Huh? The dude only qualified sharpshooter and he was a sniper?

        • Ya you know, with the lower qualifications so it is fair to all he is a sniper lol. No idiot left behind…

          • Right on par with Oswald.

      8. Any thoughts on the SigSauer P320, anyone? That’s the handgun the army is adopting and I’m looking at one.

      9. Please talk more about guns! I am SOOOO turned on.

        Yokels ….

        • Stormy, your playdough and crayons are what really turn you on. Go back to your safe space, snowflake.

          • I’m having a gungasm!

      10. Fruitcake is big at Christmas, especially one with lots of nuts. (San Francisco). If I have to adjust to the idea that two people of the same gender can be a married couple, the Muslims can adjust to the idea that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. There is no way that I will ever get accustomed to same-sex marriage! Never!!! At least, we never switched to metric. I suppose that will be next.

        • I love metric, it soooo much better and easier than fractional bullshit. If we had gone that route I guarantee you would NEVER want to go back to the shitty system we currently have.

          • I agree, the metric system makes my world easier for the kind of work I do. I’ll accept that switch, but as with Brian, I’ll never accept fags marrying and having kids. Never.

            • And in the beginning Adam and Steve had some butt babies lol. They named them obama and they were test tube babies because they weren’t worth a fuck!

      11. Stormy, I would be SOOOO turned on if you would just go away, dildo.

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