Before And After Satellite Images Of Irma’s Destruction In Caribbean

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 25 comments

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    A satellite image of Virgin Gorda before Hurricane Irma hit (left) and after (right)

    A satellite image of Virgin Gorda before Hurricane Irma hit (left) and after (right)

    These before and after images, taken by the Landsat 8 satellite, show plainly and clearly how destructive Hurricane Irma was to the Caribbean islands in its path. The satellite had been busy snapping photos as a way to document the damage.

    NASA has released a series of satellite imagery showing islands in the Caribbean before and after the major storm. The photos were taken on August 25 and September 10, 2017, respectively.

    The image below is of the island Barbuda both before and after the storm. Locals and authorities in the Caribbean have said that this storm was so strong, it wiped Barbuda off the map. 


    Around 90% of Barbuda’s buildings are rubble, and a majority of the island is still underwater, making it uninhabitable for the 1800 residents who before Irma ripped through, called the island home. It didn’t fare as well as Antiqua, which is still green, meaning its tropical vegetation is still mostly intact.

    Aside from the slightly patchy cloud coverage in the post-hurricane images, the main thing you will notice is the different coloring of the land. In the images from late-August, the islands are a lush vibrant green, while the ones after the hurricane are a duller brown. This is because the hurricane’s violent 185 miles per hour (298 kilometer per hour) winds literally stripped the land of much of its tropical vegetation. Additionally, salt spray spat up by the storm can damage the leaves still on the trees. –IFLScience

    But that may not be the only major difference. The color of the ocean water appears to be a little more on the light side. But that’s most likely due to some differences in the sea’s surface. Choppier waters are less smooth on the surface and therefore reflect less light, so they will appear to be darker.


    The image above, of the British Virgin Islands, shows that this section of the Caribbean had also undergone some major damage. NASA Earth Observatory says that these islands took a battering from the hurricane. Among the widespread looting and damage caused to property, over 100 prisoners escaped when Hurricane Irma hit the British Virgin Islands.

    Many experts say that it will take months, and perhaps even years, to undo the damage done to the Virgin Islands during Hurricane Irma.


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      1. Hundreds of years of history of building. Wiped out in a matter of hours. Goes to show disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. So sad to see so many of the unprepared masses.

      2. Not Global Warming!

        • The images are astounding! The death of the vegetation was total and the destruction was devastating. Already people are trying to fix the blame on Global Warming. Weather changes constantly and even with their sophisticated equipment and advanced scientific knowledge the Hurricanes/Nature made fools out of the weather men and women prognosticators. Are the Hurricanes and bad weather, earthquakes, volcanoes due to HAARP or some kind of purposeful human intervention? I don’t know! Do not mess with nature!

          Louisiana Eagle

        • florida has had 119 hurricanes since the 1800s but the last one is global warming?

      3. OK tin foil hat enthusiasts. Did the hurricane cause the ocean color to go from purple to blue?

        • RD
          Time of day the pictures were taken?

          Look at the second picture Antigue hasn’t changed.


          • Phony Photos. Were the same setting to capture what vegetation was there. I can color any map brown. Does not mean that was what happened. I want to see real photos satellite, close ups, of any damage. Sometimes the moon looks white and sometimes gray. And a few times a year a Blue Moon. lol So what color is the moon?

        • These pictures suck ,,, saw some from NOAA that show silt in water after the storm, looks way different than these

      4. Off topic, but just FYI,

        “Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction.” —John Witherspoon (1776)

      5. I’m not saying these images aren’t real, but they appear to just be altered by a filter or setting on a photoshop program–hence the ocean color change as well as the island colors. The deeper waters with hundreds of feet of depth would not be altered to that degree by either silt or “rough” waves.
        Google earth images of choppy seas, they are still deep blue

      6. Almost looks like the vegetation was stripped by locust swarms. It baffles me why anyone would want to live on these islands knowing that they’ll be in the crosshairs of any hurricane crossing the Atlantic, having to have food constantly brought to you to exist.

        • PoP,
          I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific that gets hit by everything nature can throw at us.
          My answer to your question would be I’d rather live in the cross hairs, than some shith0le city, where I hear more sirens, than chirping birds.

          • P.S.
            when you live in a major city you have to
            “have food constantly brought to you to exist”.

      7. The difference in ocean color could be the time of day pic is taken.

      8. We live on the Corporate Plantation now. There will be no action to prevent wide open migration to the US. Why not? The US Chamber of Commerce wants massive amounts of cheap labor (neo-slaves) in the work force. 80 million migrants have been allowed into the US over the last 25-30 years. You read that right. 80 million. This mentality is the same as the men that owned slaves in the 1700’s. They don’t care if your kids can’t get entry level jobs. They don’t care if your kids can’t get summer jobs. They want your pay scale brought down as low as they can get it. And they were successful in getting what they wanted. Just shakin’ here, boss.

        • Yup

      9. Where oh where will the drunken toxic dump Luciferian New Babylonian American cowards go to get drunk and have sodomite sex with anything that breaths while they forget about whoring out the children they should of NEVER had to psychopaths from the bowels of hell(deep state) controlling the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government????????

      10. Geez, if you drop the artificial filter of anthropomorphism, this shit happens all the time. the moment people humanize a storm and give it living human characteristics and motives t cannot possibly have, it is just raw planetary nature in action and humans were just in the way..but I realize that 99% of people are so brainwashed to automatically input humanism into everything that they cannot see the obvious that I just pointed out.

      11. Bull earth pie going off. Exactly the first things I noticed in every picture as formentioned.
        I would expect the water to be reverse coloured in the pic’s after the storm

      12. So, now everybody is a satellite photo analysis expert?

      13. There is nothing they won’t do! Picture manipulation included. Now if the colors were the same, I might believe! But, all I see is a lie!

      14. No one seems to want to touch on the subject of just where the survivors of these disaster areas are going to go after the dust settles. Personally, I anticipate that the US will be pressured to admit ‘a few’ of them, which in translation means that the country will open the doors wide and invite the whole world in……. at taxpayers’ expense. And note that there are already more parasites living here than there are productive people working to support them. Once the parasites have completely taken over, the nation will be one huge ghetto. It’s a matter of ‘what do you do when the inmates take over the asylum’.

        • Aren’t there British French and US islands?

      15. The globalists think $2 an hour is enough pay in the US and they aim to achieve that level of corporate greed.

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