Is Silver Really “Poised to Catch Up To Gold” As Economic Crisis Looms?

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Aftermath, Commodities | 54 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: As the economy tilts towards outright instability, silver and gold (among other precious metals) are worthwhile items to have. So it is no wonder that the price of silver is at a highpoint right now.

    Anyone paying attention has to be wondering how much long the paper dollars in hand – or worse, inside a bank and beyond the reach of the ATM – will be worth much of anything at all. Is a tipping point coming?

    Silver Explodes: Precious Metal Price Reaches 11 Month High

    by Joshua Krause

    In recent months a lot of attention has been given to gold. After a decade long rally that saw its price rise above $1,800 per ounce, gold has disappointing investors after floundering for the past 3 years. But now the precious metal is rallying again. The price of gold has increased by 17% this year, making the 1st quarter of 2016 the most impressive in 30 years.

    Silver however has been lagging behind. Despite normally keeping pace with gold, silver has only increased 8% this year, but that may be about to change. Silver was up by more than 4% on Tuesday and briefly reached over $17 an ounce; the highest it’s been in 11 months. It’s believed that the gold-silver ratio is what’s driving the price. The two metals typically rise and fall together, and investors believe that silver is poised to catch up to gold.

    But more than that, the price of both metals has grown in light of a weakening dollar, volatile markets, and concerns that a major recession is on its way. Most hedge funds are currently betting that the gold rally isn’t over yet, and the number of contracts on gold futures hasn’t been this high since 2012.

    What do you think? Is gold and silver finally ready to break out and recover from the losses of the past few years?

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. Mark my word–tomorrow is Friday and we will have our Friday “cashing in” on the weekly silver rise.
        This has been the pattern for years– a little growth through the week, lure in some paper purchasers and then short it on Friday.
        Wouldn’t be surprised at 50c or more drop tomorrow.

        PS: I hope not as I have been a stacker throughout the ups and downs since 1999……..

        • Hang in there. There are others like yourself out there. But in the big scheme of things, the actual owners of any precious metals is a very small number of people. But your patience will be rewarded one day.
          My favorite saying in the metals world concerning silver is this, ” Soon enough, it won’t make any difference what the price of silver is, only whether you have any in your possession or not”.

          • Howdy d;
            Thanks for the kind words. A few years ago I started buying at about $30. on the way down. Oops! The good news is that I don’t need to sell it. I continued to buy on the way down. Wish I had waited but I probably would not have bought if I did so. I didn’t spend the milk money on it and you don’t lose money or make money till you sell. Oh yeah, I’ve got preps too.

            • “Is silver poised to catch up with gold?”

              In a word, NO. Silver has already been “dumped” after the “pump”. Check my other posts here or check multiple articles on Zero Hedge.

              The Silver Shills have struck again.

              The average buyer, YOU, cannot profit from the silver pump and dump because the average joe or jane cannot buy or sell enough silver at a time to play the Silver Shill roll-a-coaster and recover your purchase costs.

              Don’t play their game. You will lose. 🙁

              • Silver and gold prices are going to skyrocket now that Deutsche Bank has pleaded guilty to price manipulation and has promised to name names.

                We know that as the dollar dies and we have hyperinflation we’ll see metals prices skyrocket too.

                I’m not looking to make money on short term trades. I’m looking to preserve my wealth during hyperinflation.

                You stick to your $10 bills in #10 cans and we’ll see who’s better off.

                • BC: “We know that as the dollar dies and we have hyperinflation we’ll see metals prices skyrocket too.”

                  LMAO !!! You will die before the dollar dies. I have a mountain of gold and silver. My balance sheet expands every time the price of either increases. Take your head out of your ass. “Hyperinflation” is an internet meme CON to sell the Sheeple precious metals. Its called PUMP N DUMP.

                  America is not Venezuela. 🙂

                  • Wrong again Dopey DK. Your 2 coins of silver rubbed together will still buy you a steak sandwich and a bucket of beers. Your head is your ass so take your ass out of your head and pay attention to what I say. Yeah, the archives tells everybody you don’t know shit. Wrong about most everything on here. Not sure why you are even let to post on this site. Misinformation is worse than no info. Shut your Piehole.

                    Even HowdyDoody’s post here calls you a Troll Shill DK. He says,”I bought metals to preserve wealth. And in the end, that is exactly what they will do. The trolls come out everyday, and slam metals holders as ignorant, doom and gloomers. Screw them.” Exactly Howdy Doody. DK is this sites biggest dope. Zero knowledge of economics.


                  • Lets hope DK dies before the dollar crashes. The Dollar is already being discussed to be replaced. Ever hear of the Petro Dollar death? And T-Bills being dumped in massive waves. Now go back watching your cartoons Troll. This is an adult conversations you know nothing about.


              • Even though I certainly don’t mind silver appreciating, I didn’t by precious metals to “make money”. I bought metals to preserve wealth. And in the end, that is exactly what they will do. The trolls come out everyday, and slam metals holders as ignorant, doom and gloomers. Screw them. I sit and wait for some type of financial collapse, or reset, that is soon coming. All holders of physical metals in their hands will be rewarded in the end analysis.

              • So… don’t buy silver?
                Just doesn’t sound right.

              • As usual DK talking out the side of his Ass, with baseless comments. You don’t know shit or even Sherlock dopey DK about economics or PM’s. Silver is not in any form of Pump and dump. As the price has been purposely depressed by Hedge fun Paper shorters. And this small couple dollar rise so far this year in silver, is kicking hedge funds asses and creating margin calls.

                BTW Dopey DK, I another 100 OZ’s of Silver at 14.99 Back in DEC which included the commission. So I am up basically $2 off the lows. So I am basically up $12% Return including commission in less than 4 months.

                If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about DK, Pay attention to what I say, and then you too could profit off of silver. Tell me that again, That the Average Guy can;t make any money, when silver rises to $26.50 by end of This July.. That is a nearly Double your money Dopey DK Do the math.



        • I was going to say you were wrong a minute ago. But the course of the day has vindicated your prediction. However, you will note that Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is certainly appearing to lose most of its “bing bang.” I’m up 4000K in fiat on the month and they can’t seem to do jack about it. 🙂

          • I’ve bought silver at $30+/ounce, and in the $20 range.
            A few months ago is was $15-16 spot. I thought about buying some then but decided to wait. It boils down to How much is enough? a 100 oz? 500 oz? 1000 oz? How much can you carry on your person?

            I don’t have a mattress or wall stuffed with coins, rounds or squares. I’m not rich enough to buy a million ozs and sell it when I can get a $5 bump per oz. So it’s insane to think that way unless you have more money than brains/common sense.

            So my view is that I’m still waiting for all the QE digital dollars to “repatriate” as has been prophesied, which will hyperinflate prices for everything. That would mean silver would shoot to the moon. That is a sales tactic to lure one in using their greed. Everything is relative when money is concerned. But what is money? It is a medium of exchange. So are fresh eggs when Wal Mart is closed.

            Silver will not increase in value until there is none left to be had with an industrial order of magnitude of demand for it. Like in war time to make munition switches, etc. Then if you show up with a wheelbarrow of it, thinking you’ll drive away with a dump truck of fiat you are misled. Your booty would be confiscated at best for “the cause”.

            Silver has a value in that you can take a bastard file and make silver dust, then mix it with vaseline for treating wounds externally, or orally to kill GI bacterial infections, etc. It’s a great conductor or fuse if needed.

            If we ever got to an abject poverty condition akin to the movie “THE ROAD”- where food and water were key to survival, coin would be worthless compared to a bag of pintos or rice. Going into the fantasy that you could jump on the internet and sell off your stash for a tidy profit while checking your mailbox daily for the payoff check is just that- a fantasy.

        • This Author says this: “So it is no wonder that the price of silver is at a highpoint right now.”

          Like what a dope. Silver is still way undervalued. He speaks as if he just been looking at silver for a Few Months and so it goes up a couple of Buck off it way lows and he thinks it is Off the charts. What a dope.

          Go back and read what I said about undervalued Silver months ago. This guy looks a a few months snapshot and thinks Silver is skyrocketing Highpoint. Try looking at a 20 year chart and tell me if silver is at a high point. When Silver is up in the $40 Dollar range, then say it is reaching a High point. Until then keep stacking.

          This article is basically just more uninformed trash. Next. You would think DK wrote this article, makes no sense of reality.


        • The Gold to Silver Price ratio is now fallen off the 80 to 1 mark and now at $72.50. Any idiot who can read a 20 year Price Ratio chart knows once it hits the 80 to 1 mark the next move is to go lower to as low as 47 to 1 with in 3 to 6 months. This trend has consistently happened 4 times in the last 20 years. That is what I would base my judgement of what direction silver is going to move as I pointed out multiple times weeks ago.

          What idiot looks and bases his theories on less than a one year chart to declare a trend? Besides this Author?

          I guess posting volumes of stupid stuff makes a web site. And why some of these articles only gets about 35 posters.


      2. I don’t really care…especially about gold.
        In fact, I am hoping silver, more importantly, junk silver, will drop again before the big rise to levels that will most likely exceed 2011 & 12 prices.

        We are looking seriously about investing in some junk coins, just to hedge our bets. The overall picture of the political and economical landscape has things looking very precariously for this coming Fall.

      3. If you brought precious when they were low. Silver $4.00 and Gold $254. Then you are doing good. If you cost average up to $10.00 silver and $600 you still are doing good. At this point if you did not sell at the top, around $48 for silver and $1900 gold. Why complain you still have the metals in hand.

        If you brought at the high and the bottom fell out then, life is not so good. Catching the falling knife is

        There are lots of strategies to invest in the metals. Pick your poison.

        What is happening now is many want to ride the gravy train and it looks like it is pulling out of the station. Also those who feel they got burned are going to sell once they have their selling price. Bigger fool theory? Or Not?

        Do your research as if your life depended upon it. Because it may well be. We do not have all the answers and what lies they will tell. Coupled with what the banks and Government will do to the metals market.

        • I sold all my Silver at $42 just after the High was reached last time. It was a No Brainer. And today, I am averaged in, even including commission costs, is $16.74. I am already ahead in the profit range with silver price above $17. I will really be laughing when it hits in the $26 range this summer and back to the $40’s next year, which at that point I may start selling off some, to lock in my Tripple Gross profit when it hits $48 or a new high.

          ~WWTI… So listen to what I say, I walk the walk.

      4. The book, “Surviving Economic Collapse” about Argentina’s economy and surviving it said the preferred medium exchange was 14k gold and preferably in chain form. The links were snipped off for small purchases. 24k coin had no greater value as merchants did not generally make a distinction. A friends wife from Belarus that ate beets and potatoes for a year when the USSR went belly up said gold jewelry was the accepted by everyone. Silver wasn’t used.

        • I’m on this BB all the time. Why is my IP address periodically not recognized?

          • NSA redirect?

        • But silver can be sold though

      5. Can’t eat it. And I won’t trade my food, water, medicine or bullets for it. Good luck investors.

        • +1

        • Food first, then weapons, then fortifications, then more food, then transportation, then gold and silver, but only if you can afford it and want to preserve some wealth.

          In the economic collapses in South America where currencies collapsed, inflation ran rampant, and shortages of basic goods followed. To a person all the survivors said if they could do it again they would have built a bigger pantry and stored more food for times when there is none.

          You are right people can’t eat gold and silver, but in these economic crashes where fiat currency was destroyed by inflation, gold and silver would buy food when it was available while paper money was worthless and bought nothing.

          I don’t get you people that toss out the idea you can’t eat gold. For all of history it has been a currency that never fails. The times when gold has no value are incredibly short in duration and localized. If there is a working food market, gold will always buy you food, always.

          In the biblical famine of Canan the brothers of Joseph were still able to buy grain in Egypt using gold and silver. Egypt became their bug out location to escape famine.

        • Harry;
          You assume that people who have metals have nothing else. I was told a story once that I assume is true. Nelson Rockefeller being questioned by an attorney at a hearing dealing
          with Henry Kissinger’s appointment as SOS. An attorney said to him, I understand you sent Mr. and Mrs. Kissinger on a trip around the world on your private jet. Rockefeller replied, yes I did but you must remember that is much like you buying a friend of yours a necktie. Moral of story, I think some of the people here have deep pockets. But I could be wrong.

          • TED BINION had the right idea.

            A vault full of silver.

            He just trusted the wrong bitch.

          • Skeptic, deep pockets is a relative term in a world where the average person has less than $500 in the bank. Some here speak of very pricey prepper toys, so yes there are likely a few deep pockets.

            A significant part of prepping is having a long term view of life. I’ll bet lunch the average prepper has more net worth, than the average American sheeple.

            I buy in bulk on sale, clip coupons and rotate, so none of our regular consumables go bad. It’s a big money saver. Preppers often live a more frugal life than the average sheeple. Money saved is a resource preppers handle well.

            I hear old timers here say they learned to live like this as children, a lifetime of living with a long term view, and a sprinkle paranoia means they have likely saved better than the average sheeple.

            I had a non prepping neighbor who made in my estimate about a 1/4 mil per year. My shock was to find he was in foreclosure and debt up to his ears. He did have a lot of pretty toys! If he lost his job he’d be starving in days.

            Re: Buying gold and silver, I’m hearing people in the know suggesting people buy on the lows and invest no more than 10 or 20%. Easy for people with deep pockets, a little scary for people on a tight budget. Only use money that is savings not needed in the foreseeable future. Prep first with food, cover all the bases, build up a three to six month plan and then think of precious metals.

      6. Keep your powder dry: nothing happens in an election year. They game the system to keep it alive throughout the election. It is just being smart and keeping people happy. History shows they will let the economy swoon when the new Prez is sworn in. Get the bad shit over in the first year of the first term.

        Things we know about Obama:

        1) He will not start any major conflict in his last term
        2) He will do whatever it takes to keep the economy alive until he leaves office

        Enjoy life, get laid, drink a beer and prepare for the post-Obama.

      7. I cashed in my IRA 10 years ago. Paid the penalties, took the remainder and bought junk silver. Note: Every once in a while I like to dump it on the bed quilt get a running start, then jump into the middle of it, laughing and rolling around in it and throwing it up in the air. To each his own.

        • PO’d my guess would be, if you had left your money in your IRA 10 years ago and not paid the penalty you would be able to buy alot more silver today. I’ve seen many comments for the last three or four years where people were advised to cash out and pay the penalty, Bad Advice. Hindsight 20/20 if they were close to retirement they should ride it out. Trekker Out

          • probably so, buy I’ve no regrets.

            • but, not buy.

      8. Someone posted on an earlier article that silver reached over $17.70 in the past day or so. I never saw that as it is just above $17 right now.

        • Silver did reach 17.70. But then suddenly it dropped in 10-20 minutes below 17. Manipulation can’t be any more obvious.

          • aljamo and Diego. Just goes to show you, just like I said and predicted that Silver will sling shot to $20 very soon, if they can stave off the Hedge fund shorters. The sell off from $17.70 is just profit taking. It is building a new base now at $17. So just hold on for the next push upward. Silver sitting at $17 right now is still a 20% rise off the low of $13.65 back in Dec 2015. Soon $18, then $22 then $26 by This Mid summer. End of July when all hell breaks loose at the RNC Convention when they cheat Trump voters out of a fair election and riots break out all across America. Silver will skyrocket.


      9. silver didn’t “explode”. Some while back, it sat at 30-32 for quite a while. THen it dropped down to be between 20-23 for a while. Then it dropped to $15.
        WOw, it’s up past $17. Wake me up when it’s back up over $32

        • I’d like to see it below 10 bucks again, and then be verry verrry, as I slip a few k into my cache, in a hole, in a very small cave, in a steep cliff, in a very remote mountain side.

        • At 17 it’s still worth at about four times what I paid.
          The price of silver to me is simple a reflection of the weakness of the dollar. It’s not “worth more”, it just takes more fiat dollars to buy it.
          My silver will still buy the same amount of gas or food today as it did 20 years ago.
          My dollars won’t.

      10. If silver is not a good investment them who is buying all this metal. High Mintages.

        Also if we as preppers make up 3 percent of the populace then there has to be many more closet preppers.

        Then if the metals are going to have no value why would the rich buy it.

        Ask yourself, are there that many stupid people. Is it a fad and we will make belt buckles out of the silver eagle coins.

        No more silver strike coins in Las Vegas and no coin machines all electronic with fake coin sound payouts.

        • Yes. There are plenty of stupid people. This is one big, fat, juicy honeypot. Working just like HS wants it to work. This is the perfect channel to track them and to observe them and to number every comment for parallel legal construction. So easy even a jury of sheep will indict posters when the time comes. People here make it easy. Caught in the net built to trap them and most folks don’t even get it. Until they start reading everything you posted with the Comment Number, date, and time out loud in court. And call you a terrorist right before marching you off to Club Fed.

          • Fear and fear porn is for those that have no faith in a higher Power. You sound like a troll with all your paranoid postings.
            Why come here if you are such a pussy?

            • Passin, Your Hoax belief in a higher Power is all based on fear. With out the fear of fire and brimstone, and hail storms as you claim, that’s hoaxy fear and scared you into believing this BS. Reflects your Low IQ.

              You would have true peace in your life if you just took off the slave chains and shackles of Hoaxy religion, and stared at reality for a change. Just what would you do without your baby sheeple pacifier called the BuyBull to dumb you down and keep you complacent?

              Christ, you Religious freaks are fn idiots. I bet people laugh at you all the time in public eh?

              ~WWTI… Oh yeah Jeebus is coming back any day now. 2000 years later and still a No-Show. You dopes have been stood up, and you are still clueless. Hows that everlasting life, if you believe hoax working for ya? Go check out a cemetery and see all of Gods survivors who truly believed. lol Go look up the definition of the word Hoax. We need to cleanse your polluted mind of religion.. The BuyBull is just like Flouride in Water. Keeps your brain dumb and stoopid.


          • Anonymous.

            By you posting here could put you on a list. How many different ways do they track us now and once you use your cell phone, can be recorded from the air transmissions.
            Will they come for me? Maybe. At my age it doesn’t matter. Only that we share information accumulated over years to others younger than us. Help them with learning skills. One poster here to how many readers who don’t post. Very high ratio.
            I agree it is the chance we take but one I can live with.

            You have learned plenty from this site so why would you insult us.

            Ungrateful. Move on.

        • There most certainly are, mostly they dont talk about or even look at these places because they wouldnt want big brother to get the wrong idea now would they,,,,

      11. PIMCO executive said that gold should be monetized. What does that mean? Government confiscation. Don’t want to sell? Too bad. That will mean a decade at Club Fed. Enjoy!

      12. Gold and silver will always be worth something. If you can afford to buy it you’re doing something right. Even if it crashes, it will always be good. If it takes off, OK, but that usually means the paper $ is going to hell.

      13. Silver. It’s pretty. I have some. But I spent the day rearranging my long term food supplies. Staved off an infection this week with antibiotics of the piscine kind…
        let me tell you- silver and/or gold are just a few bricks in the wall. I do believe it will go up in value in an incredible way.

        • 2isone, it’s been written that mrsa infections, regular staph and flesh eating infections are related to North America’s overuse of antibiotics.
          I’ve been using silver gel, aloe, oil of oregano and yet to try oil of thyme, because I cut myself almost daily around the farm. Staph is ever present in these hot climates and in our first few years here I took antibiotics several times for infected fire ant bites and cuts.
          So far, the essential oils are working but they take longer than your topical antibiotic.
          Another thing a dermatologist told me: use Polysporin instead of triple antibiotic (for topical use).

      14. Yes I believe they are both about to skyrocket. We are almost to the point of going through another major economic situation. Is it total collapse. I have my doubts. But it could be and things are going to be interesting starting in the summer.

        There are too many things going on right now. Is it the perfect storm?

      15. I’ve recently begun buying silver bullion again after a hiatus of around ten years. When I put five thousand dollars Australian beside eight kilos of silver both look good, and I feel a little security by having both.

        Although the chap that mentioned the gold chain used in Argentina during troubled times sounds like a good idea as well. Another thing I’ve noticed recently is to sell ones silver if need be on ebay as this gets a much higher price than spot provided it’s not going up too quickly that is.

      16. Fall rise don’t matter i’ll hold.

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