What Do They Know That We Don’t? World’s Billionaires Are Stockpiling Cash: “Taking Money Off the Table”

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Aftermath, Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 67 comments

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    Bernanke Trillion Dollar Bill

    When things risk going wrong, cash is king… and kings have cash.

    And with enormous fortunes being made – and destroyed – overnight.

    The world’s billionaires have shifted into stockpiling an average of 22% of their income in cash because they are terrified the economy could crash.

    Many of these people literally helped to build the system we all now rely upon, and now they are holding cash, gold and other assets our of fear that stocks will crash and digital instruments of wealth could be undermined, compromised or have their balance destroyed.

    via CNBC:

    The world’s billionaires are holding more than $1.7 trillion in cash — the highest amount since one firm began recording the measure in 2010.

    Because of what they perceive to be growing risks in the economy and world, the world’s 2,473 billionaires are keeping 22.2 percent of their total net worth in cash, according to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census.

    The group has also benefited from the recent surge in so-called liquidity events from corporate acquisitions and mergers. Altogether, their cash hoard is now roughly the size of the Brazil’s GDP.

    “Billionaires are taking money off the table where available, while uncertainties in the economy and the historical highs found in deals have resulted in cash-flush portfolios,” the report said.

    The firm’s findings are in line with those from other recent surveys. A study released by UBS last month said wealthy Americans are keeping around 20 percent of their portfolios in cash, in line with their post-2008 average. More are considering reducing their exposure to the markets because of uncertainty over the presidential election, UBS said.

    And it isn’t just cash. With the gold price still off its 2011 highs, precious metals have become an extremely attractive option as well.

    George Soros reportedly converted 37% of his stocks into gold – a huge amount of gold – just weeks before the Brexit sent the price of the British pound into freefall.

    The big boys are opting out of the very system we have grown comfortable with.

    What do they know that we don’t?

    And what happens when that reality hits?

    Nothing will work, and your ATM will look like this, or offer severe cash restrictions:


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      1. “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

        • Ten dollar bills in number 10 cans. 🙂

        • Got fearporn?
          Log into SHTF and experience all the bullshit written on this site…and also enjoy the idiotic comments posted by the loyal SHTFers (in reality a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue).

          • It’s only bullshit if you can provide facts and evidence to the contrary…

            • Don’t sweat Yulop’s comment Mac…there will be plenty like him that will have their future residence in a FEMA Camp!

          • Here’s a hint, Stupulop. Don’t come on the site.

            Next question from Troll-land!

          • Hey, Yulop. What’s it like working for Debbie Wasserman Shultz? And I’ll bet you aren’t even embarrassed, are you? Of course, when you are an amoral twit like yourself, there is no metaphysical basis for embarrassment, is there! But then again, there is not even a reason for living either, since your thinking is just an epiphenomenon of brain waves generated by random forces.

            Truth is, smart people here (as opposed to you) are very well aware that no one has a crystal ball to the future, so we know enough – as opposed to you – to take this under advisement.

            But, let me ask you this, Einstein. Since you are so brilliant, exactly how will be pay off the $222 trillion in total unfunded liabilities (google Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Boston Univ. for details. This includes everything – federal, state, municipal, pensions, etc. – all things that have a promise, but no dollars to back them. So…. answer me Einstein. HOW will this all be paid for, since you think you are so freaking brilliant? Recall, you have three options, and only three (though you can combine): you can print money, cut services (including reneging on the promises – cf. Detroit) or raise taxes (which will kill the economy).

            I’m not so concerned about fear porn (neither Mac, nor anyone else, even Ichiro Suzuki, bats 1,000. But in your case, I’m more concerned about leftist IGNORANCE porn.

            Time to get back to your “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant in, or your “I’m with corrupt Hilary” meeting.

          • Yulo,
            You must have missed the month of July then.

          • Yolup, so why are you here on this site? Explain yourself.

          • So, because Yulop bought all his metals when they were at $49 and the price didn’t ‘skyrocket’, he now hates himself for listening to this sites’ advice to pick up metals in case of a crash. You see, he thought he was going to make ‘BIG’ fiat profits, but instead, he rode the price down, all the way to $13. Now he hates EVERYTHING to do with preparation strategies. He can’t stand the fact that he dumped all his fiat at once…instead of ‘dollar-cost-averaging’ into it over time.

            He has no reason to be on this site, much less comment on an article he COMPLETELY read…unless he USED to be a stacker that now weeps when he calculates his “losses.” I guess now he just resorts to calling stackers names and attempts to make anyone else who is hedging their futures, “stupid animals.” HAHAHA…you’re too transparent Yulop! Why don’t you go purchase whatever Jim Cramer and his buddies are trying to dump on you….DUMBASS!

      2. The can have all that paper they want. Some day soon it will be the Big T.P. That is right only good for wiping your A$$!!!

        • Not true. The dollar will become worthless ONLY after an EMP, Pole Shift, Nuclear War, or Yellowstone blowing. Other than those four things, the dollar is KING and will remain that way !!!

          (Quit reading Jim Willie he is an idiot.)

          In a global economic collapse, the dollar will be the last currency standing. That’s reality. 🙂

          • “Not true. The dollar will become worthless ONLY after an EMP, Pole Shift, Nuclear War, or Yellowstone blowing. Other than those four things, the dollar is KING and will remain that way !!!”

            Ever hear of the Dinarius? If your answer is “no,” I’m not particularly surprised, as you’re just another useless idiot pimping for .gov.

            If you DO know what the Dinarius was, then you’re a lying POS.

            Which is it?

            • Hey shit for brains, the denarius was a silver metal coin with intrinsic value, the dollar is PAPER and is worth what the NWO says its worth, backed by the most powerful military machine the world has ever known.

              If you want to access the NWO system to buy and sell commercially anywhere in the NWO banking world, you must use the NWO script and accept the value as inscribed upon its surface. Try cutting it up or melting it down you fucking moron !!!

              The dollar will disappear when the USA does. 🙂

          • Unless, DK, they go do SDRs.

            • TEST: SDR’s are specifically NOT a currency according to the IMF BYLAWS.

              Even with the full addition of China to the IMF (which has not yet happened because the Yuan is not yet fungible and capital is not completely free to leave China), the USA retains voting CONTROL of over any IMF action.

              Not gonna happen.

              The New World Order has a world currency and that NWO currency is the dollar. SDR’s are not needed. They are intended to protect first world banks against third world currencies.

              The USA will not give up control, but it will allow others to participate in its system under its RULES. 🙂

        • Sgt: I would beg to differ Sir and please understand I mean no offence. Our currency is made of a material that is a poor absorbent. Fluids and other solids are not well removed with Federal Reserve Notes. FRNs do not make good fire starters for much the same reason (rolling tobacco products with FRNs is not recommended either and may in fact be mildly toxic). They also make a poor insulation when crumpled and stuffed in the linings of clothing. Calking and ‘chinking’ are a couple of good applications however.

        • Was thinking the same thing here. What good is cash if inflation kicks into meltdown mode?

          (On the plus side I’d have all my bills paid off in an instant…)

          • Inflation in “meltdown mode” will NEVER happen. Meltdown mode is: hyperinflation. Hyperinflation destroys the currency.

            The NWO holds its wealth and power in dollars and dollar denominated securities. The FED will not destroy the wealth and power of the NWO PTB by destroying the currency.


            The bulk of that $1.7 trillion in “cash” is likely held in Treasury securities, which are fungible, not in a bank account.

            The next crash will be deflationary in character. Those with cash (dollars) will have greater relative purchasing power, than those without ten dollar bills in number ten cans.

            There will be a shortage of dollars to go around after the crash as velocity decreases; because those with dollars will be less inclined to spend them.

            Nor is it likely that government benefits would decline for welfare recipients as those EBT cards and other government subsidies are designed to prop up the businesses and properties of the ownership and producing class; if only at a survival level:

            Which is pretty much already established by the anemic recovery. The social service sector of the economy is too big to fail without revolution. 🙁

            • Agreed DK , I wish i had the words to explain it to others.
              Seems the left wing and RT have everyone running away.
              Mushroom had it right.
              Propaganda Trumps facts , hahaha , ya double entendre.

              Even a flyover country fool has common sense !

              • Thank you, but Arizona is a “fly-to” destination, not “fly over”. You must be thinking of New Mexico. 🙂

            • We’re definitely in the same camp as far as the nature of the next collapse, as well as how important it will be to have physical cash.

              It’s definitely going to be deflationary. Depositor accounts on the banks’ books are listed at over $11T while physical US dollars in circulation world-wide is pegged at $1.4T, the majority of which is probably circulating outside the US because so many Americans just use their debit card to pay for everything rather than carrying physical cash.

              It’s going to be reflected in the cash sticker-price of physical assets. Let’s use 1/3 of that physical cash being in the US. Start by dividing $11T by $.47, which gives you an index of 23.4. Now take the asking price of a physical asset and divide it by 23.4 to figure the maximum cash value of that asset. We’ll use a house valued at $200k. That house has a maximum cash value of $8547. Will the guy who owns that house get the full $8547 once the collapse hits its stride? Absolutely not. He’ll be lucky to get 25% of that $8547.

              Asset prices are going to drop like Bill Clinton’s pants in the coming collapse. If you have physical cash, you’re going to be positioned to take full advantage; if not, you’re just plain screwed. If people don’t have physical cash, but they do have physical assets, they are going to unload assets to grab whatever cash they can get their hands on.

              Excellent point on what that physical cash being held by the big boys could be. If it is, in fact, cash instruments and not physical cash, all they’d be holding is worthless defaulted paper.

              Another excellent point on the EBT cards. I’ve been saying for quite a while that this is how they’re going to let people access the cash in their bank accounts once the banks go down. It’s going to be scrip, just like the scrip on an EBT card. You’re not going to be able to convert the scrip into cash at an ATM. You’ll only be able to use it to buy goods like you do with an EBT card. The Fed or whoever can then jam-pack those pseudo-EBT cards with scrip in the form of guaranteed monthly incomes or whatever else they come up with. It never becomes inflationary because it never converts into circulating physical cash.

              • “Asset prices are going to drop like Bill Clinton’s pants in the coming collapse.”

                Best analogy I have ever heard !!! 🙂

              • “We’ll use a house valued at $200k. That house has a maximum cash value of $8547. Will the guy who owns that house get the full $8547 once the collapse hits its stride? Absolutely not. He’ll be lucky to get 25% of that $8547.”

                While I agree that asset prices will drop precipitously ( as they always do so the elite can pick them over and pick them up at bargain basement prices) ,I disagree with your methodology and results, thinking it much too strident, even in an extended downturn.

                I think a $200k house will more likely be worth about $75k-$100k. I was a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and a Chief Appraiser for a major bank at a national level in another lifetime, but what do I know ??? 🙂

            • Deflation? Really? So, all those obligations will now be even more expensive, such as social security? There is another option, build around the rule of 72, and it is simply mass inflation, a la Jimmy Carter. You don’t need hyperinflation. Have 10% inflation, and in ~ 7 yrs you owe half of what you did in real terms. No need for Zimbabwe’s Gideon Gono or the Weimar Republic stuff. The elite? They will game the system as always, deflation or hyperinflation, don’t worry about them

              • TEST: DEflation. Really. 🙂

            • DK is a f—I got idiot who totally ignores the history of every fiat currency devised by man. To his way of thinking, “this time it’s different”.

              So listen to him if you want to be stuck with piles of worthless FRN’s when the whole thing goes south.

              • “DK is a f—I got idiot who totally ignores the history of every fiat currency devised by man. To his way of thinking, “this time it’s different”.

                Eventually, all fiat currencies fail and so will the NWO dollar: when it will be reconstituted and backed by gold, but that day is NOT here. Not by a longshot.

                Eventually there will be TWO systems: Gog & Magog. But that day is not here either. Not by a longshot.

                The coming “collapse” that the fear mongers profit from is just the end of another business cycle. Because this cycle has been longer and artificially inflated, the fall of the markets will be farther and last longer as the PTB pick over and pick up the carcasses of the bad assets for pennies on the dollar: a fraction of their intrinsic value.

                The vultures will feast on these financial carcasses. This is the way of every business cycle. This is the way of the world; even Mother Nature.

                So NO, this time is NOT any different. 🙂

          • That is why the banks fear uncontrollably inflation. They can not change the loan terms to have the payoff raise with everything else. They do not want to choke on all that paper. So they have to move towards the digital currency and have cameras everywhere to stop bartering. So how do they get the true and only form of individualism that man kind has ever had and that be weapons,not just guns,but all manner of heavy and or sharp hand held or launchable objects. We all have a point to where we will sell our soul to save our families I hope it is many years for us all that is why we prep.

      3. When you say CASH, is that greenback cash, euro’s yaun,pessos, etc. or bank accounts?

      4. Reedickerous! Common sense allows you to realize that when an “Economic Engine” stops or collapses, it will completely take down the currency that is represented by it. Even GOLD will be worthless. You cannot eat gold. Nor can you burn it for fuel or to keep warm in winter. In Total Economic Collapse, Cash is Trash.(unless you burn it) The only thing that will matter is if you have anything to TRADE. Barter is King. Even Labor is for trade. Moonshiners will make a BIG comeback. As well as those who have Hunting,trapping,fishing,farming,etc,..skills…etc,..etc…..I will go so far as to quote you a scripture; “In the conclusion of this wicked system of things They will will throw their gold into the streets, saying ,mere dirt!”…………Keep the Faith. Michael Z Archangel

        • Michael,
          When the gold is thrown in the street, the tribulation is raging and the show is almost over. Hard to think about materialism when people are staring into the abyss of Hell. But until then gold will be an investment.

      5. The World is getting Ready for a Economic collapse Are you Ready

      6. First step is getting out of the system and moving into cash. What’s the next logical step?

        Soon there will be NO metal left. Rogue Money channel on youtube claimed this morning that an Asian purchased and vaulted 50 tonnes of AG. Let that sink in.

        That was ONE BUYER. The game is ending very quickly. This may literally be the last stop.

        • Lots of metal out there to be mined, but don’t buy the stock, management will siphon off the profit and the equity. Prospects should be producing if you decide to buy stock, generating free cash flow.

          Smart miners are holding back production to capitalize on the spike in price. 🙂

        • FTW:

          Monsanto, the Slave Traders, are a crime family. Between the World Health Organization and Monsanto, it’s hard to decide which is more murderous. If their goal is to reduce population, couldn’t they just do it humanely. They’re a bunch of sadistic monsters.


      7. It’s like musical chairs

      8. And now for the weirdest comment in the world!

        You know some crackpot wanna be pseudo scientist came out with a claim that the world is likely to be a computer simulation. Pff well ok sure you’d think it would be a bit more hospitable to wealth, life, and etc… (why have diseases… all that good nonsense…) and somewhere in here I think there’s a delayed fuse attack on religion going on (oh yeah… so if our simulation sucks then whoever created it must be malevolent… this is probably the entire point of this whole argument of his… they ain’t never gonna get over the Galileo thing man, I’m telling you. They’re never gonna let that one go. Ever.) BUT I DIGRESS…

        Did you ever stop to think… all hidden agenda arguments aside…

        That the world would make MORE SENSE if we went and made it into a simulation?

        I mean from a pure thermodynamics perspective. How much more energy efficient is THAT? I mean power the entire thing off a solar array in orbit or whatever… and then everything that ISN’T a necessity (aka the solar power to power the sim and the materials to make the panels and the computer)… EVERYTHING else is simulated.

        Luxury items? All simulated. All fake.

        I wonder if anyone’s ever done the math to figure out if a solar powered sim would be more efficient than a solar powered planet with a bunch of additional resources on board that take on the order of thousands to millions of years to re-generate… I have to believe the numbers would come out in favor of the sim…

      9. They don’t know anything that we or anyone else doesn’t know. They’re acting on the same knowledge we have.

        You don’t get to be wealthy by ignoring what is going on around you, they’re not brain dead.

      10. I’ll not hoard dollars. Only PM’s for me, to include projectiles as well as coin.

      11. I got cash, silver, lead, food, water and an aluminum baseball bat.

        All I am needing now is some sort of way to pop the popcorn when the show starts if it all goes down and the electricity goes off.

      12. I have a vast knowledge base I am hording in my brain. The most powerful tool out there. The rest like PM’s, food, weapons, ammo, fuels, BOL, are just backups.


      13. “Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. 4 Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.[a] 5 You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as[b] in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you. James 5: 1-6

        • Luke 6:24 But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.

          Luxury makes people wanton, as in Hosea 13:6 According to their pasture, so were they filled; they were filled, and their heart was exalted; therefore have they forgotten Me.

      14. spook89: Enouth said!!

      15. I keep hearing that this will be worse than the great depression – I totally agree…today, when most people have no idea of farming, gardening or even physical labor, there is no way that the majority will survive. I think the government can feed a small percentage of the people, but the vast majority will simply starve to death. If I had extra money, I think I would invest the most of it in some type of long term food production / storage, etc.

      16. It is always wise to keep a few months of
        cash on hand for food in addition to the
        many several months of food you have stashed away.
        I do know that my ten dollar bill is worth the same
        as a 1/4 ounce American eagle stamped ” 10 dollars”
        to some idiot.

      17. Revelation 12:1-2 KJVS
        [1] And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: [2] And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

        There will be a apparent fulfillment of this astronomical sign in the heavens on September 23, 2017. See more at lead article at http://www.justifiedfreely.com

        • OK Luke so when your prediction does NOT come to pass, then what? Why is there so much blood in your bible? Why does your god of supposed love and mercy seem to bathe in it?

      18. Sorry, not sure I believe this, because the billionaire elites are stacking gold and silver coinage UNLESS they need “some” cash for that interim time before silver/gold bartering occurs.

        Mac’s source for this story might be purposely misdirecting people to hoard cash when they should be stocking up food, water, batteries, L.E.D. flashlights, etc. etc.

        • Europe and now this country are going cashless. within 5 years that will be the reality. Then the govt. has gotcha. If you have goods to trade or skills to trade you may get by a little longer.

      19. Two intertwined thoughts here. First, article doesn’t do a good job of defining cash, which could mean either physical cash or cash instruments. If the big boys are as “in the know” as the article makes them out to be, then they are stockpiling physical cash, preferably into secured locations. In an economic collapse scenario, that cash will be coveted dearly, which means, in terms of acquiring assets, they could be acquired at fire-sale-of-a-lifetime prices. Cash instruments are the exact opposite; they’re defaulted in an economic collapse and would be utterly worthless.

        Back to physical cash and why you absolutely want physical cash. When we do see an economic collapse in this country, it is going to be one bitch of a deflation; the inflation may people post about simply is not going to materialize. There are two numbers you need to know: depositor accounts (don’t know if this includes things like payroll) on books at US banks $11T+, physical US$ in circulation world-wide $1.4T; electronic dollars outnumber physical dollars by a ratio of at least 8 to 1. What happens in the collapse? Those electronic dollars go “poof”, and from that day forward, will most likely never be able to be accessed through an ATM as physical cash. How does that happen? Your bank account, with those electronic dollars in it, will most likely be converted into electronic scrip which you will access with a pseudo-EBT card. If you don’t have physical cash and can only wait until they start doing scrip, you’re screwed.

        Once the Fed goes the pseudo-EBT card route, you’ll see things like guaranteed monthly income loaded onto those cards. Inflationary, you say? No, because this is more scrip that never will become physical cash. You’ll only be able to use this scrip to buy physical goods, where I’m sure they’ll encrypt caps on how many of any particular good can be purchased in a week or month.

        The Fed already knows it can put as much electronic money on a computer screen as it wants and not trigger inflation. They did it in 2008 when they re-animated all those zombie banks that should have been put out of their misery via “good bank/bad bank”. A few clicks of a mouse and those banks were instantly solvent with piles of actuarial money which was never designed or intended to become circulating physical currency. If it doesn’t physically circulate, it won’t cause inflation.

      20. Got gold? (or silver)?

      21. When they start hoarding gold and silver, THAT’S when you should start worrying.

        If they’re just hoarding central bank scrip, that means they think it’ll be a short-term problem.

      22. You can not blame them for trying to hold onto their stuff. We do the same thing on a different level.

      23. Winthrop Rockefeller is rumored to be the father of Bill Clinton.


        • That would explain alot. 🙂

      24. Back in censorship.

      25. Cash is paper. You can’t eat it. No-one will trade food for paper, after the SHTF! Same goes for even gold and silver.
        Hoard food, guns, ammo.

        It’s a good idea to become a prepper and stock up food and guns. But remember: the forthcoming economic collapse is NOT a natural disaster(“act of god”) like say: Hurricane Katrina, which no man can stop. The forthcoming economic collapse is an act of men, and can easily be stopped by other men.

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