Backdoor Disarmament: “Banning Sale of Firearms To Medical Marijuana Card Holders”

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 45 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: I have often wondered if/when the softening on the War on Drugs would be used as a weapon of disarmament. This is an interesting ploy by the feds to use the move towards decriminalizing marijuana as a means of barring Second Amendment lovers from purchasing guns – since it will be argued that marijuana introduces a dangerous or ‘irrational and unpredictable’ element. Of course, they don’t ban alcoholics or prescription pill poppers from purchasing weapons, but I’m sure that many people would be interested in doing so if they could.

    The rise of Obamacare has also institutionalized medical snitching on patients. Whereas their data and personal information were once held sacred, today they are precious fragments in the age of data analysis, and federal reporting. If/when mental health patients confess to certain trigger words (i.e. feeling angry, violent, suicidal, anti-government, depressed, etc), doctors will flag patients as potentially dangerous. Felons are barred from purchasing, and that category is likely to expand – in the name of Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub and whatever else they roll out on the table.

    Doctors have been encouraged by executive order to ask patients about guns… and no doubt keep records on this special category of patients. Likewise, admitting to drug use (as one does by signing up for a medical marijuana list-database) will be used to flag patients as potentially unstable, dangerous and/or otherwise unfit for owning a gun.

    Put those altogether, and there is some pretty ripe potential for abuse, and broad platform to keep a wide gulf between the 2nd Amendment and the world that the U.S. population lives in – one that government sees as sick and needy, and in need of stern supervision and social intervention. This is the beginning of the bureaucratic end of our freedoms.

    Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Now Be Banned From Owning Guns

    by Joshua Krause

    The battle between the federal government and the states on marijuana legalization has been ongoing for years, but now it’s being fought in an arena that most people have never considered. Now the feds are trying to restrict gun ownership for legal users of marijuana.

    Five years ago a woman named S. Rowan Wilson tried to buy a firearm in Nevada after she received a medical marijuana card. The purchase was turned down by the gun store, because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and there are federal laws that prevent illegal drug users from buying firearms. That led to a lengthy court battle which concluded this week.

    The 9th circuit court decided 3-0, that banning the sale of firearms to a medical marijuana card holder, does not violate the Second Amendment. The court determined that since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and since it can be assumed that anyone possessing a medical card is probably using the drug, they can be prevented from buying a gun.

    Senior District Judge Jed Rakoff of the 9th circuit court, explained his ruling by saying that marijuana “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.” So far there’s no word on whether or not the court will prevent gun sales for consumers of alcohol, or any other legalized drug that causes unpredictable behavior.

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.


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      1. Only 1 death listed in this Hurricane. A homeless guy was found dead in a forest by Ocala Florida. He put up a tent under a dead fall and the tree crushed him.

        Remember that when choosing a camp site or Bugging out. Get far far way from trees with dead branches..

        ~WWTI… SHALL NOT INFRINGE!!!! This is infringement on the 2nd Amendment. But go get drunk as a skunk and buy all the weapons you want. A little pot, nope.. no can do. The war on Drugs is still on, as well as the 2nd amendment threats.

        Also paying sales Tax on Guns is also Illegal and an infringement on gun ownership as it puts up more barriers for the poor to own a gun at a reasonable cost.

        • Haven’t these people ever heard of the “Darwin Awards”? It is good for the gene pool if we let the stoners play with guns, sitting in their mom’s basements with their other millennial or gen-X friends.
          Too many laws and regulations to protect idiots that otherwise would be removed from humanity and not be breeding future hipsters or SJW’s…I say let them get wasted and then try and figure out if that glock is loaded…..

          • I do not believe that anyone convicted of a drug crime, or who has a prescription for opiates of any kind, or other mind altering medicine or substance should be allowed possession of a firearm.

            Alcohol is bad enough.

            Substances which alter a sober consciousness undermine the ability of individuals to rationally evaluate when and where deadly force is acceptable: not to mention those with an irrational temperament.

            Guns should also be banned in Chicago when murders have reached an all time high. Oh, wait, they are. 🙂

            • LOL @ ignorance.

              Stoners don’t get hostile when they get stoned. Drunks do. WTF do you think they don’t allow guns in bars?

              The odds of a stoner whipping out his piece and blasting your face of are next to zero, compared to a raging drunk who is not in control of his actions.

              • I’ll have to agree with Billy Hill. I used to smoke weed in my late teens in the 1980’s and you basically want to chill out, munch on some snacks and watch some stupid video.

          • Please try that glock test yourself..tonight??

          • Really? Have you studied anything on Cannabis?

        • Getting a permit to use a plant God made is as stupid as getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Both things are examples of begging government trash for rights you already have and paying them to boot!

        • You see where this is going?? If you are a legal citizen, and use pot you cannot buy guns. These are phony illegal laws.

          However if you are President Obama, or Eric Holder or the ATF, it is A-OK to sell guns to known Drug Cartels in Fast and Furious. That’s right back up the Truck for known drug dealers and give them all the weapons they want, for selling drugs and polluting society and increasing crime in America. Then they try to disarm American citizens who have a legal right to defend themselves against these very drug dealers.

          This is called Tyranny. These Political Thugs are Traitors to the US Constitution and are in full contempt to the very laws they took an oath to uphold. These Traitors need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and put to death for Treason and being traitors to the USA and our people.

          Make no mistake, they keep pushing, and they will get their assed handed to them. Karma baby!! America is wide awake.

          ~WWTI… Keep stacking and prepare for the worst.

        • So by your logic then, someone who owns guns and then has an injury for which a doctor prescribes a pain killer should then have their guns confiscated? Sorry, but plenty of people have injuries from time to time which result in enough pain to require a prescription strength pain killer and they never harm anyone. Any law which would do so is a violation of a person’s privacy and should not be allowed to stand. However, I think that anyone with a felony conviction for drug related offenses should not be allowed to buy a gun.

      2. Constitutionally, the federal government has no basis to regulate drugs, but we let them do it any way. That being said, if we are stupid enough to allow them to violate what is a states right issue, then don’t be surprised when the Democrat Federal government violates even more rights, even ones specifically enumerated in our first ten amendments. The problem is roughly 47% of our population, which will thankfully be most likely to perish when SHTF.

        • Unfortunately we don’t get to interpret the Constitution like the Bible – however we see fit. This is no different than denying firearm rights to convicted felons or domestic violence perps so if you didn’t stand up for the pedophile when he lost his gun rights it’s time to STFU.

          • I would have shot with the child molester, problem solved.

          • PP,
            Perhaps you mis-understand me.
            I didn’t want to get into the drug Quagmire, as
            I read the constitution that is a right for states
            to regulate, not the federal government.
            The only felons that lose the right to own
            guns are Federal felons.
            Murder for example, is not a Federal felony.
            Depriving someone of their civil rights is a
            Federal felony. That is how the got the cops
            that beat Rodney King.
            The fact that we allow the Federal government to
            make every thing a Federal felony, is my complaint.
            States rights vs. Federal overreach, do you get it?
            Once you serve your time for violations of state law,
            you should have all your rights granted under the
            constitution restored. If you violate federal law,
            such as a courts martial for example you lose most all
            your Federal rights.

            • Bullfuckingshit dude.

              State/County Felonies count to remove your firearms rights as well as your voting rights.

              Theft charge, Class 6 Felony undesignated, removed my right to own firearms as well as vote (among other things) 21 years ago.

              Can I get them back? Sure, if I petition the court and spend thousands of dollars “hoping” they give them back.

              Fuck em. I own what I own and they don’t know shit. I will not be defenseless. I paid my debt to society and then some.

              • I did not even touch upon what kind of bullshit laws your
                state passes.
                “Once you serve your time for violations of state law,
                you should have all your rights granted under the
                constitution restored” is my position.

              • I feel the same. I “paid my debt” 30 years ago. It was my only mistake. I have shown I am a good citizen now. I should have all rights restored.

          • Prep Pastor,
            When the law was passed that made felons innelagable to own firearms there were but a handful of violent crimes that caused you to be declared a “felon” or non citizen with no right to vote and no gun rights. At the time it all was very sensible.

            Since that gun law was passed, liberal politicians have ellivated hundreds of crimes to “felony” status to incrementally expand that gun law, to even minor non violent crimes. To change to the original gun law, just a tweak here and there in criminal law.

            So now in some states if you are busting a gut and pull over to pee on the side of the road and a hard as cop sees, you could not only loose your gun rights, but be declared a sex offender for life. This was not the original intent of either the gun law or the sex offender laws! So yes Pastor we do have a right to complain about a fascist state run amuck.

          • Your an idiot sir

        • Rellik, good points. Although I never touch pot period, this is just another attempt by the gun grabbers to do their thing. If/when they come for mine, I won’t have any problem making them history. MOLON LABE

          • Maybe someone can explain this to me.
            “MOLON LABE” in my language can
            take this many words;
            “Come and try to take them from me!”
            Additionally I would add “Fu $k face”.
            Maybe there is a reason why American English
            is the preferred language today.

            • Rellik, that’s exactly what I meant with MOLON LABE. glad to know we speak the same language.

      3. Backdoor Disarmament: “Banning Sale of Firearms To Medical Marijuana Card Holder”

        People should be growing their own supply – stop complying with B.S. Laws. People that like their alcohol, should be making it themselves, whether it be wine,beer or liquor.

        Since most of these politicians themselves are alcohol & drug abusers – take a moral stand against the establishment and don’t comply with their hypocrisy.

      4. I can’t say keeping guns away from anyone on dope is a bad idea, I just don’t like it from this administration.

        • Some people just do not get the big picture. It is the progression they will go through. Dope, yup got to ban giving them guns. ….Alcohol problem 20 years ago, yup got to ban giving them guns. …Sedative drugs (35 of them) and Tranquilizers yup got to ban giving them guns. …Pain killers yup got to ban giving them guns. …Taking vitamins yup got to ban giving them guns. …

      5. So let me get this straight, as long as I continue to use cannabis illegally I’m good to go with his many guns as I can carry. But if I go legal with a medical card then no guns for me. So logic would dictate that I will continue to use cannabis “illegally” so that my constitutional rights will not be violated. Just more complete “Reefer Madness” stupidity. Legalize it!

        • FF, ‘reefer madness’, LOL! Good one.

        • Wrong. MMJ card protects you from the state, not the feds. If you get caught WITHOUT an MMJ card, the state AND feds can go after you.

          Read an article recently about an interview with a former judge that regretted sentencing a marijuana user with guns. Federal mandatory minimums for a case he heard – guy smoking a joint with a couple of friends gets busted in his house. He has 3 LEGAL pistols in the house. Federal mandatory minimum stated – 1st Firearm with marijuana = 5 years federal prison. 2nd Firearm with marijuana = 25 years federal prison. 3rd Firearm with marijuana = 25 years federal prison. This judge HATED it, but was FORCED to sentence this guy to 55 years in federal prison for this “crime”. The feds are our enemies. Do NOT forget.

      6. Off topic but relative to SHTF.

        Photos, Video and Article of the Hurricane that slammed the Gulf Coast.

        This is a great article showing lots of photos and videos of the damage of this hurricane Hermine on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Tampa got hammered too in this. Familiar with lots of these places. Even Tarpon Springs.

        ht tp://


      7. The ZOG is attempting to put all, or as many as possible, 98%’s kids under the banner of mental health. They seek to rob them of credibility and legal power. This tactic works. Most people trust professional shrink bullshit. Sigmund Freud said to a friend while onboard a ship headed for America, “I bring THE PLAGUE”. Wake up sheeple. He was a homicidal J*w. Psychiatry is a tool of oppression and control. Never, ever talk to a “mental ‘health” professional. And avoid medical doctors, too. Only go to a doctor for things like a broken leg. Don’t confide in them. Just get your bones set and get out as fast as you can.

        If you are depressed you may have stomach issues. Constipation, and leaky gut leading to nutrient deficit. Get plenty of sun. Sunshine is a wonder drug. Walking and exercise reduce stress and improve morale. Drugs, whether legal or illegal are not the answer.


        • For leaky gut, bone broth. Make it yourself. Just get some bones and boil them. Ask your butcher for beef bones. You can boil a whole chicken with bones intact. I’m Having hammocks and beans. Though not broth. I think boiling the hocks which have bone then adding quick cooking beans is good for the gut. It’s a healthy way to use your beans. If you are really suffering, just boil the hocks and drink the broth.

          Also up your healthy fats like coconut oil, walnuts, flax seeds.
          This helps brain function.


        • Certainly never tell any medical professional that you are depressed or ever thought about suicide. Same with the Cops, never tell them anything. They fish for these type of comments, to use against you, so they can keep you from owning firearms. Vets are an good example. Sure they get depressed, and the Feds have banned guns from Vets by hundred of thousands, that have been put on a list.


          • Dont want vets with guns fighting for america against nwo scumbags like obama…

      8. Wait till they make the connection between SSRI’s and gun violence. Every adult on anxiety meds will be denied a permit.

        • Wait until they make the connection between lead poisoning and gun violence. The lead poisoning of course comes from government subsidized slum housing and the water the EPA manages.

      9. At least we can feel safer now that no one will hold up the ice cream shop.

        • No,not really. I read in the paper today about some thugs who go into a small corner store, carrying big bags, go right up to the freezer, start stuffing the bags full of frozen ice cream, Hagan Dass, good stuff, then run outa the store! They robbed ice cream from the same store 3x in a month!They may be selling it quick on the black market the paper said.

      10. If the Court was concerned about the public safety, then they would not allow medical pot card holders to drive a car, either.

        You lose your interstate CDL, too, when you get the card.

        • Smokey thats coming…..

      11. Obama was of course acting when he spoke in favor of marijuana allowing as many as possible to be allowed to get medical cards not only to be on a list for weed but the main reason we see here… they have no legal right but unless people fight they will continue to eliminate gun owners.. oh its a war for years now….

      12. We are seeing the exponential push by government though the liberal courts to use any subset of any marginal event in our lives to destroy the bill of rights especially the second amendment. Things like he’s too old -can’t have a gun, he uses marijuana legally – cant – have a gun will continue against the gun owning population and whittle it down. Sooner than you think gun owning will be the exception and the rule of law for all. For me the rule of law is dead and I am stocking all the preps and ammo I can afford until ammo buying is banned.

        I would rather not see a flash point but I feel the odds of civil conflict are rising. Liberals are at a fanatical point because there has been no push back other than maybe the Tea Party movement. Liberals now feel in total control and that this is their moment to “stick-it-to” their opposition. If we all screamed they would not hear it because the watch dog press is a rabid dog. But if the don’t watch it one of these days the people are going the hit back and knock them on their butts and start to pound them…

      13. Not everyone should have a gun. many should not even have anything with a sharp point. what about those who get social security disability because of a mental condition ( Crazy check) or they are a alcoholic? Prudence and reasonableness should prevail. My aged father was on prescription drugs and suffered from Dementia. Yet he had guns and was still driving. I did the responsible thing & took his guns and vehicle away. I became the bad guy. So he got my sister to take him to a lawyer and write a new will that left me nothing. Trouble was at the urging of my sister. He called the law when I took his guns and truck. He made a theft report. the judge ordered him get a mental eval and retake both the written and driving test. The told the judge Bull Shit. That judge appointed me his guardian. So I eventually put him in the nursing home. That very same judge threw out his will at probate. Cost of nursing home and funeral almost exceeded his assets so the greedy sister received almost nothing. I got 4 percent for being Execuitor.

        • I feel your pain. I walked my Dad through the last week of his life. The experience was not pleasant. Mom, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins all sometimes seem to come apart.
          Since I’m the heartless SOB of the family, it got cleaned up OK.
          Death is a nasty business. The smell of it haunts me still.

      14. Rellik, after we buried my wife back in 1982, somehow I was the one who got blamed for her death regardless of the fact that a stinkin’ Haitian POS refugee ran over her when she was walking across the street from the hospital to the employee parking lot after finishing her shift. We had just celebrated our sixth anniversary together 2 weeks before the tragedy. the dispute got so bad that I decked one of my brothers-in-law for a remark he made. I just barely avoided facing criminal charges over it. I told the whole damn bunch where to go and have never had any more contact with them since. That was my 2nd biggest reason for leaving FL next to losing my wife. I still hurt over the whole affair even to this day. Rellik, you ain’t kidding about death being a nasty business. When you lose a loved one, that is pain which never leaves you. I still hurt over my wife’s loss every day. Not one day goes by where I don’t think of her. I’m still haunted myself but I still manage to carry on. there’s no other alternative.

      15. I was in Gat Guns in East Dundee, Il. the other day. There is a sign there reminding everyone that no Marijuana card holders can purchase firearms.

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