Federal Reserve Policy Is “Driving People Into Homelessness”

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 72 comments

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    One of the strangest phenomenons of the past decade, is the decreasing rates of homelessness across the United States. Despite the housing bubble crash, the devastating recession that followed, and stagnate wages, the number of people living on the streets in America has fallen in recent years. However, this hasn’t been the case across the board. In some cities and states homelessness is rapidly increasing, and the reasons why don’t bode well for our nation’s financial future.

    Take Los Angeles for instance. A recent study found that 13,000 people in LA County fall into homelessness every month, which is a dramatic increase from previous years.

    The group’s analysis was based on records for 9 million county residents who received public assistance at any point between 2002 and 2010. The study said many systems, including disability screening, mental health, foster care and criminal justice, fed into the homelessness pipeline. The 2007 to 2010 recession also drove many out of their homes, it said.

    Several homeless service providers said most of these factors had been discussed anecdotally for years, but the report is the first to capture the scale of the problem and predicted it could have a strong impact.

    “It is going to be a mover and shaker moment,” said Mollie Lowery of Housing Works. “It really brings home, just the sheer numbers. We’re talking about 13,000 a month. Even me who works in the field had no idea those numbers were out there.”

    The latest official homeless count found 44,000 people living in county streets in a three-day period in January, a 12% increase in two years. The survey also found a 37% rise in chronically homeless people. But it has long been acknowledged that many more move in and out of homelessness throughout the year.

    Another great example is San Francisco. After engaging in a 10 year campaign to end homelessness in their city, they still have the same exact number of homeless people that they had before. That may not sound too bad, until you realize that the city established 2’800 housing units for the homeless in that time period. So basically, the homeless rate has only remained flat due to government intervention, and would be significantly higher otherwise.

    And truth be told, that is the real reason why homeless rates have fallen across the country. It’s not because the economy has supposedly recovered, it’s due to federal assistance programs aimed at helping the homeless. Essentially, local, state, and federal agencies are covering up America’s poverty by throwing tax dollars at the problem, rather than improving the economy and increasing opportunities for these people to survive on their own.

    This also explains why Los Angeles has a growing homeless problem. Unlike San Francisco, they have failed to provide enough assistance to the poor.

    The report said the wait in Los Angeles County for Section 8 vouchers, the primary federal resource for low-income housing, was 10 years in 1999. The waiting list closed in 2004, which can only mean the wait has increased, the report said…

    …About 42% of people who fall into homelessness do not receive the help they need to remain stably housed, including employment, health and behavioral health services, case management, disability benefits and subsidized housing, the report said.

    So now that we know what a city looks like when they can’t or won’t help provide housing to the poor, we have to ask ourselves why these people can’t afford shelter in the first place. You probably already know the answer. They can’t afford to house themselves in part because housing and rental prices are ridiculously high. San Francisco and LA for example, are both on the list of American cities that have had the highest rent increases in recent years.

    And that is happening because our country is currently witnessing another housing bubble. During the Fed’s quantitative easing program, they spent $1.5 trillion on mortgage-backed securities and have kept interest rates extremely low. Much like the stock market, the Fed has been blowing up the housing market because they claim that higher home prices can improve the economy (in reality, it’s the other way around).

    So while housing prices soared, home ownership plummeted as everyone scrambled to find an apartment. The price of rent rose, and now there are more people that can’t afford anything at all, and have to take their chances on the streets.

    In other words, the government is both the cause and the solution to the same problem. The Fed’s monetary policy is driving people into homelessness, while welfare programs are putting them back into homes. It’s a machine that produces nothing but dependents.

    Meanwhile, America’s debt burden continues to grow to extraordinary levels, and many municipalities are hanging by threadbare budgets. When these institutions can no longer pay for their debts and have to cut services, will they still be able to house the people that they put on the streets?


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      1. Classic government logic….invents problem, then propose to solve it…you’ll keep on getting elected forever. It’s a never ending gravy train of taxpayer money.

        • Jonny V – “Logic”… psychopaths are illogical. That’s why they are stupid and ineffective, not to mention downright dangerous.

        • Homelessness because of joblessness, because of NWO NAFTA, CAFTA , One Money source like the Euro all to enrich the 1% Elite amd Big Corporations witj heap.labor and no tarriffs. Time to exterminate these thievin bitches; keep shooting until they stop moving. They know tjis and why they want to take away our Guns. F-em!!

          • WWTI, I’m with you. I’m not giving up shit either.

            • WWTI,
              YOU got it, they created the problem and THEY should be run out of washington and tarred and feathered!! or HUNG for treason!

      2. Classic government logic….invents problem, then propose to solve it…you’ll keep on getting elected forever. It’s a never ending gravy train of taxpayer money.

      3. I’ve got one acre in the middle of nowhere, with a year round, spring fed creek, and my 1974 18 ft Winnebago pull behind camper. It’s all paid for, it’s not much, but this is exactly why I won’t sell it. It’s paid for, if the economy goes south, at least it’s something! I feel very blessed to have it!

        • Amen MD, we are so ahead of the game that it is not funny. Read what they are saying in the UK.

          ht tp://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/technology/if-internet-goes-down-half-6310887

          • Thanks Eppe,
            I read that article. It was very interesting!

          • Hate to say it …… But if the internet goes down, I’ll be happy. I’ll have more spare time to do shit. No more distractions to put my brain to sleep. No internet might actually be a good thing!!

        • Good for you MommaD! No tracking devices in 1970’s vehicles so it can’t be tracked, or remotely manipulated to drive off a cliff or stop suddenly for no damn reason.

          • Enjoy your Freedom MommaD like me.


            • I really don’t believe the so called statistics about homelessness decreasing! In my hometown, you used to see maybe one homeless person per year. Now, they’re all over the place!!!

              In my present location (500 miles further south), there are as many homeless people as there are people with homes!! About half the population lives in the national forests!!! For real!! Half the people here have back packs, etc and you hear them talking about living outside. A lot of them, you would not suspect they live outdoors until you talk to them, or over hear them talking to others. They call it living outdoors.
              And they have knives!!! Both men and females!

              A few years ago, a new book come out called, “A Girl’s Guide to Homelessness” because its such a common thing now days. It has INCREASED. Not decreased.

              And the reason, of course, is because the greedy S.O.B.s are charging for a room what they used to charge to buy a home!!! ITs because of GREED, period! They do it because they can! I’ve talked to these parasites!

          • I wanted a older car too. But my silly husband went and bought a new “smart car “.
            Plus I have been wanting a rv for several years. I saw this coming. Well..now the rv prices are jumping and I still don’t have one…he’s prepared alright. o_O
            Pisses me off.
            Here they think junk is gold….

        • Hope you’re in Texas!


          • In KY Cookin’. Love it here.
            Common and WWTI,
            It’s my shtf place. I don’t live there, but visit often. Live here on the little homestead, working to pay it off, but if the world goes to crap, at least I have that!
            Stay well all and keep preppin!

            • @MommaD
              What part of KY. would you reccommend? Ive been lookin.

          • In KY Cookin’. Love it here.
            Common and WWTI,
            It’s my shtf place. I don’t live there, but visit often. Live here on the little homestead, working to pay it off, but if the world goes to crap, at least I have that!
            Stay well all and keep preppin!

        • That’s what I want, MommaD! 🙁 (My dream!) Land is so expensive, though.

        • Congratulations! U have the perfect setup to make it thru the collapse. Campers, mobile homes, RVs will be like gold if U have to split quick!

        • I too have purchased a trailer that’s paid for to get out of my home if needed. Have generators and gas stockpiled and a small solar system that is slowly being added to for longer term power to keep the trailer up and running. Trailer is stocked with necessary items to give me a few months to get a garden up and running at the BOL. Everytime I think I have everything needed, I think of something else. I have come to realize prepping is something that’s never complete. There is always something else needed.

          • I’ve alway thought buying a horse trailer would be a great idea. Cheap. You could set it up in anticipation for the day when you have to head to the hills. So long as you can get to where you want to go to, on one or two tanks of gas, tow it where you want and theres your instant house with a drop down deck or wheelchair accessible ramp. Taa Daaa!!!
            Fit it out with a bed and shelving, a small water storage tank (20-30 gal) that you can top up from outside maybe. Fill it up with food and supplies and hit the road. Lockable from the inside ….
            Hmmmmm …. I think I may have talked myself into a new project! Anyone in Western WA with an old horse trailer they want to trade for ….?

        • we all need to look at being self sufficient, and then help your neighbor do the same. And buy guns and ammo.

      4. The FED, the National Government, nor Congress never made anyone homeless. People with small brains and large egos borrow much more money than they can afford, thinking the job they have will last for thirty years, then wake up one morning with a Sheriff’s Deputy at the door with eviction papers. Nobody is doing critical long term thinking. However, local taxing authorities are a whole different game. They make people homeless thru regressive tax programs that guarantee their retirement and medical benefits the taxpayers could never afford. It’s called communism. thanks

        • Hunkerdown, you are the one with the small brain. According to statistics/the book of records, the person with the highest IQ ever recorded was homeless (when they interviewed him), often picked up for vagrancy, lived with his mom part time, and spent most of his time working on complex computer games. They said the last job he held was janitor.

          Furthermore, look at G. W. Bush!

          Money does not equate with IQ. It does however, equate with corruption.

          • “There are a lot of fools out there, with PHDs.”

            Dr. Ben Carson

          • Anon: There is no bigger idiot than a vagrant genius who cannot think for himself, makes no plans for self help, and wastes his creative ability and kinetic energy while sitting around playing computer games. Unless it’s the mother who coddles him, or the janitorial service that hires him. Thanks

      5. Things are going to get worse a lot faster now. The left is openly bragging that they now have the demographic numbers to keep any real opposition out of the White House. They say they can now get a Ham sandwich elected. Those are their words.

        • it’s nothing to brag about electing a ham sandwich….hell, the democrats could get a MONKEY elected(and many HAVE been!)….of course, a monkey can be elected among republicans too.

          • We need to indict and hang everyone of those ham sandwiches.


            • i disagree….i think if we just hung ONE, with a few hundred-thousand citizens to guard the body for a few weeks, the rest fall in line and start doing their JOBS… politicians DEEP DOWN are good people, so when they get buried, make SURE they’re buried DEEP!

            • WWTI, I EAT ham sandwiches with a passion along with some cheese. On the monkey, one has already been elected twice. the african virus.

          • Can we please elect the ham sandwich instead of Hillary?


            It would be an improvement.

        • Giant Coal Company Bankruptcy Reveals Secret Ties to Climate Denial, GOP Dark Money Groups
          by Lee Fang, from firstlook.org
          August 25, 2015

          “Alpha Natural Resources, one of the largest coal companies in America, was a player in major congressional election efforts last year — but you won’t find records of their corporate donations on the Federal Election Commission website or in any public record.

          You will, however, find signs of the Virginia-based coal giant’s secret political activities buried in a creditor document filed last Thursday. The recent downturn in coal prices and high debts forced the company to seek bankruptcy protection earlier this month.

          The filing lists organizations with which Alpha Natural Resources had any kind of financial transaction, including recipients of grants, creditors and contractors. The filing does not list amounts given or owed by Alpha Natural Resources. A spokesperson for the firm did not respond to a request for comment.

          Alpha Natural Resources gave money to an array of nonprofit entities that are not required to report donor information. These groups were pivotal in helping Republicans maintain control of the House of Representatives and in electing the new GOP majority in the Senate.

          The corporation helped fund the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a secretive nonprofit group that refused to disclose any donor information during the election last year. The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition was the largest outside campaign entity in the Kentucky senate race, spending over $14 million on television and radio commercials to successfully reelect Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in his campaign against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

          Alpha Natural Resources also helped finance campaign entities associated with the Koch brothers campaign network, including Americans for Prosperity, Themis Trust (a campaign data company), and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a clearinghouse used to fund a range of organizations supporting Republican election efforts. The Institute for Energy Research, an advocacy group founded by Charles Koch that lobbies in support of fossil fuel subsidies and against renewable energy policies, had a financial relationship with Alpha Natural Resources…”

          We know who’s trying to kill our planet – the bad guys are exactly who we expect them to be, paying off politicians exactly as we have expected that they do. Without removing money from our politics, especially hidden corporate cash, we have no chance at all to make any real change. – Wes

        • Hitlery has now compared the GOP candidates with…terrorists.

      6. If you’re going to look at LA you need to consider the demographics of the area as well as any Federal Reserve policies.

        Doesn’t hurt to figure the overall government policies of the State of California in as well.

      7. What is Federal Reserve? Is this the same entity that is run by Dual Citizens? Is this the same entity that has and will commit crimes against humanity unless is being cleansed from the root?

        C’mon let’s have straight talks for once without being labeled as Nazi, Anti Semite or any other god damned label that they have used to collect ransom from humanity. Are these the same parasites under a common tribe killing innocents worldwide while crying through either financial means or tanks and fighter jets against stone trowing kids?

        • Syria shot down an Isreali F16 a few days ago. Of course the Jew Jet was violating Syria’s airspace and the tracking equipment to shoot it down was Russian. Of course the F16 is made in the US and paid for with Americans taxes. We need to stop funding Terrorists.


          • A ‘Jew Jet’?

            What a bigoted moron you are.

            Sounds like any liberal ranting about ‘gun violence’.

            No such things exist.

            • It was a jet and the pilot was a Jew, so it had to be a Jew Jet. However, I have no problem with Jew Jets. As far as I am concerned all airspace is Israeli Airspace. Israel today, tomorrow, and forever. Yep, that’s just the way it is. Shalom!

      8. Ha! The problem and the solution? Well, OK, if you say so. I just call it being a Bankster. They’ve always done this: finance the war, load to both sides, loan to both sides to clean up the mess they loaned money to create.

        Its the most diabolically evil scheme known to man. …well, maybe. Co-opting spiritual faith and abusing it is a close second.

        Anyway, this will continue until we break out the ropes. Plan on it. Banksters taking advantage of people’s misery is hardly anything new. The methods by which they do it, well, they keep coming up with more and more creative ideas.

      9. The home and rent prices haven’t stopped escalating, that’s why when I look at the home section in the local rag I feel like upchucking. Always featured are homes in the low hundreds of thousands to millions in price. What a crock! Many in reality face paying half their income and more just to put a roof over their head. Back in the eighties a three bedroom house mortgage payment was around 300 dollars, now that same house is close to 2,000 dollars a month. Who in hell can afford that?

        • when the cost of RENTING MONEY goes UP(and it WILL), the cost of houses will come DOWN>>>>>>>>>>>>>It’s MATH, and math, like gravity, is LAW….sooner or later the old folks will get tired of not getting ANYTHING for their savings in the bank, and they will………????? will WHAT?…well, it’s been nigh onto 15 years now(FED set interest rates too low), and they aint done NUTHIN’ yet, so it don’t look like there’s any hope for ‘murica.

        • $2000?

          I’d shit myself with glee for $2000.

          My friend and his uber-rich wife bought a place in LA. Try $5000.

          Need. To. Leave.

      10. The homeless thou shalt have always with you, because so many of them are mental cases that were in institutions until the early ’70s when the Democrats forced them all into the street and closed the hospitals. In Middletown NY there was a huge institution that even had it’s own farm and dairy so that those that were able could help feed the people. Then it closed. By 1979 they were still roaming the streets and sleeping rough. My church fed a dozen or so every day, as an act of charity. Illiterate, maybe and IQ of 60, they could not hold a job, so that meal was all they had.

        I often have speculated that Democrats felt a kinship with them, being as crazy as they were, and knowing it.

        • That was true way back then Old Coach. Now it’s normal people who worked hard and are down and out. They need two jobs to stay afloat. Regular, normal people are now homeless, not just the mentally ill. Today’s mentally ill are TPTB.

          • The homeless I see, both in person or in pictures, aren’t normal hard working people.

            They are the mentally ill, scofflaw drifters, drug addicts, drunks and other ne’er do wells.

            So where are all those hard working middle class ones hiding?

          • Unfortunately their isn’t an IQ that is low enough to prevent people from breeding an producing more of same for taxpayers to support. But, I am convinced, after dealing with the ‘mental cases’ that if you placed drugs at the end of a most complicated patchwork maze, they could readily engage the mental mechanisms to solve and find. Yes, I do.

        • i thought it was prezdent ray-gun that kicked the crazies out of the mental institutions??

          • It was.

            The only thing the Dems can be blamed for is it is mainly Dems that pursued having mental illness being seen as a civil right in the Courts.

            But it’s the general public that ends having to live with the problem, its promoters being in gated communities and such to insulate them from it.

        • Wasn’t that Reagan that shut down all the mental hospitals? Or is my liberal buddy full of BS as usual…?

          • No, it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that eliminated the funding for institutions because they wanted to de-stigmatize mental health issues.

            • Congress is a mental institution!

      11. OT but important: David Codrea reports that Kerry has signed the UN Gun Control Treaty.

        Lock and load.

        • TOC
          Kerry can sign all the treaties he wants. There is going to be a lot for the vultures to eat when they come for mine.
          Already lock and loaded.

          • Treaties aren’t valid anyway unless ratified by the Senate, and the needed 2/3 vote there is unlikely.

          • Sarge, treaties were made to be ignored. I’m also locked and loaded

        • A law repugnant to the Constitution is null and it’s null from the time of its passing.

          f ’em

      12. Problem and solutions.
        More homeless more FEMA camps. Very simple!

      13. Most of WDC CORPORATION—the ones that we pay for…need to be in a special prison.

      14. Wait for the reset. There will be plenty of places to live.

      15. Psychopaths want as many people dependent upon them as possible. It’s part of their mental disorder, and that most often goes undetected and is rarely ever diagnosed.

        This way they can control and manipulate the masses and withhold as they please, as dependency means they have control over those who are at their mercy. Multiply that by a few million people per state and it’s the psychopaths dream come true, for those in positions of power.

        People with a sufficient, steady income are independent, in a position of power, at least to some degree, while people without a steady income and/or without shelter and reliant on food stamps are powerless. That’s how the psychopath sets it up and wants it to be.

        That’s why the system is rigged/designed because that’s how the typical psychopath wants it to be. They deliberately create dependency so that they can control. Their addiction to power and control is intense.

        This occurs in the family unit as well, where a psychopath runs the household, and it could be either the wife or husband, as psychopaths are equally male and female. Wherever there is domestic violence, there is a psychopath. The dependent spouse is dependent upon a mentally disordered person and has nowhere to go and usually no way out. Psychopaths are beyond clever.

        There is nothing worse than being dependent upon, and at the mercy of a psychopath whether it’s a spouse, or boss, an authority figure or your car mechanic or your doctor or dentist or child’s doctor or dentist… and a psychopathic government. Nothing worse. But that’s where we’re at.

        So, all of this is deliberately designed to keep one impoverished, and therefore dependent, unable to escape and become free — rendering them powerless. However you slice it, all impoverished people are powerless, they are in constant survival-mode, like a person in a near drowning scenario caught in a rip-tide who can’t swim to shore — they just keep getting sucked back in.

        It’s not because they are lazy, it’s because they are caught up in the psychopaths’ trap. If it’s never happened to you it’s hard to imagine. Once a person gets into that trap it’s nearly impossible (although not entirely impossible) to get out. Psychopaths, especially those in power positions, abuse their power and they also design systems that are designed to fail — it’s intentional… because that’s what those ‘without conscience’ do.

        From the family unit to corporations to government systems the psychopath wants others dependent upon them so that they can withhold what one needs and so they can dangle the carrot and have complete control over others. They LOVE control. As a result, these screwed up in the head morons are totally useless, ineffective and dangerous.

        The Federal Reserve, at least IMO, is mostly overseen or run by psychopaths who don’t know their ass from page 8 — they just want to control the masses, and those who aren’t disordered are prevented from making positive changes that benefit the masses. Until they are removed from power (doubt that will happen in our lifetime) this is how it will be. Hold on, as it’s going to get much worse.

        • Thank You, Common Cents…
          You are right on the money with that diagnosis. Both of my parents are psychopaths, its been, rough. It rubbed off on my brothers, they are VERY DANGEROUS, & have been to me my whole life.
          They all wanted me to be destitute & did everything to pull the rug out from under me, I wasn’t taught anything but to clean up and shut up.
          Everyone tells you to go out there and get a job, & I did, every non-living wage job there was & Guess what?, people who are willing to look the other way while their workers can’t afford food, or care if they can get shelter or not, or pay for car repairs, are some of the most horrendous people to work for to boot!
          Guess what happens after decades of eating non-nourishing foods & going without car repairs for too long…You get sick & lose your car. My ex said, “So much for living in your car!” Yes, I was dependent on him for a while too, he became relentlessly evil, what you said about no way out is very true, the shelters are often worse than living on the street.
          Yes, thanks to my upbringing, I’m predisposed to attracting psychos in my life, but I had 4 good years of counseling, I tried everything with them, my counselor said she could see I wanted a family SO BAD, but she just didn’t see that happening with my family.

          It is jaw dropping, the rabid hatred my family has for me, no compassion for their own flesh & blood, who didn’t have the same chances for success that they did.

          It is worse than not caring, they have an active need for me to die, it is scary as hell.

          • A – Thanks for your reply.

            I know what you went through. All I can say is you survived as best as you could and you’re aware that you aren’t the crazy one, which means you’re a survivor.

            You’re right to stay away from these types of people who are all for themselves, entitlement controllers, ignorant with defective brains. Severing all ties with these horrid ones permanently, even blood-related, is the way you’ll heal and attract more of the right people in your life.

            Otherwise you’ll just continue attracting more of the same…realistically that is how it actually works. NO contact at all. They shouldn’t even know where you are, or how to reach you. Doing that means a great life awaits.

            They have hatred in their hearts and they do not want you (or anyone for that matter) to be peaceful and have what you need. BTW, they fight with each other and back-stab each other and are good at hiding that from others so we’ll assume ‘can’t fight ’em’, as it’s a ‘power in numbers’ dynamic. But deep inside, they really don’t give a rat’s ass about each other and never know who will turn on them. It’s almost as if they are possessed by Satan.

            Stay away from them, even if they are blood. If they look for you or hunt you down and won’t leave you alone, as many of them do that, get a gun and let them know you mean business, if you need to use it in self-defense.

            You can only meet a loving family to join if none of them are in your life and have no way at all to get to you. If they keep coming back at you and are in your life they will control you and you’ll attract more of them. They also prevent us from making good decisions and choices, which can actually negate all of our prepping efforts in a real life SHTF scenario.

            Psychopaths want total control. They love money and power, NOT relationships and people. They worship money. They want everyone impoverished, destitute or on the brink of collapsing and losing it all. They enjoy that.

            That’s why I post a lot here about them – it’s to raise awareness, not because I am cray-cray or complaining.

            These disordered people are the reason the economy is tanking and we’re now preparing for the worst. It didn’t have to be like this and come to this. Imagine if your abusers were in high-level government or LE authority positions and had a lot of money and power. They surely wouldn’t make this a better world, would they.

            Believe me, bands of psychopaths with money and power are behind all of this upcoming SHTF. These horrid people are actually the reason the country is in deep shit. They destroy families, they destroy organizations, they destroy countries… whatever they can do and get away with.

            Normal people share the power and want justice. They don’t thrive on corruption and control. At least you can move on and forward in your life without them and you have the ability to love and care about others — something they will NEVER posses because they are possessed.

            The only thing they love is money, power & control — that’s it. What a pathetic existence.

            They will never be normal and have lots of friends or be surrounded by those who genuinely care about them. Unlike yourself, they have to go through the rest of their miserable lives being defective. They have pawns, victims and enemies, not friends and loved ones.

            Remember, most of what they’ve told you about yourself are lies so these control-freaks can control how you think. Don’t believe anything they said, as you’ll be handing over your power to psychos. Best of luck to you. CC

            • Thank you I’ve been through this with my family friends and loved ones. Toxic relationships. Went through years of therapy but now I’m free. Thought I was the only one. I guess I was being silly. Your comments really helped me. Keep up the good work.

        • It’s happened to me.

          And I’ve watched it happen to others.

          I know what you’re saying man, for sure.

          • drbay & Theguy – You’re both welcome.

            Just trying to raise awareness about these people. They are NOT a rare breed as many mistakenly think. They make up about 25% of the (18+ yrs old) adult population.

            All you need is one of them in your shtf camp to turn everything upside down and turn good people against each other. They come across as normal to those who aren’t their victims so that their victims (and they always have more than one) aren’t believed – that’s their game/M.O.

            And, in a post-shtf, taking in one of them will not end well. Setting them straight — in one ear, out the other. Their main traits are power and control loving, as well as no compassion, plus a sense of entitlement… and very self-benefiting at the expense of others.

            Survival is dependent upon cohesiveness and cooperation.

            But psychopaths want all the power and control and are uncooperative. That’s why I believe TPTB aren’t going to survive a shtf scenario. These greedy bastards will eventually kill each other fighting for power and control.

            I’d take in children/teens who aren’t psychopaths and leave their parents to fend for themselves and die if it came to that. No one should have to suffer being raised by these horrid, dangerous people, especially in a shtf where they will get away with domestic abuse/violence.

            Everyone should be able to identify them so they don’t end up regretting that they helped or trusted them, and so children aren’t suffering in silence, behind closed doors.

      16. I wonder how many of those homeless in California are illegal aliens? Thus the increase.

      17. I plan on staying indoors this time around. The economic crash has taken its toll, but i am still in business and am making process again, this week. My brokers just told me to get ready for more closings. Only one problem, i asked them, what happens next month, get this, they dont have a frickin clue and are clueless as to what we at shtfplan.com know. Normalcy bias helps my business, because if everyone knew what we knew, all sh…t would have broken loose and we would already be in civil war post calapse.

        Since i have been on the street, literally under a bridge, looking at the bayou water as my car was in the shop. I was at executive hobo status at the time. One hobo as me, how come you have your own business and your homeless. My response was the economy just chased and ofcourse he has no earthly idea that this just happend.



      18. I’d be really interested in seeing mortality rates among the homeless in LA.

        Because… yeah. You lose it here, you lose it big time.

        Funny how I never see the same pan handlers on the freeway off ramps for more than a month or two. Makes you wonder.

      19. when you allow tyranny to rule, you get what you deserve

      20. When you see ‘eastern’ style apartment buildings going up by the hundreds, then it is REALLY time to be scared about housing and control. Anybody who has been in, lived in, seen these monstrosities knows what I am talking about.
        Been there….

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