Prison Stocks Crash As Justice Dept. Announces “Ends of Private Prisons”

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 55 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: This surprising move from the Justice of Department could deal a significant blow to the dark industries that are dependent almost wholly upon government subsidies.

    These are crony corporate parasites who are in the business of swelling prison populations – hence the enforcement and continuation of the War on Drugs against all logic and humanity. The question is, what is the real motive for shaking things up… is somebody actually trying to do the right thing, or is this much more to this story.

    Justice Dept Announces it Will End Use of For-Profit Prisons … Prison Stocks Plummet

    by Claire Bernish

    In a stunning turn of events, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday it will no longer use private prisons to incarcerate federal prisoners, deeming the notorious for-profit facilities both less safe and less effective in providing correctional services than those operated by the government.

    “They simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources; they do not save substantially on costs; and as noted in a recent report by the Department’s Office of Inspector General, they do not maintain the same level of safety and security,” Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates explained in today’s announcement.

    According to the Washington Post, a memo from Yates instructs officials to either decline to renew private prison contracts upon their expiration, or “substantially reduce” the contracts’ scope.

    This announcement comes on the heels of a rather scathing report from the DOJ’s inspector general last week which found the nefarious privately run facilities had a greater number of safety and security incidents than those run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    According to that report, various disturbances in private prison facilities in recent years led to “extensive property damage, bodily injury, and the death of a Correctional Officer.”

    “The fact of the matter is that private prisons don’t compare favorably to Bureau of Prisons facilities in terms of safety or security or services, and now with the decline in the federal prison population, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to do something about that,” asserted Yates in an interview, according to the Post.

    As soon as the news broke the DOJ would be abandoning for-profit prisons, stock value crashed for both Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, as Zero Hedge reported, the latter evaporating 35 percent of its value in record time.

    Images: Zero Hedge

    Countless advocacy groups and media outlets, including The Free Thought Project, have frequently highlighted countless abuses, violence, and horrid conditions, if not outright human rights violations — as well as numerous deaths under suspicious circumstances — found in notorious for-profit prisons.

    Toward the goal of severely constricting private prison contracts, Yates noted the bureau had already declined to renew a 1,200-bed contract for Cibola County Correctional Center in New Mexico, despite protestations from the sheriff. She also wrote that over the next year, the Bureau of Prisons would decline to incarcerate prisoners in at least three private facilities, and by May 1, 2017, the private prison population would be drastically reduced to just 14,200 inmates — in total.

    Yates said it was “hard to know precisely” when private prisons would be completely absent of federal inmates, but that next year’s May goal represented less than half the total federal inmates housed in private facilities three years ago, at the peak of that population — indicating the department was “well on our way to ultimately eliminating the use of private prisons entirely.”

    Though ceasing to house federal prisoners in privately-run facilities will be a major undertaking, the move is now underway.

    “We have to be realistic about the time it will take, but that really depends on the continuing decline of the federal prison population, and that’s really hard to accurately predict,” Yates explained.

    While private prisons might have been useful in supplementing federally run facilities for some time, Yates noted they had proved less effective over time.

    As for the cost of private prisons, the inspector general found that in 2014, the Bureau of Prisons shelled out $639 million to the private companies: Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group and Management and Training Corporation.

    Given the safety, security, and financial concerns — not to mention countless evidence of outright abuses — surrounding for-profit prisons, the DOJ announcement is welcome news to both inmates, advocates, and taxpayers, alike.

    “Bottom line,” Yates concluded, “I’d also say, you get what you pay for.”

    Claire Bernish writes for, where this article first appeared.


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      1. “Inmates Run This Bitch”

        h ttp://

        the state built a brand new prison not far from me
        the operation was contracted out to a private company
        was supposed to save taxpayers a gazillon dollars
        LOL !!!

        state HAD to take it back over in less than 2 years
        absolute nightmare

        I just have to laugh every time I hear some numb nuts say that private business can do everything better

        • The variable is where the money comes from. If it is from a government agency then crony capitalism and inefficent policies will prevail because at the end of the day it is the same as a government agency.

          If the company on the other hand is competing for the consumer dollar than it will ALWAYS be better and more efficient than a government agency. Competition breeds excellence. Just look at the Olympics.

          • You know nothing about it, obviously. Tell us where you obtained your expertise.

            • I’m sure they’ll find a use for all of that empty space – like for dissidents and disarmed gun owners…the way this govt is going, they’re gonna need it.

      2. Private prisons… that’s a huge money making enterprise. Raking in Federal pay for each prisoner plus very cheaply produced goods for corporations. The government obviously wants to control that action and the resulting profit. There is something in it for them or they wouldn’t be doing it. Then again, the private prisons might be intended to hold the dissidents in the near to be free speech crackdown, keeping those prisons a vital part of the overall NWO police state.

        • Yeah I read this. That’s why there are so many Fucked up laws on the books to keep the prisons full. It make no sense at all. You see these Corporate Prison contracts with the states are manipulatively written so they maintain like 98% occupancy to guarantee a certain profit. So judges keep throwing people in prison for no real reason other than keeping them full. Screw Wackenhut. Get rid of the Private Prison for Profit model and watch crime rates drop.

          Now if they could just get rid of the Profit in war, then wars will drop as well. Tax the war profiteers 50% Min, and there will be no incentive to go to war.

          You see every time the government comes in and subsidizes an industry like College the costs skyrocket. Cut off all Guaranteed student loans and see how many banks give out loans and watch the college enrollment drop and costs will drop like a rock also. Get back to $5K a year for college and more people could go to college. Right now its all a fleecing scam.


        • ““They simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources; ”

          Yeah , the governerment can do it better ??? lmao
          So , more free shit for people locked up , more everything !

          Whadya think its gonna cost per prisoner when the fed “streamlines” ? hahaha
          Let em eat cake !

          • remember we can’t hurt their feelings!!

          • My thoughts too–as a libertarian I am torn on this.
            I can see how it may pave the way for dominance of a Federal prison system which may be priming for large-scale incarceration of “dissenters.’
            Also, like public schools, when did we decide that the government should have monopolies and complete control of dictating what one learns, what one must buy, what one can’t buy, what one may or may not smoke and where, and monopoly in all punishment determination and imprisonment.
            Way too much government monopoly of our lives already–what they want next is to tell as what we can and cannot own…ie: guns…dissenters and violators will be rounded up and moved to the new Mega-Federal Prisons.

          • Read ALL of this as more guberment UNION jobs…

        • Have you heard? The net is going dark, Oct 1/16. Seems, Barry made a law,or whatever hell.

          This needs a post of it’s own.
          I just joined this site, after being a fence sitter, and I’ve really gotten to ”know” alot of people here, it pisses me off, and saddens me, at the same time, that something like this is happening, though there were rumours of it, years past.
          We’re all going to lose touch, b/c sites like this,will be gone, and we will be feed bullshit propaganda
          It’s history, replaying itself on crack.
          This is a red hot mess.
          The sheeple won’t care, they won’t even notice..damn I wish I was a sheep sometiems

      3. What about private,state prisons?Know people involved,lots of $$$ Just run like Tx. they pay for themselves.
        Maniac –out

        • Knowing that inherently, the Government never does anything that is good for the people, think about this for a minute. Let play What IF? What does this move mean, or why?

          Could this be that these existing prisons are the set up to be the new maximum security FEMA Camps run by Government Officials? Is this creating more housing for upcoming Martial Law detainees?? One scam replacing the other scam for new motives. See the trees from the forest. This reminds me of the US Military puling out of Iraq leaving behind arms, vehicles and ammo for ISIS to use to invade Syria. Its the shell game now, using existing prisons for new Federal FEMA camps??

          What do you think? What is the real motive??, since what ever the Government say is usually a Big Fat Lie. Or is this an Election year ploy to garner the poor and criminal factions to vote for Democrats? Watch Obama give Amnesty for Felons to Vote before November to boost Democrat voters. So what do you think. Lots of good reader here and opinions. Lets hear them.


          • Maybe they saw some of the owners at a Trump rally.

          • I think the govt is rearranging chairs on the titanic.

          • I asked myself the same question. I thought they wanna expand private prisons worldwide. Maybe the elites have changed strategy and want to release the criminals back into the public to cause chaos. The elite is desperate. And their number one priority now is trying to prevent the people’s revolution. They WILL fail in the end, the revolution is going to happen, but they’re running left and right now trying to save their asses.

            The elites are shit scared of an educated middle class, knowing and understanding the crimes the elites are committing.

            Feminism (which was invented by the elite) is backfiring more and more. In all countries the landless people are pushing and creating pressure towards the top. The common men no longer tolerate the oppression. The common men no longer tolerate to be servants for the Rich and for the Women. The men no longer tolerate the dictators interfering with their marriages/families/relationships.

            The common men WANT CONTROL OVER THEIR WOMEN back and BE FREE OF OPPRESSION.

      4. Some of those private prisons are large and have been built recently. So, the buildings are in good shape.

        I am thinking the “justice department” or another government group will use these facilities to hold others in the near future.

        • KY Mom says,

          I agree with your view, I think they are preparing for lots of dissents (US) that is the only logical thing since they (feds)are doing lots of other stuff that seems to support the coming un-rest and who knows what else.

        • Hillary for Prison 2016


        • If you have a lot of “subversives” to keep under lock and key (so you can sleep at night and not worry about a Braveheart moment), it’s always a bit harder to corrupt someone working in the gov prison system (with all the regs and such that the US has…along with that fluffy pay and job security) than it is someone working in a corp controlled prison system (that is always looking for a way to axe employees for cheaper ones).

        • so, they gov’t will just seize the properties…

        • I agree, KY Mom, I was thinking the same thing. They are freeing them up for civilian “dissidents” i.e. “patriots, constitutionalists, gun owners, social and political conservatives and libertarians,” etc. After all aren’t those the groups deemed by DHS and the INjustice Dept as enemies of the state? The real terrorists? I think it’s obvious what they’re doing because it’s all coinciding the movement/placement of massive numbers of military vehicles, equipment, ammunition, body bags and coffins, as well as UN military movements all over the country. They’re gearing up to implement what they’ve taken a long time to plan.

        • The most recent episode of “The Last Ship” exposed the U.S. government planning to do this. They had stockpile food in warehouses near prisons.

          Also, they were building walls to separate and maintain order in the “territories” of the U.S.

          • This is a TV show depicting America after a pandemic.

      5. YEP
        UN and DHS is taking them over. Have to have some place to put the SHEEPLE!!!


        • @ Sgt
          That thought is a bit unnerving. Clearing out the prisons so we can put political dissidents in them?

        • Oh get this. I read where DHS will take over the election process to ensure there is no voting fraud going on. You know the Voting Machines Fixed to Vote Hillary. The DHS is a Zionist Occupation Faction embedded within the Government. When 98% of all DHS Security Grants goes to Jewish Organization. That is a Friggin Fact that nobody talks about. Its a shill organization and these Zionist will ensure fair elections??? Fuck you! Throw you Joo pigs in FEMA camps with swine and throw the keys away. Time to export all frigging Zionists or send them to death camps.

          ~WWTI… Hitler was dead on right.

      6. Hey Mac,

        Daisy Luther has a great article at her site.

        “Is Civil Unrest coming to Suburbia”

      7. Well, given that the fascist left is turning the whole country into a soviet politically correct gulag, I guess this does make sense.

      8. They don’t have the money to keep the prisons going. It won’t be long now. They will probably put federal police uniforms on them and send them to certain GPS coordinates . Along with the illegal aliens. They have an army of savages. Just like the Holomodor. Run by the Jewish mafia . They will crusify us Cristian’s . And finally be done with our resistance to their perversion . How dare we tell them they can’t buy and sell children. They have one life to live . They can do anything they want. They inherited billions they have the right to be free. They get what they want . And don’t try to stop them. Spoiled rotten little rich rats. With the money to pay an army.what would you do for a 1000 dollars a day. To them it’s just paper. Sell your soul.?

      9. Think about this, the government isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart. They are emptying out all of these prisons to have them available to house high value targets once the collapse comes. This way the government will have prisons all over the country. They will then have all the needed resources in place to handle all those former military vets that aren’t just going to go along with the governments plan for them.

        • The government doesn’t want witnesses they can’t control.

          Government employees are subject to government regulation.

          Did Hitler use private companies to run death camps? No, he used government employees only, because they obey!

      10. THANK GOD!!! (Now, if they would just stop making laws retroactive — against the constitution– and decide to let prisoners out who should have been let out decades ago!!)

      11. How much Obama ass-kissers shorted GEO and CXW before the announcement? That’s the real story.

      12. I have trouble with this one. What is worse, to have a crony corporation with non-union workers running a prison or Union Democrats running a government owned prison? Both groups have a vested interest in passing and enforcing illegitimate laws to increase the prison populations. Overworked legal system eg.cops, courts, DOJ and prisons sounds like a lucrative job security program or income stream.

        • Well it is a scam , same folks will run it , just as federal employees .NO changes will be made , except liberal programs inside to ensure only good socialists leave , bet on it !

          Then the fed can use the prisons they aquire as “equity” and produce a huge slush fund supporting them !
          Just another case of government overreach and corruption.
          These private prison corps knew this was coming , it is a planned event , more cronyism , burp .

      13. Oh, Obama knows that Trump will send the illegals back and leave the prisons with plenty of room for Black Lives Matter ACTIVISTS.


        • ❤❤❤

      14. Something else for the government to screw up and mismanage…..

      15. Good,now just end 99% of all the laws and leave the few that make actual sense and we might be on to something,not gonna hold me breath on that happening!

        • What laws do we get rid of? Do you want drug dealers selling heroin on every street corner?

          • Barn,I want all drugs legalized,take the profits out of the drug/court/police/prison cartels.No,I don’t want heroin dealers on every street,rather though the addicts get it cheap and either die or sober up,but in process not need to rob due to high profit margins by making it illegal.What drugs someone else does none of my business,no social service monies for em ect./can be charged with dui as then taking others lives into risk,otherwise,bring on the heroin dealers.

            You disagree at least do not be a hypocrite and call also for a ban on booze(that worked well!)/tobacco/pharm industry garbage ect.More harm done to kids thru pharm industry then all dealers combined!

      16. Me thinks this is part of a scheme to turn more Democrat voters free. Closing private prisons will overcrowd the
        BOP. Wa-la, we gotta release some moe convicts.

        “By the way Mr. Con, here’s your ballot. Please note it is already filled out for you, straight ticket Democrat. And, take these completed ballots fo yo homies. And here’s a list of polling places where you can vote on ‘lection day as many times as you wish. No, you don’t need no voter ID, cause that bes raycyist and sheeet.”

        I suspect the closings of private prisons have been planned for years. The BOP was likely encouraged to send the most bad of the bad to for profit units thus guaranteeing a failure and the need for “close and release.”

        Under Clinton the policy of “close and release” will become “catch and release” replicating the Border Patrol’s useless game regarding illegal aliens.

      17. Given how the current regime has yet to do anything in the interest of America or its people, I find it hard to believe this move was based upon those reported private prison abuses described here. It’s probably more a tale of them not antee-ing up $$$ to the government.

      18. Privatized prisons make a lot of sense. It has to be a lot cheaper than having prison guards that are government employees getting government wages and government pensions.

      19. GEO corporation. Guess what else they do? They provide social services to illegal aliens in exchange for 100’s of millions in taxpayer dollars per year. Remember reading about illegals being housed at a vacant luxury golf resort? GEO owned it. It was part of a REIT run by GEO. They are a subsidiary of Wackenhut Corp. May they all go bankrupt and shutdown.

      20. No one should go to jail for Malum Prohibitum. Prison should be reserved for Malum In Se. The former is against the law just because government says so, the latter is against the law because its wrong and includes, murder, rape, theft and the like.

        • @Kev
          Sort of agree with you. The current consensus of prisoners to be released includes drug dealers. I think their crime should be defined as the “in se” category. Even the street level dealers. They should not be released.
          They pass out substances that ruin lives and outright kill people. Their crime is committed with malice and forethought. There is no way they can possibly not know what they do causes harm.

      21. A purge. A big bloody purge. A really, really big bloody purge. Sort of like my last bowel movement. I should be King. Where are my meds?

        • omg this is classic! Love is your crown, be free of your meds

      22. Of course they are closing them, because what do we have now? A bunch of empty prisons to round up all the patriots

      23. Public compampanies leave a public trail.

        Is this an attempt to hide the governments intentended plans for democide?

      24. I’m a human being… Not a number.

        Eat. Shit. Die…


      25. Hillary for prison.

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