China Gaining Western Allies as Development Bank Partners: “A Blow to U.S. Efforts”

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 111 comments

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    Recently, SHTF has pointed out the rise of China and their aim to become a major part of the new global reserve currency, and hence a major weight in the new global order.

    China’s renminbi is positioning for major global exchange; the BRICS development bank is taking off, to the chagrin of the U.S. axis of global finance; and the IMF is talking with China about the likelihood of including the yuan in the “basket of currencies” that make up SDRs, or Special Drawing Rights that already includes the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen:

    China is pushing for the International Monetary Fund to endorse the Chinese yuan as a global reserve currency alongside the dollar and euro.

    A senior Chinese central bank official said Thursday that the country is “actively communicating” with the IMF on the possibility of including the yuan, or RMB, in the basket of the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).

    Now, American leadership is silently watching Anglo partners – and close establishment allies in the post-war world – join ranks with China on its emerging development bank.

    Washington’s Blog reports:

    This week, 2 major U.S. allies – 2 of the “Five Eyes” – have disregarded American pleas and joined China’s new development bank … alternative to the US-dominated IMF and World Bank lending order. (A third member of the Five Eyes – New Zealand – previously signed onto the Chinese bank.)

    The Financial Times now reports that France, Germany and Italy have all agreed to join the China-led international development bank as well, “delivering a blow to US efforts to keep leading western countries out of the new institution.”

    Both FT and the New York Times have pointed the implicit threat to U.S. hegemony since World War II… yet another sign that things are changing:

    Via FT:

    [The decision of the UK to join the Chinese development bank was made with] virtually no consultation with the US.

    We are wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China, which is not the best way to engage a rising power.

    Via NYT:

    Fundamentally, Washington views the Chinese venture as a deliberate challenge to those postwar institutions, which are led by the United States and, to a lesser extent, Japan, and the Obama administration has put pressure on allies not to participate…

    What exactly is on the horizon for global finance and the new world order? China is clearly a major part of whatever is to come.


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      1. Q: “What exactly is on the horizon for global finance and the new world order?”

        A: Martial Law.

        • QFT ! It’s all about control and power in a form of globalized government.

          “China is pushing for the International Monetary Fund to endorse the Chinese yuan as a global reserve currency alongside the dollar and euro.”

          ^^^ This is what Brandon Smith has been saying is the goal of the Chinese. It’s to have a bigger seat at the table of the IMF.

          • If one wants to see the neighborhood go down
            the drain, put a black in for president.

        • Between this and a few other articles on ZeroHedge it is obvious that the time has come for the death of the US dollar. Not in a sudden one day event but in the months ahead.
          How best to capitalize on the decline of the dollar and the rise of the Yuan???????

          • Doesn’t really matter what you do. The end of the dollar as the world reserve currency means third world status for the American sheeple. This is due to the inflation the government has been exporting will now come home.

            • Maddog,
              what does matter is that our ( some not all) politicians have been selling us out for years and THEY are the scumbags that need to to be brought to justice for this and any form of justice including a firing squad will be to good for them! period end of story!!!!

              • Many log retired politicians and their families are deserving of criminal charges. This could get real nasty.

                • “How best to capitalize on the decline of the dollar and the rise of the Yuan???????”

                  Open a bank account denominated in yuan; if you have an open timeline and preferably offshore.

                  Any changes will take time and China faces systemic hurdles; not the least of which is an implosion of their own economy.

                  The first crash in China after 25 years of unbroken prosperity will be shrill. 🙁

                  • “How best to capitalize on the decline of the dollar and the rise of the Yuan???????”

                    durangokidd says:

                    “Open a bank account denominated in yuan; if you have an open timeline and preferably offshore.”

                    That’s your advice; invest in another fiat currency???



                    • Beat me to it, lol.

                    • YMWW: “That’s your advice; invest in another fiat currency???”

                      Yes absolutely. Speculate in Bit Coin if you like. The Yuan will pop in value as soon as the CB have tonnes of them on their balance sheets.

                      Anyone who believes that any country, or group of counties are going to back their currency in gold and silver, including Russia and China, is a moron. Think people, think!

                      Even if there were a OWC it would not be backed by gold and silver. It would be digital.

                      Those of you who hate fiat should understand best, that metals backed money gives power to the people: at least to those people who own it.

                      Utah and Arizona have moved / are moving to allow gold and silver to be lawful payment of debt. (Think Constitutional money.) Every state should do so.

                      Fiat as money, and gold and silver as valuable commodities available for payment and exchange are the best possible opportunity for thinking people, Preppers, and Patriots.

                      Think people, think!!! Use your heads for something beside a hat rack!!! 🙂

                    • durangokidd says:

                      “The Yuan will pop in value as soon as the CB have tonnes of them on their balance sheets.”


                      What happened to “King Dollar???”

                    • YMWW: Nothing has happened to KING DOLLAR and nothing will without nuclear war, emp, or Yellowstone blowing its top.

                      The addition of the Yuan to WRC status does not necessarily suggest the “collapse” of the dollar or the death of the dollar. The dollar co-exists with other currencies now. It can co-exist with the Yuan.

                      Educate yourself so that you that you do not ask stupid questions and expose your ignorance. Start here:


                  • “Open a bank account denominated in yuan; if you have an open timeline and preferably offshore”

                    Great advice for another currency that’s headed for the POS/worthless recycle bin of history. 😉

                    • Rodster says:

                      “Beat me to it, lol.”

                      My comment appeared before yours because Mac now “moderates” all my comments.

                      Apparently I’m too politically incorrect to be allowed a free pass on his site.

                    • Rodster: Yes all fiat currencies eventually fail and so will the dollar and so will the Yuan.

                      Take advantage of the fact that gold and silver are valuable commodities in which you can hold your real wealth, while using fiat to pay bills. This gives you an advantage over the Sheeple.

                      Render unto Caesar fiat. Keep your gold and silver. 🙂

                • The Chinese have learned the benefit of bribery. Ask the Clinton’s and Reid’s. They will no doubt get to the Western bankers.

            • Start living poor and get used to it. This is the time to start the adjustment.

              • Wise words Snak.

              • Boy Howdy you got that straight, but I have been living “poor” for some years now can someone tell me how to live “poorer”. Several weeks ago a family member came into our home, this person had not been there in a few years and kind of looked around and said “what’s the rack for?” my answer “drying my wash” they just shook their head & that along with a few other comments about my wood stove, I later heard from the family grapevine how bad my visitor felt because we had to live that way we must be really poor. Hello! we live the way we do economically because we need and want to so when the “time” comes we will be among the survivors hopefully. I told the rest of my family they needed to get used to it the one that left here will never adjust and yes, I feel sorry for them and everyone else like them some will never learn.

              • I agree with you Anti Snak.

            • Coming home are the printed trillions. The more you have the less its worth. We’ll all be billionaires soon. At least it will keep us warm!

          • The USD, Yuan, Euro, Yen, IMF SDR etc are all Fiat currencies. They will all suffer the same fate.

          • Learn or upgrade skills that will be of value. What comes to mind is knowing how to repair things. For examples, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, small engine repairs, motorcycle and bicycle repairs, vehicle maintenance and minor repairs.

            As Maddog says the inflation will be coming home to the US. Purchasing goods now might be a good investment. Things such as spare parts, or gardening equipment, off grid living stuff such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries.

        • Nah… that’s just fear based blather to scare you right into the arms of the next paradigm. What’s in store is more of the same but under the guise of the BRICS bank… see things will get so bad here you’ll reach out for it .. more false choices are being presented.

      2. “Obama administration has put pressure on allies not to participate…”

        Sure he has. Probably asked the UN to help them.


        Thanks for the heads up Mac.

        • Well, if that doesn’t work, there’s always NATO…

      3. I truly believe America is going to get to the point that it will no longer have many allies. We can’t keep forcing others into a corner. Eventually the one in the corner fights it’s way out and will expose your weaknesses.

        • I truly believe America is going to end up a broken country and not be of all that much importance as a sovereign nation in the new order.

          Remember that there was a time when “the sun never set on the British Empire” but it is only a small nation today with little influence in the world by itself. Remember also that things happen much, much faster in today’s world than they did 200 years ago, with months now replacing years as a time scale.

          I also believe this is by intentional design, not incompetence, on the part of our leaders.

          • Remember that as stated in the NWO manifesto, there will be no sovereignty for any nation. The goal is for the banksters to dominate the entire world, without respect to country or sovereignty. I believe the elites have been led to think the U.S. will have some special place in the NWO. They believe wrong. We will be broken and enslaved, just like everybody else.

            The NWO must no succeed. At any cost.

        • because it has many now?

          dont confuse the word allies with dependents.

          once russia and china get everything settled with their new currency system…there’s gonna be some significant changes.

          if the western world are smart enough to jump on board instead of causing/enticing shit, it might actually be beneficial…but since the usa are stubborn and want to control everything that happens…they’ll find themselves isolated within their own small world.

          • ABSOLUTELY!

      4. who opened the door to China in 1973 for Richard Nixon? Oh yes….George Bush Sr. The same year Dick closed the gold window and solidified the petrodollar Ponzi Scheme with the house of Saud.

        China’s top 8 wealthiest families of today have been on the take since the 1973 deal was done. Their ancestors were responsible for Mao’s experiments that murdered millions….

        China’s ascendence is more or less planned.

      5. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship they run for the life rafts (or anything that will float).
        The question is: Where will that leave us?
        On the outside looking in and sinking fast. Just another sign (among the many) our economy is in total collapse, no matter what CNN tells you.
        Precious little time left to prepare, see how at:

      6. I am sorry, but with the blatant lack of action within our Congress to stop the resident White House madman, and his evil Iranian witch, in addition to the lawlessness and secrecy of our own “government” and its minions and henchmen, there is NO doubt in my mind that there is a concerted effort to take America to the ground and extinct anybody of Western European ethnicity.

        The fools in Congress think they have this tiger by the tail, and they obviously hope to gain financially by their apathy…what complete and utter stupidity.

        • PWYP-It’s a big club and they ‘think’ they’re in it.

      7. The RUG is starting to move for real now so sit down and hold on, this ride will be like nothing you have ever experienced!

      8. Once the dollar is dropped as the world reserve currency it will be the end of the American sheeple. Exporting dollars allowed the US to export inflation. Once Americans are forced to bare the true inflation of the dollar by Fed printing (i.e. QE) its value will be represented in reality, nothing. Shit paper will be worth more by weight. The sheeple will soon be living in a turd world country.

      9. What is seriously going to be karma: Chinese, as a rule, absolutely detest blacks. Talk to a Chinese person and ask them how their culture feels about Africans. After they stop laughing, they might tell you.

        • Really good point! What is coming WILL have a hierarchy attached to it and some groups are not going to do well in that hierarchy. A little history first: a couple decades ago the real power behind the US gave up on the US being the future. Disgusted with the changes to the population and the corruption of the politicians, quietly this force forged an alliance with China and various Asian countries. They saw the writing on the wall and how much of the West was degenerating into a cesspool of welfare junkies, many of whom were from groups with very low IQs.

          While China’s economy is not perfect and has the same bubbles as the West there is a big difference between China and the US: China is investing in the right things – modern infrastructure, education, health, and control. It is this that will ensure China is the leader for the next phase of globalization.

          And finally, the hierarchy seen through Chinese eyes: Han Chinese are number one and will be the leaders, next come other Chinese ethnic groups (Mongols etc.), after that it is white Europeans and other Asians, then Latin Americans, then the various other island peoples, and, at the bottom, well, you can guess. It is important to keep this in mind because this is how they view the world and it colors their actions.

      10. Just finished reading a couple of books by Alexander Dugin. In case you don’t know who he is, Dugin is the “brains” behind Putin’s rise and Eurasian policy.

        As far back as 2004 Dugin outlines a war in Ukraine so Russia can secure it, and a three pronged Superpower alliance. Russia controls Europe, Iran the Middle East, and China Asia.

        This is done through propaganda, economic warfare, and real warfare when needed.

        The next step is to box the U.S. in, (containment) like we did to the USSR. This is already in the works in Central/South America as Russia/China has bases planned for Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

        Nice work Barry! You’re either a Traitor or an Idiot!

        • I say idiot.

          unless obama is going to assume the position of president for life, which is just a economic collapse and/or world war away; he’s going to want to live the high life.

          He’s giving up that opportunity.

          Why the real money powers in the usa didn’t put him in timeout, i dont know; it’s a done deal now; just a matter of time before the dollar isnt the world currency anymore and that’s going to make serfs out of the entire country; every one of us, obama included; owes the world tens of trillions.

          • He is one president that will be as much a target after his presidency as during, people are tired of supporting these wannabe dictators.
            Bush is just about as bad but at least he appeared to love our country, barry not so much.
            I definitely wouldnt want to be him.

        • Them Hogs, You really missed the reality boat there, buddy. It is THE WEST that is trying hard to box RUSSIA in, using Ukraine as the catalyst. This is done through propaganda, economic warfare, and real warfare when needed. Please read up on current events and use some objectivity (think for yourself), rather than regurgitate MSM blathering.

          You’re starting to sound a little like a govt shill here, sorry.

      11. Germany, France and as much as the remainder of Europe are tired of being bullied into carrying the US’s water. Those countries who joined in with China’s Bank just flipped Burrheaded Boy Wonderless the “bird”.

      12. A little off topic; The way I see what Putin just pulled off is this. He knows in a relative short time the world’s economy is going to collapse, and history shows what that leads to WORLD WAR, so he’s preparing Russia to come out on top after the smoke clears. The fly in the ointment is there just may not be a world after the smoke clears. But he is going to give the Russians the best shot at coming out on the other side on top as he see fit.

      13. Just my opinion, but it seems as if Governments are choosing up sides for a World War?

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • Doesn’t it also show that the rest of the world isn’t buying the western war rhetoric, that Russia is trying to dominate the world? If they believed that, they wouldn’t JOIN Russia and/or China. This should be a clue that we need to change the way we think about our govt.

          We are only as “exceptional” as the rest of the world allows us to think we are. Talk about a REALITY CHECK!

      14. Man am I glad that a friend of mine has a Chinese wife.
        For some odd reason she really likes me???
        I think I will ask for lessons on how to speak mandarin!

        • That would be useful, since our govt is selling off all of our resources to the Chinese.

      15. After O’bummer the Anti-Christ gets done with us we will all be speaking Mandarin Spanish with an Arabic accent!!!

        • ht tp://

          remove the space….

          Chinese professor…
          so now, they(Americans) work for us!!

      16. They just formed their own SWIFT: SOCIETY OF WORLD INTERBANK TELECOMMUNICATIONS. This means that the new global IMF bank that them and the Russians just formed will be able to transfer funds electronically, literally parallel and will no longer need the dollar as the world reserve currency..since I work in financial Services, I can tell you that this means the dollar is no longer being used and we will have a calapse by years end..this SWIFT system will kick in, guess when, September 2015..the month of the Seventh Schmetah..the cycle of Seven. Remember what the leasbian IMF bull dike Christine Lagarde mentioned when she made the speech about the cycles of seven..and get this, the Chinese have backed the yuan with gold..I just flushed some of ours right down the toilet a few mins ago, this is what the dollar is worth…once SWIFT kicks in, we will begin to see the Un tanks, hummers and all the wonderful UN, Russian and Chinese soldiers here to help us..i am sure that the Chinese in the Sierra madras of Mexico are looking forward to coming into Texas to show us how a shortage of women in China is not a good thing…get ready folks we will calapse, and this is a fact of life..the bastards have literally destroyed out Friking economy, and it was engineerd by the traitors in our own government and with the Russian and Chinese..go to Steve and listen to hawk on the survive to thrive show Thursday and friday, your get the just of how serious it’s really become..u will literally crap your pants and loose bladder control,while listening to him..what the hell do I know, I am just a stupid conspiracy nut job, who is paranoid and worries too much. Swift does not exist, the Russians and Chinese didn’t do that, it’s not real….the 1% who feed the 99% are here an they will make sure that the grocery stores are full of food, so kill having those kids ladies..i have read failure of Civility and Selcos..course..Get ready for SHTF.

        • You need to stop blaming the Russians and Chinese for our misdeeds. They don’t want to take us over, they just want us to mind our own business and get the hell out of the politics of their countries.

          OUR TYRANTS IN GOVT has bullied their countries for decades. OUR GOVT has forced themselves into the govts of half of the world by military might and economic “sanctions”. WE ARE THE TYRANTS here.

          THEY are simply tired of being occupied.

          They are tired of our regime changes to benefit ourselves.

          This line of thinking is going to continue, until either WE take a good look in the mirror, or the rest of the world puts a stop to it the hard way.

          Our fate is still in our hands, we just need to open our eyes and make some changes while we still can. Blaming the world for protecting themselves from us bullies is not helping.

      17. I have another meeting with my scientist friend to get the latest insider shtf info, will keep you all posted..juat to let you know before I forget, the cable has a parallel secret space program and is literally in contact with extra terrestrials..its all real..a rogue faction that does not like humans, this explains the population reduction program..

        • E. T. huh? Your spelling is terrible too.

          • Yeah……and apparently works in “financial Services” too!!!!

        • Quick… Wrap your head in extra thick silver foil. “Nanoo nanoo”

      18. Our country is done. We have resources but will give those away to stay afloat and pay debts. Then us renters get kicked out!

      19. DAMN!

        I thought I should have studied Mandarin.

      20. i view this as a very good thing for main-street amerikans.

        it’s time zog amerika was put in check.

        • —A heads-up to ‘Digs & POG’ & others, per a great video—

          Goto link below for real to why/how our Constitution/nation/soldiers(think family!!!) is/are being murdered for an agenda and profit.

          ..’tis a bit long (almost an hour), thus if you’re pressed for to 26~27mark and pay attention…if you’re up to speed on the subject only..

          ..otherwise, grab a six-pack..don the head-phones & start at the will ‘NOT’ regret doing so!!!!!!!!!!!!

          –(note: remove the space of course)–

          ht tps://

          • –addendum to above–

            Oops! Should be 26~27 minute mark….

            BTW…think of enemies, per foreign & domestic.


            • thanks H!

            • Thank you Hunter, watching it now as there is nuthin good on the ‘boob tube’ on tues nights!

              good factual science based factual evidence on 9/11 inside job, wtc twin towers and bldg 7 being deliberately ‘pulled’ with building demolition explosives for neo-con jew manipulated multi-billion dollar insurance fraud.

              • Christopher Bollyn 2015 “Solving 911 Ends the War”

                In the name of 9/11, “wars have been waged, governments overthrown, and an untold number of lives sacrificed.” Yet 9/11 is an unsolved crime of terrorism and mass murder, with no trial and no serious investigation. This elaborately planned criminal deception was carried out “with the intention that the public would be deceived with a false explanation blaming the atrocity on Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaida….”

                Christopher Bollyn states he has written “Solving 9-11: the Deception that Changed the World” because he could not remain indifferent and silent…”as the lies about 9/11 were used to wage wars of aggression and transform American into a police state.”

                An investigative journalist from Illinois, Bollyn sojourned in Europe and the Middle East before studying languages, history and journalism at UC Davis and Santa Cruz. His degree in history focused on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. He has written in-depth articles about the Middle East, electronic vote fraud, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the history and geo-political background of 9/11.

                In 2007, Bollyn and his family moved to Sweden when his research into 9/11 brought about his being attacked by undercover police and then charged with assaulting them. He began writing this book and has been touring in the US with the hope of raising the consciousness of the American public and exposing the true culprits.

                Readers of his book have said it is “the top-notch work of the 9/11 collection and …the work of a brave genius…information we can use to reformulate our worldview….gives me hope that truth and liberty can ultimately prevail.”


                • just finished the video

                  it left me very pissed off, i look forward to the day the zionist jews destroying once free now zionist enslaved zog amerika kick off a civil war on american streets.

                  payback is gonna be a bitch for the tribe.

                • Bollyn is just another limited hangout 9-11 truth pretender, meant to throw off the real truth of the 9-11 event. The fake truthers are serving their appointed masters, to defer the real truth from coming out. Much of the truth has been exposed, but the real perpetrators are all in on confusing the public of what to believe. Their survival depends on the lie. This present police state action is all about defending the lie at all costs. That’s how the people became the enemy. Truth is the only enemy to our enslavers.

            • Thanks for the video Hunter.

              There was several people throughout the subjects at SHTF who wanted names and faces and the connection to the world Zionist PTB.

              Your link supplies all that. So now, even with in-your-face proof; some still will not see.

              Glen Beck is shown in the presentation. Reason enough for his supporters to “say it isn’t so”.

              To all who want the truth….check it out.

      21. And the fair compromise for all bankers will be a one world currency. I hate to say it but I do not see any other way.

      22. It depends if “we the people” choose to bend over and be forced to speak Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic. A long time ago the people of America had what is called “spin” the back bone of society and therefor our countries direction and great achievement. We have been in the hiding and in the shadow, time to step up. Exceptional is irrelevant. America IS different.

      23. Quantum Machine worked on this plan fer a long time. And of course god blessed it, so it’s gonna be a big success! Yous can learns all about it if yous want…

      24. Hey moderator-guy. I does has a valid email address, but yer comment form says it ain’t required. So I thought that meant yous would publish it along with the NAME & COMMENT fields. Maybe yous should change the email field to say [Mail-not required / never published] so’s yer visitors will know.

        • Thanks – will try to make this update in the near future

          • Hey Mac… I’m getting the same message… Why????

            • You shouldn’t be getting any error messages or anything — and all email addresses are automatically kept private by the system – we just need to change up the verbiage to reflect the privacy issue.



      25. Wonderful, a Chinese reserve currency, controlled by a totalitarian communist government that murders it’s political enemies…… What could go wrong?

        • “Wonderful, an AMERICAN reserve currency, controlled by a totalitarian communist government that murders it’s political enemies……What could go wrong?”

          There, I updated it for ya!

      26. Changes in the wind? If it kicks our bankster overlords in their teeth … good. B-b-but there will be drastic changes in our society? Bring it.

        Someday people who govern themselves by individual liberty and private property will form a new society based on those principles. Which means the banksters have been swept into history’s dustbin. Also swept out, their bought and paid for suckups and those who live by stealing what others create.

        Until then, I’m more afraid of the “sir, yessir” thugs who will do whatever their bankster masters tell them to do than I am of Russia, China or a few thousand Islamics who want to run their lives their way.

        Unless we physically attack the first 2, they will happily sit on the sidelines to watch our society demolish itself. The third bunch may actively wish us ill (or more likely that we get the hell out of their nations and let them determine their own fate) but they don’t have the coercive muscle to harm us that the USG has.

        • All we need to do when SHTF is sit back with popcorn and let these Black Panther guys, the PTB, the FSA, and the UN and the mexican drug cartels and gangs kill eachother off then after the dust starts settling move on their depleated asses

          • the neo.con zio.jews nwo plan to do that very same thing.

          • That won’t end well. The bigger danger would be gang warfare breaking out. All the government would have to do is stand back, cordon off various neighborhoods and let them finish each other off. This already happens in Africa.

          • brother from a different mother , what you said KFarmer sounds like it could have come from my mouth

            • I hope these folks realize that guys like me are not their enemy, we share a common enemy and those who would bring them down would also do the same to us, it has nothing to do with the color of our skin,

        • bring it. Can’t kill them unless they threaten you anyway so bring it.

          Besides, they will slaughter each other in their housing projects and ghettos like rabid animals….it’s their nature.

          • They are called a ‘minority group’ for a reason: they still do not have the numbers on their side. The only thing that protects them is the government and the police. As an example, in London they went on the riot for four days, looting, burning, raping, attacking and killing. The police did nothing and stood down because they were afraid of the lawyers and the politicians. What stopped the mayhem wasn’t the police but the general public. Other gangs in the city mobilized because they were not going to let their businesses get destroyed.

            If it went on for another day or two you would have seen some bad-ass mess on the streets because the fight back would have been vicious. I can only imagine the same in the US: I do not think Mexican drug gangs are going to take much lip from the Panthers, and they outnumber them many times over. Then throw in the Koreans, Russian/Eastern Europeans (and they really are bad-ass and have zero respect for this community) etc.

        • Probably all carrying guns, Holder purchased for fast and furious.

      27. Keep wanting to arm every black man. You panthers are nothing more than violent criminal thugs, with your race war dream. When you come to my area, the armament you and your thugs will experience will make you pizz your pants. You people are nothing..but pure trouble. There is and old saying that’s been around for a century. Its called, “Don’t mess with Texas”. Come to Houston, get your Azz arrested by our local cops..try that here, it will fail. Your crap organization wants to arm every black man, but your president wants to disarm even white man. Keep dreaming, you ideots are really disconnected from Friking reality.

        • Did you call the KKK a bunch of criminal thugs who went around murdering innocent black people? During slavery, white people had majority if not all the weapons, and murdered over 100 million black people starting with The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. NOW black people have weapons! White people came to America and STOLE this land from the Moors and Indians;And slaughtered them as well.So as far as I am concerned a lot of white people are pure trouble because they have robbed,raped,stolen,and murdered people of color from different races and are still doing it today by injecting the African people with Ebola which was done by WHO, Bill Gates, and others. So when you know TRUE history you will see the Real trouble makers.

          • The REAL trouble makers have been dead for DECADES. I DID NOTHING TO THE MOORS OR THE INDIANS. Neither did my parents or their parents.

            Blame somebody else for our current affairs.

            • No,the trouble makers are still here Bush, Clinton, Rothschild’s, Bilderburgs,Skulls and Bones etc. Maybe you or your relatives didn’t do anything to the Moors or Indians but you or someone you know benefited.

              • Not too bloody likely.

          • Since you tout a devotion to ‘TRUE history’, it would be reasonable to think you would welcome a re-edJEW(K)ashen on the matter of who ACTUALLY ‘murdered over 100 million black people starting with The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

            Google: ‘jewish slave trade in america’


            It was entirely a ‘kosher’ affair, from the slaves, to the ships, to the finance, to the sugar and rum trade. The modern day diamond industry.

      28. The chickens have come home to roost

      29. Remember the movie ROLLER BALL ?

      30. ht tp://

        Well, s**t!!!

        remove the space in link

      31. Intel is pouring in over the last 24 hours of Coup in America?_Gordon Duff

        Headline for link above.

        • His list is incomplete and way too short but any threat will instigate continuation of government in order to sort out the factions, not the truth. Those factions would be oath keepers vs oath takers. Simple enough, but why?

        • ht tp://

      32. Sorry for fighting at your black panther party. These guys totally hate white folks they would never last around where I’m at. The blacks may intimidate the gov but not us folks my area is like 95 percent white to 5 percent black they would lose royally so. Have at it and that 5 percent will be eliminated altogether

        • Notice how the DOJ etc dont say a word about these guys

      33. Off topic the nomination of new attorney General lynch is gonna happen. I hear she want to take assets from people. How exactly can she do this I’m confused. The reason she will get in is because there are no other options for the job. If obola is choosing it def gonna be someone in line with the agenda. It sure seems to me that the blacks are trying to destroy the whites they gotta get is guy out of office he is so toxic. Can’t congress take action with a no confidence vote or something. There is this attitude that we can’t do nothing. I cannot accept this excuse. I just can’t wait till this is over. I knew when obumer took office we were totally screwed. I was right too.

      34. Ethnic warfare will surely be part of the survival scene. Wether you want it or not. Peace and love.

        • Only natural. Your ‘skin’ will be your uniform. Race, like nation, is a mere extension of the primordial driving impulse of family. The contrived and artificial meme of ‘Kumbaya’ over previous decades will flash-ignite, like the destructive agenda social science toilet paper it was, in such a conflict.

      35. The mamasans in Vietnam knew who the enemy was. “Beaucoup dinky dow” to the U.S. invasion that killed millions of Asians and 60,000 American troops all for nothing, except to continue the insanity of killing strangers worldwide to this day. That’s some powerful propaganda going on today to keep it going. Don’t remind me they say, while their freedom is dissolved piecemeal with hardly a whimper, more like a shrug.

      36. The Chinese yuan as a global reserve currency.

        Just when you thought it was only Jewish bankers you needed to be afraid off.

      37. NOW you can start engraving the six images of US currency on the granite tombstone with the DoD 2015.

        THIS IS IT!

      38. i was reading an article titled like this today..”Why Hillary Clinton won’t be wearing pantsuits in 2016″

        I was hoping to read that the reason will be, because she will be wearing an ORANGE JUMP SUIT!!!!

        • Dream on bud,
          These criminals will keep goinguntil they are eradicated with extreme malice

      39. The problem was too big to fail and too powerful to jail resisting the need to financially evolve. That was clearly an abuse of power that unleashed a torrent of thievery during a time of whitewashed bankruptcy.
        The East is saying we will have none of that. A bankrupt must admit they are a bankrupt before they can turn themselves around and they see no evidence of that.
        The World is learning how to maneuver through the corruption. In the race between economic collapse in the west and the initiation of conflict to hide those that cause it. A third horse has appeared and Evolution now leads by a nose strengthened by a shot of integrity. This has caused the others to stumble in fear as they should. The East still prosecutes financial corruption. Another sound principle that is making this whole idea strangely appealing to me.
        “What is that, I have never seen that? It is called integrity my son. Something not seen in a long time and that is why you did not recognize it. It contains a warming glow doesn’t it? Quite different than the chill of corruption and the darkness of greed. But its made in China Dad. I prefer made in America too son but that didn’t happen. They Ron Pauled some folks here. Ahhhhh so Dad, I see. Now you’re learning son”.

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