“7 Bodies Since Election Day”: Why Are So Many Russian Officials Turning Up Dead?

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

    Editor’s Comment: Ex-CIA interim head Mike Morrell went on PBS last year to announce that ‘he wanted’ to take out Putin’s guys, those who most closely surround him. He also wanted to get to Assad in Syria, and the officials in Iran – openly indicating that he wanted them to feel stalked, and messed with.

    Now, bodies are dropping at a curious rate, as a covert war is heating up. How much more prodding would it take to start a real war? The Deep State is certainly ready and willing to find out – and President Trump may have no power over it.

    Deep State War? 7 Russian Officials Murdered or Found Dead Since Election Day

    by Claire Bernish

    Russian diplomats seem to be an endangered species, as seven officials have been found dead under mysterious or unexplained circumstances just since Election Day, and — although any link remains as yet unprovable — the deaths certainly provoke a number of questions.

    1. Sergei Krivov:

    First is the perplexing case of Sergei Krivov — disputably a consular duty commander at the Russian Consulate in Manhattan — died on November 8, Election Day, under perhaps the most problematic circumstances of any of the deaths listed.

    Found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor inside the consulate, Krivov suffered blunt force trauma to the head — initially reported as received in a fall from the roof of the building — and passed away before emergency services could reach the scene.

    Consular officials quickly backtracked that Krivov died after plunging over the building, instead insisting he’d suffered a heart attack — but the diplomat’s lack of a paper trail, and ambiguity from officials about his career position, make the death appear to be far from ordinary.

    “That position is no ordinary security guard,” reported BuzzFeed on Krivov’s ambiguous role at the consulate. “According to other public Russian-language descriptions of the duty commander position, Krivov would have been in charge of, among other things, ‘prevention of sabotage’ and suppression of ‘attempts of secret intrusion’ into the consulate.

    “In other words, it was Krivov’s job to make sure US intelligence agencies didn’t have ears in the building.”

    2. Andrey Karlov:

    On December 19, Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, met his fate while giving a speech at an art exhibit in Ankara, when Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş — an off-duty Turkish riot police officer — fired several shots from behind, fatally wounding the diplomat and injuring several others.

    Altıntaş proceeded to declare jihad and implored the terrified, small crowd of attendees and press, “Do not forget Aleppo, do not forget Syria!”

    It was later revealed Altıntaş had used his law enforcement identification to enter the gallery; but at the time, Russian President Vladimir Putin railed against the attacker, thin security allowing him to enter the exhibit, “Russia Through Turks’ Eyes,” without issue, and the possible implications for resolving the conflict in Syria, stating,

    This murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as undermining the peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria.

    3. Petr Polshikov:

    At some point on the same day — and prior to the brazen assassination of Karlov — Petr Polshikov, a senior diplomat in the Latin America division at the Russian foreign ministry, died in his Moscow apartment of a gunshot wound to the head. An announcement of the suspicious death did not become public until a few hours after Altıntaş shocked the world in Ankara.

    Detailed information on Polshikov’s untimely demise remains difficult to obtain, but reports at the time alleged authorities found two bullet shells on the scene and a firearm under a sink in the bathroom.

    4. Oleg Erovinkin:

    Ex-KGB chief, Oleg Erovinkin — believed to have assisted former British spy, Christopher Steele, with a lurid dossier alleging explicit acts by President Donald Trump — was found dead in his black Lexus on December 29.

    Erovinkin had been close to Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister and now head of State-owned oil company, Rosneft, and had acted as a key liaison between Sechin and Putin.

    Although validity of the contents of that dossier have been called into serious question, Erovinkin’s alleged involvement in compiling the information makes his death dubious by nature. An investigation is ongoing.

    5. Andrey Malanin:

    Despite living alone on a tightly-guarded street, Andrey Malanin — head of the consular section at Russia’s embassy in Athens — was “found on the floor of his bedroom by a member of the embassy’s staff with no evidence of a break-in, the official said on condition of anonymity,” Reuters reported January 9.

    Authorities also told Reuters there were no indications Malanin had been murdered, but homicide officials are investigating the death due to his status as a diplomat.

    6. Aleksandr Kadakin:

    On January 26, Russian ambassador to India, 67-year-old Aleksandr Kadakin — who had served in the position since 2009 and spent over two decades as a diplomat — died in New Delhi, ostensibly from heart failure.

    Although it appeared the man’s death was unrelated to the others and had been natural, the timing in conjunction with Karlov, Polshikov, Erovinkin, and Malanin raised some eyebrows.

    7. Vitaly Churkin:

    Then, last week, Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died one day before his 65th birthday in New York City — reportedly of a heart failure.

    According to the New York Times on February 20, “The Russian government said he died suddenly but did not specify a cause. The New York City police said there were no indications of foul play.”

    However, Pravda reported, “According to ABS-CBN, a post-mortem examination of Churkin’s body showed the presence of poison in his kidneys. Allegedly, the diplomat had had late supper, at around midnight, hours before his death. Perpetrators could have added an unknown substance in his food.”

    Churkin had been a vocal critic of hypocritical Western foreign policy, particularly concerning military actions in Syria.

    An obituary in the Guardian stated Churkin “hated the moralising tone of his US, British and French counterparts on the UN security council who, he felt, were not only hypocritical but were playing to the global gallery and aiming to score rhetorical points instead of looking for compromises that could lead to the resolution of differences. This applied particularly to the war in Syria, about which western governments tabled resolutions that could lead, in the Russian view, to full-scale military intervention against the Syrian government and which they knew Churkin was bound to veto. Russia preferred to produce resolutions that criticised the Syrian army for using ‘disproportionate’ force and sought agreement on ceasefires. Churkin consulted the security council’s five permanent members on these resolutions, but chose not to provoke vetoes when he realised there was no consensus.”

    What, if anything, this growing Russian diplomat body count actually means might never be fully known, but many suspect the deaths evince a methodical, covert war between the Deep State and Russia — particularly as hostilities continue mostly unabated — as a shift in power away from the ailing imperialist U.S. empire gathers speed.

    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.


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      1. Cool way to have a war! Can I give the names of the people that need to go first on Capitol Hill?

        • Just saw Paul Rand on Fox, he was discussing that congress is working hard to prevent a Collapse…..

          • Well I messed up the name and subject….Ryan Paul, and he was talking about obamacare collapse. So I just wanted to correct it.

          • The only way to prevent a collapse is to keep adding and funneling money back into the System, to prop up the phony Markets and distribute funds were they are needed elsewhere.

            Can’t fix a charade and extorted money scheme afloat in the World forever.

            The “Game” will eventually end at some time and point, and it will be people like you and I – that the Government expects us to pick up the pieces to fix their problem(s).

      2. Insert all of your false flag conspiracy comments.

        • All these russians are not dead! They are all actors, now living undercover!

          (I love this claim, as if the powers that be would care about collateral damage.)

      3. What better way to start a war?

        • How many people associated with the Clinton’s have died over the DECADES? Nothing the Russians do surprises me.

      4. “7 Bodies Since Election Day”: Why Are So Many Russian Officials Turning Up Dead?

        Answer: Because the Deep State, CIA and Mossad are trying to get WW3 Started to keep their funding rolling in. What else do you want to know? Our Government is plumb full of war mongering psychopaths.

        We need to declare war on the psychopaths. Cut off ALL their funding. We give Israel $38 Billion so they can keep spying on Americans and stealing our technology for them to sell to China. Such a deal eh? America is F*cked as long as we allow these parasites on our shores. Hello, is anybody listening?

        • Zeus, I also suspect CIA behind this but we’ll never be able to prove it. Add Langley to the list of DC, Wall St., UN, CITY OF LONDON [ROTHSCHILDS]. A lot of problems get solved.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart,
            don’t worry about proving there are enough of us who know they are and they cannot KILL us all! (some of us may become targets)
            time will tell !

            • Apache, if they paint a target on my back, they better expect me to ‘reply in kind’. They do so at their own peril.

      5. but…but…trump is russia’s FRIEND!

      6. our CIA has rogue factions within and they do lots of damage and many are tied to there shirt tails for monetary gain and so are controlled by blackmail. this includes many politicians and ceo’s of large companies. LOTS of left scumbags are under there thumb so YOU decide who is doing what??? our country is divided into two factions and THAT includes from the top all the way to the bottom. Trump is trying but we wil see IF he can overcome all the years of letting the scumbags into high places.

        • The CIA has another budget from their massive Drug Trade. The CIA is the largest Drug Dealer in the world. 2 CIA agents got caught smuggling in 1300 Lbs of Cocaine across the border in 2015. A Band of Patriot Militia Minute Men caught and detained them. The WAR on DRUGS is focused on the wrong people. TSA Employees just got busted for smuggling 20 Tonnes of Coke.

          Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican …☑

          Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine

          More results

          Two CIA Agents Arrested By Minutemen While Crossing Mexican …☑

          Two CIA Agents Arrested By Minutemen While Crossing Mexican Border With … rapidly across the border. … where the CIA has been caught smuggling drugs …


          CIA Agents Arrested with Cocaine at Border? – snopes.com☑

          Minutemen caught two CIA agents smuggling a sizable quantity of cocaine across the Mexican border. … 2 CIA agents arrested with cocaine

          • Our Government has lost all checks and balances. Here is one, – Airforce Bases concoct MOU’s (Memorandums of Understanding) between agencies. Example, MacDill AFB in Tampa FL, created a MOU with the DEA Dept, which states, that MacDill will self-police itself (wink wink)for drugs, without interference from the ATF. Yep MAFB police’s themselves for drugs. How convenient. That’s how in my estimation why so many drugs are coming back into the US, direct flights from Afghanistan right into US Airforce bases. Then I presume the CIA which is part of Centcom intellegence, then takes ownership of the cargo with out any DEA Checks, and moves it to where they want. Why would MacDill not want the DEA on the AF Base grounds? Connect the dots, its not rocket science.

            Go do some investigation at your local military bases on all MOU’s via FOIA Act. (Freedom of Information Act) Its an eye opener. MacDill AFB also has MOU’s with the City of Tampa, to look the other way for incompatibility of the Aircraft which is in gross violation of EPA rules for compatibility. Tampa works hard with the Media to control any objectors of this crime.

            Military Bases are Ripe for Fraud and corruption and everybody washes each other hands. THE ATF, FBI, DEA needs to do Surprise sweeps of all Military bases daily to find these drugs/ aka (Port of entry) Its happening via US Government transport and US Tax payers are paying for the transportation. Hello Pres Trump Can you hear me now? Are you the solution or part of the problem?

            In Viet Nam, drugs used to be smuggled back to the states in Body bags with the dead US Soldiers. Go look that one up. Nothing changes, same Sh!t different day.

            • Zeus,
              AGREED, all we can do at this point is watch and listen and see what transpires, HOPE Trump is on the correct side, but ONLY time will tell!

      7. They only take out people that have any clue as to what is really going on in the world and are in their way. So if Mark Dice interviews you and you make it into the clip, you have no worries about these guys looking for you to take out. But on the other hand, you will not be around that much longer either, because they have other plans for you. It’s the same ending, but it’s a slower death. Which those plans for you are well on their way and just past the point of no return whether you want to read the sign post up ahead or not.

        • Trump is finding out what running a Government in complete chaos is like. Every Dept is “Going Rogue.” Ttump tweeted out the FBI cant find the leakers in the WH. They spend Billion spying on Americans all for NOT, then cant track down who is leaking WH classified Info to the Media. Everybody is on the payroll, but nobody is doing their Jobs. Been like this for decades. Ever call the Federal Government? You speak to one person then the next, you keep getting transferred and about a half hour of circle Jerk you are back to the same person you first spoke with. Been there several times. America is Rudderless. I would just start firing everybody till no one is left if they cannot do their jobs the first time. 100’s of Chiefs and No Indians.

          Welcome to Government Pres Trump, I said this many times on here, Trump needs to fire half the Federal Government of do nothings, dead wood, useless POS Eaters.

          • And let us not forget JFK.
            He wanted troops out of VIET NAM on the ADVICE of EISENHOWER.
            And we know what happened to JFK

            BANK! BANK!! BANK !!!

            It’s all a continuous rotation boys and girls.
            It does not matter WW3 is upon us.

            I await the flash, and 2/3s of the populations pain will be over.

          • You should try the Canadian government!! Hello, anybody home???!!

            The Canadian government employs vast numbers of people but good luck ever getting one on the phone or ever getting anything done. The Canadian government is a hologram: if you are lucky, the hologram broadcasts a dopey, cute guy called the prime minister, but otherwise, nobody home.

      8. When is the last time we heard of a Russian dying in their 90’s? Russians have a relatively short life span. Heavy smokers and very heavy drinkers. Bad diets and living conditions. Probably poor healthcare facilities. They need to bring in someone from the West to take charge of environmental conditions and living conditions.

      9. To Him: Bull shit.

        • God bless the Russian people, but they do have a shorter life span than westerners.

      10. Doubtful its from playing Russian Roulette.

          • I forgot about that scene hahahahaha funny shit man

          • Zeus, I could picture myself in that scene wasting some libturds with an AK…..

      11. Never Forget The USS Liberty.


        • How about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Jim Morrison’s dad was in charge of that ship that supposedly was under attack. And did you know that the guy that organized Woodstock, his dad was a general? Sharon Tate’s father was in part of intelligence community. There’s a lot of things to remember. And there’s even a lot more things to learn. These people are playing a different game. All everyone else gets to do is to try and make sense of it.

      12. Mary Embree 1975 heart attack gun

        • Mary Embree whistleblower on CIA.

      13. Here is something to think about.
        Russia has had MOB problems for years now.
        Could it be a MOB war, or just the Mob cleaning house?

        With all of these 7 deaths there has been very little reaction from Moscow.

        I have no clue what is UP on this.

        • Sarg:

          That is an interesting idea.

          Myer Lanskey was the biggest mob boss in America. He and his people comprise the mafia that runs America; and no, they aren’t Italian. They are the Chosen. The Chews are the world’s most dangerous human beings. The Russian Mafia, known for being educated vicious murderers, is not Russian. They merely live in Russia. Like Chews everywhere, they escape detection by acknowledging their “Cew wish ness” when they do good things, and hide behind identification with the host Country when they do bad things. These slippery snakes, therefore, get away with murder. The public thoroughly deceived.


          • That’s some pertinent info I can chew on, thanks.

          • I have seen pictures of Putin’s mother, reportedly “Chew wish”. This makes Putin suspect of being a double agent. He seems to be advocating for the native Russian Christian people, but could be somehow operating for another Chew wish takeover. That would be tragic, not only for Russia, but for the United States. The globalist movement is nothing more than an international conspiracy of Chews. Read the works of Henry Ford, Mark Twain, and Martin Luther. As far back as one may go, written history is full of warnings about Chews. May I add one more thing. At various times, Chews have infiltrated the Catholic Church and perverted it. If you look into ISLAM from its creation, you find deception and intrigue. Spain expelled both Muslims and Chews in 1492, the same year Columbus sailed with a ship of Chews. Some Cohen sea dense.
            On the bright side, there are descent Chews. Let’s hope Putin is one.


            • Putin’s mother is not Jewish. Don’t be an imbecile. You can’t create a “chew” where one does not exist just to fulfill your perverted fantasy. You have no credibility.

              • Dog man:

                I hope you are correct. I did not get this particular piece of information from an established source but from some dude who looks like a “chew” posing as a white supremist type German. I am glad you took issue with this. If it is true, I have heard it elsewhere, as well, I would like to know for sure. If it is not the case, I am greatly relieved. And don’t object to criticism. I welcome it. Because I am usually better at qualifying statements. I am reasonably credible. I try to be accurate. Could I be in err ?? Not on purpose. I don’t lie. Sometimes when it comes to personal matters, I will say something such as “a friend” said or did, when it may have been a family member.

                You should be more careful before making pronouncements such as “he has no credibility”. What makes you capable of determining the credibility of others. Who died and made you boss? I seriously doubt the credibility of persons such as you who go around insulting and undermining other people.

                My best guess is that YOU are either a “Chew”, a degenerate, or an idiot. And I am in a bad mood, unable to suffer fools.

                __ So, go fuck yourself.


                • B from CA, BRAVO! I don ‘t blame you one bit. Dogman sounded like another troll to me. You went a lot easier on him than I would have. I can’t stand trolls.

                  • Yeah, because you’re going to hurt me with your words? I’m petrified!

                • The fact that you resort to “F” bombs shows you have no credibilty. Only people that cannot reasonably defend themselves would resort to such nonsense. Is Deplorable Braveheart your side-kick monkey?

            • B from CA, so what was Trump’s grandfather? German? Yeah, o.k..

        • Sarge, I was just thinking about that one. Very unusual for Moscow to be so quiet. Could be Russian Mafia. Could even be Putin. wonder if any of these diplomats had some differences with Putin.

      14. The C.I.A has been rouge from the Kennedy assassination let’s look at the north Korean step brother.
        Ok it was VX it comes in a aerosol or spray the two countries known to have it Russia and U.S the two girls that put a rag over his mouth why are the girls not dead?
        Ok maybe they had a shot of the antidote?
        All you need is a tiny bit on you and 15min your dead.
        So 20min he’s still alive and in a ambulance,then why are the ambulance people that have no idea what’s going on touching his face and body not dead?
        This tells me at the airport was just to make him dizzy to get him some were else.
        Now north Korea was to meet with trump and have bi-lateral talks,now the talks are off and they are very isolated now.
        China cuts off coal to NK as we pump wepons into south Korea so you put a nut job in total isolation wondering about all of this,cut off food,coal, killed his step brother,this is the deep states back up war.
        Are we rouge ya I think so.

        • Pro USA – This is what a coffee chat came up with today.
          Nothing on the cloth that the girl used but an irritant at best.
          And whats with the poor quality video from a distance of the attack.
          A closer camera wasn’t available in an international Airport.
          A ruse to slip him away.
          That would Be Right….

      15. Hillary’s having them killed in retaliation for their election of Trump.

        There could be other explanations as well.

      16. were they all in bed with obama and the clintons?

      17. I am not concerned about Russians, but when you have one breathing your air up in your face, you have a different take on things. At least that Russian punk learned one thing from me. Americans are not afraid of spetsnatz in Houston. If they come here armed with guns in camo, roll in tanks, then I will shoot them on sight and the chi-coms will get it too. Russian youth males have bad attitudes, are rude and no damn respect for American citizens, and some of them are involved in a lot of strange shit going on around my city and other states from what I have heard. These Russian assholes are also in New York causing trouble in a lot of communities from what I was personally told by a source. They are not very friendly and people that live in Houston and other cities in Texas are generally nice and friendly people, and everybody says hi to everybody, but those damn Russians are problem in my city. If you cops need to go check them out, then go the café euro on Westheimer Rd and Fountain view to watch them in person. They not be hanging out there since my post but I know they got caught with computers in one house, then broke the lease and ran. the muscled up one drives a white v-8 lexus. 5″11″ extremely muscular, weight about 170-180, lean with a brave attitude. Watch out for that fucker.


        • Boy that Hcks is Hot on their trail. How about take some photos next time and send them to Mac. Seeing is believing. Maybe. Consider the source. lol

        • Houston we have a splash down in AZ we are being hit on both fronts Cali to the left getting in our legislation and destroying our high country and Mexico to the right.
          Texas is being hit with more than I can write,But I have a solution! Let’s meet in the middle take over new Mexico become one big state and succeed from the union and kick ass.only one problem what do we call it texymexyzona? Hahaha

      18. Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast

        ht tp://bgr.com/2017/02/28/internet-outage-amazon-web-services/

          • KY mom here’s something you might like I use it, go to Fortinet.com CLICK on attack maps and it shows you real time cyber attacks,note in the upper right side there’s a little arrow like this one ^ click it twice and a box at the bottom screen will open to show the name of the virus and country of origin.also Norsecorp has one but didn’t work well with my tablet enjoy and good luck!

        • KY mom is it just amazon?

      19. Ask Samantha Power what is happening: she knows.

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