1956: “America Peaked Back Then and We’ve Been In Decline Ever Since”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream website.

    Editor’s Comment: How far we have fallen! The American Dream used to be attainable to all who worked hard, and freedom was still a tangible thing that many experienced. People used common sense and wisdom from experience to make it through life.

    Today, most people are dumbed-down consumers who only know what they have been told through the television, who eat processed foods made by leading corporations with almost no nutritional value, they are in debt up to their eyeballs, and couldn’t think independently if they tried. Problem solving and common decency have disappeared, and the gap between the Americans of 60 years ago is so astonishing as to make movies like Idiocracy and books like The Time Machine appear absolutely correct.

    America 1956 vs. America 2016

    by Michael Snyder

    Once Upon A Time - Facebook

    Is America a better place today than it was back in 1956?  Of course many Americans living right now couldn’t even imagine a world without cell phones, Facebook or cable television, but was life really so bad back then?  60 years ago, families would actually spend time on their front porches and people would actually have dinner with their neighbors.  60 years ago, cars were still cars, football was still football and it still meant something to be an American.  In our country today, it is considered odd to greet someone as they are walking down the street, and if someone tries to be helpful it is usually because they want something from you.  But things were very different in the middle of the last century.  Men aspired to be gentlemen and women aspired to be ladies, and nobody had ever heard of  “bling”, “sexting” or “twerking”.  Of course life was far from perfect, but people actually had standards and they tried to live up to them.

    So how did it all go so wrong?

    Could it be possible that life in America peaked back then and we have been in decline ever since?

    Before you answer, I want to share with you a list of comparisons between life in America in 1956 and life in America in 2016…

    In 1956, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were some of the biggest stars in the entertainment world.

    In 2016, our young people look up to “stars” like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

    In 1956, Americans were watching I Love Lucy and The Ed Sullivan Show on television.

    In 2016, the major television networks are offering us trashy shows such as Mistresses and Lucifer.

    In 1956, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents.

    In 2016, a first-class stamp will cost you 49 cents.

    In 1956, gum chewing and talking in class were some of the major disciplinary problems in our schools.

    In 2016, many of our public schools have been equipped with metal detectors because violence has gotten so far out of control.

    In 1956, children went outside and played when they got home from school.

    In 2016, our parks and our playgrounds are virtually empty and we have the highest childhood obesity rate on the entire planet.

    In 1956, if a kid skinned his knee he was patched up and sent back outside to play.

    In 2016, if a kid skins his knee he is likely to be shipped off to the emergency room.

    In 1956, “introducing solids” to a baby’s diet may have meant shoving a piece of pizza down her throat.

    In 2016, we have “attachment parenting” which advocates treating children like babies almost until they reach puberty.

    In 1956, seat belts and bicycle helmets were considered to be optional pieces of equipment, and car safety seats were virtually unknown.

    In 2016, millions of us are afraid to leave our homes for fear that something might happen to us, and if something does happen we slap lawsuits on one another at the drop of a hat.

    In 1956, many Americans regularly left their cars and the front doors of their homes unlocked.

    In 2016, many Americans live with steel bars on their windows and gun sales are at all-time record highs.

    In 1956, about 5 percent of all babies in America were born to unmarried parents.

    In 2016, more than 40 percent of all babies in America will be born to unmarried parents.

    In 1956, one income could support an entire middle class family.

    In 2016, approximately one-third of all Americans don’t make enough money to even cover the basics even though both parents have entered the workforce in most households.

    In 1956, redistribution of wealth was considered to be something that “the communists” did.

    In 2016, the federal government systematically redistributes our wealth, and two communists are fighting for the Democratic nomination.

    In 1956, there were about 2 million people living in Detroit and it was one of the greatest cities on Earth.

    In 2016, there are only about 688,000 people living in Detroit and it has become a joke to the rest of the world.

    In 1956, millions of Americans dreamed of moving out to sunny California.

    In 2016, millions of Americans are moving out of California and never plan to go back.

    In 1956, television networks would not even show husbands and wives in bed together.

    In 2016, there is so much demand for pornography that there are more than 4 million adult websites on the Internet, and they get more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

    In 1956, the American people had a great love for the U.S. Constitution.

    In 2016, “constitutionalists” are considered to be potential terrorists by the U.S. government.

    In 1956, people from all over the world wanted to come to the United States to pursue “the American Dream”.

    In 2016, 48 percent of all U.S. adults under the age of 30 believe that “the American Dream is dead”.

    In 1956, the United States loaned more money to the rest of the world than anybody else.

    In 2016, the United States owes more money to the rest of the world than anybody else.

    And there is one more thing that I would like to share with you before I wrap up this article.

    This is what the New York skyline looked like on March 31st, 1956…

    New York Skyline 31 March 1956

    And this is the kind of thing that we are seeing displayed on the Empire State Building these days…

    New York Skyline Kali

    For those that don’t know, that is an image of the Hindu goddess of death, time and destruction known as Kali.  And next month a reproduction of the 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria is going up in Times Square.

    So now that you have seen what I have to share, what do you think?

    Has America changed for the better, or has it changed for the worse?

    *About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.*

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].



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      1. The comments on this story will be based on a persons age. Interesting.

        • I couldn’t tell you. I was just a gleam in Pappy’s eye. Made my debut a couple years later and became ornerier than cat shit. I had a great time growing up in that period.

        • I can equate to every line of this one. ’56 was my birth-year. I have seen (literally) everything this article speaks of, to include the NYC skyline (my parents went there on their Senior Trip in 1955 and got that same pic of the buildings showing crosses with lights). Seeing that “Kali” shit makes me wonder exactly WHAT race is running “all of NYC”? The white folks that I know paint American and Dixie Flags (as in painting their house and garage in that manner) …just to let folks passing through know that we don’t stand for no “communist” bullshit “in these here parts.” Don’t like Dixie? Take I-95N ASAP and STFU until you are back in POTUS-land.

          • They never leave or shut up.

            • In 1958 I use walked home from school every day in the Chicago Winter, about 5 miles, to save the $ .20 bus fare so I could invest it in baseball equipment in the Spring.

              In June I bought a new baseball glove, bat, and a couple of baseballs. Yeah my mom freaked out the first time I did it, but she got use to the idea when she understood she couldn’t stop me.

              Today a mother will be arrested and charged with “Child Endangerment and Abuse” if she makes her kids walk to school along side her car after missing the bus because they were running late.

              Insanity. Its a fucking Police State !!! 🙁

              • I was 8 in 1956. I had a great childhood in that era. No one locked their car doors -ever. No one locked the house doors, many kids played outside all the time, there were even dogs roaming around everywhere – now you never see a dog alone – i think the dog catchers got em all. Yeah in school we got in trouble a lot for chewing gum, and we had to hide under our desks to practice for nuclear war. My house had a brand new siren put up and every week on monday the siren would go off at noon time. It was a warning siren for nuclear war. Wow. I remember that! The teachers in school all wore long skirts to their ankles almost, well, at least the woman did. The men dressed like — men. We never had “special” kids in class. We never had learning disabled kids. My class had 2 black sisters the only blacks in the whole school! They were my friends. I played with them a lot., and had dinner there a few times. I was the only white kid who played with them. I was an only child and i loved their big tight knit family. I was polish and i never had “colored food”. I loved it., and still do to this day, chicken and greens and black eyed peas! No one in class mocked them at all, but also no one talked to them. I remember i brought joan up to my apt one day to have some soup. Her sister called and said she had to come right back home – didn’t want her in a white house i guess. Then my landlord told my father i couldn’t have “that colored girl” in the apt anymore. I didn’t understand only being eight…….i miss those days!!!

                • Oh, and in school ALL the girls wore dresses, never ever pants, and the boys didn’t wear dresses either!!

        • Like millenials have even a REMOTEST CLUE, much less be able to even image what a clue is? get real. im the son of a baby boomer, Im shocked beyond words at the laziness and ignorance of my PEERS much less any progeny or person less my age. America deserves the fall its created for itself, and I’m am a honorably discharged veteran. I wouldn’t stub a toe to save this god forsaken lazy and useless country anymore. WE (the USA) brought this on themselves by allowing the corruption to go unchallenged and putting their own personal financial security before their Oath, their Constitution and Freedoms. they tolerated the criminals, the corruption and the uncheck Communists plan (See Grinding America Down on youtube). America LET THIS happen, so it needs to perish under the weight of the Political Correctness and criminality they failed to STOP long ago. Call me whatever you want, but I am unapologetic and don’t care a single iota if you call me unpatriotic.. It is a meaningless word these days in light of our State of the nation and our society. the only thing that is running these days in our country is the unparalleled naked TREASON and hatred for the RULE OF LAW guaranteed under the Constitution.

          • I feel your pain.

          • You’ve only spoken the truth, Neal.

          • I so agree with every word you said. I too was born in 1956 and have seen this nation go from a VERY PROUD NATION to what it is today. People don’t seem to care about what’s happening in the government, much less their own neighbor. Hell, people these days people don’t even KNOW their neighbors.

            I feel that one of the main reasons for the horrible decline is all the drugs that come into this country. The more the government says it’s cracking down on the drug trade the worse it gets.
            I also feel that BIG PHARMA has a hand with people using illegal drugs because the price of medication has sky rocketed to unbelievabile prices. It’s this GREED that pushes people to the illegal drugs.

      2. Nothing will change till “Free Trade” changes and trade is based on equity of workers lifestyles instead of lowest possible wages.

      3. Show you what Democrat control has done and the corrupt government Republicans are fools for letting it continue , all they care about is their own riches and to hell with the People it has been getting worse under Obama

        Will be even worse when the next Democrat president get in there.. Remember Obama promised it will be a democrat to replace him, he knows the next president has already been chosen

        • Wow. Just wow.

          You actually believe there’s a difference between Republicans and Democrats?

          It appears the dumbing down of America is compete.

          • Yup
            Not one iota of difference

            • Not among the Establishment ones, anyway.

              • It seems they all start out sounding good but once the get through their first term they have drunk the coolaid and become zombies

                • I believe most Politicians when they start from day one, they do intend to do the right thing.

                  … but a Career Politician goes along, to get along to have success in the world of politics. Follow the establishments certain rules and criteria, and these career politicians will have great success.

                  Step out of the guidelines, and the establishment will do whatever it takes to have “said” politician removed.

                • If anyone of the might have good intentions when they enter, they get sat down by the “black suits” and told “the facts of life” in DC-ruled America. That’s when they do what they do, out of fear of what the suits told them would happen to them–or to their loved ones–if they don’t do what they’re told by the suits.

        • DustyFae

          Its not about Democrats verses Republicans but rather TPTB, The Establishment, The Power Elite or whatever you want to call them against, “We The People”. Their names remind me of a quote from Shakespeare; “Shit by any other name smells as bad”.

          The Republicans get no free pass on this as they were the cheerleaders of Free Trade regardless if the Democrats made the final touchdown.

          • Isn’t it more like We, The People against not only Muslims, but also against NATO — NATO and ISIS/Muslims have BIG PLANS for The USA. Our POTUS is practically at the head of the forces seeking to take down America …yet amazingly, !nothing! is being done (outwardly) to toss water on that fire. So, rest assured that we WILL be “attacked from within and without” …and logic dictates that such an attack would come prior to election time – – so at the most we have the summer and part of fall to prepare and tie up any loose ends. (Leaving something “for tomorrow” is NOT a good attitude to ‘cop’ these days …as every second counts (imho).
            The Powers That Be (TPTB) want, for some reason as insane as they are themselves, to ‘totally control every last aspect of your life.’ What you eat, what you learn, who you sleep with and to also control your sexual ‘tastes’ to suit THEIR sexual ‘tastes'(sex-zombies comes to mind) …they want sex-slaves (and already have them make NO mistake nor doubt, the feds have had whorehouses/brothels “since the beginning” yet have the gall to arrest civilians doing precisely the same things …fuck that shit!), and they are surely seeking to destroy America (or does someone out there have proof to the contrary about all of these things)?
            Republicans and Democrats “ceased to be” when JFK died. We are seeing decades of planning and more planning start to come to fruition. In a matter of months, perhaps less, America, and everyone who died for this country, will have been established “in vain”. All who died …”in vain.” All who survive …”in vain’.
            What we have within this country are basically two things (at least to me it helps to sort things out). You have The Constitutionalists, and you have the government. A ‘fraction’ of the ‘gov’ might be considered ‘constitutional’ upon a few matters, but in essence our current laws do NOT reflect a Constitutional “footing” in the least. We, the people, are faced with a choice that IS NOT going to be presented “for a majority vote” by the government at any time. You have the choice of standing up to the tyranny and saying no “ACROSS THE NATION” (AS ONE BIG FAT NO TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) …that IS NOT going to stop them in any way, but it would FORCE them to “speed up” their agenda, and anytime you make someone go faster than they planned for, they fuck up. (So, let’s make them fuck themselves up)?
            Now couldn’t be a better time being that an unprecedently number of Americans are now “armed and dangerous.” (And we are all justifiably pissed and, by God, have the God-given right to “our rights.” So, why don’t we just take them back in the same manner they were taken away …forcefully.

      4. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the way things were in 1956 or anytime in the ’50s. It was an idyllic time from the prospective of today. Kids were allowed to be kids. Teachers held just as much authority as the parents. You knew what was expected of you and you did it. Today, some parents are little more than kids themselves with no real sense of how to operate in the adult world. There’s no real guidance anymore and schools have become a joke. How did we fall so far?

        • We’re gonna fall further. Gonna be a helluva uptake.

          • That before and after List: Need be Renamed to…

            “Here is a long List of how it used to be PRIOR to when most in america began to believe and then Implement their so called Bibilical Mandate to: bless the *ew’s…after 1948.

            And how it is Now after 1/2 Century of such a false biblical interpretation, since NO SUCH Bible verses exists Period.!” (book of Galatians/Paul describes the falsehood Myth of their genisis verse as falsly interpreted by apostate judiazers).

            Which now has created mass chaos and confusions galore, due to most of those same fools who fell for apostate pastors on the Take, Fraud RE-Interpretations, are unable to handle the truth once exposed to it.

            So they just continue to do a falsehood belief, no such bible verse, blessing of what will probably soon be yet exposed further as…The Real True Antichrist perps and main tiny nation in mid east Home Base HQ of their leader the Antichrist.

            But at least some time yet remains for a small few to awaken fully, since he wont be able to assume his global rule from that HQ position untill they assist in the rebuild of that third Temple so many duped “blesser’s” foam at mouth over and donate massive multi millions of dollars to the rebuild of it.

            Boy are the rest who desire to remain duped and continue to promote that and several other false interpretation beliefs, going to Freek Out!…Once they finally figure it all out just a few Moments prior to their Death at the hands of all them “little-antichrists” cult members eh.

            I’d wager their then true awakening’s are going to be Much Akin to those who learned too late and were the victims of the Original first Gen Bolshevik kommie Butchers eh.

            At least none of those yet duped will be able to say “Why didn’t nobody Tell Us”?….because todays internet contains a thousand or more websites totally devoted to revealing such previously well Hidden facts and truths.

            Not to mention today there are far greater numbers of “Watchmen” sounding the warnings complete with full names, positions held, dates done, religious fanatical cause’s, and basically exposeing Far greater amount’s of valid documented infos on these so called ‘tptb” and ‘eliets” and many more code names for them we aint allowed to Name here..

            And as a, two-fer side effect, the typical reaction by the vast majority of the duped bunch, which is 100% rejection of every form of said infos that conflict with their long heald falsehoods and fraud blessings agendas…

            the side effect is another huge Blow to the atheists when once again what was foretold by Christ again proves as 100% true…IE: He warned Us 2000 years ago that the same manner of olden times, rejections of Every sent prophet and watchmen Sent to warn in advance, Will again occure likewise when in the end of the age watchmen also get rejected and hated and vile name called etc etc…

            Soon do not be shocked if said watchmen are hunted down and murdered simply for refusing to stiffle or silence truth-speak efforts…And also do not be too dismayed or shocked when some of those still stiff necked deluded ones, are whom do those murders based upon yet another false belief, that somehow god’s gonna bless Them this time for doing so swell of a job defending and blessing the indefensible “antichrist’s”.

            Sherman!…Yes Mr. Peabody?…Ah yes sherman please set the Wayback machine for…1917-Russia….but, but Why 1917 and why russia mr. Peabody?….Well sherman my boy, when one desires insight of what is soon to re-occure…One Must check Past history so one does not make the same mistakes too many folks are guilty of doing when they always refuse to learn from the past…Okay! mr peabody! Fasten yer seat belts we are headed for the red Terror mass killing Machine of bolshevism via a fanatical ruthless religious Cult of satanic blood lust demonic evils…Tikun Olhem aka extermination of the goyim to “repair the world” courtesey of the Nation Wreckers!

            But Mr Peabody…Yes Sherman make it fast as I am extremely busy with these calculations on my chalk board here!…well I just was wondering mr peabody, will this time around anybody actually Listen when we return with historic evidence as proofs?…Only Time shall tell my boy, only time…Tic Toc Tic Toc..

            • Tg,

              Hi everybody! My name is them guys, Now, you may have noticed that I only come out at night, Between Midnight and 5.00 Am. That’s because I have to be back in my coffin before sunrise you know. Now, my first post is at 1.00 Am so I’ve just started on tonight’s bottle so for the moment I’m able to actually have an occasional moment of clarity before I drift off into inevitable alcoholic stupordom. You see, I’m really quite pathetic. I’m a lonely old man who lives up in the remote part of Michigan where I have nothing to do but drink all day.

              As you can read, well, at least when my feeble ability to spell words allows you to read my rambling, alcohol laced droolings, I have imagined enemies who are continually out to ” get” me. Yes, I can place blame on them for EVEYTHING that has ever happened to America. But, you see the thing I CAN’T do is ANYTHING about it! All I can do is drink, get drunk, fall down, and repeat the process over and over. I can piss, bitch, moan, and whine, and drink, but I can NEVER do ANYTHING about it! I have to wait for several articles to get posted before I slink back to make my comments because I’m frightened about people who will call me what I am, and that’s a pathetic old loser. I have nobody else in my life, it’s understandable of course, nobody wants to be around an old drunken loser like myself because they’re afraid I’ll infect them with my mental disorder. Tic Toc Tic Toc…

              • JIMMY; your Constant CYBER-STALKING of me Proves you Guilty of a Fed Felony of doing said stalking’s.

                I have ero further to post regarding your asinine nonsense stalker activity.

                • Typo–Should read “I have NO further etc…”

                  • Tg,

                    It’s no crime to call out a hate monger who spews bullshit like you do. What a great ” leader” of the white race YOU are. He runs to the Feds, the same ones he always are ” out” to get him by taking away his rights. Go ahead, show all of your followers here that you’re nothing but a giant pussy who can’t even take a little criticism on the internet after spewing out the foulest bullshit ever conceived by Nazi wannabees. Don’t for get to tell the ” Feds” about how you advocate shooting thousands of college kids because they don’t measure up to your ” standards. Christ, I knew you were a loser but I never imagined you were this big of a pussy too,

        • Teachers held just as much authority as the parents.

          And now they have MORE authority over our kids than the parents.

          • Not so fast. The Administrations that supervise the teachers do. I know this for a fact. My daughter is a first grade teacher and after several years is seriously thinking of doing something else. The county BOE she works for have some seriously phucked up individuals running the show.

        • Because it USED to be that everyone was “home-schooled” or (during very early times little schoolhouses held ALL THE GRADES in one room with one teacher and perhaps an assistant. But that was 1800’s stuff. With the advent of ‘modern times’ schools were viewed as “a great idea”, because it freed up mothers to get other things done and as time dragged on, it eventually led that we NEEDED public schools because both husband and wife needed at least ONE job each to get by. Two or more each if they wanted to ‘rise above poverty’ (which is damned hard to pull off when there’s “a system” designed to prevent such things from occuring).
          So, TPTB slowly and steadily took command of schooling the children, and like all good governments, dumbed them down, gave them injections KNOWING that the aftermath was either unknown, or would be simply ‘horrid’. It is all “at the hands of the professional “nutty-as-fruitcakes” politicians/leaders” that have “made us fall so far.”
          They’ve done an incredible job of it haven’t they? All of the things they’ve done “under the radar” and very little of it being noticed (or advertised if it WAS ‘noticed’).
          These days you cannot depend on newspapers or TV news because it is ALL ‘controlled’ no differently than communist television is, but not YET as bad as NKorea …but we are working on it at the same time we are ‘wagging our federal fingers’ at them for being so nasty to their peoples’, and yet they are doing us far, far worse damage and inequalities …and just plain unconstitutional ‘ploys’ to get money illegally, and then use it illegal against us. This is my ‘pet peeve’ – perhaps others as well. In a nutshell, it ‘drives me nuts’ to think that we, the people, even TRY to stay within all of the laws “they” have us under when their ONLY INTENTION is to kill our asses, just as soon as they have disarmed us. Imagine your own government not only wanting and demanding that we “give them up”, or they’ll shoot to kill (which they already have done more than enough times to let us all know we will have to do the same in order to level the playing field). Don’t worry, they’ve already surmised that we will. Doesn’t matter though. We won our little war against the oppressors who sailed over from England thinking they were going to bully America into “paying ransoms” to some fucking King or Queen. Now look at how and where they are sitting in all their ‘pompous-ass intellectual lifestyles’! England, The UK, Turkey …hell, ALL OF THE EU is never going to be the same again and they’re well aware of this, but do not wish to tell the peoples of each nation just how bad it is going to become. But that’s overseas.
          Just wait for what is in store for America, coming to a county or metro near you, sooner than you will want or ‘suppose’ (if you even believe we are on the edge of “something bad”). *Most ppl DO believe SOMETHING ‘not so good’ is about to rip through the nation. “No Man Knoweth” but time will tell, as it always does. I’ll take every second of it left in making small preparations, as the large ones are all completed …I think. There are some people out there that have “walked this road of survival” pushing 25years and beyond. Now, at long last, it certainly appears that their efforts were not in vain, but for how long will 25-year shelf-life stuff, purchased 27 years ago, last? (or would the most of it already be inedible)? I’m not speaking of myself, but of a post I saw somewhere that a prepper stated he had 25years of “preps” (and they were all but expired). Well, he could freeze (hopefully) many of those items and greatly extend their useful life). You can freeze ANY kind of rice (20lb bags), giving it a useful shelf-life of up to 25 to 30 years. And since they grow rice in Arkansas, right across the Mississippi from Memphis, years ago there were hundreds of rice ‘paddys’ where there used to be cotton or soybean. This means anyone south of Memphis and eastward would be able, with adequate irrigation, to easily raise their own rice, in their own rice paddys, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few choice fish in those same bodies of water (like catfish, goldfish, crawdad’s, ‘whatever’ you like (such as ‘tadpole jelly with eggs’ YUMMMM YUM! It is edible, and will sustain life …IF you can keep from ‘heaving’ right after swallowing it. (Hint: sugar and cinnamon sure ‘hide’ whatever it is that gives the ‘after-taste’ (mother nature’s way of keeping things from eating the eggs)?
          Anyone here dabble with growing their own rice? (I’d rather frig with rice than I would ‘taters’. I was raised on a ‘tater farm’ and would really prefer rice (wild please). White rice lasts longest, but that’s because everything good in it has been removed – so all you get is rice that turns to a sugar. Same way with taters, to a lesser degree. Also, rice keeps way longer than potatoes will, even if you have a ‘tater house’ and store them in sands/etc …you’ll still lose 30% of your crop each winter BUT you’ll have thousands of ‘eyes’ to grow new plants with for the following year.
          Gee, we were talking schools and now I’m talking food. Time to get some breakfast…

          • Obviously you never benefitted from taking any classes about how to write.

            • Hey Assnonymous, Equorial is speaking from experience which may benefit some posters here, so stop being a English teacher and STFU!

              • Wow! what a snappy comment! You must be some toothless banjo playing hillbilly who tryin to git him sum edgycayshun,huh? You want me to shut up you’re going to need more then pitiful internet threats there buckaroo…

          • Talking about “injections” back in 1956 or so we only got like 4 vacinations….3 of polio and one of smallpox. I got real sick and scared and threw up so i never got my smallpox shot. Now kids get what like 60 before kindergarden? And the shots we got were not manditory. Our parents had to sign a paper. Oh, and when i was 6 I had a real nice neighbor named Marlene. She was 15. Her brother would push me in the pricker bushes and she would holler at him…..she got polio and was horribly crippled and soon died. She gave me all her christmass presents cuz she could not move her fingers well. She beautiful and ended up real skinny, on crutches and couldn’t even talk to be understood. I visted her once at xmas time when she gave me her gifts. I feel sad thinking about her and i will never forget her. When i worked in the bars as a waitress when i grew up i would tell people my name was “Marlene”……

            • Oh, we got those shots “in school”, yep….started way back then, but had to have parents permission and we were not forced to get them.

              • We here in mich have a small group of men willing to provide 100% Free Breast exams…In order to try to bring back to usa proper and necessary health care pre screanings etc.

                • tg,

                  The only tit you’ve EVER had in your hand belonged to a cow,LOL!

              • We used to get our polio vaccine on sugar cubes. Anyone who wanted the vaccine could go to the school gym on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for it. Don’t remember when I got the smallpox one but I still have the scar from it.

      5. I was born in 1957. That was a highly industrialized era, where kids could get jobs in the same factory as their dad or even granddad. Only a few went to college, but they got great jobs. Now, there are very few industrial jobs to be had, and essentially none for young folks. A college diploma means almost nothing. Pensions are almost extinct except in government backed jobs. Yes, there were pockets of racial strife back in 1956, but are things “better” today? Our little town never heard of illegal drugs when I was in school. Now, the morning news is littered with shootings, mostly by gangs over drug deals.

        • Yes, it is disheartening. My ‘old town’ used to roll up and be in bed by 7:30PM, and everyone had a job and did well. Now, there is virtually NO work to be found, but you will NOT have any trouble finding as much heroin in that entire county, and especially that once, sleepy little town. It also sports a couple of bars and ‘trouble’ is a nightly affair. It is almost a wonder of a sort. First, years ago we heard that the nearest city was going to fail eventually, and 25yrs later she fell flat so the people moved out to the surrounding country. The ones who came into my old home town got right to work, and within 15yrs devastated every last town up there that they’ve moved into. The Maine coastline? All of the ‘top-of-the-line’ Real Estate is 100% owned by our politicians in DC …the rest by UnHolyWood celebrities …and even a couple of ex-presidents.
          All of the water, in the aquifers under New England, are laced with DDT. They used it by the ton. Rains washed it away and into the ground by the tons. Today, my parents, grand-parents and pretty much everyone who has lived there a lifetime has or will get cancer, or something related to DDT (but you’ll see ONE WORD about it when you get your water tested). CLEAN AS A WHISTLE is what State Testing Facilities will send you back …and it’s all lies. Have the same water tested in an independent lab and they’d tell you to drink swamp water as you’d be safer.
          Since finding that out all of my sister’s and their families used LOTS of filtration …and it works because it’s reverse-osmosis (just like a ship makes fresh and pure H20 from nasty ole seawater. Amazing (and expensive).

      6. I was 6 in 1956. Gas was 24 cents a gallon with gas stations competing in price wars that lowered the price even further. My mother bought a new 3 bedroom house for 10 grand after my father passed away in Feb. ’56. The mortage payment was $38 a month. What we have today is pure insanity.

        • Agreed, definitely upside down.

          • Agreed, VERY upside down. I cannot see the advantage, other than truly owning our own home and property, to pay a mortgage over 30 years that translates into approximately $300,000.00 (or more) for a place you agreed to pay $89,320.00 for and may have put down $20k UP FRONT. With all the “fees and interest” over the years you’ll easily spend triple what you agreed to pay for it, so where in hell is the money supposed to be in real estate? You mean to tell me that if I pay off a $300,000.00 dollar mortgage on a place that I bought for $89 grand and sell for $100 grand that I am going to “make a killing in real estate?” My calculator must be frigged up. IT says I would be losing it faster than I’d be making it, so “The American Dream” leads to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in a nutshell.
            Selling real estate can be very profitable. But you have to be a person more than willing to rip anyone off in a heartbeat. Or, do you feel that you owe someone who shows you a home for sale that you decide you love and buy it? Do you owe them 8 to 10% or more of the entire selling price for what may have taken them 30 minutes or less to do? lol… I doubt it. FOR SALE BY OWNER is by far the best way to go these days …keep banks to hell out of your affairs, same goes for the government. What you do is none of their frigging business, and do not allow them to MAKE it their business. IF they try and even take it to court, ‘cream’ them constitutionally. (If we don’t, they’ll just keep returning with the same ole worn out bullshit with their dreams of creating a Utopia that only they would benefit from, while we slave away so that they can have “primo” lives!

        • $38 a month with gold backed currency at $35 OZ equates to $1100 or so today. Prices had risen as fiat currency displaced the Bretton Woods mandates and the working person thereafter received a continuously smaller proportion of it. Those that distain Organized Labor need to rethink their Robber Barron induced opinion.

          • I remember too now…my mom went to bingo a lot back when i was 8, 9, 10, and they paid the winners in SILVER DOLLARS!! My mom had a big stack of them in the kitchen cupboard…then we spent them, and in 1965 the gov took all the silver outa the money. How i wish i could have saved all those silver dollars….but who knew back then?!

      7. In 1956 there was essentially no national debt. We essentially now owe more money than the world HAS money thanks to the welfare state….and where has it gotten us?

        • Then that means we can keep on printing it without paying any ‘price’ for doing so. As long as we have paper we’ll have life and semi-prosperity? Or sore-posteriors?

          • If the world would continue to accept the USD with value indefinitely, regardless if our actual GDP / Productivity, and we did not have to enforce it at literal gun point, we would have come across the alchemist dream of old, turning lead into gold, but even better, paper into wealth.

            That Abe Lincoln phrase (I get tired if typing it repeatedly)

            The question is How Long, How Long, How Long can this bullshit go on?

        • Don’t leave MIC out of the cost analysis or the reduction in wealth creation and hence tax base via de-industrialization complements of Free Trade agreements which also fueled demand for welfare.

      8. Those who study American history can point to many specific dates and events that in put America into decline. I don’ t believe it is one event but many. Most of these points happened over the last 100 years and are associated with the individual and states losing control the federal government. The growth of government as coincided with or caused the destruction of business.

        Here is a partial list. Progressives are unleashed by Teddy Roosevelt. The third national bank – the Federal Reserve – was given power over all U.S. banking from the states in 1913. Also in 1913 the Federal income tax was started taking taxing away from states to build a big federal government. Then came the FDR years where liberals decided the federal government must pass out money to individuals – like social security. The LBJ enacted Medicare and increased taxes.
        Then came the end of the gold standard under Nixon which allowed politicians to run deficits and destroy the dollar value further. Then came waves and waves of government freebees paid for by higher tax dollars and deficit spending.

        Total entitlement cost was outlined by Laurence Kotlikoff’s a Professor of Economics at Boston University when he gave testimony before the U.S. senate budget committee on Feburary 25, 2015 (use your search engine). Kotlikoff in his opening remarks states “…I am honored to discuss with you our country’s fiscal condition. Let me get right to the point. Our country is broke. It’s not broke in 75 years or 50 years or 25 years or 10 years. It’s broke today. Indeed, it may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece. …”

        “…The infinite-horizon fiscal gap {or fiscal gap} tells us whether the government has, over time, enough receipts to cover its projected spending. … The U.S. fiscal gap currently stands at $210 trillion. … Our $210 trillion fiscal gap represents 58 percent of the present value of projected future taxes. Hence, eliminating the fiscal gap via tax hikes requires an immediate and permanent 58 percent hike in federal taxes. Stated differently, the overall federal government is 58 percent underfinanced. …”

        What Kotlikoff is saying is all the present and future Accounts Payable of the U.S. are under funded by 58 percent. In real numbers we are adding 5 Trillion in future payments that are not backed by taxes. As these payments come due politicians must increase the deficits by 100 to 200 billion a year to pay the FSA (which devalues the dollar). So current politicians are betting they can keep this charade up while importing millions of to get jobs to generate the taxes to pay the growing deficit. So far it is not working…

        • Expect to start hearing rumors( not necessarily false) of nursing homes and prisons “lightening” their populations. If you can’t tax more, you must eliminate the fiscal drain, i.e., stop spending so much. I fully expect there will be no social security for me, so I am doing something I love that can produce income as long as I have a brain and hands that can function. I am from the mid baby boomers, and since the 1970’s have expected this to happen. If we ran our homes like the fedgov does we would be thrown into prison for theft.

          • Baby catcher
            Prisons and old age homes are privatized. Prison companies are guaranteed a certain number of inmates for profitability. Corporations don’t buy government to reduce profits. We are already seeing reduced food.

        • But did mr Kotlikoff mention the Multi-Trillions spent on Fraud wars? Or that Soc sec recipients have not gotten a COLA increase for Three of the Past four years?

          or that while soc sec did zero cola raises, and every road or street nationwide across usa along with 99% of all infrastructures Crumble after 50 years of Often passed Fed Grants of $300-Billion for repairs of it all has each time magically disappeared into some “Other uses”?

          Or how zero soc sec raises to offset inflation happened, yet the worlds most dangerous individual, NuttyYahoo can come to visit the whitehouse, Demand usa fed govnt Raise the currect $3 Billion per year granted to Israel state for 10 year block grants, to $5 Billion..and then settle a month later for just a $1-Billion increase for israel to Now a $4 Billion per year cash payout so america can Remain as a Colony of Israel?

          Or the several hundreds of Billions each year additional “war machine weaponery” and various ammos and military suplies added to that Cash yearly handed over to israel?

          So far they recieve something like 2/3rd of the entire foriegn nations payouts fed budget and keep crying for More!…In return americans get Blow-Back, vast hatred via litterally everyone else in the Goyim-world nations…

          plus by sheere “Coincidence”!!!! the top Comptroler of ALL Pentagon Cash in existance, of which at least $8.5-TRILLION has gone “Missing” since a Decade ago! That top Key position of money controler was held by Dov Zakiem..aka…Another certified made member of the Chabad Lubavitcher ultra-Ultra Orthodox Talmudic rabbi’s..

          indeed such related “coincidences” never cease eh?

          If every wasted dime spent just since GW’s WMD Lie Wars on into now Hobammys continued GW policys of More wars etc. instead was Passed out to usa citizenery…There no longer be any need for welfares and ebts and every road and overpass bridge etc would be as new as when first built in 1950’s era…Plus america would not need answer for un-righteous deaths of too many tens of millions innocent folks done to please those mid east antichrist’s and lubavitchers and those massive Corp’s they own most stocks of..

          No…Somehow I do not think any such was spoken to at any such congressional hearings by he or any other so called “experts” eh.

          Because the ONLY allowed Protocol is…”Always do or vote or spend for/on/to, whatever is good for Israel and those I cant name here, while always At expense of the American Goyim and especialy those whitey middle class taxpayers Goyim!

          • Yeah folks, he’s really PISSED about not getting his SS cola’s now. Hey, the price of Jack Daniels keeps going up and his social security can’t keep up with it? What’s a drunk to do?

      9. Do you feel safe walking down the streets of America?
        Crime and its intensity.
        Family members kill family members over drugs, money or items like ice, (Katrina). Many cities are not safe to sit on your porch at night and the daytime is not as safe. Children rob and kill to satisfy their wants and it is an ever increasing cycle in numbers. No place is safe including gated communities. They don’t care if you are home or not to break into your home.

        Major change on the way. All we need is a spark.

        • Anon ….indeed.

        • Yes I feel real safe walking down the street in the nearby town. A little less safe around my place when the grizz wakes up and the moose graze.

          • Dave in Idaho
            That moose would not be safe from me. Moose is my favorite of all time. Yum.

      10. I am what they consider a old millennial. I grew up without cell phones or computer. Hell we didn’t even have a washer and dryer till I was 16. I would like to point out it is not my generation that messed things up. It happened on your watch. When I was 12 I couldn’t have stopped the Federal Reserve,Iran/Contra,Panama,Unlimited printing of money (QE) and the Corporatocracy. But I am not saying I didn’t do my part by voting for Bush in and bullshit wars. I take responsibility for that. But will you?

        • Ain’t nobody ducking responsibility for where we are now except for the elite. If we had done something that we should of to stop it we probably would still be in the midst of a shootin’ scrap.

      11. Things have sunk to levels unimaginable in 1956. The immediate post WWII years were an aberration in history that was probably unsustainable as the world was largely wrecked by war while North and South America were untouched. With energy, 90% of the worlds gold, intact industrial capacity, food in sufficient quantity to export of course things would be fantastic. The US rebuilt the “Free” world and then problems arose as not happy with the status quo return to pre war normal the campaign to develop, at our expense, the third world, sealed our fate.

        • Unfortunately thats why i feel we are in for a real bitch slap the next time the world devolves into chaos

          • It is ironic that even though ‘most’ of this nation knows who is at the helm and steering us directly off the edge of the earth, it is obvious that nobody is going to take any type of public resistance in the least. Guess nobody wants any trouble. As if there isn’t going to be TRIPLE the trouble if we don’t do something prior to THEM doing something. (This is what they are betting on, which will give them the winning edge, the edge of a guillotine slicing off your head with millions of others). So, in a effort to avert death Americans are setting themselves up for being easily wiped out for lack of taking (literally) no defensive actions prior to them “letting loose” upon us.
            Or, am I the only person in the USA that feels we should do something before we no longer exist to do something?

      12. People just had more class back then, as time goes on everything seems to be going off the deep end. So e things now are better, but overall, if i could trade the techno advances etc for the simpler times, i would in a heartbeat.

        • A lot of the Techno Advantages I have purchased have ended up in the trash can.

          Should have expiration date.

          • Thats the thing, my most reliable and consistent tools etc are all manual or analog, even stuff like volt meters, have an old needle gauge meter, is about 40 years old, still works good, in the last 30 years ive been through about 8 digital meters, every time they break out comes the old stand by analog,
            Computers and phones? Yea, 5 minutes after you order it the damn things are obsolete.

            • I’m still using a computer I built over 6 years ago.

              It cost me over $2,000 for the parts, but I bought the best and most advanced parts. I got a huge case so that it would hold anything I wanted to put in it, such as extra hard drives, two CD/DVD drives (one Blu-Ray), extra USB ports, etc. I bought the fastest processor, the most memory, and a really fast video card.

              If any part of it fails, I will just have to replace that part. Some people buy a new computer when something fails in their old one. That’s like buying a new car because the water pump failed in the old one. And I can upgrade any part that I think needs an upgrade.

              So, my computer isn’t obsolete after 6 years, and I hope to be using it for a few years more. It still does all the work I need it to do. All I’m doing to it right now is adding more storage. I currently have over a million times more hard drive space than I did on my first IBM-compatible PC back in 1988.

            • A good Simpson meter will last a lifetime.

      13. Rabid animals turn on themselves as people are doing today.

      14. “In 1956, “introducing solids” to a baby’s diet may have meant shoving a piece of pizza down her throat.” Really did they shove food down a baby’s throat? Honestly, this sounds sick.

        Here some for you: Did you know they started weather modification programs in the fifties?

        Segregation was a big part of the 1950’s. I guess Michael wishes they still had coloreds and whites only facilities like they did back in the good ole days.

        Not to mention how women were treated as second class citizens. Kow-towing to their men. Their role to be a freak in the bed and a lady in the street. And take care of the children day and night with no goals or aspirations for themselves (unless it was to please and serve her husband).

        Honestly things were not all rosy back in the 1950’s for women, blacks and minorities.

        I hate it when people wax poetic about the past. It seems they filter out the bad and conveniently forget about the many injustices and evils that were done back then.

        Personally I would rather live in 2016 with all of it’s flaws, then in the past. People can pretend that living those repressed lives made them better people, but it did not. Repression causes all kinds of issues.

        Creating an illusion of how they want the world to be is better than the reality of how and what people actually are and were in the past.

        And for the record I never liked the TV show I Love Lucy and still don’t get the appeal of it.

        • I still wish we had segregation. Then the “coloreds” could just cut, stab, hack or shoot only each other in school. I seen your same drivel over on PP this mourning. Another SPLC graduate.

          • SPLC spreading lies over the population creating more boogeymen from law abiding citizens
            They can take their crap to hell with themselves

          • Number one it is morning not mourning.

            Number two just because you are insecure about your lack of schooling is no excuse to lump black people into the same category. There are good and bad people among all race, religions and creeds.

            Ignorance breeds fear. Imagination is the true path to freedom.

            The fifties was the birth place for materialism and the selfish values you see in the youth of today. They learned what they were taught by their parents.

            Now it will be the youth who are growing disillusioned with the so called things that mean success who will change and shape the future. It is too bad that the majority of older people cling so fiercely to the past chains that have held them captive for so long.

            We are all like the cows you see in the field. Chewing on our cud in our cozy, little worlds. Unwilling to take a risk, think outside the box and pry ourselves loose from the matrix system.

            • RJ, I happen to hold a BS degree in Criminology. One thing I have always and still do is study people. The black race by and large is one, if not the most violent races (even among their own people). Most are shiftless, lazy and lack initiative. Keep chewing your cud RJ, you’ll end up on the meat hook soon enough.

              • RJ you are full of shit. You live with your head up your ass. Take a look around. PO, agree completely. By the numbers, blacks have a lot to answer for, globally as well.

                • New Better TV ad to get dupes like rj to donate cash for po po afrcian ignorants…

                  TV AD: See this small african savage boy Ebolaniquious?

                  See how he has many Flies buzzin round his head? well Po Po Ebolaniquious also goes to school…but it takes him THREE hours to WALK to the school!! so please send $$$ fast to assist him folks.

                  NEW BETTER TV AD for same scenario: See that small niggerboy who spends three fuckin hrs walking to school and remains stupid as can be?…

                  well plases donate $5 cash Now so we can buy a WHIP! and we Gaurentee ya we shall have little Eboloniquious at the School doors every Day in FIVE minits Flat!

                  • tg,

                    You probably have a lot more flies buzzin ’round your crotch! And I’ll bet he can STILL spell better English then you EVER could!

              • @Braindead Patriot,

                I guess your course work for that so called “degree in sociology” didn’t include all of those violent wars and geonicdes that the humane white race has engaged in, including:

                -geonicde of the Native Americans, 100+ million dead
                -middle passage of the slave trade, 50 to 100 million dead
                -white people’s favorite past time, lynching of Blacks for fun 10,000+ killed
                -WW1 and WW2 100+ million dead
                -atomic bombing of Japan including the firebombing of Tokyo, nearly 1 million dead

                Ohhhh…….and let’s not forget about more timely examples of “white people’s humanity:”

                -the INTENTIONAL development of vaccines that give people cancer and deformities
                -the INTENTIONAL development of GMO foods that give people cancer and dumb them dumb

                Ohhhh, what would the darkies of the world do without white people’s humanity…..

          • Amen.

          • @Braindead Patriot

            Yeah….cause America’s decline is being cause by poor black people in the hood. And America is still segregated asshole: the inner cities are still filled with mostly black and brown people (thanks to white elites deciding to move the good paying factory jobs from the cities to the suburbs and then overseas). And let’s stop with the bullshit like black kids have the market cornered on violence in schools: last time I checked columbine and sandyhook were not caused by black people.

            • Ah Natty Bo! Decided to crawl out of your rat infested crib today and spar with me? Good for you! I stand by what I posted if it amuses you to know. That’s the way, always point your fingers at everything else but yourselves.

              • @Braindead Patriot

                So let me get this straight (your logic): all of black people’s problems are cause by Black people, BUT all of white people’s problems are caused by nonwhites?? GTFOH!!

            • Hey Nat –

              Please explain to us how in the 1950’s, the Term “white flight” came about in Detroit MI?

              It certainly wasn’t because Detroit lacked any jobs – in fact, at that time period – Detroit was very lucrative with jobs … mainly in the Auto Industry.

              How did a City such as Detroit, which at a time was dominantly White, quickly turned to be a dominantly Black society?

              • FTW,

                Because the 1950s was the start of the civil rights movement aka Black people wanted access to the same JOBS and SCHOOLS that white people had access to (which makes sense because black people pay taxes too in this so called democracy). White people had a problem with that and started to move to the suburbs (with many of them using VA loans, loans which Black VETERANS DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO btw…) so they could recreate their white upotias and naturally the factories and the jobs began to follow….but little did these white people know that their masters’ long term goal was to ship these jobs overseas in the long run. Hope you enjoyed the history lesson

                • Nat –

                  I read your post … re-read it again … and then once more for good measure. I’m looking for this History Lesson that you speak of, but … I’m having difficulty finding it.
                  Though, I do give you some credit. You are within the guidelines of the historical events that took place in that era.

                  But saying “Whitey used VA Loans” to relocate outside of Detroit is not even remotely accurate. I’m sure there was some … but it was thousands that left Detroit area, and most did not have “VA Loans”.

                  It’s all based on Cultural Differences!
                  There is just some people you can not live next door to.
                  Has mostly nothing to do with color … it has everything to do with habits.

                  • ftw, now, if we could only find a way to get rid of YOU we’d be all set.

                  • @FTW,

                    I guess reading compression isn’t your strong point……I never wrote “Whitey used VA loans,” what I did write, and please reread dickhead is that MANY white people used VA loans and that is what helped to fuel white flight to the suburbs from the inner cities. And this is what WHITE HISTORIANS and government officials have stated, but don’t take Nat’s word for it, you can check out these the words of this white man:


                    And you are showing your white supremacist viewpoints with your bullshit about “cultural differences:” Was the denial of VA loans to black veterans simply a cultural difference? Was the refusal of black students into schools and universities that BLACK TAXPAYERS HELPED to create and maintain simply a matter of cultural differences? Go and fuck yourself.

                    • Nat, you are a voice of reason and truth. Though I am afraid for some their minds are unable to bridge the gap between their own bias and reality and truth.

                      I base my dislike on a person by their actions, not their race.

                      The truth for many is inconvenient.

                      They would rather sit on their high horses and quote bible verses about why the world is going to hell, rather than realize that the world is in fact hell. Always has been and always will be.

                      One persons utopia is another mans dystopia.

          • I wish we didnt have EBT, Welfare Checks, Free cell phones,SSI disability checks for phony disabilities, Earned income credit for popping out b- – – – – d ghetto children by the dozen,Head start programs for minority children too stupid to learn as fast as human kids,Section 8 housing,AFDC, WIC checks, TANF, Foreign aid to nations that hate us,free heath care for moochers and illegals….. As it all is paid for with monies seized from my pay check via the IRS.

            • Slick one
              IRS is American Gestapo. Tax Code is the I’m comprehensible rule book that allows them to make up anything they want.

        • “In 1956, “introducing solids” to a baby’s diet may have meant shoving a piece of pizza down her throat.” Really did they shove food down a baby’s throat? Honestly, this sounds sick.

          Didn’t have pizza in ’52. My first solid food was mashed potatoes!

          • my first solid was poi with milk in the bottle. born 1956 honolulu hawaii.

            • I breast fed my son till he was two. I just thought i was supposed to do it that long., a young dumb 22 yr old. His first solid food was yogurt and he still loves it to this day. When he was a small kid i wouldn’t give him gum and becuz of that to this day he will chew a whole pak of gum at once…i guess cuz he was deprived of it when a child.

        • Segregation persists today. Mostly the blacks separate themselves from whites based on cultural differences and then we each end up trying to move into areas that we feel the same as one another. It is better to be around those of similar values.
          BTW I think he was being a little sarcastic with the pizza thing.

      15. A lifestyle that promotes global suffering in exchange for comfort. Of course you’re dissatisfied. The expanding desire for material possessions paired with a dissatisfaction/fear of differing preferences can lead one to be quite upset at many trivial things. Most of you will be be bitter until death, regardless of your situation.

      16. Think about this: the farther we stray from God, the farther away from reality we are.

        How can that be true? Isn’t “religion” the opiate of the people?

        The reality of God is all around us and it’s not going away just because we no longer believe in it. But that’s where the insanity comes from. We’re doing things that lead to insanity, but away from God. That is a recipe for disaster.

        Also, we are creatures of the universe. We were never meant to be confined to just one planet. But those who seek our destruction have closed off the universe to us by imposing pseudo-science that dumbs us down, and then defunded the only agency that was working on reaching for the stars, NASA is a shadow of itself today, that will be shut down if things keep going the way they are.

        The point is, decline has been managed, and is deliberate, part of the NWO agenda, which they intend we will not survive. But I don’t think they will be entirely successful because their agenda is so contrary to Divine order of the cosmos.

        • Religion has co-opted god and spirituality. On this planet, every creature must feast on another to survive. Your success means misery for someone, somewhere.

          Religion teaches us to fear. Prevents us from living and experiencing what we are supposed to here on earth.

          • Easy to tell which posters here spent alot of time in some univ or college infested with marxist talmudic trained professor Swinestein’s and such eh..

            and negros like Nat always refuse to admit that everything done and every dime spent to “Uplift” blacks in the usa has mainly followed the late 1700’s and 1800’s era of HATTI…

            First hatti contained aprox 10% french Whites and 90% Black savage ignorant illiterates.

            ALL was very SWELL for some time!

            But…Then…Hatti’s 10% White ruler members heard of a brand New policy and agenda that took the Mainland Europeans and France by storm!…”LIBERALISM”!

            “Liberalistic equality! Fraternity! Same for Everybody!” Boy oh Boy Utopia in a nut shell!

            THEN that 10% White “more Aware” rulers said “hey we Must now allow Blacks to Vote so ALl will be equality!”

            THEN the 90% Blacks did Vote!

            THEN Very Soon after blacks voted…They began to vote Whites OUT of power and vote their Own stupid ignorant savage blacks INTO political Power!

            THEN Very sooon after blacks gained total political Power over all Hatti…

            Those Blacks had another vote issue to vote on…

            The Blacks now in full control voted to make new laws to Allow for Blacks to…LOOT!…ROB!!…STEAL! and Destroy whatever was owned BY Whites! which was basically Every fuckin thing owned was white owned!

            it worked so swell and so many savage apelike baboony blacks after looting and destroying everything they cant steal…Then set the whole island on FIRE! and began to also Mass Murder EVERY single white be it adult or child old or young as long as it was whites being mass murdered all was good…

            AND to Sum Up for nattyboy aka Nappyboy here…Blacks has totally controled Hatti ever since!!!!!!!

            What a genuine show of vast african savage PROGRESS!

            What Vast Insight! those savage canabals and jungle bunnies possessed to conjur up so swell of a solution to what used to be called the “JEWEL of the Carribeans”!

            Oh and just Whom made hattii such a jewel island where worlds richest folks Flocked by the boatload to spend $$$$ at and build it better and better etc?…WHITES is whom did that job Nappy Nat!

            Indeed yes…Whiteys Build and Civilize savages (or at least Try hard to do so) while blacks?…LOOT-DESTROY-MURDER by the Masses or aka geniside of whites.

            And Nappy Nat, the world Class best of the best ever stats ever to exist on CRIME Stats…ALL types crime stats and especially Violent crime stats is done each year by the FBI…

            For aprox Past 45-50 yrs since first began to do so, FBI has gathered from Every USA jurisdiction of small to large of aprox over 100,000 Cities and towns that exist nationwide bar none…OF…CRIME Stats!

            EVERY arrest-charge-case-conviction etc etc…and FBI then divides it ALL into, for Violent crimes, aprox a Dozen to 15 Catagories and Types violent crimes.

            Rape-Robbery-Armed Robbery-Murder-1st-2nd-3rd degree murder-manslaughter-etc etc

            With weapon-withOUT weapons-what Type? guns? knives? Rock or blunt object weaponery? etc etc etc

            Final stats FBI lists it all as is BY Race-Age-Gender-etc etc….Then FBI Painstakingly places it into a percentage catagory of who commits how many and what type violent crimes.

            EVERY Years stats so far SINCE FBI began to list it all 45 to 50 yrs ago….BLACK Males age bracket of age 15yrs old to 26 yrs old holds TOP listings for MOST crimes of VIOLENCE!…Most arrested-charged-CONVICTED by Juries of Their Own peers!

            And VIA FBI’s Proven as best in entire world stats systems and work to achieve such relied on status globaly by, litterally EVERYBODY in Any way concerned with crime stats etc as the worlds Number ONE Best to exist and most accurate stats..

            Those Violence PRONE Black Males on average are convicted of between a Low of 75% to as much as 89% of ALL usa violent crimes period…AND demographic wise being only aprox 11% of usa pop is blacks, and said black criminal Males make up only about a tiny 2 or 3% total usa pop.

            this proves beyond ALL debate or doubt Bar NONE that YES the worst violent criminals in usa and most Deadly to be near and what causes such vast costs accociated with maintaining so Many such Black Males within usa borders.

            Is a HUGE Fail! and demographically based by POP between whites and blacks in entire usa…Whites are at Least 50 TIMES more likley to be Murdered BY a Black Male than blacks are when killed by a white.

            Same for white females raped and Gang Raped by Black savages…

            the FBI is Always 18 to 24 Months behind for most recent years stats due to so Many criminals, blacks mainly even with a full staff of worker bees tallying the stats numbers etc,,,SO…Most recent years Rape numbers I last read a couple yrs ago were for year of 2010 FBI Rape stats.

            IN year 2010…Over 37,000 WHITE Women got Raped By a Savage Black African male! or sometimes a gang of black males gang raped the women…

            So Nat how Many Black women got Raped by a white male same year 2010?….5!…ONLY FIVE Black women raped by a white male rapist!

            because “We all beez da samez butz Fo da colors ob dat skinz eh nappy Nat”

            Well BS! Same but for skin color eh? NO! there are a Hundred different issues and ways etc between the races period…and most every one of those differences are detrimental mainly to whites forced to live amoung such savage beasts of the field as the Bible says it.

            PS Nappy Nat…You aint going to be so successfull here in america in trying to Re-create that Hatti form of black controls that end in all whutes murdered! Because we whiteys has a few “Plans” too nappyboywonderous!

            • And it’s even EASIER to tell which alcohol soaked vampires post here in the dark of night before the sun comes up and drives them back into their coffins. Keep spewing old man, you can’t do jack shit to stop your ” big threat” to America but sit on your old, rotund ass and throw down shots O’ jack and kill off the 3 remaining brain cells you have left.

      17. I have resigned to live in the 1980s and 1990s, the pinnacle of the usa IMO.

        Most went to church then, used good english, didn’t curse at the drop of the hat, only ones with tatoos where veterans, whites weren’t evil, the biggest problem was getting everyone to the dinner table by 6 most days and sex and drugs were mostly contained to rock groups instead of now being now being on demand and legalized.

        Yep, the 80s and 90s were just fine; the rest of the world can consume the sewer the usa is becoming; i have placed out.

        • Agree wholeheartedly!

        • I am not sure where you were in the 80’s but where I was there was plenty of drugs and sex and bad English, perhaps you were in a rural area while I admit I was in the outer boroughs of NYC so that might been the difference.

      18. Im the son of a baby boomer, Im shocked beyond words at the laziness and ignorance of my PEERS much less any progeny or person less my age. America deserves the fall its created for itself, and I’m am a honorably discharged veteran. I wouldn’t stub a toe to save this god forsaken lazy and useless country anymore. WE (the USA) brought this on themselves by allowing the corruption to go unchallenged and putting their own personal financial security before their Oath, their Constitution and Freedoms. they tolerated the criminals, the corruption and the uncheck Communists plan (See Grinding America Down on youtube). America LET THIS happen, so it needs to perish under the weight of the Political Correctness and criminality they failed to STOP long ago. Call me whatever you want, but I am unapologetic and don’t care a single iota if you call me unpatriotic.. It is a meaningless word these days in light of our State of the nation and our society. the only thing that is running these days in our country is the unparalleled naked TREASON and hatred for the RULE OF LAW guaranteed under the Constitution.

      19. Sustainability is the over-arching NWO Maeme that is designed to shut us down, but disguised as saving the environment. This is being paired with eliminating carbon footprint and taxing everyone to death in the name of combating global warming. It’s based on pseudo-science, and they don’t have any real proof to back it up; plenty of concocted proof though. It’s all purposed to give the regressives the warm fuzzy feeling they are doing the right thing while its hidden purpose is our extinction. The regressives are so turned around they even call themselves “progressives,” but what they want is for mankind to be mired in the mud up to its waist while we really need to be leaping the mountains in a single bound. We just will not survive by being “practical” and sustainable; every bit of that is a deceptive lie, and it will be the death of us.

      20. FDA Issues Warning on Arsenic in Infant Rice Cereal

        “Research has shown, the agency acknowledged, that rice takes up more arsenic from soil and water than any other grain. It is particularly effective at vacuuming up inorganic arsenic.

        The term “inorganic” is used by chemists to describe a compound that does not include the element carbon; inorganic arsenic compounds appear to possess an unusually wide range of cell-damaging abilities at the part-per-billion level.”
        ht tp://undark.org/2016/04/01/fda-issues-warning-on-infant-rice-cereal/

        “…arsenic can find its way into rice from natural sources or from fertilizers and pesticides.”
        ht tp://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/fda-suggests-limit-for-arsenic-in-infant-rice-cereal/ar-BBreW5r

      21. America was subverted and then murdered. She is only a memory now.

      22. Why are these Billionaires so busy funding all these leftist, communist organizations?

        It’s because communism is NOT a real political ideology. It is a tool that was created by the same elites who are behind “Panama Papers” smear gambit. The tool is used to eliminate competing countries by regime change that masquerades as an organic revolution, IE, the Bolshevik revolution that took down House Romanov in Russia, which is one of the elite factions that would not fall in line with NWO – and they still refuse to, to this very day. Wherever the Rothschilds-backed Illuminati cannot make headway to dislodge a competitor so that their Babylonian central bank system can take control, they “loose the hounds” of communism or a derivative (IE Al CIAda-style Islamic extremism) on that country, and depend upon their deluded useful idiots who have been brainwashed to believe that Communism is something that’s real, and can work. It never has worked as a form of government, but, the truth is, it was never INTENDED to work, its satanic intent is to sow chaos, upheaval, asset stripping, abolition of sovereignty and death by the millions.

        The “Quiet Coup” by pro-House Romanov agents that took place in Moscow during the 1970’s succeeded in ousting the Bolshevik power base, but the downside of that was many of those Bolsheviks ended up here in the United States, where they infiltrated the government, and continue to exist today as their successors, the so-called “Neo-cons” who are hell bent on exacting their revenge against Russia. Note that they are so committed to this that one should not ever put a nuclear first strike past them, which in fact is what they have tried on several occasions, 3 that I know of. Remember the strike bomber, F-111? It was a mach 2+ advanced technology aircraft specifically designed to carry out surgical bombing runs against Russian targets with nuclear warheads in at least one of their failed scenarios. BTW, the crews of those planes were on a one-way mission; if they did manage somehow to return from Russia safely, they would be executed upon landing, which should tell you how ruthless these people are, and that they should not be trifled with.

        Rick Wiles has pointed out on several occasions that the way President Putin is going to respond to the treachery of the Bolsheviks (Neo-cons) will be by cutting off the head of the snake. He is correct, but at the same time, I think Putin regrets that they didn’t line them all up against the wall in Red Square and execute them years ago, rather than letting them escape the country they so brutally savaged for nearly 70 years.

        Now do you understand? The history of this blood feud between House Romanov and House Rothschild goes back to the 8th Century CE, and today we are witnessing it coming to its conclusion, but make no mistake, it is the manifestation in our dimension of the war between Heaven and Hell, and the Revelation of St. John tells us how it will play out.

      23. I was born in the 1940s and grew up during the ’50s. Yes, over all life was better then but people were raised differently and society as a whole exerted much more control and pressure on us. Any deviation from the norm was punished by word, by shunning, and often by physical force. There were clear boundaries and as long as you stayed within those parameters, you were an accepted member of society, protected by it, aided in times of need, and treated with respect. In turn, you were expected to directly aid someone in need, to defend the weak at your own peril if need be. Failure to do so would result in ridicule or worse. Gender roles were clear. Men were expected to be men and women were expected to be ladies. Laws were obeyed and unwritten laws were strictly adhered to, as well. To those younger than myself, this might sound very rigid but when you are raised this way, it’s life as you know it. The generation which raised me lived through the Depression and fought in WWII. They were frugal, made many sacrifices, and learned the value of a cohesive, supportive community. It wasn’t an abstract concept to them; it was learned out of necessity. Government safety nets were few and reserved for those truly in need. There was a stigma attached to being on the dole, even for those deserving of it. War widows with children, disabled vets, handicapped people more often than not refused assistance. Churches, fraternal groups, or simply neighbors knew who was legitimately in need and helped willingly, almost competitively, and 100% of that charity went to the needy; no administrative expenses involved. We have devolved into an impersonal, selfish society, reliant upon the nanny state to care for us. Worse, we expect it to think for us.
        In my youth one breadwinner could support a family comfortably. There were government policies and safeguards in place to make this possible. But most importantly, we were a self-sufficient nation. We produced all of our food and had a surplus to sell to other countries. We produced all of our clothing and footwear. We had a solid manufacturing economy, using our own raw materials and controlled every stage of production from raw materials to finished product. Yes, we had protectionist policies in place, tariffs, restrictions on imports, luxury taxes, etc., but our production was still extremely efficient and competitive, and our high-quality products were in demand for export. We produced 90% of what we consumed and our money stayed in our country. We supported our own industries. Businesses thought long-term not quarterly. Slow steady growth was preferred over a quick buck. Part of that goes back to the frugal mindset of the people. We were far from the disposable society we have today. We expected goods to give us good service and repaired things when they broke or wore out, whether it was a pair of shoes, a radio, or an automobile. Things were made to be repaired unlike today. We didn’t have landfills to rival Mt Everest as we do now. We repaired, reused or re-purposed everything. When I say we were frugal, this should not be confused with buying cheaply made items. We often bought the most expensive item we could afford as long as we were confident of getting our money’s worth from it.
        Can we return to those days? I believe we will have to if we want to survive as a nation. But we will have to get the government to reinstate many of the old policies, punish off-shoring, provide incentives for industry to return here and pay decent wages, set caps on or heavily tax obscene CEO salaries and bonuses or tie them to their employees’ salaries with set ratios. But before any of this can happen, we need to stop corporate control over our government and install representatives who will do our bidding, put the people ahead of the money brokers. And we need to raise our children differently, teach them personal responsibility, that they are part of the universe not the center of it, that there’s a huge difference between community and communism. A healthy community is made up of self-reliant individuals working together not a group of freeloaders demanding something for nothing. Part of our immigrant problem is of our own making. They are doing many jobs natural born Americans refuse to do, feel are beneath them. If we did those jobs, immigrants would turn around and go home because there would be no available jobs for them. We can’t blame others if our own sense of entitlement restricts our employment. We have to make changes in our own attitude as well as in how our economy functions if we want to return to better times.

        • Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

          Set salary caps on CEOs? Why? You sound like a fricken communist and just another totalitarian that thinks you know the best way for other people to live their lives. No. You don’t.

          • Set salary caps on CEO’s


            Too much money has gone to their heads. They have become Gods and want to rule over everyone and everything. There is no check and balance so they run wild and have the means to change things in their favor and restrict others. They think their shit don’t stink and it is all about, Doing Business and Nothing Personal. We will soon see how callous they can become.

            More like a Dead Soul.

          • I’m neither a communist nor a totalitarian and I do agree that government is often the problem, however, it can be the solution if properly administered.
            When I talk about corporations, I’m referring to those which pay their bottom tier less than a living wage while the CEO and stockholders reap all the benefits. There are two main ways to increase the bottom line – increase sales and/or decrease expenses. Too many corporations are decreasing expenses by cutting salaries, benefits, and pensions. A corporate body, like its human counterpart, needs healthy circulation down to its toes if it wants to keep moving forward. I’m not suggesting a CEO draws the same salary as the janitor but having a fixed ratio, say 100:1, would go a long way toward rebuilding our middle class and our economy. When we taxpayers are forced to pay higher taxes to supplement underpaid workers’ living expenses, whether in food stamps, housing assistance, or medical coverage, while the CEO makes millions in bonuses, I have a problem with that. That’s when it becomes my business. It’s unfair to both the workers and the rest of us.

      24. Fox

        That is about the best explanation that you can get.

        • I second that.

      25. 1956: “America Peaked Back Then and We’ve Been In Decline Ever Since”

        YOU ARE ALL DISEASED!!! – George Carlin (1999)

        Most people seem to have been indoctrinated to believe that bullshit only comes from certain places, certain sources: advertising, politics, salesmen – not true.

        Bullshit is everywhere. Bullshit is rampant. Parents are full of shit, teachers are full of shit, clergymen are full of shit, and law enforcement people are full…of…shit – this entire country. This entire country is completely full of shit, and always has been.

        From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to the Star-Spangled Banner, it’s still nothing more than one big steaming pile of red, white and blue, all-American bullshit. Because, think of how we started. Think of that.

        This country was founded by a group of slave-owners who told us all men are created equal. Oh yeah, all men, except for Indians and niggers and women, right? I always like to use that authentic American language. This was a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding, slave-owners who also suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote.

        Now, that is what’s known as being stunningly and embarrassingly full of shit. And I think Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest.

        What are these fuckin’ cretins talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse!

        • Yes! Everyone is full of it. Love George Carlin.

        • White male landholders were the ones making money and paying taxes to the government. They knew that if non-producers voted, they would vote to give themselves everything, which explains why the US is in a hole now.

          Only people with skin in the game should be allowed to vote. If you don’t pay any federal taxes, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in federal elections.

          • Income Taxes is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!

            The 16th Amendment was never properly, nor legally Ratified!

            Government has been thieving everybody, even before anyone of us here were born.

            In Terms – they made it legal(to them), but the way they went about it … was just another sneaky legislation getting pushed through when nobody could notice or do something about it.

      26. I would suggest it’s been in decline since the Great Depression and merely got a reprieve due to (deliberately???) joining WW2 late in the game and being the last man standing.

        Smart move if it was deliberate.

        But no argument, 56 was better than now by several orders of magnitude. Makes you wonder what 2056 will be like doesn’t it.

        Then again, if it was this easy to corrupt it… one wonders just how much intestinal fortitude and unity it had going on beneath the surface, even in 56.

      27. Ah, yes. An article about the “good ol’ days”. It’s interesting that on a site where folks profess to love freedom, liberty and the Constitution we have an article pining for the days of 2nd-class citizenship for a large sector of the population.
        Yeah, America was great back in the “good ol’ days”, unless you happened to not be white…or male for that matter.

      28. …and don’t even get me started on the MASSIVE Federal spending, the rise of the MIC, or the nascent addiction to fossilized sunlight and all that has entailed.

      29. In6 1956 Americans were completely different people in mentality. We were proud to be Americans and didnot take kindly to anyone putting down the country or our rights as Americans. Anyone suggesting gun control would have been called a traitor and a tyrant. The 4th of July parade had 158 entrees and people saluted the flag at it lead the parade. Crime was low an6d drugs unknown Vets were honored and an air base was next door The planes flying over were a symbol of might an6d power. People donated money and time to build a rodeo ground and horse arena. Today there is no 4th of july parade instead there is renaissance fair where pot is openly sold. The air b5ase is gone and the rodeo ground is not used. People cringe when call American and want to apologize for something. Our navy in 1956 numbered over 800 ships with numerous in reserve, Our Air Force add many more wings of fighters and we had over 31,000 nuclear weapons The SAC bomber crews were hard charging and ready to roll on one minute notice. Today we are a shadow of what we were then6 technology not with standing illegals were being sent home in mass

        • Yeah, back to the GOOD old days when good old SAC was ready to nuke the world on a one minute notice! When we were told we were gonna fight in Vietnam cause if we didn’t fight them commies over there we’d sure be fightin’ em right here on Main St. USA dammit! We had over 31,000 nukes when we only needed a couple thousand to blow up the whole God damned shebang dammit! Shit, we’re nowhere near being ready to destroy everything for our MIC masters as we were back in the good ole days when we believed EVERYTHING our great government and politicians TOLD us to believe dammit! Yeah, we’ve really fallen apart from the ” good ole days” aint we?

          • problem: we ARE fighting communists. on main street, university ave, and pennsylvania ave. read up: Senator McArthy was RIGHT. the russians admited such in 1994.

            as for vietnam, they communists didn’t specifically make it to waikiki, but things have not been so hunky-dory for vietnam itself, laos, or cambodia.

            1950s would have been a bit uptight for my own tastes, but hard-wiring a society to bring out the worst in people is hardly the answer.

            • Darren, take a look around you. Look at your own government, talk about hard wiring a society to bring out the worst in people, we’ve got it right here and now. America had zero business being in Vietnam, none. What was a civil war inside one country was exploited by politicians and large industrial firms to make billions in profits for your corporate and political masters at the expense of the lives of 58,000 men who were told nothing but lies about fighting for the ” freedom” of South Vietnam. The political regimes of South Vietnam were the most corrupt puppet regimes that ever existed and only served to enrich themselves by theft of their own people AND the US government. And these were the ‘ good guys” we were supposed to be backing. The whole thing was a gigantic bad joke played on the American people by their government and corporate masters for one thing and one thing only, profit!

      30. Ahhhhh. The way back machine.

        It was… a life time ago.

      31. I would have to say seeing I was born in Jan.1954. I would have to say that the USA started falling in 1963 when JFK was killed/murdered by TNWO. Then under TNWO took over we lost our first war. NAM.

        But I see a silver lining. Look back to at the late 1910’s to 1930’s. Pretty bad times. Then we came back to God and we did OK. I think we will return to God after we get slapped around again. We will then become the Great nation that we were meant to be. I pray I’m right. I could be wrong.


        • Sgt Dale

          Have to agree that on November 22nd 1963 TPTB announced to the entire world, WE RUN THINGS. I always wondered what went through President Eisenhower’s mind after that thinking about MIC.

      32. Recent Scientific Research has found that a man of 45 in the mid 1980’s had 25 per cent more testosterone than a man of 45 in 2016.

      33. It has literaly went to hell in a hand basket.our future is not looking so bright.

      34. If only we knew then what we know now, how different the world would be today. 20-20 vision.

      35. Railroads also ran extremely fuel-efficient and time-efficient passenger service, though Big Oil was in the process of hooking Americans on the oxymoron of the expedience of individual driving and the resulting unsurvivable crashes when flying or driving. Yet, the passengers ruined railroad passenger service by clamoring for government to mandate that it “operate” dysfunctionally to suit the notions of expediency that the public demanded. Hence, the railroads melted down from government mandates and, the public got their death wish via all that cheap gas and those “expedient” cars to drive themselves–and to be killed by the same expectation of expedience of every other amateur driver! No wonder the denial of global climatic destruction caused by the mere century of wasting by individual driving what would have been thousands of years of fuel oil had it been used only for the efficient mass transportation by ubiquitously routed and timely-scheduled rail.

      36. It won’t be mentioned by many, though alluded by them as being something “positive”, that Blacks had to sit in the back of the bus, drink from “Colored” fountains and use only “Colored” bathrooms, etc. For THAT crap to be touted as the “superiority” of the 1950s culture is really the same kind of diseased thinking that has brought us to this point in the 2010s. There were many, many fine, respectable blacks in the 1950s–ones like Martin Luther King, Sr. and Jr.–who would’ve taken a scourge to some of the “gangsta” types of today. The culture has devolved across the board–not because of any minority (who’s disparagement by the majority back then hastened the devolution that has occurred).

      37. There have been some very interesting points of view posted today.
        I was born in the mid 50’s. It seems we have a lot of old farts on this site.
        My put is very simple, the 16th and 17th amendments are what has destroyed this nation.
        Decimate all non-military parts of the Federal government, restore the Senate to its original purpose, and the world would be a better place, in a few generations.
        Will that happen, no.
        I will just prepare to live as comfortably as possible, for as long as possible, and be as free as possible.

      38. People don’t care anymore. As long as they can afford a new car their retirement don’t matter. I care but company fucked us out of pension we had cut 15 percent of our pay too. It’s just a matter of time that we are forced to pay for medical insurance. There isn’t much hope for this country IMO. Our wages are being reduced to get us in line with the rest of the world. Then they will collapse the economy. Then they will unveil the new world currency. Nwo will control everything because private property right will be gone and gov will divide resources and land according to their plans. We will be talking about how now was the good old days. Obummer will be looked at as a good pres. We haven’t seen shit yet it’s gonna get ugly.

      39. “In 1956, about 5 percent of all babies in America were born to unmarried parents.

        In 2016, more than 40 percent of all babies in America will be born to unmarried parents.”

        There you have it folks, nothing but senseless reactionary rambling by a conservative mummy, who’s been watching too many James Dean and Humprey Bogart movies – and who’s read too few articles and books about the given period.

        Oh, and that whole ridiculous grasping at straws to portray an imaginary, romantic, and in every way perfect picture of America in the 1950’s; is mindboggling to say the least.

        Is this guy part of Donald Trump’s crew? Because I could swear, it sounds like something Mr. Trump would yell out to the masses at one of his many rallies.

        Were the 1950’s really that great? I guess so, unless of course you happened to be

        – Female
        – Homosexual
        – a non-believer
        – a Socialist
        – Suffering from Polio
        – Suffering from various illnesses that are treatable today
        – Black

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