Bilderberg’s Elite Worried About Disintegrating EU: “Brexit Possibility Extremely High”

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 39 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: It is the Bilderberg insiders who forged the European Coal and Steel Community in the early post-WWII years, and steered integration until the Euro was launched as a common currency and a formal European Union super-state could be established. This, in turn, is part of a broader strategy to weave together all the nations and rule them under regional blocs, with bilateral relations becoming more of node points between iconic cities in a globally-integrated world society.

    Certainly, the one worlders who have defined Bilderberg for more than 60 years – the few who are still alive – are not pleased to see global integration stepping backwards, or witnessing populations becoming unruly and unhappy with the occupation plan crafted in secret.

    For economic stability and the status quo of world order, the disintegration of the EU could have enormous implications for the strength of NATO and the American empire at large. If the Britain exits the European Union, and both the pound and euro currencies tumble, how do you think it will affect the status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency? How do you think the Brexit vote will swing, and will it be a fair count?

    Bilderberg Chairman Warns Brexit Possibility “Extremely High”

    by Tyler Durden

    Just day after their mysterious annual meeting in Dresden, it appears The Bilderberg Group’s gravest concern is Brexit. While everything from The Middle East to Donald Trump was on the agenda, the remarks this week from AXA CEO (and Chairman of The Bilderberg Group) Henri de Castries that there is an “extremely high” probability that the U.K. will vote to leave the European Union and investors will face “a true landscape of uncertainties,” suggest the establishment is concerned.

    As Bloomberg reports, neither the U.K. nor the EU region is prepared for negotiations that would follow a vote to leave on June 23, de Castries said at a conference in Paris…

    “If they remain, the situation isn’t simple either, and this is underestimated by lots of people,” because the result will be interpreted differently by each side, he said.

    De Castries, who is stepping down from France’s largest insurer at the start of September, became one of the few executives to speak out on the likelihood of a British vote to exit the EU. The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, backed a so-called Brexit on its front page on Tuesday. Several polls on Monday also put the “Leave” campaign ahead. The pound and European stocks plunged.

    If the U.K. votes to leave the EU, any complacency in the subsequent negotiations could encourage some other countries to seek special treatment within the political bloc, threatening “to accelerate the unraveling of Europe,” de Castries said.

    Think that this is a “tempest in a teapot”? Think again. If the chairman of The Bilderberg Group is worried, then that means all of these entitites are ‘worried’ and preparing

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. I’ve always believed the EU would eventually fail one way or another. Any consequences of the UK’s move to leave the EU remain to be seen.

        • I wanna see the shit hit the fan for real at least once in my life. I hope they do leave, and I hope the European economy goes in the shitter, and a big war starts. A real war, not like this pissant bullshit we’ve had in Iraq the last 20 years.

        • The “Elite”/Bilderbergs are bringing in the BEAST system spoken of in the Bible.

          The Georgia Guide Stones tell you EXACTLY what the One World/BEAST system is about.
          “Genocide of humanity.” The Rich few want and WILL Murder the many.

          The Rich/International Bankers are Destroying the current economic system so as to gain economic/financial CONTROL.
          Out of work, hungry starving, Fearful, People are easy to Manipulate and Control.

          This is what Bilderberg-UN-One World BEAST System has in store for YOU:
          1. Take away the firearms of the peasants so they can Not resist.
          2. Take away economic opportunity and self sufficiency. Make the sheep dependent upon the BEAST system. Food and Hunger are TOOLS of control.
          3. Destroy the Family unit and Moral Character. Destroy religion and sense of right and wrong.
          4. Use Technology as a control Mechanism to Ferret out resistance to BEAST System.
          Get people to voluntarily carry tracking and surveillance. Cell Phones!!!
          5. Use Fear to control the masses. False Flag events. Have Media spread Fear.
          6. Eliminate cash. Digital currency is easy to control and eliminate opposition.
          7. War. Nuclear War stirred up with China/Russia destroying USSA Amerika.
          8. Genocide of Humanity.

          -Read the Georgia Guide stones. Look it up.
          -Read the murals at Denver DIA Airport. Look at those sick murals.
          -Open your eyes.
          We as humans are facing our greatest threat. The extreme Rich/Other Humans are that EXTREME threat.

          It is not Liberal vs. Conservative.
          It is Evil vs. all of Humanity.
          America has a ONE Party System controlled by the SAME masters. Accept it.

          —Get right with God. Ask God for help.
          —Get Squared away.
          —Leave USSA as soon as possible if you want to Live. The elite will have their damned war. It will be Nuclear.

          -Trump can’t save you.
          -Food stores are good, but won’t be used if you are Nuked.
          -Your Small Arms have very Limited value against a standing army
          with Nukes-Heavy Artillery- Air Assets.
          -Gold can’t save you.

          What you should do:
          Leaving ground zero USSA and prayers to God are your only hope.

          • G.G. FU
            I’m not going anywhere this is my country!They may bury me here,so be it.See how many I take with me.LaEagle not leaving La. yet
            Maniac –out

            • Dateline: Medford, OR

              Went through Russian River country, Sonoma and Napa. Great beer at the Russian River Brewery. The countrysude was beautiful. Some awesome mountains on the way up, Mou n t Shasta still has snow and they’re predicting snow in the Crater Lake region tomorrow. My wife and children say it is too cold and they are ready to head back to Cajun country. I am loving it so far. I would love to meet up with Tess and Mac, and my dear friend SixPack.

              Louisiana Eagle loves the mountains but the Bayous of Cajunland are calling like a Siren.

          • If prayers to god are your only hope, well, what an admission of failure and defeat you are.

        • Ask yourselves a question.
          The UK has already had Austerity measures and interest rates are very low as in America.
          The world is on FIAT currency due to Nixon’s little trick way way back in the day.
          Countries IN THE EU is suffering already due to financial situation. Lehman Bros, Greece etc etc
          The UK are told if they leave then their will be a high chance of financial crisis. So we already know their is a FINANCIAL CRISIS so what different does it make if the UK stay IN OR OUT.
          There is an AGENDA here and this is looking more like NWO plan by the day. Prepare accordingly.

      2. Letting Britian leave would start the breakup of the EU.
        Good riddence.
        Never should have been put together to begin with.
        20 year failure. The world is screwed up as it is.
        Now eyewitnesses are saying there were 5 shooters in Orlando, ZH. Look it up…
        We live in a disinfo world, eyes open, what fear…

        • Dateline: Napa

          Truth is always the first casualty in these types of situations where so many folks converge with so many agendas to spin! The NWO has invested a lot in creating the EU. They are not going to stand by and allow Brexit voluntarily and see their dreams dashed to oblivion. They surely have other plans/aces up their sleeves. ‘Chaos’ describes it all!

          Louisiana Eagle heading to the NW Redoubt

        • Strange times indeed,
          The offspring of the communist that many of our parents spoke of are now in places of power and the sheep are oblivious to the past, if the sheep could open their eyes for a minute and see the web that has been woven over their eyes this vould be shut down, most of us will have a choice sooner i fear than any really wanted, we will have to either stand or get used to being on our knees,
          Personally im tired of this crap, will stand till i fall

        • Eppe, every nation in Europe that adopted socialism was already in big trouble by themselves. Creating the EU only made it worse for everyone. 5 shooters in Orlando? No surprise there. False-flag.

      3. I for one am all for the Brexit. I think there will be some short term pain, but overall, breaking apart all of these supra-national entities is better for the future prospects of mankind.

        • It will not make a difference if you vote in or out they have already covered all bases people.

      4. The formation of the EU originally was viewed as competition to the United States economy. I’m not convinced anything of substance would occur in the United States if it disintegrated…

      5. Banks are secretly ‘red flagging’ our everday transactions for DHS

        h ttp://

      6. Lack of borders, language, and culture will unravel a nation. Look at recent and current events. It’s happening.

      7. Isn’t this just a “referendum” much like the Scottish one?

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but referendums are non-binding. You can be sure that whatever the Square Mile wants, THAT is what will happen…not what the public wants. The Parliament will be told how to vote.

        Just threaten them with “tanks in the street”. {SNORT}

        • Englaminn Square

      8. Poor little Dildoburgers…

      9. I think Irish eyes are smiling…

      10. what?….there’s a PROBLEM with all these counties piling up eachother’s DEBT?….whocouldaknowed?

      11. It isn’t about breaking up the EU, it’s about destroying NATO as a military organization. With NATO dissolved because of Brexit, the USA would be standing alone as would former member of the alliance. With the Russian Federation in place and growing stronger, China on the prowl, N. Korea going stupid as usual, and the leadership of this country spending all its creative ability and financing attempting to confiscate guns and tear down bathroom walls…it’s game over!

        • NATO Agreements preceeded the EU. Brexit would not impact NATO.

          • Exactly. Norway is in NATO but not the EU. Austria is in the EU, but not NATO. The 2 entities are unrelated.

      12. I hope Britain leaves the EU. Then the next step is for the USA TO LEAVE THE UN. Then they could tell them to get the hell out of the US and start paying for the frigging thing themselves. It wouldn’t last two weeks. Now that would make my day. Hear is why. You and I know that one day WE Patriots are going to have to fight the UN. If they don’t have the money and the backing from our Guberment they are toast.

        So Run England Run as fast as you can away from the EU.


        • Sarge, the UN will be toast anyway. They can never find enough troops to deal with us.

      13. James Trafacant died of an apparent heart attack while driving a tractor which overturned. He was a Congressman who bravely stood up to the power elites. As a Congressman, he became involved in a case whereby he was put in prison for just under eight years. The case regarding an American, Isreal, the so-called holocaust, and lots of money, put Trafecant in the crosshairs of the Zionist elitists who rule the world. Trafecant was trying to bring attention to the importance of desecretizing the Bildeburg meetings. Trafecant made such claims as that he believed that the method of his planned murder was putting him in prison so that Illegal aliens would kill him. But Trafecant arranged to be put into solitary confinement. He also claimed that he learned from the son of another famous prisoner that the medicine he would be given would kill him. Trafecant was responsible for legislation to put officers on the Southern border with Mexico. He fought against the foreign control of Isreal in DC. He claimed that he was offered money from Isreal but he declined. Every Congressman voted against him except one. Guess who that was.

        • Ron Paul

      14. I think this is in accordance with the elite’s plans. Both the EU and the UN have had their day and fulfilled their usefulness (as battering rams to see through the first phase of post-WWII globalization).

        We are now entering a new era and new institutions, rules and mechanisms are required. Both the UN and the EU had to first become thoroughly discredited. The UN, mired in corruption scandals and accused of allowing child sex abuse and trafficking and under the dictates of tin-pot third world cesspits such as Saudi Arabia; the EU, seeming to be more interested in the betterment of Muslims and Africans than actual Europeans. Both these supra-national organizations now stand devoid of legitimacy and credibility with most people.

        The West’s elite no longer get any benefit from these institutions, which have been hi-jacked by the non-West.

        I believe we will see new institutions and new mechanisms that will emerge, like a phoenix, from the ashes of the next crisis that will be brought on by the collapse of the EU and the Euro. All those muzzies that ran into the EU will find they have run from the frying pan into the fire.

        I would not be surprised to see much of Europe come under some entity overseen by Russia: the last bulwark of white European civilization. The global architecture will probably fracture into two entities: one, a BRICS thingy overseen by China and Russia, and a Western powers thingy, with Japan, Singapore etc. Israel will push out to start taking territory in the Middle East as the Arabs are encouraged to kill each other at a greater and more furious pace. An epic clean out of the human population there is on the cards, I suspect. As for Africa, the gloves will come off with China, who will become more the hegemon for that place and rule with a hard fist: I sense they are done becoming the black man’s new ‘welfare bitch’.

        • As usual Frankie, your take on world affairs is skewed by your own perversions, your misogyny (your desire to be frisked by burka clad women springs to mind) and your James Bond adventures within the USSR, plus your secret work with a clandestine organisation.

          For an old man you do spew out some nonsensical claptrap. How can you concoct such rubbish in virtually all your posts?

      15. Brits, get out of the EU while you can. Here in the US the globalists are trying to shove their North American Union down our throats. We are praying for you.

        • I think the EU would have been a good thing if it stuck to what it was founded to be – an entity that linked together European people and improved their living standards and promoted European culture. Instead, it became a malign force wrecking economies in order to create cheap labor, including the endless importing of millions of people from the Middle East and Africa, none of whom are European.

          Today’s EU doesn’t promote European culture, does not stand up for European people, does not defend the borders, has allowed the growth of a foreign invasion force hellbent on acts of terrorism to flourish within its borders, and has failed to improve European economies for close to a decade.

          It was good back in the 80s and early 90s, when a trip across Europe guaranteed meeting the most beautiful and fit women on earth. Not anymore.

          • Frankie, there you go…you dirty old pervert…travelling across Europe in the 80’s and 90’s now, ogling all those women! God, you make me feel unclean with your nasty mind.

            • Ain’t no mind dirtier than a Muslims obsessed with what women and girls can and can’t do and who gets their sexual emergencies handled by little boys. That’s waaaay worse than “the boys watching the girls go by…”.

              • Frankie! I must have hit a nerve…..for the first time you’ve responded to a comment of mine. Truth hurts you doesn’t it?

                Now are you going to take me up on my (still) standing bet and tell the world whereabouts you’ve been “frisked” (countless times) by burka clad border guards? Nah, on that point we’ll hear a deafening silence. Or can you tell us how you travelled freely in the USSR during the height of the cold war?

      16. B from CA, damn right. Ron Paul was the ONLY member of congress who was never for sale to anyone.

      17. Looks like the USS Europa has struck a Dildoburg….

        Women and children first…. And no…. Trannies don’t count….

      18. The EU has been a losing deal for the Brits since the beginning. It is no wonder they are thinking of leaving.

      19. Diversionary tactics do work.
        While this post received little attention from readers and commenters despite it’s importance, enormous attention was given to events of limited importance, even if true. Which they probably are not.

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