Will the Fed Hesitate? “Everything is Too Vulnerable” for Rate Change, Says Ron Paul

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Aftermath, Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 107 comments

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    The system is teetering on edge, and nearly everyone in the financial sector is waiting for one decision – will the Fed finally raise rates?

    Ron Paul has made a bold prediction that the Federal Reserve likely will NOT raise interest rates, something which would have enormous consequences in the market, because it is hesitant to do so with so many negative risk factors the market already faces.

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen – and most in the financial sector – know how much is impinging upon the possible decision to raise rates after years and years of quantitative easing have pushed the limits of stimulating the economy. According to CNBC:

    By Paul’s reasoning, the Fed is too scared to raise interest rates in the middle of an already weak recovery and risk sending the U.S. economy back into recession, or worse… The Fed chief “does not want to be responsible for the depression that I think we’ve been in the midst of all along,” Paul added. “Everything is vulnerable, so we’re living in very dangerous times,” Paul added.

    The banks have basically become junkies to constant cheap money, and QE3 has gone so far over the edge and upside down that pensions, insurance policies and savers can no longer earn future value through basic investment.

    But according to the former Congressman and presidential candidate, big trouble in China, or our own potential economic breakdown, may be enough to call off action by the Fed because bigger problems may prevail.

    Ron Paul told CNBC:

    She’s going to be more hesitant to raise rates because she sees how fragile the global economy is… I could be wrong, but I don’t think they are going to raise interest rates.”

    “I think there’s going to be enough problems existing, whether it’s the Chinese precipitating some crisis, or whether it’s our economy breaking down,” he said.

    Does this count as yet another prominent warning by experts that the U.S. economy is headed for another crash, and perhaps even a prolonged collapse?

    The Chinese problems are having a huge impact in America right now, with so much reliance upon China for global trade. Now that instability has hit, it is putting significant pressure on the faults and weaknesses of Wall Street and the rest of the U.S.

    Ron Paul, a very learned critic of the financial system, is outright suggesting that the central banks are no longer in control.

    Right now, the Fed isn’t sure if it can back off from artificially stimulating the economy, because it is making the biggest moves out there.

    Simultaneously, it doesn’t know how to maneuver away from that position without rocking the boat enough to create a tidal wave that is certainly going to hurt for someone.

    If a Fed rate hike did occur in September, as many reports have suggested, it would be the first increase in nearly a decade – enough to keep the experts up late at night, crunching numbers, to see how bad it could get.

    I could save them all a lot of time and sum it up – it could obviously get pretty bad. Can crisis be averted?


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      1. Could ALL this be planned?

        • Yes, i think it is all planned.

          Obama has done everything he can to truly fuck over this country. He wants America to go from a capitalist country to a socialist country.

          Everybody has woken up and realized we are fucked so without doubt a Republican will be elected in 2016.

          Obama knows this too, so to give his socialist movement the final push over the edge will be to totally fuck over the economy.

          How else can you explain going from 9 trillion to 18.5 trillion debt in 6 years.

          There is truly no recovering from this.

          And that is why we are all reading and participating in this web site and the prepper movement.

      2. They wont raise rates. In fact, the economy is so addicted to cheap money, and tetering on depression (Especially w/ China), we may even see another interest rate cut. I mean going into negative interest rates to keep the ship floating….buying additional time for the elite class to shore up their hard asset holdings, and lock-in the escape plans to their remote insulated locations. When the whole thing finally collapses, it will be the average American facing the horrors of a post civilization apocolypse. And it will be UGLY.!!!!

        • Won’t happen for a while, don’t worry. Remember the elephant in the room is that our government is already broke and if interest rates rise to even close to normal levels we can’t service our debt payments.

          We will never pay off our debt, that much is certain, but at low enough interest rates we can make interest payments and everyone can pretend like we might magically pay them off one day.

          • I just hope and prey that Trump doesn’t deport all illegals… w hos gonna bend all those taco shells?
            Hitlary is a criminal…

        • The Nat Debt is only a number. I would go into default, kick the ZOG Fed Mafia out of the Country and issue a New Currency of the USA backed by Silver according to JFK’s EO-11110, without the Federal Reserve loan shark interdiction and watch bagle eating banketers go eat dirt for a change. F-n parasites have no loyalty to our country what so ever.


      3. Ask baby boomers and they will tell you that you just need any college education and eveything will be alright… they didn’t need one, but whatever!

        • some person,
          don’t ask this baby boomer because i will tell you that IS NOT the case I know lots of them and NONE of ever said that only thing i EVER heard was that you still DID not need a college ed. to succeed!! you got your answers from out space!! my friend!!!

        • Some person… not true. Especially in the 70’s and 80’s when most baby boomers without degrees were stuck with the low paying entry-level jobs and those with degrees got the better positions. That’s how it worked and for the most part, still does… at least until things crash and then all the education in the world won’t help. That’s why the baby boomers stressed the importance of getting an education to their children. Develop a strategy for yourself to get ahead instead of blaming an entire generation for your problems.

        • How many time did you hear this succes plan from your parents?

          1. Study hard so you can get a good Job.
          2. Work hard so you can get a raise.
          3. Then you can start saving money in a bank savings account to buy a house.


          Oh yeah, basically 3 bits of advice that set us up for doom, cause the system was rigged from the get go.

          • Wwti, so you did the same?
            Things happen life that changes the outcome…

      4. Ludicrous. We have an enormous credit bubble. Any rate change other than maybe a 1/8th will pop it all. They won’t raise rates because they can’t.

        • http://popularliberty.com/features

          War Traitor John McCain gets booed and run off by the Navajo Nation. Hes dragged away in a black SUV. Funny.


      5. and QE3 has gone so far over the edge and upside down that pensions, insurance policies and savers can no longer earn future value through basic investment.

        Yeah no sh*t.

        It ain’t pretty lemme tellya.

      6. Can crisis be averted?

        Answer: NO

        Don’t matter which direction the Fed goes.
        Printing and artificially manipulating the economy has only one outcome. [downward]

        Raising Interest Rates will only show the true nature of the ongoing manipulation that the system has created. [crash]

        • You are right that it can’t be averted, but it can be delayed. They will try ever lie, trick, cheat, and steal they can think of to keep it going as long as they can.

          More importantly plenty of serious people will be begging them to do anything other than let the complete collapse happen now. TARP II and QEinfinity are just a couple of options that they could use without anyone raising a fuss.

        • this is why Putin, iran, isis and the rest are all making moves they know we’re bust and wouldn’t be able to respond – for long !

          • At least we can still get a ride into space from Russia.
            If war with Russia and Nato happens, maybe we can get a ride from the Chinese.

            • I hear ya brother !

      7. FTW , SP, J, Anon.

        I agree wit all of you.

        Being a baby boomer I thought at one time that my kids need a college education. Found out I was wrong. One daughter has two degrees. She is a house wife. My son and my other two daughters didn’t go to college. They are doing all right.

        Far as it being a plan. YES. I think there plan will fail. They have the idea that one size fits all. Stupid shits should know better.

        I’m hoping that they don’t raise it but you will never know until the day arrives. I don’t think they will but they have done dumber thing in the past.

        God help Us.

        • I tell young people to only consider college if they’re going into a program with guaranteed jobs, such as nursing. Otherwise, they’re better off going to community college and getting into a practical program, such as welding or car repair. If they can’t find a job, I tell them to make their own job like I did. I’m a boomer, but I don’t have a degree. I went to a large university long enough to find out I didn’t fit in. So I quit and went to work. After 30 years, I quit working for others and started working for myself. I’ve been as happy as can be for the last 10+ years.

        • I have a STEM degree. Since I earned my degree later in life I have a direct comparison in the difference in wages with and without a degree. I just changed from a high paying Technical paycode to an higher paying Engineering paycode in the same company working with the same people. My degree was worth $1500 more per month at the start.
          So I made minimum of extra $340,000 if you ignore promotions and inflation over 20 years(actual was closer to $600,000). My education at private schools was paid by GI bill and Employer. You can get a degree for nearly free, you just have to sacrifice,
          lots of your personal time. College can pay, but if you get a BA degree, and walk out with a $120,000 debt, then you deserve what you get because you are an idiot, well educated, but an idiot never the less.

      8. Another “could happen” “might happen” report. Throw it on the very large pile…

        • Ppod, it doesn’t become an “official” could happen until it appears on the Mike Snyder Prophets of doom daily. Then you can add it to the thousands of other articles about how we only have a short time before everybody dies.

          • And starves and looses all their money and hair and oh lordy its jade helmut and were all gonna be FEMAd!

            • Never Fear, keyboard commando is here. I will fill them full of lead with my ventilation team. I have no training or military service, and am extremely out of physical condition. My 12 gauge shotgun will cut down those young, physically fit, well trained punks with their MRAP’s and high tech equipment.

      9. Well, I’m certainly no expert on financial matters or any matter for that matter. People aren’t spending, maybe if sellers would cut gouging prices by about half products would move. Why would anyone spend beyond necessities facing the future uncertainties that grow like a tumor as far as the eye can see. Sears and J.C. Penny are almost out of business, most of the others sales are flat. High unemployment is also a factor. The writing is on the wall, lower your prices or you are done. The majority can no longer afford to spend foolishly. Food and shelter costs are people’s main concern.

        • A few months ago, we were notified that we could no longer pay our Discover card bill at Sears using cash. Last week, we were notified that, after February 1st, we can no longer pay our Discover card bill at Sears. Rats leaving a sinking ship, perhaps?

      10. I’ve never seen so many economists and Wall Street gurus be so pessimistic.

        Many are just flat out saying we will crash before the year is out, if not by the end of Sept.

        It’s gone well beyond the normal doom and gloom crowd. Even the Bulls are getting a scared.

        Bond prices are already collapsing.
        The divergence in the markets is signaling a crash.
        Foreign markets are declining.
        Outflows from mutual funds is accelerating.
        Of blood moons let me just say Wall Street can be a superstitious crowd, some predictions become self fulfilling. You don’t need to be a believer to lose your shirt.
        The active market manipulation by the government so obvious and extreme.
        QE money is no longer working to prop up the markets.
        All the tools the government and FED are using to delay the crash just aren’t working anymore!

        Unless the government has a really big tough killer rabbit in their magic hat, this markets going down long and hard.

        • It is scary times indeed. I work 2 hours from home, and have been trying to find a viable alternate route home when shtf. Without going 100 miles out of the way I just can’t seem to avoid a population congested area. One small town I regularly pass though is 95% impoverished community. Lot of white flight. Shanty homes right off the highway just at edge of city limits. One alt route would take me off the highway about 10 miles before this town, through a few mile wide strip of farms between the town I want to bypass and a major metro area to a sparsely traveled highway with no homes, no gas stations no exits. Nothing to loot. It would bypass me to the highway that takes me home through the country.

          The most ‘direct’ route would be I 20 east, but there is. 2 mile strip in jackson where there are stokes and shopping malls right off highway. Once past jackson hitting highways through the country away from densely populated areas no problem. Spells big trouble to me when shtf, unless I can figure out shtf before the fucktards do. Comments, ideas?

          • My opinion which is going to be very controversial, is this: If you live east of the Mississippi, you are in deep shit. I live out here in wide open spaces in the west within walking distance to a national forest that hooks onto the Frank Church Wilderness Area and even at that, I feel it is all for naught. 300+ million starving people are going be hard to avoid. 15 million big game hunters alone. So divide that by 50 states and there is a shitload of competition right there. And remember, a million of anything is one big ass number. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to lay down and just die in defeat, but fvkmeblind if the trucks stop rolling to the stores, cannibalism is going to be HUGE problem. Then who do you trust?

            • That’s right, .o2!! I love reading about NDE and there is one book written by Dannion Brinkly called, “Saved by the Light”… He tells in this book about dying and then coming back. (NDE= Near Death Experience).

              Anyhow, in his book he tells of what these beings of light tell him about the future and a lot of stuff he predicted (told to him by the beings of Light when he died) has already come true!!

              However, one thing he talks about is the US going broke and cannibalism taking place– here and the EU. I never believed that would occur. However, recently I read that when civilizations fell in the past, there was instances of cannibalism. Anyhow, unfortunately, you are right– that is a very likely scenario… scary crap!

            • .02

              Controversial indeed.

              All about timing. Will it be winter or summer at the time of the event. How many people have some provisions stored away. Ever think of the road kill in your area.
              Ducks, Geese, Squirrels, Dogs, Cats, Raccoon, Opossum,
              Rats, Rabbits, Snakes, Lizards, Deer, Hog.
              The Normal Bias runs deep and so will the need to Stay Home. It would have to get bad quickly to make people move but as you see in Katrina there will be many to stay in place. The objection to eat other than the normal food we eat everyday will be hard to cover come.
              At some point after the exhaustion of home food is where the caloric count will become important. Age and Medications will be factors. Choking down long pork will be like eating roaches.
              Up North they have built Towers to house low income while in the South it is more apartment complexes at three story level. Either way the occupants of these edifices will prey on each other till the supplies are gone.
              After that how many will venture into the mountains or woods or swamps. Many have only played in the concrete jungles and what waits for them are the insects and animals with no comforts of home. Then find, track, kill and prepare what they caught. How many will have the tools and skill to process the food.
              Mass migrations of people are possible but I think highly unlikely. If they come West it will be in small groups.

              I hear Ted Nugent has applied for a Bear Tag/Permit in Florida for the Fall hunt. Hmmmmmmm. ;0)

              • A few million small groups adds up to a big problem. Another thing that I have harped on and is happening is fires. The Pac NW is ablaze with more fires than fighters. the local news station just announced that there are no firefighters left, no planes for retardant no choppers, etc and now the forest just burns. This is in times where everyone is getting paid to fight fire! What happens to the forests when all these desperate flee to the mountains and being there is only firewood for fuel/heat and now NO fighters? 125 square miles have already burned this year and the fire season officially BEGINS in September. Smoke everywhere and ash falling in most places. It is a mess and getting worse and no rain in sight. I finished up wheat harvest this year and the drought made for less than optimal yields and if we don’t get some real precipitation this winter/spring the farmers here could be in some serious hurt. Maybe the s hasn’t htf quite yet, but you sure coulda fooled me. It is desperate out here.

              • Hey Sling, You know that Ducks, Geese, Squirrels, Raccoon, Opossum,
                Rats, Rabbits, Snakes, Lizards, Deer, Hog run wild in FL. No need to eat road kill… I refuse to eat any dog or cat.

                Just a few mins ago at my BOL the now 16 Turkeys came by for their daily cracked corn treats. Just 5 to 10 yards from my cottage porch. The youngins are almost at big as the adults now. The adult Turkeys are easy to spot. Taller necks as they keep an eye out and the babbies feed their beaks. Wont go hungry out here.

                Bow season leas than a month. Wild friendly game is the best farm animals you can have. Zero maintenence. So add a few 50# LB BAGS of cracked or whole feed corn to your preps and let them come to you. Scouring for road kill does not sound too appitizing.. Even post SHTF. Let the unprepared and hungry masses fight over the possum tar tar.


                • WWTI

                  The road kill is an indication of what animals are in the area.

                  The odd thing about the area is that Canadian geese have taken up year round residence in and about the city.
                  The retention ponds attract them. Flocks up 50 birds. So many they have become road hazards. Has to be a few thousand birds.

                  Nice to have turkey in your backyard.

            • Iduno .02, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that a good portion of people will commit suicide.
              Just like a lot of civilian Germans did when the news got around that Germany had lost the war.

              Of course, majority of these people would be those who depend on modern living to survive.

            • .02, Yourvtheory is partially correct, however anybody living weat if the Mississippiis screwef since you will run out if water.

              The South East is in great shape cause the Frightened Socialists from DC and the NE will not come south where the Confederate flag is flying. We hang em, drag em and feed them to the Gators and we have plenty of water here to do so.


          • Keep your gas tank full and/or install an extra tank. Maybe get a dual sport motorcycle with a large tank for good weather. Make a safe temp. bugout place stocked with a few supplies halfway home. Get some good hiking shoes. Get an old truck thats beat up with 4 wheel drive for pushing cars out of your way. Reinforce your vehicle with steel plates for ballistic protection. Make friends with a local pilot that could fly you out. Just a few ideas 🙂

            • Genius, love those ideas, but not all practical for me. MS is very rural in most places, which is why I would have to go 100 miles out of my way to bypass that one small town. The back roads with a most direct (not really) path are just way out of the way. I used google street view to take a look at how those road are populated and the quality of the housing. I want to avoid run down areas, but also want to avoid the rich neighborhoods. I’m hoping to be savvy enough to bug out to home before others realize what’s happening. I Take my ham operators license test October 4 th. That will help me stay in the loop.

          • Nopitty, Based on your comment about I-20 and Jackson, I assume you mean Jackson, MS. In a SHTF situation I would not go any where near south Jackson or through Jackson. WalMart and other retailers sell a Mississippi Atlas that shows all of the small back roads throughout the state. I keep one in my truck and my wife’s car. It’s a great tool to have if you’re trying to find your way through the rural countryside.

          • Hi capacity magazines ..there’s my advice PTPO

      11. We can’t spend what we don’t have and unlike the govt. we can’t print more money to bail us out. We’ve hit the wall and banging our heads against it won’t make it better.

        • Awe man! You mean we can print money on our Printers? Obama lied again….damn him!

      12. I’m going to raise interest rates. Fed.

        I drawing a “red line” in the sand. Obama.

        I am not a crook. Nixon.

        Depends on what the definition of the word “Is” Is. Clinton.

        The shit never stops.

        • Add: Read My Lips
          ~Bush daddy.

          • JFK; Marilyn I’ll make you scream.

            • Lincoln to Mary Todd, I need to go to the theatre like I need a hole in my head…

              • I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today.
                Alan Greenspan.

                • Jefferson’s diary: Damn, too late to harvest the male cannabis plants…

                  • Hamilton: You know, that guy is a Burr up my ass….

                    • Washington: These wooden dentures are a pain in my mouth…

                    • Madison: who knew they would name a pastry after my wife???

                    • Custer: Where did all those f@cking Indians come from???

                    • Last one….
                      Wilson: l can fuck this country over, and make a legacy in 100 years, one you will not recognize….
                      1913 …
                      Kidding aside, is there anything we can do to reclaim this country???
                      May all be well here…

                    • Drinking and typing again Poodle? Just when we thought it was safe. The drunk typer comes along again.

        • I did not have textual relations with that server – Hillary.

          • JS, good one.

            Abraham: Was I hallucinating, or did I hear a higher power talking to me???

            That was a joke for the nonbelievers, and I still question it myself… Just being real…

        • Wwti, considering the asshole you are, I wish a moccasin would take you out.
          when you fry in hell, remember the shit you gave posters here…
          You are a prick…

      13. Forget the economy, none of us will have a job to go to in a few more weeks: The attack is coming! Fine tune your preps and start living as if teotwawki has already arrived. Please learn to come home while sliding in from first, or you won’t make it. Survivors, there will be no umpires, so make your own rules. God bless, be vigilant, trust no one, lay low, keep quiet, chew softly, take small sips, keep a clear eye, forget safety, keep a finger on the trigger, and sleep with one eye open. By all means, make night vision your top priority. If you can’t see in the dark, you’ll never live to see daylight. Fight a good fight, run a good race, keep the faith, and finish strong. Fellow preppers, love always, look them in the eye, never flinch, and when all that can be done, has been done, then die respectfully, honoring your calling. Warrior Up, see you at His feet. What else can be said.

        • Nothing. You’ve said exactly nothing. With the exception of multiple stupid clichés.

          • I love you too Snyder!

        • Hunkerdown

          Night vision plus body armor. ;0)

          • Slingshot: Good point, I’ve been searching for body armor. Any good venders that you know of?

            • Hunkerdown.

              First thing to do is decide how much protection you want and keep in mind weight and movement. No body armor is 100% protection. Soft armor has weight but if you add plates, front and back plus sides. You are going to feel it. I can’t recommend any company cause the all have to meet standards. Different types of carriers that can have attachments like holsters and mag pouches. Like buying a car.
              You can buy extra soft armor pads for more protection instead of plates. The AR500 plates can stand alone in a plate carrier but limited on side protection.
              Also consider a Kevlar helmet.

              Google “Picture’s of body armor”. Read the Standards Levels for body armor too.

      14. If she does raise the interest rate, it will be VERY short lived, because it will set off a cascading effect around the globe, and ALL of the world wide fiat paper currency system will fall apart within a few hours to a few days at the most.
        Here’s something that no one yet has been able to answer for me, it is the simple question of “from where does the “money” come from to pay any interest on any kind of a loan?” If the banksters are the only ones who are allowed by law to create fiat paper currency out of thin air, then how can anybody else pay off a loan that is made by the banksters? This must mean that it is totally impossible to pay off loans without creating even MORE fiat paper currency and electronic bookkeeping entries out of thin air!! And that creation of fiat paper out of thin air lessens its perceived purchasing power, therefore even more of it is needed to make up for that loss which then means more fiat paper needs to be created, and the whole cycle goes on and on until it all falls apart. Which is the point where we are almost at now.
        Raising interest rates will be the death knell of the world wide fiat paper currency Ponzi scheme. Keeping them low will do the same exact thing, because there’s no way for anyone who is retired to maintain their standard of living! The number crunchers saw this day coming all the way back in the 1950s, but could hardly find anyone who would listen to them. I did, and have been writing about it since 1996, but hardly anyone wants to listen to me either! But when TSHTF, there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth like nobody has ever heard before and people will be wishing that they had taken steps to protect themselves and their family!


      15. Off subject, but this is from Global Research, titled, “Homegrown Terrorists: New Draconian Laws Usher in NWO”)…

        Duhaime’s legal definition of tyranny states: “A form of government other than a monarchy in which the formal written constitution is not adhered to and is broken by force of arms by a single person who then undertakes to rule as a monarch and primarily in his personal interests.”

        Continued at Global Research.

      16. I understand the classical reasons to raise interest rates. When the velocity of money M2 was too high and fueling inflation rates were raised to cool the economy. Presently the velocity is and has been low. I don’t see this as a reason to raise rates. When government spent more than it brought in rates were raised to entice people to save thus creating a supply of many for Uncle Sam to borrow. Uncle Sam goes to its private Loan Shark today the Federal Reserve that creates a pile of money, buys Treasury Bills and 9supplies the junkie) funds government. I see no reason to raise interest rates here either.

        Granted I’m not educated in the above but as Apollo 13 crewmen Jack Swagart said, “I can add”.

        Someone want to educate me?

        • Sorry for the typos in the above

          many = money
          9 = (

        • The problem as I see it is getting the money from the banks that get it interest free from the Fed into the hands of people on the street. This is why Bernanke was nicked named helicopter Ben as his plan was to throw it out of choppers. THE ONLY way money can get into circulation from the bank is in loans or grants and we the people are tapped out on taking loans which leaves grants, EBT, Social Security, Disability, etc.

          Wall street is fat and happy, main street is staving and closing shop. We are at the end game of the interest being the parasite killing the host in this case the consumer.

          Sending millions of jobs overseas dint help either. How can you expect people to buy Chinese trinkets when the people (chinks) that make them cant afford them and the people that lost their jobs to the foreign slave labor cant buy Obama Care plus not to mention the staples?

          If this was not by design than the people at the top that chased cheap labor over the economic cliff to fatten their wallets must be psychotic. I have a hard time thinking that CEO’s of major companies couldn’t see this comping world wide implosion caused by NAFTA and GATT free trade deals set up on the above scenario. An idiot with an IQ of 80 could most likely figure it out.

          But now the money masters have painted themselves into a corner and war has always been the method of last resort. So here it comes again, but this time I bet America is going to see fighting and destruction on home turf.


        the bankers are trapped and they know it.

        they have no choice now but to either continue printing fake fiat zog currency with qe quantitative easing turning the zog dollar completely worthless eventually OR STARTING WORLD WAR THREE / WW3 to cover up the collapse of the zog fiat dollar!

        nothing has changed since the zog amerikan fiat dollar collapse of 2008, except you are all now poorer by about $140,000. , that’s right YOU ALL NOW OWE THE ZOG FEDGOV YOU FAIR SHARE OF THE ZOG AMERIKA DEBT which is now $140,000+ AND GROWING MORE DAILY!





        • AL HAIL ZOG!
          ZOG provides!
          ZOG see’s all,
          ZOG knows all!
          HAIL ZOG!

      18. 15 million big game hunters? Sounds reasonable, but I think there are over one million in this state alone.

        I still like to hunt, but I gave up on my passion of hunting for big game after I could never bag that most elusive big game of all…the skinny American woman…

        Some say they are now extinct.

      19. The second stabbing by a “native” Swede in one week.

        Three people have been taken to
        hospital after being stabbed in central Norrköping on Monday afternoon,
        according to Swedish newspaper Norrköpings Tidningar. A 24-year-old man
        has been arrested.

        The attacker, who witnesses claimed was “obviously on drugs” according
        to the newspaper’s website, stabbed his first victim, a man, in the back
        outside the city library before running off to stab a woman and a
        female beggar moments later.

        A member of the public then overpowered the attacker and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

        “When I arrived on the scene, people were sitting down and crying.
        There was blood on the ground. Then I saw a woman who was bleeding quite
        heavily. The victims were about 50 metres apart,” a witness told
        Expressen newspaper.

        The victims were taken to Vrinnevi hospital. According to the hospital a
        21-year-old woman is seriously injured and is in intensive care.

        A 24-year-old man is also seriously injured and has undergone emergency
        surgery, while the third victim, a woman in her 40s, escaped with only
        minor injuries.

        Her condition is stable but she remains in hospital for observation.

        The 24-year-old man arrested for the three stabbings, was previously
        known to the police but only for petty shoplifting or theft. He is
        likely to be charged with three counts of attempted murder.

        The attack comes one week after a man and a woman were stabbed to death inside an Ikea store in Västerås, north west of Stockholm.
        According to Swedish law race and heritage cannot be mentioned.

        * Zog Forced Diversity is White Genocide!

        • Nina, you’ve become a crashing bore. I don’t bother to read your posts any longer, it’s same old same old multiple times per thread. Get some new material, your act needs freshening up, it’s become too stale for any interest anymore. Try to emulate hcks, now there’s somebody who’s fun to read.

          • boo hoo :0( for you.

            as if…

            i really give a wee lil’ f*ck what you think.

            • Maybe so nina, but at least I’m not going to spend my life as a coward worrying about Jews getting me. You know what, your problem is you have no guts. You’ll die at your computer posting your fear porn viddies without ever lifting a finger to do anything about your so called enemies. Of course, you’ll say ” it’s up to ME to ” educate” people to the problems”, that’s what MY job is here. Which of course, is the excuse of every coward. No go crawl back under your rock, the sun will be coming out soon.

              • ooh’ you got me!

                my efforts to learn the ‘real truth’ of our Zionist controlled reality (the NWO Zog) since the crash of 2008, 7 years has all been for nothing!

                And i’m such a coward because i devote a few minutes of my daily life to sharing what I have learned of the Zionist Marxist Jews and the Zog NWO Truth with the world on various websites from around the globe everyday, exposing myself constantly to online harassment , bullying , stalking , morons who refuse to see the truth like you and possible harassment, investigation, arrest, possibly indefinite detention or even being murdered by the Zog DHS Gestapo as a Domestic Terrorist to get my message across of the Zionist Marxist Jews and the NWO Zog for the last 7 years.

                just out of curiosity Snyder? What have you done lately for the cause? hmmm?

                who is really hiding from the TRUTH here?

                me or YOU?

                delusional psycho much?

                • For Christ sake already, are you gonna start crying!? Look at what you just wrote here, now ask yourself this, exactly WHICH of us is the delusional psycho?

      20. this says it all

        “I can’t get milk for my child”

        Venezuela’s food shortage keeps getting worse

        h ttp://peakoil.com/publicpolicy/venezuelas-food-shortage-keeps-getting-worse

      21. Is it time to Reinstate the “JIM CROW” Laws?

        Girl Gets Bottle Smashed In Her Face After Stabbing A Guy!


        Zog Forced Diversity is White Genocide!

      22. Oath Keepers plan to arm 50 black Ferguson demonstrators with AR-15 rifles and dare cops to shoot!


        oath keepers = zog goy shills = ignorant dumb f*cks!


        • Ferguson

          Could make it “Open Season” on Police. Imagine what will come out of the closets to the streets after the first shots fired.

          • Imagine what will come out of the closets to the streets after the first shots fired.

            HOMO’S ?????

            Sorry, I had to do it…….LOL!

            • FTW

              Oh Boy. Hahahaha!

        • Bruin, I saw an article earlier with that same Heading.
          Thought maybe it was a Satire piece of journalism, but sadly to say … it is not.

          What are these people thinking?
          I believe the “OATH KEEPERS” have been officially infiltrated.

          TBTB probably can’t figure out why Americans haven’t revolted in some sort of fashion already, guess they are attempting to get the ball rolling …iduno?

        • “B”
          I’m going to respectfully disagree with you.

          Hear I why. This will bring to the forefront of the Bad Leo’s out there. This way they can’t hide anymore and Us good Leo’s will know who they are so we won’t have to watch our backs in he future. This will also let you know who they are.

          The only thing that worries me is some plant shooting and blaming it on the Oath Keeper, or a Cop.

          We will see.


        • The Oath Keepers are not in any way Zog. Theyare using the US Constitution as a tool like all Americans need to exercize yiur rights. White black, brown, yellow, male and female. Its the ZOG Controlled Cops and tgwir Shill Politicians that instigate opression. No doubt the Oath Keepers are doing peaceful protest against Tryanny. And will have no part in the other halfs rioting or looting. In fact they came in to help protect businessea black and white, which the Cops were ordered by their ZOG Masters to let Furgeson burn. Bruin, most of your other posts are spot on. Btw/ did your country ban butter knives yet? Ha.


      23. If interest rates go up, won’t the government have to implement austerity measures to maintain payments on the debt, just like we’re seeing in Europe? Or can we print our way out of this mess forever? This isn’t going to be pretty when people and corporations are both living off the government teet. Guess who’s going to lose first!

      24. appears to be more of a 2nd amendment thing than anything else

        Oath Keepers To Arm 50 Black Protesters In Ferguson With AR- 15’s For Epic Rights Flexing March

        h ttp://www.mintpressnews.com/oath-keepers-to-arm-50-black-protesters-in-ferguson-with-ar-15s-for-epic-rights-flexing-march/208682/

        “Andrews explained that he and members of his group spent almost an entire night speaking with black protestors about the events in Ferguson and the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
        “Every person we talked to said if they carried they’d be shot by police. That’s the reason we’re going to hold this event and it will be a legal demonstration,” Andrews said. “I’m sick and tired of law enforcement who doesn’t think they have to abide by the law. They’re narcissistic and that guy (Belmar) discredited my men.”

        • The “reasoning” is pure bullshit, though I’m not completely disagreeing with them to a certain extent.

          It’s just that, Ferguson is NOT the place to be doing such a thing, this indeed is just going to cause more problems if they go through with this “right to carry” nonsense.

          50% Instigation
          50% Agitation

          Who wins? — Certainly not the Public on this issue.

          • “Right to carry” Nonsense? WTF is right, who’s side you on anyhow?

            • There is a time and place for everything.
              Ferguson is NOT the place for “right to carry”.
              Ferguson is a “Racial/Cop” issue.
              These people are NOT protesting for the 2nd Amendment.
              They are protesting “Black Lives Matter” bullshit.
              Oath Keepers considering handing out AR-15’s to a bunch of dead brained individuals is a recipe for disaster.

              I say fine, let these foolish Oath Keepers hand out weapons to a bunch of agitated, uppity niggers, and watch them die.

              I like what the Oak Keepers represent, but this “right to carry” idea is the wrong representation to push for their agenda.
              The Oath Keepers should be diverting the “right to carry” agenda to Washington D.C. – Why push a “right to carry” movement in a hostile territory? Asking for problems if you ask me.

              No need to ask me “who’s side I’m on”.
              That’s like you stomping on my nutsack and pushing me backwards – not cool bro!

      25. on the contrary FTW
        Ferguson is the PERFECT place for this

        it’s an “IN YER FACE” to a corrupt cop who deliberately REFUSES
        to obey the Constitution

        democracy can be messy

        • Assuring that the Tree of Liberty doesnt die will definitely be messy

        • I tend to agree Satori – please read above post to Enemy of the State.

          All I’m saying is: Ferguson is not the place to exercise a “right to carry” movement. It’s not the place to protest against these unConstitutional Law Enforcers.

          If the Oath Keepers really want to help out a city, I suggest they push their Agenda in Baltimore….but they won’t. Because (A) they are scared (B) the natives will run them out of town.

          Baltimore is not a Ferguson, which is why I strongly believe the Oath Keepers chose Fergie over Balti.

      26. Whatever the outcome at Ferguson. The question is will it spread across the nation.

      27. I’m for it.
        Our Rights are color blind!!!!!
        A black gun can tell the color of the person carrying it.
        I would put a white guy or gal with every black guy or gal carrying the AR’s. They would also have boy cams. You would be able to document the actions of the ad cops out there.


        • Elderly Tuskegee Airman attacked in St. Louis

          A 93-year-old Tuskegee Airman had his car stolen and was robbed in two separate incidents on Sunday night. The robbery happened Sunday at McPherson and Sarah in North St. Louis

          Police say the victim got lost while driving to his daughter’s home Sunday night at around 11:30pm. The 93-year-old man pulled over to call his daughter. A man approached and entered the victim’s vehicle. The suspect took cash from the victim’s pant pocket. Then the suspect then got into another vehicle and left the scene. The victim lost sight of the older model black four door vehicle near the intersection of Walton and Page.

          The victim drove to the intersection of Walton and Page. The elderly man got out of his car and asked two black males for help. They got into his car and drove away.

          Police are looking for the three suspects in the two separate incidents. The victim was driving a Maroon 2012 Honda Accord Sedan with Missouri license plate: AA2K8R.

      28. Things you don’t hear about on MSM

        Violent incidents at a local Walmart (WMT) in Beech Grove, Indiana have the town’s mayor declaring the store a public nuisance. With more than three police visits a day, the mayor argues Walmart is sapping tight resources for a little town of 14,000 that sits southeast from Indianapolis.

        Walmart was told to handle its own security

      29. Blacks are fighting in the clip above bruin put up. After its all over the bitch is saying your nose is broke call the police. So the police are no good to blacks but when they want justice they want the cops. They’re gonna scrap out behind the gas station but then want the cops. How about just get in their car and leave before it got to this point go and smoke their weed spare the broken nose. This is childlike behavior from people that have no brains. I suppose it’s all white folks fault remember black lives matter. I would say they need to heed there own message. People with brains wouldn’t get into this kind of stupid shit pissing match. These people are barbarians plain and simple they should not have guns ever. People like this really make it hard for decent black folks. Man there are some ignorant blacks out there.

      30. Before or post SHTF. Watch out for Flash Mobs. Any mob of a dozen or more, pretty much can pillage at will. In and out in a minute flash. Be it a street flash mob stopping traffic to rob, or stores to loot. And why everybody needs a Concealed Weapons Permit and carry at least a 9mm and few extra high capacity magazines to mow the bastards down if they come at you.

        • This is my primary objective in a SHTF scenario – avoiding groups of people, concealed and incognito. I don’t have the best location, but not the worst either. At least I have enough concealment and open view of any possible intruders 360 degrees with approximately 250-300 yards in either direction.

          Any mob mentality comes to an area like mine, they’ll need to be extremely desperate to make it this far to me, which in reality will require a lot of work on their part to do so.

          I have what I need, or at least I think I have prepped enough for long term survival. If I run out of an item or two, then oh well .. I go without. I’m not going to venture out to do any bartering or trading unless I feel confident enough it is safe to do so.

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