Blood-Sucking Parasite Named After Obama: Like Socialists “Must Contend With Host’s Immune System To Reproduce”

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 243 comments

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    Can’t make it up, and the jokes write themselves.

    A scientist studying a deadly turtle pathogen decided to name the species after President Obama – naming Baracktrema obamai in his honor, apparently.

    The parasitic flatworm competes with the host’s immune system and thwarts it in order to thrive and reproduce. The results are often deadly for the turtle.

    Perhaps science saw a similarity between its behavior and the way the constitutional system of checks and balances has been thwarted by an infiltration of Obama’s brand of governance, which has in effect, hijacked the economy and turned it a state-run zombie organism.

    What other type of organism weakens its host, overtaxes its system and allows its borders to be infiltrated by potential pathogens and guts its defenses against it at the same time? Perhaps Baracktrema obamai could be viewed as a sort of nature’s Cloward & Piven strategy to undermine to the point of collapse.

    via the Washington Post:

    World, meet Baracktrema obamai, a deadly turtle pathogen named in honor of our current president. Believe it or not, it’s supposed to be a compliment.

    The new genus and species of parasitic flatworm was introduced this week in an article in the Journal of Parasitology. The tiny creatures, which are the thickness of a human hair, invade the lungs of freshwater turtles in Malaysia, often with deadly consequences.

    Thomas Platt, a turtle disease expert who discovered the new species shortly before his recent retirement from St. Mary’s College, said that the name is meant to honor President Obama — not gross him out. Though most people (understandably) aren’t big parasite fans, Platt has a deep respect for the resilient little creatures.

    They “face incredible obstacles to complete their [life cycles] and must contend with the immune system of the host in order to mature and reproduce,” he said in a statement.

    Incidentally, Platt claims to have discovered a common ancestor in his family line and that of President Obama, and thus claims a somewhat distant relationship that inspired his decision to name the newly discovered parasite.

    “I have named a number of species after people I admire, from my father-in-law, my PhD adviser, and good friends who are academics and/or amateur naturalists,” Platt said. “Baracktrema obamai will endure as long as there are systematists studying these remarkable organisms.”

    The Washington Post pointed out that while many presidents have had libraries, schools, streets, mountains and the like named after them, Obama gets a flatworm parasite… to add to a list of other creatures, big and small, that have been given his namesake.

    Fitting, don’t you think?

    Somebody has been sucking the system dry.



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      1. They haven’t run out of our $ yet they can steal more from those that have incomes. I suppose capitalism is good after all $ goes where$ is so working folks will get some crumbs maybe. It’s all shit people we will lose no matter what. Tptb knows this therefore they have no incentive to make an economy work for all. Let’s just open up the border and let more parasites in.

        • Asshat is right in a sarcastic way, You know the 1% has a lot of Yachts and 5th and 6th houses in the Swiss Alps and Ranches in Aspen, pent house apartments in NY, they have to pay to maintain. Those personal Jet aircraft need to be serviced and you know the cost of jet fuel, therefore the rest of us must sacrifice for the betterment of the 1%.

          However a few skilled scuba divers with rebreather gear could drill a few holes in the hulls when they come to port, or fly some kites at the end of runways, or burn a few houses down, you get the drift. You could make their insurance premiums climb so high, for all their toy replacements. Hard to be every where at the same time, watching their luxury stuff. Karma. Study thy opponent, they all have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And they are outnumbered 99 to 1. The art of war. Its a coming… Do you have a Moat filled with Gators around your BOL? X-Check!


          • Actually jet fuel is down too. Not that expensive as it once was at least filling up my jet.

          • wwti will you be my gf ?

            check one [yes]

          • a gator can be easily taken out with one well placed round.

        • Let’s not “self-destruct”? Ignorance is not the answer (though I realize you’re being sarcastic and ‘containing rage’ like all others.

          Why do you think we’ll lose? Muslims are that powerful with superior intellect in all things, meaning we’ve no chance in hell against such a superior force of people and their ways (Muslim religion trumps all others? Sharia Law trumps our Constitution because a politician (or lying wench) says so?

          Hahaha… no sir. Not on my watch… And I know I’m not alone in my thinking.

          • No you are not alone, friend. muslim trash will not run us over and rape our women here without their deaths as payment in the USA as they do in Europe.

          • EQUORIAL , Your exactly right .
            All the ass kissing takes place in the big cities and not in flyover country , these trash will never assimilate and will eventually be run out or over , simple as that.
            Theres still alot of common sense folks in this country that wont stand for it .
            I agree , not on my watch either.











        • “Note that the Jewish race has a completely different set of values than White Europeans, and they have traditionally been much more sexually perverse.”



          “Friedan later went on to found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), one of the most influential forces in the fight to legalize the murder of unborn children in America, with fellow Jew Bernard Nathanson. The organization still exists as an advocacy group for the more extreme forms of abortion, such as partial-birth abortion, where the doctor waits for the baby’s head to start crowning and then drills a hole in his or her skull and sucks the brain out, as well as the “right” of high school girls to have abortions without their parents consent. The organization is still run by Jews.

          Additionally, though the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was allegedly not Jewish, her husband was. After Sanger stepped down as the head of said organization, she was succeeded by Alan Frank Guttmacher, the Jewish son of a Rabbi. Like the larger movement of feminism, the movement to psychologically manipulate fragile women into murdering their own children has been an almost entirely Jewish affair.”

          “The reason that the Jew did not launch a masculinist movement declaring that women were leeches that needed to get jobs and pay for their own needs and children has to do with the above mentioned issue of the differences between male and female biology. Women are much more volatile and susceptible to emotional propaganda. If the Jew would have come out with a radical men’s liberation movement, men would have laughed and dismissed it as ridiculous, with even the most feeble-minded of them saying to themselves “well, not having a wife and kids would allow me more free time and a lot of extra spending money, but I kinda like my wife and kids” – because for men, logic will trump emotion, all things being equal.”

          “A traditional single-income household is now almost entirely a thing of the past. This was no doubt a part of the Jewish feminist agenda, as given that when you add women to the workforce, you double the amount of available labor, and thus labor itself is only worth half as much in this unregulated capitalist system. This has put a tremendous burden on those families still existing the West. I wonder what percentage of women today would be willing to go back and trade abortion rights, “freedom from reproductive slavery” and all of the rest of the incomprehensible, sentimentally romanticized Jew gibberish that the baby-boomer generation bought into for a chance to live a traditional lifestyle.”

        • Physically strong men are more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims.

        • USA dollar is a giant worldwide Ponzi scheme.
          The Petrol dollar and bonds are what keep it going.

          Once the world decides to use other currency to trade for oil.
          Once the USA debt bonds no longer being bought.
          System IMPLODES upon itself. Game over.

          There is No money. FED creates it out of thin air, backed by NOTHING.
          There is No wealth.
          Only promissory notes and DEBT. Massive Massive untenable debt.

          Paper money is a scam.
          Bankers are a scam.
          Politicians and Bankers are sociopath Criminals out to DESTROY all things good about civilization and humanity.

          Maybe that is why politicians WANT nuclear war? Ponzi scheme is now known and coming to end. Worldwide Financial Collapse IMMINENT.

          You have been bled dry and robbed. Now the CRIMINAL Bankers/Politicians want to kill you and your family.

          Leave USA while still possible. Flee Nuclear ground zero. Save your family.

          Learn to garden. Raise animals. Develop skills that people need. But do those outside of USA. If you want to live?

      2. I read that the other day,that is fucking awesome!

        • This is a much more appropriate recognition than the Nobel prize he got for nothing.

          Obola must be so proud.

          • Osama…?
            Oh. You mean – Obama.
            Same – same.

            • Obamanation= dick sucking, shit licking, islamic garbage piece of fucking shit.

      3. Be better if it was a new VD social disease named after him

      4. This is most appropriate.

        • It is fascinating that ALL PARASITIC ORGANISMS (and people), never fail to KILL their host, thus causing their very own demise (again and again and again and again). One would think mother nature would have learned by now such organisms are fruitless pestilences that serve no purpose, other than (perhaps) being mother natures form of population control? Only the strong survive?

          It is the meek who are the strongest, as they have been given the heaviest of burdens and survived despite the odds. That’s where “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth” has its roots.

          War isn’t exactly ON (yet), and this is still a matter of Muslims attempting to place America Under Siege and then conquer. THEY WISH IT WERE THAT EASY, yet already they have run into unforeseen ‘snags’, and with more and more folks waking up due to their own starvation and thoughts of their children’s futures, the lesser the likelihood of Uncle Sam ‘shoving it up our kahoodas’ as is intended, or being done (whichever you wish as both are correct).

          Anyone care to name those 11 metropolises to total out 6 million?

          • Yes, meek does not equate weak. The muslim trash will not lay siege to us (at least in the southeast) My children’s future is exactly the reason I will stand and fight and kill anyone that I must to protect them. I may die but the risk is worth it. There are millions like me I’ll wager here. They can’t starve me and I don’t need any weapons or ammo as I’ve been prepping forever with shit hidden everywhere. I’m pissed off at the scum in government and my fear of them is gone.

      5. I believe Thomas the herpetologist(they the ones study turtles?)should be ready for some sort of fed. payback,be well Thomas and thanks for the good news,we need it.

        Godsoldier,there is a new form of gonorrhea that seems resistant to all forms of cure,we could call it obamarrhea!

        • Good one War.
          Maybe we could call it ‘Nutria-rahea’.

          • Mike , glad you are back. I was worried about you. Bouncing the idea of dropping u a line.

            • I spent 6 months in Tyler Tx over a span of 2 years in 02-04.
              Kilgore was next door. Radical place.
              Nice rural area, looks like Jawja.
              Contact me…

              • In case everyone is wondering, Swinging and I went to the Georgia Guidesones 2 years ago.
                Had a great time.
                Strange standing by 18 foot blue granite monoliths depecting what TPTB want to do to us.
                My 2nd time.
                Been there, done that…

                • I met Swinging by posting my email here 2+ years back. Have got 13 email poster group.
                  Got alot of flack from Nutria, but has anyone had any problems?
                  BCOD sends the best emails.
                  Nutria has accused me of being a Russian spy, opsec, ego, a multitude of lies.
                  Every contact we have made have been with like minded cool posters.

                  Be well all…

                  • You enjoy talking to yourself while you drink and type chump. lol Did your mommy let you have a battle rifle yet?


                    • WWTI — FOD.

                  • WELCOME BACK EPPE! Please keep posting! Let the trolls self destruct.

                  • Not one single problem, other than a fungal issue with my kale and mites on some o the chickens but pretty sure thats not related to the email

                  • Cheers Eppster

              • Tyler is about 35 miles out of Kilgore. Lot of small ranches in the area. Sister-in-law lives in Kilgore. Will drop you a line tommorrow.

          • Another Cartoon shows back up like eppeherpes on a tramp.


            • Whats the matter Nutria, cannot face the fact that other posters hate your guts???

              • Nobody here has said they hate me, Just you snail in your imaginary fantasy closet. Hate and Jealousy of me will destroy you internally. In fact I am destroying you right now internally, and you are working for me doing it for free, as every time you type your vitriol droolings, another chunk of your soul dissolves.

                Thanks for playing dufass.

                Seriously clock puncher, You should go find some peace in your Gin weakness. Then sleep it off, Tomorrow is a whole new day chief. You seem to day dream a lot, wander off, lack of attention, drifter of a sort, lack of focus.. bigger than life, wishing you could invent diamonds, lol… you know, taking the short cut in life, instead of walking the walk applying yourself.. you are very weak minded.. LMFAO.



          • Eppe, LOL! Good one. How about “Obola-itis”?

            • Looks like a certain troll is back.

          • Welcome Back Eppe!

      6. More good news,Italy’s highest court ruled public masturbation not a crime!I gotta get a plane ticket,always wanted to flail away in public while singing”I’m a little tea cup short and,….,eh,hmmmm….,not really.

        That said,gorgeous Italian women want to please themselves in public,well,perhaps a flight is due!

        • Good one, gave a good chuckle

        • War child damn it:

          Not since the J*ws raped Mussolini, plucked his eye out and murdered him, has an Italian controlled the Italian government. Laws that make rape harder to stop are the result of a Zionist Occupied Government, just like ours.


          • Laws that discriminate against white people and give special treatment to minority groups are also a result of tribe-controlled governments.

      7. LIBERTY-SUCKING parasite!

        NO WONDER he brought in hundreds of thousands of English-speaking Russian soldiers and other U.N. troops to get the job of terminating liberty done (probably sometime between now and the election, or between the election and inauguration). Of course, Bush HELPED him with this and STARTED this by establishing the FEMA concentration camps. Weird how no “refugees” were ever put there.

        Who THEY fooling?

        NO WONDER everything is being put into place to achieve GUN confiscation, because guns (God-given right to use force to protect against the extinguishing of one’s life) are the “cure” or antibiotic against tyranny, right?

        How fitting that this country used to have a rock group called “The Cure” and one called “The Clash”!

        NOTE TO BRAVEHEART: I saw a T-shirt (at roadkill t-shirts) that had YOUR name written ALL OVER the damn thing!

        It said something like “If you are coming for my guns, you better bring yours.”

        (But I wouldn’t advise WEARING it because of op-sec, right?)

        So let us ALL pray for PEACE, ladies and gentlemen, because Satan HATES prayer because it WEAKENS him, AND it weakens those who BELIEVE his LIES and FALSE promises of power and riches.

        Pray, and prep, and pray some MORE, because the world seems to be on the cusp of World War.

        Why doesn’t Satan ever sleep!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”
        – the late Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J., active student and practitioner of Gandhian Non-Violence
        (often mistaken as passivity; noncooperation with evil often involves the use of force, and TRUTH is ONE such force! Stay in the Light, my friends.)

        • Lone Ranger, good to see you back and another good post.

      8. Eustace Mullins, prolific author of books exposing the New World Order, the Federal Reserve System, and other topics, wrote “The Biologic J*w”. This book compares the behavior of J*ws to that of a parasite who sucks the lifeblood out of a Nation thus becoming the root cause for the collapse of civilizations. Obama is at least half J*w. His mother coming from a family of ardent communists some claim are secretly or crypto-J*ws. That explains Obama’s tendency to destroy everything good and wholesome in America; explain, but not excuse.

        Obama and others should be tried for treason and/or simply put down as any Country would a nasty, parasitic invader; along with his Israeli accomplices from Goldman Sucks and the criminal banking parasites who payed his way to the Presidency.

        ___. Other than that Obama, Congratulations, you’ll be remembered.

        • There will be no peace till somebody gets their ass kicked.

        • B from CA, spot on about Eustace Mullins. One of the best writers I’ve read.

      9. An appropriate name…he deserves it.

      10. The top picture with Obama – I couldn’t decipher if it was his recent golf outing of the Fairways or if it was a collage of Rectum X-Rays.

        I’m gonna go with the Rectum X-Rays – seems more appropriate.

      11. I am sure obola is thinking”If I had a son,he would be a parasite”.

        • Warchild, LOL. Like father, like son. Both POS.

          • Warchild, correction: If Obola had a son, he would be another sorry nigger.

      12. Im sure the libturds are all aflitter over this, and ohhh how dare this scientist,,,
        Im catching up to Rellik in my distaste for libturds,,,

        • Nailbanger, you’re in the right place. good post.

        • Hey Nail,
          Off subject, but how do you deal with Chicken lice?
          I’m planning a paddock scheme and never had to deal with Chicken lice before.

          ThankX in advance.

          • relik- just searched that. And an easy low cost natural cure. I am going to be adding egg laying hens to my BOL coming up. A good topic.

            Natural Way to Rid Chickens of Lice & Mites

            Wood ash kills lice and mites that live on chickens. Yes, just the plain old ash you get from burning fire wood. If you happen to have a wood-burning fireplace or a wood stove in your home, you already have a way to create your own natural treatment to rid your flock of mites and lice.

            link- ht tp://


          • Im not sure, am actually going to just spray the damn things i think, starting to notice it on s couple of my birds so between the diatomatious earth and the pyrethrin spray and an innoculant in their water am hoping to cure it

      13. Obama [trying to make the economy even better for Hillary by having $1.50 gas by election day] is tapping 15% of the US strategic oil reserve, adding to the already over supply already on the market. Next week the PPT will prop up the markets and send them to new all time highs by October. It’s is all fucking fixed. HERE IS A FACTOID THE NWO WON’T TELL YOU… For every immigrant since 1980, either the immigrant or the legal citizen the immigrant stole the job from went on entitlements. look at the population data then look at the entitlement data.

      14. I hope the good thing is that we will not hear much more of Obama and his family, after he leaves the White House. The next problem is seeing Hillary for four years if she wins the election.

        We really need Term Limits in Congress but would we only get younger and more stupid politicians to elect.
        More Socialist for sure.
        The Blood Sucking will continue. Face it, the country is about finished.


          • Equorial

            Is it not our greatest fear that Hillary gets elected? How many unemployed and on government assistance. Those who vote democrat because they only hate republicans. Factor in crime especially murder.

            A small percentage of people who would stand up against the evil and even fewer who would be capable of physical fighting. Lets not forget to acquire the tools of the trade to do the fighting, beyond just a rifle and bullets.

      15. Obama and his neocon controllers will stop at nothing to continue the ongoing agenda through Killary being elected. Does it make a difference which crook is elected? Clearly crookedness is our government.

        • aljamo

          If Hillary wins, they continue on the same path as Obama which is to take down this nation.

          If Trumps wins the Federal Reserve will raise the interest rates to tank the Markets and Problems will rise to Knock off the US Dollar as World Reserve Currency.

          It is a Lose, Lose deal.

          Trump knows who the big players are and Putin knows who they are too. Should Trump confirm the names that we know already, what type of warning would Trump get then?

      16. I turned down the Medicare. And to see folks reaction you would think I committed a heinous crime. Yea go to a friggen doctor and he spends less than ten minutes examining them and prescribes a big pharma poison. And people gladly pay for such stupid activity?

        • You need to change doctors. My VA doctor spends an hour with me.
          cost $15.

          • rellik: I have ceased using The VA (and I’m 100% P&T and S/C). Why? In the interest of my own health and to show them they are NOT “my boss” (which is a big prob in my area). They are attempting to change everyone’s meds (to ones that do NOT work, but are most likely to cause ‘side effects’ ….just in time. The way I view it is THE VA is ‘taking down or out’ as many veterans as possible by years end (and for some reason my mind is telling me The VA will cease to exist in the near future anyway …so getting out of “it” seemed totally ‘righteous’ to the wife and I.

            I am listed as “self-medicating” anyway, and have never been very good at ‘taking orders’ from VA Physicians that think they know my body’s ‘signals’ better than my own CNS …after 5 minutes of telling me “how it is and how I’ll go about doing it”. Wrongo-Mary Lou. I don’t and won’t listen to YOU! (And no law requires us to use The VA anyway …and so my escape has been made good). I’ll tell you of the idle threats when I’ve more time to cover them all. The VA is NOT a Vet’s friend anymore imho.

            What is lovely is that I can get away with it as I am over 3hours (as a birdie flies), from the nearest Slaughter House – and prefer to keep it that-a-way.

            • Equorial, the vets in my family stopped going to the VA back in the early 90s; there were problems even then. They won’t even let their own kids join the military or law enforcement. The military just uses people. Once you’ve finished your enlistment and return to civilian life, just look at the attitude the govt. has toward you. First, it’s not worth the effort you have to go through to use those medical benefits and second, the DHS wants to classify veterans as ‘domestic terrorists’, same as with all patriotic and WHITE Americans. Notice that they NEVER include any MINORITY PEOPLE in that category. And the Secretary of Homeland Security is a MUSLIM. Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

              • Yo Braveheart1776. I’ve picked up on tons of shit (on this site), that I was unaware of, and I was prevented from “seeing” …but that’s all past history (Thank God). Most of what was picked up were things I read on this site and checked out, checked and rechecked. Our eyes are now wide open and ‘De-militarized’. lol…

                Didn’t take too long to “see the light” of the real story …as may be obvious.

                The military DOES “use” the shit out of you, (wrongly, mostly), and you are right about the “domestic terrorist” thing. Calling vets “terrorists” is just inexcusable (and I will never forget THAT “fuckover” (for life). Can’t find any excuse to forgive anything The VA has done to our men over the years. I honestly believe The VA exists to serve as a barrier to Veterans and NOT “as a service” to Veterans.

                I’m proud to say THAT is now past history, and have found a great doctor a reasonable distance away (if needed).

                Thank you for the ‘comeback’. Tis always appreciated.

                • Equorial, it’s my pleasure. I always enjoy your posts.

            • Big E
              I’m in a unique situation. I’m low percentage S/C. Because of my physical location, other than my yearly checkups, all my medical is handled by non-VA doctors, nurses, specialists, and therapists. My doctor who is an Osteopath cannot even help me out with a sore back, or a bad Knee, he has to refer me to a non-VA doctor.
              I have a nephew that is highly dependent on VA, gets excellent treatment, and support as he is a paraplegic. He is in Seattle, one of the better VA Medical centers. I have heard of the horror stories associated with other VA medical centers, they are real.
              In many cases I agree the VA is not your friend.
              So I guess the the name of the game is location, location, location.
              Vets should be treated better, when I was 18 I was crawling around and repairing aircraft armed with Nuclear weapons. At 19 preparing to go to a place called Utapao(Thankfully I got diverted to Guam). Right or wrong there are a lot of people that give up precious years, health, and possibly their lives, the American people should make damn sure they get taken care of.

              • rellik: I can’t say I’m in the same situation (low SC), but I AM OVER 2hrs from the closest VA facility …so getting away from them (as I found out) was a piece of cake. You can’t get away from the Osteo’s in favor of (imho) REAL physicians (who WOULD take care of your back as well).

                Seattle DOES have a nice VA now. Not so back in the early 80’s (I imagine they’ve a brand new facility there by now though).

                Togus, Maine VA is one to stay to hell away from UNLESS you are seeking to be rated for the first time (then THAT is the place to go, as the folks in Maine think highly of disabled veterans and keep heavy pressure on them to ‘cough it up’.

                Asheville, NC is splendid IF YOU ARE A CARDIAC PATIENT. (They are set up for the best cardiac care and have the cardiologists).

                Otherwise, you don’t even want to walk in the place (and prepare to be stopped by VA Police and searched before parking AND upon leaving (the latter is ‘not so much’ as it once was).

                Guam eh? Damned 7-mile island with a ‘cut’ running through it. I did enjoy the female company there though! I believe that’s the fastest growing ‘jungle’ I’ve ever seen. (You can push your car off the road and into the growth, and by morning you can’t find the sucker without a metal detector). lol… Amazing.

                I still remember it took a prop-job a good 18hrs of flight-time to get there from the East coast. Gawd!

                I am most sorry to learn of your cousin. Being ‘para’ed’ has got to be the worst. At least for now, barring another war, I still have all four limbs and good health (excluding why I was rated 100% SC/P&T …but have learned to work around those ‘irritants’ as best as I can manage. (I’ve got leaded frag in places that can’t be touched lest I end up worse). I’ll take that over a great many things I’ve seen happen to other veterans…

                We should all get together and become THE VETS FROM HELL!!!!!!

      17. Old Guy, good for you. I’ll also turn it down like I’ve already turned down Obamacare. Never had any FDA-approved poisons on a regular basis and won’t start taking any now. I’m still in good condition at 59 and hope that will continue.

      18. Now they need to change insane to liberal.

      19. In other news today, scientists announced the new Ebola related virus, Halaria Milhous von Pantsuit, which kills the host by misrepresenting all aspects of its identity to the host before it consumes it.

      20. B you ever read mein Kampf. It’s no wonder the Jews are the most hated people on earth. Get a copy it will help you understand all the shit Jews pull and why things are the way they are. people say hitler was a mad man but he was smart and not a coward like our so called leaders. They are masters of lies. Responsible for destroying manhood if you listen to msm you’d believe men are perps and cannot be around the women because they will rape them. This is a lie designed to villainize strong men. Most guys are flaming little queers who can’t look you in the eye and shake your hand like a man. Total faggots they are the victims but of course the msm want to elevate this sinful lifestyle and victimize real men. after reading the book I never looked at Jews the same. That’s how powerful the book is. Jews hold the purse strings to the world.

      21. Bill:
        1. List of charges.

        2. Entertainment.

        3. Law before Congress.

        4. Money.

        5. An evaluator at SHTF.
        (Bill reads other people’s posts so he can critique them. Usually he makes a meaningless ___vulgar insult intended to demean the other person while elevating Bill’s already exaggerated ___self worth. He’s sort of a pitiful bully and a liberal Hillary fan. Dude sounds like he lacks a ___true center. Brainwashed. Lonely male with little opportunity. Classic case of inferiority ___masked as bravado. Grow up Bill, or go away.)


        • B from CA. Honestly this is what makes this site Pure in a sense. In SHTF life on the streets, in WROL, everyone here will face these same situations with all sorts of walks of life. People getting in your face, begging, harassing, thieves, scammers, etc,… as it will be the survival of the fittest, or who has the quicker draw, will solve most disputes.

          Crying to somebody cause your feeling got hurt, will be fruitless as some on here like to whine and shake their rattles like a child, or threaten to take their marbles and run away.. all to soon reappear, and take a few sissy swings. Just knock a few of their teeth out so they whistle when they talk, will cure some of that nonsense. Or like in the Middle East, cut off a thieves hands, will show him to be a thief that was caught, and live a life handless in disgrace.

          However having a Freedom tool on your hip or a Freedom Battle rifle in real SHTF, will lay waste to stupid dipsticks. And death they deserve and will fade into the ibis. And those with “All Hat and No Cattle or Battle Rattle” will soon learn a lesson. STFU or Die.

          As Clint Eastwood said. There are those that have Guns, and those who dig, Start digging.

          ~WWTI… A fully armed population will be a respectful society.

          • WhoWTFK:

            Some of your posts are very good. But when you argue with Eppe and others I find it very petty and stupid and extremely destructive to the site as I have zero interest in reading those posts which are just spam to me who reads every post except those from a few posters who are long winded and don’t interest me such as Passen with the Wind. He is a nice Religious guy but if I wanted Religion I would go to Church. I enjoy reading Them Guys posts the most because I recently became aware of the problems being created by a small group with a lot of power of which Them Guys is extremely knowledgeable.

            So, we definitely, and vehemently disagree. I wish no man, woman, or child bad fortune and you are no exception. I do agree that being armed (and dangerous to bad guys) is necessary. I strongly support the Constitution. I also think if someone wants to say they have no guns it isn’t lying, it’s OPSEC. So half the people bragging about owning cannons are probably full of shits who can’t get a gun permit. And you bore me with your insulting people who don’t have guns. Are you a Federal Agent?? Are you working to expose gun owners so the Feds can go in and confiscate them?? I am very suspicious of you. Stop arguing with people. It is boring. I don’t need practice dealing with assholes. I was a bartender for years. I can handle assholes. I don’t come here for a lesson in stupidity. There’s plenty of it right here and now. Please cease contributing to negativity like this guy BILL, or are you BILL and using another name to be a straight up dick head. I hope not. Because, as I said before, some of your posts were really good. Stick with the real info posting and drop the childish squabbling and I and I’m fairly sure, many others will Thank You.


            • I think what we see here pretty much is the reason why stuff is so screwed up.
              Folks have become so incredibly polarized that they cant even consider or contemplate a different viewpoint, perhaps not to the same degree here as say a BLM or KKK swoiree,, but its all there in plain view,
              Society as a whole has become a bit narrow minded as a result of the new ways of communication and also because of the lack of civility that used to be the norm within our society.
              Its a bummer, guys like me who are willing to listen and consider other viewpoints get turned off because those with differing viewpoints are unwilling to consider ours while pushing theirs,,,
              THAT is where the trouble starts.
              This bickering we see here is just plain bullshit. Most of us have no clue the true identity of others on the forum, some of us been here a while and do know others, but most comment and bicker and slight eachother without even caring or wanting to consider what anyone else may be or do or think.
              IMHO, its all just one big social experiment, theres some scientist or doctor or grad student who has been doing this for entertainment to gather data on interpersonal relations and how they are affected by various stimuli,
              Who knows,
              I do know, our society is no longer as pleasant, polite nor moderate as it once was, everyone seems to have picked a side, its sliding toward a bad end certainly.
              Personally i have no desire to be supportive of whats going on and will not in any way shape or form contribute to nor support the status quo

              • Nailbanger

                I agree. Too late to make friends. Into the abyss we go. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

                • Thats about how it feels most days, is why im glad im busy, no time for the ridiculous bs, will take me a side helping of normalcy bias, salted with some prepper reading thanks

            • Well B from CA,
              If you did your homework go to the top or this articles comments and see which A-hole strarted this round of sniping. Thats right that faggot wannabee bigger than life zero friend of yours. Get the facts jack. I dont see you say anything to him, so fuck off troll.


              • WhoWTF:

                If you refer to Brave, well yes, I have requested that he not engage in verbal battles, but once said, I’m not going to try to force my position on anyone, not you, or even people I perceive as deliberately destroying useful debate or positive input. It is one thing to have a discussion with opposing points of view. No one objects to that. It is when someone makes personal irrelevant statements and monopolizes the site that I object. So, for your information, when I or another do not respond to your juvenile rhetoric, guaranteed it is not because we can’t, it’s because we choose not to engage in idiocy. Thank you for your time. And I apologize for wasting it herewith.


          • I think the quote from the man was: “An armed society is a polite society.”

        • Thumbs up!

        • B from CA, BRAVO. Perfect evaluation of the troll.

      22. So they were forced to go with a lung parasite because a new category of hemorrhoid hasn’t been discovered yet….

        • I see where your going with that, funny stuff

      23. Get a look at the Russians playing war games.

        On Drudge.

        Impressive. How many Battalions or Divisions can we muster that are not half stripped.

        Did not perform well at the Tank Competition either.

        • anon

          The US military way is more than adequate for its role in defense of the US and its people. Hell the US outspends Russia roughly nine times over. Unfortunately most of the duties of the US military are to be the enforcer for Wall Street globalists as USMC Major General two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler spelled out in his book, “War Is A Racket”. The enforcer for globalist corporation mission might require more $$$ and more American lives.

          I wonder when the public will get tired of having their kids come home in body bags to facilitate the acquisition of cheap foreign labor?

      24. Hey Eppster,
        Maybe we need a joke, this group is way too freakin serious

        • No do Not encourage the 3rd grader. Why dont you both go to a joke site ro get your jollies. This is about prepping and SHTF. Are you on the wrong website too? This is not Facebook.


          • Farce book and the Billy show


        Chi-com PLA soldiers seen with their military equipment in El Paso. Then it appears, that they suspected that a man saw them and noticed the uniform. You can read the rest.

        STEVEQUAYLE.COM-Where the real truth is found.


        Hawks Friday nights show:


        Sorry trolls, I need to let the citizens of my state know that they are at risk of being murdered and raped in my state by Chinese soldiers. Chinese soldiers are being brought in and I have confirmed this sickening FACTO OF LIFE FROM A GOOD LEGIT SOURCE. But then again of course, the chi-coms would be here, they just tried to Nuke us in July a few months ago.

        Remember several years ago about the B52 that was seen flying with real Nukes. Now we now that they were EMP type weapons.

        1st EMP NUKE attempt facts:

        2nd attempt Nuke attempt facts:

        3rd attempt? What does the cabal have planned.

        Nuclear/bio attack?
        North Korea the US colony did it?
        Invasion chi-coms?
        economic Collapse?
        environmental attacks?
        Yellowstone Nuclear plants?
        1,300,000 chi-coms from south of the Texas border?
        10,000 Jihadist from the Texas southern border?

        The list in endless as to where this cabal will strike.

        You fucking chi-coms have a nerve coming to our state. You have a fucking nerve showing up on citizens and doing drive buys intimidating American citizens.

        FTW- YES MY NAME IS FTW AND I AM A TROLL. I AM QUESTIONING Dr. James Garrow’s credibility.

        FTW-YOU troll, shut the Phuck up and get the Phuck off SHTF you stupid agency ass clown troll. You think I missed that thread a few months ago with you attacking me, calling me a crack head. YOU ARE A PHUCKING TROLL AND I WILL LET MY PEERS KNOW. You are done, finished. Good by FTW, your bullshit post will be ignored. I know HCKS needs meds while F16’S Are buy running mock bomb attacks on my scientist friends house when I verified with several other sources behind his back, proving that the jets came down in his area less than 1000 feet above his house, ripping afterburners shaking up his entire house scaring the shit out of the locals. Checking these behind trustworthy peoples back will in FACT BACK THERE CREDIBILITY YOU DUMBPHUCK.



        It was great while I was still alive.

      26. Ever since Babylon where no one could understand each other so we would separate. Too. They will try to mix the seed of man but it will not take. Why do we have borders if everyone is the same? Watch . The coming days. Esoteric Truth. And see what happens when worlds collide. As soon as these minorities are of equal strength there will be civil war. Our bimbos and femmen. Are leading us to hell. You think soddom and Gomorrah are just fairy tales. What if you are wrong . And all of recorded history is right.? Our bimbos are just giving the enemy time to get stronger . They have very good intentions. The road to hell is paved with good intentions . Watch The coming days. One day our idiot bimbos will be telling us to accept canibles, serial killers , snuff flicks , and pedofiles. So we can all get along. The thinking women will admit . That most women are stupid. Their friends are idiots . But they need there friends. Well it’s almost culling time bimbos. And if you think we got a problem with that . We will not go quietly into the night. As we survivors have always done throughout history . Is bite the bullet . And get rid of the traitors. Regardless of sex or age.

        coming days.

      27. Together we stand divided we fall….

      28. Let the truth be known.
        31 months ago, this poster wwti, came here and started this whole pile of shit.
        He has taken my posts and lied,slandered and berated me for that long.
        Has anyone here had that happen to them?
        No one I have seen yet.
        Just in a post above, he stated he lies for opsec.
        Nutria has lied about me on items like having no bol, weapons, preps, integrity, etc.
        His problem is he took what he read here and acted upon it.
        Now he is pissed off, living a deer camp style of life.
        Pooping in a bucket, whore baths, living in a shack, many other primitive living decisions.
        No wife, no kids, no life.
        Called a truce 3 times, liar.
        And no one wants to read books about your life, no one cares.

        You have brought this site down to your level, face it you fucked up all your life…

        • Eppe, now he’s started attacking me and I’ve never done anything to him. He sounds like the king of trolls now. He used to offer a lot of good survival advice but he just can’t stop rubbing people the wrong way. I get attacked a lot but I can dish it out just as good as the turds can.

          • Amen Brave, you have been attacked nearly as much as I.
            I never backed down from a fist fight, but this verbal shit has to cease.
            Nutria has a psych problem.
            The god of prepping, jeez, too much swamp gas for sure.

            I grow tired of him, being the newbie he is.

            Be well sir…

            • Calling for truce #4.
              Ignore me , ignore you.

              What do you say wwti???

              • WWTI

                Time is short and need to move on to better things.
                Hope you consider it.

                • How about writing a short prepping tip, 500 words or less, that is low cost???
                  And makes sense…

                  • Eppe, when I get back to GA, I hope we can meet up. BTW, anyone heard from Kulafarmer? Hope he’s OK.

                    • BTW Eppe, I’m getting tired of the war of words also….. with ANYONE. I’d love to see the site get back to what it used to be.

                  • eppe says:
                    Comment ID: 3607188
                    September 8, 2016 at 9:07 pm

                    Fuck it, I’ll start.
                    In the early 90’s, on road to deer camping, we would do manifold cooking on your engine while driving.
                    Means placing meat veges, spices, fluids, whatever. Seal up and place near exhaust manifold to heat up.
                    2 hour drive, park at camp, and eat immediatly…

                    Proved you to be a liar, again.

                    Did anyone notice he said nothing about truce #4?

                    His only entertainment is coming here and attacking posters….

                  • Even a flock of wild turkeys have outsmarted wwti.
                    Ate his corn for months, then disappeared…
                    And if he actually shot one, they would never come back.
                    Some posters lie like a dog…

                  • eppe ive been reading this site for about a year. Words of advice, STFU YOU SEEM TO BE THE BIGGEST AGITATOR ON THIS SITE. AND YOU DONT ADD ANYTHING PREPPING WISE. WWTI seems to give a lot of good info and if I had to choose who should leave and move on it would be you. Please consider that. You are a distraction as we are here to learn.

                    • Anonymous, I’ll agree that WWTI has provided a lot of good prepping advice, but he rubs some people the wrong way. why he does that I don’t know. But I do know for a fact that Eppe is one of the regulars here. He was here when I first came here 4 years ago and he’s NOT an agitator. so some words for advice for YOU; STFU YOURSELF and back off from Eppe.

      29. Hey Mac!

        Disparagement ALLERT.

        • Grandee no!We already once have gone thru/come out on the other side of the “disparaging remarks war”,while funny not sure we will make it a second round!

          On a more serious/well prep related note,check out the dollar stores,keep finding some good deals on gauze/basics like 2 pounds of beans for,well….,a dollar.Sure,not covering everything and if you have need bulk purchases better but still,can get a lot of good basic stuff for fairly short money/good filler replacement or a start for those on a budget.I will say you are starting now a bit late but till things go wrong every bit helps..I will say they are also full of junk,but then,what store isn’t?

          • Dammit!

            • Home, home on the range.
              Oh that was discouraging word, not disparaging word.

      30. Speaking of Blood Sucking Parasites, what happened to the gang of sociopaths – Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, and that carp… Wasserman?

        Lying low?

        • Bob

          Caught the last train for the coast.

          The day, the music die.

          • Yeah Anon, hopefully they don’t return. I won’t be missing their fugly faces and hideous voices.

            However, killary alone is almost as bad as all the others combined.

            I also wonder what happened to john boner? The last time I saw him was when he was drunk and crying with the devil incarnate – the pope.

      31. How come my comment NOT posted ???

      32. Hillary saying some more nasty comments.

        On Drudge.

        • I kinda hope that bish gets elected, then when everything vomes unglued i can laugh at the idiots who live near me and are supporting her, i know a few of them who will think a few of us farmers in the neighborhood sould feed them, i know one other farmer who thinks like me and will plow everything under

          • Nailbanger

            Hillary does not like the military and anyone who opposes her NWO run. This administration of which she was a part of has called those who disagree with their plans Terrorist, Unpatriotic and Cowards. No apology or regret on that. She can go fuck herself and all the rest of the democrats who agree with her.

            Good to hear the other farmer will till it over. Scorched earth. Leave nothing for them.

            • Yea and if they try totake over the land the boom sprayer will get filled with tordon and deisel fuel and ill innoculate the place so nothing grows

      33. For what it’s worth- I always cruise past the trolls. Don’t feed ’em. Besides for the obvious intent of getting people off topic, they want to make the site toxic. That’s the way it has been on every site I have ever visited unfortunately… from gardening to vacationing.

        On topic- who would have thought naming a parasite after Obama would be a great thing to do? Ironic in the least.

      34. Prepped deal! Kroger has sugar at .25 a pound. Picked up 60# for the bees today for 15$. Must buy in multiple of 3 no limits.

        • Wow, I spend $7.38 per pound for organic sugar cane sugar. It tastes much better and is not made from GMO sugar beets.

          You wouldn’t believe the difference in taste quality. It’s like going back 50 years at least.

          Just like making organic bread, pizza, and flapjacks with pure maple syrup and real butter.

      35. NPPH, good to hear from you. How’s everything on your end?

      36. I forgive the Libertarian candidate. I thought Aleppo was one of the Marx Brothers.

      37. fair and balanced
        but you Trumpsters ain’t gonna like it !

        The Black Eyes in Donald Trump’s Life

        h ttp://

        and in other “news”
        Hillary has a bad cough

        LOL !!!

        I’ll be glad when this shit show we call an election will be over

      38. Satori

        Will it be all over after the election? I doubt it.

        Who will be the leader of the Free World and what type of shock wave will that send. I am sure internal forces within our nation will be fulfilling their threats of violence. Then we will have the external forces that have illegally entered the nation during the Obama presidency and even more by his program to bring in improperly vetted refugees.

        “It’s not over, till it’s over.” as Yogi Berra said.

        You know what that can mean.

        • What “free” world?


        Take up a position near a tree branch hanging over the water, evergreens are perfect (or ANY tree with insect crawling in the leafy areas).

        Place a ‘compact’ mirror (3″x 5″) on the lake/river bottom FACING the moon (the reflected light attracts the fish, but keeps you invisible (as far as using a ‘torch’ or flashlight instead).

        *Remembering that a large hook catches BIG fish and a small hook catches ALL fish, bait up a small hook with a grasshopper, worm, grub, whatever. (You want your bait to be alive). Shake the hell out the branch causing the insects to fall to the water (this attracts the hell out of the fish (if they are feeding, in addition to the mirror). At the same time lay your bait in with the rest of the insects and you should get several bites.

        If spear fishing, remember that water ‘refracts’ light, making the fish appear to be in a different position in the water than they actually are. To compensate, aim below the fish as if there is a fish directly beneath the one you wish to spear, and jab fast.

        Or, you can just await a curious fish to check out your moonbeam mirror (which you have already place a fishing net over). When the fish shows up, quickly net UP the fish.

        Enjoy your meal. *Fish 3-inches and under can be eaten whole (cooked or raw), larger ones need to be gutted totally (or filet them if large enough). If you are hurting for water, fish-eyes are full of GOOD water. Just squeeze and drink (hell, some is better than nothing right)? Need more water? Small birds “drink” at morning and at dusk and fly a low and straight line to get to their drinking supply. Follow them. If they are returning from drinking, they still move in a straight line, but will hop from branch to branch (as they absorb the water) …so just go where they are coming from. *Birds of prey are not good to use for water indicators as they rarely drink at specific times.

        There are many more ways to get water (most anywhere), but that’s a start. (Aside from the obvious of boiling or distilling the lake or river or pond water (any water is safe to drink if it has been distilled). To be safe, take a sip or two and wait at least 15 minutes to see what your stomach thinks …just to be sure.

        *You can also walk through a dew covered field and allow your lower legs to get soaked – then ‘suck’ the water out of the material. (Beats having dry mouth)! NEVER wait until you are out of water before trying to find more! NEVVA!!!!!!

        • EQ ,old redneck trick,take road kill,rabbit etc. hang it over the pond creek whatever.Maggots start dropping in the water.Come back in a couple days,easy pickings.Someone say fish fry!
          Maniac — out

      40. If you have been a long time reader of SHTFPLAN, you are most likely prepared for many problems that can arise. At this point in time with all the STUFF you have accumulated, you might want to check it out to see if it is in working order. Cause Shit Happens! Reorganization
        may be in order to get to things you may want in a hurry. Those who will find a place for a underground cache should prepare the items and pick a spot.

        The single thing that bothers me the most is water.
        Do I have enough? The reason why is that all the posturing and sabre rattling has me thinking of a possible nuclear exchange. Russia has been building shelters and has warned NATO of possible WAR. China is no friend either and has launched missile’s we could see from our western shore. Believe me, that was no jet contrail. Even “Shorty” in Korea has been flexing his bravado lately. Miscalculation is a dangerous mistake.
        Storing water is the cheapest prep. Get it right out of your tap. Imagine that!

        • Anon; Since you are concerned about water, it is only because you haven’t familiarized yourself with the numerous ways of ‘catching’ it.

          The SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE (Collins gem), is a pocket-sized manual of nearly 400 pages of absolutely superb ideas and directions (for ANY survival scenario). Keep one in a cargo-pocket ziplocked for protection, of course.

          It has a great ‘section’ on finding and extracting water safely. If you are stranded, just a GOOD knife and that handbook would ensure your survival. Actually, it also tells you exactly how to make several types of dependable knifes from stone or ???
          (Yeah, it is THAT good of a manual), and covers first aid as well). Things like, “did you know you can use Pine Pitch as an antiseptic (just like garlic)? You can boil water, allow it to cool a bit, then soak pine needles (for tea). You’ll get a ‘rush’ of Vitamin C with no ill-effect (barring allergies (and that’s why you want to have Benedryl (sp?) ..just in case).

          • Equrial

            Oh Yeah, into cattails and palmetto shoots. Pine pitch is plentiful and have not extracted pine nuts from the cone. Swamp cabbage is another one.

            Here is one for you. Bark Bacon. Seen it on Utube and two guys went through the whole process.

            I will check out the book. Thanks.

            • Oh, you are farther South than I for sure. Those neat plants won’t survive here (we tried twice or more). A blight killed most pines, but we’ve many that are about 30 foot or so (and we only need one …hopefully).

              Yeah? Bark-bacon! Can’t say I’ve developed a taste for it, but have learned to choke down anything in order to keep my motor running. I’ll have to watch that You-Tube thingie as I forget which bark is used anymore. Thanks as I had forgotten it completely.

              I’m into “tubers” (boiled to tenderize), frogs are great, toads are good IF you are careful about not touching the skin (many are toxic). Cook the hell outta them (using a ‘spit’ roast) and ‘taste-test’ (wait 15 minutes), then if the tummy doesn’t throw it back it’s good enuff to eat the remainder (rear legs that is). Leaves are similar. If they taste okay they most likely are safe to eat, but knowing your trees is preferable to trusting your ‘weathered and tired’ tongue right? If they suck, spit it out (just like apes). Always clean off the bottom of leaves since insects place a host of things on ALL leaves (the underside that is), that you do NOT want in your belly.

              Same thing goes if you “lick leaves” for the dew (pre-dawn). DO check the underside of everything!

              Bees rarely get further than 4 miles from their nest, and stay even closer to water.

              If you see any army of ants marching up a tree, it means there is a ‘cache’ of water somewhere in a ‘crotch’ of that tree that is worth ‘shimmying’ up to indulge in (using a life-straw or whatever method you have at hand).

              Prickly-pear cactus, I’ve read more than one, are reported to be delicious after you remove all the thorns & eyes, and each ‘paddle’ has a decent amount of water.

              Kudsu, Cudsue (or however the stuff is spelled), grows up to four feet daily, is brimming with water and is edible in total (leaves, vines and roots). Raw or boiled (you can’t eat it as fast as it replaces itself too)! lol…. Again, taste test it as you don’t know if you have an allergy to it or not, having never had it before right? btw: when taste-testing, it’s best not to allow the plant matter to touch your lips. The last thing you need is ‘canker sores’ or swollen lips or a swollen tongue in the midst of nowhere… This is why I always stress having Benadryl on hand (or your choice of ‘antihistamine’ to counter-act allergies in a hurry).

              • EQ, Pinepitch will harden a cut ,used turpentine on cuts on my hands all my life.Maybe not on the face if your vane ,doesn’t stop scarring!Thanks didn’t know you could eat cudsue?? ,don’t know how to spell it either,yes it grows 3ft. a day !Can smoke it too,not as good as dandelion,make fellow mellow!
                Maniac –out

          • Equorial.

            I have made a portable water cache that can be assembled in 10 minutes or so. PVC Bungee’s and a tarp with a grommet in the center. Be concern with roof runoff. Chemicals from shingles, bird droppings and bugs. Disassemble after collection of water to decrease water contamination.

            • Anon. Understood. (We honestly do not have a roof, as this place is more like living within a log-cabin surround by rock, concrete, more rock and finally around five feet of dirt (which is a summer/fall garden area rather than a worthless lawn).

              I understand what you are saying about contaminants, however, if you only distill it, ALL that is distilled and captured will be drinkable (even urine is drinkable if distilled). Honest Injun!

              How much of a wind will that contraption of yours withstand? Pretty solid or does she ‘give’ to stresses to allow it to withstand “wind-pressure?”

              • Equorial

                It is light weight and looks like a trampoline. I have tent stakes to keep it tied in place. 10×10 foot. 4 ft. high poles. Can wrap it all up to transport.

      41. Equatorial,are you talking official SAS book?I have a copy,have read/some parts many times John Wisemans survival book.He was SAS for 25 years and for 7 was a survival instructor for SAS.I will say it is a basic book but full of good info. that your average Dick or Jane can understand.

        I am glad to see posting back to basics/info. and want to (again)add this link:ht tp:// ,as always,space between http to avoid the dreaded “moderation game”.This is a great source of info. and especially good for folks just starting out/new here,can be done in smaller chunks if money tight but is a great base and will also get you thru personal hard times,not just a huge natural/man made disaster.

        Any new folks that hit site please come back,usually does not get to be suck a rat fuck with in fighting/trolls ect.You new and have ?’s many here have their own little niche that can get most ?’s answered or at least steer folks in direction of good info.

        • Warchild Dammit! Righto my friend. John’s mostly known (to most) as “Lofty”, and yes, I was referencing The SAS book (but I don’t think Lofty ever put his name on it …he just wanted the info “out there” to assist others.

          It’s one of the few books that you don’t need to have a 20-year expert explain for you. As you say, any “Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane can look something up (ANY disaster), and use that info to devise a way to survive it, or at least get through most anything that would otherwise kill “most” unlearned people (oh, like some folks who’ve never gone deeper into the woods than enough for privacy to take a dump). lol….

          Thanks for the link and superb post too! THIS is what we need be doing daily. TY!

          • Equatorial,am looking at it as I type,tis on me work/reload/everything desk.I now have 3 rd edition,does have his name on it with “lofty” in the middle but do not refer to him that way as am sure his SAS moniker and thus as not being special ops wouldn’t refer to him that way.I lost/gave/loaned original copy thus bought new one,has a bit more info. but basically the same as first,a good read/reference for sure,recommend to everyone,real easy to digest,i.e. do not have to be special ops to understand.

            • Alright! Glad you found it (fast too)! 🙂 (Mine just says REVISED EDITION). Wouldn’t ya know mine HAD to be printed and ‘bound’ in China? Good grief…

            • Huh …on my 2nd page in it just say John “Lofty” Wiseman, there and nowhere else except the back cover. No matter, it’s an indispensable ‘pocket guide’ to survival “in style” (you might say).

              • Proudly on the front cover,and I say rightfully so,you train the folks in SAS to survive you know your skills,as I said,tis 3rd edition.Seriously folks,you going to get a book and just one this is it,at least in my opinion.That said,a lot of good books out there,not only read but were feasible try some of the ideas.

                • As we used to say in “boot”, —– “Fuckin’ A Ditty-Bag” 🙂 (nuther way of saying ‘damn right’).

                  • EQ, Okay you convinced me ,can you get the SAS from amazon?
                    I’ll get my kids to order one.thanks!
                    Damn love this site,thanks Mac
                    Maniac –out

                    • Maniac,why yes you can!Here; ,space between http to avoid the “moderation game”,tis on other sites also,along with pdf if you want to print yourself/have on stick but do recommend a hard copy.Are now on 3rd edition though 1’st or 2nd will be just fine also,enjoy1

      42. Hmmmm…..,seems billary had a “fall” today @ ground zero remembrance.She lost a shoe under van and some reports say she fainted,not on film but seen by many,how those health issues going billary!?I realize tis sick to wish ill health on folks but considering she has been responsible for so many deaths/so many lies and just in general fucking up this country,well,the hell with her!I am sure her campaign will as always lie about this also!

      43. Terrible things happen to such wonderful people. I doubt she’s going to be able to tolerate the remainder of days at the rate she’s going downhill …and even our dogs can see she’s pushing the hell out of herself (like barely being able to climb the rolling ‘airline stairs’ to the top unassisted, only to fall once inside …and she didn’t trip, she “flattened” out in complete fatigue, or lack of O2?

        This “game” of theirs (or that they are playing), certainly is multi-faceted …yet Hitlery isn’t faking THAT stuff or a doctor would have ‘called her out’ on it by now.

        So what happens if a candidate proves unfit for service this late in the game? I’ve no idea other than Obama “twisting it” into another nightmare of bullshit-laden horror stories, or (horrors), having SCOTUS leave him in office until another election can be started “from square one” (anything to win, everything to get rid of Trump before a vote, not after). Yah, it would be a first and illegal as hell, but that’s not stopped anyone in DC so far has it? Nope.

        Clearly, Muzzies are money-loving pricks who seek to destroy all traces of white-man on the planet, starting with America. Having a POTUS “feeding” billions to a Terrorist Nation who fully intend to nuke The USA isn’t exactly in our National Security Interests, thus our POTUS isn’t doing anything (intentionally) for The USA except doing his best to ‘tear her down’ as much and as fast as can be managed (and who knows how many are waiting in the wings)?

        Camo those faces, don your ALICE or MOLLE, grab your trusty rifle and sidearm and be ready. This one has all the earmarks of being a Civil War, Revolution AND World War III (simultaneously). Talk about hard living huh? heheh….we’ll get through it just like we’ve always gotten through it.


      44. I love me Molle,once I got it assembled correctly and learned how to adjust it right for different bearing loads,great piece of gear that can grow/shrink depending on your needs.

      45. Yeppers on The MOLLE. Unlike ALICE, you don’t really need an inner ‘aerator’ vest to keep the air moving and your water-loss down. An ALICE is like a GHILLIE and will roast your ass given half-a-chance, but I’ve got two now (one for the Mrs of course).

        GHILLIE’s are great as long as you don’t have to move (as when you do every last twig will snag you up until you are a fly in a spider web. (Very maddening and downright life-threatening in the wrong circumstances …not to mention sounding like a bull in a china-shop).

      46. I love it. Democraps, and their supporters, really are the parasites of America!

      47. We are approaching a time when the “Art of Warfare”will apply. From the Chinese, everything is on the table. There is nothing that cannot be done to win- from the simple individual on the street to higher ups with the big button to push. Slow down, distract, defuse, cripple, upset and generally cripple every activity of the enemy. I can’t go into more detail, obviously, but your imagination is unlimited, think “trouble maker” with a long range result in mind. In Ukraine, recently, bows and arrows, sharp sticks and sling shots were outlawed- really. I go through the TSA security, throwing away cologne, sprays and everything else “on the list.” I board the plane with my leather belt, metal framed glasses and several #2 sharpened pencils in my shirt pocket and several plastic barreled ink pens in my computer case. Feel secure now??? I would protect you, really…

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