Some Call for Reinforcements After Oregon Leaders Arrested: “If They Stop You From Getting Here, Kill Them!”

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 126 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editors’ Comment: The war for freedom will be a long one, and it will take many forms. For now, it appears that the arrest of the main people involved in the Oregon standoff, having been arrested, and calling for the others to go home, will likely bring a resolution to the situation, and not without violence on the part of the Feds.

    It remains to be seen if those still at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will heed the words of Ammon Bundy, as there has been some attempt to draw further supporters up there – and very irresponsible calls for bloodshed and violence. Those calling vocally to “kill” federal officials and LEOs who would keep people from joining the standoff, or of those welcoming a bloodbath are creating part of the problem, and may well be provocateurs.

    The larger issue of land, between the federal government and the people of Western states, will not be resolved so easily, and neither will the fight to restore the rights of the people. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a civil war… and hopefully further violence can be averted

    Ammon Bundy Admits Defeat, Calls On Remaining Oregon Occupiers To “Stand Down, Go Home”

    by Tyler Durden

    The story of Ammon Bundy and his not so merry band of Federal Wildlife Refuge occupiers is about to come to its end.

    Following the overnight arrest of the Oregon militia leader and six of his associates by the FBI, as well as deadly shooting during a confrontation with federal authorities of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, spokesperson for the militiamen occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, moments ago Portland’s KATU reported that Ammon Bundy, through his attorney, asked the remaining armed occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to stand down and go home.

    Bundy and the others were taken to Portland and booked into the Multnomah County Jail and made their first appearance in federal court on felony charges.

    It was here that Bundy decided to stand down.

    “I’m asking the federal government to allow the people at the refuge to go home without being prosecuted,” Bundy said through his attorney Mike Arnold, who stood outside court to read Bundy’s statement. “To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now in the courts. Please go home.”

    Earlier, the handful of remaining armed occupiers tried to convince more people to join them via a YouTube livestream and told any would-be occupiers that if the federal authorities “stop you from getting here, KILL THEM!”

    The occupiers took over the refuge Jan. 2.

    In addition to Bundy, those arrested were Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox and Ryan W. Payne. They were taken into custody during a traffic stop. Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy and online talk-show radio host Peter Santilli were arrested in Burns. Jon Ritzheimer was arrested after surrendering to authorities in his home state of Arizona.

    Top row from left are Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier and Shawna Cox. Bottom row from left are Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy, Ryan Payne, Jon Eric Ritzheimer and Peter Santilli. (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office/Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

    KATU adds that a federal judge ordered the seven defendants in Portland to stay in federal custody. The judge ruled there’s a risk they wouldn’t show up in court, and those under arrest pose a danger to the community because the occupation at the wildlife refuge continues.

    Defense attorneys argued that none of those under arrest have significant criminal records, but the judge agreed with prosecutors that all should remain in custody until a detention hearing scheduled for Friday.

    None of the seven defendants entered any plea on the charge of impeding federal wildlife officers from doing their job, although the outcome of the legal process at this point is virtually assured: prison, of the Federal kind.


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      1. Can the ones there really just go home or drive down the road and be dealt with one at a time

        • I know one from reno that will be allowed to leave that was there. I know for a fact he was in one of the cars where the murder took place. He was pretending to be security for Bundy. He has been working as a cop for 37 years and just recently infiltrated the oath keepers. Check the video’s of Bundy after you check the pic by googling Gary Underhill. He can be seen standing right next to or behind Bundy in most vids. He was interviewed by the NY Post at some point the Oregon ordeal.

        • Wow! I’ve never seen a group mug shot of so many stupid motherfuckers as this! I hope to Christ these primates don’t get a chance to breed!

          • Merger go fuck yourself! you commie bastard!

            • Spoken like a real cigar store injun, stay away from that firewater for a while. Who the hell uses the word ” commie” any more? Jesus, you must be ancient.

          • go fuck yerself, merger…fukin’ SIMP.

          • Take a hike shitstain.

            • Here’s a better idea, why don’t you two lovers get a room together and console each other? Bet you’d both LOVE that!

          • Merger, I agree with the others, go suck you boyfriends dick or take it up your ass you liberal.

      2. “The Level Of Alarm Is Extremely High” As Zika “Spreading Explosively” WHO Warns

        h ttp://

        • Yep this may get the balls rolling

          • Cause and effect of more than 1 shtf to deal with

        • Oh NO!!! Another Ebola. Or swine flu. Or bird flu.

          • Help aint commin just run around in circles with your arms in the air screaming atleast people will leave you alone

        • OR, maybe this will just mean less questions as the trucks roll through neighborhoods in a few months spraying a dense fog….

          • Its not gonna leave a bad taste in my ice tea will it

      3. Yet thousands of illegals are given an EBT card, bus tickets, fresh clothes. etc. for a promise to show up in court at a later date.

        • Good points. 🙂

      4. Even after they get home its not over for them when i worked for the state i dissagreed with a policy that my higher ups were putting into place and was told if i did not go along with it they would see to it to spend all my money so in other words hem me up in some bull shit so that i would have to get attorney’s to save my ass it reminded me exactly how the SS ran from what ive read

        • Exactly,
          The reality is were screwed unless we want to be good little servants,,,
          Screw it

        • I was told the same thing at a place I worked. If I didn’t go along they said I would never get anything at the company. This after saying I was a rising star. Fuck um, I quit.

          • Same here. Was told literally the same thing. Said fuck them back in November.

            Bring on the collapse.

            Boo yeah

      5. That guy with the Ruger carbine isn’t gonna do much,for a Revolution you need not only the boots,but the minds too.
        The Left(the globalist,Mainstream Media,the Feds whatever enemy) has intellectuals to lead and give example of run things,
        I know its difficult to reach people when the adversary own the media,but a focus is needed,to win the hearts you must win the minds first.

      6. when will the PEOPLE decide to free these poor bastards that are doing time(double jeopardy) for setting fire to “feral land”, while trying to steal their land….SOME day….SOME where, some citizens will have to stand UP, surround the jail, and set them free, since the court system doesn’t WORK anymore…if we had a president that really DID want to do the right thing, all this crap wouldn’t be necessary….why hasn’t he released them yet from prison? because he’s as crooked as the day is long, that’s why…and why don’t the republicans, and maaaybee a few democRATS get together and impeach that sonofabich?…because it seems that EVERYbody in government is corrupt…EVERYbody is corrupt in this country…when i was young it was well known that mexico was a very corrupt country, but they got NUTHIN’ on U.S. anymore!…we must be the MOST corrupt bunch of sonsobiches in the WORLD…what the fuck happened to U.S.?…apathy, that’s what…and when a few patriots want to stand up and try to help someone who’s been WRONGED, they are villified for their trouble…this aint MY america. i used to get a chill when i said the pledge of allegience….now…all i feel is DISGUST…the world hates U.S. now…all corrupt nations fail eventually, and our turn is coming very soon.

        • BCOD, these old welfare cheats are not the noble ranchers of John Wayne movies and none of that land belongs to them. They don’t even pay the minimal lease payments and this isn’t the first time they burned land not their own. This is not the best venue.

          • and that land sure as hell dont belong to the dam Fed’s either

            the burning of adjacent land was an accident ..not intentional

            • well said!

            • and all of this is still no dam excuse to kill a man in cold blooded MURDER

              • No one has demonstrated that yet.

                Just an accusation from an unsupported source so far.

                • FOAD if you believe the Feds on ANYTHING

            • EOS: how much land have the Feds burned, by accident? A lot more than those ranchers burned. Was anyone fired? No. Did anyone lose their job? No. I am sick of the double standard. Accidentally burning a hundred acres of grassland isn’t a big deal but of course the city slickers and enviro-wackos cry like it is their own butt that was burned.


              • damn rite phil!!! well said.

          • The CNN is strong with this one.

          • I know one of the militia men there and he was in prison for drugs. You are right these are not noble people!

            • Thats why the article says no one has prior records…….read!

          • Rebecca:

            Those “Old Welfare Cheats” understand the scourge called Uranium One and the criminal Clintons getting payola once again for selling America to foreign interests,

            This has nothing to do with the burning of a few acres of scroungy land in Burns, Oregon. It is a story so loaded with corruption from the pitiful judge and sheriff of Harney county, to the thieves at the BLM, and on up to the devilish thieves of our century….the Clintons and their corrupt minions.

            You seem to be drinking DKs’ kool-aide. Educate yourself on the true background of the whole smelly mess. No more free passes for disinformation at shtf, Rebecca…

            • Makemyday, becca is a plant. Beware.

            • Hey mmd, what if Rebecca doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think, what’s your big game plan then, shit yourself?

            • “make my day”, and whatever other names you go by here:
              Fuck you.

              Talk about spreading disinfo.
              LaVoy did nothing BUT collect gov checks. Like more than 100 grand per year for warehousing foster children.

              FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT “Ranchers”. And you assholes want to give your lands to them, so they can trash watersheds, shit in creeks and trample YOUR vegetation, chew foliage down to nubs, flies and dust.

              Bundys jackwads seriously fucked up the attempt to return US to consitutional rule.

              So go ahead you stupid fuck, call for the killing of Feds.
              This website is just one big honeypot to elicit violent threats, and all that do so are tracked.

              In closing,
              go fuck yourself YOU DICK.

              • Alias,

                ” make my day” is actually a old lady who used to call herself “pissed off granny”. She is an idiot of the first order, has nothing to do with her worthless life but make idle threats about everybody’s imminent doom because she’s old and has one foot in the grave already. She hates everything and everyone, especially young people. She’s simply a pathetic old and spiteful geezer.

                • Court Report:

                  I wonder if anyone has noticed you just came up out of the sewer lately to spout your nonsense at me. I feel honored that you get so upset at my posts; hit a truth nerve do I? At sometime in the not to distant future people will become aware that fools like you are paid to roam the internet and bash truth tellers.

                  Don’t matter what name I post under; prove what I post is not truth. Then maybe someone will assume you have an IQ above 10.

                  Granny’s do not have to be “old” you fool. And yes, I spend lots of time trying to find the truth of a subject; no matter who posts it.

                  You are a prime candidate for the MSM; they would welcome you… fit right into their bashing of people who tell the truth. Maggots, all of you and your ilk. You are going to be the death of America!

                  • Granny,

                    Sounds like I am the one who hit a nerve. These few, trivial posts I challenged you with were a test of your inner fortitude. Needless to say, you have demonstrated what you’re made of. You fall apart like a cheap suit, whine about picked on when the truth concerning your idiotic paranoia complex falls under the least bit of scrutiny, claiming you’re looking for the ” truth”. You don’t have far to look granny, { and yes, grannies are old by definition}, unless you’re one of these idiots who think 70 is the ” new” 50. Anyway, just look in a mirror, the ” truth” you seek will show itself in your frightened eyes, frightened by everything and everyone.

                    • The only truth in your post is the word “trivial”, court jester.

                      All you trolls are trivial. Can’t attack the message then attack the messenger. Your commie training is showing.

                      I wont be answering any more of your ignorant posts, jester, so have fun. People here can separate wheat from the tares. Tare is what you are…God has a plan for you….look it up.

                    • Ah YES, God is gonna “get” me now! The last refuge of the psychopath, can’t debate your point? No problem, just tell “em GOD is gonna “get” ’em! Yeah, that will REALLY make me go away granny, just watch for future posts and see how effective ” God” is gonna be for you.

              • La Voy is nothing but a jack Mormon

                he and his kind are the ass holes of the so called flds religion

                lies and scams are all they know

                and yes i have first hand knowledge of the so called religion

                THE F L D S religion scam is full of lies and non truth they claim to be up right law abiding folks and they do nothing but pull scam after scam

                i had some work for me and they refuse to pay taxes insisting on working under the table they collect welfare and state aid for alleged mental defect children
                ( all because they marry first cousins )
                liars all

                so be careful who you side with and stay the hell away from the FLDS religion

              • Profanity is used by the uneducated.

            • MMD: nailed it.

          • You’re a plant, becca. Probably potted.

          • All of the properties we all now own, was owned by some one else before. As in Native Americans, which our government pretty much stole from them.
            Ms Rebecca, high and mighty, why don’t you gift you property back to the original owners?
            All of the ranchers and farmers here in the west (I live in southern california) ought to not grow or sell any of their products for a while. Hell, they ought to bite the bullet, let all of those idiots who call these hard working guys a bunch of loons starve, because they are too stupid to realize that its guys like these that work so we can have our supermarkets full of groceries.
            So many people think food just shows up at the store.
            Here in california, ranchers and farmers have been fighting the environmentalists, the government bureaucrats for years.

            • Native Americans aren’t native. They came from the northwest, way up northwest. Drifted south with the ice ages.

              becca is a plant, JF. Beware.

            • thanks JF

              and yes I am also Native..

              and If working those hard jobs wasn’t feeding their families , im sure they would be more than happy to sit this feeding the masses out..I think I sure would

          • Rebecca,
            you need to do MORE research, there is one HELL of a bunch of information either you don’t know about or you just read MSM and HOW many other ranchers are or have been fighting the feds for years I personally live next door to several ranchers who have been in court battle for the last 12 years and it just keeps getting stalled by the FED courts they are trying to make them run out of money and drop the suit! wake up GIRL i thought you had more smarts!

            • Apache54, thanks for thinking I am smarter than that.
              Ranchers have been leasing land for practically nothing for decades. It is the old scam on the taxpayers. The federal government has a new, better paying scam on the taxpayers. They are evicting the old welfare cheats “with cause” because they were bad boys that refused to pay lease payments, burned federal land over and over, and so on.
              Even so, the ranchers are just trashy tenants. They thought the free ride would go on forever and it is finished. They feel entitled to free or low rent. They pull guns. They suck others in. I am from Oregon, they have done this my entire life. It isn’t just government employees that disdain these ranchers that live out of the federal taxpayer. This is just one scam replaced by another. Not something to get killed over.
              Are you an apache for real? I thought I was 1/4 Apache, had a DNA test and found out I am Irish and northern European! I liked the family story better 🙂 Guess that makes me part Viking… not bad.

          • Another lib calling ranchers welfare cheats. Obviously clueless. It is your beloved liberal government that is lying to you and has sold you out. Too bad you were too lazy to read a six-page document I linked yesterday. Here it is, again:

            ht tp://

            Yep, the BLM approved a water hog placer mine to be built by a foreign-owned company on a so-called wildlife refuge. Cui Bono? Digging into who owns that mine and who got the bonus at BLM would be a good start to finding out the real truth about what is going on.

            But go ahead on lib Reb, with your delusional thinking. I bet you think the government actually cares what you think and is going to make sure that the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you is absolutely pure.

            • government employees bragg about stealing property from people at retirement dinner…google it, if you don’t want to wait for moderators to approve my link that follows…this is a very good youtube at how corrupt they are.

              • BCOD: I saw that video a few days ago and that is part of what totally pisses me off!

                If that video doesn’t piss people off I don’t know what will.

          • While you may be right in a technical sense, there is another issue. They were tried the second time on a terrorism statute for something that clearly was not terrorism. Had it just been the arson claim then most people would have left it alone. It’s the overreach by employing a law that was not intended to be used in such a situation that has people upset, in addition to the BLM issues. It’s not the first time this sort of tactic has been employed either. About 10 years ago the RICO statute was used against a pro life group. In that case a law intended to destroy the mafia was used to silence the free speech of a group of citizens.

            • Winston Smith,
              I have not overlooked the terrorism charge. That was put in place by the right wing to take out left wing environmentalists and it has come back to bite them in the arse. No civil rights for accidents by lefties? They accidentally burned a building down on one protest and were jailed with harsh sentences as terrorists. And served their full sentences… for terrorism, not arson. What right wing person said that Constitutional violation was wrong? Ditto with civil asset forfeiture for drug dealers, also dreamed up by the right wing and that Constitutional violation is now biting everyone is the arse. When is it time to stop busting the Constitution’s chops just cuz you don’t like the group of citizens that have rights? One person one vote is being actively violated every day by the Republican party to maintain control over this country by force of Unconstitutional laws. Constitution is what makes this country great, and I have spent years now trying to get rid of civil asset forfeiture in my state. We won.

              • Winston,
                They these welfare cheats and arsonists load up their guns and take over a federal facility and stick their tongues out at the feds. Great. They upped the antenna to suicide by law enforcement. I am glad that most of of them are safely in jail before they all commit suicide. Their cases can now be fought in court and hopefully bring down those Unconstitutional terrorism statutes. Unfortunately they will still serve prison terms for real offenses. Better than dead.
                I have been fighting for the Constitution for close to 30 years as a Republican. Republicans quit being interested in legality during that time and still are not. Democrats have never been concerned with legality. We need a new party. We will not get a new party until some people in this country get commited to the Constitution.
                I keep saying this is not a good issue for a Constitutional law fight… they never owned the land and are fighting for what they think is the right to continued cheap leases. The lease holder found a better paying tenant. This is well established in case law. So is armed takeover of a government facility.

            • Winston,
              In Constitutional law, you have to be right in a technical sense to win in a court of law. That is the glory of having a Constitution and rule by law instead rule by guns. All these unchallenged laws have now added up to rule by guns. It isn’t fun. So these guys are playing the rule by gun game against big guns. Not for the Constitution, but for their “rigjt” to cheap leases. Welfare.
              I know that EMOTIONALLY this has all the appeal of a John Wayne movie to many of you guys. They are not John Wayne (one of my favorites too). They want welfare forever.
              I hope all the talk on this site about Constitutional rights is real, and not bogus, because our Constitution is under attack. This is not a good case because most of the country sees it as welfare boys wanting to get something for nothing. These ranchers want cheap federal leases like they have had for decades, they aren’t disputing federal ownership. They have been okay with that for decades… that will figure in a court case too… they signed contracts without disputing the validity of the feds to make them.

        • We’re not going to impeach anybody. Even if we did the Senate wouldn’t convict them. Constitutional remedies are off the table now. Sure, we can file lawsuits, hire lawyers and go to court only to fight other lawyers that WE pay for too.

          We’ve squandered years and uncounted lives worrying about whether or not we will have the moral high ground when we finally take that fateful step and fight back. No more Fort Sumters, right? But how many Wacos does it take to equal one Fort Sumter?

          We’re being Wacoed to death – literally, but just like the European politicians who are telling their constituents to hold the peace, we’re still being told to wait until we can hold the moral high ground. Folks, the bottom of a grave is not high ground and that’s all the ground LaVoy Finicum has to look forward to.

          What we need is fewer Neville Chamberlains and more John Parkers – who, by the way, was dying of tuberculosis when “the shot heard ’round the world” was fired. Maybe he finally understood he had nothing left to lose. Maybe we need to find men who are too old or too sick to fight to show the rest of us how to fight.

          • We will all be called militants like these guys in Or and will be treated like shit anyway,,,
            Personally im sick of this shit, am just trying to scrape by but every time i turn around theres another requirement or tax,,, everybody around me thinks im nuts because i dont want yo go along to grt along, its really getting old, as goid as i have it here i would love to move and be around like minded folks, here its a buncha freakin sheep,
            Thats all i hear, Baaaa BaaaaA BAAA
            getting rel old and real lame

            • I don’t remember where you are Kula but I be happy to help with a move to N. Nevada.

            • Kulafarmer.

              Yes, we all will be Terrorist, Militants and Criminals before it is all over.

              All by Government Decree.

              Turn in your stuff or you are in violation of the law with actions similar to bench warrants. Traffic stop and have not turned in your gun. Go to Jail.

              • those traffic stops could become small war zones if they want to play that game

            • I have a real question: Why aren’t we gun owners/second amendment advocates organized so that we can SPRING into action/protest should the government attempt an Australian/British/Canadian (i.e. white European Christian Countries) gun grabs?

              These countries past their respective legislation so fast after a shooting incident and then you had a short time to turn your nugs in or be guilty of a felony.

              We MUST be ready and prepared to first take peaceful action to let them know we will not comply! We need to show the world that we are ready to fight rather than surrender our right of self defense and ability to act as a check on a tyrannical government.

              Right now it seems our response is just come and get them.

              Someone please tell me that we will stand in, at first, serious non-violent protest. The kind that makes the Vietnam protests look tame!

              • Justice, my ass,

                Skip the non-violent protest. Non-violent protest will get you killed.

                Vietnam protesters are now the authorities, the commies.

        • The whole thing sucks,,,

        • could not agree more with every word you’ve written

        • BCOD:

          Commutations and pardons by Obama now up to 184….more than the last 6 presidents combined.

          Quote from Times article “This is one area where the president and the Republicans are in agreement who believe the criminal justice system has grown too costly and houses too many people for too long.”

          Really? His commutations and pardons came at the same time the Hammonds were slated to RETURN to prison. There is always prison room for patriots; drug dealers not so much. Anyone thinking that the Hammonds had a fair shake, lets call it what it is, you are delusional.

          Want to know what is in store for the patriots that are now in fersl federal custody? Read Senator George Hansens’ imprisonment or Edgar Steels’ agony in their hands. If you are perceived as a threat to the sell out of America, beware.

          • He’s nowhere close to Clinton’s record. He issued 140 pardons in just one day, January 20, 2001. His total is almost 500. Obama will have to get busy to match that.

          • Makemyday,


            Pardons/Commutations for each President below:

            JFK 472/100 in 34 months
            LBJ 960/226 in 62 months
            RMN 863/60 in 67 months
            GRF 382/22 in 29 months
            JC 534/29 in 48 months
            RR 393/13 in 96 months
            GHWB 74/3 in 48 months
            WJC 396/61 in 96 months
            GWB 189/11 in 96 months
            HBO 66/184 in 83.5 months

            • Rebecca:

              From website


              “President as shortened sentences of more people than the last 5 presidents combined.”

              “President Obama has commuted the sentences of more men and women than the past five presidents combined.”

      7. How many more Americans will die until the out of control Federal authorities and local police are put in their place? The Feds do not have lawful jurisdiction in the Oregon Republic. The UNITED STATES is a corporation and the STATE OF OREGON is a corporation.

      8. They cannot just go home, they will be arrested and tried. Better, perhaps than forcing martyrdom by dying there. A trial is a forum to state your case, and prison is a martyrdom that you might survive. Their leaders did not choose death. Just sayin.

        • Rebecca

          They are operating a small excavator to build earthworks such as berms and pits. Literally digging in.

      9. Wow! That is what I want to see in that video. sarc.

        I understand the anger but that guy is hell bent.

      10. This is a trap.

        To give an excuse for use of force or other actions.

        To turn the tables towards the Government viewpoint.

        Like the reichstag fire in Munich. Hate to use that comparison, but…

        Just my opinion.

      11. an example of our court system NOT working. …last night i watched “strange inheritance” on fox news channel. it was about the atocha treasure found at sea, and the gubmint said it wasn’t the guy that found it’s property, they were going to take it all from him….and they said after ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY trials and court proceedings, that the courts ruled FOR the guy that found it…it was his afterall. and he shouted at that point “america is the greatest country in the world”!…and i couldn’t help but think this guy’s NUTS. most anyone else would never be able to outlast the gubmint’s unlimited resources in suing someone, and would have given up YEARS before! yet THIS guy was OK with that…PFFT! greatest INDEED!…that’s how they DO IT!…they constantly wear you down, until you are penniless…and PANTY-LESS, if yer not LUCKY. i have ZERO…………….ZERO, faith in our court system any more….fleece the public, that’s what they DO, here in AMERICA….. C.O.U.R.T., it’s an acronym, you know, CONTINUE ON UNTIL RESOURCES TAKEN!

      12. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave….Bull Shit Two gays in the White House and one of them is not even an American Citizen {guess who}. You could hang 99% of Washington D.C. and most of Wall Street including the heads of the Federal Reserve for treason. After you seize their assets and distribute it among the American People, not the corporations.

      13. I had to go to You Tube because it is blocked here to see it. His /there points are well taken. The problem is how they are presented.

        I would bet if you put Mo in front of Hammond. Making it Mohammond that the Muslime and chief would not bother them. Hell they would send in supplies.

        IMHO and I’m more than likely wrong.
        This whole thing is just the tip of the Iceberg. This thing that they are standing for is a local issue . Wait till the get a national issue. Then you will get a Civil War. Learn from this watch what they are doing use the information you gat to you advantage.


      14. I typed this on word pad. I can no longer visit this site. Internet has stopped working pop ups or I can not type as my cursor freezes every two or three characters.
        No other site does this and I visit and read about 10 day .
        Anyone else?? This has been about a week of interference.
        I am still using OS Windows 7, but having no problems but here. I miss commenting and reading.

        • are you ready?

          Yep. All kinds of advertisements and silly shit. Freeze ups. Curser stops. Page will not load. Go to pages I did not select/different topics..

          Then it goes away or settles down. The NY POST Washington Times and Los Angelos papers. Fox behaves fine.

          • So isn’t just me…thanks.:-(

            • Lap top does that/house computer doesn’t

          • So isn’t just me…thanks.:-(

            • Guys
              Having the same trouble here.

              • Yep, me too.

                • Me too, Maddog

                  • having no problems lately, my posts no longer vanish like they used to, and thanks to someone here who suggested adblock+, no ads, quick loading pages, using firefox..

                    • Guys, Install Ad Block Plus and Ghostery. All of your problem will go away except the pop-under asking you to join the site ( do that your own risk).

                      Also, you really need to run anti-virus and anti-malware software. There’s plenty of free programs out there that will keep you protected. No need to pay for good protection these days. Personally, I can recommend Comodo Internet Security, Spyware Blaster and Malwarebytes Antimalware. I run the free versions.

                      Finally, your OS requires maintenance just like any other tool. Download CCleaner (free cookie crusher) and run it at least once a month. Also, defragment your hard drive at least once a month. Go through saved links (bookmarks) in your browser, once a quarter and delete anything you no longer require, be ruthless.

                      I’m running Win XP on a 17 year old desktop and have had no problems since I started doing all of this stuff 15 or so years ago. Admittedly, some of these programs weren’t around 15 years ago. I’ve used a variety of different name brand security and maintenance programs over the years, but have been using these, with excellent results, for the last 7-8 years. YMMV.

              • i used firefox for a while. then found maxthon dot calm…i like it. my comp has a virus and my comp guy(who’s very good normally) can’t seem to get rid of it in I/E…every time i try to use it, it freezes up eventually….very few problems with maxthon…just remember, it was a chinese company, bought by an indian company, my other geek friend tells me(he’s the one that turned me on to it). i very very seldom have any problems since i switched, and it’s on my 3 laptops.

              • It could be malware, a virus scanner alone is not enough. Doesn’t matter if you have norton McAfee, or kaperski.. Go to download the free version, it will also give you a 2 week free trial of the payed version.. I’ve been running malwarebytes for years, it’s one of the best malware scanners on the market. It’s compatable with most name brand virus scanners too.. Try that before you do a system restore.. Hope this helps Sgt …

                • One tip on the malwarebytes program. After you load it on your computer, pull the power plug. Then plug it back up and turn it on. When the black screen comes up giving you bootup choices, choose the one that says safe mode with networking. Safe mode usually keeps bad software from running and networking allows malwarebytes to update its algorithms from the internet.

                  Sometimes you’ll get something that won’t even allow you to run an “.exe” file. To get around that, try renaming the malwarebytes “.exe” to a “.com” file. That will usually work.

                  I keep a copy of malwarebytes and adaware in my pocket at all times.

        • Its the stupid video ad. Its been placed on a few sites and it fucks them all up.

          • Yep, I’m not sure which ad is doing it, but on this site and a few others I keep getting hung up and eventually I get a notice or warning that flash has stopped working. I also get a warning that an unauthorized app is trying to run.

            • Computer issues at SHTFplan?
              No SHIT.
              You guys STILL don’t get it.

        • I use Chrome, no problems.

          • I use chrome too and that is what I have the issues with. Something on the site tries to load then crashes. All I can figure is it is one of the ads come on after the page loads. Right now I have a security warning at the top saying that this page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources. Does this on a regular basis.

      15. I typed this on word pad. I can no longer visit this site. Internet has stopped working pop ups or I can not type as my cursor freezes every two or three characters.
        No other site does this and I visit and read about 10 each day .
        Anyone else?? This has been about a week of interference.
        I am still using OS Windows 7, but having no problems but here. I miss commenting and reading.

        A problem with this webpage caused interent explore to close?? S**t!! This sucks!!
        I wil be notified if a solution is available.

        System restore may work.

      16. I typed this on word pad. I can no longer visit this site. Internet has stopped working pop ups or I can not type as my cursor freezes every two or three characters.
        No other site does this and I visit and read about 10 each day .
        Anyone else?? This has been about a week of interference.
        I am still using OS Windows 7, but having no problems but here. I miss commenting and reading.

        A problem with this webpage caused interent explore to close?? S**t!! This sucks!!
        I wil be notified if a solution is available.

        System restore may work.

        • Try rebooting, and check your various internet security settings. You may have a conflict with security software as well if you have anything installed, check your firewall and anti spyware and such to see if it is blocking you.

          I don’t have an problems.

      17. I got here by using search. Cool!

        • Use firefox

      18. Virus or Trojan your computer is infected just turn it off and let it get lots of rest you could also spray it down with lysol it says on the can ot kills 99% of viruses seriously try reseting computer to earlier date prior to problems

        • If its a trojan you will have to open the package and blow it up then just let it fly around the room. Just go back to earlier date have to go to adm settings

          • System restore

      19. the standoff proves only one thing it proves what don’t workkk

        • tactically very true, never ever hole up in a building , or be too remote and holed up ..Just ask the Dividians and Weavers and Dorner, Freign etc

        • Yep were not in the wild west 1800s

          • I’m your huckleberry.

            • No, you’re just A huckleberry. You should’a come on up and joined us Huck, we ALWAYS are looking for more ” canon fodder”.

      20. How naive were they thinking the feds would agree to anything. It’s proven there are fed infiltrators in the bunch from the beginning. I think this is a setup or scam for something. I’ll change my mind if you can explain how no-one would have known the group was compromised.

        • Wlprepped speaking of compromised, could you imagine if the Feds had a site such as SHTFplan, just how much they could gleen from comments such as ours, when we’re always ready to spill our guts when just the right Article is posted. If they had such a sight they would probably even have people within the so-called community to make comments to insprie us to speak out even more freely. Trekker Out. AW They Wouldn’t Do That!

          • Say, Mountain, did you notice, in the first outside standup meeting between the armed “patriots” and the armed FBI that one of the first questions from the FBI guy was, “do you have a concealed permit?”

            Patriot said, yes and showed him his permit.

            I knew then, they, the patriots, were morons, armed or not.

            Commies everywhere.

            • I am a Commie Hater also. And I made “that point” in a comment on that article. Where the FBI established their authority right from the get-go, and the resister bowed to that bastards request. If your going to make a stand, make a stand, or stay out of the fray as most of us did. I don’t look forward to the day where I’ll have to go toe to toe with TPTB but when I do, they won’t put their foot on my neck. Trekker Out. Bow Or Fight!

          • MT:

            Alas….Alias has warned us we are being tracked. Anyone surprised at this late date?

            Am still looking for the subject Uranium One to come up at SHTF. Surely Mac, Brandon, Jeremiah or someone writing for SHTF could bring this larceny to light.

            I know it is almost too hot to handle. People mysteriously disappear who try to expose the Clinton Mafia.

            • too bad the fbi did not do this to the clintons!

      21. MT, they would do that but I think we can trust Mac.
        I have read that many sites are infiltrated with bots that speak liberalism fluently, to counter the majority conservative site members.
        Newsmax I believe has had many. They usually go away but probably come back with another screen name.
        I’m also suspicious of the bots when I see no capital letters used in responses.

        • Ketchup, when they come aboard, they don’t come with Libspeak, they come as one of us. Trekker Out. Camo!

        • We don’t have to worry about Acid Etch.

          Or is he a reverse bot? All capitol letters. ;0)

      22. The whole thing was flawed and destined to fall apart. I could write a short novel on how and why, but i will just point out a few random facts. 1. Garbage OPSEC, on site and mobile. Spotters,recon,lead cars,disinformation on actual movments,list goes on forever on what could have been done to avoid capture and provide better security. Whomever was incharge of that failed. 2.Majority support from the locals. Look up how the green berets do it for example. 3.Shity chain of command for continuity of an organzed force, after the trafic stop, the majority left ran home, some even leaving their guns behind……icould go on and on

        • All that is true. There is only one road between Burns and John Day, with a plowed berm in winter. No one is getting off that highway except on to another plowed road, and the cops certainly weren’t stupid enough to close up behind them where they could leave the road.

          No commo other than cellphones, no jammers for drones, no encryption, zip.

          They were in a 30-foot wide moving firesack all the way.

          Not only was there no continuity of command, but no chain of command that I could see, and certainly no command, in the basic sense of the term.

          If you want to have a revolution, you gotta have an army. These guys didn’t make it to F Troop level.

      23. Oathkeepers is remarkably quiet and nothing new posted. Seems They might have received pressure from Feds to not fight back or report anything. seems stewart rhoades would be saying something….
        If they did murder the rancher its going to create much more and the Feds are backing themselves into a corner. Crazy stuff when they murder citizens to try to prove a point. corrupt.

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