Crumbling American Economy Headed for Venezula-Style Collapse: “Worthless Cash; Nothing To Buy”

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    This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake website.

    Editor’s Comment: System breaks down. Lines form, doors shut, shelves go empty. Currency self-implodes. Scarcity, starvation, submission kick in for those who aren’t prepared with resources or barter items.

    These conditions routinely plague the often poor developing countries, and Venezuela has been the perfect vehicle for disaster socialism, and sadly, the population must now pay the price for their mis-leaders and the failures of pushing to the max with a deeply flawed system. Nevertheless, these problems are being repeated around the world, and especially in Obama’s America. Under a Cloward-Piven strategy, the feds are handing out foods stamps like candy, and opening up the floodgates to unlimited immigration and infiltration. No doubt the barbarians are at the gate. In doing so, Obama and his cohorts are facilitating the demise of the country – and bottoming out its living standard under a cruel and calculated controlled demolition.

    For greenie environmentalists, it is knocking back the negative impact of Western civilization and forcing austerity within the confines of carbon credits/carbon taxes. For oligarchs, it is a great leveling, and a re-situating of the once well-adjust Middle Class, who must now fit in among a crowded global plantation filled with 21st Century serfs. Run for the hills and take defense measures to survive and avoid the major damage.

    Venezuela Could Be The Future of Western Civilization

    by Tom Chatham

    If anyone wants to see where western civilization is headed they need only to look at Venezuela today. The Bolivar has gone from 6.3 per dollar to 1,000 per dollar in the past few years. Last year farmers were ordered to turn over certain crops to the government for dispersion in government owned stores. About 100 shopping malls are now having their power cut for several hours a day as power shortages become a problem. But, as one citizen said, it doesn’t really matter because there isn’t anything to buy anyway. Last year their economy dropped 10% and this year it is expected to drop another 8%. They just had 36 747 cargo aircraft deliver newly printed cash to keep up with inflation.

    This is the price of socialist programs and lack of sound economic practices. With currency inflating at this rate it is impossible for anyone to save from one year to the next. With government taking farm commodities how long will farmers continue to produce crops they will not get paid for or be paid in increasingly worthless currency. With power shortages commerce cannot continue in any serious way.

    Gold has begun its move upwards in reaction to failing bank policies and the realization by the public that all is not well. If you do not get resources before they are gone you will not get them or you will pay dearly for them. Empty stores and closed banks make resource acquisition difficult if not impossible and life becomes much more difficult to survive on a daily basis. Nothing can create shortages like socialist policies and global war.

    Saudi Arabia, Turkey the UAE and other actors in the Mideast are massing troops to intervene in the Syrian crisis. They must move soon or rebel forces which include Al Qaeda and ISIS troops will be destroyed by Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces that now threaten Aleppo and soon Raqqa which will end the civil war in Syria once and for all. The latest reports indicate about 350,000 troops, 2,000 tanks, 2,400 airplanes and over 400 helicopters are massing in northern Saudi Arabia. If this force invades Syria it is possible Russia may be forced to utilize tactical nukes to stop them. Once that line has been breached there is no telling where it might end.

    One thing that is certain is that bankers and politicians will welcome an escalation to distract the people from the fact that they are about to loose everything they have. Major banks around the world are on the verge of bankruptcy which will trigger a massive derivatives meltdown. When that happens you can kiss any paper assets you have goodbye forever.

    In times like this it is only prudent to protect yourself from the machinations of those that push the buttons of global commerce and banking. The rise in gold and silver indicate people are becoming aware of the dangers and are taking defensive positions. Those that realize inflation and shortages of consumer goods are on the horizon are taking the necessary steps to get through the times ahead. They are also taking steps to get through any dangers that governments and bankers are orchestrating to cover their illegal actions.

    Let the difficulties in Venezuela be a fair warning of what can happen when the system no longer works properly and you are left to your own devices to get by. The ability to care for yourself is critical when large systems fail. When they fail everything you normally depend on stops and no amount of wishful thinking will change things. If you cannot touch it, you will not have it. A smart man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other peoples mistakes. Learn now or pay dearly later.

    This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake website.


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      1. Soon. Very soon. As soon as they can’t fudge the numbers here any more. PMI numbers went down about 4%. Service industry is even hurting.

        • I’ve been hearing people proclaim “SOON” for almost 10 years.
          Hedge your bets and stack your goods for the eventuality, but don’t be surprised when the can is kicked down the road for a generation

          • People worry about “when” events will happen. I Don’t. I believe that is the totally wrong approach. The approach should be risk management. Risk management is your personal assessment of world, government or society having SHFT setbacks or collapse. Manage SHFT risk just as you would an investment. For example when a stock you own falls in value decide before hand when you will get out. Or in the case of government or society having setbacks or collapse how much you prep, buy PM’Ss and hoard cash.

            So why prep, buy PM’Ss and hoard cash? The answer is you do not know what the next SHFT government or society crisis is going to be. It may be a bank holiday where the cash you have on hand allows you to survive until the banks reopen. It may be the U.S. currency ends up being devaluated (like the U.K. in 1967) from excessive deficit spending (PM’s are the hedge). It may come from the petro-dollar collapse (PM’s explode in value). The list goes on and on of other SHFT risk events (biological threat, chemical threats, nuclear threat, nuclear EMP, Electric GRID failure/attack,…)

            How you perceive risk is the most important aspect. Many odds givers (not me) say we are not going to have a total collapse all at once. They say it is going to be a series of SHFT shocks that lead to the TEOTWAWKI moment (the 2008 financial collapse is a SHFT element). This is a key element in risk planning you accept or deny. If you personally feel TEOTWAWKI will happen tomorrow than that is your risk assessment and you must be totally prepared for it.

            I believe the important step is to periodically monitor the risk you perceive at that moment on a regular basis and add to your preparation for those risks. This means you have the risk covered based on your current knowledge so you can sleep comfortably at night. It does not mean perceived risk can’t change on a dime. If that happens you adjust. We may get to be Venezuela but it is not going to happen overnight. Becoming a Venezuela will be a moderate slide at first and then exponential escalation at the end (things like our worlds reserve currency would have to end).

            • That’s helpful wisdom. Thanks!

            • Rabbitone, that’s some very sound advice. Everyone keep stacking and praying.

            • Well reasoned analysis. Thanks for your post. ☺

            • Having personally experienced a catastrophic currency collapse (once in the UK; second time in another country), I would recommend being very flexible. It was easy to escape the wealth hit by just leaving. I went from losing 40 per cent of my wealth to becoming part of the 1% elite in another country by dint of just moving there and earning US dollars. In just two years, I amassed vast savings and then used this to move to another country and buy property. I did not pay any tax on this.

              The key to thriving in these events is flexibility. You will be eaten alive if you stay stuck in the country with the currency collapse. Move, run don’t walk.

              • FT: so you lived in the UK during the late 1960s? I have read about it. Leaving is hard. Most people wait too long. Thanks for the advice.

                • Yes. My families wealth was ruined twice: once in WWI and the second time during the late 60s, early 70s inflation and devaluation crisis. But we bounced back by leaving. The key was not to buy into nationalism or the nonsense about being ‘in it all together’. That stuff is BS. The best thing you can do is to leave. You will thrive in the right country (Australia etc.).

                  • You Frankie Thoughts are an evil old man! No loyalty to any country, creed or religion. Soon as you hit problems you run away taking your wealth with you. How about investing your money by creating jobs in whatever country you happen to be leaching off?

                    Oz does not want people with your selfish attitude and its population is firmly patriotic, something that you despise. Age certainly does not confer wisdom in your case!

                    • The way you get to be old is by having a strong survival instinct and not giving a shit what other people think. I am guessing the stuff you just spewed will run off FT’s back like water off a duck.

                    • America grew because people who were not satisfied with stifling European systems took the risk of moving to an unknown land because it offered better opportunity.

                      After the penal-colony beginnings of Australia, many adventurous folks moved there for the same reasons: it offered a fresh start (albeit a risky one).

                      People who scold that we should be “loyal” to a broken, decaying system are missing the point. If colonists had remained “loyal” then our ancestors would have never come here; and we would all still be bowing and scraping to pompous, self-important “lords” and “earls” and such.

                      A species that cannot adapt to changing circumstances does not survive.

                      The only reason that I will probably try to ride out the storm in the USA is because I can’t see a clearly superior location. Alternative English-speaking countries are even more socialist than the USA, and with more restrictive rules against self-defense.

                      Other countries are not a good option for me; I do not cope very well with other languages and would feel extremely isolated, conspicuous, and unmoored in a foreign culture. Also — when the global economy does tank, it won’t matter how modest one’s circumstances may be… hordes of desperate, starving locals will regard any American as a “rich gringo”, which will not bode well for survival.

                      I remain here not due to misplaced “loyalty” but rather due to a lack of options.

                      My loyalty is to the concepts upon which this country was founded; alas, the actual manifestation of those ideals is long gone. We are now ruled with an iron fist by a tyrannical, power-mad oligarchy which insists on cradle-to-grave spying, photographing, recording, tracking, and controlling every citizen 24/7. Is this the system to which you expect me to be “loyal”?

                  • FT: I remember reading about the late 1960s in the UK and how their were brown outs. This was probably ten years ago and I didn’t save the links. Read about how tallow was burned inside for light during the electricity brown outs. Sounded very desperate. The stuff stinks and smokes and is greasy and sooty.

                    I am looking to keep my current residence but will rent it out and then just make my way. Iceland is at the top of my list.

            • Talking to my broker about PM, how much gold is enough came up.

              I said, I wanted a years worth to pay taxes. He asked how much a years taxes were, I told him and he said double it.

              He added he liked the way I think.

              • The premise of this article, which is that the economy of America will become like Venezuela’s is complete hyperbole and utter BULLSHIT !!!

                FEAR PORN !!!

                Tom is obviously another author writing about something he has no knowledge of: neither a formal economic/financial degree; NOR professional experience in the field.

                Tom, I guessing ART HISTORY !!! LMAO !!! 🙂

                • It ISN’T “fear porn”. A Collapse IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Nothing I’m aware of will stop it. Too many people have been murdered, too many systems have been sabotaged to the bare edge of disaster. Maybe more scary is that the perps have all but come out into the open sneering and laughing, “We’ve done it!” Enough people have failed to believe it that when it DOES happen a lot of them are going to be very, very hungry. What do you supposed those would do to save their spouses and children who are starving? Maybe put on a uniform and help kill off people who DID prepare? Right now even the people I love are mocking me – gently, but mocking. No Collapse yet, you see. When it happens, I suppose they’ll hate me for not knowing the right date, and so I played Chicken Little as far as they’re concerned, and that’s why they didn’t believe in it until after it was too late. I had saturated them. Those refusing to believe and take even minor precautions, just in case, will be desperate for someone to blame their foolishness on. The “It can’t happen here!” Syndrome has been perfectly planted, raised to maturity, then used to perfection.

                  I know there are forms of conditioning I’ve missed, but I hope that one day I can understand how this was done: There were so VERY MANY indicators of what’s been happening, and almost as many denials.

                  durangokidd, YOU are likely to find yourself hanging from a lamppost somewhere for convincing people they were being ridiculous. This is the culmination of a long-laid plan, and too many people are simply failing to react, completely. When it DOES hit the fan, a great any people are going to lose loved ones, most will likely end up watching them die right in front of them while they stand there helpless. They’re going to be desperate for someone to blame. They won’t be able to reach the perps; YOU, however, they CAN reach. I hope you’re quicker on your feet than you are with your put-downs – you’re likely to need a good head start and fast feet regardless. It WILL HAPPEN. It can’t NOT happen at this point. Too much infrastructure has been weakened to near-collapse, too much industry has been moved out of reach, too much – of everything that should never have been done or permitted to be done HAS BEEN DONE. America is dying; it’s been mortally wounded and bleeding for a long time now. Currency is a major part of a country’s life-blood, and our country has almost bled out. Almost all that remains is for Americans to follow. It doesn’t take a degree to see what’s in front of you, or to read history and see current parallels. If you had a functioning brain you’d start running NOW. People can be awfully vindictive, especially when their own errors have killed people they loved. That includes listening to the wrong person just because he sounded so CERTAIN. Regardless, I’ll wish you good luck. You’ll need it.

                  • DK has too many investment irons in the fire to back off.It may be his downfall. I used to think his way. Instead I sold all my banking stock recently with fairly good returns.No longer spread out in the market-I’m out. With what I and others see happening to the stocks etc. I’m never gonna be sorry I left. Yeah, I left some on the table but that is always the risk. Go ahead DK, scold me but your wasting your time and effort. Peace

                    • Dumbass: I do not own any stock except in my own companies. I do own a mountain of precious metal. Literally.

                      And I have cash OUT of the banking system, as I have encouraged others here to do.

                      Keep stackin N pakin. 🙂

                • I’m sure Venezuela did not want, nor did they engineer their economic collapse. Never the less the flower that once bloomed is now wilting on the stem.

                  As far as the US, there are many nations trying disengage themselves from the US dollar because they do not want to go down with it. This action creates huge downward pressure on the dollar.

                  There are also globalist forces that have a plan for a one world government that precludes the existence of the US as it now exists.

                  There are powerful forces that want the US in ruins.

                  There is also the insatiable greed and hubris of our own government, proud captains all of the Titanic, with no fear of the icebergs ahead.

                  • Of course those in charge are unafraid. Unlike the captains in days of yore, they have no intention of going down with the ship.

                    Untold billions are being spent on “continuity of government” because the jackasses who have ruined this country genuinely believe that they are indispensable.

                    The expendable peasants –people like us– will be abandoned to the icy seas of destruction.

                    • Yet no kingdom can exist without the nobility standing on the backs of their peasants.

                      Some of these globalist engineers believe they can continue to live like they do now, even after they kill off 90% of the peasants. They will still need peasants, even after killing the 5.5 billion people they plan to end.

              • So that will get you thru 2 years, then what?
                I would like to have 5 years worth minimum. YMMV.

                • “durangokidd, YOU are likely to find yourself hanging from a lamppost somewhere for convincing people they were being ridiculous.”

                  The PTB are not going to DELIBERATELY crash the system that is the source of their wealth and power. We have had a DEPRESSION before.

                  A depression is not TEOTWAWKI !!!

                  As for “hanging from a lamp post, maybe. But there will be many, many dead lying at my feet. 🙂

            • I am convinced something will happen in my lifetime to change the way of life I am accustomed to. I don’t know what it will be so I am trying to become as self-sufficient as I can while I can.
              That being said, I don’t understand why so many folks insist on PMs as something to either stock up on or invest in. I have no confidence in inventing because I don’t fully believe that I would be able to liquidate when I need to. Additionally, those PMs will only have value in a barter situation if someone agrees there is a value. A raw material has value only if it can be used. If the PMs only use is for bartering for barters sake, wouldn’t it simply become another currency?
              To me, items of value will be livestock, tools, water purification materials, etc. If I need an axe, for example, I can understand if someone would want one of my younger chickens still laying eggs. I would think someone a fool to take a gold coin for it. I’m not knocking your (or anyone elses) point of view – I just don’t get it.

        • “Service industry”

          I always took exception to that term as “Industry” because it was always a manufacturer, a creator of some good to be sold. The term “Industry” was put along side of Service to give it some kind of equal standing with genuine manufacturing that was being shipped to the developing world at that time.

          “Service Industry” No Such Thing.

          • Kevin2,
            I always thought the “service industry” was where you went for a massage with a happy ending!

            A man goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman. After gathering up his courage he goes over to her and asks, tentatively, “Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?” She yells, “No, I won’t sleep with you tonight!” Everyone in the bar is now staring at them. Naturally, the guy is crawl under the table embarrassed, and he crawls back to his table. After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles at him and says, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. You see, I’m a graduate student in psychology and I’m studying how people respond to embarrassing situations.” To which he responds, at the top of his lungs, “What do you mean $200.”

            • There’s more there than meets the eye, that’s for sure.

            • The Lawyer

              A very successful lawyer parked his brand-new Lexus in front of his office, ready to show it off to his colleagues.

              As he got out, a truck passed too close and tore off the door on the driver’s side.

              The lawyer immediately grabbed his cell phone, dialed 911, and within minutes a policeman pulled up.

              Before the officer had a chance to ask any questions, the lawyer started screaming hysterically. His Lexus, which he had just picked up the day before, was now completely ruined no matter what the body shop did to it.

              When the lawyer finally wound down from his ranting and raving, the officer shook his head in disgust and disbelief.

              “I cannot believe how materialistic you lawyers are,” the cop said. “You are so focused on your possessions that you don’t notice anything else.”

              “How can you say such a thing?” asked the lawyer.

              The cop replied, “Don’t you know that your left arm is missing from the elbow down? It must have been torn off when the truck hit you.”

              “My God!” screamed the lawyer. “My Rolex!”

          • K2 ~ The next time you or a family member desperately needs life-saving medical care, you may develop a new appreciation for the value of a service.

      2. the FED has been VERY clear….SPEND the money….LISTEN to them….spend it ALL on STUFF….stuff that will be worth something someday….stuff people will NEED, it doesn’t matter whether it’s gold, food, guns…anything that people will NEED….stagflation is coming!…stagflation…when the stuff you NEED goes UP in price, and the things you WANT go DOWN in price….it’s com….no, WAIT….it’s HERE.

        • whats with the CAPS..?

          • when we type in ENGLISH, it means a little more emphasis when it’s capitalized, or LOUDER, if you prefer. you aint from AROUND here, are yuh…

            • No sheet. I got the hitler/fascist/mercantilist, in that, loud and clear.

              Problem is, Mass Man has no clue.


              It’s a funny thing how the word, ‘mercantilist’ doesn’t show up in the spellcheck. It’s not like it’s a word with hundreds of years of usage. … Why is that?

        • bcod ~ I also often think of the ‘stagflation’ that I witnessed in the 1970s. And I concur — food, medical care, shelter, transportation, etc all keep rising rapidly while the sheeple are dazzled by gee-whiz electronics that get cheaper and cheaper.

          It’s like a stage magician using misdirection to pull a fast one on the marks.

          The irony is compounded by the fact that the electronic toys are increasingly including programs that will funnel reams of personal data about people back to the manufacturer/distributor, where it will be sold to whomever will pay $1 or $2 for each person’s identity and accompanying loads of sensitive information.

          No ‘smart’ fridge for me, thanks.

      3. Nothing much to add, really. This article spells it out rather clearly. Those who fail to take heed, will suffer the consequences.
        “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

        • The one thing this article fails to mention is Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

          Both are radical socialists. Sanders even claims to be a socialist above being a democrat.

          America will cut it’s own throat, but electing socialism.

          • Look directly and closely at the socialist and you will see a fascist pulling their strings.

            At the very top, those people that thought up Free Trade globalization and Financial Sector De-Regulation are fascists. Their goal is to get as much as they desire for themselves and equally distribute the remaining to quell rebellion. The masses see socialism while the true masters are fascists.

            OBTW Hillary is a Neo-Conservative. Her foreign policy dovetail fits both Cruz and Rubio.

            • You get this part right, “Look directly and closely at the socialist and you will see a fascist pulling their strings.”

              You get sidetracked when you say, “At the very top, those people that thought up Free Trade globalization and Financial Sector De-Regulation are fascists.”

              That expression is so messed up. Free trade is about people trading freely, what’s more American than that?
              “Regulation” is so counter to a free people it ain’t even funny.

              It’s difficult to even unwind the knot you’ve expressed.

              At the bottom, the way to unwind your conundrum, is to ask, how is liberty advanced?

              IMHO, that last question is how Americans have gone astray.

              Seems to me, every American (and anyone in the world) should always ask, how is liberty advanced?

              That, to me, IS The American Way.

              • Free trade or barter is fine among people in the same country.

                Free trade among nations is another kettle of fish as the rich companies go overseas to poor countries and use slave labour.

                To avoid that put a tariff on imports so that it does not happen.

                Tariffs can be adjusted so that poorer countries can still import at competitive prices.

                A tariff also protects worker’s wages.

                And employment.

              • Agreed. he makes the same kind of twisted argument a few articles earlier, concerning the minimum wage.

                He knots it all up, which leads to confusion. However; you lead us back into a sensible way of understanding there helot. Thanks.

                Me thinks he is as delusional as a genius.

                • Pwtw,

                  Regarding your responses to K2 and myself, the only delusion you exposed was your own. I don’t see any comprehensive counter argument you made. Basically, all I read you say that kids mostly work at Mcdonalds and old people work at Walmart because they want to. Of course, you have to include your infantile name calling and insulting to make your point sound better, but the truth is your argument was based on ignorance of the fact that capitalism is dead in America. As far as your new best friend Helot says” free trade is about trading freely, what’s more American than that?”

                  That would be true if free trade was actually happening but who the Hell does America have a trade SURPLUS with? Last I checked we owe damn near every other country billions for imports and they don’t import anything near the amount from the US, mostly because of protectionism they enforce as ” free trade”. Where is the ” free trade” involved in the US government taking taxpayer money and giving it to US corporations to build factories overseas and employ foreign workers? Pardon me for not understanding exactly how that ” advances liberty”. You want to talk about a ” twisted argument”, how can you get more twisted then that? If the problem could be easily solved by making glib and mindless comments you and helot would both have won Nobel prizes in economics. I can assure you if people had the same opportunities today as you had ” back in your day” 50 years ago we wouldn’t be discussing how those evil bottom wage earners are destroying the very fabric of American capitalism. But then again you’re retired and don’t need to deal with these issues either, do you? No, you can sit comfortably at home preaching to everyone about their not measuring up to your ” back in my day” standards. Yeas, it’s amazing how glib one liner solutions to Americas planned economic downfall ” lead us back into a sensible way of understanding”.

                  So, go ahead, rant, rave, call me whatever names you like but I’ would like to see some real factual argument on your behalf instead of the history lesson of what it was like 50 years ago and why you can’t site any other jobs available instead of Wally world or burger joints.

                  • You are eat up with the dumbass, and would not know a factual argument if it hit you in the eye. That goes for your buddy K2.

                    • Pwtw,

                      Thank you for making my case far better then I ever could have for not only myself but every reader here to see for themselves. When you have no factual argument to make, make a cowardly stab at whoever disagrees with you and run away. Outstanding rebuttal on your behalf, ” I am eat up with the dumbass”. Did you use that classic comeback in your gradeschool days or do you employ all your time in retirement thinking up such intelligent retorts?

                    • pwtw,

                      Thanks for making my point far better then I ever could have, not only for myself but for all other readers here at It proves if you can’t argue facts with someone, you revert to your playground mentality. What a great retort, ” you are eat up with the dumbass”. WOW! Is that an old standby from your grade school days? Or have you spent some of your endless leisure time in retirement refining the nuances of that piece of mental brilliance? Again, I have to say I’m really impressed with your debating skills, as well as your Nobel prize award winning thesis on how the evil bottom wage dwellers are ” destroying” the very fabric of American capitalism. Ok, now go back to 1957 again, ” Leave It To Beaver” is on and you know how much you love that American fantasy stuff.

                    • Hay Mac, what’s going on around here? I posted a comment about 4 hours ago and it still in limbo?

              • Helot/Clark; The “Free Trade” you promote as “American” is based upon the premise that a buyer and seller being fully informed of the value and available alternatives of a specific good or service, negotiate in good faith and reach a meeting of the minds as to the fair exchange of value in the transaction between them.

                That fantasy disappeared 200 years ago.

                The Free Trade promoted by the Global PTB is not predicated upon Fair Trade; which is the basis of American Trade. The Free Trade of the Globalists is Managed Trade, and it is managed to the benefit of the Global Investment Class using cheap labor and manipulated currencies.

                The Free Trade IDEAL which you fantasize about last occurred between the Indians and White Europeans. How did that work out for the Indians ??

                Since organized American society began with cities and towns, county and states; the political class has imposed rules, regulations and taxes upon trade: first between nations, then states, then between companies and individuals.

                The Free Trade which you idealize does not exist today except at a yard sale. 🙂

                • Can’t argue with that.

                  • pwtw,

                    So now when Durango says the exact same thing as K2 and myself, now you ” can’t argue with that?” Once again I have to ask, how many personalities do you possess? Perhaps you should be seeking some professional psychiatric help, unless you enjoy being so many different people at the same time.

                  • pwtw,

                    So now when Durango says the exact same thing as K2 and myself, now you ” can’t argue with that?” Once again I have to ask, how many personalities do you possess? Perhaps you should be seeking some professional psychiatric help, unless you enjoy being so many different people at the same time.

          • I am very concerned about our future – as are you. I’m a devout Christian, teach the book of Revelation in a small Bible school, and see what is coming as best it can humanly be seen. I’m convinced it IS coming in the not too distant future.

            I urge each of us to 1) be a follower of Jesus Christ, 2) be ready to meet our maker, and 3) be as prepared for a time when we are unable to buy/sell without selling our soul to the anti-Christ.

            The Bible teaches there will be a place of refuge in the wilderness where God’s people can flee (Rev. 12:14-16), though not all will be able to make it to that place of safety. Some believers will experience great hardship, and even death (Rev. 12:17) as they are hunted down.

            I pray those who are unable to make it to the place of refuge will courageously resist these evil forces, as the enemy wages war against those who are faithful to God (v.17).

            It is my firm conviction we may need to flee to another land, or to help people flee to Alaska, if AK is the place of refuge as some think it might be. I would encourage us to have a well stocked larder, and sufficient resources on hand to flee – or help others flee to that place of refuge.

            Since we don’t know ahead of time where it is, may God give us Divine direction, and may we follow hard after Him.


            Son of Liberty

            • Son-

              Revelation also says to head to the mountains when it starts, not to even stop by your house but to head straight for the mountains.

              I am only speculating here… but maybe the Word is saying that “wilderness” is possibly rural areas and mountainous areas in various places and not any one particular place? I do not know and have never really understood the book of Revelation. But, it may not be a bad idea to have a mountain cabin in the blue ridge mountains or the rockies or….

              • My hat is off to you Son of Liberty for making the attempt to educate people about what is coming, and what Revelation…to reveal… has us getting prepared for.

                I have studied Revelation intensely for many years. I don’t have all the answers but I have many more than i did ten years ago.
                To take from the article above…” A smart man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other peoples mistakes”.

                A lot of what I have learned came from listening to what others preach/teach about their interpretation of Revelation. There is more wrong teaching than correct, on the book.

                First of all, Revelation has to be rightly divided in order to determine when John is writing about his out of body the future, or when he is actually writing from what is inspired in him to write while on earth. Some chapters jump back and forth in time and place. Some events are written from a view from the other dimension/Heaven, and some from the worldly point of view.
                It would take too much time and space for me to explain even the basics of Revelation, so I will hit on what USMC1982 is speaking of, and a couple other points.

                Heading to the wilderness as in Rev. 12:14, is speaking of the true Christians in a “spiritual” sense, and not a literal hiding away for seven years. It is during the tribulation hour, which is a seven year time frame, when Christians will be persecuted for speaking out against the One world religion. You can’t argue to make any difference, with the beast or beast system, ( like an argument with a liberal), so we are secluded/shut up/quite, for this period. Not raptured out, but protected “through” the tribulation hour.
                The flood that comes forth from the One world religious and gov/beast/Antichrist system will be a flood of lies, and not a literal flood from water.

                There will be a remnant of God’s chosen Christians that will be exposed and brought up before the “council/court” of the beast system, because of their prior Christian speeches/books/teachings/etc., as a witness for the LORD.
                This is when the knowledge of the scripture will be critical. Those taken into council and beaten…which is not a literal beating of the body but a literal “brow beating” to try and break them down to accept the false messiah.
                This is where they will be commanded to allow the Holy Spirit to do the speaking for them. To not allow the Spirit of God to speak through them is where the Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, comes into play, and only then. Ten days is the maximum time God says they will be allowed to hold His chosen ones.

                The part you speak of, USMC1982, about fleeing to the wilderness, and not returning for clothes is not in Revelation, but, the verse in
                Luke 17:31
                In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.

                This verse is speaking about a time just before, Christ returns. Maybe days, or maybe even hours. You will not need a change of clothes because as Christ ascends, “all” will be changed from flesh to spirit. In the twinkling of an eye we change. No need for clothes or anything else worldly.

                In finishing, as a side note from Revelation, in chap 14:20, where the blood flows up to the horse bridles, this just scares the shit out of most people and they can’t understand.
                Let me lay it out for those in the dark, which is nearly 99.99% of the Christians, on this important fact.

                When all the 200 million man armies are standing near Jerusalem, in the upper end of the Valley of Jehosphat/Kidron Valley… north of the city, near Megiddo, ready to battle; Christ returns and all are changed into spirit bodies, including the animals/horses. As the flesh falls away and the eyes melt into their sockets (not a nuclear event as ignorant teach), the blood flows, even from the horses. The bridles are laying near ground level and all that blood, simultaneously flows towards the lower end of the valley.
                Flows even to the horses bridles, the only way this fits with the scripture to make it true and factual on every point.

                If one is taught correctly and learned as a true Christian ought to be, then Revelation is not a scary book, but one of great mysteries revealed and comforting to know what is forth coming. It is all unveiling before our eyes as a movie and each day brings us closer to the tribulation hour. Do not follow an “easy escape” lie, as a pretrib rapture follower. Many preachers have fallen for the lie and don’t try to understand and teach Revelation because they say…”it doesn’t matter because we are going to be gone from the earth”. WRONG!

                It is not biblical (the pre trip rapture/change), and all will see the scriptures of Revelation come to life. Every spiritual meaning verse and every literal meaning verse. Hope this helps some of you that have a desire for truth.

            • Son of Liberty, are you available to be contacted offline? I’d like to hear your thinking on the Book of Revelations.

            • It is nice to see someone witnessing. Usually people just curse each other on this site.

              • Agreed, John.

            • Why would you teach Revelations? It is the most horrible part of the bible. I can’t stand it, personally. I am fine with the gospels and proverbs. The rest is just filler and scary stories for the kiddies.

              • If you were about to get hit by a train would you jump off the track or turn your head the other way?? This IS happening, and yes, it’s going to be utterly HORRIBLE. A great many people are going to die; it’s been designed that way very deliberately. We even know by whom, even though they’re very hard to reach. I’ve read some of their gloating, too. I hope at least some of the bastards get caught in the gears of their own grinder, too! The ONLY POSSIBLE ways to survive this are to wither turn yourself into a slavish follower of TPTB or do some real planning and execute those plans by the numbers, beginning with stocking up and arming yourself. And hope that you planned well and correctly. Refusing to even look at what’s happening, however, is suicide.

                • Ian, I am a realist. But Revelations is the ultimate doom porn. Just not my cuppa tea. And yes, I am a Christian. But I plan on surviving not just being sucked into someone else’s version of hell.

            • RE: “The Bible teaches there will be a place of refuge in the wilderness where God’s people can flee (Rev. 12:14-16)”

              That’s good to know.

              I hope I’m included. I fear, I’m not.

              Nor is my (ha!) arch-enemy, Durango Twinkie Kidd. I’ll pray for him, eventhough he might hate it and think he has it made in spite of his lust for Empire.

              RE: “will experience great hardship, and even death”

              That ain’t nothing compared to Not being accepted into heaven.

        • I’ve tried, really.. over and over and 1 out of around 20 times it actually works, He’s stubborn.

          But rare occasions it works.

          • HA! Horse. For a second there I thought you were talking about Geo-engineering.

      4. Alright! Now we’re getting back to the heart of the matter, gimme that doom and destruction right around the corner, no hope for anyone, stack those can’s o’ beans to the sky or die!

        • Livin for doom,
          You’re looking like Wall Street hedge fund guys, they also know it’s all crapping out, but they love to hang on to that last second to squeeze one more dollar out of the market, then it’s a race for the doors. History shows only the fastest 10 to 15% get out in time, the rest lose their shirts. It’s also a sure thing private investors won’t get out in time.

          The idea of never preparing until you can see the disaster is foolish. The shelves will be bare after the first 5% hit the store.

          If preppers gather emergency supplies during the years of plenty, for the days of famine, for our families, that is not hoarding. Hoarding is going into the store at the start of the crisis and buying all you can carry leaving nothing for your hungry neighbors. I’ve seen this kind of hoarder in action, and they are dangerous people.

          We have a government that wants to hoard our money, so a guy like Bill Clinton sells off the US grain reserve that was to feed America in a disaster. Your libtard government has nothing to help the fools that think the government will save them. Obama’s solution to government prepping appears to be a secret government program to ID preppers so the government can rob them of their supplies. The government, not storing food, just bullets, and they have no intention of sharing what they steal.

          • Keyphrase most people miss: “they have no intention of sharing what they steal”.

          • Plan Twice,

            I know you mean well and everything, and by all means keep doing what you do. But if things ever do get as bad as what I read people here say, { and you have to admit some of them are actually cheering for it to happen} then most people are only delaying the inevitable for a short time. Besides, it’s not good for the human mind to be constantly focused on doom and despair constantly, life is just too short. You may find you can spend your entire life worrying about all the ” what ifs” and never have any of them come to fruition with the only one universal exception that some day we are all destined to die. But why dwell on the fact everyday, seems to make living rather pointless, doesn’t it?

            • And yet you like most, likely have life insurance to care for your family, even beyond death.

              Do you pay for insurance to protect your belongings like cars, home, private property? For this you just keep paying and paying and paying until you die.

              If you buy a means of self defense like a gun or even pepper spray, does it keep charging premium?

              If you buy a few cases of food with a twenty year shelf life, does it bill you quarterly?

              Mostly prepping is a lifestyle, the food in my panty is the same food I eat anyway. I try to buy it in bulk and on sale, and when the price is right I buy all I can eat before it expires. By buying like this I save money. The money I save lets my family do and enjoy other things.

              I really don’t spend my life worrying about what might happen, it’s more like winning a good game of chess or for some, reading a good mystery novel. And I really do enjoy an afternoon at the range.

              I do virtually all my own work, on my cars, gardens, and house, my work is clearly better than professional. The old phrase “Jack of all trades and master of none” does not apply, I am a master of many and am no slave to technology or the machines I own.

              I’ve already experience several natural and man made disasters, and spent that time enjoying the test, wanting for nothing, while neighbors were afraid for their lives.

              To steal a phrase, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

              Why do I come here? To share what I know and to learn more, there are many here that are great teachers and I did not get to where I am by by being close minded.

      5. Folks, there is no cause for alarm about this economic collapse scenario occurring. As I have pointed out to my inside the loop poster here who keeps you all up to date on Niburu and dreadlock zombies, nuclear war with Russia WILL commence within 24-48 hours so my continuing predictions of horrific doom will continue until then or the arrival of Niburu in April. I have a super secret meeting today with four star general and Dave Hodges so i will keep you posted on the latest horrific doom events coming to a town near you soon.

        • You sound like Steve Quayle who is constantly being told the most remarkable things by 4 star generals who choose to remain anonymous. LOL.


          • Wow! Bravebee1776, You been munching on the royal jelly?

      6. It surprises me every week when I go to the local gun stores that ammo is in good supply with no limits and the prices are still down.

        Keep stocking up.

        • I haven’t seen that on 22 cal. Everything else has been in stock.

          Bricks of 22cal have been in short supply in East Texas.

          • Yes. .22 has been very difficult to find, and when it is available, it’s very spendey compared to recent price history.

          • Up here in NH you can buy all the 22 you want, including CCI Mini-mag. 100 RND boxes for $7.95

        • Same here, AOWG.

          I was at my local gun store today. All kinds of ammo, but no .22lr. The last time they had CCI mini-mags to sell, they were 8.99 cents per round plus 7% sales tax. They were out in two days.

          • at the gun show here in victorville ca we saw 22lr for 34.99/box of 500….with NO limit….and they still had some when they packed up to leave…got 10 boxes at dicks 24.95 for 525rds at crissmuss….22 is coming back, slow but sure….just in time for the collapse…curious what it will be this time….definitely stackin’ THAT.

            • The last two or three or four months I’ve been lookin’ at the shelves, the .22 has been bare.

              I saw a box today.
              A full box.
              A lone box.
              All by itself.

              The other calibers, they were scarce, too.

              did I mention this was in every store in a 350,000 town?

              • here in so cal you can find 22 at turners for about 55$/500 any day of the week….and then on thursday mornings you can get one box for 35 dollars…sometimmes the cheap stuff lasts more than a day…will report back after this weekend’s gunshow to see where we stand now.

        • I have a grandson that works in a big name sporting good store in Missourah, and he says they get in a supply of 50,000 rds. of 22LR and its gone in a day. Trekker Out.

      7. I don’t care how much they harp on ‘cash will be worthless’. The currency of an empire always outlives the empire. For the first year or maybe even a few, good ole greenbacks will still be used for trade even if the buying power has diminished some. The question will be, did you stash some in your mattress before they vaporized into the ethosphere by the stroke of a key that also closed bank doors and shut off ATM’s.
        A wise man diversifies his assets so that he is prepared for a multitude of scenarios.

        • currency of an empire always outlives the empire

          I have some Confederate notes I would be happy to trade on face value…..

          • My thoughts exactly.

          • One of my ancestors had a whole box full of Confederate money, but it all became worthless instantly. I have one of the $20 bills that survived as a memento.

            • I would pick another example. Some average confederate bills in fair shape are worth 50% to 80% of face value today. The rarer confederate bills or those in pristine condition can run 200% to 300% of face value. Just go out to ebay and search confederate currency. You may be surprised what people get for those old notes…

              • They are a true piece of history. I also have a confederate war bond with all the hand written coupons attached. I have a Nazi Germany one too. They are nice wall decorations and a piece of history.

                It is important to look at those type of thing because they represent failed governments and thousands of people killed in wars.

              • Ok, so, 160 plus years from now a dollar might have more value than today.

                That’s reassuring. I’m not into stamp collecting, either.

                Clearly, the person who says, “The currency of an empire always outlives the empire.” has no feel for The Here and Now.
                … or, even twenty years from now.

                I guess if you think you’re going to live forever this has no meaning?

        • You’ve got to be kidding! The Fed has already printed so many unbacked fiat dollars it’s worthless paper. People are just continuing to accept t out of ignorance. Come the Collapse and from then on it’s worth the same as Confederate money: not a damned thing.

      8. SHTF last night in Caracas, Venezuela. gobermint goons riding around on motorcycles kicking in door and SHOOTING PEOPLE!

        click on the “hot links” in this article–which the MSM refuses to cover. yeah–plummeting oil revenues (translate: NO FREE SHIT) and Socialism gone amok:

        …wait until China or Russia bails them out–in exchange for military bases there, taking over their oil, etc.

        • Article from 2014. Really?

        • Yes,
          Why a 2 year old article?
          Propaganda or mistake?

          • The dude said, ‘SHTF last night in Caracas” obviously, he’s full of it, posting a 2014 link.

            Otoh, if you think about it: shtf last night, two years ago +

            If you ask other people, SHTF last night @ 2001: when some towers went down and nobody questioned the bullsheet line spewed from the goobermit mouthpiece.

        • China is already well entrenched in the region and has been spreading cash and in kind donations like a drunken sailor. The mainstream media here just chooses to not report on it. Any speculation on why that would be? Hmmm.

        • SC: thank you for the link to the site. I found another article which I found much more interesting, and more timely, on the site you linked. The comments were excellent.

          Brief quote from the above linked article here:

          “You Can Print Bolivars, But Not Food
          Venezuela’s dependence on imported food has grown enormously since 2008. What happens when you just can’t afford to keep buying food abroad?

          By Pedro Rosas Rivero – February 12, 2016 33 2314

          It’s become the Venezuelan economist’s grim mantra: it’s going to get worse than people realise. As bad as the current food shortages are, it will get worse. The government is facing a gigantic hole in its dollar finances. Whatever decisions they make on the foreign debt, adjustment will be carried out through people’s stomachs. Literally.

          Observers have been sounding the alarms, and with good reason. Estimates vary, but all are grim. Unless there’s a rapid and very rapid rise in the price of oil, the food imports Venezuela has become increasingly dependent on are simply not affordable this year. Not even close.

          Food imports have increased significantly since 1999, as shown in Charts 1 and 2. Here, we include live animals, meats, fruits, seeds, vegetables, cereals, flours, all food preparations and farm animal feed.”

      9. AOW, you ain’t kidding.. academy MGR told me last year that all you dies with bairds in the key to high profits since most of what sets their is ammo and laughed his ass saying that tyrants have boasted academy’s profit big time.. nice to know that the chain supports domestic constitutional freedom loving fact every weekend white terrorist with bairds are shopping the ammo section.. been seeing lots white cops who are terrorist, shopping next to American white terrorist, Hispanic terrorist and the new terrorist, African Americans who vote republican..that buy ammo, black terrorist..sometimes I just have to laugh may ass..when you foreign armies launch the attack on Texas, you asses are really in a lot of trouble…even if I get my ass killed, you have 1,000,000 more pissed off people coming for your army.



        What and insane crazy phucking world that we are existing in, God help us.

        • I have respect for Academy. They did not price gouge the ammo like a whole lot of other stores.

          • Dear john stiner,

            Do you have No Clue about supply and Demand?

            If sellers don’t raise the price, those who really need something, go without.

            IMHO, you’re blind. Also, you’ve made yourself a part of the Free Shit Army. A.K.A. Socialist. …I hope you wake up and get a clue.

            Price gouge, My Ass. It’s – The – American Way.

            Your perspective is: The Collective owns you and your stuff and sets your selling price. … Do you see any freedom or liberty in Any of that?

            • BULLSHIT. They’re practising LIBERTY by selling a product on the FREE market at THEIR price.

              They’re wise businessmen building a loyal clientele by not just rushing to make a quick buck in the hope that being fair will bring it’s own rewards.

              Those “in need” people should have prepped.

      10. Thank God Canada is not that far away.(LOL)

        I’m not worried about it. I’ll be just fine. The only thing I can pray and hope for is that I taught my Kids enough and if I did they will be OK.

        I have been seeing the same thing. That is why I keep adding every week to my stuff!!!!


        • As an ex-pat Canadian, I can assure you things will be far rougher there than they will be here in the US. As sporty as things may get here, they will be magnified there in the urban areas, which are very vibrant. Canada is at the head of a deathslope to true pain, and their choice of the MTV Boy King will only exacerbate their problems, which includes their importation and submission of vast quantities (in proportion to total population) of unvetted mooselimb “refugees”.

          • Agree: Canada is flashing red for pain. The debt, the dumbness and complacency, the stupid prime minister: it all adds up to a big crash. The country only had real wealth creation happening in Alberta and in the big-city property markets – everything else was stagnant or collapsing (manufacturing, Blackberry etc.). Now they are bringing in more and more Muslim refugees, who will import the vicious conflict between Sunnis and Shias.

            Canada is cold large parts of the year. It is an unpleasant place to be poor, or out on the streets. Food is expensive. Already lots of homeless and crack heads (looks like an episode of Breaking Bad in large parts of small town Ontario).

            • man, i cannot even imagine. i’m a bit South yet i’m still in The Northland.

            • Re: “Canada is cold large parts of the year. It is an unpleasant place to be poor, or out on the streets. Food is expensive.”

              Heck, you’ve just described the upper half of the unitedstate.

            • re: “Canada is cold large parts of the year. It is an unpleasant place to be poor, or out on the streets. Food is expensive.”

              Heck, you just described the upper half of the unitedstate, too.

            • Yes. My parents retired to rural “cottage country”. The biggest industry was the underground drug trade, supplemented by social welfare programs. My girlfriend tried to open a “Junior Achievement” club at the local highschool, and when no students signed up, she was told that it was too much work to run a legitimate business when you could live better growing and selling dope and collecting welfare. Don’t forget, they have socialized medicine, so everyone gets “free” healthcare and the lower income cohort get free dental too. The small island they retired to was known locally as “welfare island” due to the year round residents who lived there in what are essentially shacks and the vast majority are drug addicts and alcoholics. My mom started a “breakfast club” at her house for the local kids to come and be fed and stay some place warm and safe while they waited for the schoolbus – most of their “parents” were too hung over or stoned to fed them, let alone ensure they were dressed appropriately. And, BTW, these kids were all white, so it’s a cultural problem, not a skin color problem.

              The costs of everything are already skyrocketing. Ontario is a huge hydroelectric power producer, yet exports their power to the US at a reduced rate, in essence, subsidizing the US consumer. My brother is an engineer with the Power company, the “green” idiocy of windmills, solar farms, etc is a huge money sinkhole that Ontarians won’t be able to afford for much longer. Food costs are already shockingly high, let alone anything that has to be imported from the US. And things aren’t “bad” yet.

              I worry about my widowed mom who is in a nursing home, but I am grateful that I can still provide for her – for now.

          • One reason I continue to say, if you are going to think of Canada, think of Nova Scotia. Moderate temps (on the Gulf Stream), negligible Muslims, lots of water, arable land, and the prices are still reasonable, unlike everywhere from Ottawa west.

            • Yes, Nova Scotia is a good choice, but land prices are being pushed up by the Germans who are snapping up all the large parcels, especially anything water front or Grade A Agricultural.

              Nova Scotia has a cyclical economy, so if you’re thinking about going there, you must have a plan to be self-reliant.

      11. Just think of all those college kids that actually think voting for Bernie Sanders is a good idea and that the deserve to live the good life just because they are sucking air. Wait until reality hits them in the face.

        • RE: “Just think of all those college kids that actually think voting for Bernie Sanders is a good idea and that the deserve to live the good life just because they are sucking air. Wait until reality hits them in the face.”

          And, all the idiot adults, too.

          Problem is, the, “Wait until reality hits them in the face.” part, hits us too.

        • “Just think of all those college kids that actually think voting for Bernie Sanders is a good idea and that the deserve to live the good life just because they are sucking air. Wait until reality hits them in the face.”

          Well, let’s see what these damn college kids are facing… Highest amount of student debt on record, rock bottom wages, high un-employment and under-employment.

          I don’t support Bernie Sanders, but I can see why so many my age do. We are forced to pay into social security system which will be bankrupt by time we are middle-aged. We are told that we are lazy and irresponsible when we send out 250+ job applications and get one call back… from Burger King for a part time gig making fries. All this after graduating with a solid GPA, Honors, 24 months of job experience and solid references from professors, former employers, and landlords. Oh, and a CRUSHING load of student debt that comes due 6 months after graduation.

          Most of us don’t want free shit. We want the same opportunities offered to our parent’s generation. Working hard, paying dues, getting returns, and maybe being able to afford to settle down and have a family before you are 30. More college graduates than ever are forced to move back to their parent’s house. You think anyone in their mid 20s wants to live at their parent’s house?

          We understand there is no such thing as a free lunch. We are asking for a decent paying job so we can pay for our own lunch. I don’t think that $15 or $20 an hour is excessive for someone who just spent $100K+ on their education. Mind you those are state school prices. Private Liberal Arts colleges are more like a quarter million.

          Before you say I am just a delusional college student. I’m 28, work for myself and make a good bit more than 15 or 20 dollars an hour. But, I’m where I am because an old family friend gave me a hand up two years ago. Prior to that, I was an underemployed STEM degree graduate who was sold a crock of shit from the University I attended. Not surprising that I fell for it since I was 17 when I started attending and the numbers all made sense. Until it came out that the institution was literally pulling employment and wage figures out of their collective ass.

          • Lone Millenial,

            I understand where you’re coming from and your frustration with the current conditions in the US today. But sad to say that the boomers here will insist you still have the same opportunities today they they enjoyed ” back in their day” of 50 years ago. Is it all bullshit? Of COURSE they know it is, but they’ll never admit the truth to you. Why not? Who the Hell knows, maybe just out of sheer jealousy that you’re young and they’re old, and all they have left are their memories. No, your generation can NEVER match what they did, at least that’s the thought consuming their hate filled minds. You have to understand they’re old and retired, have nothing to fill their days but to bitch and moan about everyone other then themselves and how ” great” they used to be. Anyway, I wish you good luck in the years ahead as I know you’ll need it, so do the old geezers but they’ll never wish you well because they’re just too consumed with their hate for younger people.

          • You are a blessing and fine example to others in your age bracket.

            I am proud to hear you have been persistent and are working your way out of the lies you were pumped with in college.
            I have been there, and feel sorry for all those coming out of school with nothing to look forward to but salvation and the eternity. YES, I have many good memories and some bad as well, but what young people need to realize is that the world has, and always will be a cruel place.

            That is why our Creator said in so many words…that he who loves the world does not love me and the Kingdom to come.
            Also…what profit a man to gain the whole world, but to only lose his soul….no eternal kingdom.

            Think about it. I do. That is why i am so cheerful everyday and give thanks, because i know that soon this old cruel world and it’s lies from Satan/gov, will soon pass away…forever.

            god bless you young man.

            • Pwtw/Sybil,

              I see you’re Bi-polar, obviously you’ve taken your medication and calmed down, why else wouldn’t you be accusing him of being tattooed and a Bernie Sanders FSA supporter. BTW, I like how when Durango Kid tells you there is no free trade existing you jump over yourself to agree with him, nice. Nothing like having multiple personalities, is there? Helps you win all your arguments, being able to flip over both sides of an issue really helps, doesn’t it?

              • casting pearls before swine..aka billybob/dumbass, is not my strong suit. Piss off poop chute, you are stinking up the place.

                • pwtw/sybil,

                  Apparently cowardice is your strong suit. Somehow, I KNEW you would be the kind to wait a day or two, wait for the coast to clear, and then return and throw your infantile spouting tantrum in the hopes I wouldn’t return to check up on you. Well, thanks for exposing yourself as a coward , I’ll be sure to mention the fact for everybody in our next conversation, so, until then, you’d better find a place to hide.

                • pwtw/sybil,

                  First, forgive me if this comment double posts, I’m having some computer issues with this site. So, now with that said, let me address your retort by saying cowardice is your strong suit. I knew you were the kind to wait for a day or two, then return and throw your spittle flying hissy fit hoping I would not return to check up. Wrong. I’ll be bringing the issue up in our future conversations, that is to say if your a big enough psycho to try and stalk me with your 9 year old kid tantrums instead of addressing my points with facts. Until then psycho boy.

          • I subscribe to the viewpoint held in Switzerland and Austria. Only 20% of the students attend university. Why? Because the other 80% do not have the aptitude nor the interest so it makes attending university a waste of money. I am a big fan of trade schools. Not everyone is meant to go to university. Becoming educated at that level is a lot of work. People now equate having a college degree to what people used to get after going to a trade school: they got a job.

            There are few guarantees in life. SS is a black hole and a waste. The more you can count on yourself, your family, and good friends, the better off you will be.

            By the way, you sound intelligent, motivated and capable. As you have said you are doing well. Many people do not have those same abilities and will fail. Are you willing to donate some of your profits or income to bail them out? Because basically that is the end game of socialism. Until the socialists run out of other people’s money, of course.

      12. Trump says audit the Fed, that alone proves he is part of the established order. Like Ron Paul in that pronouncement, pretend you are for auditing the Fed publicly to appear to be in agreement with the people’s demand for the audit. The more Trump talks, the more he shows his deceit.

        • I really can’t stand Trump. He is insulting his way to the nomination.

          I will not vote for a pompous jack-ass. Obama already is that.

          I want a humble public servant.

          • “I want a humble public servant.”

            Public Servant? Cruz? Rubio? They’re The Establishments servant, not the publics.

            • Build the Wall high, Trump. Place guards to back up the wall. Post them with loaded rifles along the border.

              Deport all mecican invaders and muzzies. Next, deport, or shoot all commies.

              Won’t be many people left – they’ll all be Americans and the buffalo will come back.

              Then there will be lots of rabbits, squirrels, deer, antelope, elk, bear, moose, ducks, game birds, feral hogs, wild horses, draft horses and mules, not to mention fur bearers.

              Makes me glad I’ve stacked traps; lead, tin, antimony, wheel weights, copper, zinc, aluminum, steel, both stainless, spring steel, and high carbon (rounds, flats and bars) and mild steel; primers, powder; shotgun, rifle, pistol and shotgun cases; reloading tools; oil, gasoline, kerosine, naptha, white gas, propane, malathione, lindane, Raid, DEET; 90% ethyl alcohol, soap (all kinds); oral antibiotics (lots of them); firewood, charcoal and starter fluid; firesteels, cotton balls, jute twine, petroleum jelly and parafin; Bank line, and Paracord; Tools – everything you can think of including Black Smith’s tools; clothing, boots, wool blankets and tarps. Water containers (all sizes), bleach and kettles to boil water, etc.

              That’s some of the things I’ve stacked that I call money – all specie, something of value.

              f ’em

          • pray tell, where’s this public servant to be found???might as well look for a fish ridin’ a BIKE!….more like public SERPENTS…i’ll stick with trump…at least he’s used to gettin’ things DONE.

            • I said I want a humble public servant.

              I did not say there was one available to vote for!!!

              • A “humble public servant?” What is that? Never heard of that before.

            • Re; “i’ll stick with trump…at least he’s used to gettin’ things DONE.”

              I do hope you don’t rue those words.

            • Re; ‘i’ll stick with trump…at least he’s used to gettin’ things DONE.’

              Yah, and Mousiline got the trains to run on time.

              …if you want empire, vote.
              ….if you don’t want empire, don’t vote.

              What’s the track record so far

              The only ones who can complain are the ones who didn’t vote.
              Those who voted are suckers.

          • You’re just mad as Trump wants to deport illegals, build a wall and demand Mexico pay for it. Ie typical cuck

            • Re: “and demand Mexico pay for it.”

              Which makes you a tyrant. You wanna be King of the world?

              And, just you never-mind the free sheet offered with your tax Dollars which draws everyone to want to come here. You must be a graduate of Oblivious U? Cutting off the free benefits just Never crosses your mind because you Love free stuff from the goobermint via your neighbors at gunpoint. A.k.a. typical tyrant.

            • Gg

              I am voting for Hillary to bring about change. Maybe the type of change some people do not want. As she has stated that she would continue down the same path as Obama has created. I hope for more trade agreements that gut the rest of the manufacturing and commercial industries. May she infringe upon more of your Constitutional Rights. Then then tax you more that you yourself become destitute as will your future generations. I have been told that my vote don’t count. Then voting for Trump doesn’t matter. Guess we will find out later if voting for Hillary did..
              If our country has enjoy eight years of degradation and still wants more of the same, then I help will give it to them. Because they fully deserve it.

      13. I have found this issue in V-uela to be local issues..not necessarily the entire “state” of V-uela

        after a few of these stories were posted here , my wife and I have plenty of friends from S.A. so we networked and asked questions
        and the ones we discussed this with in V-uela said its not like this around them
        they are living in Valencia

        so for what its worth folks

        • Goes to say,

          Stay away from crowds…..

      14. Hoarding is a waste of time and money. Most hoards/caches are unlikely to get used by the people that put them away. They will either spoil, be destroyed/stolen or will be forgotten. Just look at the Roman-era gold coins that Martin Armstrong occasionally has for sale. These are from hoards that were forgotten and the re-discovered centuries later.

        Better to spend any spare cash to become self-sufficient and find ways to eliminate future living expenses. When you don’t have to spend money all the time, it is surprising how much is left over at the end of each month.

        • I agree with your statements, but hording has some place too.

          I don’t plan to be self sufficient with toilet paper. I am going to hoard the Charmin two-ply.

          A lot of people in Venezuela are wishing they hoarded toilet paper right now.

          You hoard the things you can’t produce yourself.

          • Reminds me of a quote I heard on a Catherine Austin Fitts podcast from some time ago: “Toilet paper has a better return-on-investment than almost anything else out there”

            But seriously, just how much can you stock-pile? If I was never able to buy another roll again starting today, I probably have enough on-hand to last 3 months and that’s fine because I already have a contingency for when it runs out.

            The goal is to have enough on hand so that you can be comfortable and then have contingency plans so that you have peace-of-mind.

            The way the can is constantly kicked a litlle further down the road, I am starting to wonder if I will ever need the contingencies.

            • Lurker

              Emergency toilet paper.

              Crumple a regular sheet of writing paper. Open it up and crumple again. Repeat the process till it becomes soft.

              • Phone books are also good substitutes. Start in the section marked “Attorneys.” Makes wiping much more enjoyable.

          • Peri bottle(handheld bidet, women get them post-partum) and Cotton Flannel wipes, that will save you tons of TP.

      15. The future for white Americans will head the same way it has done in South Africa: whites will end up living in squatter camps as equity hiring practices force them out of most good jobs. Have a look here at what it is like:

        Muslims are gaining more power by the day and they will not be kind when they fully have the whip hand on whites and Christians. In South Africa, blacks laugh at the poor whites as they drive by them begging on the side of the road. No UN for them, no international aid or pity. While Europe and the US/Canada fall over themselves to offer welfare to Muslim migrants, there is no program to remove these whites and help them.

        • A significant number of white south africans had the means and the education to leave. After Mandela was elected and South Africa was accepted back into the Commonwealth, a number of white south africans that had degrees were approached by companies from other commonwealth countries and where given a free ride out of the country. Those that remain are basically trapped with no-where to go.

          The problem for white americans is that there will be no where to flee when things get bad because there won’t be many stable places left to absord that many people. Only the richest and the smartest are likely to be accepted by the remaining stable locations.

          Survival can be brutal and most have no clue about how much effort it is going to take to get thru each day.

          • Try leaving the US if you don’t have $500,000 to start a business or are not married to someone in the country you want to move to. Good luck if you don’t have a critical skill like medicine or engineer. No country wants Americans. They don’t mind fat American tourists but they certainly do not want the typical American to move their country.

            I agree, most people are clueless about how difficult life can become and how quickly. Americans take a lot for granted.

          • It is a sad sight to behold: blonde children in rags; families whose spirits have been broken. Being white, they are seen as deserving of their fate. I fear these will be scenes in Scandinavia and the US some time soon too. There is a strong desire not to just humiliate whites, but to seem them crushed, marginalized, impoverished. Apart from hard-working Asians, who else in the world is going to create future wealth, new ideas, new technologies, new science?

            • Yes, sooooooo sad because they’re white and blue eyed. Soooooo much better if they’re brown and black, because that’s what they deserve for being sub human, ie, not white. Yes, when all the whites are gone Earth will cease to exist because old white geezers like you will no longer be around to hate everybody who isn’t white. Glad to hear your old frank, that means we can look forward to your demise sooner rather then later.

              • Yah, as a pale face myself, I get tired of hearing that sheet myself, Anonymous

                To me, principles are more important than skin colors.

                Those who clamor on and on about skin color this, and skin color that, they freak me out. It’s the underlying principles which matter. …Far too many people don’t get that.

                After all, what skin color is the majority of Wall Street made up of?
                Idiots at the bottom of Yurtle’s stack of turtles never answer that.

              • It is not hate: there are two things that are sad: the person who lives in squalor and ignorance; and the person who once lived well and in modernity, only to have it taken away from them (Iraq, Syria, South Africa, Russia etc.).

                The Romans cracked basic things such as clean water and sewage and paved streets over a thousand years ago yet we still have millions of people struggling to grasp these basics today. That is sad and tragic.

                • FT: I agree. John B. Wells talks about the fate of white South Africans on his show, and it has been a wake up call for me. Good luck getting a job if you are white in South Africa. You won’t. Good luck getting a passport and a ticket to another place because many whites are now trapped in South Africa and unable to leave. It is a horror that is being hidden much like the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East. Sure, the Muslim refugees have access to big camps. Where do the Christian minorities go? Good question.

        • Well frank, here’s your big chance to get off your dead ass and actually DO something other then whine on the internet about poor white folk every day. Is this what happens when you get old, you just become an irrelevant crybaby?

        • This “White Privilege” crap they are pushing now is just reverse discrimination. Certain groups don’t want equality, they want Revenge!

          • I read a comment from Frankie Tauts a couple of articles back in which he said he lost a bundle in the UK during the 1970’s and then went on to lose another bundle someplace else. “Do no put any trust in patriotism” was the gist of his article.

            Without patriotism where are we? Just a bunch of individuals looting the world for themselves. This type of arid thinking by arid old men who strip a country clean and then move on to repeat the process elsewhere is the reason we’re in such a state!

            Age does not always bring wisdom.

      16. It won’t be as bad as Venezuela when it happens here.

        It will be worse.

        Much worse.

        • RE: ‘It won’t be as bad as Venezuela when it happens here.

          It will be worse.

          Much worse.’

          Wouldn’t it be cool if, it wasn’t like that

          Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead, it was like in a snowstorm and everybody pulled together and respected each other

          That, would be The American way.

      17. Venezuela created its own viper’s nest by voting to take more from the treasury than was put in. Once the socialists were installed, they not only maintained but expanded their grip on power BAMN. The same story has played out in Argentina and Brazil. All three have an overabundance of natural resources that should make them wealthy by first world standards.

        We’re on the same slippery slope here. The Eloi continue to pull the lever for the charlatan who promises more pellets that they believe someone else will pay for and deliver to them with a 2 L bottle of diet Pepsi. When those who feel that are due vague “entitlements” simply for being born and breathing oxygen outnumber those who feel that they have a right to retain possession of the fruits of their own labors, it’s over.

        “Thou shall not covet”. What a quaint and antiquated concept!

        • America would never do that. *cough* *cough* 20 Trillion Dollars….

          • Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, formerly in the Treasury under Reagan, now at Boston Univ. puts the total unfunded liabilities, John, at $222 trillion, if you count absolutely everything. Google him

      18. I know people from Caracas Venezuela. When one of us was traveling there, she asked what she should bring for gifts. The answer was panties. Not fancy Victoria Secrets panties, just plain nothing fancy panties. They can’t be found and can’t be bought. When the economy breaks down like in Venezuela, even if you have money, some things just can’t be bought.

        • Rich: thanks for a dose of reality.

        • Yes. Which is why I’ve always taught our children to save and buy good quality clothing and furniture that will last, rather than cheap fad things.

      19. This is very well said Mac.

        “For greenie environmentalists, it is knocking back the negative impact of Western civilization and forcing austerity within the confines of carbon credits/carbon taxes. For oligarchs, it is a great leveling, and a re-situating of the once well-adjust Middle Class, who must now fit in among a crowded global plantation filled with 21st Century serfs. Run for the hills and take defense measures to survive and avoid the major damage.”

      20. If it will give you an idea of how people will react when the shtf….Our county has about 70,000 people and seven major “chain” grocery stores. I have a friend who manages one of them. He said that the day before our last “snow storm” (of about 6 – 7 inches), his store did over $210.000.00 in business (almost a quarter of a million dollars!). The most ever for that store. A normal busy day would be around $45,000. He said people were buying $500 – $600 worth of anything they could get in their carts. That amazes me, because in our area, we’ve never had a storm that lasted over 3 days.
        My motto on bring prepared is…if you wake up one morning and the s___ has hit the fan, you don’t have to panic. You have enough supplies to give you time to get your wits about you and continue to live.

        • Phil,

          Did it ever occur to you that they were doing EXACTLY what preppers do? Jesus, you guys bitch when they don’t act like you and you bitch when they DO!

        • Exactly. I live in the orbit of Mordor, and people here go insane anytime a storm is inbound. The store shelves are stripped bare like the end times have arrived. Insane.

          I was reared by not only a farm girl but a registered nurse, so I have always had a home/pantry that was well stocked with all the essentials. When we first married, my DH (born and raised in Brooklyn) couldn’t understand why I stocked multiples of everything and insisted on a small wood stove in our “family” room. 25 years later, he’s an avowed prepper and loves being able to kick back and leisurely do the minor storm prep things (securing or stashing property, stacking firewood, checking on the water storage) and avoiding the crowds.

      21. WW3 will commence well before the US allows any of that shit to happen, come on man aint guna happen.

      22. How about this common-sense prepper tip?

        Make sure your vehicle (whatever it is – F-150 or Prius) is in tip-top shape. Due for new tires? Replace them now! Oil change coming due in the next month or two? Do it now! All fluids topped off and a full gas tank? Good for you, as some or all of these services may be disrupted for an extended period of time.

        • Earlier this week a tire on my truck split on the side and went flat. I put on the spare and went to the tire store to make an appointment the next day. On the way home, the spare blew to pieces. I had to get towed back to the tire store.

          My tires had plenty of tread, but were very old. I didn’t drive the truck much until recently. I found that tires deteriorate faster when a vehicle sits a long time.

          I have also found that you need to take special steps to store tires for future use. I found a site that explains things:
          ht tp://

          • I knew some of those things because I did that for my sailboat trailer as I knew it was not going anywhere for some time.
            My other vehicle did not get the same love because I never expected it to get “forgotten” Just started using it again and realized that its been almost 7 years since I last used it.
            Those tires did not fail yet but they are shot. They only have to last a couple more hours because the new tires are scheduled to be installed tomorrow morning.

        • I was always taught to have some back up fuel (gas or diesel) stored in and to rotate the stored fuel through your tank, and to never let your fuel run below 1/2 tank, especially in cold weather.
          We have two 14 gal fuel storage containers with hand pumps stored in our “solvent shed” away from the house. Our daughter is now away at school in Florida, we bought one for her so that she could at a minimum have enough fuel to get herself out of the immediate area of chaos even if the pumps were shut down or the fuel supply ran out.

      23. Its all planned to collapse the economy. Then the NWO. Do not ever surrender your arms or they will kill you.

      24. It is a very simple equation. Too many people and not enough good jobs. You can not continue to consume, when you do not produce. In nature, when any species of animals grows too large to be supported by their environment, there is a massive die off to re-balance things.

        • Yes. There will continue to be an escalation of competition for dwindling resources.

          Cambridge University did a study that concluded that at continued population projections, we will have to grow and supply yearly the same amount of food to meet the basic nutritional needs of everyone alive today that we did for the entire history of modern agricultural. An impossible task. And in spite of what many naysayers claim, fresh water is a limiting factor to the sustainability of the human population.

          The oil industry created the huge population boom. It will also be the source of mankind’s demise. We live in a petro-dependent world, and it can not be maintained. (medicine, agriculture, not just transportation and heating)

          • If only those that are unable to self sustain can go quietly into the night…
            Unfortunately, they are more likely to try take by force what they think the need to survive.

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