Why This Investment Is Better Than Gold: “Silver Is Ridiculously Undervalued”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: It is quite clear that this world of illusion, fiat papers and rigged markets are topsy-turvy, volatile and prone to collapse. Something big is coming, and everyone can smell it. People’s jobs are on the line, and the future of the country is very much hanging in the balance of what happens in the next few months and years economically.

    While everyone knows how badly the prices of silver and gold have been suppressed, there are reasons to think that silver could explode in price and surpass the price-ratio with gold in a big way. Individuals may take comfort in physical commodities – along with their preps – in order to hang on to a position of wealth when the storm comes. Of course, what follows is Michael Snyder’s opinion, because no one knows for sure what will come, and what will happen to these prices – they don’t follow sound economics, they follow the heavy footsteps of tyrants…

    Why Investing In Silver Is Vastly Superior To Investing In Gold Right Now

    by Michael Snyder

    When panic and fear dominate financial markets, gold and silver both tend to rapidly rise in price.  We witnessed this during the last financial crisis, and it is starting to happen again.  Because I am the publisher of a website called The Economic Collapse Blog, I am often asked about gold and silver when I do interviews.  In fact, just a few days ago I was sitting right next to Jim Rickards during the taping of a television show when this topic came up.  Jim expressed his belief that investing in gold is superior to investing in silver, but I had the exact opposite viewpoint.  In this article, I would like to elaborate on why I believe that silver represents a historic investment opportunity right now.

    I should start out by disclosing that my wife and I have been able to put away a little bit of silver over the years.  I wish that it could have been a lot more, but so often there are other priorities that need to be addressed.  For example, I have always said that people need to take care of their emergency food storage first before even thinking about any kind of investments.

    But if you have money left over after taking care of the basics, I am fully convinced that silver is a wonderful investment for the mid to long term.  In this article, I am going to explain why this is the case.  However, I have always warned that you have got to be ready for a rollercoaster ride if you get into precious metals.  So if you can’t handle the ups and downs, you should probably avoid them altogether.

    As I write this article, the price of gold is sitting at $1254.30 an ounce.

    Meanwhile, the price of silver is sitting at just $15.81 an ounce.

    That means that the price of gold is currently more than 79 times higher than the price of silver.  For the ratio between gold and silver to be this high is truly unusual.

    You see, the truth is that there is only about 17 times as much silver as there is gold in the Earth’s crust.  And currently silver is being mined at about an 11 to 1 ratio to gold.

    So it makes sense that throughout history gold has typically sold at about a 15 to 1 ratio to silver.

    During the years to come, I do believe that gold will multiply in price.

    But I am also convinced that the price of silver will go up much, much faster.

    As they both skyrocket in price, the price ratio between gold and silver will shift very quickly from 79 to 1 in the direction of 15 to 1.

    Perhaps we may never even get all the way back to 15 to 1, but if we even got to 40 to 1 or 30 to 1, what that would mean for silver would be history making.

    Let us also keep in mind that unlike gold, silver is constantly being used up in thousands of different industrial applications.  The following comes from Jeff Nielson

    Over the past quarter century, more silver-based patents have been created than with any other metal on the planet. But not only does silver have unparalleled versatility, it is an extremely potent metal, meaning that in many of its commercial applications it is used in only trace amounts.

    Why is this of significance? Because in such tiny quantities it is economically impractical to ever recycle any of this silver, at prices anywhere near the (absurd) levels of recent decades. Thus this silver is being consumed in tiny amounts, but in billions and billions of consumer products, over a span of decades.

    Unlike gold, our stockpiles of silver are disappearing. As previously mentioned, for at least the last thirty years, the only way that our strong demand for silver could be satisfied has been through consuming portions of these stockpiles.

    It has been estimated that approximately one billion ounces of silver have been used in consumer products over the past ten years alone.

    Even if the world could somehow avoid the great financial turmoil that has already begun, the truth is that eventually a great demand crunch for silver would come just based on how much of it we are steadily consuming.

    At less than 16 dollars an ounce right now, silver is ridiculously undervalued.

    Those that are wise see this, and they are stocking up on silver coins at an unprecedented level.  Just check out these numbers

    Silver Eagle sales will likely jump by 25% in the first quarter due to deteriorating market conditions. During the first three months last year the U.S. Mint sold 12 million Silver Eagles. Already, sales of Silver Eagles have reached 13 million. There are two weeks remaining in March and the U.S. Mint will likely sell another two million. This will put total Silver Eagle sales for the first quarter at 15 million….. the highest ever.

    I have always said that I believe that the price of silver will eventually go over $100 an ounce.

    When that happens, those that got in today will be exceedingly happy with their returns.

    Others are projecting even greater gains.  For instance, investing legend Egon von Greyerz believes that the price of silver could ultimately go as high as $660 an ounce, and Jeff Nielson believes that $1,000 an ounce for silver would be a fair price.

    But once again, don’t even think about getting into precious metals until you have the basics squared away.  It is often said that you can’t eat gold or silver, and that is very true.

    In our new television show, my wife and I are always going to tell it to you straight.  A lot of people out there are relaxing right now because they think that the recent stock market rally means that the crisis is over.  What they don’t understand is that this new financial crisis is just in the very early chapters.  There are going to be more ups and more downs, and the shaking that we have seen so far is just the beginning.

    Many of you may not want to believe me at this moment, but by the end of 2016 life in America is going to look dramatically different than it does right now.  So please get prepared while you are still able to do so.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Now if they just can stop manipulating the market with huge paper orders….

        • Mac, what’s the deal with the page from Mar,20 titled trump/ martial law. Took me 404, refreshed the page, said if you want to know we’re the page went watch vid, pressed play it said this vid don’t exist anymore.

          • Nevermind,sorry. Even when I refreshed the page the 3rd time it wasn’t even on the site anymore. Got me.. it’s back up..

            • So far this morning silver is even more undervalued, down .54/oz.

          • Yeah Mac, Snyder is now stealing my posts I wrote a week ago about Silver/ Gold Ratios, etc, nearly word for word, with a few added words of his own, and what it means including possible values of future Silver. Yeah DK check the archives. Pay attention Y’all, I will tell you this kind of economic info, before it is stolen or goes mainstream a week later. Maybe I should charge pay per click for my insight info here. ha..

            Reminds me of back when in College, I had my final Photography Project stolen by a classmate. And I received an Incomplete in that class, weeks later,… When I went back to pick my project up, Half my project photos were missing. And because I did not have time to redo the hours of development all over again.. I received an I for Incomplete… But all in all, it was really a true compliment. That if someone a-hole, saw great value in my work, so much so, they have to steal it, it was a true compliment, better than any college grade. And I still have the negatives, so fuck-em, Check the archives here, those are my proof negatives as well.


            • Trump and silver we agree with, junk &.999

              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-21/whose-bright-idea-was-it-show-naked-melania-trump-attack-ad

              • LMAO !!! Utah is the number one state for viewing PORN !!! The Followers of Moroni do not smoke, drink, or use drugs but they LOVE PORN !!!

                Its likely that TRUMP just jumped a couple percentage points in the polls on that release, pun intended !!! 🙂

              • I gotta say, if Trump wins, we will have the best looking First Lady ever.
                But Ivanna and Marla were killer too.

                Got to give it to him, he does pick stunners…

                • The historical “value” applied to silver in the famous “16 to 1 ratio” for silver and gold was established by the PTB to conform to the natural ratio of the distribution of the metals as they were found in the earth.

                  While a useful indicator of value at the time, it was an ARTIFICIAL value ASSIGNED to the respective metals in relation to each other; it was not a market derived value.

                  (Not unlike the Yuan to the dollar).

                  Today the market derived value has been running 50-60 to 1 as a more normal valuation in recent years, silver to gold. The current ratio of 89 to 1 does suggest that either silver is under valued, OR that gold is over valued.

                  It is not a given that 1) silver is under valued, or 2) that the silver to gold ratio could not find a wider spread: say 100 to 1, or more.

                  Invest in gold, speculate with silver, hoard your lead. And know the difference between “investing” and “speculation”. 🙂

                  • you don’t suppose the “PAPER metals” that have saturated the market in the last few years have distorted the REAL price of what they’re worth, do yuh?….i learned from collecting antique slot machines that when there’s FAKE stuff on the market, it drives DOWN the price of the “real thing” right along with it.

                • No, gold diggin’ money hoes pick him, then bail out when the’ve socked enough away to cash out below the pre-nup radar.

                  I can’t stand this “equal rights bullshit” wait till the shtf, girls, your lives will be very rapey, watch yourselves, and defend your daughters by teaching them to shoot and fight, because when it goes sideways, you WON’T be there….

            • “I don’t mind that they steal my ideas. I mind that they have so few ideas of their own.”
              …………….Nickolas Tesla…..

        • Yes Silver is priced right, but the rub comes in when you have to pay almost 1/5 of the price per oz. over spot just to make a buy. Trekker Out.

          • MT…that is because you came late to the party. In 2003-04, I bought silver rounds at 40-50 cents over spot….spot being about $4.50-$5.00…..and you could buy $1,000 face bags of 90% US coin silver for 50-60cents UNDER spot.

            The premiums you pay now are the price for being late….but when silver hit triple digits (and it will), a buck or two premium will mean nothing.

            • When US Currency is banned, you will be lucky to get face value for your Junk pre-65 coinage. And it will really be just collector pieces because you sure can’t use it for any medical purposes. Try making Colloidal Silver -Antibiotic with non pure silver coinage. Yeah, drink some nickle, lead, and copper with your concoction.

              Want to invest in Silver, get .999 pure 1 Oz rounds. I watch these daily trading charts on Silver. Its the same band of hedge funds shorting the hell out of silver to prop up the Phony US Dollar. 27 to 1-Paper to real Silver on hand. Silver could POP up to $22 real quick in a few days, if we can shake out the paper short manipulators out of the market. Their margin calls will crush them. And the way to do that, is if we all keep stacking up on physical silver as much as possible. They will get crushed. The $22 mark is what the average of Gold to Silver Ration is 55 to 1. Its been sitting at 80 to 1 for quite a while now. Here keep this chart handy: http://www.macrotrends.net/1441/gold-to-silver-ratio-historical-chart Click on the 20 year chart.. You can see where it is going to go. The soon massive drop the Gold to silver ratio means silver is about to break out on the upside real quick. Its going to be a fun ride to profit land for physical Silver holders.


              • And how do you plan to make change for your 1oz rounds ?

                And if you want me to take them for something, how do I know they are actually 1oz of silver, and not a Chinese fake ?

                You seem to think 90% coin will be useless, but your 1oz rounds solve every problem.

                You’re full of shit.

                • How do you know a real ounce from a fake?

                  I have a number of Morgan silver dollars and when I drop them on a hard surface, they sound a lot like all my troy silver ounces, whether rounds or small bars. I also collect copper. An AVDP ounce of copper has an entirely different sound.

                  I stand to lose a lot less trading “fake” silver and copper than gold. I’m just sayin’…

                  All I can say is buy from a reputable company.

            • No Andy, I didn’t come late to the party, I bought silver over 40 years ago. 20% over spot is still a ripoff any way you look at it. Trekker Out.

          • Gainesville coins – Pure .999 1 Oz Rounds about $1 over spot. Stop shopping at Pawn shops MT Trekker. That is 1/16 the price..at this online store. And a dollar commission is nothing, when silver breaks out. You can get that back in a single days trading like last week when silver jumped nearly a dollar in 24 hours of trading. We will soon see Dollar gains in a day, come more often in Silver. At the average low of about 46 Go1d to Silver ratio, Silver could be trading at $27 an OZ right now. So we have a lot of gains to pick up here soon. Nearly a double your investment gain. Wudda Coulda Shoulda kills ya every time. Don’t miss the boat this time. This is a No Brainer, lifetime opportuity.


          • Then buy junk silver.

            TEST out.

        • Markets can only be manipulated until physical demand exceeds physical supply….once that happens, the foolishness of paper manipulation will correct in a huge way…..because one side effect of it was to shut down new mine supply….and that takes years to ramp back up.

          For 30 years now, the world has consumed more silver than it mined….that simply can’t go on forever. At some point, physical supply will run out, and we’ll get an explosive rise. Just buy and hold. None of these articles can tell you the when, but the fact it’s coming is clear.

        • I bet the cases and bricks of various types of ammo I have will be worth more than gold and silver. And in more ways than one.

          • bought 1800 rounds of 22 today for 6.6 cents a round…she bought it 2 years ago for around 12 cents….didn’t work out for HER. when you got to trade fer sumthin’ AFTER shtf, you might be surprised at what you can get….to the upside OR the downside.

        • Want to get creative? Do a Kyle Bass, one of the smartest financial guys around, who bought I forget how many millions of dollars of nickels. Rationale? If there is deflation, they will still be worth a nickel. And if there is inflation, while you won’t be able to legally melt them down, their metal value will still probably fetch a premium.

          And the upside is robbery. I have a few hundreds dollars of nickels, and NO ONE is going to rob me and go running down the street with them… not without a hernia.

      2. As I have been saying, silver is a bargain. If you can’t touch it you don’t own it.

        • Yeah , PHIL silver is a good deal , so is farmland , at least where i am at .
          Get it while you can !

          • And i see Monsanto is buying BASF .
            Farmland my be worth even more real soon ….
            Watch what happens when there is a monopoly on food production!

            • Huh? No one is stopping me from going out and planting lettuce and tomato seeds. Just a thought.

              • LOL , I live on a farm , so my mindset is beyond just feeding my own family , just sayin , all these subsidy rich farmers will go belly up or be “nationalized” .
                So a small local,independant farming operation may have a future after all .
                Lettuce and tomatoes only go so far , got beef ?

                • Yep…got beef, couple hogs/yr, laying hens and put 30 Cornish X in the freezer every year. Got two ponds full of catfish. 2 fenced garden sections to keep out deer, and two greenhouses to extend growing seasons. Root cellar, can, walk-in cooler to home process all our meats. Gravity fed spring water, 11kw solar power, Woodmizer sawmill, and 65ac of woods to feed it and the woodstoves.

                  Not a traditional farm in the sense we sell a lot off it, but it does a dandy job of keeping us from having to earn too much to buy stuff.

                  Oh yeah, and plenty of those round silver things…….

                  • Yeah , i been doing the pastured poultry thing a few years.
                    Once you get a few resturants on board it pays good.
                    But you gotta deal with but head chefs , lol
                    Same with the pork .
                    Whats solar for ? Iam prepared to go dark anytime.
                    Michigan is shutting down 11 coal plants next month and already talking about brownouts.
                    Agenda21 aint been shelved !!!!

                    Cant live on potted tomato plants and celery , hahaha

                    • I’m prepared to ‘go dark’ as well….but I ain’t going by choice. I sorta liked the 20th century….electric lights, refrigeration, electric motors.

      3. A different investment, I’m looking for any idea’s on a TAVOR RIFLE. Thanks for any input.

        • Personally, I find the TAR-21 not being a good investment.
          For $1,600.00 plus, there are plenty of other alternatives to feed 5.56mm through than a Israeli overpriced weapon.

          • They are not holding up well. My lgs has had many of them come back, and be sent back for repairs. Far more than makes sense.
            A $600 Ruger AR-556, many magazines, and a decent red dot. And a few thousand rounds of ammo makes more sense

        • I would call a Tavor a premier bull pup
          Great for Close quarters , plenty of fire power
          Been out a while so any bugs should be worked out
          Great small package with still the accuracy and range a carbine would give as it still has the same length barrel even though the overall weapon is smaller
          Site radius is shorter , but even given the platform it is still a formidable weapon
          Great to pack in a small bag or fit in a small area that a carbine won’t fit

          I don’t own one , but may someday
          I’ve had the pleasure of shooting one , and it’s on my list

          I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you buy it for the right use and purpose

          • Thanks EoS.

        • Over priced. Better options out there. They are overrated junk. VEPR 223/5.56 much better.

      4. Here we go, silver price to the moon. There must be a lot if there are that many people selling it.

      5. Silver, gold, etc……bla bla bla. What its really about is hard assets. Divorce yourselves from the fiat currency, which is subject to the federal reserve, inflation, manipulation, and flat out printing (i.e, creation out of thin air). All of the above are good choices, but also, storable food, guns/ammo, house/s, land, cars, tools….(all with solid equity positions and serviceable debt). That the moral of the story. Get out of the paper fiat markets (currency, stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance, etc..) and into hard assets before its too late.!!!

        • Spot on J. Smart people know what preps to stock up on, and trade it all in with that soon to be worthless Fed paper IOU’s. The Kicker is they think the Dollar has value if they print “In God We Trust” on it.. Just that right there tells you it is false hope. Who never saved a single soul, who received “Ever lasting life.” May as well print “In Zeus We trust” on it. Cause the Sky will fall any day now.


          • The U.S. Mint website currently offers a gold coin that features Mark Twain, and right beside his likeness is the IGWT motto. Twain was very cynical about religion and is probably spinning in his grave…

      6. Either I am going insane which is quite possible given all the stress lately… LOL

        Or else that whole piece on Trump’s election starting riots and all the “guillotines in hiding” has gone missing.


        Not that I believed a word of it (past perhaps a Ferguson type event) but the comments were interesting and fun…

        Well crap now I can’t finish reading ’em. Boo.

      7. Investment? SWHC (Smith and Wesson) was about $9 a share 18 months ago and its almost $30 now. Let the USSC reverse Heller and McDonald and gun sales, along with stock speculation will reach never before seen highs.

        • Careful about paper promises Kevin. Convert some to real things as soon as possible.

          • I got in and out doubling my investment rather quickly. I do think if you have seen Democrat policy or the threat of sell guns the USSC reversing Heller will be far greater. Real things? Hell its in my IRA and 401K. Real is go to cash and hope Jon Corzine can’t find it.

            • My IRA went for two things:

              1. A large supply of silver back in 2005

              2. A solar power system 2007-2011.

              I know where both are at night.

      8. Relax, it is Micheal Snyder. See if he is selling.

      9. I wonder … What happens after the crash? Even if silver skyrockets, who will be buying all that silver from those who bought all that silver? And, after the crash while we are suffering through the next great depression, who buys it from us?

        • If you got silver DAVE , i got chicken and beef .
          If harvest goes well i will have a limited supply of flour and apples in the fall.
          I’ll take all ya got bro !

          • Yep….as hammerhead points out….that is commerce. I’m the same way….I’ll sell you food, firewood, etc, for real money anyday….now, or in the future. Prices may fluctuate.

            • You all got the right mindset. I would think owning a Brick and Mortar “Trading Post” in your area, for all these barter goodies will be the best business out there. You can make a small commission on every trade in and out. You know, Produce in the front, Hookers in the back. Bring in a bushel of corn, the lady in the back feeds her kids for a week and every body leaves smiling. :)) Pound of Pot for a half of Pig. This will be the new reality and who ever gets this set up in a collapse will be the King in your area. Hire plenty of Armed security to keep a look out. Sure we also give out plenty of credit, next year we own their farm.


              • Barter Town!

                “Two go in — one comes out”

        • Dave,

          Money has been a handy invention for many centuries. The problem is, we have no real money in circulation today. After a crash, depending on how bad it is, precious metals will either return as money, or a barter system will come about with metals a part of it.

          As for the next depression, I’m going to hire farm labor….there will be plenty around wanting it I think…and I’ll pay either what was a traditional wage for centuries….an ounce of silver a week, or maybe what those over paid cowboys got in the 1880’s…..a dollar/day (3/4oz) and found (meals/place to sleep)

          You won’t have to worry about who is going to ‘buy’ it from you….you will be the employer, or the bank, depending on how much you have squirreled away.

          Would you rather face the future with a handful of paper, or a sackful of silver ?

          • I like the sound of Silver 1 Oz rounds have, when they hit the counter and spin to a stop. Like Music to the ears.

            Oh sweet Silver jingle,
            You make me very happy,
            You will make me rich.
            Keep on spinning Mr Silver,
            Oh you make me happy,
            Oh sweet Silver jingle.


        • Dave
          Its a medium of exchange. Think of it as an adjustable type of bartering agent. E.g.. 3 chickens and a goat for a bowie knife and some .22 rounds or $3.50 in pre ’65 silver coins. If all you have to pay for the chickens and goat is something the other party has an abundance of, maybe silver will close the deal. Also, if you have to travel to do some trading you will not want to make yourself a target by hauling a lot of stuff that is easily seen and will slow you down.
          The pre 65 silver coins are not easily counterfeitted.

        • Through ALL of history gold and silver have been seen and used as a store of value and money.

          Doesn’t it seem strange that we quote the “value” of silver and gold in fiat (paper dollars) Rather than the other way around? If you think about it a $20 dollar bill is printed on the same piece of paper as $1.

          The only thing that makes it worth more is the confidence that we have in the system, because we know that we can buy more gas or groceries etc. with a $20 than $1 It is still just a piece of paper!

      10. Why The True Cost Of Living Is Much Higher Than We’re Told (Or Sold)

        “Over the past decade, we’ve been told that inflation has been tame — actually below the target the Federal Reserve would like to see. But if that’s true, then why does the average household find it harder and harder to get by?

        The ugly reality is that the true annual cost of living is far outpacing the government’s reported inflation rate.

        By nearly 10x in many parts of the country.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-20/why-true-cost-living-much-higher-were-told-or-sold

      11. Didn’t Snyder predict the crash of 2015?

      12. Um, except for electronics and kitchen ware – silver & gold don’t have much practical use.

        You’re better off having 50 pounds of seed corn than having 50 pounds of gold.

        You can’t grow gold. You can’t eat gold.
        Silver can’t protect your children.
        Your spouse can not stay warm wrapped up in a sheet of gold foil.

        SHTF is about practical useful things : food water shelter off grid farming etc.

        Metals ain’t good for much.
        And Ivd rather have some steel rebar to smith into farm tools.

        Copper is useful for cookware, cast Iron for stoves.

        But Gold ? Silver ?

        Way too expensive Pre-Fall, and of no use in a real emergency.

        • I don’t think you’ll find anyone disagreeing with you. Gold/Silver is a currency investment, and should only be sought after other necessities are prioritized. No one can predict what the future holds, what system will be in place, etc. I’ve been prepping for a few years, and while silver/gold is a part of that, I have my other priorities taken care of and growing.

        • You’re new to this, aren’t you? =)


        Don’t worry, the lamestream media will never report this, and the gullible left will never had a clue….

        Obama proposed hikes for fiscal years 2016, 2017
        AP BY: Morgan Chalfant

        President Obama sought to increase the amount of money available for the federal government to spend on former presidents in advance of his White House exit.

        In his budget requests for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, Obama proposed hikes in the appropriations for expenditures of former presidents, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service published Wednesday. The report, which discusses the pensions and other federal benefits offered to former commanders-in-chief by way of the Former Presidents Act, specifies that Obama’s 2017 budget proposes a nearly 18 percent hike in appropriations for expenditures of former presidents. He successfully requested an increase in such appropriations for fiscal year 2016.

        “The President’s FY2017 budget request seeks $3,865,000 in appropriations for expenditures for former Presidents, an increase of $588,000 (17.9%) from the FY2016 appropriation level. The increase in requested appropriations for FY2017 anticipates President Barack Obama’s transition from incumbent to former President,” the report reads.


        Reminds me of the old story about Leonid Brezhnev, the USSR leader, who had his old grandmother visit him at his office in Moscow 35 years ago. Brezhnev proudly showed her his many Zil limousines, the gold plated handles on his mahonany desk, all his dachas, his multiple fine silk suites in his closets, and much, much more.

        Finally, the end of the day came, and all the assistants, servants and aides went home. After everyone had left, the aged grandmother looked around very, very carefully, then sidled up extremely close to her grandson and whispered very, very quietly in his ear:

        “This is all very well, Leonid. But… what if the Communists come???”

      14. Some call it inflation, others who are smart call it Compounding depreciation of the Dollar Value’s buying power.

        The later is more like it. Get rid of your soon-to-be worthless fiat currency toilet paper.


      15. Who thinks the possibility of confiscation is possible … Or if your found in possession of silver it could mean re- education camp … I understand the underground market, but do you think the powers in charge will try to make it difficult to use ?? NP

        • I think the confiscation thing is just going to be too big of a problem to tackle. It is very likely that tptb will be busy with bigger fish to fry. I just can’t see them using man power and resources going around and trying to get all your old silver dimes and quarters.

          Making it difficult or illegal to use may be a different story. But then again how are they going to enforce it?

          Uhm… where is my crystal ball ???

          • A5: I agree with you. It would be a big hassle. They want to be able to tax it when you sell for capital gains, anyway. I was reading the SGT report and it said that about .05% of the population owns silver. Harassing people for silver isn’t cost effective.

        • This isn’t the 1920s and 1930s. What are they going to do? Dig up every back yard? Cut every single PVC pipe that might be hiding a stash of coins under someone’s kitchen sink or in their garage? Sure.

          • I expect the government to announce a new silver or gold backed currency. They’ll buy your metals with that currency. That currency will become the new legal tender after the dollar dies.

            • BC: do you have any evidence? I have not heard anything like that except with regard to the Chinese which have been buying gold, like mad, for years.

              On the other hand your argument rings some alarm bells. It reminds me of the second and third books written by Matt Bracken, “Enemies of the State” series. He talks about green dollars, and blue dollars. He also talks about the use of PMs. I keep silver for the long term. I keep a few gold coins for an emergency. If those coins save my life they will have been worth it.

      16. They can have my silver after I bludgeon them with a 1 kilo bar. I was in Home Depot yesterday and looking at the chimney lead for a roll they want $125 I was thinking shit that could make a lot of bullets. I’m thinking lead and brass is the stuff to have. Buy a shit load of primers. Just make a ton of ammo and cache it all over the community.

      17. .22lr is a better investment

      18. Sean i agree with 22lr for an investment. Throw in some cases of battle rifle rounds too. 308, 30-06, 556/223 and 00 Buckshot will be the new wanted/needed currency soon enough. I can raise pigs and chickens and have firewood and Artesian well but can not grow an ammo tree. Reloading is an option but you still have to buy powder and projectiles. We all agree with ammo…right????

      19. Man alive, some of you people are spending a huge amount of time posting here. Oh well, spring is coming and the work will begin. Planting time.

      20. When I retired I tried to read up on the subject of what happened in prior historical SHTF situations. I read a number of accounts on the Weimar Republic, The American south after the civil war, the American and European Great Depression, the American Depression of 1873 and American Depression of 1893.

        The results were all over the map. The common threads I found most often were:
        1. When society broke down – During the initial breakdown period basic necessities and barter items were the main staples (yes guns and ammo had their place). Those that were closest to providing food, water, energy, fuel and shelter on a continuous basis prospered the most.
        2. Banks, stock markets and businesses that were not lean got pummeled in these SHTF events.
        3. Gold and Silver were all over the map in value during these SHFT events. During the initial break down where barter was most active for staples – gold and silver were often ignored. Gold and Silver shined in many cases when it came to restoring the value of currency after the panic had run its course. Thus Gold and Silver acted as a hedge unless government intervened and confiscated or set the price of PM’s.

        Here is an example of what happened with government and silver:


      21. Religion of ‘peace’ at work again…


        Suicide bomber attacks AMERICAN AIRLINES check-in desk at Brussels Airport…

        Blast hits Metro station just yards from EU headquarters…

        ‘Shouts in Arabic’ before explosion…

        More troops deployed to streets…

        City Shut Down…

        Phone Users Urged to Text Not Call as Networks Jammed…

        ‘Just blood — like apocalypse’…

        ISIS Celebrates…

        Drudge Report

        • Belgium Evacuates its two Nuclear Power Plants As Panic Spreads After Attacks

          “in February, investigators probing the Paris attacks found video footage of a senior Belgian nuclear official at the property of a key suspect.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-22/belgium-evacuates-nuclear-power-plant-panic-spreads-after-attacks

      22. 3/19/16 – Buyback Blackout Period Starts Monday(3/21): Is This The Catalyst That Ends The S&P Rally?

        “An increasing number of S&P 500 companies will enter into their blackout period starting Monday(3/21), about a month before the earnings season kicks into high gear in the third week of April.”

        “This is taking place as institutional clients have been aggressively dumping stocks for the past seven weeks, while corporations have been soaking up all this liquidating activity.

        Should the selling continue for yet another week, who will soak up the selling this time?”

        “Traditionally US equity flows have seen substantial and sharp declines during the buyback blackout period during the past three calendar years.”

        BofA’s summary: “clients don’t believe the rally, continue to sell US stocks” and they were selling specifically to corporations whose repurchasing activity is near all time highs…”

        This “accelerated” buyback activity ended Monday, March 21st.

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-19/buyback-blackout-period-starts-monday-institutions-selling-stocks-7-straight-weeks-w

      23. Silver is for trading, and not for selling…..

        Hello TnAndy.

        By the way…”If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”…


        • Hey Ponce……glad to see you’re still kicking around !

          NO (what was that country again?)… 🙂

      24. It’s worth noting that there’s only 10 times as much silver left in the ground as their is gold. The price ratio could easily go to 10-1 eventually.

        Eventually people will catch on about the price suppression in the paper markets for gold and silver. Then much more money will go into physical silver and gold. The prices will skyrocket.

        I have half of my savings in precious metals. I’m in it for the long haul. I’m not looking to sell when it goes up a little. Still, if silver hits $100 an ounce then my $10,000 in silver becomes worth $50,000. I might sell enough to pay off my mortgage.

        • BC: I am in it for the long term as well. I will only sell when silver is $500 an ounce and my plan is to buy a farm. Not a fancy one. A very humble farm with a small house and a barn.

      25. People traded using gold and silver long before coins were invented. Coins were invented so both parties knew how much gold and silver were being traded.

        • BC: Yes. And the Romans learned how to dilute the currency with base metals. I have a few ancient Roman coins. Incredible history.

          I finally broke down and bought an Aussie monster box it will arrive next week. The price dropped back down today. I couldn’t pass up this buying opportunity it was too good. Spot was $15.30. Unbelievable.

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