Americans Face Impoverishing War on Cash: “More Big Banks Are Shunning Cash”

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 92 comments

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    This article was written by J.D. Heyes and originally published at Natural

    Editor’s Comment: Only in the bizarro-world controlled by the banksters would cash money become a liability and pseudo-criminalized form of payment (which is actually an instrument of debt).

    But as SHTF has covered at length, the big banks are much more interesting in having everyone under their control, and on watch through the cashless control surveillance grid.

    WAR ON CASH: Banks to start charging for cash deposits

    by J.D. Heyes

    Few could have envisioned it even just a few years ago, but it’s happening now, and on an ever-widening scale. More big U.S. banks are shunning cash, because the banking system has become so dependent on other “assets” that large cash deposits actually pose a threat to their financial health, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    State Street Corporation, a Boston-based institution that manages assets for institutional investors, has, for the first time, begun charging some customers for making large cash deposits, according to people familiar with the development.

    And the largest U.S. bank in terms of assets — JP Morgan Chase & Co. — has dramatically cut “unwanted” deposits to the tune of $150 billion this year alone, in part by charging customers fees.

    What gives? What kind of world do we live in when banks no longer want cash?

    As the WSJ reported:

    “The developments underscore a deepening conflict over cash. Many businesses have large sums on hand and opportunities to profitably invest it appear scarce. But banks don’t want certain kinds of cash either, judging it costly to keep, and some are imposing fees after jawboning customers to move it.”

    As usual, the problem originated largely in Washington, D.C.

    Criminalizing cash?

    The paper said the banks’ actions are being driven by low interest rates (set by the Fed) that eat into profits, as well as “regulations adopted since the financial crisis to gird banks against funding disruptions,” adding in a separate report that a number of large financial institutions have become more dependent on buying and selling stocks, bonds and commodities like oil.

    The latest round of fees for large deposits stems from regulators’ deeming them risky. They are sometimes dubbed hot-money deposits that analysts believe is likely to flee quickly in a crisis (think runs on Greek banks recently, which the government eventually curbed).

    Agreed upon a year ago in September and managed by the Federal Reserve and other regulators, the rule covering liquidity coverage ratios forces banks and financial institutions to retain high-quality liquid assets — like central bank reserves and government debt — to cover anticipated deposit losses over a 30-day period (creative way for the federal government to continue financing its overspending — by forcing private banks now to hold government debt). Under the rules, banks are required to retain up to 40 percent against certain corporate deposits and as high as 100 percent against some hedge fund deposits, WSJ reported.

    “At some point you wonder whether there will be a shortage of financial institutions willing to take on these balances,” Kelli Moll, head of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP’s hedge-fund practice in New York, told the paper.

    Moll added that the subject of where to actually put cash has become something of an interesting conversation as hedge funds are turned away by the traditional banking sector.

    Dodd-Frank is to the financial industry what Obamacare is to health care

    WSJ further explained the phenomenon and fallout:

    “Jerome Schneider, head of Pacific Investment Management Co.’s short-term and funding desk, which advises corporate and institutional clients, said that as a result of the bank actions, he and his customers have discussed as cash alternatives boosting investments in U.S. Treasury bonds, ultrashort-duration bond funds and money-market funds.”

    “Clients have been put on warning,” Schneider said, when it comes to cash.

    The rules essentially criminalizing large depositors of cash stem from the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial “reform” law — a “reform” that did to the banking industry what Obamacare has done to the health care industry.

    The law’s two primary authors — Democrats Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, both of whom are now out of Congress — were also backers of Clinton-era housing rules said by experts to have caused the 2008 financial crisis. So, in essence, Dodd-Frank is punishing banks for rules that the two of them (along with most other Democrats and too many Republicans — and Bill Clinton’s signature on the legislation) actually caused.

    In the meantime, there appears to be no end to the federal government’s meddling in both the financial industry and just about every other facet of American life.

    Causing more problems than it solves — that’s a classic congressional move.



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      1. So much for the saying “Cash is king”. Soon to follow is the Mark of the Beast system.

        • 10$ in #10s…

          • Don’t forget a #10 filled with change. If the electronic system ever fails, and cash is all that works, expect stores to never have enough change on hand, also don’t forget a good bundle of fives and singles in that can!

            In hyper inflation the melt value of coins will quickly exceed their face value. This will never be true of paper money!

            Of coins in circulation only pre 1982 copper pennies are worth more than face value, nickels are the next most valuable.

            • @Plan twice, prep once:

              What up DK???

              • YMWW: What’s up ? The Hedge Fund Managers, Pension Fund Money Managers, and Uber Rich (like Soros & Buffett) whose costs of funds have been subsidized by small depositors, are now paying for the costs to keep secure, protect, and account for the transfer of large sums on a daily basis.

                Banks cannot depend upon those “time” deposits for any length of time therefore they cannot invest them at a profit to the bank, because the BIG depositor may want their funds at any moment.

                It seems reasonable to me for a bank to charge some sort of service fee to these large customers for keeping, securing, transferring, and accounting for their cash for them.

                If you owned a rental house and employed a property manager to lease and account for your rent receipts you would pay the property manager a property management fee. If you paid an insurance company to cover your rental with an insurance policy, its a form of protection.

                The BIG BANKS are just charging a management fee to their BIGGEST customers for the services they are providing to them; the costs of which would otherwise (and likely have) fall upon small depositors. That’s all.

                They still want you to park YOUR cash in their banks, an unsecured liability as it is under the new rules. 🙁

                • Cataulan Makes sense to me

                • Negative interest rates are the next big thing….no matter the balance they’ll charge you to hold it .

              • While you guys are worried about toilet paper, has anyone noticed there have been more than 20 false flag “mass shootings” reported, that’s just what I found on one page of one web site. While you’re worrying about confetti, the gun grabbers are rolling in the hay with glee.

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://


                  • sixpack: Real people have been killed in some of those shootings I am sure, including a shooting at Northern Arizona University, last month, which was not included in that list.

                    The tip off for a genuine false flag is when the records are sealed because the facts do not fit the official narrative. ie JFK, 911, and Sandy Hook. FYI 🙁

            • I got a 1960 quarter in change yesterday, I wonder where it’s been hiding? Last time maybe 15 year ago. No debt, no interest paid or received from a bank. Cash is still king with my household.

              “but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.” Mark 4

              For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

              • With that luck you should probably buy a lotto ticket. 🙂

          • I keep seeing $10 in #10 cans. What is the reason to keep your cash in $10 denominations in #10 cans?

            • $10 in #10

              Sage advice from long time contributor, Mushroom.

              R.I.P. Mush ….(tips glass).

              Remember….if you don’t hold it, you don’t have it.

              Be safe…..BA.

            • It’s part joke part serious.

              Long term food is often sold in #10 cans, so a preppers basement may have racks filled with them. If you wanted to hide something of value you could put it in an empty #10 and put it on a shelf, a bit like hiding a book in a library. If you have a safe in your house you might want to put $500 in it to make a thief happy and go away while your other 2K is in a can in plain sight!

              In a SHTF situation, credit cards likely won’t work, cash always works, and ten dollar bills spend easily and draw little attention. A wad of fifties or hundreds could draw attention and get you killed. Additionally people may not be able to make change or detect counterfeit bills, so large bills may simply become unacceptable.

              • Exactly, but 5’s and twenties will work too. Throw your change into a big jar every night. Those pennies will be like dollars under hyper-inflation, and given the attraction between copper and pork farmers in China, you will always have a trade.

                Don’t tell them they are mostly zinc. 🙂

        • Mark of the Beast is the same as the Six Sided Star.

          • Take your hate somewhere else – please.

            • Nice thought anon, but it won’t happen. He’s all jews fault all the time, it’s the only thing he lives for.

            • Truth is not Hate.

          • Careful, or you’ll cause them to cry 6 billion tears and call you names.

            • Maybe, but at least they won’t be gutless cowards who have to hide behind ” anonymous”. You can’t get any lower form of life than that, even the creatures propelled by their own slime are higher on the scale than ” anonymous” ever could be.

            • Anon, you know nobody here is PC, so why do you keep trying to censor people here? Move along, sonny.

              • We shall never be the slaves to Jew and master Mao.

        • Obama is the King! Show him some respect and bow to him!

          • GB, fuck you. No Obama supporters here so move along.

        • In 2 words.

          “Credit Union”

          • screw credit unions

            i bank at one and its a hell hole

            they flat refused to give me a large amount of money i had kept there for a couple of years

            even to the point of having local law enforcement come to the branch and attempt to arrest me
            when i asked what were the charges i was told an attempt at money laundering

            even the LEO thought it was bull and returned my gun and said he was sorry

            they claimed by taking out my money i was involved in Money laundering and prostitution etc and also drugs

            lucky me i had my gun in my vehicle and had a copy of the check return and receipt from the property i had sold ( land ) and a dated certified letter sending me the check

            45 grand is more then enough to trigger all kinds of crap including a form from home land security

            i had the Credit union manager arrested and she will be going to court over this but you can bet she will be protected by some BS

            she did tell the officer who cited her that homeland now requires a form be filled out over any amount of 20 grand

            such as who gave it too you what it will be used for etc etc

      2. Just say no to the bank. If they don’t want my cash screw them and go somewhere else or keep my cash and just send money orders. The banks can just go by-by!

        Do unto them before they do unto you!!!!!!

        • Its not like the banks pay you a decent interest rate,
          For myself, being that cash is usually tough to come by, when i do get a bunch together it goes into tools or equipment, i know i can get a better return on the investment than sticking it in a bank,
          I would not be at all surprised if we saw inflation start climbing, another reason for tangibles, depending on where one lives there will always be a market for skilled tradesman and agricultural production, so while not fool proof i feel pretty safe dabbling in both areas, be it growing veggies or welding fabrication or wood working.
          But anything can happen i suppose.

          • Banks no longer need deposits since they can create money with a few keystroke at near zero interest rate.

            Citizen deposits in banks are now considered unsecured loans, so you deposit in a bank now shows up as a greater liability than a loan! Yes, the business model for the banking was broken in 2008. It is unlikely it will ever return to any resemblance of how it used to operate.

            The current banking system is a house of cards. Banks have borrowed billions and invested it in the markets to stay profitable. If the market goes down they still need to pay back the FED, but they will only have your deposits to do so with.

            When banks go bankrupt! It’s going to be ugly.

            • Plan twice, prep once says:

              “Banks no longer need deposits since they can create money with a few keystroke at near zero interest rate.”

              And this is what you reap with Central Banking and a Fiat currency. Collapse… preceded by massive counterfeiting, debt, and corruption. Why do you think they (those you vote for) created “Heimatschutz” (Homeland Security)? Clue… it has nothing to do with keeping you safe from towelheads hiding in caves in Afghanistan!

              “If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning…” ~ Andrew Jackson, 1834

              • The warehouse industry does not make real money storing goods for people and charging by the square foot. They make their money by moving goods. Every time goods move or change hands they charge for loading, unloading and transferring goods. That’s where the real money is.

                Banking industry has a similar function and profit center. They make very little off the money they store for you or me, they make more by charging fees to move money. Transaction fees and lending are their major profit centers now. Money you give them on deposit costs to insure, store and once on deposit they have to pay to move distribute and lend. They’d much rather you as a customer were just in debt to them! Your paycheck would come in and they’d get to charge while you pay it all out to your debtors.

                • durangokidd said:

                  “Your paycheck would come in and they’d get to charge while you pay it all out to your debtors.”

                  LMAO… You need to get a life DK!!!

                  • LMFAO!!! 🙂 That’s not me shit-for- brains, but keep looking !!!

        • Sarge, Exactly. If even 50% of the people to close their accounts at the big banks such causes the big banks be drastically damaged and simply go to hell where they belong.

          Rest assure the legislators as their puppets will pass some laws to criminalize such actions but the question is at what point we the people become the “High Moral Criminals” to commit the needed crime in order save our lives.

        • Sounds as though it is time WE THE PEOPLE establish an INDEPENDENT Bank.

          • Indeed Rodney but first we the people need to destroy the empire of crime AKA the Rotchchild cartel.

            • Yes stolz, you’ve been doing such a brilliant job of destroying the empire by pissing and moaning about it here for the last few years. Yes, I can see it’s having a real devastating effect on those old Rothchilds and their cartel. Who would have ever guessed you could bring down such a powerful cartel by simply bitching continually about it on internet chat rooms? Well done soldier, you’ve really done your part to make the internet safe for armchair warriors everywhere.

      3. I was just thinking about this article, and Maybe just Maybe the banks know something we don’t, or we didn’t think of.

        Here is where I’m coming from. The Fed has printed so many dollars that the banks know that they are worth nothing. They are nothing more that colored T.P. We all know why they don’t make colored T.P, because it is hard on you butt.

        Time to buy your Gold and silver!!!!


      4. I suppose ordinary Americans are holding on to their cash not trusting the banks. Those bankers wouldn’t like me, never owned a credit card and pay all bills with free money orders. I’d like to put some needle sharp Florida sandspurs in their money drawer.

        • Where do you get free money orders?

        • Free money orders? Do tell….

      5. I predict that in the future. Bankers, Lawyers and Politicians will disappear from the earth. The Rich will become an endangered species.

        We have seen what these types of people have done. We continue to see what they are,”Doing To Us”. Unfortunate that the children of today will not experience what the older generation experience. Hardship but life was stable. I consider the leaders of today to be Thieves, Shisters and Carnival Barkers that prey on people by using a righteous façade that covers a black interior. You can’t trust your neighbor, the Food quality, the products you purchased. In some cases, your family. Where does that leave us as a nation?

        • The biggest problem with that outlook is by world wide standards most Americans are wealthy. Theres a whole lot of real poor people out there.

          • Kulafarmer

            That is true. American standard of living is very high.
            Why is it so high? It had room to grow without intervention. Now there are laws that were not on the books 100 years ago. Government control is horrendous.
            Have to remember Governments Kill People. A lot of them too. In more ways than one.

            I have seen the people overseas living in culverts and shanty homes. Cooking on campfires. The culverts were stacked two layers and as I rode by I could see people in every one of them. Like the Olympic Rings Symbol,only longer.
            Sights like that are here in the USA only hidden from sight.

            • slingshot

              Roughly every 35 years or so Europe fought (1871 -1914 – 1939) destroying infrastructure holding them back as resources were shifted repeatedly to rebuilding. WWII was extremely destructive and the US walked away untouched with great technological advancements with the industrial capacity to use it. Holding 90+ % of the worlds gold, oil exporter, food exporter…….we held all the aces for the next 25 years.

              • But then we let Democrats run the show. Now we are screwed.

                • Over here the democrats bus all the philipino hotel workers to the polls and give them plate lunch dinners after, they give them a sample ballot showing them how to vote, all in the name of preserving their union.
                  Politics and politicians suck

                  • I worked at Mauna Loa Macnut factory for a while. What struck me was the Philippine “Tribal” mantra. Everyone was related, or went to Hilo High together, except the old white man(me). I was at the highest level of technical employee (as a retired engineer it was a joke to watch these guys blow stuff up at 3 phase 460 VAC). The union sucked. The guys were scared of the government. I offered to help one guy that got a nastygram for too many vehicles on his property. He may be a citizen, but sure didn’t learn his civics.
                    He took two weeks off to clean the place up. I would have just wrote a letter and made some phone calls.

          • Kula, in the urban areas you’ll see homelessness but you’ll see more wealthier folks so the poverty is being masked. However taking a trip to the rural areas you’ll see poverty at its max. The controlled media won’t show it.

            Also note that unless you are extremely wealthy, many perceived wealth is on borrowed money and such folks will end up in poverty in a heart beat due to any sudden event.

      6. I will open a bank and take cash. I remember the times when people wouldn’t take cash from a person they believed to get through drugs or some other criminal way boy those days have passed. Dirty $ it was called. Now $ is $ and it’s none of anyone’s business how its acquired. Cash is legal tender period they have to take it . If not I would leave that bank with my$. I agree kula with you on getting tools or equipment this stuff is going to go up in cost so get it now. I need a cordless drill I don’t have one I use a plug in craftsman and got a porter cable skill saw. Made a door for my greenhouse and a ramp for my shed the same day. Both came out excellent. Cordless drills are nice when you need to drive a screw or drill a hole once or twice. The plug in one is better for bigger jobs. I’m a big believer in tool ability. I feel tools make it all possible. My potting shed greenhouse has polycarbonate clear panels on the roof sloped in one direction so I wanna put somekind of gutter and rain collection system to have water for the garden which is down slope from the greenhouse maybe install some kind of irrigation to the garden. I keep leftover scraps and pipe pieces from jobs that we did around here. I have enough stuff to build this for almost free. Just need some fittings from plumbing dept at depot or lowes. I tell you self reliant property takes time to build its not an overnight thing. Been building my homestead since I got here. I enjoy doing this and it gives me a sense of independence. It’s a lot of work people don’t wanna do anymore.

      7. The banks are afraid to lend so they don’t want large deposits.

        Banks practice fractional reserve lending so a $100 could justify $1000 in new lending.

      8. They got bailed out the last round and they have been devising ways to cover their asses in the next round. Like the rule they made that the money you have in the bank doesn’t really belong to you.

      9. Simple answer. TL 30×6. Why use their vault when you can use your own. It’s not yours unless you can touch it at 2am anyway.

      10. WE THE PEOPLE, in order to facilitate a NON-Centralized “People’s Bank” shall herein enact the order of County-by-county, State-by-State, secure facility for the accumulation of FRN’s for ZERO INTEREST Loans to the People, and accept DONATIONS of FRN’s through, from, and FOR all Religio-Centric redistribution facilities to enable the United States Citizens to receive “Gifts” of One Million Dollars Each, thus enabling the Medicinal, and Recreational Marijuana facilities to transfer CASH back into society, Increasing the Forward Momentum of MONEY, and reinvigorating the American Society at large.

      11. This does not make any sense. Cash deposits are no different than digital money transfers, or payroll deposits in the banks. All are the dollars. Put a run on the banks that have no cash on hand, then that IS a problem!

      12. This is the funniest post yet. The banks don’t want large deposits of cash.

        I will take cash off their hands. No amount is too large.

        I am broke but even a can of Bushes Beans is better than nothing. So off to the bank, so I can stock up. Happy Holoween. Need to buy candy for the kids. Sugar is a killer. Diabetis and Cancer. But then kids are a pain in the ass so why not help them to an early grave. Cherio!

        • The kids don’t make it to my road. I haven’t seen any in my area on Halloween for over 10 years.

          We bought some candy, but it was just about gone by yesterday.

      13. I think they printed up so much cash bills that the banks don’t have room for it all.

        • Everyone get all the preps you can with cash while you still can. Get your money out of the bank. Do like I do and buy a safe and keep your money in that at home. I only keep enough in the bank to cover two bills and for some online shopping. The rest is in my safe for preps and/or a rainy day. My prepping with cash will continue until……

      14. Almost everything Hitler’s National Socialists (Nazis) wanted has been accomplished

        I’ll bet the mothers of these fascists must be proud.


        • Doctor told me today that my dear mom is dying… Cancer of the liver.

          4-14 months.

          She looks like shit.

          • Sorry to hear that.

          • Agent:

            Sorry about your mother. It may not be hopeless. Use your computer to find an alternative health professional. I know people who have had good outcomes. Did you know that when he died of other causes, Steve Jobs was Cancer free. He had pancreatic cancer. There is a web site called “The truth about Several alternative therapies, one in Mexico has been around a long time. Gershen ??spelling. Guy in Texas doing some new more technically oriented. Doesn’t sound like there is much time. But if you act quickly, maybe there’s a chance. I hope so. In any case. Life has a beginning and an end for all of us. Blessings on you and your mom.

            • Thank you very much B from CA and Rorinon.

              I’ll talk to my mom about alternatives.

              I’m afraid she’s given up though.

              The morphine is making her very drowsy.

              Thank you once again… Good people.

      15. The USD is so worthless that now even the banks don’t want it, LOL. Too funny.

      16. Soon as in Zimbabwe they’ll be asking us not to use cash as toilet paper because it clogs up the sewers

      17. “Your cash ain’t nothin’ but trash…”

        • “… so it ain’t no need in your hangin’ around.”

          Good one by the Clovers from 1954.

      18. Eventually we will be rewired to use the banking system and pay for the privilege of it, with no cash left available as legal tender.

        Sweden is doing this now and is setting the format for the rest of the world to follow as they work the kinks out of it.

        Any cash you still have as this is instituted will be about as useful to you as Confederate money is and any large last minute transfers of cash into the system to avoid it becoming worthless will be a cause for investigating you.

        • Sweden is now the “closest country to becoming an all-electronic cashless society.”

          “If you use too much cash, banks will call the police. Swedish banks have started removing cash ATM’s in rural areas.”

          “the rule of thumb is if you have to pay in cash, something is wrong.”

          Time to keep your cash in the microwave.
          The Crux dot com

      19. The Petro Dollar is coming to bite us in the ass.
        in 1970″s Nixon & Kissinger devised a plan to get Saudi Arabia to sell their Oil in US Dollars only in exchange for protection of their oil fields and their interests and to sell them all of our latest & Greatest Military Hardware.
        America’s Printing presses were working overtime to create enough American Dollars to keep up with the Demand for them as Saudia Arabia & Opec had cornered the Market on the Sale of oil. Most of those Dollars are making their way back here as of late and devaluating our currency. As far as interests rates go the Fed knows all too well they had better not dare raise interest rates or this house of cards economy we have will come tumbling down.

      20. The local branch of Chase has removed the drive-through and is now remodeling the interior to accommodate machines. (So much for pitchforks and torches when the balloon goes up.) Because I had to go inside to make a deposit I told the teller “there’s a new Carl’s Jr. being built behind the grocery store” and waited for her response, then said, “funny thing is, there’s no drive through.” She thought for a moment and you could see the lights go on. What’s the point of keeping large cash on hand if in a few years they’ll just flip you off.

      21. I’m dirt poor and don’t give a shit. I get by.

        This computer in front of me is a good friends who helps me out.
        Nice tits too!

        You got true fiends when you ain’t got nothin’ to pay ’em back with.

        Fuckme… Betcha I’m the most broke person here ever.

      22. I work for a bank. Before anyone goes accusing me of being a “bankster” let me just say that I do not work in a financial aspect at all. I am in the facilities dept. I fix stuff when it breaks. And the bank I work for is not one of the big guys. Having said that, I am in a unique position to get information. Many of the new policies and initiatives go thru my dept as we are the ones who will physically implement things. I can tell you that many things have changed in the time I have been here, especially since the collapse in 2008.I am a believer and can pledge to all that if there is some sort of warning or alert that I get to safeguard the branches I service due to some upcoming event that is known only to financial institutions prior to it’s occurrence, I will do my best to pass that info along to all here.

        I can say that much has changed in the name of supposedly catching terrorists and this has amounted more to inconvenience to innocent people than to actually catching terrorists. I know that within 45 minutes of where I live there is a person of mid-east descent that has his own security force that routinely practices shooting on the property and has had helicopters land on the property. The Fed’s are supposedly keeping them under observation, but nothing else has been done…other than to make it far more difficult to open up a bank account for the rest of America.

        The “crisis” has been put to good use!

      23. I have a question. Two stores today refused my credit card using the strip.
        Lowe’s made me use the chip end sliding upside down, etc.
        At DG I had a choice and they didn’t pressure me, but said all stores are going to this new scanner.
        I only use a CC for bonus points that come in handy.
        No interest, paid in full when receive statement.
        Now, I called the company and the representative said it wasn’t a RFID chip, but a chip just the same.
        Would you still use it or discard it???

        I nuked it and destroyed it–so replacement is on the way.
        Cashless society?? Kiss my fat country ass.

        • Supposedly the chip cards provide extreme security that the magnetic strip ones don’t.

          Don’t know exactly how it works, but it generates a unique transaction code for each use or something that can’t be used again and is of no use if it is hacked by a thief.

          Or so I’ve been told.

          If that is true, it is probably a good thing at least as it currently is being used.

          • Anonymous..thanks for your response.

          • It seems that in Maryland the RFID chip is required to be in use for all credit and debit cards. I became aware of this new thing this past week while at work and conversing with colleagues where the topic happened to come up.

            Thought people might want to know how it stand in one state already.

      24. Fifth Third Bank charges a fee for depositing cash that is over a certain amount. They got me once.

        • 5th Third Bank only hires and is staffed with morons.

          Worst excuse for a bank I’ve seen in my 70 years.

      25. 24 bottles of white wine, mega pack of TP and paper towels, 6 coffee canisters, multiple of toothbrushes and huge bags of pecans. All complete consumables down to the last items. If the bank doesn’t want my cash, Sam’s does:)

      26. Just try having a decent amount of cash in a saving acct,they will drive you crazy trying to get
        You in a cd which pays nothing.If you need some cash for a big bill to do business such as farming etc. you do not want it tied up. Liquid cash in an account is part of an emergency fund everyone is supposed to have in case of job loss,health crises,bills etc. It’s none of their
        Business that you have it for that purpose! The banks have nothing to offer for a rate these days
        So no incentive to do it! 1/2-1 percent kiss off! If they go negative watch what happens Cause
        I think feet will start walking money out the door!

      27. “In hyper inflation the melt value of coins will quickly exceed their face value. This will never be true of paper money!”

        You seem to tink that our small change is made from copper, it’s not and the old copper coins are worth 2 X the face value when melted down and this is why it’s against the law to melt old coins down but most the old ones have been pulled from circulation.

        My silver coins will trade just fine with or without any banks but this is not a buy signal because the paper value on silver coins is still going down so wait a bit longer before jumping in.

        Only tax doggers use cash, i am a very good good tax dogger and will make sure i carry on using cash for now.

      28. In a former life (now retired) I was an IT bank manager. I was required to take a class in money laundering. In that class in 2002 I learned that government was going to eventually eliminate all cash so they could track everything. The class was taught by a liberal who had spent several years under the Clinton administration before coming back into business.
        I did not reveal my political leanings and at lunch asked the teacher what kinds of benefits a cashless society would bring. The teacher smiled and said “…well its just not stopping cash transactions for drugs it stops the whole underground economy. There would be no cash sales of guns between people, no more garage sales, flea markets, private cashing buying of art, food, building materials, etc…government would now be able to track all of these transactions and collect taxes on them…” Ahhhh so it was all about taxes…

      29. The government will try to do away with cash which they can’t trace. Debit/Credit cards will be easier to trace purchases and keep track of people. You could soon be issued a card that will hold the amount of your paycheck,social security,EBT and other sources of your income. But you will have to spend it all every month. No way to save and will boost the economy. this supposedly is the long term plan of our government. They will control your finances. I expect an underground economy based on barter.

      30. If and when I find out my bank is doing that, I’ll attempt move to another bank that doesn’t do that.

        • That works until there is no bank left that doesn’t do the same.

          Which can happen pretty quickly.

      31. We will start our own banks,it will happen! More of us than them…….

      32. Agent skinhead change her diet ASAP go organic fresh fruit , nuts ,lean meats ,juices,and change to butter.There is a lot of chemicals in our food supply try to get away from it. I’m
        Sure you have some idea what I’m talking about from being on this site. Good luck, you should
        See some improvement just from change in diet.Will keep her in our prayers and good thoughts
        The body can immediately use what it needs to try to heal itself……

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