Gerald Celente: Globalists Will Collapse the Entire World Economy As “Currency War Has Begun”

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 112 comments

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Major financial storms are coming, and they may cause a great deal of damage.

There is every indication that what has now starting in Europe could end up on the dollar’s doorstep, and upend the whole house of cards.

As economic forecaster Gerald Celente told the Alex Jones Show, the Brexit campaign was something of a launching point for what is going to become a total collapse scenario. Though it isn’t completely clear yet, this could be the reverberations of the big one.

But what Celente sees coming is severe indeed… and quite ominous.

Markets have rattled with major currency swings surrounding the Pound Sterling, and everyone is in for a devastating sequence of events. The future of the EU, and its tenuous relationship with Britain is unclear, and the financial reaction is significant.

Immigration pressure is creating social chaos, and the population is becoming fed up with the establishment and their abuse of power. Europe faces an even larger threat of further concentrated and more heavy-handed government power, through a more desperate EU regime.

If populism spreads along with anti-EU sentiment, there could a return to national currencies, and the destruction of the Euro itself. Under such conditions, gold might be expect to gain in value, and a global currency may attempt to emerge. As Celente says, “The war has begun.”

Exactly how it plays out remains to be seen.

Here’s what Gerald Celente has to say:

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    1. tlnzz

      Gerald Celente gives the Globalist way too much credit. The system is collapsing on its own because the Globalist can no longer prop it up and control it.

      • Muddy

        Hey Gerald, got gold??????? I mean the shiny yellow metal you hold in your hand, not the paper gold.

        @Marcus (below)
        After doing that search, do the same search here and on zerohedge using Gerald Celente. You’ll see how many times he predicted SHTF and it didn’t happen. Why Mac puts a guy like Celente on here who has no credibility is beyond me.

        • javelin

          Agreed—if Celente were an old testament prophet he would have been stoned or exiled a hundred times over…….

          • Miklos

            Brexit was engineered by the same elites that created the EU, whose ultimate goal is to secure the control and subjugation of the ignorant and gullible masses:


            And all the bullshit written as of today asserting that ordinary people in the UK have regained certain degree of sovereignty as a result of that referendum is pure nonsense.

      • olde reb

        Have you noticed the striking similarity between the EU authoritative faceless unelected financiers and corporate controllers that have devastated the European group and the projected structure being promoted by secretive treaty negotiations involving the United States ??

        The embezzling of money by the Federal Reserve for the TBTF banks, and the same scheme by the ECB with the Euro, provides humongous funds for their perfidious acts. Ref.

    2. BigB

      “Exactly how it plays out remains to be seen.”

      So WTF is the point?


      • Marcus

        Want a chuckle..?
        Go to the search feature on the left and enter “has begun” (with quotes, and read back through years of stories about how the collapse has arrived. ( )
        Yes, its coming, in what form remains to be seen. THIS isn’t it, this is a clampdown by the globalists.

      • An Obsolete Man

        Did you just do a Hitlary impersonation?


    3. Satori

      I love Celente
      especially when he talks about “the white shoe boys”
      one of these days he’s gonna be right
      but probably not today

      and let me stir the pot a little this morning

      Donald Trump’s other fake real estate school was even worse than Trump University

      h ttp://

      and have you read about Trump’s charitable “donations” ???

      do a little research on that

      in one recent poll
      Trump is neck and neck with Hitlery
      in another he actually is ahead

      we gonna have a con man as Prez???

      won’t be the first time

      • BigB

        (With due respect)
        So what’s your point Satori? You would rather have Clinton? This is a simple choice. Trump who is not my ideal candidate but who I identify with or Hillary who is the nastiest bitch to ever have walked the political halls of the United States?


        • TheGuy

          The face of the Earth you mean. Why pull punches?

        • Old Guy

          There isn’t any difference between Trump and Clinton. Trump is lying telling you what you want to hear and your believing at least part of it. And the republican party is acting like he is tainted is just another lie to make you think he is something he isn’t. no matter who is elected the elete win. And yes I would rather have Clinton than a Sheep in wolf clothing like Two faced Trump. They will both be puppets. Certianly Hillary is anti Gun. So What? The current Puppett is as Rabid anti second admendment as Her. The handlers will not let her try and take the guns any more than they let Obama. They are never coming at the guns directly. They will starve the majority into submission. The actually want us to have or guns. They want us to reduce the population. The UN blue helmets will not fight the gimmie free shit army & goverment parasites. They will let civil war, race war & ethnic cleansing do the job for them. You think because you are secluded and grow a garden you will not starve? Think Again? A drone or something can be sent and spray your garden with Stamm. Folks in the Rice growing areas of Arkansas cant grow gardens. Because They Ariel Spray Stamm on that Rice. And the drift kills the gardens. Yep the Countinuity of government folks will be underground at places like Mt Weather. We will have to Live by doing without. It will be stone age. Electing Trump will change nothing. Wake Up there is not any possibility of a political or ballot box solution. And no possibility of even a 1800,s lifestyle. They will cut off the electric to the citizens. The electric will still be working so the nukes don’t melt down and the elete in their bunkers are comfortable. Just the folks they deem useless eaters will not have any electric. That’s part of why they are killing off coal fired power. Im thinking We will know its SHTF when the electric is no longer to be had by us?

      • Stan

        The alternative Hitlery is much much worse as she is a war monger and criminal.

      • Palmer

        Do you really think Hitlery is a better option?

      • Michael Gauthier

        Well, you could have had bush, with open immigration, or cruz whose wife wrote papers to have open borders and a north American union. Or just about anyother good old boy, who would have continued to kick the can down the road while the people are raped by the government. Trump might not be the best, but in the group, he is. He will get things done. And he doesn’t care if he steps on toes doing it. Go trump.

        • Kulafarmer

          I think we the people need to step up too and start making more noise, weve been too complacent, not wanting to upset our little apple carts as it were, IMHO we need to make it so uncomfortable for these asshats that they have no choice but to listen and change stuff, Trump may be the start, but we need follow through

      • skeptic

        Considering the available choices does that mean you will vote for Mrs. Clinton? Are she and Bill not con man/woman? The choices seem quite limited. With a non vote absolutely nothing is accomplished. Then, who is counting the votes? I picked a bad century to stop drinking.

        • Satori

          write in vote ???

          someone competent like

          Mickey Mouse
          one of the 7 Dwarfs???

          no matter how it comes out
          2016 will go down in history

          something has to give

          a vote for Hitlery
          is a vote for NO change

          a vote for “the Donald” ???
          ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances

          I’m betting a LOT of people are so disgusted that they’re willing to do just that

          • Cyberrifles

            Exactly. Do you want to be shot or hanged? It is nice to have choices!

            • Lone wolverine

              Punch ww2 lies. Before you compare Hitler to Hilary. Does Trump just want more money or does he want to be famous for saving America? I wonder if a good vote getting Vice President. Would be judge Jeanine Piro. Woman’s vote?

              • Rebecca

                Why would women vote for trump if Judge JP is on the ticket? You underestimate women and project men’s values on them. Many men would vote for a castrated male gorilla over any woman. To keep em down, doncha know. I doubt the majority of women in this country find Trumps criminality better than Clinton’s. Dig down a foot and you will find bodies in his past too. This isn’t a least bad scenario… this is absolutely unacceptable. I will write in Mighty Mouse.

          • talon1776

            The 7 dwarfs or Mickey Mouse are certainly smarter than you…you think your exposing some polarizing truth that will win the information war…but you , like the EU Parliament are in what Nigel Farage has described, are in willful denial of the people’s choice…have you checked out the latest poll? The BREXIT is a perfect example about stepping into the courage of change…real change that that puts the power of controls and hope into the hands that deserve it…the people of England…not an unelected elite or too big to fail corruption occurring here.

            ” I’m betting a LOT of people are so disgusted that they’re willing to do just that”
            Right..because the shit we have now cannot be allowed to continue…just what the people in Britain did and what is an inevitable collapse of the “Project” when All of Europe takes back their Freedom and Liberty!

            What are willing to bet? How about this…TRUMP wins…you come on here and apologize to everyone here for being an agent and supporter of the Establishment …what am I willing to bet if TRUMP loses…I’ll apologize for voting against the NWO.

            Live Free or Die…Against all enemies foreign and “domestic”

            • Satori

              oh give it a rest Talon

              your reading comprehension skills are non-existent

              and as for “off topic” posts

              SO WHAT ???

              just because YOU can’t walk and chew gum and the same time
              doesn’t mean others here can’t

              the world is a complicated place you HAVE balance a million things at once

              and you don’t know my opinion of Brexit
              so kindly quit making uneducated comments on my beliefs
              of which OBVIOUSLY you know SO little

              • talon1776

                So instead of answering any other of the post directly to you..,you choose to attack me..completely ignoring anything previously said…a trick of the LEFT to disparage when you cannot sensibly argue a single point…now you resort to claiming I know nothing about your views on BREXIT… simply because when the question was put to you…all we heard was crickets…you are losing in the arena of public discourse because you are weak in your explanations .,if we get any at all!!! I dare you to answer anyone’s post instead of attacking me with name calling and hyperboles….coward…

                Live Free or Die….chewing gum and walking at the same time

                • Satori

                  the essay I posted from Charles Hugh Smith’s site
                  says everything I needed to on Brexit

                  and I actually have not yet made up my mind on voting for the Trumpster or not
                  I’ll probably make a final decision right before the election

                  one thing that might get my vote would be if Trump would step up to the plate and pay off all the little guys he stiffed when he filed for his multiple bankrupticies

                  its one thing to stiff a big bank
                  but when you gut the little guys
                  that makes me MAD

                  I recently came across a story where a family owned and operated construction business was forced out of business because Trump stiffed them
                  the company had been operated by 3 generations of this family,and when Trump filed one of his many bankruptcies
                  they were forced to close down,they lost the family business and their employees lost their jobs

                  if Trump is worth ten BILLION like he claims to be
                  why doesnt he take a small portion of that money and at least make partial payments to the MANY MANY little guys who never got paid???????????????

                  he isn’t legally obligated to
                  but he certainly is morally and ethically obligated to
                  and he can certainly afford to now

                  man up Donald
                  makes this right

                  it may not bother all you Trump fanatics
                  that so many little guys got ripped off
                  but I guess you and me have a VERY different set of moral values

                  step up to the plate Mr.Trump
                  you SAY you care about the little guy
                  here’s your chance to PROVE it

                  • talon1776

                    You know Satori…
                    Trump has a website…and can actually address your concerns about “fiscal Morality” to him directly. What’s curious to me is how you.always post the most single issue concern and ignore the more heinous concerns about his opponent…now why is that?

                  • talon1776

                    An essay????…hmmm maybe you are a professor…
                    Must be too difficult just to give us a gest of your dissertation….hmmmm

                • Satori

                  “a trick of the left”


                  FAUX News talking points much ???????

                  yer just mad because you think Trump is some sort of savior
                  and I am taking a MUCH more skeptical approach

                  • Satori

                    have I not made my thoughts on Hillary clear ???

                    really ????

                    I describe her as HITLERY
                    thats not a clue ???

                    I described her as the very definition of “THE LIE”

                    and you don’t know what I think of her ????

                    REALLY ?????????????

                    try this

                    she’s a lying ,two faced,nefarious bitch
                    who belongs in flip flops and an orange jump suit
                    (that would be a reference to prison just in case ya missed that)


                    does that clear things up fer ya ?????????

                    and seriously
                    go to Trumps web site to get him to address him
                    SCREWING the little guy

                    come on…………..

                    like I said
                    obviously my values are not the same as some on this site

                    step up Trump
                    do the RIGHT thing
                    PROVE you care about the little guy

                  • talon1776

                    HA!!!…FAUX talking points?…and you quote the daily Kos like gospel… the Drudge least an aggregate site can offer a more perspective…infowars much lately?

          • Kevin2

            Trump is a poor choice but he excellent next to Hillary.

            • BigB

              It’s either Trump or it is open warfare. The system is rigged for the NWO and Clinton is nothing but a continuation of Obama policies to bring us into a total collapse of our government. Trump may not be able to stop this but he is our only chance other than to take up arms and take our country back.


              • Kevin2

                I don’t have faith in Trump to do good but I’m convinced that Hillary will do bad. Trump is vulnerable to a false flag orchestrated by TPTB to manipulate him into doing what they want. On the other hand Hillary as President would be involved in the planning.

              • Old Guy

                Im voting for open war fare then.

                • anon

                  I wonder how many US cities can have riots at the same time? Can we expect to have over 100 burning at once. How many burning cities is needed to get stuff going? Make you want to stack sandbags.

          • Glock Holliday

            That’s cute Satori.
            After the scum that we have had to endure for the
            last 23 1/2 years, Mickey Mouse would be an improvement.
            Write him in. I hope people with intelligence will give
            Trump a chance. The “elite” hate Trump for a reason.

        • comrad katya

          U Funny!!! ?? Made me laugh.’Picked a bad century to stop drinkin’…..too friggin hilarious, given the stress this nonsense is causin us all…

      • DMONIC

        The fact you go to that garbage website is enough to know you’re a liberal douche. Stir the pot? No you didn’t, its clear you have no credibility.

        • Satori

          intellectually lazy much???

          is the story true or not ???

          that’s all that matters isn’t it ???

          the TRUTH????

          die hard Trumpsters are EXACTLY like die hard Hitlery supporters

          they see and hear ONLY what they want

          BOTH are dangers to democracy

      • The Chauffeur

        Again… the Daily Kos??? You gotta do better… Why don’t YOU call George Soros and ask him…

        • Satori

          but 2+2=4
          if the devil says it or an angel says it

          do you really think FOX news or Rush Limbaugh are gonna say anything negative about Trump?

          how about
          they gonna say anything negative???

          if you have FACTS to refute the story
          then by all means POST THEM

          dear God in heaven
          there is one thing that really gets under my skin
          and that is people who are intellectually lazy

          the facts please
          NOTHING but the facts

          • BigB

            I’ll ask again Satori, what ya gonna do? There are only two choices in this race. If you don’t vote then you got no room to bitch. When did you turn so negative anyway?


          • TheGuy

            I’m sure you’re right but then what the hell do you do?

            This was like my dilemma back when they were running Obama vs McCain. McCain is clearly bugshit crazy. Although I did agree with his comments (later retracted) that Obama’s bullshit immigration policy is in no small part responsible for the shit show that was Florida.

            So now I got a shyster car salesman that says whatever sounds good on TV, versus a scheming murderer with delusions of godhood.

            Gee what to do.

            A write in for Elmer Fudd is a vote for Hillary.
            A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary.

            You want Hillary???????

            This is worse though. Like yes, Obama could assfuck our economy, I knew that, but we’d basically… live. Hillary WILL kill us. Trump… toss a coin. He MIGHT kill us. Either by being duped into it or by having to show off who’s “the man”.

            I’ll take coin toss odds over absolute certainty any day.

            Then again, he might do half of what he says he’s going to do. Even if he only got 1/4 of what he said he was going to do (because Congress)… it’s a radical improvement isn’t it?

            Try to imagine the first amendment, second amendment, and the Supreme Court under Hillary.

            Try to imagine Obamacare under Hillary.

            If THAT isn’t enough for you shit I don’t know what is. I mean even ignore the whole death thing… that stuff alone is… the end, beautiful friend, the end.

            • Old Guy

              Trump , Hillary, Obama? There could be Martial law and we keep OBAMA? and it really actually doesn’t matter. They are nothing but puppets. They do as they are told. There will never be any gun confiscation. The same supreme court that upheld Obama Care strikes down Gun Laws? What ? The court Justices are puppets also! Its a circus and will continue as long as the ringmaster wants. Its divide and conquer. They will let us kill each other. many of us buy our guns and ammo. The government is giving those who we will precieve as our enemy their guns & ammo?

      • Glock Holliday

        We can have a conman or we can have Hillary
        I hope the “conman” wins.
        For God’s sake…Trump 2016.

      • Mike slaney

        You are using the “daily Kos” as your source??? Talk about liberal, immoral, hateful of good and Communist, you might wish to get a different source.

    4. Ron Ahrens

      The sooner the psychopaths collapse the fascist Police State hell on earth of America, the sooner we can start rounding up and arresting the Globalist Fascist Corporatist criminal psychopaths who have destroyed our children’s health and future, and the sooner we can round up and arrest all their supporters and the coward filth who worship and protect the psychopathic monsters.

      • Lone wolverine

        Hitler threw out the globalist bankers . And the Jewish world declared war and a world wide boucott of Germany . And that started ww2 . And with globalist financing of Bolshavic communist soviets. Germany was raped and the Bolshavic communists enslaved half of Europe. And now the British have thrown out the globalist bankers of the euro dollar. Will Britain be raped as Germany was for throwing out the globalist bankers? They can pay men 1000 dollars a day to be private contract soldiers just like they did in Russia. They have trillions. They can pay for tanks planes anything the enemy needs to destroy us. Just like they did to the Czar and kill your whole family . How many of these third worlders would do anything for a 1000 dollars a day. All you have to do is have the money to pay them and the globalist tribe have it. Just like ww2.

        • Rebecca

          Lone Wolverine
          Yes, UK will be raped. Than again, EU and US are also being raped.

        • The Chauffeur

          Lone Wolverine, good point. When Germany marched into Poland on 9/01/1939 from the west, who marched into Poland from the east…? Did England and France declare war on them? NO…Why? Cause THEY already had a Rothschild bank in place… AND who had their greasey fingers up Churchill’s back…You guessed it… The Rothschilds…Money and who controls it…

      • Oldfart

        Ron, there is a chance – how good a chance, I don’t know – that when the dust settles, those Globalist Fascist Corporatist criminal psychopaths will be rounding US up! We may not like thinking about that possibility but it’s real.

        • CabinFever

          It’s real. Read Gulag Archipelago.

    5. Observer

      The goal of the NWO is to collapse the Western countries first. That way they can come in and set up the world government they have dreamed about for so long. Google “The Rivkin Project”. Then you will understand the “migrant crisis”. They overthrew the middle east and north African countries to create the flood of migrants. This was done to collapse the governments of the West. Rivkin? What kind of name is that? Irish?

      • The Chauffeur

        Only on me mudders side…?

    6. JRS

      “Off yer ass
      And on yer feet.
      Out of the shade
      And into the heat.”

      Time to start getting the bounty into jars and freezers.

      Picked a couple gallons of black raspberries. One batch of raspberry jelly, one batch of raspberry-jalapeno jelly, one primary of raspberry wine working.

      Got around a bushel of cukes. Made dill spears, slices, relish and a gallon of refrigerator dill pickles. Also a bucket of 8 day sweet slices and a bucket of sweet gherkins are working.

      Hot cauliflower this weekend.

      I figured out last year how to keep pickles and cauliflower from getting mushy when canned so now I’m going to make it every year on out.

      Get out of the blue light and into the yellow light and get some dirt under your nails.

      My prediction made while reading the entrails of a just killed chicken are that things are good for today. There were eggs for breakfast and there will be chicken stew for supper.


      • Sgt. Dale

        Great advise.

        Been hitting the garden myself. Just picked a quart of Red Raspberries, and a quart of peas. Not getting enough Tomatoes to can yet. My garden is looking good. Canning and dehydrating, A LOT OF STUFF THIS YEAR GOOD LORD WILLING.

        Going to change oil in the truck today. Want to keep it fresh. Just don’t know if I will be able to do that again, with everything going on.


      • Barn Cat

        FYI, pickles have very little nutritional value. Right up there with iceberg lettuce and celery.

        • JRS

          I like them, too…


          • Mountain Trekker

            JRS I Love it. Touche!

      • grandee

        Ah yes. Time to pick giant Zucchini lurking under the leaves. Hummm, what to do with them??

        You’ve heard the old Zuc joke: the farmer put his over abundance of zucchini on a table at the end of his lane. He marked them FREE. When he returned later, the table was gone and the zucchini were left in the dirt. 🙂

        Zucchini Patties
        2 cups grated zucchini
        2 eggs, beaten
        1/4 cup chopped onion
        1/4 cup all purpose flour
        1/4 cup corn meal
        1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
        1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
        salt/pepper to taste
        2 Tbs vegetable oil

        In medium bowl, combine above ingredients. Stir well enough to distribute ingredients evenly.

        Heat a small amount of oil in a skillet over med-high heat. Drop zucchini mixture by spoonfuls, gently tap down to form patty. Cook a few minutes on each side until golden brown.


        • Marcus

          do the above recipe, but don’t grate the zucchini. Instead cut them lengthwise, seed, and stuff with the mixture. Bake until done. F’king awesome.

          Another variation, If you add browned sausage, it tastes just like pizza.

          • An Obsolete Man


            Thx to both of you!

        • aljamo

          grandee.. you must be talking about home garden grown zucchini because otherwise it’s all GMO just like yellow crookneck squash.

          • grandee

            absolutely!! heirloom too.

        • B from CA

          Cut off end and discard. Slice lengthwise into four pieces.
          Crack several eggs in bowl, add spices and stir
          Put bread crumbs and spices on plate and mix
          Dip zucchini in egg and breadcrumbs
          Fry in olive oil or put into oven and bake (drizzle olive oil before baking)

          For added flavor, fix same as lasagne with sauce and mozzarella
          Using zucchini in place of pasta

          Another way to use zucchini is raw diced or sliced in a salad

          Guess what? I grew in a spiral this threesome on well cultivated soil:
          Corn, Zucchini, green beans. The beans wrap around the corn and grow upward, the zucchini stays at the ground level minimizing the weeds. The bounty was incredible. Just pick zucchini when it is only about seven or eight inches. Those enormous ones are edible but not as good as if you catch them before they grow like watermelon. Watermelon umm. Love me some watermelon on a hot summer day. Zucchini, salad, and watermelon, outdoor grilled chicken.

          We had a neighborhood party outside in the street. The year I grew zucchini was so much fun. I gave it away with black mission figs and got back a dozen types of zucchini bread and cake, homemade fig newtons and fig jams and jellies. Also lots of bags of oranges and other stuff the neighbors grew.

          • Kevin2

            Use seasoned Italian bread crumbs and fry in olive oil. Works on eggplant too.

            To the Italians there are two types of oil, olive and motor.

        • DD

          Thanks for sharing your farmer joke, I enjoyed it. Saved your recipe to try later.

    7. Sgt. Dale

      Let the collapse begin. There is noting we can do to stop it. We can only do what we can. I just wonder what 2050 will look like? I more than likely won’t see it, but wow what it could be.

      I like how he talked about the price of food. it is not that prices are going up its because the devaluation of money. My PM’s this week is Lead and Brass. Next week just might get some more silver. Time will tell.


      • talon1776


    8. aljamo

      I read that eating GMO’s cause DNA changes in all living things. What a sick bunch of evil manipulators altering the genetics of life, right in big money junkie pharmas depopulation pocket. What’s next GMO cannabis? The opposition shall not be publicized nor televised. No wonder there is no actual hope for mankind besides divine benevolent intervention.

      • kynase

        Genetic manipulation doesn’t exactly work like that. Modifying the DNA of something that has eaten a GMO isn’t going to happen, IMO. That’s not to say that GMO’s can’t cause damage, but it is very likely that it is NOT genetic changes.

        Have these plants been modified? Absolutely. Is it all bad? No. Hell, genetic manipulation has happened for centuries, just not in a lab setting. Our own ancestors would pollinate and breed for specific traits. Scientists have simply streamlined the process. Big business has then corrupted the entire point of GMO. 🙁 So sad.

      • SCTV

        I do not know for a fact that GMO’s will change your DNA but I do know that changing the enzymes can cause intestinal problems for the person or critter eating GMO foods. Your body and digestive tract have evolved to digest and utilize specific organic components of food. Think like how native peoples sometimes have trouble digesting beef and must eat buffalo or deer meat get the proper protein in their diet. When you GMO modify foods you change the structures of the basic building blocks of the foods that we are eating. As you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole if the food is changed in ways that are not digestible or in ways that your body is not used to then you are going to have problems. My bigger problem is the use of herbicides(the plants being GMO roundup-ready) in disgustingly high volumes both for weed control and to preharvest dry down. I remember back in the early nineties at a farm show the tech rep for runtup drank a cup of herbicide to show us how safe it was to humans. That poor SOB is now dead of stomach cancer. However at the time it seemed like a safe alternative as many guys were using atrazine and that we all knew would kill you.

    9. aljamo

      ” say when this is all over we’ll be in clover, we’ll go out and spend all your blue money”

    10. Barn Cat

      Gerald Celente is so shrill that I can’t stand to hear him talk.

      I think events could move quickly from here. Multiple sources (Jim Willie, Rob Kirby) expect a devaluation of the dollar. A number of financial people in the alternative media expect an economic collapse this fall. Bo Polny predicts it will happen this summer. V the Guerrilla Economist predicts that Deutsche Bank could fail virtually any day now. Saudi Arabia and OPEC could decide to accept other currencies for oil besides the dollar. Somebody said that we could have a dollar devaluation at the same time we have bail-ins. Right now there are multiple triggers for a collapse.

      You can expect all kinds of violence at the Republican convention. The police won’t do anything. They’re having trouble recruiting police from around the country to help provide security for the convention. I bet George Soros will bus in 10,000 thugs to attack the people there.

      I also think that Trump is in serious danger of being assassinated. The globalists don’t want Trump interfering in their plans.

      Given the brazen criminality of the Clinton Crime Family and the misappropriation of $2 billion in donations, America is becoming a laughing stock to the whole world. America now has African level political corruption to go with our decaying infrastructure and our Zimbabwe level money printing. It isn’t going to be pretty when America becomes the next Venezuela.

      • TnAndy

        And Celente has been whining for years “the sky is falling”.

        I suppose he will be right one of these days, but he hasn’t got much of a track record so far.

        It was very funny when he lost a bunch of his paper gold in that Chicago Mercantile Exchange fiasco run by John Corzine. I guess Celente never heard “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”, huh ? ahahahaaaaa That alone destroys any credibility he had in my mind.

    11. Observer

      I got all of my medical issues treated and done with. I’ve never been to so many doctors and dentists in such a short period of time. It’s a good idea to get your medical problems dealt with before the zombie apocalypse. With affirmative action, the zombies will go to the front of the line. Yucky.

    12. anon

      At TruNews

      Gun used in Paris attack was involved in, (Drum Roll Please)

      “Fast and Furious”.

      Ta Da!

      • Satori

        Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up !!!

        • talon1776

          But Professor Satori of the Milhous Institute for Lesser Evils. Like Hollywood, creates the distraction of minutiae..

          Live Free or Die…lies kill

          • Satori

            am I getting under yer skin???

            makin’ ya think???

            ya don’t seem to like being challenged do you???

            respond to my FACTS with FACTS of your own

            or continue with the name calling

            YOUR CHOICE

            • talon1776

              Professor Satori…
              I know quite a bit about the connection of illegal gun running through Mexico , an attempt to blame, demonize the second amendment support and shipping these arms to Libya to support the Jihadi’s in Libya…which is why Chris Stevens was murdered …any other facts I need to know?

              • Satori

                are u saying the weapon was not related to the whole
                Fast and Furious debacle ???

                • talon1776

                  Geeze..of course it is….the question is how did it get to Paris…the worlds largest disarming of the public…except when class flag operations are run…only criminals get guns…the real culprit…corruption in the highest places of gov.

    13. buttcrackofdoom

      i love celente’s sarcasm….smart guy.

    14. Braveheart1776

      Gerald Celente again? HO HUM, I’m going back to sleep.

      • Tunkcuf

        That comment again NotSoBrave? Ho hum get your old man nappy time in.

    15. B from CA

      The dollar is going to devalue. Tampax will be worth it’s weight in gold. All hygiene products will skyrocket. Just checkout how expensive ordinary personal care products are now. I say every family should have a twenty five year supply for their own family and pick one or two products for sale and barter and get a warehouse full. Maybe go into manufacturing your own. If you grow cotton you could make homemade tampax. Or you can sew rags together and make a reusable product which is what women did in the past. Just thinking about it is gross. But not thinking about it will be even worse. A bar of soap for $20.00. Deodorant $100.00. Tampax $10.00 each.

      • Stan

        sorry but how you stink wont matter as much as what will you eat…

      • Rebecca

        B from CA
        Women will make their own stuff. Who really wants a 25 year supply of Aluminum-laced deodorant? If you look online, a lot of women are already doing so… not just me. Working on perfumes now. Piece of cake.

        • B from CA


          I am aware that is why I say one could manufacture (make) their own. Not everyone wants to do the work so we can buy what’s out now or buy from the more creative and industrious.

          A lady I knew was selling homemade soaps and lotions. They were nice but pricey. I bought some for my daughter. She thought they were terrific. I Thought the sales lady was going to get rich but not off my dime.

          As for deodorant. There is one with aluminum I will keep for special occasions. Nothing works better. But there are many healthy products and homemade stuff. Baking soda is cheap and helps cut down odor. Washing with hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria that cause odors.
          Lots of thigs like witch hazel. Yes. Lots to consider. Start with store bought and gradually introduce your own homemade. For barter, store bought will be an asset as people gravitate toward the familiar.

    16. Satori

      ‘Death of winter’: Jet streams cross equator, ‘chaos’ predicted

      h ttp://

      “Beckwith explained the data in a video online in which he warned it could disrupt the world’s food supply and lead to “massive geopolitical unrest.”

      • talon1776

        Only you can post more distraction of “OFF TOPIC.”.already known news. Can you ever stay on topic?
        Keep shilling Pinky!

        Live Free or Die…Satori says ” I’m with Herr”

    17. Observer

      Drudge reports that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has agreed to a democrat bill to prevent people on terror lists and people who have ever seen a psychiatrist from ever buying a gun. What they don’t tell you is that the people who are restricted from buying guns on this current list can be expanded to whomever they want. Veterans? Dissidents? Bloggers? You?

      • B from CA

        Are psychiatrists on that list??? They are the craziest mothers in the world. Check this out. Their divorce rates and suicide rates among highest of all professions, if you can call it that. It ranks right along side the world’s oldest profession for screwing people. Sigmund Freud said, “I am bringing ‘The Plague'”. It is based on a perverted hypothesis of nonsense. It has never helped mankind because it was never intended to help. This dangerous quackery should be outlawed.

        The promoters of this new “law” should be hanged along with the Psychiatrists. Maybe hang Monsanto execs and bigPharma along with the FDA.

        Do you think they along with the Bankers would make a good starting place for the crazy gun toting Revolutionaries. If we are on a list, so are these creeps.????

    18. TEST

      Got gold?

      More to the point, also subtract the “l” – got God?

      One will get you through this life; the other will get you through this life AND the next.

      I suggest both.

    19. TEST

      After listening to this, I am soooo very happy that I get to live in the bankrupt Socialist People’s Thugocracy of Illinois.

      So nice to be sitting at the equivalent juncture of the Yellowstone volcano going off/right on the Cascadia subduction zone/south side of Chicago (the new Detroit).

      I can’t wait to move from this horrible place

    20. JD

      About the Rivkin Project: “What is the Pacific Council on International Policy? The PCIP, of which Rivkin is a member, was founded in 1995 as a regional appendage of the omnipresent globalist think tank, the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS(CFR). It is headquartered in Los Angeles, but “with members and activities throughout the West Coast of the United States and internationally.” Corporate funding comes from, among others:
      ◾Carnegie Corporation of New York
      ◾Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
      ◾City National Bank
      ◾The Ford Foundation
      ◾Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
      ◾The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
      ◾Rockefeller Brothers Fund
      ◾The Rockefeller Foundation
      ◾United States Institute of Peace

      “…seeks to change the attitudes of generations of Muslim and French youth so that they might be merged into a new globalist synthesis; or what might be called a new humanity: Homo economicus, or what the financial analyst G Pascal Zachary calls “The Global Me…”

    21. Rebecca

      B from CA
      Women will make their own stuff. Who really wants a 25 year supply of Aluminum-laced deodorant? If you look online, a lot of women are already doing so… not just me. Working on perfumes now. Piece of cake.


        ‘ello Reb… It’s not good for Woman to be alone! ;¬) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    22. All's Quiet on the Western Front

      Tomorrow is the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of The Somme, WW1. Lest we forget… At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them… We Will Remember Them. RIP.

      • talon1776

        Just saw Nigel Garage YouTube video on his visit to Somme…worth the watch

        • talon1776

          Farage.. Damn auto correct

    23. Asshat

      Observer I said the same thing about banning terrorists from buying guns. This is vague and can include conservatives Christians and whoever else they wanna add to terror list. First we need to define who exactly is a terrorist what are the ways one ends up on this list. Right now we have an Islamic terror problem so the law should be written to say Islamic terrorists specifically to avoid others from losing their gun rights. My personal opinion is terrorists don’t give a flying fuck about laws and will do what they want anyway. But if the feel good law makes people happy then it should say Islamic terrorists. The idiots on the left will come out against the discrimination of the muzzies of course. I say hunt them down and kill all of em and let God sort them out.

    24. The realist

      This guy is a TOOL.. Nothing he ever predicts happens the way he says it will happen..

      He’s a fart in a stiff wind in my opinion..

      Next !!

    25. La.Maniac

      This new push at gun control might work,call your reps.You get on that list you won’t get off!
      I like how THEY say guns go from USA to Mex.Sure some do.Saying the same thing 30years ago.
      You have $$you can get anything,out of Mexico.My evil twin brother ran with some rough people,did business in SoCal.
      Crate full auto AK’s $1500,grenades $50,They get from us,right!!!
      Just another angle
      Trump may be the lesser of two evils,I’ll take the lesser!
      Think I’ll relax today,going fishing.
      Maniac –out

    26. Mr. Anonymous

      Haha, Gerald doesn’t get much love from the commenters here. Then again, I can’t really blame anyone. He’s been wrong so many times. Although he has claimed that he predicted the market collapse in 2008 before it happened, so there’s that.

      I do however think he’s spot on regarding politics. Perhaps he should just leave the markets altogether and just become a political commenter/analyst instead.

    27. Mr. Anonymous

      Haha, Gerald doesn’t get much love from the commenters here. Then again, I can’t really blame anyone. He’s been wrong so many times. Although he has claimed that he predicted the market collapse in 2008 before it happened, so there’s that.

      I do however think he’s spot on regarding politics. Perhaps he should just leave the markets altogether and just become a political commenter/analyst instead…

    28. Samw

      The economy has more influence over politics than politics have over the economy.
      Eight years is about the average a bull market can be kept up. The rich can make money bull or bear market. Bear markets are a great way to punish “wrong thinking” (Brexit, Trump, etc.) So expect more if the public slaves revolt in November.

    29. Digby

      Why has every non main stream media outlet been saying buy gold or silver for the last 8 years.

      Nothing ever happens.
      Are they all on a commission or bonus.

      Almost every article on Dollar Collapse ends with a paragraph “buy gold”.
      And it seems that no one ever does.

    30. Ruthann Economy

      By a more attractive quality including life together with surely a suitable healthier an. So My hubby and i squeeze virtually any little invigorating lemon back it.

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