Silver Coin Shortage Is Now a Global Phenomenon

by | Oct 3, 2015 | Commodities | 128 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: When the established money supply counterfeits itself, and throws the economies of the globe out of whack, it is makes sense to take refuge in tangible, hard assets. When the SHTF, it only makes sense that they will retain a coveted value, while paper and digital money becomes worthless and inaccessible.

    by Joshua Krause

    While the price of silver has reached a 5 year low, demand continues to surge in the opposite direction, and not just in the United States. Reuters reports that both the US Mint and the Canadian mint had to ration their supply of silver coins last Summer, while Australia’s Perth Mint had record sales this month. They sold over 2.5 million ounces of silver in September, which was 4 times more than what they sold in August.

    Curiously, the rationing isn’t being caused by an actual shortage of silver, at least according to the wholesale manager of the Perth Mint. “There seems to be a bit of frenzy as people think there is a shortage of silver. But in fact it is a (crunch in) manufacturing capacity.” The surge in demand is largely being fueled by what the mint is calling “mom and pop” investors in the United States who want to take advantage of the price dip. As shortages worsen at the US Mint, Americans are now buying coins from foreign mints, and the demand is even spilling over into Asia and Europe.

    Still, the silver price continues to fall as the “institutional and retail investors” place their bets on the US dollar, and our (supposedly) improving economy. Prices will likely stagnate until these big money investors lose confidence in the global economy. But until that day arrives, lower-income buyers will continue to outstrip the manufacturing capacity of national mints across the world, a trend which silver retailers expect to continue for at least another year.

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Doesn’t seem like a shortage when you can go to APMEX’s (and others) website, and see plenty of stock in most categories. Some of their US 90% runs a bit short from time to time, but hey….those are 50year old stuff now, and a lot of folks have hoarded them up.

        Still plenty of generic 1 oz rounds available. When those start showing “Out of stock”, I’ll believe there is an actual shortage.

        • tna if you have been to ampex in a while and sorted through 1 oz coins and lowest to highest cost, you’d notice that roughly 27-30 out of the 40 coin which show up are either “pre order” which means they don’t ship or they are out of stock.

          • Then according to your example, 10-13 pf the 40 coins are available for immediate shipment?

            : )

            • And for most of last month, they weren’t. Including the US mint’s Eagles. On ProvidentMetals too.


            • yeah murgatroyd go check out which 1 oz coins you can buy, I’m sure you will be pleased with the coinage not to mention you get a good deal on the price ;p.

              Yeah they have been approx. 30/40 sold out or back ordered since about July/June nunya.

        • A year ago when I last checked APMEX was the best price. I didn’t review the whole market but was looking at APMEX last week and noticed the premium over the spot price has increased significantly over a year ago.

          • Try Provident Metals dot com.

          • have the best prices by far for both silver/gold coinage & more. Leaves APMEX in the dust. However, the premium on silver coins is approaching 25% which is RIDICULOUS. It is this high premium which illustrates the market squeeze for silver…not the actual availability at this point.

            • The markup on delivered silver is showing a growing disconnect between the price of physical silver vs paper contracts.

              People are losing faith in fiat paper money of all types, and yes gold and silver contracts are just another fiat currency.

          • is almost universally the best price.

            • Another very good source of bullion is wholesalecoinsdirect dot com. $15 flat rate shipping. I noted some coins a few cents more and some a few cents less so check these guys along with your others.

              I’ve ordered and received from them several times and my son a couple times with no problems. You do need to sign for delivery. Best price is by bank transfer (e-check).

            • has the best price until you factor in the shipping and then they become more expensive than providentmetals dot com. Provident has free shipping over $100.

              Check it out yourself.

          • Just got an order in from JM Bullion, my first order from them, and at the time I made my purchase, JM Bullion had the best overall price.

            I usually now purchase from, as they most often have the best prices, even when you factor in shipping.

            Provident Metals used to be my vendor of choice, but since they went to the free shipping, the premiums have gone up quite a bit.

            Whenever I’m going to make a purchase, I check out all three and go with whoever has the best deal at that time.

        • Right you are TNAndy. My local jeweler where I buy mine called me up to ask me if I wanted more rounds and junk.

        • PM sales is bullshit. Don’t put more than 10% of your assets into PMs. Who the fuck are you going to barter gold and silver with in an economic collapse? The only one who will buy it from you is the PM companies. It’s a fucking scam.

          Don’t be a fucking Cypriot. Keep cash under the mattress.

          • Acid is right for the most part. Cash will be way more useful for the short term IF we don’t suffer a financial collapse. Even that happening cash should be good until people realize it may be useless. By then you have spent all you have on more food and other supplies. PM would be useful down the line or if heavy inflation hits.

            What’s in your safe? Cash first then PMs

        • Spot-on comment, Andy. Good to see you again, my friend.

          • We’re ALL in this together dontcha know!

            Get your money for nothin’ and your chicks for free.

            Thanks AE.

      2. KEEP STACKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I got mine!

          • I’d like to go off topic. I’ve been stacking metals with no problem. I’d like to turn to world affairs.

            I’m finding this all too hard to believe. Oblahblah is doing some outrageous shit in the middle east, hillary is tied to the spit ready to be roasted because someone leaked information, and the whole democratic narrative in general is falling apart.

            I DON’T BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES—especially political coincidences.


            I have no real information to indicate which one it might be yet, but I’ll bet the wolf in sheep’s clothing is a right-winger this time. I’m looking for the one who will absolutely take us to war. War (and it’s trappings) is more profitable for the elites, more so than petty bickering amongst Americans over gays, blacks and feminists or even the second amendment.

            I’m also listening for the candidate who will probably cater to minorities, special interest groups and may/may not be endorsed by big corporate interests. I’m looking for someone who is the exact antithesis to obama, at least enough to get votes simply because people are sick of obama.

            I think our only chance for getting out of this without a nuclear exchange, is that Putin is smarter than that. I believe he knows more about the globalist elitist’s plans than we do. I don’t believe he is their shill, based on his actions and Russian history, and not relying on his words alone. I know American exceptionalists want, even NEED to believe he’s the bad guy, but I just don’t buy the propaganda.

            I believe one of three things are occurring:

            1) Either the elites are messing up on a grand scale, or

            2) They’ve simply changed their plans and objectives. They know too many of us are awake now. They’re cornered and have to do something to try and salvage their plans. I think they changed their time frame and will refocus their game plan another time, because they know it isn’t working this time.

            OR 3) It could be that some unseen patriots have changed the game behind the scenes. The elites are going to need time to figure out who threw the monkey wrench, and get rid of them before they continue. Plus, they need more time to dumb down the next generation and purge those of us older folk who caught on to them. Once we’re gone, there’ll be little opposition.

            We can plan on anybody, no matter how unseemly, that is heavily demonized will be working against the objectives of the NWO. In the new world, up is down, left is right and bad men are really the good guys. We must never forget the fact that what we are being told at ANY given point, probably is not the truth.

            Anybody else have a thought?

            • 6, it makes one wonder what to expect, I do not know either.
              Been reading doom porn for a while, waiting to see the outcome…

              Bless all here…

                • Thanks SIXPACK for the video on the Global Police.

                  It is raining in California right now. It rained throughout the night.
                  Something of a blessing to have food of any kind.
                  Nothing fancy. A can of tuna, mayonnaise, capers, mild butter sliced peppers, spices.

                  I like to put in a hard boiled egg but not this time.

                  I have cactus plants. My neighbor picked one, showed me how to only take the baby size and scrape the cactus in the direction that the needles are growing. I diced them and fried quickly.


              I bet money on that. Even if it’s that trump buffoon.

              The left DOES NOT WANT to be in control when this collapses. I fully expect the left is planning to use this collapse to blame conservatives and capitalism and try to implement a one party dictatorship.

              They already spout George Bush alone was responsible for 2008 and Obama has led the great economic recovery in history and neither statement has ANY basis in fact.

            • Insiders said for decades that the plan for the culling of the heard was to be war starting in the middle east. Many said 2012 would be the year.. but at the due time I noticed a change – the us banks refused to let America be sacrificed on the alter of world government. The plan always included ridding the earth of America’s example of democracy and rule of the world from Europe. Well, Goldman and Morgan disagreed and refused to bomb Iran with Israel then refused to invade Syria and Iraq- all suisideal moves for the world’s most powerful military. So now we wait for the blow back- another attack on America? To confuse the situation the whole world’s financial class are bankrupt so any move in that well used theater brings them all down. It seems clear to me that the huge number of refugees swarming Europe didn’t get there by them selves and are a pawn in the bigger game as well.. Interesting times!

            • sixpack,

              You make some good points. The grand puppeteers with their long term game plans are repositioning their pieces. You keep saying that Putin is not part of the NWO but it looks like he is playing into their hands in Syria. On the other hand, chess is a game of strategy and Putin may have fallen into a (sand)trap while gaining the approval of the common man on the street by seeming loyal to his allies, decisive and bold. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on.

              • …and it isn’t easy to tell the real smoke from the reflections of smoke, so I tend to use my nose. If it looks AND smells like smoke, it’s probably smoke.

            • sixpack. Woodrow Wilson = WW1 = demoncrat. Roosevelt=WW2=demoncrat. Korea war = Hoover = demoncrat. Vietnam war = Kennedy/Johnson = demoncrats.

              Most wars brought on by bimbos masquerading as presidents

      3. There’s no shortage at my local coin shop…I hope the prices stay low. I figure if I can just keep buying a couple/few hundred bucks worth every month for another ten years I’ll finally have a respectable stack! 🙂

      4. The way I see it is this. For every oz. of silver you purchase you need to purchase at least one box of ammo. You can’t go wrong with a one on one purchase now can you.

        • I agree with you. The ONLY difference between your narrative and mine is, skip the silver altogether. Ammo will be the trade item during and post CW2.

      5. Make new friends but keep the old
        One is silver and the other is gold.

        If you can afford it, go for it. As far as I’m concerned, you could never have too much. Regardless of price, availability, or anything else buy buy buy. Hold on to it. Disperse it. Hide it. Expect to use some of it to bribe your way out when the U.N. Police crackdown commences. But if you can’t afford to buy precious metals; have something of value that is small lightweight and generally desired in place of gold and silver. Good Luck. I think we’re all going to need it.

        • Learn to suck c#ck because that is how the UN rolls. Tends to be when the UN takes over, you will need to trade sex-for-food and favors. Your mouth skills will probably go further than a hunk of metal (humans being very short-term and selfish). Learn to bend over and grease up if it is a force from an Islamic country; keep your youngest children at hand for the troops. As the UN’s chief said, “It is not my responsibility to deal with these things; it is the member (no pun intended) states’ problem.”

          • Frank,

            Don’t take this the wrong way, but i had a sexy girlfriend once that was the best lover ever. She had the whole package and i couldn’t keep my hands off her. It was sex, sex, sex, and it was really good.

            Then one day she was having a bitchy moment, and wasn’t in the mood, and said “you are a bigger damn sex fiend than me”.

            So, that is what i think about when i read your posts.


          • Dude, you really need to get off the porn.

          • Frank:

            Before I’ld offer up my children,

            I would cut off his member, fry it up, and do as you suggest.

      6. Do a search for silver bullion coins on Ebay, a lot of dealers sell there.

        You’ll find no shortage there, and prices are reasonable.

        Assuming you’re looking for bullion or bullion coins in general and not some specific high demand coin that is in short supply because of demand in relation to its mintage.

        If you’re just looking for silver, I’m not seeing a shortage anywhere.

        • Then you haven’t looked … at all.

          • Meaning?

            How much you want to buy?

            It’s readily available where I live, 100 oz bars make good doorstops too.

      7. “Socialism (lit ‘gouvernement’ in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And the left STILL has no clue why this has never worked (cf Detroit) WILL never work, and CAN never work. But that won’t stop limousine liberals and Learjet leftists from trying and trying and trying… until they exhaust all of YOUR money (see the War on Poverty, which has now spent perhaps $20 trillion and left us with the Detroitization of America)

        • Libertarianism can never work. There will NEVER be a free market—big money buys big government and monopoly and the attendant looting and injustice are always the result.

          Distributism, truly Christian economics.

          • “big money buys big government ”

            Thats not libertarian , thats crony capitalism and that is nothing more than corruption.
            No system will work as long as people are allowed to abuse it , plain and simple.

            • “Big money buys big government ” is human nature. Human nature is the reason why libertarianism will NEVER work.

              The best insurance for us all is the widest possible ownership of private property—to pierce the corporate secrecy, to break-up the interlocking directorates, to defeat monopolist. to eradicate the dynastic looting, to punish the capital crimes against humanity. Notice who seeded libertarianism, the same money-worshipping tribe who brought the world communism, usury, predatory capitalism, and their other crimes against humanity. Don’t get fooled again.

              Distributism, truly Christian economics.

          • “Libertarianism can never work”

            I’d like to introduce you to the America that was founded and the most prosperous country that EVER was. Oh BTW imbecile, it was libertarian. Not surprised you don’t know that since you’re so busy blaming Jews for every evil in history.

            • And you don’t think the USA is a salient example of FAILED libertarianism? Go figure.

            • And you think debt is “prosperity”? You have been drinking the money-changers’ Kool-Aid.

      8. Some poor people may be able to buy small quantities of silver, the problem is how do you hang on to it? Transient is the lifestyle trying to keep up with the constantly rising housing costs. The homeless will only continue to grow in a failed economic system. Silver is too heavy to lug around searching for an affordable and safe place to keep it. Can’t bury it because somebody will find it with a metal detector. So silver basically is a store of wealth for those who can afford the high cost of living.

        • Since when do poor people have PM’S? Only in America, soon people will learn what poor is.

          • Economically speaking , I am impoverished , and yet i hold some silver , just sayin.

            • Same here Hammer. I have exactly $133 left after I pay my rent every month. I have more than a pound of silver at the moment and, lets just say, over an oz of gold. And I did it in this same financial situation over the last 4 years.

              When I get enough silver built up, I trade/sell it and buy gold. Sometimes I can add a few bucks with it and get a bigger piece. Gold is a lot easier to conceal and carry, so I trade up as often as I can, while adding to my food bank every month.

              I did this while I built up 3 years worth of food storage and other preps. I only got 2 handouts along the way from like-minded people. I did the rest on my own, and I am well below the poverty line.

              Did anyone know that you can get 6 #10 can case of elbow macaroni, packed for 35 yr storage at store(.)lds(.)org for $30 ? That’s about 22 pounds. I usually get it in bulk, but having some in metal cans with a 35 year shelf life is fine too. I call that my “deep storage” where dust settles on the boxes before I need them… 🙂

            • You are not a transient, which is what he said. Just sayin

              • Transients prefer drugs and alcohol to precious metals.

        • Isn’t it just terrible that poor homeless transients can’t afford to buy precious metals? Another reason to hate capitalism and vote for Obama.

          Maybe if they had bought some silver when they were in their lucid, wage-earning days instead of spending their paycheck on booze and drugs they’d still have a place to live, and a sound mental state to keep it.

      9. The prices are low but their is a premium to purchase.

      10. Everyone should have bought silver at $4 in ’99.

        I know, many were not preppers then, we all learn as we go along in life.

        Thinking (prepping) ahead does have it’s advantages…

        Be well all…

        • Thank you Mac, for whatever you did to take some of the ‘hate’ that has been here for a while.

          Bless Mac and Tess everyone for having a place to vent.

          The optimist sees the glass half full.
          The pessimist sees the glass half empty.
          The chemist see the glass completely full, half in the liquid state and half in the vapor state.

          It’s a siver joke…

          • Titanium is a most amorous metal. When it gets hot, it’ll combine with anything.

            • Sounds like my ex…or his dog come to think of it.

          • I agree eppe…Thanks Mac & Tess.

            I got my gut full of all the _ew haters. They have blinders on as big as the Orthodox _ews, themselves. They all will understand in time.

            • You are one of the most hateful people on this site.

              • Love you too girlie boy, glad to see you toned it back a notch.
                Asked for any redemption yet?

              • Acid; Look in the mirror….if you can.

                • Man, that was slick, JiV.

                  “if you can”. I gotta remember that.

              • Dear Acid.

                Passin is a good fella.

                I hope you will see this for yourself one day.

              • Acid, you posted on ‘good’ food. Check this out…

                ht tps://

                Be cool all…

                • And I am a blonde….

                  Construction Site
                  Okay so there was these three men that worked at a construction site. Well, one day they sat down and opened their lunch. The African American guy opened up his lunch and got grits. He said that if he got rice again tomorrow that he was going to jump off the building. The Mexican opened up his lunch and got a burrito. He said that if he gets a burrito again tomorrow that he was going to jump off the building also. The blonde opened up his lunch and he got chicken. He said that if he got chicken tomorrow that he was going to jump off the building too.
                  Well, the next day the African American guy opened up his lunch and he got grits again so he jumped. The Mexican opened up his and he got a burrito again so he jumped. The Blonde opened up his and he got chicken again so he jumped.
                  At their funeral the African American’s wife said “If I would have known he didn’t want grits I would have packed something different”. The Mexican’s wife said “If I would have known he didn’t want a burrito I would have packed him something different”. The Blonde’s wife looked up and said “Don’t look at me, he packs his own lunch.”

                  • grits ain’t rice, it’s a corn or hominy mush —luv me some grits! ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤

                    ht tps://

            • We hate ALL genocide and ALL crimes against humanity. You, on the other hand, hate truth.

              Many thanks to Tucker for his compilation of facts, facts that have been preserved 🙂

              • You too will see truth when you see the two _ewish tribes set up at both North and south entrances to the Millennial Kingdom and Sanctuary. If you are there, you will have to pass by them, the tribe of Judah, everytime you enter into the Levitical Chamber from the north, or by the tribe of Benjamin ( called _ewish), Paul’s heritage, from the south.

                That is truth you will not deny, JQP. And we shall see at that time if your statement that “Catholicism is the only true Religion”, is in fact so.

                So don’t lie and say i hate truth, that statement may come back to bite you in the gonads.

                • Следующая Пасха в Иерусалиме!

                • Since the hand of censorship lays heavy here, there is almost no chance for a meaningful exchange of views.

                  • JQP,

                    You’re unfortunately correct in your assessment. Once this was a good site, open forum for exchanging views and so what if the debate got sharp sometimes, it kept things interesting. Now, there’s a layer of protection being afforded for certain regular posters on this board which have turned any discussion all one way, just like It’s no surprise that comments are way down too, somebody pointed out a couple years ago Mac could leave an article up for an entire weekend and get 1000 or more comments on it, not anymore. Now we get 3/4 different threads daily, with 2/3 of them simply articles reprinted from other websites and the number of posters being slowly drained down to a regular 20 or so who are deemed politically correct to post their views here without being held up forever in ” moderation” .

                    • This site has become blatantly about the worship of money. A few observations— (1) My recently installed ad blocker blocks over 60 ads on each page. (2) Financial prophesies are heavily re-posted here. (3) Censorship here leans towards protecting the tribe of money-changers. (4) Failed prophets like Shemitah Boy Snyder and Zio-funded agents provocateur like Jones’ coterie are heavily re-posted here.

          • Eppe I always see my glass as half empty as I’m always trying to fill it up with a smile on my face.

          • Some people just see a glass that has room to add more to it.

          • An engineer sees that the glass is the wrong size.

            • A housewife sees just another dirty dish.

            • I see that damned mason jar I was looking for earlier…

              • I’m sitting here with my Mason “freezer” jar, filled with equal parts of ‘shine and OJ.

        • Or been like the old man, tight as bark on a tree. He saved dimes in the fifties when nobody was talking about dimes going off silver. He has his ways but he got lucky with that one. Heck, to us kids, we just saw ice cream at school.

          Dad was so tight, he would not even give us extra nickels to buy chocolate milk at recess break when everyone else was buying ice cream for a dime. So guess what? We borrowed it from those old pickle jars he had hid in the back of the closet covered in clothes.
          LOL, should have bought a safe old man. Well we didn’t clean him out, but at least a couple days a week we got ice cream.

          If he had of just gave us an extra quarter each week for allowance, we would have never started taking advances on our inheritance. Hell, he still has the first dime he ever made and many jugs full of old silver.

          He said..”Allowance? what the hell is allowance, I never got no allowance. hell we had to work after school and on weekends and never even got a damn dime, much less something called allowance.”

          Like i said …tight. but he always gave us a pretty good Christmas.

          • Amen Passin, we cannot go back and change the past, it is what it is, and we can only work with what we have now.

            I am blessed for where I am in life at this moment.
            I am well off financially, family wise, asset wise, and spiritually wise, so I feel to be blessed to a point.

            Would it not be nice if all would play fair in this sandbox of life???

            • yep, it would, but i learned the hard way. i have always worn my heart on my sleeve, and given more than I needed to.

              Many, way too many times, i saw greed and jealousy rear it’s ugly head and i seemed to always get the short end of the stick, or walk away with it sticking in my back.

              Finally, I got a woman in 2004 that was not out to take, and then it was easier to spot the frauds and fake.
              poet and didn’t know it.
              When your own blood takes from you when all you have been is, more than fair with them, then you really start getting jaded and shy from the world.

              Hopefully those days are behind, and I don’t plan on ever being that blind, ….again.

              • Passin, I lost an uncle in May ’14, got a nice check in the inheritance, but he screwed his siblings, my mom, in ’82 for about 200k.
                What could have done with that kind of cash?

                Blood cannot be trusted sometimes…

                • 10k invested in Microsoft in ’82, would be worth a chunk of change now…

                  Be well all…

                  • Not bitching, just saying ‘we cannot know what the future brings, but we can adapt’…

                    Bless all here…

                • Did you give the money to your mom or any of the siblings?

                  See where I’m going here? Something about blood and trust…

          • You try to give a millennial kid a quarter for allowance these days, they look at you like your crazy, and promptly go hire a lawyer.

        • You’re correct Eppe….and I was. Remember buying 1oz rounds for under 5 bucks each with shipping. In fact, when they went over 5, I’d quit until back under 5.

          Then I cashed in my IRA, paid the taxes and penalty, and bought bags of junk at around 6.50, convinced it was a better long term play than mutual funds. Still think it is. At the very least, I KNOW where it is at night !

          • TnAndy, you were dead on too..

            Wish I had bought more then…
            Cash in hand when needed.

            Prepping is all about being well rounded in all arenas…

            It is just insurance for whatever will happen…

            All be well…

      11. What shortage? I could sell my house and spend the proceeds on silver coins, and never have to travel more than 20 miles to spend it all.

        • Have been buying silver regularly for the last few years. The only real shortage is in government minted coins. The U.S. mint, the Canadian mint, and now the Australian mint cannot keep up with demand. Because of the shortage of minting capacity, the premium on government minted coins is extremely high. Most people see safety in government minted coins because there has been purity problems in some smaller mints minting silver rounds so they are willing to pay this higher premium. Surprise surprise, government coins are also being conterfeited by illegal mints and if you are not careful you can get coins ta less than the .999 purity that’s advertised. Stick with well established mints whether buying silver coins or silver rounds. They aren’t willing to ruin their reputation selling sub standard stuff. The premiums on rounds and bars is much lower than on coins so if you’re looking just to have the metal, buy bars and coins. Their value will always track with the spot price of the metal. If you’re hoping to hit a home run on just a few coins, than buy graded government minted coins. Chances are though that home run won’t come for 100 or more years so you won’t realize the gains, your heirs will.

          • Ever notice it’s always…”We just discovered”, or “By our mistake, we found what we thought had been sold”.

            ….”Never circulated, fine, mint condition…”

            “Send us your order before it is too late”

            “Limited supply”

            “Will be worth ten times what you pay now”

            yea right, and if i bend over far enough, you guys will provide the lube, free of charge.

          • Yes: was buying from the Canadian mint and then they just could not deliver on my orders. They were done.

        • LOL, your house ain’t worth jack then.

      12. Silver shortage???…
        The Wife Unit works for a friend of ours at the local coin and bullion shoppe…Here’s the inside skinny…

        If you come in the shop and place an order for gold, you can expect delivery in a week.

        If you place an order for silver, it’s a wait of 8 weeks.

        Now we are not talking one or two units here…You can over the counter that…We are talking the 5 grand or more type of deal…He has a few such orders every week, and consistently beats APMEX’s price.

        Check out the premiums on what used to be junk silver…AKA 90% from the big houses…INSANE!!!
        His bullion dealers can’t deliver 90%! Once in a while some is available, but it is a crap shoot, and their premiums are ridiculous as well when it is available!

        Fortunately for us, we get second dibs on what walks through the door, at a very small premium.

        She has been working for him for about 4 years now, and we have watched things tightening up.

        Yea, it’s available but ya gotta watch the premium over spot to really get a good idea on how things have changed.

        As a good rule of thumb…Check out EBAY…Look at the buy it now prices from APMEX and some of the other large shops…That is a good indicator of what you should consider a base line price to be…Remember the shipping costs when you go to their home sites (off Ebay), as those are not listed until checkout.

        Deals can be found, but not like it used to be a few years back.

        • Good info , thanks

      13. I am concerned I have cash and the PTB will soon make that worthless. What’s the best course at this point in time?

      14. Eat cake you tillers of the soil.

      15. Very soon I won’t be getting laughed at anymore on high is site..its interesting to note that Texas filed over 50 lawsuits against the federal government, yet I am told by the agency ass clown trolls in h this site not to listen to me, that I am on drugs, pulls, crack, medication of all sorts, as I’d this is will suddenly erase what I was told by my source, that the Gold is here, trills say that is am nothing more than a fraud and that Texas did not get the Gold..i have news for the masses. TEXAS DID GET THE GOLD AND THIS IS A FACT OF will see and here about gold and silver constantly from this time onward..then the disclosure will take place.. I have more bad news, The cabal knows that if they don’t get to take down Texas between now and January of 2017, that Texas will month longer be under federal control and that the feds will be forced literally to pack up and get out of Texas or forceably removed..Texas, my source told me, is literally on verge of a war and that the UN, will make every attempt to attack this state with the Mexican army, the chinese, the Russians, jihadist Muslims, and other nationals..and that the reason why Texas was able to get this tough as because it’s population armed itself so severely that for governor felt that it was time to let the administration know that our state is ready for war on a military level and a civilian level. My source told me that a state governor cannot have power unless his people are strong on a defense level. Let me brace my self and get ready for the agency ass clown attacks, it’s time for then t educate me on my wrongs and rights..



        • Keep sniffing.

        • The Russians have better things to do than attack Texas, even if they wanted to. If Texas tell the fed.govt to kiss their ass, I’ll be moving to Texas.

        • HCKS , I live in Tx , yes it’s true that tx will be pulling gold from the vaults of NY but it hasn’t happened yet. Do to the fact that they have to build their own vault here in Tx first to be able to store it . Building should be done early 2017 luckily late 2016. Yes they have verified that this gold is still there . My question is will it be there in time if this collapse happens with in the next 6-12 months which I feel will happen!

      16. Looks like Manchurian global struck again in that false flag shooting. That is one hundred percent Mk Ultra at its finest..see the new article and hear what the Marines in California was told, as in the plans for the people how they are being told that they must be ready to take out the people..good luck with tying that in Texas..



        F….k the Vatican f…k the pope.

        • HCKS.

          I’ll fuck over the pope for a price… Plenty of gold & silver.

          He’s a right fuckin NWO cunt.

          The bells… The BELLS!

        • OMG, that all news pipeline site is ridiculously stupid.

          “Something interesting about those sound barriers on I465 around Indianapolis” They’re a nuclear/bio containment!? COME THE HELL ON MAN! That’s idiotic. Do you know why? Because, first and foremost, those sound barriers DO NOT completely encircle that area. NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE. Sorry, that’s as far as I could get.

        • HCKS; Time to come into the dugout,the game is over and you’re the only one still standing in the outfield.

      17. Gold and Silver I have not but one priceless item of knowledge that I’ve gleaned this very day is that hundreds of fuckin’ Muslim immigrants are converting to Christianity in Germany.
        There’s gorra be a God.
        I prefer my God by the name Jesus rather than the paedophile fucker known as Muhammad.
        I’m pleased to learn that not all immigrants are cunts.
        Fuckme… There really is hope for all.

      18. Not seeing any shortage here in Canada at the local shop, but jobs are drying up as the price of oil is slowly squeezing the snot out of the oil patch. Will probably see lots of lifted trucks and toys for sale then the houses….

      19. There will be a shortage of silver coins ( although they are still easy enough to buy, just delayed delivery) as long as there isn’t a shortage poor investing by people who buy the coins. The premium is huge, in the range of 25%. Want to sell them? You take another 15% hit on spot.
        Want to exchange them for food in a disaster? Good luck with that. No one will exchange food for shiny round things during a crisis. Want to hoard them for when the crisis is over? Bad choice again. You will exchange them for another fiat. Poor people make poor choices. Don’t get caught up in coins. Buy guns. Guns will always be useful in a crisis and easily exchanged for food. Guns don’t depreciate as long as you don’t collect shitty ones. Guns are actually useful and silver isn’t.

      20. No Nation Has EVER Taxed Itself Into Prosperity

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating working Americans out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Government cannot give to anybody anything that government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to pay for them – and when that paying half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they worked so hard for, then that, my friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth to help the poor by dividing it.

      21. I’ve got to give you guys props. I got thru the whole page of comments and not one imbecile said ‘gold and silver are worthless in SHTF because you cant eat PMs’

        Normally there’s at least one idiot parroting that fail.

      22. Gold, silver or the already circulating (but will-be outlawed) copper-nickel coinage (which is really worth about 1,000 times it’s face value right now!) are all worthless unless there’s something else to buy with them. Barter is fine enough (and will also be outlawed), if some people (those who will outlaw barter or current coinage) think they can hoard and therefore lord over everyone else by having a monopoly of coin. These “sky-is-falling” economic apocalypse articles are apparent for their attempt to scare people into buying into whatever’s being said to be in danger of being lost–whether metals or the Big Business economy itself.

      23. I buy coins from a foriegn mint, US eagels and for a price can buy as many as i like on Ebay but the price trend is down so i will wait and not be rushing out to help zero headge off load it risk to me.

        While the price of silver has reached a 5 year low

        Who’s to say it won’t be a six year low or even ten.

        Yes buy physical but bide your time, it’s low because the FED keep making out that it’s about to rise interest rates, it’s a long running lie and if they do then lots of people will go bust on the bets they are making.

        Oil going down also keeps production costs for gold/silver low, it’s still going down.

        $12 a oz on silver with not too much over spot is where i would advise people to start buying, $5 a oz is where you sell the shirt on your back to buy as much as you can.

      24. Silver is nice, I have a nice stack of 90% and SAE’s, even some Morgan’s and Peace dollars.

        But as of late when I get enough PM money together I’ve been guying gold. Gold American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. Nothing bigger than a 1/4oz. In fact all my gold is either 1/10th or 1/4oz. Come time to use it I don’t want to have to worry about ‘change’ for a full oz.

        I think gold is the safer bet to stack right now. I’m still getting 90% when I can find good deals though. But for now the big money goes to gold.

        Right? Wrong? Well, you can never be wrong with silver or gold.

        Oh – and you can’t eat it… HA!!! 😀

      25. Six pack I just listened to that video. Thanks for posting it. It just shows for a fact that we are going to have a civil revolutionary war..does it surprise Us that Texas is colored in red..i told everyone that I have really bad news. You took the works out of my mouth no need for to post in the topic, this is some serious sh…t.just remember the prepper formula..i have already been told that Donald Trump is not on our side..



      26. Mac: like to go off subject for a comment about the lost cargo ship which I figure you will be writing about soon.Reading the papers and watching the MSM no one has said anything about the ship being originally built as a “jump Jet” carrier. It and its sister ship laid just south of New Orleans tied to a dock for years,the only reason I figured was no one wanted them any more for combat so they tied them up and tried to sell them.I was transferred to Miami Harbor that’s when I saw them later on come in as container ships.I made the comment to my boss that those ships were built to carry air craft and not heavy containers on deck so I was sure they could be unstable in heavy weather.They made the trips to Puerto Rico for years without problems but leaving out(which I’ll bet the company had a lot to do with making the captain leave against his better judgment)with a storm forecasted like this one and the ship stacked high with heavy containers was not the thing to do.She probably got sideways to the heavy seas and capsized taking everyone down with her.very sad

      27. Mac. Just talked to the old sailor who told me the ship was built as a Jump Jet ship.I found out that it was built as a RORO but he said they tried to use them for Jump Jets.Sorry for the confusion.

      28. After reading the comments I see nobody knows, including myself for sure what is going to happen and what the future holds for ordinary Americans besides bad news.

        • Thanks aljamo, your blessing means a lot. Everyone knows you can eat silver. Doesn’t do much for you and poops right out. But it is a fact that you can eat it. Can’t chew the bars and coins but you can cut them up and eat them. I await your next atta boy. Geezus you are a moron

      29. I guess there are not many alive that were around when 90% silver was mostly taken out of our money in 1965, then completely by 1971. Nobody raised a stink then when the worthless clad coinage was substituted for silver which had some value even then. The same non response seen as the jobs were being taken away later into today. When has any social movement curbed the tide of tyranny since the anti war movement opposing Vietnam saw the light of day and forced the warmongers out of southeast Asia. Nothing!!! That’s how pitiful and self centered the people have become. I, me, mine.

      30. Why I even bother to post on articles like this is beyond me. But, I digress.

        I buy Kookaburras. Why? Because even if Silver goes down, those damb things go up in value. I do prefer them over Chinese Pandas because the Pandas no longer include the two rules of physical Silver acquisition: They MUST be stamped with two criteria:

        1) .999 Silver

        2) 1 Troy Ounce

        Ironically, both of these have been removed from the Chinese Panda Silver coins! I am not aware of other Chinese metal products but that’s enough for me.

        ASE’s are just a bit too plentiful for me. Sticking with Perth Mint products is my gamble. Look at the previous year values on Kookaburras and you be the judge.

      31. Prepper1, the gold is already here.. this is a fact. Yes the vault is still under construction and almost ready and the Gold already got source is a very extremely reliable serious one..



        • Thanks for the info HCKS, It’s good to know that Texas will be on of the last lights of this nation. That is until it gets corrupted by california and new york transplants flooding austin.

      32. We are in NC right now for a planned vacation, the last two days which we’re spending in Myrtle Beach. Pretty wet so far. Anyway, folks in SC are experiencing tremendous flooding… roads washing out, evacuations, etc. and the hurricane didn’t even hit the coast. Imagine what would have happened if it would have gotten closer.
        It wouldn’t take long to go to other currencies if the lights went out for a long time. Silver especially, would be attractive very quickly.

      33. To all the people worrying about metal stockpiling:

        – Are you going to eat or drink your coins?
        – Are you going to shoot your coins, i.e. make bullets out of them?
        – Do you really think no one will come and take your pile of metal by force?
        – Do you think that the government will not seize your metals by force?
        – Do you think you could carry your coins out of this country?

        – Do you think that in a grid-down situation anyone will seriously need your metal coins?

        Your metal is only worth something as long as other people assign value to it or believe it has value.

        Steve Jobs once said: “We all have to die one day, so what do you have to lose?”

        Peace to all!

        • Medic- There was recently an extended internet outage in the main square of the the small town where I live. I was there in a woodcarving store shopping and the sales girl was glad I had cash, since they could not and had not been able to process cards for days. If it were an extended period of time when atm’s were also down, yes I think some silver dollars might look pretty good to shopkeepers and merchants. The shopkeeper was pretty desperate to make a sale as it was- and these are “normal” times. A decent amount of PMs are secondary to food.

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