As Trump Nominated, Christie Calls for Prosecution of Hillary At Convention: “Lock Her Up”

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 76 comments

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    While the Justice Department has given Hillary a pass on the handling of classified emails, the new Republican party is preparing to convict her in the court of public opinion, as Trump goes to war with Hillary Clinton.

    Decades of crimes and misdemeanors have piled up on at the Clinton’s doorstep, but no scandal yet has brought the down.

    But at the Republican National Convention, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took aim at the former Secretary of State and asked the crowd if they thought she was guilty.

    The speech is making news from the on-going scene of the convention:

    As Real Clear Politics reported:

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asks the crowd at the Republican National Convention to reply “guilty” or “not guilty” while he talks about Hillary Clinton’s character, judgment and trustworthiness.

    “Is she guilty or not guilty?” Christie asked after every charge he laid before the crowd.

    “Lock her up” chants the crowd.

    The issue clearly shows the divide between conservatives and other Trump supporters, and the programmed mobs who are voting for a Hillary Clinton rogue state, in spite of any and all wrongdoing.

    This election season is likely to remain highly interesting.

    The social media world apparently ganged up on Chris Christie for turning the RNC into a witch trial – against Hillary.

    But if the shoe fits…


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      1. Good acts by corrupt actors.

      2. “The entire Chris Christie speech felt like a witch hunt to me…”

        DAMN RIGHT IT WAS!…put that witch(did i SPELL that right?) behind bars.

          • is it WITCH, or is it BITCH? my spellin’ isn’t so good.

        • buttcrack, Well, she is a witch. A 150 years ago she would have been burned at the stake. Problem solved.

          As far as Gov. Chris Christie he’s angry and pissed as hell Trump didn’t select him for his VP. Possibly Attorney General, but not VP.

          Trump is very uncomfortable around overweight people (such as Christie) and that’s regardless of their intelligence, IQ, accomplishments and positive traits. He surrounds himself with people who are very attractive, successful, wealthy, tall and thin. He doesn’t look at their inner core character, just the external, what’s on the outside.

          I am not saying that in Christie’s defense as he should be behind bars imo, and not running for a position where he can abuse his power… again. They are all corrupt…jmo.

          • Jules:

            In Japan there is something called the office flower. Young pretty women work in offices until they marry or at thirty are retired to the factory to join their less attractive sisters.

            Mothers of beautiful babies cuddle, cut, talk with and smile at as much as two to three times more than mothers of plain or less attractive babies.

            Humans are hard wired to prefer the presence of the healthiest looking humans with the most perfect features.

            This is not opinion. This is fact. This is heavily researched and proven to be so.

            With that in mind, Trump is trying to get elected.

            Furthermore, contrary to popular myth; beautiful athletic people tend to be of higher intelligence, and are more likely to have better social adjustment. This is thought to be the result of more and better mating opportunities.

            As for me, I would prefer looking at Melania for four years than Michael. I mean Michele.

            As for Christie. He looks much better. I believe Trump will find a place for him.

            • Thanks, B from CA. I am well aware of that. And it is true, especially when it comes to mate selection. But when you are hiring key people to run a company, or organization, or the country it should not apply. Trump is shallow. Period.

            • in amurca, we got office flowers too….they’re called newscasters…..which one’s YOUR fave-rit?

        • If it looks like a witch, talks like a lying witch, and is a Biotch, lock the witch up.

          OK. Christie for Atty General. Even though he is a Big fat arrogant slob from Jersey, the armpit of the So I try, I bet he drives a hard hammer. The Clintons and Bush’s crime family needs to ALL be locked up or hung for TREASON. HILLARY Guilty of the Espionage Act.


        • Lock her up and throw away the key!

          • She should not be locked up at all. She should be swinging on a rope.

        • i’ve been saying for MONTHS, that when trump gets all the republicans out of the way, he’s going to rip killary a new ASS…….BANK ON IT!…..such a rich target…

      3. They abandoned our people in Libya, she in direct violation of SOP utilized a private non secure non air gapped server, and then lied about it and she and her dick husband have a multi billion dollar pay to play “foundation” that jeopardises USA national interests on so many levels it cant be put here..
        Locked up is the very least that should happen

      4. who gives a rats ass what fat ass Christie says or even does
        he like the rest is another slick Willie ass hat politician

        yes they are great at being liars and cheating and making damn sure they cover up for each other but when push comes to shove they cant pour water out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

        trump hitlery and the rest are all cut from the same cloth and all will sell out the US to keep in power

        and the sick twisted sycophants that support them are just as bad.

        America is coming to its end and no amount of tale is going to change that. and short of a miracle we are all going to have a visit by the local LEO’s

        mark my words the days of being a bunch of arm chair commandos is coming too an end. and all the bragging all the threats of destroying them with ” ventilation teams” and all the rest of the BS i read on here is only serving to prove the Libs right.
        that most are mentally unstable idiots that do not deserve to own guns let alone be trusted with any other rights. it does not take a MAN to make threats only an idiot.
        and any one that Cant stop bragging about all the crap he ( or she ) has is an even bigger fool
        you only attract attention and very unwanted attention to your self. by bragging

        lately i have seen some of the biggest fools ever playing a stupid tame of who has what and how much it cost etc. all while wearing shirts with GLOCK and SIG on them
        nothing like advertising whom to rob and what trucks to break into
        and yes it has happened

        one idiot in my area had over 30 grand worth of guns stolen from his house all because he could not keep his big mouth shut.
        the thief’s had 4 hours to work on his safe and ransack the home they even took his reloading equip
        and to date not one gun has been found and will never be found.

        the real kicker is 3 of the guns were full auto
        FULL AUTO !!! way too go jack ass

        so while every one is bitching and complaining about this and that the Dark side of society is keeping track of who to rob
        and setting up the next house

        skittle shittin unicorn

        • Skittles,
          Your right to many people talk to much.The trick is to not have any thing in the first place!Me and my 22 will last longer than most,my youngest son,not yet a teen can feed this family!Live smart and survive!Mine can trap ,fish,hunt!
          This is the south,don’t like swamps don’t come here
          Maniac — out

      5. Its actually good she wasn’t charged. Obama would simply pardon her. Even if she was elected? After Obama steps down she can still be charged or better yet the military could & should court martial her.

        • Old Guy,
          I agree with you, BUT something to consider IS, SHE has to know that IF Trump wins they could go after her, so the million dollar question is??? what is SHE doing in IF she loses to protect herself OR does SHE already know the elections are RIGGED for her to win (God forbid), the Clintons are scum but they ARE NOT stupid people, so??? any thoughts ??? on this???

          • It’s rigged ffs obviously.

            No one even batted an eye at the California thing.

            A few years after that Trump will probably fall down a flight of stairs. After accidentally shooting himself in the back of the head 15 times with a nailgun.

          • The Lying Bitch of Benghazi will be prosecuted in 2017 after a TRUMP victory; likely by Christie as US Attorney General.

            Then they will go after Obola and others for Treason. If the Mill of God grinds slowly, it grinds exceedingly fine. 🙂

            • DK, seriously, what are the Vegas odds that Donald will really become President Trump? It seems too good to be true, I am hesitant to get my hopes up. Terrified of the alternative … What does YOUR gut instincts say about who will be our next President? You seem to be right on the money with just about everything. Thanks.

            • “the Mill of God grinds slowly”, but it DOES grind. i just hope that they don’t get TOO crazy about asking for her head BEFORE the MIGHT just energize the demon-crats to turn out in droves to vote for her(for a living, also) so they can “save” her from the gallows….many americans don’t believe in the electric chair, but i’m sending trump a letter, demanding “ELECTRIC BLEACHERS” for these effen criminals we call politicians that are in power right now. yes, the wheels of justice turn slowly, but they DO turn(karl denninger).

              • Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small;
                Though with patience He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all.

          • Apache54

            Christie’s public attack upon Hillary, in the event of him becoming the Attorney General in a Trump Presidency, might hurt the prosecutions standing. In essence, a political victory today jeopardizes a legal victory tomorrow. The Achilles Heel is not the misuse of E mail with classified documents but rather what is inside these E mails. The “Fruit Of The Tainted Tree” doctrine regarding evidence legally allows them to be looked at and any evidence can be used in a future prosecution. The illegality surrounding the Clinton Foundation hasn’t had an AG state that there is nothing to prosecute; its virgin territory and I’ll bet its rich.

          • My thoughts are Hillary is desperate. Itsafact her health is very bad. She has conjestive heart failure and the beginning stages of MS. Bluntly put she is dying fading fast. And its just ego. She wants her legacy to be that she was the first woman president. And the first 1st lady to become president. If convicted her health will keep her out of incarceration. If charged her health will likely keep her from standing trial. So she really has nothing to lose. Win lose or Draw she will spend her last days in intensive care. She is pulling out all the stops.

        • around the ‘scuttlebutt’ there is talk of that happening, whether she makes president or not. Seems to me she’ll cheat her way into that office in whichever manner first presents itself for getting it done. She plays by no rules. She wins and if not, then that means she wins anyway. Works for her and Slick Willie and his pocket monster.

        • Explain to us how the military is going to be able to court martial a civilian Hillary Clinton.

          • She isn’t a civilian yet. She is still the secerectery of state.

        • Sweet

        • FTW, interesting article. Is Putin trying to tell us something?

        • My take…
          Putin regards BLM like it does ISIS
          Putin regards Soros as a funder of BLM and regards the CIA/Obama as a funder of ISIS.
          I agree…

          Live Free or Die…the Russians seemed to be more truthful these days.

      6. I despise Christie. I’m sure he’s as clean as the driven snow. However, seeing Hillary before a military firing squad would make me grin. Christie needs to avoid Venezuela as they are hungry down there.

        • PO’d Patriot, also remember Christie is Governor of a state which does not recognize the natural individual right of self-defense. FASCIST New Jersey. They’re no different than New York City.

          • NJ is a political suburb of NYC having the same general character. Corruption, that would create significant public outcry elsewhere is accepted as the norm. As draconian as the gun laws were three decades ago when I lived there have managed to get far worse. An example is that its felony illegal to stop with a firearm cased and empty in your trunk after shooting or hunting. Don’t get a bite to eat with your companions. Keep in mind buying a gun in NJ requires a procedure that is equivalent to getting a carry permit elsewhere.

            • precisely why i’m planning to leave calipornia soon! instead of taking guns AWAY, simple logic says we need MORE guns. an armed society IS a polite society…compare detroit to phoenix.

      7. I used to think there is a lot of talk but it means nothing. Now it seems the country is becoming actually unstable. If a large number of people, say 40 million, refused to do something what could the government do about it ?

        • We’ve got millions of people who came here illegally and refuse to leave, so far, nothing is being done about it.

          I’ll bet if 75 million gun owners said no registration or taxation or something similar, though, the left would certainly try to do something about that. They’d love to make felons out of millions of white Americans.

      8. If you are in Houston and start seeing homemade,

        “Hillary for prison” signs in October; you are in my neighboorhood.

        Dont know if I will follow thru with putting them up and I know it won’t change one vote; but sure could be fun.

        • Lena,
          I assume you are wanting to target practice with real targets in your neighbor hood!! You might get rid of some scumbags there! BUT if you do,put up those signs and I know you already know this BUT, be very careful, high possibility you will be targeted,and those type of scum do not care what or how they go after you. on the other hand it might be fun.

          • Just put the signs on her supporters’ lawns when they leave for work…that is, if they work.

          • you dont know who you are talking to.

            i would be doing this before sunrise. democrats especially are never up then because they dont have a job to get up for.

            believe me, i know from experience. if you are out from 4 to 6am; you can do practically anything you want because no one is out and the only ones that are out are because they have to be.

          • Put ’em in your own yard, with a camera and motion sensors. Anyone trespasses in your yard and destroys private property will go to jail. Perfect outcome.

            In most states, you can get triple damages for willful trespass and damage. Small Claims Court for most such vandalism cases.

        • they make signs saying i “heart” hillary out there in new yawk, but where I come from, we got I “club” hillary signs!


        Jesass PO’D, yep. Even the itallian Mob is after that Bull dike. After seeing whats going on in Turkey, I feel that our cities will look like that by years end. The Webbots picked on the fact that police will turn against each other, military, etc. Now wee see the same things commensing in Turkey. Like closet homoKerry probably told Erdogan, do the attack and we will monitor the situation because we are planning this same thing to stop Trump from becoming president.


        Still getting ready for shtf just incase.

        • HCKS, keep stacking and praying. I’ve been back at the BOL since last Fri. and been involved in some interesting ‘activities’, so I haven’t been on here much lately. I don’t know for sure how much longer I’ll be here the way things are going. We’ll see.

      10. It was rather interesting that Christie chastised Hillary for the overthrow of Libya and its subsequent chaos. Terrorists filling the power vacuum are now running rampant. Christie then champions the very same actions, for the very same reasons in Syria. The audience, filled with hubris, claps.

        Its all utter bullshit.

        • Even more interesting is that its illegal by international law to overthrow a sovereign nation and yet its openly admitted. The US, not feared nor respected, because its terribly weakened, gets no rebuttal from the world community.

          Its all bullshit.

          • On all your points Kevin…I thought those things too…thanks for posting it here!

            • talon1776


              The fact is the US is feared greatly hence not a peep regarding its violations of international law. Its might is asymmetrical as it comes from everywhere because its just an instrument of the power of TPTB. Don’t do as they wish and the retaliation starts economically. Next is the CIA type fostering internal problems often culminating in a revolution. The last resort is its unrivaled military bite and willingness to use it. Its political decline is shown by the common usage of the latter. Its indicative of a failing empire.

              An eye opening book is Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man.

        • ALL bullshit,
          That is the understatement of the day K2

      11. For the people that do not pay attention and are new to this site. Hitlery was the Sect. of State when she ignored the Benghazi ambassador to increase security in Libya. Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed as a direct result of her failure to recommend sufficient security to stop or discourage a terrorist attack. Then she lied about the attack, calling it the result of a protest about a film nobody had ever seen. She also recruited Susan Rice to tell the tall tale about the movie for a month after the truth was known.

        The treason performed by Hitlery regarding security protocols (Personal server in stead of the govt. secure server) may have led to deaths in the spy world. She certainly weakened our country by making information accessible to those that plan our demise.

        The Clinton Foundation Fund grew at a phenomenal rate while she was Sect. of State. Is it a giant leap to assume she sold influence to foreign nations?

      12. The people of New Jersey dislike Christie, I don’t know anybody who likes Christie, he sucks. Hating Clinton, get in line, she sucks. Pretend there are two sides to pick from when there is only one, that sucks. Sucks like a black hole of all encompassing corruption suckage. It’s difficult to find even one politician that does not suck. I highly doubt one exists.

        • You’re right aljamo. They don’t exist because the good people who are qualified to be POTUS (out of over 330 million Americans) the only ones who run for Office are the corrupt ones. The good ones are threatened and relentlessly bullied by those without a conscience.

          It’s really not about the Dems/Repubs or left/right or conservatives or liberals. Its about incompetent Versus competent. The good ones, competent, and with a moral compass also know they are out-numbered by the corrupt, incompetent ones and that clearly it’s a ‘Culture of Corruption’, that at this point, they can’t step in and fix and then expect not to be tortured, assassinated, murdered, or family members kidnapped. It’s too dangerous.

          Plus, TPTB (the Rothschild’s & Chinese Li family, to name just two) select the most corrupt, morally bankrupt ones insanely addicted to power and money so that they’ll usher in the NWO and also push their many self-serving, self- benefiting agendas, and without an ounce of remorse.

          So if we were to back out the 330+ million Americans who aren’t qualified or interested, or are under/over age, disabled, whatever, we’re still left with, at the very least, a few million candidates–it doesn’t surprise me that none of them will come forward. They know they would be eaten alive, placing themselves in great danger and won’t be selected by TPTB anyway, and if they were, they surely wouldn’t survive it. TPTB want corrupt-minded.

          They’d be walking into a raging fire that they didn’t start, and can’t put out and live to tell. In other words, we’re screwed.

        • How about Trey Gowdy?

          • Steve Pieczenik doesn’t think very highly of Gowdy. Infowars has an interview with him.
            Gowdy has indicated in the pass that he would like to get out of politics and return to S.C. I think he is growing tired of the whole sham that is Washington.

      13. Better to keep those cards close to the vest.

      14. Good article on why Hitlary is losing support. The links to this story have been “disappearing”. Huffington post removed the story.

        • I believe that Hillery could easily not get a single vote, save her own, and would still win the election by a landslide. I’m also sure “they” will be ready for anything that may happen if such an event doesn’t go over well with We The People.
          It doesn’t take much since even a child knows that making Hillary the president would be making a criminal one of the most powerful people on the planet. Is THAT insane or if not, what is?

      15. I had a minor epiphany today that I’d like to share. In 1948 the Smith-Mundt Act was passed, prohibiting the use of propaganda on US citizens. As a result, news outlets generally offered opposing viewpoints in order not to appear biased. In 2012 the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was passed, permitting the use of propaganda and completely fabricated news in the US as well as the world. This was further reinforced with the New NDAA law in 2014. Now most political propaganda originates in the State Department. Who was Sec’y of State in 2012? That’s right, Hillary. What supposed tragedy occurred later in 2012? Sandy Hook. This fit perfectly into Hillary’s gun control plans. How many other fabricated news events have happened since, swaying public opinion to advance their agenda? If you’ve wondered why no one gets punished for publishing or broadcasting outright lies, it’s because it has been completely legal since 2012.

        • Fox
          Good post. So people who use deceit, propaganda and other outright lies for political gain pass a law making it legal.

          One of my favorite quotes from Ike. “A curious relaxation of ethical standards”. This type of item seems to be attached to the Lib/progressive/commy movement. Part of the new standards they imposed on us all.

          • That is exactly why subliminal suggestion was remade into being legal in the 70’s, but was made illegal in the 50s. They found it better to use the ‘brain-bending’ methods on us, and do.

        • Yes … unfortunately in America – Propaganda is completely Legal per the B.S. un-Constitutional NDAA Law!

          Typical, normal business routine as very much expected in American Politics.

      16. Them Clintons have racked up more federal investigations than John Gotti and Al Capone put together… and Waco Willy thinks he can prance back into the Oval Office like a prom queen that just blew the varsity squad thinkin nobody’s none the wiser.
        He might slither his way back in but I would advise he barricade the door.

      17. Them Clintons have racked up more federal investigations than John Gotti and Al Capone put together… and Waco Willy thinks he can prance back into the Oval Office like a prom queen that just blew the varsity squad …..thinkin nobody’s none the wiser.
        Arrogant Bastid

      18. Have to remember to save cookies etc…. so I don’t echo post.
        I’m bout as sharp as a bowling ball..
        Speaking of bowling balls.. If the color scheme was reversed at bowling alleys ..white ball … black pins … Would al sharpton be calling for all bowling alleys to be shut down?

      19. Three words are all it takes to make the difference in whether or not a Presidential candidate becomes President or the butt of political jokes. Look at Reagan and “Morning in America”; it defined his Presidency and became his legacy. I believe one of his early ads had him on his ranch watching the sun come up. At the opposite end is Mitt Romney and “Forty-Seven Percent”. Caught on hidden camera at a private fundraising dinner. Lost the election, garnering 47% of the vote. When he dies, he’ll probably be buried in grave site 47, with “Forty-Seven Percent” on his tombstone.

        Trump has found the right three words to carry him to the White House. Those words are going to ring louder every time another illegal act by Hitlary, complete with preposterous cover-up, is exposed to the light of day. At some point, even the most brain-dead and brain-washed of Americans are going to start taking their heads out of their asses, the shit out of their ears, and paying attention to what is really going on. What will it take? Hitlary’s desire for war with Russia, staring them right in the face. It’s going to occur to them that there’s going to be no one to fight the Russians for them, because no American with any measure of brains and self-respect wants any part of a war with Russia.

      20. So that was just BS that Putin has the Clinton’s emails and would release them, or he is holding them for a more opportune time like a couple of weeks before the election. Who really knows what to believe anymore, of course with the exception of the Clinton’s body count and all of the convenient deaths of people close to testifying against them. That’s as plainly obvious as the nose on your face. The establishment hate for Trump is unrelenting, that should be enough cause to vote for him. Stop the Bush-Clinton circle jerk! To not do so is insanity.

        • If he does have them, releasing them during the GOP convention is not a very timely thing to do.

          Americans play poker, Russians play chess. They’ll release the emails at the most opportune time, if they have them.

          All they need is one classified email.

      21. All part of the show, enjoy as they prepare for
        Our orderly disposal, albeit a bit later than expected.

        • Lol albeit,

      22. Christie, and any Republican, calling for the prosecution of the Bitch of Benghazi are merely fanning the flames for the Democrats…they’ll vote for the bitch to make sure she wins so she’ll stay out of jail. Best for the Republicans to keep quiet about that and silently plan how they will have her prosecuted when Trump wins.

      23. Obama will just issue a pardon. Best not vote her in to start with. Health issues and integrity issues should keep her out of office.

      24. It would be interesting to see H——Y bent over a table with her pants down.

        • wonder what kind of echo you would hear?

        • past’er fuzz HELL, i/m knee deep in her KIDNEYS!….anybody remember that one?

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