“We Are Surrounded By a Nation of People Who Will Not Step Out of Their Perceived Reality”

by | Nov 3, 2012 | Charlie McGrath | 559 comments

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    We’re days out from a Presidential election whose outcome will determine the future of the United States – or will it?

    According to Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News, it’s too late to change the disastrous path we’re on, and it makes no difference at this point whether President Obama remains in the Oval Office or Mitt Romney takes the helm.

    Video (below) via SGT Report:

    We are surrounded by a nation of people that cannot and will not step out of their perceived reality. They have a normalcy bias and they’re hanging on to it to the bitter end.

    We can have a government, we can have a mainstream media that warns for a week, non-stop 24/7, “we’re going to have the worst storm in the history of the planet hit the east coast and affect 60 million people,” and we still have people in the largest city in the United States of America fighting for gasoline, pulling guns on one another, punching each other in the face over gasoline, diving into dumpsters for food, fighting for food… In the United States, in 2012, after a week-long warning that this monster storm was coming.

    Can you, for one second, imagine what is coming to the shores of this nation when we have a sovereign debt landmine explode, a credit freeze, and you have people from coast to coast who go to an ATM machine and it just doesn’t work?

    Or we fall 5000, 6000 points in a week on the Dow and everything they have, everything they think that’s safe, because they have a politician telling them so and a Federal Reserve chairman telling them ‘everything’s going to be just fine,’ is wiped out in this disaster.

    Can you imagine a Sandy, a Katrina, coast-to-coast? A 2008, far far deeper, far far worse, coast-to-coast… what this nation is going to look like?

    I commend the people who had the forethought to think about where we’re at and where we’re going.

    Understand that the best thing you can do now is to prepare for what’s coming.

    There is no recovery coming. It is mathematically impossible to pay the debt that we have.

    The trillion dollar deficit spending isn’t going anywhere… even with Mitt Romney, even with the savior from the Blue team, even with Ben Bernanke and his notions and big ideas to rescue the economy by printing more money and giving it to his bankster buddies.

    The deficits are going to continue. The pain is going to continue. the trigger is going to be tripped and we’re all going to go down the road together. We’re all going to go off this cliff together, regardless of who’s in this office.

    Forget about this election. I know that’s a hard thing to hear. It’s meaningless to you, because nothing is going to change.

    You can rest assured of this: We are heading for collapse. You have very little time to get mentally prepared, and then get physically prepared for it.


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      1. If it’s not an economic collapse it will be an environmental one…watch Louisiana!!!!

        • I live in a place where most people say they are conservative. Dont want more taxes or governmental intrusions into their personal lives or businesses. Yet every election there are tax increases and requests for grants from the federal government.

          For example, our school districts budget is 10 times what the county collects in ALL of the tax revenues that they collect every year. 10 times…
          They happily take money from Washington with strings attached spouting all the time that it isnt gonna cost us anything. Yet lately they are talking about how we need to save the schools. They need more money. This is common in all the governmental organizations in my county. They have grown fat and will soon need to pay the price. People wont put up with a 5% property tax let alone a 1000 percent property tax hike so it will be interesting what will happen.
          Most people are just conservative and small government in talk only. When the reality finally hits them of what they have done to their and their children’s future there will be hell to pay.

          • The real problem is that most people want the economy to be fixed but noone wants it to affect their current way of life.

            I feel that preppers understand what it would take to start reconstructing our economy in a safe manner but we all know that it will never happen because the sheeple are too obsessed with credit cards, namebrand products, and showing off their money. We as preppers know that we are in for one hell of a ride and so we prepare.

            • I explained the problem to my wife thusly.

              The government is like a business owner who’s the head of his house. The wife is like a powerful lobby group and the children like citizens.

              The family hits hard times and the father, thinking he might lose his family to another provider, starts putting daily needs on the credit card.

              Then the wife tells him “we need this and this and that, so just put it on the card and figure out how to pay it later”. He agrees, not wanting to be put in the dog-house.

              This becomes the norm and the wife and the kids become extremely spoiled. Meanwhile dad is maxing out the credit cards, remortgaging their house, and refinancing his business loans.

              But he doesn’t leave it there. In a desperate bid to remain solvent dad fudges some paperwork and gets credit cards and home loans under his kid’s names, using those funds to temporarily make the payments on his current debts.

              The ruse lasts for a while, but soon the money and the open line of credit runs dry. One day dad and the kids get home to find the locks have been changed. Through the window they see that their house has been cleaned out by the repo man. They turn back to their car to find it’s heading off down the street behind a tow truck. Dad gets a call from one of his employees. The family business has likewise been cleaned out by the repo man. They have no cash, having used only credit cards to get by, but those too have been frozen.

              Overnight they are destitute, with nothing more than the shirts on their backs.

              Dad knew the charade had to end sooner or later but denial had long since set in. The wife knew that things were bad but had no idea just how suddenly things would grind to a halt.
              The kids are simply shellshocked. With no warning their life has instantly disintergrated.

              Now try to imagine this scenario if it happened to everyone in the country at the same time…

              p.s. I could go into further detail about how dad, seeing the end, siphons out a huge chunk of funds to a swiss bank account and leaves his family on the street while he catches a flight to the Bahamas…

              • That’s where you have most people confused with folks like myself. This is not meant for OP just for many people a good chunk of his hypothetical scenario to his wife is a reality…

                I’m Self-employed, I have no debt, no credit cards, no home loan, no car note. I have a debit card, a 4br house, 2 trucks and an suv. That is not my debt because I never bought anything I didn’t pay for with cash.

                Credit is the whole problem with this country…
                People who think credit is normal have drink the cool-aid.

                No that house is not yours, do you have the deed?
                That car is not yours, do you have the title?

                People think because your an American you have the God given right to some credit. BS.. Get of the tit of America and stand on your own 2 feet…

                We need a collapse just to wake people the F- up!!!

                I been saying this election meant nothing. I’m glad someone else finally realized it…

                • @ GOkill…
                  I fully understand, agree and applaud you and your actions. I would wager that you’re “one in a thousand” who can make those claims of accomplishments. Sincerely I say: “Bully for you – job well done”.

                  However, unless you’re prepared for the nationwide ‘Katrina-Sandy S..t Storm’ that’s coming, you’re still not going to be any better off than the average joe-blow schmuck out there who didn’t prepare for ‘worse-case’ scenario’s.

                  Worse yet, even though you claim you owe no mortgage on your home and you have the ‘deed’ to your real-estate, try getting away with not paying the taxes on your property after the ‘dollar’ becomes worthless – gold or silver might (maybe, only maybe – depending on how the banksters decide to tell congress what new laws need to be passed) just save the day.

                  If however, gold (and possibly silver) becomes ‘illegal’ to own again (just as with FDR) and you have no means to pay your taxes, then, after a couple of years (even if it takes that long) the PTB will come and take it away from you – by force if necessary – and will probably resemble a horde of ‘zombies’ – they won’t even be grateful about it… they’ll just eat you alive….

                  Welcome to the new reality…

                • Whats wrong with people who handle credit responsibly..?
                  Not everyone is as fourtunate as you so obiviously are to be able to pay for everything needed in life with cash.

                • we have some of the same things,but my home is one bedroom short,,,cash is hard to trace,,,where i am or when dont ya know

                • I can reply to my comment but not to JC’s….ok

                  @Jerry C
                  Thanks, and your right about property tax. I wish I could get land where I was totally self sufficient. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist in this country, not that I’m aware off.

                  I moved to a rural area after Katrina, was in NOLA for that mess. There’s only like 4 houses on my street couple miles long. We’re out in the county, not in city limits. Anyway, they are forcing us to get city water that they got a grant from Fema to install. I’m fighting that crap, I don’t want it, I don’t need it, my well works just fine.. They are telling me that even if I refuse to let them hook it up I will still have to pay a monthly fee of like 30 bucks. I’m pissed as I know if I don’t pay it, they will put a lien or some shit on my land. So yeah we have the illusion of freedom in the cesspool of a country…

                  Trust me I have plenty of silver, guns and ammo buried. Food is next..

                  Not trying to start shit but I’m not that fortunate. I was homeless and hooked on crack for 10 years… So everyone else had a 10 year head start on me. What’s there excuse?

                  Sorry but using credit in any form is just plain stupid. I know I will catch flack for this but sorry it’s the truth. We have been conditioned to think using credit is NORMAL. It’s not… Your just several payments away from being homeless.. That’s no way to live..

                  How is it normal to pay more in interest then the principle?

                  How is it normal to live beyond your means?

                  You don’t need a 100k house if you cant afford to pay for it with cash.

                  You don’t need a 20k car if you don’t have 20k.

                  Society has condition folks that this is what your suppose to do in America. I submit to you that it is the reason we’re in the mess we’re in now.. Credit was created by Banksters to get you out of your money.

                  I’m not fortunate. My first truck (after getting off of crack) I paid $600 for. No air, no heat but cheap on gas. I still have it. My house and land I got after Katrina for 16K. It was a gutted 2 story house that took 10′ of water sitting on a couple acres of land. We lived in a travel trailer for 2 years until I put it back together.

                  You don’t have to run out and try to keep up with the Jones’. Screw the Jones’..

                  If you cant afford it you DON’T need it.. If everyone in this country would pay off there credit we might not be so bad off..

                • You said it yourself. Its the interest that is the problem. Lending is not the problem, its the interest that is carried with it. Some of us don’t want to live in an apartment till we are 90 years old just to pay a home in cash. I hear your argument but a home is where I think borrowing is OK. The boat, 2nd home, 2 cars etc is not worth borrowing but if others do it I really don’t care.

                  If everyone payed off their credit there would be no money. Fractional reserve lending does not allow such a thing.

                • @ Gokill, I read your reply to me and I have to say: “my hat is truly off to you”. I’d be pleased to have you as a ‘next door’ neighbor.

                  Here’s a website you might find interesting – it’s Maritime Law vs Allodial Land Title (which is the substance of ‘common law’ that the US operated under for property rights and ownership until 1933)


                  After all is said and done.. we surfs of this once great country are simply s*#!@#d.

                  It’s my understanding that there are a few states that allow an individual to go and ‘purchase’ the ‘bond’ the local or state holds on your property that they use to claim ultimate ownership over your real estate (which – I am told – would cost you to purchase approximately 3 to 4 times the tax base value of the property) in which they use for their tax ‘collecting’, but since I look at that whole procedure as an exercise in futility I haven’t put much time into looking deeper into the matter. My reasoning is this: why should I… the government has already declared me a ‘potential terrorist’ because of my “narrow minded and bigoted” Christian beliefs, my embracing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the fact that I’m a vet, I believe in small government… you get the idea… in other words Janet Napolitano and I would not get along at a cocktail party… and because of that, regardless of whether or not I owned my home ‘outright’ without fear of loss to the government, they’d still come after me because they see me as a threat to their ultimate goals – and you can bet the media isn’t going to say anything about it after I’m dead and gone…

                  So, why waste my time? We’re going to be ‘out of here’ in short order anyway… at least this tyrannical government is going to do their part to make sure that happens… when it all hits the fan, forget about trying to stay within the ‘law’ and ‘doing’ what’s right according to the ‘law of the land’ – hell, the government isn’t doing that NOW – just remember, “if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics SUCK!”

                  Remember this also: General George Patton once said: “You don’t win a war by dying for your country, you win a war by making the other guy die for his”.

                • @ gokill
                  It dosen’t matter anyway how much you paid for in cash, stop paying the extortion money the gvmt calls “tax” on your house and cars and see how long they stay “YOURS”…

                • Gokill says: “No that house is not yours, do you have the deed?”

                  Hey Gokill. The house ain’t yours ever. You rent it from the government. Try not paying your taxes and see how long you own your house.

                  Real Estate taxes are the biggest tool TPTB have to keep us all on the treadmill, earning money to pay our taxes. The thing these power hungry psychopaths will never tolerate is a person who has no need to earn money (which could be the case if you really owned your home, grew your own food, raised your own meat, brewed you own beer, chopped your own wood.

                  Nope, GoKill your are OWNED. Nothin but free range tax cattle. Sorry, but you can’t really be free until real estate taxes are abolished. Don’t hold your breath.

                  -My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.

              • I heard that same story, but in this version, the mom is the one who catches the flight to the Bahamas…hehe

                • Gravlore
                  My wife and I bought a house and had a plan to pay it off in 4 years. We rented out the 3 vacant rooms, worked 7 days a week and pretty much had no life. We put all the money we made into our house and paid it off before the 4 years. Since then we have very few worries and no debt at all. It is a great feeling.
                  Most of our friends are in debt for everything. they are losing their homes and everything else one by one. But still they have cars they cannot afford, go on debt paid trips, eat out all the time and spend $250 a month on a I pad and another 300 per month on Starbucks….
                  They are serventws to their debt. That is not the way it should be. The debt should be their servant.

                • @ DoKill,

                  Unable to respond directly, the ‘reply’ block is ‘greyed-out’
                  If you’ve come back from ‘that’ road Brother, then I ‘tip my hat’ to you. I think you’ve hit upon a point that is really important – fundamentally important – in thinking about our future, EVEYRONE’S future. Somewhere, in the past, WE SCREWED up…and since then, it’s been one long down-hill slide. I THINK, that this – credit – may have been one of the things/points where it all began. You’ve already ‘hoe’d a long, long row’ Stay with it, Good Job and Good Luck Mon Ami’

              • It is interesting that you use a marriage analogy of this type.

                Since this represents the dynamic in well over 75% of the marriages I have personally witnessed.

                This all started ’cause Dad thought that Mom was gonna walk on him unless he spoiled her, please note.

                • Please note: I live in Los Angeles.

                  Does that help explain my cynicism a bit?

            • The ones obssessed with name brands are the same ones who will NOT survive the collapse. Those with forethought, with the willingness to sacrifice now for their future survival, will make it.

              • i buy all name brand things like remington,,ruger,,and colt

                • THOSE are name brands I can relate to. 🙂

              • One name brand that could save your life is the Sawyer water filtration system. It only weighs 3 oz’s, can screw right on to most plastic bottles and makes any source of water safe to drink without boiling. Best of all, it’s cheap ($40) and guaranteed for 1 Million gallons! There are no replacement filters, you just backwash it if it ever becomes clogged. I heard about it from an ex soldier who said it would have made his life a lot easier in the places he’s been.

          • Keep your gubment hands off my Medicare!

            • Ct ‘PREPPER’ is it? Hmmm… your ‘name’ and your comment present a rather ‘paradox of foundational dichotomies’ of sorts… You are living off the backs of the working people – you didn’t ‘set aside’ the money that funds the ‘entitlement’ you are claiming the right to… add it up – what you have ‘received’ in ‘monies’ to date, is NO WHERE NEAR WHAT YOU ACCTUALLY COULD HAVE ACCRUED during your lifetime in ‘pay-in’ amounts to the system. What you have is thanks to the people who are working TODAY… it is only yours because it was ‘taken from hard-working people, without their consent’… this use to be the definiton of theft… now it’s more accurately defined as ‘Socialistic Welfare Entitlement Plans’…
              I am all for charity and taking care of the elderly and infirm, but when it is not my choice but ‘demanded’ from me by people like you… well, then I don’t feel so ‘charitable’ about my family having to go without so ‘retired’ people can drive around in $150,000 motorhomes and as one such man stated, while laughing, as he pointed at a new, top of the line four-wheeler, after starting a conversation with my husband, (who was waiting to purchase a chain for his chainsaw in order to cut wood to keep our family warm for the winter), he was laughing – mind you, while telling my husband who works 12 hour days, “Yeah, (laugh, laugh), I bought THAT with social security…”
              The system is almost at the breaking point, over 49% of americans are receiving some sort of ‘compensation’ from the government… (housing assistance, food stamps, heat assistance, medicaid, medicare, disability, etc… while some truly, truly need it, most are lazy, broad-butted, suck ups, if what I see using SNAP cards is any indication of ‘the needy’), while now just A FRACTION over 50% are supporting these ‘compensations’ by working to support not only their own family BUT ALSO all those that feel, ‘IT’S THEIR RIGHT (!’) TO TAKE WHAT ISN’T THEIRS… because they are what?! ‘E-N-T-I-T-L-E-D’… ?!
              I have kept silent a long time, but I am sick of people saying “Fix the problem but don’t touch MY BENEFITS!” I think it is time to speak what is, if truth be known, simply what many, many (well, a fraction over 50%), are actually thinking…
              ‘A fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work’ and ‘a blessing of bread upon the table, paid for in full, by the sweat of a working man’s brow’… that’s what families like mine would like to hope to receive, and this is what ‘fairness’ would have once decreed as being what a working man’s family should be ‘ENTITLED’ TO… but SOCIALISM demands we wait for what is left over, after other, often, far-less-deserving hands, receive of it before we do…
              Their is no just cause, or moral place for pleading ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’ in many aspects relating to the demands of socialism, such as ‘the Attitude of ENTITLEMENT’ which it fosters, in so many situations… When the foundation of anything is detroyed, all who depended upon it for ‘support’ are equally lost in the ensuing collapse… I think this is soon going to be evident to us all…

            • well I hate to tell everyone this

              but if Medicare goes away

              yer gonna see some elderly middle class types

              dying by the milions

              the average elderly person simply can’t afford private insurance

              and no insurance company would take an elderly person with numerous chronic health problems anyway



              no money to be made

              you had better thank God for Medicare

              • Why should I thank God for it? I won’t have it.

                I guarantee you I won’t have it.

                You ask me to try to imagine being in your position without it. I don’t have to imagine it. For me this is going to be reality.

            • Stop worrying. When Obummer care kicks in fully there will be no Medicare, or regular health care for that matter. Only the wealthy, Congress, Senate,other elected Feds and Union members will have health care. Enjoy.

          • The future children just may not pay when it is their turn. Why should they. We were bought by all the entitlements that will now dissappear. But they will still be mad we allowed it to happen. We will be explaining that on our death bed that they will be paying for.

            • The young may choose the Icelandic model IF they are ever given the chance to know about it – given the dumbing down of the education they recieve.

              Something that has bothered me about SANDY. The able-bodied were so plumb dumb & WOULD NOT evacuate/prep etc that the charities and gubberment are now having to aid a lot of useless eaters. This means there are less resources available to help those I consider to be truly needy – the elderly & infirm who COULD NOT evacuate or prep & those that DID use the brains God gave them prior to the disaster but are returning to homes burnt to the ground or washed away.

              With this in mind I’m taking a second look at my own preps and wondering exactly what I can do to help a couple of very decent but elderly neighbours not fortunate enough to have family living close by. My conscience now tells me it’s not enough just to help my own Mum (who has preps inc a chocolate store to rival Daisy’s).

              Even a spare water filter and some extra blankets could make all the difference to some, and there may be some payoff in terms of knowledge transfer during hard times. The elderly can teach oftimes what they can no longer do. My faith means I’m pushed not to ignore their potential plight totally, in favour of survival of the fittest.

              Sandy and Greece have taught me that CHAOS is on it’s way. Sadly history has taught me that it’s usually the wicked who create ORDER from that CHAOS, by the old trick of divide and conquer, and the isolating of a popular scapegoat group.

              The banksters evacuated to the posh country pads during Sandy and behind their walled estates in Greece. The lights at the Goldmans Sachs building stayed on. Sadly our enemies have prepped, using our money to do so. They are sitting ready to create ORDER according to their own design when the die off recedes.

              • In the Spirit of goodness. Well spoken.

            • Grandpa, it may not be a question of whether we will pay for Medicare, it might be IF we can pay it. I still have a job — because I was willing to move almost a thousand miles! But my new job makes about 2/3rds of what the old one did.

              If I’m “lucky” to have this job, what does that say about the millions who are way less fortunate? How will all of us together be able to pay for anything?

              • You are correct, there is cannot pay and will not pay, two different things. I was refering to will not pay. The assumption was, at least, you will get the chance to make that decision. The can is being kicked to you, but it doesn’t go very far anymore. We will see when they give it a punt in January.

          • Ask a public school employee how much money the school district needs. You will always get the same, simple answer–more.

            • Yea, no kidding. They only think of what the national average is of what is spent on kids per school and their goal seems to be to spend more than that because our kids deserve it.

              • hey capben and harold: I DO work in a public school, and I can tell you, the money sure as hell ain’t going to us! If it were, I wouldn’t have been “downsized” out a teaching position TWICE in the past four years…. you heard me right, my slot was just *poof!!* frigging GONE.

                So, do I teach some useless bullshit course, like “queer studies” or “underwater fire prevention”? Hell no: I teach computer science and history. Yeah, I know: why would we want people being taught how things USED to be in this country, or how to use a computer for anything other than looking at porn or ordering some more useless crap online

                In any event, I can’t help but notice that EVERY district that I’ve worked in never chops any of the useless POS who sit in offices and never actually work with any actual students, just people like me who do

          • Must be Closet Yankee’s

          • The days of just talk are over. The rise of the Tea Party is a testimonial to that. The whipsaw election of 2010 was stunning proof. This entire website is hard evidence, too.

            I’m fed up with cliche parrots who claim the Dems and GOP are the same. Not so! Granted, the Repubs tried to be Democratic Lite and learned their horrible lesson as their Rinos were ejected by their own voters.

            Like it or not, Romney is a superior choice over the Marxist, period. Don’t believe it? Okay, then allow the next three Supreme Court nominations that are coming soon to be picked by the Marxist and we can all log on here and keep crying about our ruined freedoms.

            • They are not marxists, they are both commies.

              • Fine, Anon. Then don’t vote. Stay home. Grouse and stew. Go AWOL. That should help the cause. You’ll make obama the Marxist happy. Heartiest congratulations on a wise choice.

                And like it or not, with your absence, decisions will be made for you as you embolden him to rub your nose in it.

                Listen pal, sometimes in life you have to learn to accept half a loaf before you demand the whole bakery be handed over. We’re all pissed here because our values have been corroded over decades. Now we’re just starting to punch back.

                You can hide under the covers and moan, Anon. I’ve decided to show up Tuesday. See ya.

            • So we need to get more justices like roberts? Because he seems to have done such a great job of putting the brakes on obama’s policies. Yup, good ol bush’s pick was the all important vote that prevented the affordable care act from being implemented. Or did you mean to spout a total lie and pretend it was the truth? Or let me guess, those republican colored glasses you see the world through makes romey look like something he isn’t? Because you can trust them this time. Just because they have scewed you every single time in modern history I am sure the promises, especially the empty and impossible ones, will all be kept.

              • Hey funny brain, get off this website as the obama plant that you are. Nobody—absolutely no one!—calls the worst piece of legislation the “affordable care act” as you just did. You tipped your weak hand.

                The crapfest is called obamacare. Got it? Try typing it—obamacare. Only the marxist/maoist/communist/Kahardashian calls it the same way Pelosi does. You’ve been outed. Get out.

          • Somehow we are living an illusion…If we fail to obey the laws,and principles of God….then we will be forced to obey the laws of nature….Nature as we all see can be cruel…It would be much less painful if we just didn’t have such an issue with false pride. Yes, many are hurting along the northeast coast..Nothing is as it was just a few years ago. Dispite what the politicians say…big brother isn’t our savior

          • RINOs or CINOs. Republicans.Conservatives In Name Only. I’ll give big government Dumbocrats more credit because they @ least don’t lie about their love for THE STATE.

            • Econman—congratulations on your Stockholm Syndrome.

          • JohnQ. Public..WOW! are you sure theres 92,000?

            I think alot about just how many on avg. Would need be “replaced” “Permenantly” so to speak.

            I mean suppose we really can or will arrest and prosecute the truely guilty and traitorous “eliets”?

            How many is that number in america? and again in the entire worlds nations grand total?

            I kinda was thinking in america it would be somewheres around, say: aprox 3000 -5000 total top honcho eliets that need be stood against that proverbial “wall” opposite a us marine or citizen rifle squad aka fireing squad.

            As for grand total worldwide?…More like 25-50,000 perhaps?

            But now your post says 92,000 Just Here in usa?!!…Is it really that many top eshelon types?…Hmmmm…That kinda makes things 10 times worser dont it?…

            • The 92,000 only includes the slavemasters. The 92,000 does not include their enablers, puppets, enforcers, mouthpieces, and talking heads. Those too must be prosecuted for their role in genocide, economic, and other capital crimes against humanity.

              • Thanks JQP…Man sure is alot more scoundrels than I thought there are!…..Buy More 1/2″ inch Manilla Rope!!

                Rooftop Real estate may soon become very high priced eh?!

                Instaed of acres it could be sold by sq ft spaces!

                Even could Rent rooftop space to patriot “specialists”!

                50 sq ft of Prime rooftop space for rent, room for One with xtra room for various specialty “tools” of Trade!

                Maids avail. cheep, to clean up all traces of “dna”!!!

                be sure to check out our fine surplus store at street level…..This months special! 1/2 in Manilla Rope!

                100′ feet of Rope, for just $10.00…Available in Plain browm bag wraper.

                Real Live Texas Cowboys avail every weekend, to teach Lassoing culprits! Now at reduced fee rates!

                ps. Scopes sighted in Free all month long!

                See Suzzi at store counter for more info.

              • Great post, but I suspect that if the people reading it actually understood it, you’d have gotten a lot of thumbs down…because the truth is that just about all of us are enablers, puppets, enforcers, mouthpieces, and talking heads. ALL OF US, at various points in our lives have played these roles. The solution is to destroy the state, by changing our own behavior.

            • I had heard a long time ago you needed 100- 200k people in the know and posistions of power to overthrow a Nation,that’s only 50 or so per county, there has to be that many Satanist per county or organized criminals or marxist.

        • Great Article as always Mac! Not to get off topic, but I just found out that Jersey Shore and a couple small towns in PA have in fact declared Martial Law! Google it, or check it out on INFO Wars. A well placed event here, a little false flag there and we are looking at Nation Wide Martial Law. Lock and Load baby!

        • The GB/PTB transferred 42,400 factories offshore during the GWB Administration, and O’bummer has allowed another 15,000 factories to offshore over the past 4 years; no you cannot avoid an economic collapse if you move the economy offshore

          Then there is no way to avoid a “collapse”. That is intentional, not a function of the mechanics of the system. If it is intentional, DC should be burning with Congress in session and Wall Street should be aflame.

          If no one has a job, there will be no demand.

          SHTF Economics predicted the debt forgiveness in exchange for economic serfdom back in 2010. Just saying. I like Charlie, but this is nothing new.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • DK: A question maybe you can answer as you know alot on financials etc..

            I was wondering how we keep daily reading many articles and replies posts with claims of economic colapse or meltdowns.

            And its always 100% due to Over-Printing dollars right…

            However Two items comes to mind for me on this issue.

            #1-Unless all or Most of all the xtra cash printed actually enters into the Hands or possession of avg regular citizenery?….then How does it ever inflate or cause vast inflation policy etc?

            I mean in wiemer germany 1930 era regular people,citizens…Actually had vast amounts of cash headed to markets for bread etc right. America AND europe aint got such happening though.

            #2= What of All the massive amount in individual “dollar BILLS” and overall value amount in total dollars(Millions maybe Hundreds of millions) Per DAY, that the Fed reserve DESTROYS by Burning in a huge incinerator?

            I mean , yes they print alot of dollars…But I never as yet ever seen one article or post comment that deals with this issue of fed reserve also Destroys alot of old or worn out bills of every denomination….Hmmm..

            Don’t bills taken OUT of circulation and burned up destroyed off set balances at least somewhat?

            DK, if you can provide any good answers to my questions?…I thank you in advance…Thanks!

            • AM, it is digital dollars they are printing. I am sure there are some actual dollars being printed to replace worn out bills but with more and more digital (ATM) dollars being used there is less demand for cash.

              That 40 billion dollars they are supposedly printing every month is make belief money that the Fed is using to buy deriviatives (bad mortgages) from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Let me take it one step further and explain why they would do that. 90% plus of the bad mortgages out there are insured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (PMI)

              With all the defaults the investors who bought these loans originaly, ie, State pension plans, insurance companies, investment banks, the list goes on have been filing claims with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get back 95% of what they invested when the loans went bad.

              The problem is that these institutions do not have the money to pay off these loans. Thus to keep them solvent the Fed who is neither a part of the federal government no do they have any reserve are printing up imaginary money to buy these bad loans that they will recover virtualy nothing from in the future.

              But that does not matter because at least the enities called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who the Federal government has an implied responsability (like the post office) to keep them afloat and and liquid is off the hook as the long as the Fed keeps printing money out of thin air and buying up these derivitives.

              It gets better. The Fed has the use of the IRS to collect from people who have lost thier homes the difference between what they owed and and what the house sold for. The IRS now sends out a tax bill for unearned money/income to these same people who used their house as an ATM.

              Wait though…. The attorney general through the offices of local district attorney’s are now investigating and prosecuting consumers, realators, brokers and home appraisers for fraudelent applications. Funny thing about it is that at this time the prosecutions stop when it gets to the financing officers at the banks?

              Pretty fucked up, eh? People wonder why “the banks” won’t do more loan modifications. Why would they when they can get at least 95% of thier money back from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? No more than 2% of the millions and millions of applications for loan mods have ever been approved and for the most part they are all conventional loans that there is no primary mortgage insurance to fall back on.

              Hyper-Inflation? Coming real soon to all of us. It just takes a little time and of course an election to get through before the full impact starts to be felt. Sorry if this info bums you out but just keeping it real.

              • And what happens to the deeds behind these mortgages? Does the Fed only buy the security instrument based on these loans or do they get the deeds,too? If Fannie and Freddie keep them….not so bad. If the Fed gets them they just stole a whole bunch of property from America.

                • And there you have it. The deed goes from the investor who bought the loan from the bank. When it defaults then the investor transfers title to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac when they get paid. Then the Federal Reserve who is printing up money out of thin air uses that money to purchase the loan from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So before it is all said and done the Fed will own a whole lot of houses in the United States that they paid for with made up money. Those assets can then be used for collateral to back the U.S. Treasuries bills / bonds they are selling to China etc. This is how America is being sold for real to other countries.

                  How do you think the U.S. was able to purchase Louisiana and Alaska? The Russians and the French played pretty much the same game our government is playing now.

              • Hyper inflation is coming real soon? Really? The USD has already lost over 95% of its value since 1970..what more inflation are you looking for? That ship has not only already sailed, it’s already sunk!

            • AM: Your questions are exactly the point I have been making here for the past two years or more while even “experts” have been screaming “hyperinflation”.

              #1: No dollars are not making their way into the hands of the people, therefore, “consumers with too many dollars chasing too few goods” which is the definition of inflation cannot happen.

              #2: I do not know that number. Those would be old worn out bills, and I think they turn them into insulation now rather than burn them, by selling them shredded to an insulation manufacturer. Don’t cha just love it? They manage to make a profit even then!!!

              In addition, digital dollars are destroyed when the FED banks foreclose and mark those foreclosed assets to market. To the extent that destroyed dollars exceed the value of these assets and the equity of the former homeowner, these destroyed dollars must be applied against their reserves.

              QE is all about protecting the liquidity ratios of the banks and their balance sheets. This time around, instead of purchasing Treasury Bonds the FED is purchasing the bad mortgages directly.

              As long as the banks do not lend this “extra” money, it cannot find its way to US. Loans are being made but only to the best credit corporations.

              • AM: While many parrot “hyperinflation” as they genuflec to their alt media masters, the real danger is DE-flation from lack of demand.

                A true downward deflationary spiral would not stop until the “bottom” was reached. The transfer of 1/3 of American manufacturing offshore has set US up for this possibility.

                As the factories are transferred, jobs are lost, incomes retreat, discretionary spending slows, confidence erodes, demand drops, inventories build, layoffs ensue, income drops, discretionary spending stops, demand drops, factories close, jobs are lost, welfare soars …..

                Madness sets in, Revolution begins. Engage!

                • DK: Thank you your answer is kinda what I expected. I too think far too many folks simply believe and parrot whatever various alt media gurus spew.

                  But it don’t make no sence many times. Zero cash has gone to bulk of citizens so how can hyper inflation occure?…

                  When Kmart or wallmart has alot more dollars spent on “Goods”…They LOWER Prices due to increased volume of sold stuf right.

                  Thats a good thing for Us consumers!

                  Wont deflation also be real swell for any of us with xtra cash to spend?…Seems so to me. If folks aint buying stuf?….They must Lower prices to sell it correct?

                  So if you got cash on hand, especially if alot of cash to spend, deflation is Good right?

                  The Fed should have Paid off all our mortgages as that way banks stilll would get same bailout cash, but also We citizens would have gotten out from under bills etc.

                  Picture every mortgage paid off in full in 2008, how much more freed up cash citizens would then spend on Other items. Alot of Jobs would be created by such demand.

                  Fact they didnt do that is more Proof They the eliets do NOT want usa citizens to succeed eh….Just their zio bankster pals is all they care about.

                  Ergo=Buy More Rope!!

                • AM: Yes, you point out the obvious: hyperinflation cannot occur if citizens haven’t any cash. As for WM or KM a lot of extra variables affect their pricing.

                  Either may lower prices on products that are not moving; not “turning over”. Inventory represents working capital that is not being maximized, thus a lower ROI, if any.

                  So if they know what their supply of an item might be, over time and with experience they can estimate how many of any particular item they can move, and at what price point they can move them.

                  IE. Safeway sells whole roasted chickens (as do other stores) for $5 or $6. The chicken itself only costs them $1.50 each. Now chicken can be frozen but the same procedures apply.

                  Yes if deflation occurs and you have cash, you are king. Mushroom may have been right: tuck those $10 bills into number ten cans.

                  Note that Apple and other major corporations have tonnes of cash. They would survive a deflationary crash, but the business of business is to make money.

                  How can a corporation make money if no one else has any money to buy their products? How deep would a deflationary crash be? How long would it last?

                  Plant and equipment would sit idle. Employees would be laid off, maybe permanently, or dislocated. Skills could be lost. When gold was outlawed by the government a whole generation of gold prospectors and miners were lost.

                  In a new deflationary collapse gold would be the motive and could be the mechanism by which prosperity could be re-ignited. WE have LOTS of gold left in the USA.

                  You are right about the mortgages. It might be cheaper to disavow everyone’s mortgage but that would spread the wealth not concentrate it; which would go against the game plan. See?

                  Its also Redistribution by another name. WE couldn’t have THAT now could WE? Of course WE could call it FREEDOM instead of “redistribution”.

                  America would buy that!!! Wouldn’t WE 🙂

          • dk, again, we dont have employees bud.

            • eeder the goverment officials ARE our employees. We pay them they just don’t listen and made it so we can’t fire them as we see fit. Yeah yeah votign but in the middle of their term try getting them out.

            • eeder: Sure WE do. WE hire these assholes and pay them from OUR Treasury to enrich themselves at OUR expense.

              Its perfectly logical,right? 🙂

        • Charlie McGrath

          After a year of subscribing to Wide Awake News videos…

          There is no one more exact..to the point..and dead balls on..in all of media…

          “That’s all I got..stories attached..”



        • What about Louisiana??

          • There’s a major sinkhole in the bayou – disaster waiting to happen.

          • Yeah the sink hole is growing and there is nuclear waste and butane stored underground near by. The whole area is a hollowish salt deposit. The butane has started to vent in many areas, one spark and it has been described as equal to 100 Hiroshima’s.

            So yeah basically we’re screwed.. and notice how much media coverage it’s getting… diddly squat..

        • Not to mention what is not being told about Fucushima.

        • What are you referring to in regard to Louisiana? BP spill?
          Sink hole?

          • @harry, there has been a sinkhole forming in louisiana since earlier in the summer. its not a hoax. it was on msm a few days after, however it has not been mentioned since however it appears its getting worse. the reasons could be HAARP, fracture oil drilling or nibiru.or possibly the BP disaster. we just dont know.

            • Yes we do. It was a drill bit that was guided wrong and entered a salt dome. water disolves salt and the whole area being salt domes the sinkhole will become huge. What’s with you guys and your HARRP and niburu nonsense.

        • “We are surrounded by a Nation……their perceived reality;” and (I might add) their perceived “worldly”
          comfort zone.

          Ever notice that most of the “big”/devastating Hurricanes are hitting areas with high concentrations of casinos/gambling and into those areas around the world where their are mostly agnostic or atheistic populations. To follow Buddahism and Hinduism is basically an atheistic form of religion. The list goes on.

      2. Can one really be ready for what is coming? All we can do is try, prep, and then hope it does not outlast our supplies.

        • It will outlast your supplies. Prepare for a new way of life.

          • Your supplies should contain gear and skills for a new way of life.

            • Exactly right!Time to find an Amish friend.They have a lot of knowledge that is going to crucial.

              • be

                • No worries Variable, never noticed the word was missing 😉

              • The Amish (I live with them all around me) welcome true friends, but a true friend is expected to give as much as they receive. So think about what you can do for an Amishman before you go blindly seeking help.

          • I’ve been hoping that I can figure out how to feed myself. And I’ve got the length of time that my preps last to do that. Some of my preps are things to barter, like extra ammunition. I need to get some of them heirloom seed pacs, then I’m hoping that where I’m stuck retreating has enrichable soil. This can get a little mind boggeling sometimes…..
            Have a wonderful evening.

            • Heirloom seeds are more valuable than silver.

              Knowing how to grow your own food (through practice) is more valuable than anything.

              Start enriching your local soils today by broadcasting some seeds.

              The ultimate polyculture includes red clover, white clover, vetch, buckwheat, chickweed, alfalfa.

              If you know where your garden will be next year make sure you pee on it this year as much as possible. Then come spring double dig that bed and get to planting.

          • Heirloom seeds and hand tools. Those are the preps you gather today your Grandchildren will thank you for.

            • They will. But don’t miss passing them the skills to use them.

              I would expect that without me teaching them they would be doomed to repeat the same mistakes I made, like over watering plants and then wondering why the plant died. For me it was inconvenient learning experience but post-SHTF it could be deadly.

          • The only ones that will survive long term are those that own ariable, tillable land and the know-how to do so.

            I’m basically a suburbanite with outdoorsman/survivalist skills. Even with my knowledge, in a true collapse my days, along with my wife and child, are shortly numbered.
            Maybe one of those landowners would take us in as indentured servants in the paradigm of serfdom that is to come.
            If not we have given our hearts to Christ, and let come what may.

          • This is why it is important to be not only a prepper but a survivalist with survivalist skill sets.

          • New way of life? Prepare for an eternity dead is the more likely outcome. Hard as it may be to accept we are only here for a short time with the duration unknown. Enjoy while you can.

        • Oh I think it will outlast all that you can store. The key is going to be able to grow and preserve every year for the following year. The way I see it if you have two years of E foods you are giving yourself two years to live.

          • another navy guy who sees this comin…I have a theory that it’s all that time in PI or middle east that we have a sense of somethings not right, good luck mate.

          • And that’s what the Collective is hoping for. They are hoping for mass death so it will be easier for them to start over with their indoctrination of those willing few who make it and fit within their system of things.

            I was appalled and disgusted with Charles Schumer going to his constituents and they were pleading with them for food, water, clothing and electricity. His answer? I understand honey. What a piece of shit and then he left.

            Bloomberg is another piece of shit who was planning to go ahead with the NYC Marathon while mass chaos was not too far from the race. Instead of using those diesel generators to help the stricken and needy he gave it to the press covering the race.

            This is why you never want to trade your freedom for promises that politicians give you. They all fucking lie, both Dems and Republicans.

            If after seeing what happen in NYC and NJ doesn’t shake you to the core and gets you to prep then when the SHTF and IT WILL. It’s your fault for not listening.

          • “Hit the nail on the Head”, GSM 1 (sw),

            ‘Interregum’ –
            1) The time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes
            2) A period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended
            3) A lapse or pause in a continuous series

            Wall Street has seen to it that any natural resiliancy in the system is simply gone…What if an ‘Interregnum’ comes and there is NO successive return to a civilized state? It might be the case that what is to come will neccessitate planning – not for TEOTAWKI – but for Multi-generational TEOTWAKI, MGTEOTWAKI.
            May He have mercy on us all. Act now, prep accordingly!

        • Glacial Hills, you are in Michigan, correct? I am at our family lake cottage in southern MI this weekend, and, speaking of outlasting supplies, I was wondering if anyone has heard of the blue tongue disease that is killing off all the deer. Normally we would be seeing herds of 20 or 30 deer, but over the summer I had only seen a doe or two with fawns. All the other deer…gone, completely vanished. Today I walked out to look for tracks and saw some very tiny ones presumably fawns. There was a 10 point buck that died in the lake, and we passed the farmer on his four wheeler, bringing back the skull and antlers.

          Apparently this disease has killed more than 10,000 deer in Michigan…it is spread by midges and was so bad this year due to the drought, both by stress and by driving the deer to stagnant sources of water where the midges flourish. When the deer die, they go back to the water with a fever and die in the water, suffering horribly.

          It definitely gives me a feeling of forboding, and sadness for the poor suffering deer.

          • Mama Bear, I live in northern michigan, and it hasnt gotten here yet. I am sure it is coming and am out to fill all my tags. Next year there may not be any left

            • Haven’t heard anything about the blue tongue disease around Mackinaw City yet. It might not be long until it gets here though!

            • ALL these deseas were made at the bio-warfare center at ft.detrick maryland,ALL OF THEM..there is a famine coming and there won’t be any wild life,here in colorado military heliocopters have been seen shooting the herds of deer and elk,and anything else they saw,this is an engineered famine,its going to be bad so get ready,the russians,canadians,chinese and god knows who else we’ll have to fight are coming,GET READY,HELL ON EARTH IS COMING……..TO AMERICA……….

              • I concur with you about an engineered famine, but I’m pretty sure the Canadians aren’t planning to invade the US, Arizona.

                Can you provide links about that assertion?

                • Its a slooowwww process Daisy. It started with the NHL and the Great Gretsky!

                  Just saying …. 🙂

                • Daisy; http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=403d90d6-7a61-41ac-8cef-902a1d14879d
                  The emergency will be the attempted disarming of the American people. They will use duped Candadian soldiers to prove that was a bad idea. The same as Dunkirk in WW2. The secretly awake US soldier does not want to commit suicide. Use somebody else, maybe a blue helmeted one. And then if that works… It will be the promulgated emergency that brings US troops into Canada that worries me.

              • Doesn’t come as a suprise, i noticed this year that the javelina that would wander through the yard,have been rediced to 1 at a time where as in years past you would see a dozen. Either that or economic conditions are such that the poachers have taken to killing then off, which is a shame as they will be sorely needed in the time to come. On the bright side living at a stables we do have at least 30 horses to eat.

          • Now that wrenches my gut, to know of something dying like that. What a horrible death…gonna go get some more water purifyers…

          • Heads up to those not preparing cause ya’ll got 22s and are gonna shoot what’s out there…
            Bluetongue disease might be taking your dinner waaay before you even get to the woods..
            (Hear that, friend of dh?? 🙂

            • Game is not in lieu of food storage, but in addition to it. I’m heavy on fruits and vegetables and grains because so many deer and rabbits and squirrels, and turkeys stroll through my yard. When they cease to do so, I will reallocate. Otherwise, we have set aside resources to immediately can another one-year meat supply because during The Great Depression game became scarce in some areas due to over-hunting.

              • True. A population of less than 1% of what we have now had completely wiped out the deer in Pennsylvania by 1860. Using muzzleloaders, and mostly flintlocks at that. In a SHTF, game will be gone within six months.

          • Houghton Lake area here Mama Bear — haven’t heard anything like that around here yet. However, there really wasn’t any drought around this area this year … it was a bit dry, but never went very long without rain

          • Just took a look at the DNR site. Here’s the counties affected by bluetongue disease: Allegan, Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Clare, Clinton, Eaton, Genesee, Gratiot, Hillsdale, Ingham, Ionia, Isabella, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Kent, Lenawee, Manistee, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Osceola, Ottawa, Saginaw, Shiawassee, St. Joseph, Washtenaw, and Wayne.

            • Hope this disease don’t get near as deadly as the Wayne co(detroit) areas has, ever since that dreaded chimmpyizim Plague hit 50 yrs ago.

          • One last thought, Mama bear, pay attention to the South American crop planting — they play as big a part in furnishing the world food as the US does. So far, it has either been too dry or too wet for planting most of their soybean and definitely their corn crops. US winter wheat is very stunted so far because there is no surface moisture. Follow the agriculture web sites if you really want to know what’s going on with the world’s food supply.

          • Bluetongue disease is more common in areas that have been through a severe drought, like many areas of the country this year. It can spread to any ruminants- this includes cattle, sheep, and goats as well as deer.

            There are many places where bluetongue crops up from time to time but some places are more severe this year. Michigan, as you mentioned, and Missouri have both publicized large numbers of cases.

            One of the symptoms of a sick deer is that they become lethargic and might even allow humans to approach them. The majority of animals that are infected will recover if given enough time and good nutrition. Of course, the illness makes the deer more vulnerable to predators so they may die through predation rather than the illness.

            The best way to protect livestock, from what I understand, is to keep them in a shelter from dusk until dawn. I have heard mosquito netting recommended but I cannot figure out a good way to use that around livestock. There is a vaccine that may be helpful and, of course, it is helpful to provide adequate control of biting flies (midges).

            • Yes, this area of Michigan went through some of the worst of the drought this summer. Today my daughter and I went for a hike in the woods and, you guessed it, came across a dead, partially skeletonized deer lying right in a stream that feeds into the lake in which we swim. Good times. We also saw a white butt flashing off through the underbrush a bit later, so there is at least one deer left alive in the woods. I don’t even want to think about what we would have found if we had followed the stream.

              The original herd was in desperate need of thinning, but this is ridiculous. The comment made above about engineered diseases…just one of those things that makes you go hmmmm….

          • i am in ontario on lake huron and havent heard about this. in fact, there has been more deer lately. my wife almost hit a 10 point buck on our road last week.

      3. Exactly. It still stuns me, like was mentioned above, just how many people didn’t even have a few extra batteries, a full gas tank, cash…. or anything! Every time some disaster like this goes down, we witness actual Darwinism, but does it wake up millions? Nope. Please people, wake the hell up!

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • “A prudent man sees danger and prepares for it, but the simple minded keep going an suffer.”

        • 3 GMO-Eaters 2 Dumb Fluoride-Drinkers and 1 Thermiserol-Injecting Sheeple disliked your post

          Honestly I thought peeps on this site were more awake


          • And a partridge in a bare tree…

          • Bob: Some of US have “fan clubs”. Some fan clubs are bigger than others! 🙂

      4. Like Ferfal said, what’s coming may be different than what we expect. It may be a slow slide into hell rather than a fast plunge.

        • Christians believe the one hour collapse of Babylon, earthquakes, floods, apocalypse, extra…



          • You my friend have a false sense of security and it’s gonna cost you your families lives

            Do you celebrate Christmas yes? Santa is an anagram for SATAN
            Haloween? Yes?
            Bomfire Night? Yes?
            Easter? Yes?

            All 4 are Satanic Ritualistic Holidays

            25th December is the birthday of the ancient wicked ruler Nimrod and SANTA is an anagram for SATAN, dressed in satans red colour and teaching kids that greedy materialism is the way to live life…….

            Haloween and All Souls Day (celebrating the dead) is clearly satanic and a simple google search will show you it’s true origins.

            Bomfire Night? (google Bone-Fire Night, I’ll say no more)

            Easter? Came from the Pagan “Ishar”

            How about our days of the week? Your god says don’t worship other gods, but you are worshipping dieties when you say days of the week
            Saturday – Day of Saturn(day)
            Sunday – Day of the Sun(day)
            Monday – Day of the Moon(day)
            Tuesday – Tier the God of War
            Thursdays – The Mighty Thor
            Friday – Friday is named for Frigga, the free-spirited goddess of love and fertility. Frigg (sometimes anglicized as Frigga) is a major goddess in Norse paganism, a subset of Germanic paganism

            I don’t doubt your connection with the real true Creator but the modern day “Christianity” is twisted warped and manipulated by the same German Pagans/Satanic Masons and Bilderbergs that the poor chap Cocopuff Crack Head keeps trying to warn you about

            To CPCH: Respect for trying to wake some sheep up but such a name (crack head) does not exactly help the truth movement get the message out there


            • Bob,
              Yes, all these holidays were the Roman pagan holidays that were rebranded by the Roman Catholics from Pagan to Christian.

              Learn the Gnostic truth, the the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Become what you are, a Son of God, full of power, not a sheep!

              The Grail is come, the Revelation is revealed. See the Grail, and weep, for the Sword of Division of the Catholic is conquered by the Sword of Truth drawn from the hidden power in the Rocks, where God lives.

              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

            • Yeah, well, speaking as a descendant of the above mentioned Celts and Germans, the deal was, we’ll become Christian and stop the whole burnt human sacrifice in wicker cages and blood eagle deals, but we’re keeping our damn parties, and we’ll just kind of match up the liturgical calendar with them. Unlike Bob, the successful Christian missionaries knew they couldnt strip every vestige of joy out of people’s lives, rather, they turned them into a force for good. Bob probably also has fits of Puritanical wrath over the simple pleasures of pilsner, bock and ale. OH NOEZ!!!! SHOP is an anagram of HOPS!!! It’s materialistic satanism!!!

              • Yup…not everything was a conspiracy.
                Just the important stuff.

              • MB: That was seriously funny — HOPS = SHOP = SATAN…cracked me right up

              • Actually, the Puritans were all in favor of beer and ale. They drank little else, except for cider, because it was impossible to come by water that wasn’t contaminated.

                BTW the meme that Puritans were dour and funless is a myth, mostly put out by the slackers of the 17th century, (oh, yes, they had them then, too), and loudly emphasized in the early 20th century by Roman Catholic and Church of England writers. Not surprising, since the excesses of the two Catholic churches were what the Puritans rejected, and eventually left Europe to avoid.

                Fact is that the Puritans enjoyed a variety of sports, they danced and they sang. They did NOT approve of expensive and colorful clothing, as that was the “bling” of the 16th and 17th centuries. They also expected every capable man and woman to work, as part of his duty to God. The more I read, the more I realize that we preppers are not so far from being Puritans ourselves, and I mean that as a compliment.

                • Old Coach: While the Puritians were a pratical lot and had a good work ethic, they were also a cruel bunch. The Puritians beat and murdered Quakers and they were brutal to those within their own community who dared step out of line with severe physical punishments and public humiliations. They also hanged people as withches in a fit of ignorant hysteria. Not exactly the flower of Christianity by any standard. They weren’t even decent human beings for that matter because they let their twisted beliefs dictate their actions. These are all facts found in hundreds of books; not thoughts, or feelings, or opinions, or other such nebulous nonesense. All I can say is “good riddance” to these dangerous kooks.

                • Coach, as a Protestant English major at a Catholic college, I spent a fair amount of time defending and explaining Puritans against Catholic professors who were decidedly misrepresenting them. And of course it wasn’t the actual Puritans who were leading the charge against alcohol in the last century; I believe my own Methodists played a key role in the fight against Demon Rum (and they actually had a pretty good point, in an age where alcoholism stemmed from and masked some horrific psychological problems, which are today more controlled by pharmaceuticals…plus completely overshadowed by Demon Meth and Demon Crack).

                  My point above is that it’s okay that the pagans retained parts of their old culture, it’s okay to bring the evergreen into the house as a reminder of the Creator rather than an object of worship in itself. It’s okay to sprinkle lights through the winter darkness, as long as you are not sacrificing
                  human lives to the gods of the darkness. And it’s certainly not worth getting your knickers in a twist over the days of the week.

                  I do agree that the early accounts of the Pilgrims are highly recommended reading for preppers.

            • And if you play records backwards, they say “Satan”.

            • @

              I agree with part of your summation of Holidays/celebratons being of satanic origins; especially the Easter and Halloween one. There are some exceptions as to the “christian” part of some of the celebrations. Easter was paganistic, but Passover, as it should be called has nothing to do with the paganisitic celebrations which included orgies in the woods. Also with Christmas, which is celebrated as the birthday of Christ; however, December 25th was the day of conception and in a way His flesh birth into this world, even though He was still inside the womb.

              For “true” Christians the celebrations are a part of their belief and salvation and therefore come from the heart. God knows His “true” children as well as their hearts and, I believe He appreciates their reverance and celebration for these events and doesn’t really care about the “original” day/date as celebrated by the pagans.

          • Only a few people have returned since Saddam Hussein rebuilt Babylon. It has a long way to go before it will be ready to be the center of global control by the Antichrist.


            The Book of Revelation is called the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. It is an unveiling, it is not a veiling.

            • Sorry GG…wrong answer. You need to understand symbols, not words interpreted literally.

              Babylon is the Head of Gold, that created The System of the Rule of Gold, that he who has the gold, makes the rules.
              This was the Triune system designed by elites for The Elite. Designed for the House to win in the game of life.

              The money changers created fixed contracts of debt, in a variable world of crop failures where stuff happens. Contracts were backed by the Kings Law and force of arms. Submission was enhanced by the priests admonitions to submit to “Godly authority”. Sound familiar?

              The kingdom of Babylon, was never known as ‘Babylon The great’ or Global.
              When Babylon the Great burns down in one hour, only the merchants of the Earth SEE it… this should be your clue. This is the same as the black horse of the balanced scale of power of democracy, that goes down in money failure, famine and death.
              The first horseman rode, the White horse that went forth conquering in the name of God, and murdered the saints called Heretic, this was the Holy Roman Empire.
              The Red horse rode as the church sponsored Kings that left rivers of blood.

              The Darkness comes at Galaxies edge, and madness will rule as Earth changes and the signs in the heavens join with the love of many waxing cold. In a time when you will need love to survive.

              The Revelation is come, as the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the Light of the Sun, standing on the Moon, is revealed in the New Song, and the Mystery of God is finished…

              The Red Caesar cannot restore morality, any more than the Blue Caesar will restore the value of money. America is toast as the Babylon system burns down in one hour, but not all its people. The statue will morph into the Beast of the 10 horns or Shofars, the money will die and be reborn as ‘something else’, but there may be a war first. This is how the Elite do it, chaos, war, reset, and the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Ordo ab chao.

              The Elite will join with the green horse, the greens and Islam and the Beast of communism, to form The Beast system, because they are cowards.

              It will be YOUR fault, if you allow the money changers to retake the temple of God, which is in your minds. It will be your loss if you listen to the preacher men, who tell you to give up your head or your soul. There is the third option, to go into the wilderness. To leave The System, and form your own underground system. You can fight the Beast, you are men, not sheep! DEFY AUTHORITY, for they have lost their legitimacy. This is the way of God!

              Listen to your spirit, have no fear, and learn to produce the things you need, and form networks. Do not lose faith in God, when your precious doctrines do not unfold on the preachers schedule, for they are lost in MYSTERY, they are the Harlot that rides the Beast.

              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

              • Please resume taking your antipsychotic medications.

                • “All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

                  ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

                  Please resume your ignorant ridicule.

            • No America is not Babylon. It is not the whore that sits on seven hills. The Bible is clear for those who can read English.

              It is Rome that disappears in one hour as the Judgement of God descends upon Vatican City. God always refers to His own when He labels them for “whoring” or following after other Gods, who are no gods.

              He applies that term to Israel repeatedly in the Old Testament as they fall away to serve the Gods of other nations; particularly those Gods of the foreigners who dwell among them.

              The Satanic Catholic Priesthood, managers of the Catholic Faith have perverted their calling even as they have been infested by perverts and pedophiles among them: to the tune of $13 BILLION in criminal fines and damages, btw, as of last count.

              These perverted priests have burned incense to Satan within the hallowed vaults of St Peters.

              Piper Michael: You are out of your fucking mind! 🙂

              • No one has insulted you.
                The ‘Bible’ is not ‘clear’ at all, about anything, but the symbology, and in the Vatican you are correct. But, they are only part of the religious component of Babylon the Great, and soon The Beast system.

                But, read above, Babylon is The System, you are the one who fails to understand the meaning of all the symbols.
                If the Bible were ‘clear’ it would not be argued over, fought over, murdered over, and gone to war ‘in the name of God’ over.
                It is Catholics and their Protestant lackeys, who think they have a monopoly on Christ.
                You all hate each other, and you call yourself ‘Christian’?
                It is not just the Catholics who are deceived.
                Do you know what Protestant means?
                It means ‘protesting’ CATHOLIC…look it up… dude.
                You use the SAME BOOK THEY WROTE, but you call THEM the HARLOT? You say I’m out of MY mind?
                How many have you Catholics and Protestants killed in ‘the name of God’?

                God bless

                • PM: I never claimed to be catholic OR protestant. I am a Christian. Christianity is not about religion. It is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

                  If YOU knew Jesus, you would know that.

                  The Bible is quite clear that “Babylon the Mother of Harlots” is Vatican City and Rome,
                  as it is Rome that sits on seven hills. Read the Bible. Its there in plain English.

                  It doesn’t get any clearer than that. You WANT to interpret the Bible to justify your hatred of America and spread a FALSE doctrine to engender fear among US. Not gonna happen.

                  America is an ideal given by Divine Providence to men to establish the rightful terms and conditions of government under which they can justly manage their self determination.

                  Your are a “Piper” of SHIT spreading propaganda!!! BUSTED!!!!!

                • Durango,
                  No. Sorry, wrong answer.
                  You’re not a christian, Christians don’t talk like you.
                  You’re either a protestant or a catholic or a heretic.
                  There are no other choices.
                  And the way you throw insults around, you are none of those, you are a worshiper of the war god Jehovah, also known as Yaltaboath, Ya(h), the Chief Archon.
                  Your kind murders, screams and yells, and calls people ugly names. Your brand of ‘christian’ is an insult to him.
                  I suppose you think it was your manifest destiny to murder the entire indian race, as barbarians? In the name of God?
                  You think I hate America? You also have reading comprehension problems, I love America, and what she WAS, even if she had flaws and did evil things, not what she has become, an Evil Empire.. who is blind here? Vietnam was my wake up call. You’re a brainwashed youngster, wake up.

                  Doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you, eh?

                • Durango,
                  I said that the Vatican is the religious component of Babylon the great.
                  SO, why, exactly, when she burns down in one hour, do only the merchants of the Earth, see it?
                  What do merchants have to do with the Vatican?

                • Istanbul was built on seven hills also. Oh, and wait, yup, Cincinnatti.

                • Piper: It is not only the “merchants of the earth that see it”. It is the merchants of the earth who are most impacted by it, thus their sorrow when it goes up in smoke.

                  I for one will applaud and praise God for His judgement when it occurs.

                  As for your opinion of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ; it is none of your FUCKING business!

                  Fuck off!!! 🙂

                • Folks, allow me to join in momentarily concerning dk.

                  dk,you can have the gift of prophesy, know all mysteries, and have all knowledge…but do not have love you are nothing. Love is kind, patient, forgiving, isn’t arrogant, doesn’t brag, nor provoke.
                  Paul tells Timothy(II Tim.4:2) …reprove, rebuke, and exhort with great patience and understanding.

                  You present yourself as an intellectual giant and the rest as intellectual midgits. Lets see your Christianity, apologize to the many on this site that you berate. By your adjectives of others you aren’t reflecting Christ but rather the way the 2 parties go after each other; via insults, focusing on personlities and scare tactics rather than truth.

                  Now, the bible does not say Rome is the great harlot. Rev.17:18 she is called the great city. Rev.11:8 John writes that the great city is where the Lord died. Then reference Matt.23:31-35 with Rev.18:24. No where is it implied that Rome is the harlot but it is very clear who she is.
                  If you’d like to challange me on this feel free. You’re in Arz. and I’m in west Texas. Want to meet?

                  You have a gift of economical/financial insight that can be useful to many here. Use the gift wisely and with great patience and understanding.

                • @DK:

                  FOOT to ASS —you can’t fix stoopid, but you can redirect the damage –well played Sir !!

                • I find it amusing watching two lunatic christians calling each other crazy…please continue!

                • Dboy,
                  Now that wasn’t nice,
                  did I call anybody names?
                  Or did this so called ‘christian’ Gentleman?
                  Notice he doesn’t answer the question, only the merchants (and their hangers on, like us..:)
                  of the Earth SEE what is happening.
                  Besides I am not ‘christian’.
                  I am Christ Follower, Magi and Heretic.
                  He doesn’t even know what the definition of christian is.

                  @Durango… hahaha.
                  You give your kind a bad name.
                  and the ‘heathen’ much entertainment.
                  and derision.

                • DRD: No I do not present myself as an “intellectual giant”. I do know money, banking, and investment (especially real estate) having spent a lifetime involved in it.

                  Still I have stated before and will state again that I do not consider myself an “expert” because the field of finance is large with many specialties.

                  I am not a chef. Slick and Possee are chefs. If you want to know about food, ask them. Net Ranger is a weapons expert. I am a damn good shot but I am not a “weapons expert”. Daisy and others show a clear inclination and info for prepping.

                  Everyone has their gift and their life experience. Some of you have other experience and other gifts.

                  My experience is money and banking so I know what I am talking about even if many of you do not and want to accept the propaganda of those on Alt Media and allow them to manipulate you to support their silver speculation, or whatever other fear they want to impose upon you, when none is warranted.

                  With respect to Vatican City and Rome I suggest that YOU read Revelations more closely and you will discover that the “Mother of Harlots is Rome and that it sits on seven hills.

                  Cincinnati notwithstanding,:-) Bible Scholars are in agreement that Rome is the subject of that reference.

                  Please note that “piper” didn’t protest the fact that I said he hated America and was trying to spread propaganda. He didn’t deny that he hates America, or that he has falsely identified America as Babylon.

                  He has tries this many times before. He is a fucking liar! 🙂

                • @DK
                  I think was quite clear about my feelings about America my friend. You have reading comprehension issues.

                  I fought for this country my ‘friend’, which gives me the right to hold any opinion I wish, did you?

                • Piper: Yes I fought for this country. I am an ex Marine and Viet Nam Vet. You can hold whatever opinions you want, it is a free country.You can push whatever propaganda you want.

                  What you cannot do is twist scripture and lie about what it clearly says in black and white to fit your opinion, and not have someone who knows better than that to call “BULLSHIT”!

                  You are a fucking LIAR! 🙂

              • dk, let see if I can appeal to your intellectual nature.
                No, not all bible scholars agree that Rome is the harlot.
                Rev.11 says the 7 hills are kings. 5 have fallen and 1 is yet to come. Rome was and is still on 7 hills. For 1800 years, the church suspected that Rome could be the harlot yet didn’t taech it. Like our government, the bible and christianity have been hijacked. The continual rhetoric of so called scholars are like many; where their mind is made up regardless of the facts.
                Yes I am a life long student of scripture and debated many of the self proclaimed scholars. What’s next? Seperation of church and state? Is it truth? Dig and one will find the errors of academia which are suffocating and suppressing truth.
                I gave you references, did you read them?
                Please dk stay away from your unchristian vocabulary and don’t make excusses for it. There are minors reading this site as well as moms and grandmas, clean up your language.

                • @DRD5508,
                  God bless you, well said.

                  The Way of Authority, is to hide knowledge, for it is dangerous… to authority.

                • DRD: A “life long student of scripture” ? LMFAO! 🙂

                • dk, apologies, Rev.17. Didn’t realize I hit one twice. ha!

                • DRD: What you are referring too, but didn’t identify is Rev 17 where the seven hills represent the City of Rome, that represents the Harlot that “sits on many waters”; meaning “many peoples, kindreds (nations), and tongues”.

                  That definition of the Harlot clearly defines the Catholic Church (but not the Catholic Faith) and the Satanic Catholic Priesthood as the Harlot, and Vatican City and Rome which shall be consumed in that “hour”.

                  They (the hills) ALSO represent seven kings (the G-7), … etc, as you stated. Then it goes on to identify ten kings (the original European Common Market) who shall receive power with the beast. That’s what is coming.

                  Follow the link and arrow ahead if REV 17 doesn’t come up. Cheers.

              • I suspect that many that have thumbed me down are Catholics defending their faith. The Catholic Faith is not the Satanic Catholic Priesthood, anymore than the Constitution is the Congress.

                Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and both Congress and The Priesthood is absolutely corrupt.

                This is evidenced by many thousands of children who have been sodomized and the $13 billion in damages awarded to victims of the Satanic Catholic Priesthood.

                With respect to the Congress it is evidenced by the growing gap between the rich and the poor, crony capitalism, the humongous national debt, and the bailout of the gangster banksters; which replaced their losses and made them whole while they kept their equity in those private corporations.

                All moral catholics, including the moral priests; especially the moral priests, should exit the Catholic Church. $13 billion dollars is not an aberration. No one should financially support the Catholic Church or any of its subsidies.

                If only 1 in 4 women who are raped come forward to report the crime, imagine how few Altar boys report abuse. ???

                Why is the lowest “age of consent” in the world for sexual relations in Vatican City, at age 12? Lower even then a few Islamic countries at age 13?

                Sex should be outlawed in Vatican City if the Priests have sworn a vow of Chasity, don’t cha think?

                • @DK:

                  Please leave pied piper alone…he has his own website, so he is so impotent.

                  …yes, all spelling is correct…….BA/sarc….

            • While all of Ameica may not be Babylon, i suspect that New York city may well be Babylon, When immigrants arrive to ellis island in NY harbor they pass the village of Babylon NY, they can see the name Babylon printed on the water tower. Either way America will be toast if the whole Nation is judged as Babylon or only New York City.
              From the List of cities claimed to be built on seven hills
              Staten Island, New York, United States – Fort Hill, Ward Hill, Fox Hill, Grymes Hill, Emerson Hill, Todt Hill, and Richmond Hill.
              New York City would fit the bill as Babylon the great

              • Sorry to add to this but Yonkers New York is also on this list and is only 2 miles from Manhattan at it’s closest point.

                • Can we all get along?

              • Butter,
                I had forgotten that…thank you!
                Another city of 7 hills,
                Tallahassee FL.

                But the secret to Babylon, is in the money.

                • The “secret” is expressly stated in Revelations and it describes Rome as the Mother of Harlots, the city that sits on seven hills.

                  “Whoring” as in “harlot” is repeatedly referred to in the Old Testament as the worship of other Gods, other than the Lord, by Israel.

                  “Babylon” is about worship, not about money. Wrong again. 🙂

                • Babylon refers to THIS ungodly system of things. “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” it’s late so i don’t want to look up the scripture. No man can fix this world, only God.

                • @JL,
                  Exactly what I’ve been saying. Babylon the Great, is The System, of the WORLD, not just America, even though America is the center of the world, and NYC is the center of the money world.

                  The System is Triune, Banking, Politics, and RELIGION(that gets tax breaks to keep you in submission to “Godly authority).
                  DK, LOVES THE SYSTEM, as a banking and self admitted finance type… therein lies the TRUTH.

                  His GOD, is MAMMON.

              • WTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

                • lol it cut off the rest of my comment…
                  Babylon ny is more then a few mere miles from the statue of liberty. Lived in babylon ny. It is located in the south bay. Lived in brooklyn ny. used to see the statue on the f- train line when passing, smith -ninth st. station. From babylon by boat or driving it is more then an hour.

            • @GG

              If you do a little digging you can find that during the Irag war,a major pipeline of all internet/cell phone/other communications from around the world, were centralized thru the rebuilt city of Babylon. That pipeline of centralized communications information runs directly to the Vatican. Any wonder as to why?

        • I think alot of Fear mongering is whats going on alot.

          Yes things are bad. But have been alot worse here and europe etc before. Did everyone except 1% of prepers all die off in them times?…Nope…Not hardley.

          WWII= Probobly the absolute worst overall worldwide disaster ever in history next to noahs flood era!

          Yet even with 100+ Million dead, did way More folks survive?…Yes they did.(or most of Us wouldn’t be here now eh).

          USA= Great depression era, even when you consider recent released “secret” papers, I think it was Russia had hid away, its now admitted as many as 10 Million americans Died due to lack of food or outright starvation in great depression.

          Plus two decades at least of total lack of cash or jobs etc right.

          Then consider: Does any here actually believe them who run our fed govnt, regardless Who they really are, are stupid enough to allow a rapid meltdown and total stoppage of all cash etc?

          All that while, they got what?…Now its 6 seperate War zones ongoing!…USA Troops in those wars and in 700+ Bases around the entire world.

          Plus all daily day to day normal spending of cash for many various operations of running america etc..Forget about is it ok or constitutional or not…They Are spending it Daily day after day right.

          To imagian all this simply comes to a FULL HALT!?…

          Then what?…After 100 Yrs or longer of all their illeagle/evil workings to obtain full or total Power over Us all and the entire World folks and nations…

          All these power Mad crazed types will simply tell each other something like..”Gee I guess it aint worked to well so we better give up and head home now..Bye Bye everybody!”

          Come On already!!…These kommie types Plan ahead, way ahead in advance for like 100-200+ yrs ahead.

          And when have we ever seen they do NOT Play for keeps?…Never seen it, thats correct…They always play for Keeps…Most Will exterminate their Own mothers if its deemd necessary to move ahead as planned etc…

          So now it all fast closes down and for Good or at least many yrs down?…And they say Bye and…then…they do What exactly?…Come on…Think!

          All the hype of 16 trillion debt cant ever get paid, 200 more trillion soc sec etc cant get paid…Why cant they Change it all to New systems?…And simply Refute all old debts?….They Can and probly Will…And begin imeadiatly to enshrine use of total new monetary systems…Cashless?…Or?…Or?

          Who really can say now?…None of Us can say…BUT I BET THEY the Eliete bankster crowd sure CAN!!

          To believe such highly educated folks as they are(not praiseing them just admiting they aint dummies is all), Wouldn’t have an alternate “PLan” or Two?…Come On!

          • Yes, Angelo,
            they play chess, while folks like Durango kidd are still playing checkers.

            • Piper: I haven’t played checkers since grandpa died. He always let me win. My custom chess set was stolen in transit. But I try to play golf twice a week and I do workout every day.


              • Golf? So, you’re one of them. I was right.

                So literal minded. Typical golf clic.

                • Golf is a great game. It takes hand, eye, and body coordination. Tennis is great too! Tackle football is great but I am getting too old for that, but as a kid WE played tackle football without pads.

                  It separates the men from the boys. 🙂

        • Slow slide? Maybe.

          But if you are at all familiar with the concept of the exponential function, you may realize that while the slide may at first be gradual (which I believe we are experiencing now), it will very likely pick up in both intensity and speed.

          This has happened repeatedly throughout history. What starts as a slow slide..suddenly accelerates until you are in free-fall.

          Rome went this route. A slow decline..and then the barbarians were sacking the city.

          The same with France in the late 1700’s…Germany in the 1920’s….the Soviet Union in the 80’s.

          It may well be a slow slide…until one day…a confluence of events pushes us over the precipice.

          • Exactly Walt,
            Hyperinflation is an ‘event’, that occurs when somebody, somewhere says ‘oops’.
            However, as Angelo said above, I am of the opinion, that they will allow it, deliberately, or even push it like the Dark man is doing using the Cloward-Piven strategy, Ordo ab chao.
            Then, they declare ‘capitalist money bad’, and go to ‘socialist money good’. And pay off all the debts with worthless electronic credits.

            The Bible does speak of this time. And in the Greek, the Mark, if I remember correctly (I’m sure our Bible scholar Durango kidd can correct me)… it was call the ‘stakos’, or ‘to stick’. Probably an RFID injection. This system is already in place, and validated for ‘human use’.

            Then everybody cheers for ‘free money’, and we, the good guys, become the enemy…
            Of course, to get to that point, they’ll probably need a war, to take the spotlight off of them, and do the global reset.

            I guess we shall see, if the dark man wins, what ever it is, will come faster.

            • I agree.

            • Hard to resist, but do not argue with Piper. You cannot argue against incoherence.

              BTW the invasions of Rome by German tribes did NOT kill off the Roman Empire. The “barbarians” adopted Roman language, Roman Law, Roman engineering, and Roman commerce and continued operating the Empire until the real Barbarians (the Muslims) showed up. THEY destroyed the agricultural, commercial, and intellectual infrastructure, precipitating the “Dark Ages”.

              • The Muslims didn’t show up until after 600 A.D.. The area that had been previously dominated by Rome, was well into the Dark Ages by then (i.e. the world had already experienced TSHTF). What was left of Rome, adopted culture notwithstanding, had degenerated into factions and tribes run by their several warlords. For all practical purposes, after the second sacking of Rome, Rome’s domination of the world was dead.

                The decline and fall of Rome was a complex event that took place over a long period of time. But the causes and symptoms of its collapse are in many ways, quite similar to our own. I would argue however that due to the speed at which things happen on a global scale, the fall of the economic, social and political systems of today will happen much quicker.

                Take for example….war. Until the last 100 or so years, war is something that typically took months and even years to prepare for and execute. Now….we can have global war in literally a matter of minutes.

              • You should coach, coach, the only incoherent response here is the Christian who is devoted only to ancient dogma’s that have never proven to be right.
                You skipped over a lot of history there… dude.

      5. Indeed, it is difficult to ‘see’ around the edges of the ‘Matrix’….that WAS the intent, wasn’t it?

      6. I wonder how long we have? Pasta is on sale at Kroger for $.49 a box. Hormel chili is $.99 with coupons $1.00 OFF you can get it for $.49 a can. I wish more people would wake up.

        • JL if you don’t mind the sauce in the cans i think the hunts sauces are also like .99 cents. I stocke dup like a mofo. ( side note pasta is better then rice and potatoes for diabetics because of how it breaks down 🙂

      7. “When “Lady Liberty” comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her.”

        ~ Oscar Wilde

        • Scroo the
          Windsors (Google search Saxe-Coburg Gotha… they changed their name in 1917 and it is declassified public knowledge for anyone who CBA to google search)


          Bro with such a name , I don’t blame people for thumbs-downing ya

          AND SCROO MONSANTO TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Oscar Wilde was funny, like Bill Maher is funny. His, ah, how you say, “sexual orientation” caused him to become a vessel filled with hate, which he spewed out in all directions.

      8. People really do need to be grounded in reality. That’s why I spend so much time with my 4 yr old grandson. To let him benefit from my wisom. I was at my daughter’s house recently and Munchkin and I were watching one of those travel shows on tv. They were showing the national parks and monuments of America. When they got to Mt Rushmore he asked, ‘Who are those rock people, Grandpa?’
        “Why, that’s the national monument to the Beatles,” I told him.
        ‘Who are the Beeples?’
        “It’s BEAT-les” I corrected. “They were a very famous American barbershop quartet from Toledo. Then they moved to England and stopped cutting their hair and got even more famous.”
        ‘Why did they stop cutting their hair? And what’s a barbershop pork-ette?’
        “It’s QUARTET I said. They were singers. And as to why they didn’t cut their hair, I think it was a protest against other barbershops, but I’m not sure.”
        ‘Who’s the guy with the beard?,’ he asked, pointing to Lincoln.
        “That was George Harrison. And the guy with the funny little glasses was John. The others are Paul and Ringo.”
        ‘Ringo!’ he laughed. ‘That’s a funny name.’
        “Yes it is, Munchkin, but that’s his name-o”
        ‘Do they still sing in a pork-ette?’
        “No. Sadly John and George died. But the last I heard Paul and Ringo were still working.”
        ‘Singing?’ he asked.
        “A little bit. But mostly just to entertain the customers in their barbeshops.”
        Just then, my daughter came in and turned off the tv. “I think that’s enough television for now. Isn’t it about time for the two of you to go get an ice cream cone or something?”
        “Excellent idea!” I said. “Who’s driving?”
        ‘I am!’ yelled Munchkin, ‘You said it was time for my next driving lesson.’
        I winked at him, “That’s my boy.”

        • Now, how could Anybody thumbs down a story about a cute little grandson? Have you no heart? (insert mock surprise facial expression)
          Aren’t we all in this together? After all, it’s For The Children. We all must do our part and give our fair share. Don’t you want to invest in our children’s future? Our only real enemy is those evil greedy rich people. Together we can move Foreward. Kumbaya my lord, kymbaya….
          HELP! My radio is stuck on NPR!

          Meanwhile…. Throw the log book out the window and HAMMER DOWN for Portland! Yee Haa! No snow on cabbage pass!…..

          • Exactly Smokin…

            A house divided cannot stand…
            Such a lovely little tale.
            Thumbs up.

        • Now that is a classic right there!

          BTW rode my (I don’t want a pickle just wanta ride my…) motorsickle out west and stoped at Mt. Rushmore.

          I ask you folks. Who’da ever thought of carving a mountain into a sculpture? And then having the ability to do it?

          Think about it!

          Ahh, roger dodger we got this mountain out here and damned if I don’t see Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt hiding inside. Send me some dynamite so I can blow ’em out, over.

          Who? How?

          In today’s nation some a da boyz wudda jus B spray paintin da prezdnts onna d rock. Wit sum obsenniteez inna baloon outa day mouffs.

          Grittin my teeth. Lowest common denominattor.

      9. “”The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.”

        ~ Samuel Adams

        • Cocopuff,
          Finally, something I can heartily say, thumbs up.

          • “I ask, Sir, what is the
            militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

            George Mason also known as the father of the bill of rights

      10. “You can protect your liberties in this world only by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can be free only if I am free.”

        ~ Clarence Darrow

        • Good shot cocopuff!

        • Two in a row.. you’re on a roll my man…
          This is the core of liberty.
          When I was a child, freedom was a way of life.
          If some dunderhead said he was going to do something that would make him a potential candidate for the Darwin awards, we would say;
          Now, we say;

          If something doesn’t affect you, remember…

      11. not all Americans are total idiots

        “Here’s my gas story: Two days before the storm hit I filled up both my cars so I wouldn’t have to wait in line after the storm. Also before the storm I filled up gas containers to fuel my generator for two weeks. I made sure we had food in the house for a month. Then I filled up the bath tub with water just in case the lines got contaminated. I made sure both cell phones were charged up and got out the old ATT phone to plug into the land line just in case, The most important item on my checklist was to make sure I was’t relying on anything government did to insure my family’s survival,

        Hey fellow New Yorkers, you still want to make fun of the Preppers?”

        don’t ya just love that line

        “The most important item on my checklist was to make sure I was’t relying on anything government did to insure my family’s survival,”


        whose laughin’ now bitchez ???

        • Right On! I was ready in southern PA. I decided along time ago I neither want or need the gov’t help. Look at all those idiots who relied on the gov’t. I was watching some news show last night. Everyone of them whining about when was the gov’t coming to help them, idiots.

          Yeah I know those living on the coast were hosed. But if you make a choice to live there, then you should be prepared for what can happen.

        • yep you right, I felt the same way, “when is the government comming to save us!’ They even had warnings to fill up and get supplies but still thousands or more were waiting in line to try and get gas. When it hits these people are going to have nothing and I mean nothing and it will be a shock to them and they are going to get violent and desperate to have someone help them. protect your home and dont let anyone in! unless you think they deserve it etc. These are small tests to people and they do make fun of us, now we are watcing and just thinking we were smarter than you idiots who think things will just keep ticking. feels good to know we are safe and taken care of. when the big one hits they are screwed and if the weather is cold, its going to be over. hey we made choices and spent money on things we believe in, these people did not. they spent their money having a drink with friends or eating out. dont feel sorry at all for these people. now the children that are helpless, I do and would help what I could do. you had 5 kids that is your choice not mine.

        • Careful! A bathtub of water sounds like you’re hoarding Gov’t resources! Prepare for FEMA or DHS to kick down your door!

          Seriously, good on you… stay safe


          • I know..

            I was thinking a bathtub of fluoridated water..

            Nah I’m good..

        • shit i was prepping for this storm in 2000, I moved 🙂

      12. Charlie’s and Mac’s messages go on deaf ears, except here, of course. How many are we? A few hundred at this site?

        What’s the ratio between us and them (those in Denial??

        Hmm, I don’t think the odds are looking so good for me/us regardless of that fully functional M1 Abrams I’ve got parked out in the barn.

        • You can’t help but wonder how many people are actually reading and making notes but not adding comments.

          I would bet that the number of people having been assisted by this site and the related comments would far exceed our expectations.

          In all reality, they might be the smart ones… the have the benefit of the information and learning while retaining their anonymity.

          • You are correct!

          • @ Nailbender:

            i think on one hand, you may be right about the number of people potentially effected positively by this and other like sites… the real truth of the issue comes when a “Sandy” happens… did they make “bug-out” plans..? did they have enough to get by until they reached their “bug-out location”..? the “smart ones” wil have done all they could do to ensure their own survival and subsequent thriving… but then, the same is true of all of us…

          • I am one of those people you speak of. Anonymity is the currency of survival, I have been trolling prepper sites for over two years in search of ideas and action items (This is my first ever post). Here is a tiny sample of nuggets I have learned:

            1. I don’t know what you don’t know.
            2. Gold is the treasure you put in the boat, Silver is what you pay the ferryman.
            3. WRT circumstances and priorities, change the first to satisfy the second.
            4. Determine your Tribe now.
            5. Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) will greatly enhance survival

            Ok, now I must go back into the bramble bush before the predators sense me.

          • @Nailbender…..you are right, I am reading AND taking lots of notes…..don’t have a printer ):

            I was just checking
            basement to see how much water I have stored(only about 4 months worth) gotta get to the spring at the edge of town to fill up as many 5 gal plastic buckets as my car trunk will carry!!

            Actually filling buckets with rain water from my barrels to flush toilets when needed….as soon my rain water will freeze, so I like using “free” water…..my water bill has been cut down quite a bit since I read on THIS site how to really save on bill by collecting all the cold water(while waiting for the hot) works pretty good for flushing toilets!! thanx guys for all your great tips…take care, CC.

          • true dat nailbender

        • No worries most of ‘them’ will die off in the first few weeks/months of starvation and mass violence.

          Then there will be plenty of stuff for us to scavenge for the long haul.

          I might need to borrow that M1 to help it along in my zone..

          • The ones that die off in the first weeks will have nothing to scavenge from.

          • and about the time an arrogant a-hole like you is ready to pull the plug on someone with your M1 a small child with large wet eyes appears behind you with a little 9mil and puts a hole in your head and you die wondering WTH?? Change your name “gokill” to gocheck, that is , go check your reality!
            Arrogance and over confidence will kill U gokill…

      13. many will not survive what is coming. the sheeple for sure, and many of us that are prepared will not survive as well. none of us have ever experianced the things we are soon to face, all you can do is prep for the worst and harden your self to do what ever it takes to protect your self and loved ones. when it comes, and I believe it is coming sooner than we think. it will not be a couple of weeks or a few months it will be several years of pure survival,i hope im wrong but I cant believe it will be anything less prepare while you can and concerve when you have too.

      14. This mental-wasteland we watch over and over again is mind-boggling, isn’t it? And every time we are faced with another example of American stupidity, we are reminded yet again that these are really the ‘unreachables.’ These are the people we cannot reach, or communicate with, because they have no common sense and do not practice critical thinking.

        Many people have been indoctrinated into dependency and apathy. Others have a belief that nothing ‘bad’ would ever happen to them. None of these people think rationally.

        We simply cannot save these people from themselves. They have set their own course and will need to understand that the consequences have occurred from their own poor decisions. We, in turn, must establish our own guidelines about assistance to this type of dependent personality. How far will we go to ‘help others’ in critical situations? How much are we willing to risk? Will we allow ourselves to be placed in harms’ way while trying to save someone from their bad choices? I believe we need to address these kinds of questions ahead of time because there is a world of manipulators in the world who will try any trick in the book if you offer leadership and skills they can live off of. Sad, but true.

        • There are 3 types of people, those that see, those that see when shown, and those that refuse to see at all.

          • There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary and those who don’t.

            • Harold, it’s good to see someone else loves that line, too!

        • This is why I do not throw out old preps. Some rice that got bugs in it, beans same. Did not know how to store them back then… have since learned proper storage techniques with oxy absorbers, etc.
          They are kept for the beggars…they are there for the thieves(if they get me, they will find this…;-)
          I will give to the stupid because I believe in ‘good works’, to a point, but not so much as to destroy me and mine. Biblically and righteously, I have a responsibility to mine first, and SO DO THEY!
          You are right…you could beat them over the head with a stick, it would not do any good. Forest Gump was a bloomin genius compared to some people I know…

          I feel for us.

          • I have for years try to get my brothers and my best friends family to Prep. All fall on deaf ears. My mother at least has done some of it. Can goods but she 82. And remember her childhood. But she still believe in government.

            My friend doesn’t disagree with me but she does not believe in worrying before it happens.

            She joke about coming to me when it happens. I told her no and I felt so bad about it. I just hope it would shaker her out of this mind set. I am depend on her for many things since I am disable. So I know I would help.
            My main concern is my one brother and my mother. It one of the reason I start Prepping I knew I would not be able run. I once thought I am only getting it ready for looters but to do nothing go against everything I believe. You with children must do it for them. If not for your selves. I feel sure those who come here have some interest in it or you would not keep coming back.

            And every time some thing like Sandy happen it make me want go shopping. And check my list of items I want to add.
            I wish more would do the same. But each storm show me that so many are not learning. And make what more locks on my doors.

          • You might want to bake those buggy beans and rice before they go forth and multiply…just a thought.

      15. Sorry.. I have no compassion for retards that had a week’s notice to Sandy and did nothing.

        As to the full scale economic implosion, I can foresee state and local governments attempting to collect “taxes” (wealth redistribution) of whatever is of value on hand from the taxed. Value would be food, fuel, ammo, clothing, blankets, machinery, whatever that could be used or sold to fund and keep the new fiefdoms and lords happy.

        I’ll destroy and sink my own boat before I hand anything over to those bags of shit.

        • A man would, you are a man sir.
          This is exactly what will happen.
          and why I am trying to tell the Good guys,
          to network. Locally and online, but they are scared of ‘agents’…
          Why? If you’re not going anything illegal? Is it now illegal to ‘social network’ with like minded folks?

          People amaze me. They don’t understand how bad it can get during a money collapse. If/when the System goes down, it will be years of pain, crime, warlords, gangs, you name it. Mad max was after a nuclear war, and is the extreme case, but cops themselves, will look after themselves, once the paychecks stop…

          • Does anyone know of a CB or short wave network that like minded folks could join?

            Think about it we will need to be able to find out if Drones are targeting the north west etc.

            Someone should start some type of short wave/CB network for preppers as we will need to communicate once the grids go down.

            I have my system ready to go solar powered. Just need to connect to the right folks..

            • good point on the CB but the law idiots will be surfing the channels and trying to zone in to any real chatter we put out and say to each other or safe locations where we have food and weapons. that this point of the collapse they are going to want total control and will take anything they can to make us harmless and no threat and desperate to have them take control of the masses. too many of us are going to be grouping and remaining free while the forces and police mainly the federal government will try to destroy us and pockets of freedom fighters or church preachers etc. this is their way to start things over in their power. all things we do or say will be used against us and thats when they will strike when we are all at our weakest. we must remain alert and in charge. otherwise it will be all over for us and this great country. all history and truth will be destroyed and they will do their best to dismantle our freedoms for good. we will win in the long run but many many people will die in gods trust and freedom for us all. God be with us when this happens.

      16. I am waiting til someone gets robbed , home invasion etc..in NYC, and not having the ability to defend themselfs due to the no gun policy of that City and its Mayor..and that preson lines up to sue the fuckin pants off them for thinking they have the right and ability to take away someones God given right to protect themselfs with any means necessary..
        HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS MR BLOOMBURG..someone needs to sue his ass big time

        No one has the right to dictate against our Constitutional rights, or our Bill of Rights,(2nd amendment) and should go to prison for such a violation or be sued in to poverty civilly, who the fuck does this ass hat think he is? Stalin?

        Looting and Home invasions rape and murder are more then likely going on in that city with no opposition and no fear from the perps,, no law abiding citizens in that city have the means to protect themselfs..

        I bet the Mayor has armed guards, or maybe his ass isnt even there!

        sorry this shit pisses me off, People
        No One has the right to remove your constitutionally protected RIGHT to Bear arms..No One

        • @VRF —

          Well said, sir. I couldn’t have articulated your point better myself. I would only add that the right of self defense (i.e. active measures of self-preservation using any and all means commensurate to the threat at hand) is not only a “constitutional” right, but a natural BIOLOGICAL right that PRE-DATES laws and government. That’s what the founders (who recognized that constitutions could be CHANGED) meant by “inalienable.”

          What’s truly insidious about Amerikan-corporate New World Order Bolshevism is this: it seeks to deprive the complex organism HUMAN BEINGS of the very rights that any quadruped, crustacean or insect instinctively exercises.

          Perhaps the ideal New Yorker (in Nanny-Control-Freak Bloomberg’s mind) is a grub worm or amoeba.

        • 100 Thumbs up… to a man, that is not a SHEEP.
          (Well, I can’t GIVE them to you… but I can write them to you…;-)

        • When a legislature undertakes to proscribe the exercise of a citizen’s constitutional rights, it acts lawlessly, and the citizen can take matters into his own hands and proceed on the basis that such a law is no law at all.

          Justice William O. Douglas

        • Bloomberg has tossed out the const, and replaced it with the Talmude for His use in Rule over the Goyims of NY or is it now “JY”?

          In fact the entire us fed govnt structure in DC has done likewise…Thrown out us const and BOR and are useing the Zionist Talmude as the “Law” of the land.

          (us supreme justice, Ruth Bader GinsBERG admited to use of Talmude in Many decisions, and has been ongoing awhile now!)

          Their true religion is akin to Moloch worship…Moloch is a type of False God worshiped in old babylon era 3000 yrs ago.

          The jews learned and adopted it during their 70 yrs in exile there.

          Basically it consists of a huge massive Brass statue of the God of Fire(?) and at bottom of statue wood was piled for a huge bonfire to Heat the brass to Red Hot temps!

          Then folks lined up and one by one Tossed their First Born kids, into the out streached arms of the statue while kid was still ALIVE!…Needless to say the kid was totally consumed and burned to Death.

          Then next in line steped up to do the same. I think they also used 14 yr old Virgin daughters too.

          Thats what God is refereing to when He complains of evil false god worship by the jews. Moloch Worship….God tells a Prophet(Jeramiah?) to Tell the jews God is Pissed due to jews force their children to Pass thru the FIRE of moloch!

          I mentioned this since I think todays Abortion fanatics are the same as religious fanatics in how they so defend abortion etc.

          And if you consider the actual process of Saline solution that BURNS an unborn infant Alive while still in the womb, it is very akin or similar to Moloch rituals.

          And in todays society even most pro aborts types probobly would screech at real live Moloch type rituals to burn kids alive.(so abortion=good substitute to moloch fire)

          All the blood spilled from Inocent unborns is akin to many Blood Rituals practiced by jews per talmudic teachings. AKA= Animal sacrafices/Blood…aka “Goyim”= Animals specifically Cattle!

          Most unborns aborted ARE gentiles=goyim=cattle=animals=Blood ritual sacrafices!

          Talmude has replaced the US constitution at least in Their zio minds…And wont stop untill WE ALL do whatever it will take to change things Back to normal etc.

          Don’t expect them zios to simply allow us to do that without Them resisting mightly.

          If something aint soon done, america will have alot worse to deal with than any cash crash or meltdown…Namely we will face Gods Wrath on our Nation of america.

          His wrath is NOT apointed to Us if christians…But that don’t mean we still wont be affected alot by it.

          • I am writing from Jerusalem area, and am offended by your post. Do you read Hebrew? Do you read Aramaic? The languages of the Torah and Talmud? Your words show zero knowledge of the Talmud. We are a G-d fearing, moral people. The idea of idol worship or moloch offerings is insane to a Torah Jew. it is everything Judaism is against. If you at a true Christian then I think you would be a friend and supporter of the Jewish people, not an anti Semite. Yes there are unfortunately many liberal Jews in America who value materialism, but they have replaced Torah with false values. it is not the true Jewish way. I think they are deep down good people, but they have become misguided., just as many non Jews have. When the society around you is crumbling, and the role models are pop stars and pro ball players, what message is that sending to the people? People are influenced by the society they live in.
            I also want to say that re. the days of the week, here in israel we do not use the English names, which as someone pointed out have pagan origins. We say for Sunday, “yom rishon”( the first day), Monday is ” yom sheni” ( the second day), and so forth through all 6 days, until the last day, which is called “yom Shabbat”, the Sabbath day. it is the only one with a different name format.

            I found this site b/c I was looking online for preparedness info. As you know, things are unstable here, and we need to be prepared for anything. I want to say thank you to the people who made this site, it is very helpful. I pray that the people affected by sandy will be ok, and that the nation will wake up to the need to prep. . May all of you writers and readers of this site succeed in your efforts to awaken the masses. G-d bless!

            • And very welcome you are, Atara. Sadly you find too many here who are plumb ignorant of the reality of the Old Testament and the Jewish faith. Please know that they are a vocal minority.

            • yep whoever points out anything jews dont like?= An antisemite.

              Being from isreal perhaps you aint aware of the Facts that all you mentioned such as Sports hero worship etc and messed up society etc…Thats ALL run-owned-managed and Profited the most by…..JEWS!

              You probobly wont believe this or me…Ok, use your computer to research Who owns What in sports Teams, MSM media, TV, Hollywood(famous for 1000+ movies of total, german folks is Bad! always Bad people! the absolute Worst type “Goyims” right?)

              Check how many “Movies” documentarys hollywierd jews has made that Fully Honestly Document how Russian JEWS aka Bolshevik Khazers and their Talmudiac mindset was able to MASS EXTERMINATE nearly 100 MILLION White Christians all over Russia/Poland/Ukraine areas!

              You got it Backwards pal! its not antisemites is the problem….

              Rather its the Jews(nation wreckers) who Are every nations Misfortune once infiltrated like usa is now eh!

              Every single wrong or imoral thing you mentioned IS due to ZOG run america.

              By a Hoard of self chozen-self Worshiping-Money worshiping jewish type folks….

              And Thank God! Finally the Entire world IS awakening to all the nation wreacking Havok You jews are guilty of due to Your, Christ and Christians Hateing from all you ANTICHRISTS!

              Yeah, lets see hollywood finally make even ONE single movie for TV that shows the TRU FACTS of what was done to a Hundred Million Innocents all due to Talmudiac Pharisee teachings Against christians, especially the WHITE version of Christians!

              World and USA IS waking up! You stanic devils and children(Seed) of Lucifer/Satan as Jesus labled you all wont be able to keep on doing evils such as Russian revolution etc any longer…Thank God for that eh!

              Ok now cry a River how jews is so hated for zero good reasons right?…..Yeah as if 109 out of 109 Nations in last 2000 yrs all had no good reasons to BOOT you jews out huh?

              I can see it in my minds eye now!

              One day, say it was a , Tuesday, in early 1933 era….A Large size country filled with Mostly(99%) White Christians people, say as many as aprox 90 Million eh!

              That particular wed Morning at Precicely 8:00am, all of a sudden it happened!!!…yes it sure did!

              ALL 90 MILLION native germans all at same time same day all decided to…”Hey everybody lets all Hate jews! and Boot em out! YEAH! Das Bootem!” For being such swell folks to the Host nation houseing them right!(see usa in 2012 for more info on Nation wrecking like germany was in 1930’s).

              And so began the chance for khazer jews aka international(kommies) jewery to conjure up swindle after swindle just as they conjure war after war up and they is who always bennifit most.

              Because Only jews matters in todays games of Whos a “Victim”?….They and ONLY they count! Just ask a few of em!

              If you do ask they Will call you antisemite! Even though 90-95% are eastern euro Khazers of HUN+Edomite(turk)+Mongrel ancestory!! Not a single drop of true Isreali dna in their bunch eh!(Vat 12 tribes?.Ve is all Kommie Russians! Khazers! zero 12 tribes dna ve av!)

              Yet who Bashes Arabs of all types the Mostest and Loudest?…Even though arabs ARE real ‘semitic” peoples right!….If you answered “jews” is who bashes em so bad non stop etc?…..BINGO you begin to awaken somewhat my friends.

              Its High Time every person worldwide learns these Hidden facts and truths no…Then perhaos we see a End of always the Victim, incessant Whinny crys of Oy Vey! why is it always Us?!

              Maybe because its Always Youse who wrecks entire nations and bankrupts em too then finish em off by Mass genocideing all the white folks christians huh?!

              Let the jew denials, and zio christowhackos jew firster defense crowd begin to Bash Me for speaking truth!

              Cause I give a Rats ASS what stupid names anyone calls me or others. If you Hate truth?…Hate Christ? you can Kiss My White Ass eh!

              PS to Isreal resident…Whens the Next time you guys’ Pharissee Rabbi’s have the wild in streets of telaviv…..

              New Testement Bible Book-Burnings?….Hope I don’t be too late nor miss it again!…What a fuckin wild Party heh!

              Dozens of idiots dressed in smelly Funeral Director black long coats, wearing Wide Brimmed Black Hats that are All 4 sizes Too Tiny and sit high up on heads, while they do the Detroit Monkey Down Dancing isrealies, dances in middle of street as the Huge Massive Bonfire torches every new testement bible them Pharisse’s can get their Grubby dirty hands upon to Burn!

              Lovely party folks! put on by them who Always whine they are hated and for ZERO causes!!!

              109 nations since 70 ad are 100% WRONG! One group of 13 MIllion jews is ALWAYS Cortrect!!!…Okkkaaayyyyyyy!!

              • Angelo, sometimes you make really good points, but this isn’t one of them. You are generalizing this person who spoke up with no knowledge of him other than the country he was born in. I’d like to think you were more intelligent than that.

                A man needs to be judged by his character, not his ethnicity.

                I don’t like the US congressional support of Israel any better than you do, I don’t like the rabid Zionist overthrow of the American government and economy either, but I welcome the words of fellow preppers with positive things to add no matter where they come from. Not every single person born in Israel is a Zionist operative.

                Atara, I hope you’ll continue to read and post – there is a great deal of prepping information shared in the comments here.

                ~ D

            • Atara, I’m afraid the “liberal Jews” in America and around the world have made many people anti-semetic. I am so sorry you are being subject to their vitriol on this site. Do not stay away because of them. Many of us support and pray for you and Israel daily.

            • atara, dont be offended, i believe in god but not sure if I would label myself in a christian or catholic religion. its sad we all have labels. people in america all have different beliefs and sometimes they say and do things differently so dont let this bother you. someone from america might be in a pissed off mood and say they hate jews but you could be broke down on the road and they would bend over backwards to help you. talk is cheap on here. dont listen to this and like i said americans are very emotional and for the most part like people of all countries except maybe one and your not it. lol we have so many problems and idiots running this country it drives people here bonkers, because of regulations and laws that are just nuts! im sure if you would meet these people they are the most giving people ever here in america!

            • I lived on Kibbutz Be’eri for six months in the early seventies, and witnessed a huge diversity in the Israeli population- from anti-religious to Hassidic. It is much the same here in the U.S. Wherever there are people, there are differences. There are many here who call themselves Christians but don’t seem to follow Jesus. Bear in mind; the Jews are Gods chosen race, and Jesus was a Jew. He could have become man in any race He chose, but he was born a Jew. I think it’s most important to be spiritually prepared for what’s to come in the future; after all, eternity is much longer than the end of days.

            • I am not anti-Jew, but am tired of BIBI’s whining about Iran. The BIBI gang has been screaming that Iran is months away from a nuke for several years now. If it was up to me, the most support you would get from USA is a pile of hardware. Fight your own wars.

              BTW, I am not one of the kooks who think Iran is just a peaceful nation developing energy.

        • The headlines at Drudge keep increasing, both in quantity and temperament:

          Obama Ignores Question About Storm Victims’ Frustrations…
          Fear of the Dark…
          Con Edison Distributing Dry Ice…
          FEMA Out Of Water, No Delivery Until Monday…
          2-mile line on Staten Island…
          CONFUSION: Gov’t tells public to stay away until first responders fuel up…
          Residents arm up: Bats, machetes, shotguns…
          ‘It’s Like The Wild West’…
          ‘Anarchy in Queens’…
          ODD-EVEN: NJ counties enact Carter-style gas rationing…
          DICK MORRIS: Obama Hit By Storm Backlash…

        • VFR I feel the same way but of course the courts will do nothing!!! fucking nothing at all. they are all one big crime mob. We should not have to fight year after year after year for our rights to own or possess a firearm. each year these fuckers try to take away us ever faster and faster each year. i was saying in a post above they will strike at us when we are at our weakest and take all weapons out of our hands, then they can change the history books, starve us and make us slaves just to eat or survive. they cant stand the idea of us being millions grouped together having preps and remaining armed. that is their only threat that they are trying to dismatle from us. we are the threat and once they start saying only 10 rounds to only a certain gun, it will be all over unless we all remain united against the bastards that are destroying this country. they are the problem and have always been. there time is comming and people are not going to let some fucking pencil pushers get away with this much longer. people are going to snap and they will not win in the long run. they are like the construction company that tries to pay less and less each job and start telling us we cant have these tools to use any longer. bad example but you know what I mean. VRF I really respect what you say and things you talk about.

        • VFR: And here’s the thing that most folks don’t know; on average only 65% of homocides ever get solved because in over 90% of the cases the the two people knew each other, so there was a conncection for the police to work with. First: home invasions are done almost exclusively by strangers so there’s no connection to work with. Second: In a place like NYC where guns are almost inpossible to have, and you use one to defend yourself against a stranger/intruder, never-never call the cops and rat on yourself. That’s just plain stupid! You get rid of the body after dark and let the police figure it out later. During this chaotic period, it’s going to be impossible for the police to connect you to this shooting because their hands are full. Third: remember to pick up any shell casings from the shooting. This is where good markmanship comes in; fewer shots means fewer shells to police up afterwards. If you use a shotgun, you’re home free; no bullet fragments means no rifling to match up. Then clean you gun and wash you clothes and body for residue. Bleach is good for removing blood stains of the shootee, I’m not going to call him/them victims. Four: if the police come to your door, you are not required to answer/open it and talk to them. You may not be the subject of an investigation but anything they see when you open your door can give them suspicion (this is called ‘plain view’). And under no circumstnaces, do you ever let the police into your home for the same reason. Protect you 4th Amendment rights and keep them out if they don’t have warrant. If you become a suspect, then get rid of the weapon and the box of ammo that the shot came from. Use gloves to wipe it all down with, this includes the ammo you handled in the box and the box too. WD40 works well. Then file down the hammer if possible in the event an ammo casing was left or forgotten about. If you used a rifle or pistol, then use a large drill bit to ream out the barrel and destroy the rifling. Then dispose of the gun and the ammo. Five: if you’re ever brought in for any questioning, you’re a suspect and are not here to ‘help’ the police find the real shooter. The police are allowed to lie to you so invoke your 5th amendment rights immediately and if necessary, ask for an attorney before futher questionings. If they are asking questions it means they don’t have a case yet, but if you open your big mouth they might. Six: if the police have a record of your gun purchase and want to know where it is, let your attorney explain that it was sold at a gun show or something like that. Lastly: the cops weren’t there to stop the criminals who threatened you and your family, so you don’t owe them anything. You have the right to protect you and your’s. I’m not advocating people go out and look for trouble, that’s plain wrong. But if comes to you and the police aren’t there, it’s YOYO time (Your On Your Own). And I’m affraid that we’re all going to find ourselves in that situation more and more as things deteriorate in this country.

          • i agree, if someone breaks into your home, we should be able to take charge and defend our place. if they inter and you kill them, dump them in a lake or a ditch and life goes on, you should not have to fill out paperwork and paperwork and be questioned or even sued by the family of the intruder. it should be common sense and honesty and be free to do whatever you want. but too many regulations and laws, “oh you killed the guy but you had 15 rounds and the law says only 10!” its stupid things like this that drive us nuts. cops should not even check or waste time on petty stuff like this. my god we have no common sense and its all from some GOP and most liberals in the house state and senate. all criminals and making money under the table and we all know it. same as the piece of shit Obama. you think he really cares, he only cares about shady deals and getting away how he sees this country shaped. Obama is going down soon. Romney is not much better but if he doesnt do the job he will be done in 4 years as well. fucking idiots.

            • Clint H: And in Detroit, the police don’t even come unless you say it’s a murder. The city is so broke they can’t afford patrols and the police take days answering most other calls, it’s pure chaos there. Detroit now has so many abandoned properties that if someone does try and break into a place, the owner can shoot them and later dump the body in one of the thousands of empty houses. It will take days, if not weeks, for anyone to notice a dead body and that will only be in the warmer months when the flies and smell finally attract some attention. I’m sure NYC will keep a tight lid on the increase in crime but it can found on the internet. You can also find out what their rate of closing cases is too. I’ll bet that violent crime goes up across the board and their success rate falls significantly in this chaotic mess. It’s all coming apart and we are going to have to be responsible for our own safety for a while. Good luck everyone and keep prepping.

      17. I for one don’t want a bunch of the bait people to wake up. I’ve supported them and their drug etc habits to long, let them eat each other. It’s time for Darwin to cull the stupid.

        • Your a NAZI

          • No; but I have heard Herman Goering was a fun guy and an honorable flyer in the first war. An old quote: “When you have no ideas, and few brains, vilify your opponent; never, ever, debate facts.”

        • I agree in principle, but, once they’ve gotten a taste for the long pork, we all become food to cannibal gangs…
          Read the book; One Second after…
          Exactly that scenario.

      18. This is always the case , during the Revolution ….only about 6% of the population actually got involved in it . just sayin

      19. unfortunately…and its sad….to really understand the crimes committed, and what we’re dealing with…google how this great land isn’t really a country, a govt for the people, etc…but rather a “corporation” whom entered bankruptcy in 1877. the central bankers, vatican and british heirarchcy conned us into believing we were a free country, with a constitution, a bill of rights…

        plenty of legal documents exist supporting this fraud. we have been slaves to these satanic/paganistic societies since our founding. this is what we’re dealing with. the devil….

        the cure? a civil war, purging the elite…the second coming of christ…all i know is this..they will rot in hell…

        • telling it like it is

          we been busy living our meaningless lives while they build the satanic/pagan trap (prison-grid cities) around us

        • Babylon The Great.
          Otherwise known as the Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules.

          Calling a spade, a spade.

          • Babylon is refered to in several Different ways. Not just a head of gold as Babylon the Original world govnt of its day.

            In Rev its called a CITY…Thats destroyed in ONE Hour. ALL Her plagues will come in One hr…Pestilence(disease) Famine(starvations) and FIRE! with Billowing smoke that climbs up into the heavens(Nukes? Musroom clouds?).

            I do not think it means Litterally one 60 minit hour though….Rather it probobly means a “Short” time frame, like maybe a month or a few months time frame.

            Besides Vatican/Rome having 7 hills(mountains) so does Isreal….Theres actually 7 mountains spoken of in old testement by Named mountains. Can’t recall or prounounce the 7 names here. But its written of…

            If you look at all dozen or so items written about the Fallen CITY babylon in book of revelation.

            The Only one city known of that meets all but the 7 mt’s part is NY city….Are there any older buried 7-hills,
            in all the granite Below new york areas?

            because no other city on earth has all the other dozen items listed apply to itself like NY does.

            Wasnt NY largest Sea Port for shipped goods etc?..Maybe it still is I do not know?

            Has NY ports and Banks made the “Merchants” of the world filthy rich?(yes)….All them items sure aplies to new york better than any other location on planet.

            Along with coruption second to None! Big “Apple”? refers to what?….The eden Forbidded fruit of knowledge of good and evil perhaps?…I am just guesing is all. I do think its a good guess though.

            New York is also, since 1880’s era, usa Headquarters for Zionist/Communist with Over 1/2 of All usa ziojews residing there.

            One of first things Russian jews did when arived in 1880 NY city was to begin plans and set up kommie HQ. In chahoots with Moscow russia & Londen City, England zios/banksters such as Rothchilds ET AL…With JP Morgan in NY as Rothchilds main agent here.

            NY full of evil Kommies and Heads of entire kommie structures of world…Sure adds to NY as Prime location for modern city end times babylon eh.

            • Istanbul is known as the City on the Seven Hills (Turkish: Yedi tepeli sehir). In the Ottoman, as in the earlier Byzantine period, each hill was topped by monumental religious buildings.

              The only empire to rise up after the Romans (and defeat them) is the Islamic Caliphate.

            • I agree Angelo.
              But, it is also the Money Center of the World…

          • Those who beat their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those who don’t.

        • “the cure? a civil war, purging the elite…the second coming of christ…all i know is this..they will rot in hell…”

          And it will be the privilege of some us to help arrange their passage.

          • Walt check this out! Final verses of psalm # 149, second from last psalm.

            vs.4=For the LORD loves His people, and He adorns the lowly with victory.

            vs.5= Let the faithfull exult in glory, let them sing for joy upon their couches;

            vs#6=Let the high praises of God be in their throats.

            And let TWO EDGED SWORDS be in their hands:

            #7= To execute VENGENANCE on the nations,punisments on the peoples;

            #8= To Bind their Kings with Chains, their nobles with fettors of iron(handcuffs!);

            #9=To execute on them the written sentence,

            This is the glory of all His faithfull.


          • Walt,
            WE, are His hands of Justice.

      20. The fact is that no one is capable any longer to stop this thing. No one!

        Now that I have gained you attention, let me be the one to remind you that there is someone who can stop all of this in it’s steps. The question is – will He, or is all that is going on within His bigger set of plans?

        Trust in the Lord people! If we would do just that all will be okie dokie, one way or the other.

        • Your handle reminds me of an old song….Kinks maybe?

        • Tell that to a Jew boarding a train to one of the camps

          • Good thing about that is that the Russians got revenge for them, and were allowed to . Warms my heart . Same thing with the Japs , the Russians were allowed to liberate all the POW camps in china …….very few of the Japs or germans taken prisoner ever saw home again . Ya play …….ya pay ! most were shipped back to the Soviet Union to work for unkle Joe and died in a labor gulag .

            • So I guess TR and Paranoid simply give a FREE Pass to what was done 20 yrs Prior in Russia where 100 MILLION White Christians was Murdered by Russian Bolshevik JEWS?

              And All you two are concerned of as “Victims” is the Jews right?…Sounds as if you two Both have fully absorbed modern day brainwashings to believe the Only Victims that count or matter is the jews eh?

              Just forget them 100 MIllion White “Goyims” Jews Killed off! You two Will wake up once they Turn on you too like Rabid wild dogs, (unless I suppose, if you two are also jewish)

      21. I am not so much a pessimist as most people here seem to be. I believe we still have a chance with this election to turn some things around. But if there are so many misguided (and frankly rather stupid) people who continue to vote the staus quo, then I guess we deserve what we get.

        I am voting for the capitalist in this election. It may not make much of a difference but we cannot continue with this Marxist/socialist agenda and expect to be a free constitutional republic.

        The vote is in your hands, good people. Don’t waste it please. Many have died to give us that right.

        And keep prepping no matter what happens on election day. Be safe!

        • Also, if Romney wins, the price of firearms will probably drop some, and I’ll be able to get that rifle I want!

      22. Normalcy bias is why I have been unable to interest any adults in my area in the overnight wilderness survival outing that hundreds of scouts as young as 12 completed over the years.

        Not only does the average American not believe they can survive without government intervention, they do not want to learn differently. They have learned helplessness.

      23. How come no one is talking about martial law in seaside new jersey?

        • because seaside and five other communities were completely evacuated and told they could not return for six to eight mos. the govt may let them in to retrieve stuff from their homes or remains of homes in about four to six weeks.

      24. The culling of population has been underway for decades. GMO poison in food, vaccinations that make you sicker, enviromental destruction by fossil fuels, big pharma control of “healing”, and mostly eternal war, are a good start at the designs of the cullers. The armed preppers don’t pose much of a threat to the ability of government to release a biological agent culling their opposition who are prepared.

        • Culling, huh? That must be why the population has more than doubled in the last thirty years. Where do you loons get this stuff?

          • They are using a “soft kill” method.

            Some advice….

            Take the time to do some research, and you won’t come off as such an idiot.

          • JohnW its Not the Whiteys that doubled last 30 yrs…Whites Is whos being culled off. If not mistaken just 100 yrs ago at start of 20th century whites was aprox 1/3 of world POP…..Today its more like 8% only.

            1/3 of a Billion innocents were killed in last 100 yrs since 1918. Mostly All whites. Most in eastrn europe areas. ALL killed BY or Due to Kommie Bolsheviks run communisim.

            Sounds like a serious culling threat to me. If you’re white that is!

            • AM

              What of the populations of the First Nations? HIV is the “small pox blanket” for Africa at this moment in time. The cholera epidemic in Haiti was brought into the country by the UN. How are the populations of Iraq and Afhganistan bearing up? Or those of palestinian descent? How many Chinese babies were victims of infanticide?

              TPTB are equal opportunities murderers and purveyors of suffering (- outside their own elite clique of course). Agenda 21 is reduce global populations.

              • HIV originated in Africa. The rest of the world has been going there drilling wells and handing out food for decades. The only effect is that there are now more of them to save.

        • You lost me at “fossil fuels”.

      25. AMEN! Concentrate on taking care of family and close friends.

      26. Charlie McGrath is astute, and articulate. Sadly, most people will not listen to what he has to say.

        There are people who frequent this forum who seem to think the economy will do fine forever.

        Most people will simply forget what has just happened on the East Coast, in fact, most people in this country don’t even blink if an event is not in thier nieghborhood. Americans have been well conditioned into an apathetic state of nihilistic normalcy bias.

        And, most people still believe either obummer, or mittens will save them…LOL…Oh, btw, the obummer-crowd are making thier riot threats again. If they don’t get thier way, they want to burn the country down, which is so democratic…

        Whatever happens on the poli-front, best take stock of your preps…

      27. I am so glad I found this website.
        I have been a prepper for a few years now.
        I live in a 1200 sq ft townhouse.
        I am up to about 1 1/2 months of prepping
        supplies, including the radio and medical
        supplies. I need to find a good, small
        stove where I will not blow myself up with.
        I have been checking around on line, esp.
        American Preppers have some good suggestons
        on stoves. I also have a permit to carry.
        **This site was very cumbersome to scroll
        through or post, it looks like the server
        has been fixed.

        • Hi Emily. Glad you’re here and gathering your supplies and resources! I would suggest a rocket stove as an easy-to-use small heater stove. We have one of them and I love it! The rocket stove uses small branches, twigs, or bits of regular lumber. Being a direct-fire stove with a small footprint, using one outside of your townhouse would be ideal. There is not much leftover ash with a rocket stove.

          They can be made for under $15 — there are Youtube videos for instructions to make one. They can also be purchased, just do a search for brands.

          I’m sure others will provide some different suggestions but to me, this is perfect for most areas in the US where wood is plentiful. Since you wouldn’t be using anything combustible but firewood lit with a match and tinder, you would probably not be afraid to use one.

        • Welcome!

          Before I had relocated I was looking seriously at the Ammocan stove on this page. It’s a very very reasonable price. It’s lightweight enough that I felt I could set it up without too much difficulty. I had intended to properly insulate the vent for my clothes dryer to vent the stove outside. Heat and the ability to cook are very high on the list of priorities.

          Congratulations for getting your supplies in order! Stick around – you will really learn a lot here and people are always willing to answer a sincerely asked question.

          ~ D

          • Heating necessitates using it indoors which will kill you with CO / CO2.

            • Not if you vent it, as described above.

              • Daisy, it struck me long ago that you are exactly the type of person one wants to have around in a disaster or crisis scenario — you’re like a combination of the Greek stoic philosophers and ‘Hints from Heloise.’

                Take care!

                • Hi, Ahab! It’s good to see you!

                  And thank you very much. I think we could have a fascinating conversation around the campfire!

                  ~ D

              • A dryer vent has no height and hence no natural draft. A chimney is tall to facilitate natural draft.

                • K2 – you could be correct. With an elbow on the stovepipe, I was assured it would work. I’m certainly no expert – I’m just going by the advice given to me from others.

                  ~ D

                • One way or another either somehow making the stove lower or adding to the dryer vent extending it higher you need some height to get some draft.

                  The advice here comes from 30 years in a power plant with a Gold Seal Engineers License and heating exclusively with wood for several years in my first home.

                • K2 – Then I have to defer to your judgement on this one!

                  I’m in good shape for warmth now, fortunately, but would you have any suggestions for others who are looking for a way to heat their homes with one of the portable woodstoves in the event of an emergency? Another suggestion I received was venting it out at the top of a window, although I’m not sure of the logistics of that.

                  Living in a northern climate, heat is of enormous concern.

              • I love the venting tip (using dryer vent to direct smoke.) I never would have thought of that on my own. Thanks!

          • You can make an ammo can stove yourself for around $25. I’ve made 4 already (didn’t see the point of shelling out over a hundred bucks for something I already had the parts to build).

          • I have no doubt that the ammocan stove will put out good heat , but so far I have yet to find from any reviews about how well it does to actually cook with , And have found no in depth field tests posted on this product . I also like the idea of this stove , but want more than a heater ………. not a big need for heat here in AZ .

        • Why not buy a small coleman gas grill and use it for cookouts too?

        • Emily, can I recommend a Coleman camper cooker?? It does require coleman fuel that is about $10 a gallon now–but I set it up by myself, lit it, ran it to heat water, and it is a clean burn in a large room.
          Just my opinion.
          I get a gallon of fuel every 3 or 4 months and have 11 now.
          As best as I can remember, the 10 gallons I had were gonna last a year if cooking 3 meals a day.

          • Can’t you use gasoline in a Coleman Grill? Won’t put out as much as white gas.

        • Emily- Stoves

          Check this out: https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/shock-72-hours-after-grid-down-starvation-supply-shortages-food-lines-no-clean-water-no-gas-transportation-standstill-independent-reports-pics-and-video_11012012

          Also do a search for a “Kelly Kettle”.

          Somewhere I saw a 50 Cal. Ammo Box made into a stove with four legs and a stove pipe to vent the smoke.

          I prefer a regular campfire or fireplace fire. But on the move I use the “Kelly Kettle”.

          Good Luck, I hope you find what you want.

          • We have a ghilly or kelly kettle & I really reccomend them. The kelly model comes with a cork and the Ghilly with a whistle to let you know when your water has boiled. You can also purchase simple cook kits consisting of a pot stand, frying pan and stewpot. They now make both aluminium and stainless steel models.

            My Cornish Grandad had one for fishing & up in the fields. Sometimes the old ways really ARE the best. They were originally called “storm kettles” for damn good reason as they remain reliable during the worst weather conditions, with minimal fuel. (just dry twigs and moss is fine). Ours boils water in well under 5 minutes – great for first aid situations.

            It’ll last you a lifetime if you are careful not to let it boil dry. As the fire is enclosed I find ours safe to use when camping with small children/toddlers/pets. This may be a consideration for some.

            A storm kettle will never replace a fullsized wood stove but it does what it was designed for very well, and with no parts to wear out is very reliable & simple to use in times of trouble. Mine is over a decade old and I fully expect to hand it onto my son when I pass.

            I also rec that people keep a tobacco tin stuffed with dry moss, dryer lint or impregnated cotton wool balls close by their stove. Also waterproof matches and a cheap lighter. Being able to get a fire lit quickly to get a cup of coffee in the event of a regular every day power cut is one of life’s underestimated pleasures, (especially if like me, you also store a bar of chocolate in the bag with your kettle lol!).

            • Emily,

              Try (www.beprepared.com) for a good price on Kelly Kettles.

              I like the large stainless steel model with the camp base combo.

              • This ^. Or look at the Volcano stove/grill that they carry. I have one and it is great. I can use my dutch ovens with it and it even has a lid that allows it to act as a convection oven. It will also run on wood, propane, etc.

        • Amazon: Vargo Titanium folding stove – about 4 ounces. You would have the vent problem, though.

          I have also used a freestanding kerosene floor heater with an automatic shutoff if it tips over. It works well, but it stinks.

          The last few years, when we lost power, we used a ventless gas wall heater that doesn’t use electricity. I guess gas burns cleaner than other fuels. I’ve never noticed a problem in reliability of the gas supply, but it is piped from all over the continent, so a good sized earthquake would shut it down.

      28. Funny how you worshippers of the second amendment and fuckers of guns (Yes, I mean fuckers of guns as in youhave sex with your guns) decry people pulling guns on each other. Is that not what the scond amendment is for?

        • Troll.

          • No, just an idiot. NC stands for “No Clue,” not North Carolina.

            • Being in NC, I Thank you.
              Gun control is for these type of trolls.
              “Aim small, shoot small”.
              He is probably from trolltown, Raleigh.
              The good news is, they can’t shoot either…;-)

              • I thought it was Chapel Hill that couldn’t shoot…

                • That bunch of pussy whipped clowns can’t even hold a gun pointing in the right direction.
                  They would be dangerous, to themselves.

              • @piper, troll town USA is Boca Raton FL.

        • The problem I have is that there is more guns so they can defend themselves from this idiots.

        • The scond, er, SECOND Amendment to the Constitution was to make sure the citizens of The United States of America always had arms. Being that an unarmed citizenry would always be at the mercy of the government.
          The founders intended the government to be at the mercy of the citizens. dickhead

          • I disagree; a DICK HEAD is a very valuable and useful item. he is not.

            • He probably puts his mouth to good use on one tho .

        • @joeinnc … “Gun Control is Using Two Hands .”

          Go ahead Exercise your “Individual Right to Choose” … choose “Not” to own personal firearms .

          Good Luck with that one … ‘0P


          I choose as a AMERICAN FREEMAN PATRIOT Constitutionalist to exercise my Original U.S. Constitution 2nd Amendment American Citizen Rights as a Natural Born Citizen of The United States of America – THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED !

          Try to take away any of my Original U.S. Constitution Guaranteed Rights and I will not hesitate to Exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights to Individually “Bear Arms” to protect myself and family from an Oppressive Violent Murderous Government State or Federal ; or an Individual who Violates Threatens my U.S. Constitutional – Individual “Bill of Rights” !



          ~N.O. ;0p

          • “One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms.”

            — Constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, 1840

          • The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”

            — Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story of the John Marshall Court

        • JoeinNC,

          Why do you have to tell us about your wet dream? Keep it to yourself you little pervert. What a sick way to get your jollies psycho. Go wash your hands and your gun.

          • “This is my Rifle ;0P ” holds up .45-70 Lever Rifle

            “This is my Gun ;0) ” checks family jewels and adjusts

            “This One is For Fighting ;0P ” click-clack Lock and Load

            “And this One is for Fun ” Atten Hut … SALUTE !!!

            ;0p pssszzt

            ~N.O. ;0p

          • you mean go wash is vacuum hose and gerbil off .

        • you make me sick you comme bastard ( yes I said BASTARD )your a disgrace to the people of NC. sorry to all the other posters here I normaly dont post replys like this but this punk set me off

          • Its ok Johnny reb…
            there are still a lot of good guys left in the;
            Peoples Republic of NC.

        • yeah, dickhead troll…

        • @ JoeinNC. Can I ask you something? Why do you feel it necessary to attack people that want to protect themselves and their families? Can you even begin to realize what it would be like without the right to defend yourself? There are several states that don’t even allow NON LETHAL TASERS and STUN batons and stun guns. There are places that regulate how much concetration of pepper spray you can have, and or the size you can carry. Any of these imbeciles ever hear of wild animal attacks.

          You know Joe the second amendment is way beyond people’s rights to own firearms, it is the right to protect yourself and those around you. The 2nd amendment is the right to say that your life is worth more than some long term criminal scum’s life or some wild rabid animal that is going to die anyway from rabies that is near 100% fatal. The 2nd amendment is the right to live through that right to defend yourself. This is why I become so upset to ANYONE that has ever diluted or gone against the 2nd amendment in the past (especially certain politicians that claim to support it), because they have gone against the right of self protection and self respect for the protection of innocent life agaisnt those that would criminally try to take it away.

          • BI,
            You’re wasting your breath.
            With these people its not about logic,
            its about FEELINGS…
            They feel better if they have you under control.
            They know, we are a threat to their socialist utopia.
            They’re right…
            If OBama wins, I’m calling for secession.

            • @ Piper Michael. I just can’t help myself when someone makes one of the stupidest comments in a long time. There are so many responsible gun owners that practice some of safest practices that there is. If the people on the road practiced safe driving at the same level that most people practice safe gun use, the insurance rates would be cheap as dirt and the accident rate would be next to nothing. When I go to the shooting range I feel safer there than most places.

              I just go a little ballastic when anyone goes against the 2nd amendment because it is not just about firearms it is about freedom to protect yourself and those around you. It is also about protecting us from a tyrannical future government that would sweep in when the citizens cannot defend themselves, which has happened so many times in foreign countries. Guns are only a part of the 2nd amendment, it means so much more, and it is too bad that someone like Joe doesn’t see this importance.

              • BI,
                He sees, he knows…my friend, he knows…
                I’ve met too many, talked to too many,
                they all know…
                Either they know, or they are useful idiots who run their lives based on their feelings.
                They think a society without guns would be a safer society, the useful idiots. They don’t understand that when guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns.
                That includes those criminals in suits and uniforms.

                When guns are criminalized, I will become.. a criminal,
                I will become…
                A warrior for God.
                I will do ‘exploits’.
                I’m an old man, I don’t care any more. I fought for that old piece of paper once, nobody ever UnOathed me, “ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”. I am their worst enemy and this ain’t a tv show.

                This I swear before God.

                • Piper, I’ll be right there with ya. I too was never Un Oathed. I keep to that Oath.

                • Well lets hope you oath keepers and the ones currently serving remember the oath and have the same conviction ……because there will also be a lot of sell outs that will turn on their own people and constitution for a buck or free meal . just sayin

            • PM ,
              Secession !!!!!!! AYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Joeblow; No its for shit starters like you. That wanna cause problems and sit back, like the little ASSCLOWNS you are and giggle about it. Its going to be soooo much fun is’nt it. YES IT WILL ;)>

        • The 2nd is about protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government.

        • You never fail to disappoint, peckerhead.

        • @ JoeinNC…

          Thanks for your totally useless comment. You never fail to disappoint. We can always count on you to post something that is totally stupid.

        • @ JoeinNC; interesting that you use a gun for a phallic symbol. Worshipper.., hmmmmm….?
          Hopefully you have a gun with you., if not., you will get F**ked..

        • Yepper, Closet Yankee.

        • Guns are only to be used to:
          A: target shoot
          B: Hunt
          C:defend your life or others
          I can really think of no other reasons

      29. Just an FYI – Verizon Cell, all over
        the Nation, the United States is completely
        down. They don’t know when it will come
        back up. The story I am now getting it
        is for ‘Routine Maintainence’, on a
        Saturday afternoon? Also, the sales
        dept., the stores are all completely down.
        What is it they know that they are not
        telling the people?

        • Welcome Emily! Glad you’re here. And thanks for the heads up on verizon. I hadn’t heard about it. Thought my family was just ignoring my calls today 🙂

          • Time to liven things up a bit with your wit, Smoke. Things are getting depressing.

            • Thanks JRS. I been trying out a new routine on a few troopers but, so far, they ain’t laughin’!
              Dang! Tough crowd out here on the interstates…

        • Heavy flooding this week at Verizon’s headquarters in lower Manhattan — a critical node of its network infrastructure — has begun to subside, but the company’s effort to repair damaged network equipment and restore service to customers after Hurricane Sandy continues.

      30. It’s been said over and over when it starts you will be on your OWN. The only thing you can hope for is to make an accounting for yourself and your family. Just keep cool, us the BRASS way, and stack them high and wide for as long as you can. As they say TAKE NO PRISIONERS!
        Again TRUST NO ONE but your close family. Give them the GOOD FIGHT.

      31. Mac, most people can’t imagine real hardship. they can barley remember a few sound bite’s ago, let alone imagine,what a (sovereign debt landmine) is. Bye the way,do you know where i can get one?,they sound really cool.I heard there about 250 trillion. And yes I agree, America is in for a good old fashioned major financial ass whoopin!!!!. to be overseen by some of the worlds warlords .no matter who get’s elected.It’s only a short time before the AUSTERITY door is opened on america.best of luck to all.

        • And the Austerity coming here will make Greece look like as walk in the park.

      32. My 2 cents ( o rather kopecks, since me being Russian) on elections in general and this one in particular… after reading and hearing a lot of press about it on both sides of the ocean, I\m still amazed with you Americans. Really. Just how many close runs decided by court (or close to it) did you have during presidential elections? What I\m trying to say that it is one thing to have such situation once or twice – in times of great turmoul people could be lost, ubsure and hence could create great deal of uncertainty in political life… buut almost all the time (warning – high number of close runs is my perception here, no fact-checking was done, just a bit too late into the night here for decent analysis, so corrections are welcome)? If it happen too frequently to me it could mean only to things – either populace are masterfully played into near 50/50 division to allow for appointed officials (judges) to decide or there’s sinplt too small a difference on substance between candidates. Both factors might be at play, but to me it’s a bit of overkill. It’s just my view, but shotly after the detailed announcments of candidates’ programmes the fatye of elections should be virtually sealed. If people are mostly happy with the current policies, they’ll vastly support the incumbent. If they’re not-then then one of the major opposing candidates are N1. But when you have 2 majorcandidates most of the time and most of rhe time ithe outcome is woefully unclear until the last second, something is amiss. Someone might say that its how democracy work and all, but its not. Democracy should allow for representative of interests of majority of the population to rise, while keeping him in relative check via presence of significntly less powerful bu still rekognizabele opposing forces. I.e. fate of the elections are still would be clear in regards to the winner. Whatever you think about Russia, its exactly how it went over here. All major candidates released their programmes anfd after a quick review it was clear who gets what. Im sure there was an abus of authority ( or, more likely, desire of subordinates to stand out before the boss) during the campaign , but it could only change the numbers ( 70/30 vs real 60/40 or something like that) not overall result, because oppositional candidatees’ programmes simply doesnt hit well with the common folk (just an example – one of the candidates announced that he’d push for 10-hour workday (later commented that additional 2 hours were intended as raies of maximum overtime allowed by law, but first words were spoken) and for reducing the term of notification of layoff from 2 weeks (3 months in case of mass layoff) to 1 day.) Naturally lowly workers were outraged.. But I digress, sorry. The key thought is that general outcome SHOULD be clear LONG before election day and only numbers could change or something is wrong either with the system or with the people. Plus your election cycles…. really when I discovered that at federal level only there is 2 (Representatives)- 4 (President) – 6 (Congress) years I was shocked. Why elect someone EVEEY 2 years? Too much money, time and attention to spend?


        • I hear you, bro. We have elections every two years to avoid tyrants. Yes, the people have voted together really to 1980. From 1980, we see gradual pulling apart of voting outcomes. Why? Our nation is infested with leftist who embrace Marx and Communism. They control public education, textbooks, tv programming. The brainwashed youth hear and read reinforcement from elected people. Soon, the voice of reason will be the minority. Slowly yet sooner, we see 47% live the leftist message of government over the people, government against the people, and government above the people. Will take 30 years to reverse if schools take out bad history, bad words, and bad books written to destroy the unity of the people and reinforce the supremacy of government.

          • Well, I may have been misunderstood in regards to election cycles. I\m not at all against branches of goveernment, but tell me how is it frequency of elections are helping against tyrants? Are you telling me that if you unified (for the sake of the argument) the terms of all mentioned above to, say, 4 years ( thus saving a LOT of money and giving people time to actually asess the doings of the incumbents instead of pulling them into frenzy of next (never-ending) electoral cycle), itd be more easy for a tyrant to rise? How so? To me, the tyranny is way more possible if popuulace are permanently distracted from reality.

            • Well, look at the last 4 years. America “elected” a Communist dirtbag to hold the office President, but in two years we were able to change the Congress so that he nefarious schemes would be at least mostly stymied. If that had not happened, well, are you old enough to remember Stalin? If not, I’m sure you’ve never been taught the terror tactics he employed against your parents and grandparents.

            • Simple,,,,each generation has a voice in their government….two years at a time.

              Each year, there are many men and women turn 18. Should they wait 4 years to vote for President or Representative or Governor if born in odd year? Even year?

              Every two years, the people vote including those who have come of age…. Very wise of our Founders.

        • Yeah, right.
          Well here’s a clue, comrade. ( I can’t believe I’m taking the bait, but I can’t resist.)

          We’re not a Democracy. Now go do more research, and try to figure it out.

          WE ARE NOT A DE-MO-CRACY. Here’s a clue…. F.R.

        • Thanks for the opinion and the effort, MilesN. Ваш английский язык не все это плохо, мой русский язык является худшим.

          • Ваш английский язык лучше, чем в русском.

            • republika eto pravelno! (sorry, i don’t know how to change the keyboard!)

            • Спасибо

              • Добро пожаловать.

        • MilesN:

          What RICK:) is trying to say is that the United States of America is, in reality, 50 sovereign states. For example, the chief law enforcement authority is the Sheriff within any individual County. Our power structure is designed w/more power at the lowest level.

          Our Central Government is, constitutionally, formed BY the states and our form of government is a Representative Republic w/a democratic form of voting carried out individually by each State, within precincts that are townships, ie: the smallest unit of government. States have the right to secede from the Union of States that form the Central Government. It is a difficult process and takes time. It once caused a Civil War and could do so again. But, we are not bound to the Union that creates the federal, centralized government except through our own agreement. The idea is to keep the federal government weak, domestically, with most of its power aimed at defense of the whole.

          Our founders considered a Democracy to be mob rule and Representative Republican values to be in the interest of freedom and individual liberty. A lot of this has been perverted in the past 50 years in the interests of Statists, who are mainly Democrats who desire a Democratic People’s Republic, where *republic* has nothing to do w/proportional representation.

          In many instances, our national politics have become a soft civil war.

          We have the staggered voting to prevent tyranny, as was stated below. We have the Electoral College to proportion the votes so that the less populous States have as much say, proportionally, to the urbanized areas. We have 2 parties, although fringe parties are allowed on the ballot. As bad as the collusion can be between the 2 major parties, it prevents the really corrupt situation where some small fringe party makes deals with other fringe parties and become partners w/a major party in a coalition that can then govern with a minority POV.

          Some States are captured by one or the other of the two major parties, mainly bu proportion of poverty and unionized control of labor. Others are more fluid in their preferences. So, some states are *in the bag* for some stated platforms; others are not and can be persuaded. It basically breaks down into urban vs. rural, but that is too simplistic since the Central Government has managed to become the middleman in various Central Government programs to control various interest sectors, especially in agriculture.

          Demographics are still pretty fluid, here. You can move as you wish to any State or city. Representatives are based on 10-year census figures and some of the more Leftist states have lost population in the last census, giving a slight advantage to the less populous states.

          Not everyone agrees as to which platform is the best, but every decade or so, we have a series of *wave* elections that mean one or the other party platform carries the nation. 2008 General (Presidential election) was a Democrat wave. 2010 was a Congressional and Governorship election that was a Republican wave. It checked the President for the remainder of his term until we could vote him out. One prize for whomever wins a Presidential election is the appointment of Supreme court Judges. This is important and one of the reasons to vote against Democrat power in this upcoming election. Two more Supreme Court Appointments and Constitutional interpretation is gone in favor of socialism.

          Hillsboro College can be searched for a really definitive course on the Constitution of the United States. The 10th Amendment to our constitution allocates all powers not specifically designated as those of the central government to the individual States and the people.

          You cite specific examples of micro-management in the interests or against the interests of labor. We have overriding issues of liberty and individual freedom and rights to property, here.

          In most of the world, left vs right are simply factions of the Statists. There is nothing in any other country that equals American Conservatism. It is not simply the interests of some anti-labor ruling class of plutocrats, as plenty of Statists here are on the so-called Left. The cause of the Conservatives in America is freedom of conscience, freedom of choice (real choice, not the left-wing perversion that only cites abortion), freedom of religion (freedom to practice and to preach in public), sanctity & sovereignty of ones home, person and property and personal individual possession of rights that can never be abrogated by any secular, mundane authority because they are inherent and a birthright of all humanity. We say “God given”, but we mean: inherent.
          We have the Second Amendment to our Constitution in order to have an armed populace which cannot be tyrannized by a strong centralized military under control of a dictator.

          We are different from all other countries in the world. Most of us here want to keep it that way.

      33. If we crawl to the edge or suddenly fall over ,the result is the same. The difference is that we have more time to think of the final outcome with the crawl. Prepare your families both physical and spiritually. You can only depend on your family, close friends and God. The rest will be swept away in a nasty mess. Patriots vote and prepair, while we can still do both.

      34. straight up truth. people are in a daze with everything going on around them, they are soaking in their artificial reality that up until the very end, they cannot and will not snap out of. These folks are going to be dangerous to deal with when the melting pot tips over. Prepare now.

      35. There will be one difference if Mitt is elected, we won’t have to listen to barack’s wife telling us what to eat as often.


        OK, perhaps I should not make light of the coming problems, but there are times when it is just too difficult to lament all the nasty (ahem) heading our way.

        • The other difference is, it’ll be less likely that preppers will be leaned on so hard with a Mormon president.

      36. Don’t worry the gov’t will pass out phones and everything will be okay.

        • Their giving New Yorkers a web address to go to for info. LOL!
          If that doesn’t help, here’s a phone # for FEMA.

        • you dropped yo O-BaaAaa-AaaAa-aAaaA-ma phone

      37. WHERE the HELL did you find THIS drama QUEEN? Sheesh man…. your reachin.

      38. The biggest thing that wasn’t mentioned is hyperinflation. The Fed is creating close to $2 trillion dollars a year out of thin air. ($1.3T is the deficit + $50B/month.) The dollar is the world’s reserve currency. We’re at the point when panic selling of the dollar could start at any time. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Sometime next year. It’s coming. At least 250 million Americans are totally unprepared for it.

        • I agree, when the U.S. Dollar is no longer the “World Trade Currency” the value will drop like a rock. That my friend will create the “Great Depression on Steroids”. The most valuable things you can have when the dollar drops is Clean water, nutritious food, guns and ammunition, winter clothing and shelter. Transportation will be done on foot or horseback because fuel will be out or reach for 99% of Americans.

          Prep now and pray.

        • I read somewhere (maybe zerohedge? Not sure…) that 77% of all new issued bonds are being bought by the fed, which is also who issued them. The world COULD be panic selling right now, and we’re propping up the system with a one-man ponzi scheme.

      39. Mac-another great article.Speaking of the Dow falling,Gold and Silver both fell big time on friday due to ”great job numbers”….yes,I laughed also.Keep your eyes on it for monday,panic sellers could create a great buying opportunity.

        • Absolutely so! Time for a stacking spree!

      40. This guy really annoys me for some reason. He is like Alex Jones, he loves to raise his voice and make you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Enough anger, can’t you just simply talk normal?!

        This guy (an every other guy) who is advocating precious metals above food, fuel, guns, weather gear, and basic survival needs has normalcy bias. Not everybody can run out there and buy a gold coin or silver bullion, but they sure can buy a can of soup.

        Keep it realistic, you don’t see Sandy Victims trading precious metals AT ALL. IT’S ALL ABOUT REAL FUNCTIONAL THINGS!

        • @ chase, I agree with you except for one thing. We all need to get mad and stay mad until it’s fixed. Alex jones should stay mad and encourage others to be pissed. Something may be wrong with the people who aren’t mad about how were all getting screwed deliberately. I will certainly stay mad.

          • I do not agree, you don’t HAVE to get angry. Anger is simply an emotional response, and that’s what they want you to have is an emotional response instead of a physical one.

            I am not advocating violence, I am advocating other physical options.

            What I do:

            Take my money out of banks
            Convert my money to things that will benefit me (Food, Fuel, Guns Ect)
            DO not support businesses and establishments that don’t align with my beliefs
            Take every opportunity to not pay taxes (for example, I buy in bulk and I make my own laundry detergent/bread from bulk purchased items therefore, I only pay tax 1 time every 2 years for bread and laundry detergent)

            There are plenty of things we can all do. It’s time to stop dwelling on things that honestly can’t be controlled at this point. This time is for prepping and living a happy life. Once the SHTF, then it will be a different story. Until then, do what you know NEEDS to be done and live happy and stop dwelling on this crap and thinking negative. Thinking negative or being emotional will not change anything!


      41. Continuing my cold weather series from the last thread=

        Cold Weather 103 Vehicles

        =You can have your tires studded to stay on the icy roads. This is very effective but most tire places will not stud a tire if it has been driven on , new tires only. Remember to check your rear view because you can stop on a dime while others cannot.

        =A cheaper option is Siping. Thanks to the ingenuity of John F Sipe , siping increases stopping on glare ice by 22%. Siping is just slits in the rubber tread. Tire shops here in Northern Alberta charge about 25-30$ a tire.

        =Learn to use tire chains. This will greatly increase your traction in mud or on snow…..you would be amazed at how many people do not know how to put on tire chains. Roll ahead 20 feet and re-tighten.

        =When your tire chains are on roll your window down slightly on both sides regardless of Temperature , especially in a bigger louder truck. A loose chain will cause insane damage in no time. Trygg chains are the best , out of Norway.

        =Fill your tires with pure Nitrogen. This inert gas does not fluctuate in harsh temperatures nearly as much as our atmospheric gas which is mostly Nitrogen but has 21% oxygen and a dash of Argon.

        =At the Nexus of Insanity -40 C and F you will know your tire is low on air because of a thumping sound when you start driving. This is frozen rubber and will go away when the tire warms through friction.

        =Keep your wind shield wipers flipped up when not using your vehicle. Especially overnight when Temperatures are hovering around freezing. Water will turn to ice and freeze them to your wind shield. Sometimes you can rip the rubber off getting them unstuck.

        =If you use your wipers and they are frozen to the wind shield and you turn the wipers off you should stop and loosen them. Some vehicles keep working the wiper motor until the wiper has completed the cycle. You can burn the motor out….

        =If your county or municipality salts the roads be very , very wary of deer or a giant Moosasauras on the road. They love salt licks of course and for that reason we have stopped salting here.

        =Resist the urge to swerve when hitting wildlife on the icy roads. Keep calm and slowly try to angle the hit for a glancing blow. If you are in a a car or even a truck and are hitting a moose duck right down. Many people die from a moose antler to the face or violently swerve to avoid an animal collision…..the deer just walks away.

        =Keep an axe on hand. It can be illegal but I like to put the beast out of its misery….ASAP.

        =Be vigilant at dawn and dusk and in very cold ie -30 to -40C (-31 to -40)F. Animals are on the move when it gets that cold…they have to be.

        =Get your rock chips fixed before the cold weather starts. Cracks form very easy from these chips when cold and you`ll be out a windshield. These window fixers are often at malls so you can shop and pay on the way out. The girl here is easy on the eyes and does a great job for 15$ per chip vs 200-500 for new glass.

        =If you see a vehicle smashed into the bush or in the ditch somehow , I like to pull over and check it out. Many people have suffered in a snow covered car and died right on the side of a frozen road because everyone driving by thinks they are ok and in a hotel or at home and waiting to get a tow the next day.

        =Use your exhaust manifold to heat your canned food. That`s how we eat in the bush up here.

        =If you have no plug in for your block heater or weaker cold cranking amps and it is very cold you may have to get hard core and remove your battery from your vehicle and bring in inside with you. Batteries hate cold.

        =A battery booster is a must have. Pre-charge and you have a battery boost without bothering passer by`s. Keep booster cables on your vehicle.

        =Be diligent every day and clean your window of ice properly…..a young kid here in Canada killed not one but two people on two separate hits in a short drive because he failed to clean his windshield of ice. He was a sobbing mess in court with his mother…….

        • Excellent advice ECWS. I spent two years stationed at Goose Bay Labrador (half way between Maine and Greenland on the eastern Canadian coast. Your advice it timely and needed.

      42. The wild card is the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and hyperinflation. The Fed is now creating close to $2 trillion a year out of thin air. Panic selling of the dollar could start at virtually any time. Tomorrow when the Asian markets open. Or next week. Or next month. Or next year. We don’t know when but the dollar will die. I believe the dollar could 90% of its value in a single day. At least 250 million Americans are totally unprepared.

        • Barn Cat

          Those prepared for such an eventuality would be ill prepared due to the enormity of such a thing. Commerce effectively stops when the means of exchange has no means.

          If your very rural with neighbors that are also prepared and have a farm even at the substance level plus PMs, weapons, skills, tools and supplies along with terrific health and good luck you will be ok. That’s a smaller group than the vaulted one percent that have the bulk of the wealth today.

          The situation you describe would being on WW3, guaranteed.

        • TPTB look forward to that day of total mass destruction on the streets.They get off on it.and then gain from it..Civil war battles,the elite watched from high above the hill tops of the carnage.

        • Won’t get a chance to play that card cat, but it is coming. Seven weeks to the cliff. The annointed one can warm up with a debt limit increase. Damn that can won’t budge anymore, hurt my toe.

        • so it would be worth -90 cents then?

      43. With what is heading our way, I’ll take the Morman over the Marxist anyday.

      44. Many people have no money. Many people can not go anywhere to evacuate. Many people will only be able to take it as it comes. That is why many people live like no tomorrow because when tomorrow comes, they will have only a memory of today.

        • Sorry; but in my opinion not really true. Having put myself thru school, lived in condemned buildings, slept in a sleeping bag for two years, and been so poor even the hookers didn’t talk to me. There is no one in this country so poor they cannot do better. I watched more money wasted on booze, drugs, lottery, hookers, TV dinners and fast food in the slums than anywhere else. If I ran welfare you’d get: Rice, beans, vitamins and nothing else. You also wouldn’t get to have more kids and get more..

      45. Well, back to preppin. Just started a 5 and a 2 gallon crock of sauerkraut.I’m gonna have so much kraut I will be talking German in my sleep.The chickens cut back on their laying for the winter. I don’t think I’ll push them with a light as long as we get enough for ourselves and some for the neighbors. Still looking to get half a beef to freeze and can. The Amish neighbor is letting me raise a pig in his pen (not enough room here) but it won’t be ready to butcher til next year. Need to fire up the splitter and get at least another cord split and in the dry for this winter. 4 gallons of grape wine are coming along fine. Life is good.

        • Hey guys, I’ve got several glass jelly jars with the pressure bubble lids, the ones that pop up when you open the jar. Has anyone ever used those kinds of jars instead of mason jars to can?

          • No but that is all we used for glasses when was a kid. Free and worked great. Not good for canning. Spend the money on the mason jars and lids plus a pressure canner. You life may depend on it. Botulism is fatal, slow and painful.

          • sixpack…I used them for “oven canning” my dehydrated sweet peppers (thanks Daisy) but like John W said it’s probably best to stick with the tried and true when canning “real” food.

          • Sixpack, my grandmother used to reuse just about any jar and lid combination, in fact I have some elder berry jelly canned in old spaghetti sauce jars and lids that is 10 years old and shows no signs of deterioration.
            I re-use these jars on a regular basis to can peppers, pickles, etc. As long as the dimple doesn’t pop back up, you’ve got a good seal so no need to worry.

            • Thanks for all the answers! I just got some oxygen absorbers today (300cc). What I’m hoping to accomplish is to get away from freezing so much and canning it all. I’m not looking forward to losing my frozen stuff in a power outage, so I’ doing something about it NOW.

      46. This is absolutely true !

        I agree with the talk host Neal Boortz who says that America has too many people who are moochers, dependent or just plain lazy and mitt romney is unlikely to turn that tide back. it is just too much a part of many people to accept handouts and not think or be rsponsible for themselves.

        The USA will have a real economic crash at some point and then the SHTF and we will see then if the USA will turn back the tide of dependency or just drift off into socialism like France has, never to return to the greatness it once had.

        I am not optimistic and it saddens me greatly that at the same time some of america’s greatest veterans are leaving the earth, they are having to watch the USA they built to save freedom and liberty for the world shrink from the stage.

        • Veterans are not the only ones who built the U.S. The credit for what was once a great country belong to many. It wasn’t a sophisticated fighting force that gave U.S. our freedom, but ordinary people from all walks of life.

          Giving one group all the credit is a fallacy and ignores those who paid the bills, grew the food, made the machines, etc. that gave U.S. a good quality of life.

          • “Veterans are not the only ones who built the U.S.” I agree., but I don’t believe that Lena was implying that the nation was built exclusively by veterans.

            Lena., please correct me if I was wrong.

            Have a good day phelps. 🙂

          • Good morning, Mr. Phelps…

      47. Can someone repeat the friends quote Be Informed
        gave? I have been going through the last couple
        of articles and I cannot find it. Something
        about one will’only have one or two close friends in
        your lifetime.’ I think it was by an
        Authur somebody. I was going to copy down the
        quote but it got away from me. If someone could
        help me with this, I would appreciate it!

        • @ Emily. This actually applies to this article and the trust issue that is void in most politicians and most people.

          Truth about “Friends”

          Someone once said that “the best way to attract a friend is to be a friend oneself”. Note I use “friend” sigularly because let me tell you, dear reader, that a “friend” is very much a sigular thing. If you can go through life and say that you have one good, or possibly even two or three friend(s) during your lifetime then you certianly can count yourself a most fortunate person indeed. “Friends” are about as rare as cool water in a hot desert. Anybody who tells you that they have “lots of friends’ is a fool.

          We have many acquaintances, “disguised” as friends, but real friends: next to none at all. If you don’t believe me you will learn for yourself: at some point you are going to have to TEST your friends; you may be in real need of something which will mean them spending time, concern, money or some special kind of sacrific, on your behalf. Just watch how those “friends” will evaporate overnight! You will be stunned. You will be disillusioned, embittered.

          I have had this experience many times. What horrifies me is that you find your “closest buddy” disintergrate at only the BAREST sacrifice demanded of him or her; the person is not being asked to give you a pile of money or put their life at risk; often the “sacrifice” involved is something, at least in my eyes, of no great monumental deprivation to the person concerned. Before I got wise I several times did things for people that involved real danger for myself in order to help them. I no longer know those people. It became apparent to me through the passing- great self-styled “friends” – even remotely consider helping me in a situation only a fraction as dangerous or difficult as the situations in which I had helped them.

          Author: James F. Cullian. Publisher: Finbarr books.

          As you can see the above statements apply big time to preppers/survivalists especially as when you trust someone and let them into your inner circle of what you have, what your plans are, what you would trust in a very close family member, you leave yourself wide open for awful consequences, You should be cynical with people until you feel you can trust them. This is a personal choice and varies with each individuals, but unfortunately the majority of people are not loyal and will backstab you as this has sadly happened to probably all of us. The difference with backstabbing in regular times and after SHTF times are day and night, and life and death.

          • Great post !!!!

            I posted this on FB , by the author only and getting good responses to it.

          • I found out how many friends I didn’t have, after I broke my back. Apparently, I was of no further use to THEM, as well as too much trouble for THEM…so that’s the reason I’m by myself right now. People.

            • I’m sorry to hear that Sixpack. I learned the same lesson after the long illness and death of someone very close to me left me in a terrible state of depression for a year. People, in general, suck.

              When a truly good and loyal person comes into your life, guard that friendship, because it’s very rare. There aren’t many people that possess that ability to love, just because they do and not because of what they will get.

              • Having a child with a disability in a mainstream class room brings that lesson home more often then I’d like.

                Lots of types far too snooty to mix with the likes of us lol!

                Learning to be self-reliant emotionally as well as practically does bear fruit over time though, as you very gradually attract into your life similar types who have genuine values. Patience is a forgotten virtue.

            • Good rule.

              If you were not made by me or sleeping with me. You better have your shit together to be on a team or a group with me.

          • @ BI & Emily- True critique on “Friends”. Beware. Keep them out of your SHTF Plans and Preps until you “KNOW” they are trustworthy. That includes relatives and family members who will use and abuse your trust ASAP. I’m 67 years old and outside a few relatives I can count on two “Friends”. Make no mistake, a true friend or trusted family member/relative will come to your aid even when they are put into danger either financially or physically. So be careful who you trust. In-turn the friends you have will expect you to move mountains to come to their aid – so be ready to do your part.

            • 1982 SO DAMN TRUE.

      48. First of all unless the dow is at around 16000-20000 it cannot fall 5000-6000 points. Stock trading is halted at 30% of the year’s average. These breaks were put in after the 1987 crash in one day. It can defintely fall that much or more in 2 days though. A coast to coast storm system is possible, but what is still far more likely is a triple mega earthquake trio within a short period of time. The New Madrid went off in 1812, and so did the San Andreas in 1812. The Cascadia fault went off in 1700 and so did the southern San Andreas at around this time. There are also several volacnic hot spots all over the western side of the country all the wayup to Alaska more than capable of a VEI (volcanic explosive index) of 6. Yellowston would be an 8.

        I have always though about terrorist using a weapon of true mass destruction. Bio weapons are horrible beyond words, and cheap for a determined country to manufacture. Truly the poorman’s nuclear weapon. The amount of decontamination needed to sanitize anthrax spores that were spread over a wide area could cost beyond a trillion dollars, not to speak of the dead areas of manufacturing and businesses that would suffer. The death toll would be a nightmare.

        The country could have absorped such a catastrophe when it was strong, but now? Forget it. Sandy is likely to cost $100 billion or more and this was not even close to how much worst it could have been. IF that eyewall had fully formed and the water had been 3 and 1/2 degrees warmer, that hurricane would have gone through a pressure drop close to 900 MB and the winds would have been 150 mph+. Why is this? Because the hurricane was so large like hurricane Katrina, it was self supporting itself, walling itself away from outside influences. seen too many hurricanes go through this process that are this large.

        The country is decaying and both of these candidates do not have any plans that would work. First of all you have to get jobs back here and until ALL free trade is stopped with other countries that are not on the same economic level as the U.S. is. Cheap products only cost jobs. Both candidates are against this approach, as most other politicians. The rich like slave labor to profit the wealthy. The poor like cheap junk that they can afford without understanding that they could afford good made in the USA products if they had the good jobs here.

        Health care is a disaster and both candidates have clone past records of the same plans. Treating someone’s health needs should not have a monetary profit to it, even in a capitalist country. Selling needed products is not bad, holding people’s health hostage through prices that bankrupt people all the time is not morally right, but not economically smart either. Drug dealers get people hooked to their filth both chemically and psychologically. There is really not difference with most health care practices. Pharmaceutical companies actually profit much through NOT healing someone, but letting them linger for years like a half dead corpse, totally in need of their “meds”. Grubby little drug dealers are the pharm companies.

        The country is in debt because there is not enough revenue coming in and too much expense going out. During BOTH republican and democratic “leadership” it has exploded and continues to. Neither of these characters can heal jack. This is why I have suggested to EVERYONE out there to not jump on the red or blue bandwagon, because either bandwagon is going off the precipice with everyone that chooses to ride on, with it.

        I don’t support either candidate because neither individual is going to help anyone. I don’t want people to fall into this trap of true false hope. When people get all enthused they lose the desire to prepare, then when the country wide failure comes and true SHTF, those people are much less prepared or ill prepared as the non-prepper. I saw this after BO won, jr. won, clinton won, the pattern is there and one just has to see the tiny 1% of the people that do prepare, in comparison to what once was.

        My suggestion is to forget about the stupid election and the fool that wins, and totally concentrate efforts and thoughts on getting ready for what is coming. This has been my point all along. Don’t let your guard down and be sucked into “the trap” that happens every 4 years that times are going to get rosy, because those that do will get pricked by the thorns and end up wallowing in what the rose bush grows in below.

        • You make some valid points and I usually agree with you, but not on the election. Even if both candidates are cancer, one is a faster growing cancer than the other. Moreover, they have completely different values when it comes to issues other than the economy. Those values will determine who they appoint to the Supreme Court, which according to their own web site, interprets the Constitution.

          • Prepared Pastor

            I am sorry to say..
            The Constitution has already been null and voided for quite a while..

            and the boys in black robes have already conceded their Constitutional duties for quite some time as well..

            Time to let go of hope and change in any format at this point in time..

            The game is on..


          • @ Prepared Pastor. First of all none of us can do anything about it, what is going to happen is going to happen, all we can be is prepared for it. As goes for the Supreme Court, one of the most conservative presidents ever appointed someone that allowed a dead on arrivial health care plan go through. Do I trust romney on anything, no I don’t, but my opinion is just that, nothing.

            My whole point is that I am trying to convey to everyone that what really matters is your own preparedness and skills. The head of the government will mean absolutely nothing if a super volcano blows. However if someone is caught up in this false hope of some dema God type leader is “just going to be the ONE” and loses their urgency to prepare because of this, they lose, A LOT. I have seen this happen before, my point and suggestion to everyone is not to allow this to happen to them. SHTF could be something that has nothing to do with the horrendous government.

        • BI

          You are dead on..once again..

          Has not anyone here listened , save a few, of the message in Charlies video?

          Has Mac wasted his time posting this..?

          Most go round and round in the left right nonsense ad nauseum still..wtf?

          I. like you will be avoiding this entire electoral fantasy game..and have been ..because no matter who wins the beauty pageant on Tuesday.. the rest of us are screwed every which way til Sunday..

          It is truly unfortunate that so many here are still in the denial phase and are rooting for the Romnesians to lift us from the depths of Obamanians..

          This is akin to a fantasy episode of Star Trek..

          “Captain..fire the photons! we are surrounded on the left by Obamnians,,and our right flank is under attack by the Romnesians!!”


          • THAT is what the “hyperspace” button is for!!!

        • Once the funny money(TARP)is removed the markets will drop like a rock as there is little volume and no retail investors.

          • Most but not all of the TARP money has been repaid. The problem now is that revenue is falling.

            Without earnings to support stock prices, the markets will drop, spooking investors, who will cash out until the market and particular individual stocks fall to a “supportable” level.

            A supportable level is anyone’s guess.

        • Have you see this”

          “California Has Gone Red”: Earthquake Alert Sunday Through Wednesday
          Friday, November 2, 2012 18:36

          … A longwave HAARP earthquake signature of 7.4 in California has given suggestion to a possible California earthquake to occur sometime between this Sunday and Wednesday. According to HAARPStatus.com, “significant change is expected. Anything over M7 is rare and special attention must be directed when readings go seven and higher…. A long duration and slow build being a large scale change.”
          This longwave has been developing slowly over a long duration of time as first shared with you in this story dated Wednesday @ /earthquakes/2012/10/haarp-west-coast-earthquake-signal-as-haarp-is-in-full-blast-2446038.html
          November 1, 2012 – 3:30p EDT

          California has gone red. Usually this is weather, but this signature is that of an earthquake.

          The frequency build and peak of 7.4 suggests a window of Sunday through Wednesday of next week surrounding California.

          NYC station is back up after being down down. These signals are not from Sandy. These are new signals across the Northeastern United States.




            • @ Sixpack. The only two polar earthquakes in the past 2 weeks have been 4.9 and 4.5, and these two earthquakes were below that 5.0 level that I use for forecasting. I looked at these two places to see where in the past these earthquakes have been and where they have lead up to. Three areas came up, within 500 miles of the Kuril Islands, about 5 to 10 degrees south by about 140-175 degrees east, and the Central and South American area between 8 degrees north and 5 degrees south. No ohter areas came up here from the past. 5.9-6.4 range, not much bigger until more precursor quakes strike.

              If california has a very large earthquake by Wednesday, I truly believe it will not be the San Andreas. The only faults I see that are dangerous for a 7+ shaker would be at this time the San Jacinto Fault that runs as a smaller sister fault to the San Andreas, and the Elsinore Whittier Fault. No other fault seems to have the energy from the plates aimed in their direction. Until I start to see some more polar activity that is in the moderate range, it is not likely that there will be such an earthquake like this out there.

              I am far better at predicting when an earthquake will strike than predicting when it won’t hit. I just don’t see any major earthquake out there at the present time because of lack of tension on the plates focused towards this area. The Cascadia fault though remains a hot spot because of that 7.7 so close to it. I will be observing the earthquakes and if I see anything i will comment on it and give everyone a reading on what I see.

              • BI: Which fault lies under Temecula, and to which faults does it connect?

              • okay, so the article is a bit “disorientated”, thanks.

      49. I don’t know what the future holds for U.S. I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

        Voting is a complete waste of time. The elite in the U.S. protect each other. Our pain is their pleasure. Just watch Joe Biden at the V.P. debate. People are hurting and our pols and their media lapdogs just laugh at the dog and pony show all the while avoiding any issue that matters to Joe/Jane sixpack.

        It is just my opinion, but prepping is only going to save U.S. for a little while. We will all be so divided that U.S. will be easy pickings for those murdering Federal thugs. Taking over would seem to be a better solution.

        Get to the power plants, food processing plants, etc. so many like minded people could survive and defend against what the FedGov may have in store for U.S.

        I know many military and police who are NOT going to defend the State against U.S., but they also tell me that some can’t wait to get their slimy paws on U.S. Many sociapaths occupying FedGov positions at this very moment. Courage, however, is not their strength, but it can be ours.

        I do believe something wicked is coming at U.S. very soon due mostly to the debt bomb, which could go off at any moment. A thinning of the herd is the only solution the FedGov has at their disposal that will keep them in power.

        Jubilee could save the economy and keep our way of life in order, but it would result in a huge loss of power for the FedGov and they will never allow it, at least not voluntarily anyway.

        The bunker is a deathtrap and will be your coffin if you so choose this route. Above ground and open space will be survival and a rebirth.

        Good day.

      50. Nice job JRS. Swift is the word and sharp is the action. Self sufficiency is the path to be on. Don’t need no stinkin’ help from anybody. Got three pigs fattening up, just butchered a whitetail that brined for three days. Must say, got the lights on the chickens. Turkeys to harvest soon for the holidays. Fall garden is flush with veggies. Citrus laden with ripening fruit. Cabinets filled with first aid supplies. Lots of wood drying under the shed. Bring on the big purge.

      51. Basic rules for home storage:

        Rule 1: Store what you eat, and eat what you store. It would be too
        bad to have a supply of food you would only eat with the greatest
        reluctance. Also, you can spend a lot of money on a supply of food
        and other provisions now, but after 15 or 20 years it won’t be much
        good anymore.

        Rule #2: Rotate your food supply. Eat the old and replace with new
        food. It’s great on the pocket book. Large amounts can be purchased
        when they are on sale, then used when they are not. This may also
        require you to change your eating habits just a bit – like eating
        more whole grain and legume foods that are inexpensive but
        nutritious. But whatever you choose to store, be sure it’s something
        you can eat or it will never get rotated.

        Rule #3: Whatever you store, insure it is as nutritious as possible
        with the 50 essential elements required for good health. You should
        also consider storing a good mineral/vitamin supplement.

        Rule #4: Special care should be taken in preserving your emergency
        supply, especially if you plan on storing it for several years.
        Generally, if you plan on using it up within a year it should be
        safe to store your dry grains and beans in the paper or plastic bags
        it came in. But if you do this, be sure you have a cool, dry place
        to keep it. Bugs are always a serious concern. If you haven’t bug
        proofed your food you need to check it every few weeks to insure it
        stays insect free. Aside from packing up your own dry goods, you can

        Can your garden produce in bottles. This works best for fresh
        vegetables and fruits, and even meat if it is done correctly.
        However, know that after two years, wet packed foods in cans or
        bottles lose much of their nutritional value. Rotation is the key!

        Dehydrate your own foods. Some foods that lend themselves well to
        this kind of food preservation are potatoes, carrots, onions,
        peppers, and all kinds of fruits. After dehydration, be sure to
        store them in air tight bags or containers. It would also be a good
        idea to throw in a couple of oxygen absorber packets.

        Whatever method you use to preserve your food, Store it in a cool,
        dry, dark place.

        Rule 5: Learn to grow a garden now before any hard times come. This
        way you will get the trial and error out of the way before you
        really need to eat off your garden. For someone who has never grown
        a garden before, it is not as easy as it may seem. There is a real
        art to growing a great garden and this knowledge doesn’t come all at
        once. Become proficient at it now, and learn now how to preserve what you grow.


        • “It would be too bad to have a supply of food you would only eat with the greatest reluctance” — actually, it might keep some people from gorging themselves out of fear, you know, like animals do when food is scarce and they find something to eat? We’ll need to make things stretch as far as we reasonably can, in order to make it longer on what we have.

        • Old ice chests work nicely to store food, they also stack well.Also some protection from extremes of cold and heat and an extra layer of pest protection.

      52. It looks like The Big Apple, Long Island, and New Jersey are having “interesting times” as the old Chinese proverb goes. Direct link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article/2227307/hurricane-sandy: lawlessness-outer-boroughs-new-york-enter-sixth-day-without-power.html now they face a nor’easter next week and Election Day is Tuesday. All hell is about to beak loose on Tuesday night, I believe, regardless of which sock puppet is chosen. been checking all my supplies and stripped down my guns cleaning and oiling them today. I’ll be shocked if Election Day passes without something happening. We could end up seeing the scenario in “One Second After” becoming reality. I have lost all hope that nothing will happen. I believe SHTF is right around the corner. Stay safe and keep prepping. braveheart

        • Braveheart

          Navy Seals and other vets are organized and monitoring polling places where the “intimidators” were on the last election..

          I,and many of my vet buddies from the Tet Offensive, will celebrating a non participatory party Tuesday eve..as they all know the sham it all is..and they have been hunkering down for years, well before I even started preparing.

          You’d be surprised how well prepared they are..and their “on the front line” experiences are immeasurable for laymen like myself..

          Let the games begin..


      53. Mac

        Any possibility of Charlie and you in a video?

        A summation of all you and he have done in a short, concise,summation..

        Hell..I’d even pay for that!


        • Amen to this.

      54. Update- apparently my preps have been so good and I was so prepared and quite comfortable that we didn’t realize that the power had come on 2 hours ago 😉

        It’s somewhat of a feeling of security when you get to test your preps in a real life scenario (we’ve been without power or running water for almost 6 days until tonight) and pass with flying colors!

        I admit that although I am thrilled to have full power back, there is a bit of me that will miss living a pseudo-teotwawki lifestyle 😉

        Be safe and keep prepping!!

        • Now get that shower! Pheeww. lol. good job!

          • By far, that was indeed one of the longest, hottest, and most wonderful showers I ever took.

            That is one thing that I need to create: a solar or fire-powered heated shower system. We were able to take hot baths by carrying buckets of heated water upstairs to the tub in the bathroom but that was a huge pain in the a$$ (but nicer than just doing a spongebath in a bucket).
            However, just the idea of a hot shower was one thing that I missed.

            So I have to add hot shower capabilities to the small list of holes that I uncovered in my preps during the past week.

            I highly encourage everyone to at the very least set up some kind of simulated drill to test out your preps…even if you just shut off your power and water for a weekend and live off your wits and your preps…you will definitely benefit from testing your preps and looking for holes here and there.

        • My hubs and I feel the same way. Other than me stressing about the food in the freezer, we actually enjoy it. 2000 ice storm stranded us on our hill in the country, no electricity for two weeks and no fireplace either, we lived in a mobile home. We did fine, and that was before I ever heard of prepping!

      55. Repeat from a friend some know:
        “The problems we face today exist because the people who WORK for a living, are out numbered by those who VOTE for a living.”
        The fight is coming soon, we all must prepare for it NOW or surely we will die!
        Live Right and Strong!!

      56. Possee, I know TPTB consider the Constitution null and void since 1865, but as far as I and millions of other Americans are concerned, it is still very much in effect. That document is what millions of our ancestors fought were wounded, and even died for to preserve and protect. I’m ready to stand and fight for the same thing. Anyone willing to join me I’ll be glad to have you. When the REAL SHTF takes place, what follows will make the Holocaust of WW2 pale in comparison. Let’s not forget that in the 20th Century alone, 170,000,000 people lost their lives to tyrannical, out-of-control governments by simply allowing those same governments to disarm them. Just more examples of manmade governments always having the worst kind of intentions imaginable towards the people they rule over. It’s been that way ever since the Roman Empire and won’t change until Jesus comes back to this earth and cleans house. Stay safe and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • Braveheart

          I totally agree..
          it lives within our hearts and minds.
          that will never go away..
          Tptb, as you stated, are running roughshod over the Constitution and allowing these executive branch puppets to execute executive orders by the 100’s circumventing the Constitution altogether..
          to them it is an inconvenient document that they wish would disappear..

          And didn’t the DHS list those of us who believed and carried copies of the Constitution,Bill of Rights as potential terrorists?


      57. I mentioned this in the other thread and I’ll say it again. I would hesitate to call people stupid because they are unaware or not prepared. It’s a matter of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” How can you be prepared for something you’ve never experienced or even thought about? If you are used to having all the modern conveniences they how can people just expect that just to go away? They can’t unless they actually think about it as a possible outcome. Also, your comments may turn off people who are sincerely trying to learn. They may lurk but don’t want to post for fear of being blasted, lol. IDK, what I’m saying is if you truly want to bring awareness and help other people become more self-sufficient than you might want to consider that people are TRULY UNAWARE. Doesn’t mean they are dumb or worthless as human beings.

      58. If you believe in GOD and Freedom then watch this documentary. It is amazing and also alarming. The link is only good till Nov. 6 th..

      59. I just watched dear leader on the idiot box doing a campaign speach. I didnt see ONE idiot(paid shill)in the audience that could last 3 days up in the mountains, out in the woods. or in the desert!! these people are F^CKED!! Usefule idiots, so close to death, that they are brain dead!!!!!!

      60. These ass clown “news” channels pretending that storm in the north east was the worst ever. F^CK THEM ALL!! After Ike, those ass clowns up in new england/DC turned OFF the gas/oil to tennesse, so they would have plenty.

        Remember all those reports of long gas lines in memphis and nashville????

        Look at the pipeline map!!!

        No long gas lines in virginia at that time!!

        Things that make you go hmmmmmfuck’em!!!!!!!

        • Kev!!!! Good to see you! I was wondering where you’ve been! Hope you’re well!


          • Hi Daisey!!Been bizzy bee!!!

            No time to be on the net.

            Still alive and kicking!!

            I have been awake along time(god bless Bill Coopers soul), going through a phase right now!! Those awake for decades know what I am talking about/saying!!

            I just don’t give a $hit right now!!

            Let’s push the button!!

            F^ck it/them!!!!!!!!!!!

            • I agree Kevin let get this party started.

      61. When the Titanic sailed it was touted as unsinkable. Events proved otherwise. In retrospect a few more lifeboats would have been of some help, but all would not have been saved. The normalcy bias is something we, to greater or lesser extents, have embodied for generations. Prepping is a good idea. However, many of the prepping faithful will not survive. We need to let John Wayne rest in peace (Hollywood imagery aside, he was a draft dodger)and not believe that preparing is a guarantee. It is not the salvation solution. It will be of some help for some. Storing food, ammunition and other necessities is useful but wearing braggadocio like a suit of impervious armor is not realistic, only another type of skewed bias. Look on the bright side: after the havoc those remaining can play Monopoly during tedious hours with what used to be real money.

        • Perplexed, Im wearing that suit now because I still can and because I’m pissed as I prep. Forget Monopoly how about patriots versus moneychangers? Got to go there first. But that is only my skewed bias speaking.

          • I was just checking to see if my comment was posted yesterday and noticed your remarks. Some of what you say I don’t understand. It sounds quasi-religious. Is it? I think I do get patriot. Does Tet 68 (Saigon)Jump School, Silver Star and Combat Infantry Badge (C.I.B.), followed by 23 years of police service – Sergeant, Narcotics, Officer of the Year and Medal of Valor meet you criteria?

      62. Hey Mac, you saying I’ve got apathy? Well I don’t know what that is, and I don’t care. (satire) Good article, I’ve been pounding that nail for years. I’ve found that you can only really motivate people effectively one time only. Best wait for the right time. It will be done through food control. That will be the last chance to use it.

      63. Americans won’t wake up until they are in the food lines, the power is out and they realize that the people isn’t coming.

      64. I am feal bad for the peaple that did not prepair.
        Peaple don’t plan to fail, but fail to plan.
        Even Noea had to build a big boat.

        • It’s beginning to rain for the first time again.

      65. Canned pumpkin puree :thoughts anyone? The FDA is stupid so i can’t find any good instructions.

        • Found on ask.com where I go for lots of recipes:

          Making pumpkin puree is a relatively easy process. First, you will need to preheat your over to 325 degrees. Then, take a small pumpkin and cut it in half, lengthwise. Be sure to take out all of the seeds and pulp. Cover each pumpkin half with tin foil and bake them for about an hour or so. Then scrape out all of the softened pumpkin and puree it in your blender. You may want to strain the puree to make sure there is no stringy bits left. Your puree can be kept in the freezer for later use.

          • I just ate a baked pumpkin pie piece using a recipe from that site—umm..ummm good!

          • Twenty minutes in the microwave for a small pumpkin cut into four pieces. Scoop out the pulp, mash with a potato masher and then freeze using 1 1/2 cup portions.

      66. Here is some facts that the Weather Channel gave that was interesting.

        The water moving 6 mph of the storm surge had the same force as 160 mph winds, a EF-3 tornado pounding for much longer than a fast moving tornado.

        Water weighs 1000 times that of air.

        Water weighs about 62 pounds per square foot.

        The storm surge was 13.88 feet, way above the 6-11 foot predicted.

        The storm surge alone was 13.88 feet above normal, the waves that rode on this higher level were 20-25 feet tall in some cases.

        A lot of the destruction was because of floating and even other non floating objects ramming into structures and further increasing the debris field moving along.

        As everyone can see this was a bad storm and did a lot of destrction because of water. Water weighs a lot and moves a lot. People must never ignore what a flood and moving water can do. Hopefully people will see this and realize that a powerful tsunami can do much worse than this along a wide area of the southeastern U.S. coastline and beyond. They need an early warning tsunami warning for Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, hell, the whole eastern seaboard. Tsunamis have happened there before and will happen again. The real difference will be that very few or any will see it coming. Tsunami warning systems are not that expensive and can be tied in with storm warning systems already in place. Tsunamis move a lot faster than storm surges do. No excuse.

        • Good Evening To All,

          Hi BI,

          I just cruised in to see what has happened to- day….that JoeinNC, it’s just hard to believe the mindeset. I simply casnnot wrap my mind around ‘where’ he comes from. At times I come close to utter despair of my fellow human beings. Such as it is.
          Another episode on the central Atlantic ridge I see today (which I’m SURE you’re already on TOP of :0 ) I haven’t checked on much of anything else today, yet.
          In reading through the preceding postings I find – as usual – that you’re on top of things here too, “Good Job Trooper!”. So many still cannot get the notion that the political sphere is a lost cause in it’s entirety. You try and try and it just doesn’t come across to them does it? Stroke-for-stroke, point-for-point, I find myself in purrfectttt agreement with what you posted above. Keep you chin up, there are others who beleive as you do.
          A few days ago, after reading through some of a ‘thread’ that began with a posting from Claymation and then passed through Satori, Southern Gal, Slingshot, ‘Achilles Heel’, and both you and I, I began to ask myself, “Who are we” in a broad sense. A germ of an epiphany is starting to gel in my mind. I mean, IF – as so many here believe that what’s coming is even a shadow of what it will be – then it might be prudent for all here to sit back for a bit and ask of themselves that question in the silences of thier own minds. “Who Am I?, “Who Are You”, in summa lead to – at the last – “Who Are We?” Simple on the surface yes, but after I sat and thought about it for a bit I found a much deeper vein than I originally thought. Maybe this is just ‘rambling’
          In what is to come, will we – collectively – repeat the same mistakes we have made time and again…and again.
          When A-H came out as he did I began asking myself, “What is right…wrong?” Perhaps much of the friction we see here – and elsewhere – is a function of not having sat and considered, closely, the basic, underlying principles that go into determining how we even approach such things. I’m not trying to be vaguely abstract here, to wit consider; As living, breathing creatures – alone in the world, sans any form of civilization, we absolutely must see to own needs, our own defence and etc. on every level…to do otherwise is to effectively self-terminate. Nature seldom gives secoond chances to it’s Children in the wild. When we ‘become’ a part of civilazation we obtain many benefits therefrom including mutual self-defense, assistance when we are incapacitated and many other things also. What do we surrender to be a part of ‘civilization’? Typically we surrender retribution, that is to act against others – arbitrarily for perceived slights, offences. We agree to abide by a common, minimal set of standardized conventions in dealing with each other…this listing goes on and on to be sure.
          In thinking about this – I posted a comment previously that brought up one small piece thereof, that Authoity and Responsibilty cannot, can never be divorced from each other….they are not two seperate things in any coherent world consisting of more than just a single living being upon the Earth. If two, or more people exist and interact with each other in any way, shape or form then “What is Right and What is Wrong'” immediately enter into those interactions. Previously, one the posters here said, “I’ve been chasing this rabbit for 40 years.” As have I, Brother.
          Regardless of how this would be seen in the larger sense any possible ‘Right vs Wrong’ has to begin with the Authoity vs Reponsibility question. this I KNOW. We see in the world today many who would have ‘Authority’ over others who yet refuse to ever consider themselves or be considered by others as ‘ Responsible’. Here, by ‘Responsible’ I mean exactly ‘Acountable’ for thier actions – or lack of – in the world. On the other hand, there are, I think, many today whose lives consist of an endless parade of “Do this and Do That” in one form or another who bear up under this only to be told at the last that THEY will end up footing the bill ‘for the party’
          In what is to come we might all sit a bit and try for clarity in our own, individual minds as to this and other points which depend on these most basic questions …we may need some clarity before things become such that the moment comes when there’s no time to sit and think. This is in my mind since then, I hope for all our sakes – later – that some do just this before the tumults of the oncoming future no longer allow us to do so. My apologies to all who reading this think perhaps “Oh, he’s very full of himself isn’t he” be assured I am the LEAST of my Father’s children… I am just-one-guy. Again , I pray tonight for our brothers and sisters on the east coast, I hope that He watches over them and I also hope that the decisions they make will bring them to safety…and us also. Another way is needed, may He help us to see the way.
          Caught a bit of a ‘bug’ I am outa here for the night…..G’Night to all.

          • Are we here to fix the train station or are we just passing through?

            • Hi Ken,

              I THINK the ‘station’ is already on fire and finishing up as a merry blaze. We’ll have to come back and reframe it later… 🙂


        • Isle of Cubra Vieja…Canary Islands.

          When it sheers off and slides into the Atlantic the east coast of U.S. will experience waves never seen by human eyes.

          google it…the stats will scare you shitless.

          • @ wncmountianboy. I have done calculations on this based on the formula for the amount of kinetic energy released. e= 1/2mass(velocity2) and trust me you have nothing to worry about at all. The velocity of an object is what matters to producing enough energy to generate a 30-50 foot tsunami like they are proposing. To put it into comparison to generate a 30 foot tsunami at 3500 miles away you would need about a mile wide asteroid travelling at about 10-11 miles per second. The collapse of Cubra Vieja would only be travelling at best of maybe 120 mph.

            The mass of even 30 miles across would produce very tall tsunamis within a few miles of the collapse, much the same that collapse of a cliff up in an Alaskan bay produced a 1600 foot wave. However over distances the energy is severaly lost because there was not that much kinetic energy behind it. 120 mph squared is nothing. An asteroid travelling at 11 miles per second squared is massive. This is why a relatively small meteoroid leaves a huge crater when it hits.

            I did the math on this and the tsunami that would hit the east coast would be between 9-12 inches high. Sorry for the hype that these web sites that don’t understand how energy is calculated is given people misinformation. The Caribbean plate is an entirely different story for an south east coast tsunami.

            First of all the mass is considerably more and so is the velocity of the sudden movement of a thrust fault. The Caribbean fault is capable of a 8.5-9+ depending on the amount of tension that has built up. This fault is slightly smaller than what broke in Japan if the entire eastern flank went, which it should. The Puerto Rico trench area is one of the deepest points in the Atlantic Ocean and further energy could be added should there be an undersea landslide. Tsunamis of 20 feet+ are capable here.

            Distance is huge when determining wave size. In a pond sometime drop a very large rock and watch the heighth of the wave within a few feet, then compare it across the pond, Big difference, as is 3500 miles compared to 500-1500 miles. Much of what will determine the size of a tsunami on the east coast will be if the water is channelled in like during a storm surge. People that get higher tides than the surrounding areas will be at risk WHEN a tsunami hits. I say WHEN because this fault has broken in the past over and over again and will so in the future. They need an early warning tsunami system on the east coast, especially on the southern coastlines.

            The one country that does have to worry about the Canary Islands is Morocco. They are close enough to this, and the tsunamis here could be 15-25 feet high like coastal spots around the city of Laayoune. Math is so valuable as it can plug in figures and give accurate facts. You can use the formula of e= 1/2mass(velocity2) on firearms also which is really interesting and shows why a higher velocity projectile that is a .223 which is about the size of a .22 can do so much damage. The velocity of 3800 feet per second as compared to 1600 feet per second for a .22 Long rifle Stinger brand makes a massive difference.

          • @wncmountainboy,

            Oh yeah, THAT one makes me nervous in extremis. The whole Cumbre Vieja/ El Hiero thing may be quite a bit more than some are thinking. At the risk of being at odds with others here – BI specifically, whose opinion and counsel I value much – I am fully convinced that IF any disturbance initiates a ‘slide’ there it may well be a catastrophe. I’m a physicist by training and as such I will point out that in al ‘collison physics’ there are two equally important factors involved…the conservation of energy AND the conservation of momentum. What BI says about the energy of such an event is exactly correct…such would be a slow-moving mass whose total energy would not appraoch onto the violence seen in an ‘asteroid strike’. However, the momentum of a mass which totalled some 20+ cubic miles is horrifyingly large and – by the conservation principle – it cannot simply ‘vanish’. Every iota of the momentum of such would be communicated into the sea and that would propagate through the Atlantic unabbated until it reached the our EASTERN coast. Good Lord, after ‘Sandy’ I simply don’t even want to visualize such a thing.
            It might be instructive to consider the following; About 50 years ago there was an event called the ‘Lituya Mega-Tsunami’, google it, there’s a lot about it out there. To be sure the circumstance was unique, the geography and so forth compounded the event manifold, but this is an example of what a ‘momentum-driven’ event could entail. Again BI is correct from the energy standpoint entirely.

            My apologies BI, on this one I will beg to disagree.

            Also, one the islands in Hawaii shows – on the sea-floor around it’s base, via high-precision sonar mapping – a pattern identical to the ‘flow-plain’ at the base of El Hierro, which by it’s oreinetation would expose the our WEST coast to something just as bad. Various geologic studies along the west coast have turned up disturbing evoidence that in the past – not recent – there has been extraordinary ‘flooding’ events along same by virtue of anomalous sedimentary depositions which cannot otherwise be explained readily. I watch the seismic’s around both both Hawaii and El Hierro closely. G’Day Mate…..

      67. Porter Stansberry (quoted on this site several times by Mac), one of the outspoken critics of this country and who called the recent 2006 bubble and crash correctly now thinks we are saved. The oil we sit on is more then any country in the middle east and even a few of the top ones combined. We may be able to pay our debts off several times over with this amount of energy under our feet. If we do not kill ourselves fracking this country to death and poisoning our water supply in the process.

        We’ll see if we can develop it fast enough.

        • Why should we allow Our oil to be used to pay off FAKE usuary/intrest debts to mainly a bunch of swindler banksters who have been scamming societies the same way for at least 3000 yrs or so now?

          What has it cost Them?….Paper and some ink? which I am certain Us taxpayers paid for that also!..

          Hows about we tell swindlers banksters to get screwed and WE Keep and use OUR oil. And create Millions of Good pay jobs in Oil drilling-Refineries building-Rebuild manufactureing Factorys and go BACK to producing most all we use or buy or consume like we used to do when I was a small kid?

          ZERO $$$ or Oil or ANYTHING is truely owed to swindler banksters Period. What can they do if we refuse to pay?

          Perhaps they all can exit stage Left and Move to their pet Bandit nation aka Isreal!

          Picture all the worlds most Parasitic race(zios) all living in same nation…They wont last one year!

          Screw parasite swindlers. Then Hang em for treason etc!

          • Amen,
            If you refuse to pay, you go to jail.
            Or, you can kill them all.

            The Lord showed us the Way.
            Who is the only group that He lost His temper with?
            Case closed.

        • I love Macs site. Mike, you do realize that Porter Stansberry is a convicted con artist? DYODD.

          • another Jay

            I’m unaware of that. Any supporting link?

      68. Three more days. Four less years. Lessor of two evils.

        • Guess you missed the part of the story where it stated that the outcome of the election will not matter…

          Let it go…

          • You’re union?

      69. Unless you have a room booked in yamantau or dulce or under the colorado springs airport. You are screwed , preppers are just as delusional about reality as the most kool aid saturated sheepmonkey.



        Into corner of eye. (Will blind, and hemorrhage)
        *Into pupil of eye. (Will blind, hemorrhage or kill via optic nerve)
        Throat. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
        *Into esophagus. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
        *Into heart muscle. (Fatal stoppage)
        Into stomach or sides. (Can hit vital organs, hemorrhage)
        Groin. (Hemorrhage, and very “uncomfortable”)
        *Into mastoidal opening behind ear to brain. (Fatal)
        Anywhere along the spinal chord between the vertebrae. (Causes paralysis,
        hemorrhage, possible death)
        *Base of skull upwards into lower brain. (Same as above)
        Kidneys. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
        The items marked with a ‘*’ are extremely dangerous to hit. The shock of the
        blow or the actual blow can be fatal.


        Have you ever wanted to know just what these blows and kicks were doing to the
        victim??? (You should print this part out, because
        it refers to the list all the way through)

        A. Considerable pain
        B. Possible bleeding
        C. Disorientation
        D. Serious injury unlikely
        E. Greater possibility of serious injury
        F. Possible brain damage, shock force
        G. Breaking of nasal bone; nose bleeding
        H. Impractical
        I. Numbing of arm
        J. Unconsciousness
        K. Convulsions possible
        L. Damage of carotid artery
        M. Possible diaslocation of 7th cervical vertebra
        N. Startle, stun, hemorrhaging
        O. Brain damage
        P. Little serious injury
        Q. Knockout
        R. Gasping/choking; possible death
        S. Muscle spasms
        T. Broken rib; could rupture kidney
        U. Internal injury to organs
        V. Fracture, tear cartilage or broken bone
        W. Dislocate knee; tear ligaments
        X. Dislocation
        Y. Fracture
        Z. Fracture, metatarsal bones
        A1. Permanent injury
        A2. Blindness
        A3. Possible fatality


        Continue: http://www.textfiles.com/survival/streetfi

        • Thank you for these very valuable posts, Red. I’ve printed them off for further perusal.

      71. Simple non-destructive defense using hot pepper

        Carry a bit of finely ground Habanera pepper powder (or use black pepper powder
        in a pinch). You simply toss or throw this dust in your attacker?s eyes. This
        is the way the ancient martial artiest did it in the old days. For more
        distance thin rice paper was some times used to wrap pepper so as to break on
        contact. The hotter the pepper the better. A women or man could protect
        themselves by caring a small well sealed plastic zipper lock bag of powdered
        Habanera if they practiced and know how to use it. Step back as fast as you can
        once you throw it. Be aware of which way the wind is blowing. Change your
        orientation with your attacker accordingly before use. Remember you only get
        one good surprise shot with this approach. Make the fist shot count.

        If this pepper absorbs water, it clumps together. So you may want to double bag
        it and check it once in a while. If it does get wet and you have no way to dry
        it, then simply put in some water (4-10 parts water to 1 of powder) shake it up
        each day for 3 days or more (the longer the better) then filter through some
        fine cloth. Put this in a super blaster water pistol and you have the second
        method of defense. This could be used against wild animals, dogs, bars etc.
        You will need to get it in there eyes before they get you. Water pistols that
        can be modified to emit a coarse filled cone spray blast rather than a stream
        could work better. Try it out with pure water and see what works best for you.
        For actual use – Recommend putting on goggles or a swimming mask if you have it
        available and can do so. There is no cowardice?s in squirting and immediately
        running back wards as fast as you can so you can at the same time get more shots

        This will not ultimately harm the attacker (animal or humans). Depending on how
        strong the mix is it could disable from several minutes to close to an hour.
        During this time you get the hell out of there or handcuff or otherwise handle
        the situation. Remember if you run for it, always consider what the attacker
        will do once it or they recovered. Will it or they follow, and hunt you down
        out of revenge?

        Can you imagine after the PS answering the door to your dome (which will look a
        bit like a landed space ship) with a swimming mask on and a brightly colored
        super blasters water pistol in hand. I think you may find out quickly whether
        you have a STO or STS visitor. The contents of the water pistol may make the
        difference between being able to close the door or not. Always keep in mind any
        weapon you are consider using can be taken away from you and used on you. Thus
        the reason for the swimming mask. It also protects from the wind blowing spray
        back in your eyes.



        Sometimes when you are threatened with physical violence, a
        weapon to defend yourself with is not always available. Your
        hands, however, are always with you, and can be as lethal as any
        weapon. Below are a list of attacks that police are instructed
        not employ, as they may prove deadly.

        1. TEMPLE – A very susceptible vital spot. If struck with
        sufficient force, may cause unconsciousness or death.

        2. NASION – This is the summit of the nose. If struck with
        sufficient force may cause death.

        3. PHILTRUM – This is the area between the upper lip and the
        bottom of the nose. Attack to this area may also cause
        unconsciousness or death.

        4. HOOK TO JAW – A powerful hook punch to the front side of jaw
        may snap an enemy’s neck. Fatal.

        Continue reading: http://www.civiliandefenseforce.com/22waystokill.html

        • @ Red Racer. Thank you for adding more information that we all will probably need to know in a world that is rapidly decaying. Everyone that adds to the site and knowledge is helping others prepare and learn. Thank you to all that try to share what they know about preparedness.

      73. 2nd Amendment is a duty

        • It’s also a Right and with it comes Responsibility.

        • @ The Eagle,

          Yup, 10 thumbs up for you! /NoSARC…absolutely
          The Swiss sure don’t seem to have a whole lot of problem working that particular requirement into thier culture. I wouldn’t say that it seems to have caused a lot of psychological or developmental horror for thier children, has it? New World….Rule #1 maybe?

      74. @ JustOneGuy. Much of the problem with the masses is genetic programming or herd mentality. I have watched this so often when people walk by at the mall, sporting events, whatever. Many people of the masses feel that they are unique and have unique opinions and mannerisms, yet this is hardly true. So many people are driven by what the mass of others dictate, just like the schools of fish, flocks of migrating animals, herds. Over time people have been conditioned through the behaviour of their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on. These genetic markers are in everyone and whether someone chooses to alter these and be a person of whom themselves is indeed unique is a choice.

        Being part of a herd has had advantages to animals throughout time, as the odds of getting eaten are slim as 10% or much less of the mass is picked off. However when being the mass is counter-productive this another story. The one major disadvantage to hugging to a mass is competetion for scarce resources. In society this becomes extremely apparent in highly concentrated areas of population in the ultra dense population centers when a major disaster strikes and outside help is slow to arrive or does not arrive period.

        As much as most people like to believe that they are different, the very behavior and belief system of most people shows this to be that they are far more graviating towards acceptance and being part of the crowd. To illustrate this watch a group of people that know each other and you will see how desperate that each person looks for approval and does not really project themselves and their true opinions and views on what they really feel. It is this phoniness that drives MOST human interaction.

        Now for my favorite person or favorite animal, the MAVERICK. The maverick because of this same genetic programming from a long line of mavericks or just because the person WOKE UP and said to themselves, NO I am not going to be like others, I am going to be me. The maverick or non-conformist doesn’t give a crap whether people care about what they feel or what they do. They do it because they know what benefits them and thoes around them the best. They look at an idea and if it sounds good, cool. If however something is wrong with an idea, they don’t just go along with the crowd, they will either keep quiet about their feeling about an issue or express themselves as such. They will not be swayed by a group or the masses just because that is the way others feel.

        When you look at the prepper/survivalist crowd you see how even those that move towards the others with the same beliefs of preparedness, that when an issue goes that sounds wrong goes in the right ear that they will not just go along with it to gain approval. I myself have on occasion have really upset some people about what I see and they don’t feel is accurate, and this is what is about a good debate to show others varying viewpoints. Even if such debates cause a real feather flying commotion in the chicken house, at least it shows that people as such truly have their own opinions and are unwilling to just go along with the crowd like lemmings or other rodents off the cliff just because everyone else is jumping off.

        Many people do feel that they are their parent’s children, but is this good or bad? If the parents were/are responsible and honest, usually this is a good thing. I use the word usually because again, unless a person establishes themselves as an individual void of the masses, being a chip off of that old block can be a liability when true disaster strikes. The person that is driven by the masses will fall off that proverbial cliff with the masses. Even the children of true hard core prepper/survivalist parents or guardians need an individual approach to their own lives.

        To survive a true apocalyptic event and the aftermaths of it, children of the prepper parents need to be able to adapt, and the more of a maverick type personality someone has, the far easier it will be for someone to make a go of what materials are left work for them. Someone whom is inventive is someone that is almost never a conformist. Being able to make something out of nothing takes that special thinking outside of the box and a truly maverick type of person. While most of the masses will see something as trash or unusable junk, the resourceful person will make it into that will save them or make their lives far easier.

        The more that someone can become that unique person and not allow the masses to influence them, the better the chance of them surviving what is coming.

        • There was a study done on a group of monkeys in which what I call the “doomer” monkeys were removed from the tribe. These were monkeys that weren’t as social, slept poorly, slightly neurotic,hung on the edges, weren’t high on the social ladder, etc. Within a year the remaining tribe was dead.

          I think our genetics are designed to hedge our survival bets. The ones in the middle of the herd merrily thrive most of the time until its time to run for the exits. The doomers survive, except when its the wrong exit.

        • Groups are very smart, often smarter than the smartest people in them, especially when guesses are averaged. The data must also get to the rest of the group (aggregated). The group is not better than every single person, and some will be smarter the more incentive they receive, but any one person will not be right as often as the group.
          Adding people who know less but have different skills improves the group’s performance. A group with diverse knowledge and skills will almost always
          make a better decision than an expert.

          Homogenous groups, particularly small ones, often become more dependent on each other and isolated from outside opinions. They are convinced their group opinion must be right and will rationalize away counterarguments. They do not reason as well as crowds.
          People stick with the crowd because it is less risky than doing something radical that could fail enormously.
          Decisions that corporations make are complicated, but they should not be in the hands of just one expert CEO. They should aggregate the employees’ wisdom.

        • Hi BI,

          “Predisposition” is the word I think that we’re dancing around here…perhaps? The example you used above of a school of fish is elegantly descriptive, especially since we have as much NatGeo on the tube as we do. The ability to think AND act on one’s own conclusions has to be of central importance in any surviveable assemblage of people, a basic PERSONAL survival trait beyond a doubt.
          I wonder lately, “Where, EXACTLY, did we go sooo wrong?” I mean specifically, at what point did we deviate from a sufficient number of basic principles that we got HERE? The concommitant to that, of course, would be, “How do we institute – into the basic fabric of things – those things which have been lost and WHAT would we list them out to be. There’s NO shortage of thinking folk in this place. If what is “Coming”
          gets “HERE” are we going to do the same idiot things we did before or are we able to sit down and synthesize a listing of those basics that allow us to evade repeating this whole dire mess, again…”Who Are We?” Better now I think than later….food for thought for everyone here hopefully.
          “If two heads are better than one then the prepping community ought to be exponentially off the scale.” Eh?
          Oops, Nyquil calls in the background…Going to see if I can reduce the 200 lbs/inch2 in my sinuese a little further….G’Night All…Bye BI!

          • @ JustOneGuy. I have found that one of the best remedies for sinus problems is salt water or commericial saline solutions for the sinuses. Beta carotene is wonderful for infection, just make sure it is from a vegetable source like carrots. Too much vitamin A from something like cod liver can hurt the liver over time. Can’t say enough about Vitamin C, as when it is spaced over the course of a day it works better than taking it all at once. B vitamins, especially B complex, aid in helping control infection. With sinuses you want them to drain so you get out what is causing the problem. Humidity is good also for some relief. The problem with many over the counter remedies is they mask an underlying condition, makes life more bearable though. Hope you feel better.

            • Hi BI,

              Too right friend! I just lately discovered the benefits of the ‘salt-water lave’ technique…juwever – here in the midwest – our fall seems to be preducing an abnormally strong amont/potent series of antihens. Dunno, maybe this is a function of ‘deferred potential’ by virtue of the overly hot, seeminhgly ‘sterilizing’ summer: it seems the durn things will have thier vengence no matter what!
              Seismic activity seems to be settling somehwat over the last few days, though the 7-day M2.5+ default at USGS does show an impressive ‘cluster’ in the Phillipine/Indonesia region north of Australia. Thankfully, the QC/Haida Gwaii area isn’t showing further signs of activity….but I’m not sure -at this point – if that’s GOOD or BAD? Rime will tell. Noting one of Kynase’s post below, I’m more concerned with ‘Tectonic shocks’ in the human sphere, politica; arena, over the next few days to come.
              Some here are very offended by the faith of others (in a higher power) and I beleive that’s partly why you and I have recently attracted a small ‘nega-fan’ club over the last week…did you note the odd, pointless ‘TD’s’ lately? MY beleif’s are my own , I have no expectation that anyone, anywhere should subscribe to them,: It is my CHOICE for good or for ill. I think it would ber good though if some of the others would consider the importance of ‘tolerance’ in any potential ‘New World’ to come. In the last, it is of no concern to me; I’ll post anything I feel to be good or helpful no matter what. That – I think – is what we’re supposed to be doing right now and it’s why I’ve lately ‘de-lurked’ here…as much as can be shared around should be for the benefit of all. I have a feeling of no small urgency about this of late. Hence, “Here I be.” 🙂
              Oh by the way, a small caveat about the ‘salt-water’ thing, I recently learned (you may already know this): ONLY Sea-salt should be used in the preparation…the ‘iodination’ of regular Morton’s Salt damages the nasal mucosa rather badly.
              Well, I’m going to go back and nurse my nose a bit. Till later, Bye BI. (and T’ank’s Friend!) 🙂

              • @ JustOneGuy. I have organic salt, both sea salt and ses salt with iodine in it. I did not know that iodized salt is bad for the sinuses, I am sure glad you told me and others this. Once again this valuable site shows how we all help one another with what we know, and we ALL are going to need as much help as possible with what is coming.

                • Hi BI!,

                  I think I may FINALLY be getting the upper hand on this nasal thing, ‘Halleujah! I cam bweeve adain’!” Thanks for your previous post to let me know though. You’re righto on the Sae-Salt now coming in ‘multiple flavors’, used to not be so…I think it was only about , umm say a year ago (?) that I first started seeing ‘Morton Iodized Sea-Salt’ on the shelves at my local Wally-World. I feel for the folk in LE that have to go bust the meth-heads, they regularly use ‘Hydro-Iodic acid” in the process and God Forbid even the slightest bit of that gets inhaled…I’ve heard it described as being bad as the ‘Mustard Gas’ used in WWI from which the resulting world-wide horror thereof led to the Deneva convention, that part of that forbids the use of chemical weapons.
                  We try to learn as a species, we really do. I’m just afraid we’re not learning fast enough to forestall the inevitable plunge off the edge that appears to loom in our near future. I abide with and in Him by my free choice without expectastion that any other need feel so sompelled or the need to compel others to same. If He does not coerce the Children to take His path then who am I – Least of His children – to straighten anyone else?
                  I have disagrred with you above on the issue of Cumbre Viejo/El Hierro for the reasons stated. on a professional level only. Please-to-read-disclaimer-as-posted!! 🙂
                  Got to head for town in a bit – shopping day 🙁 – Gad’s, I hate worming my way through Wally-World during the day-time….so much better at night. Gotta go, To-do-Loo friend.

        • BI: Correct on Herd mentality…Only I call it Group-Think mentality. I will give an example.

          Say you got a house full of guests for xmass etc…After it gets kinda late and you are tired and wishing guests would simply begin to Leave..

          Now of course due to group think none leave untill another first makes the effort to leave right.

          Here is a sure fire method to Empty your crib Pronto!

          I Gareenttee you can rid crib of every last guest in Under Two minits flat!

          Just wait for proper moment…Like a slight Lull in conversations…As soon as its quiet for a moment, say something such as..

          “So…Anybody else tired of zionist kontrol of all our polititions in DC”?!!

          or you can always substitute the word zionist for jew or jewish…That works even better!

          You can set your watch by how fast its, total scilence and every idiot there begins looking for back bedroom where their coats are at!

          Two Minits Flat and a line forms at door to exit!

          BONUS= None will Ever again bother you to host any parties, nor will any invite you to their parties.

          Which is usually good since they are all a bunch of idiot group think clowns anyways correct?

          Just say it and look at watch…Two minits and done deal!

          Time for beddie bye! “Later group!”

      75. Hi Y’All,

        Back again, it’s amazing what a double dose of Nyquil can do for you. A couple of points – briefly.
        Some sevral posts here refer to the ‘start’ as being first seen in the financial sector. To that end I implore you to google;
        David Korowicz ‘Tradeoff.pdf’
        This is a repost from several days ago. It is looonnng, at 78 pages AND ‘thick’. Pay close attention to the terminology he lays down in the first 30 pages…a close understanding of that is neccessary in order to be able to follow through the remainder of the piece. In this he lays out – with excruciating clarity – the extraordinary fragility of our modern financial transaction networks when coupled with the ‘JIT’ (Just-In-Time) logistical model which underlies the entirety of the global logistical system. This piece IS LIKELY the exact way in which we will see the collapse begin. I posted on this gem some several days before ‘Sandy’ and having seen the effects therefrom I can tell you…this guy’s analysis is ‘Spot-On’…Read THIS, Please! IMHO, this is effectively the ‘blueprint’ for how TSWHTF.
        For those who are newb’s here, who might still beleive that thier only source for what is going on in the finacial sector is the MSM I say “STOP!” go to;
        Turn off the TV, ignore everything you’re told there, PERIOD. At ZH they’ll give you the numbers, break it down to the point that the true picture of the woefully (deliberately made so) complex artifice which is Wall Street such that it can be seen for what it is. Those here likely already know about ZH, I’m simply directing the newb’s to go there. OBTW, nearly every article over there is posted by a ‘Tyler Durden’ you’ll think that odd, ‘Gee, this guy sure can type a lot in one day…” He’s NOT a person ‘He’s’ a pseudonym for those who post there from all walks of the financial world who actually have some insight into the crap which ‘Wall Street’ has become. Those who post there use this as a buffer to anonymize themselves from the repercussions of so posting the truth. Google, , or look up on Wiki, “Tyler Durden”….he’s a character from the movie, “Fight Club”
        With more and more ‘awakening’ every day the ability of those who constructed the ‘Great Illusion’, our version of the ‘Matrix’ – the events on the East Coast clearly demonstate this for all that have ‘eyes to see, and eats to hear’- is coming to an end, soon. When that happens the consequences will be swift. Get on with it, everyone!
        ‘May the Lord Bless and Keep us, His Children, everone of us, Amen.”
        Back to the Nyquil, G’Day Y’All

        • JustOneGuy, I don’t see where “Tradeoff” is different than other writings on complex systems. So much of what he writes is really just basic systems analysis. He provides some examples to show that large, complex systems can be frail, but there’s probably more science-babble that most want to read (except for those of us who are left-brained). However, if people are looking for some proof or tangible information to use while trying to convince others to duck-fast-before-the-S-hits, there’s plenty in “Tradeoff”.

          The takeaway, from my point of view, is that Korowicz sees TEOTWAWKI as a 100% sure-bet w/in a decade or so.

          He summed it all up in his overview:
          “In a more complex and interdependent economy, fewer failures are required to transmit cascading failure through socio-economic systems.” Or in regular words, the more interdependent we are, the more vulnerable we become. Certainly not a belief that we would argue.

          • Hi Zoltanna,

            You’re right, it isn’t different than a horde of other such analysis over time. The two points where I see it differing materially lies in first, it’s recent character, having come out just within the last couple of months, …it is current. A susch he is able to apply the analysis to events near and up to, today. Secondly, most of the works available broadly are frankly – so arcane – that you would need Harry Potter’s magical skills to get through them in any reasonable time frame. That is, with a little concentration, most could get through this without the “OMG-HEAD-EXPLODING-MUST-STOP-NOW!!” syndrome which arises so drequently when most academics publish anything today…accessible, Eh?
            As to the thought that this could happen in a ‘decade or so’ I say Yep, sure…couldn’t agree more. The disturbing thing to me is in the latter part, when you read into it in detail, he’s implying that this is a ‘complex system’ whose inputs vs outputs have been and are becoming more and more, by the day, so non-linear as to preclude (in the near future) ANY rational predictability.
            Almost everyone has heard, over time, about ‘Chaos Theory”…it was all the rage for a while said rage reaching it’s final commercial epitome as the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” (not a favorite of mine I might add). Somewhat over 40 years ago Mandelbrot, who at the time was trying to model ‘small worlds’ weather systems on (pitiful 16 bit!) computers came face-up with something he couldn’t understand: Using identical input parameters the systems he modeled produced wildly varying outputs. As I remeber his telling of it, he initially looked for code-errors, found none then accessed a 32 bit platform – which was just coming to be available at that point – thinking that he was experiancing something which was coming out of rounding errors due to the limitations of the 16 bit hardware/software tandem – but when he ran the rechecked, recompiled code the same thing came up again. He referred to this in a paper he wrote descibing these results as ‘Sensitive Dependence on Iniital Conditions’.
            The scary part of it all is that, in essense, what Korowicz is describing in ‘Tradeoff’ is already a system cocked, set and primed for exactly this type of unpredicatble result…and given the stresses working in the system now, especially after ‘Sandy’ we can not expect that same will allow for any return to more stable ‘quasi-equilibrium’ state. As the whole artifice is displaced further and further by continued, unaticipated ‘shocks-to-the-system’ when will the be at the stage where we lay on the’last straw that broke the camel’s back”. I am afraid that – for those at the top – who have for long and long believed that they had ‘… a good handle on things’ that there may come a morning in the near future when they are going about thier business that rather suddenly, without any significant warning, the bottom will be to fall out of it all.
            Since it appears to be an accepted empirical fact that, in ALL cases, “Fecal material WILL proceed downward along an inclined slope no matter it’s surface characteristcs, shape, mass and or any other variable” we’d care to consider then it follows that we’ll be the one’s enjoying a swim in an ‘odiferous’ pool. 🙂
            The last point I gleaned from his conclusion was that this could happen with a speed, “measured in days”. A century ago it was simply not possible for a single, or even multiple of small ‘events’ to have an effect that could magnify until it overwhelmed all systems, everywhere. Unfortunately, that is wehat our current system has become. Imagine what the pressure willl be like on the markets – which are nowadays flash-crashing on individual stocks weekly, or even daily, “Knight Trading and others) when the big inmsurance carriers have to start paying out these gargantuan insurance settlements…I am not very confident about the near future. Unpredictability is getting worse by the minute lately….and it ain’t gonna improve methinks.

            @ BI,
            Hi BI, just got up after a long Nyquil-induced snooze session, I’m still getting my grey-cells firing. I saw Zoltanne’s post and it seemed a little easier – for whatever reason – to respond to than your post are! Be back in a bit.

            • Zoltanne…NOT Zoltanna

              MY VERY BAD!!! 🙁

      76. Thanks for the video Mac. Your site is really kicking A$$.

        Question Folks? Who should I vote for?????

        Barry is a Terrorist, Romney stands for the same things Barry does for the most part. I could Write in Gary Johnson or Ron Paul?

        Do I vote for Romney here in CO, A swing state?
        Do I vote for Gary Johnson to know I never voted for something or someone thats unconstitutional?
        This should be a no brainer but damn.

        • I’ll hold my nose and vote Romney, if only to knock back the fascist dictator-wannabe. Then I’ll go home and take a long hot shower. Johnson isn’t worth your vote – he is an embarrassment to the Libertarian cause. Karl Denninger has posted the best summation of details about Johnson, and Karl is a very serious Libertarian. If they had nominated Ron Paul, it would be different, but they didn’t. As far as I can see the Liertarian Party is a dead letter. The Tea Party has more clout and better morals.

      77. Possee, yes, DHS did say that all average Americans are terrorists for the reason you mentioned and many others. but as I’ve stated in posts on other articles on this forum, NOTHING THAT DHS OR ANY OTHER GOVT. AGENCY SAYS OR DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT, I DON’T RECOGNIZE IT AS SUCH, AND WON’T SUBMIT TO IT! BI, your post to JustOneGuy is absolutely correct. All manmade governments going back to the Roman Empire have depended on their subjects being indoctrinated in order to carry out their agenda and impose severe penalties on anyone who dared to go against the status quo. That’s exactly how TPTB have been able to get away with so much in this country since 1865. It’s only been within the last 20 years or so that there’s been any kind of awakening in this country as to what is really happening, especially since 9/11, especially since Obamanation has been in the WH. Without the rise of the alternative news media, it’s possible all of us would still be in the dark and giving blind allegiance and obedience to the TPTB. As far as I’m concerned, we don’t owe them any allegiance, damn sure no obedience; the only thing we owe them is to locate them, and bring them to justice for what they have done to our country and our people. Veterans in my family used to tell me, ‘never join the military, because they will just turn you inside out so they can use you’. I’m grateful that I heeded their advice, seeing what the military has done to what might otherwise have been good people. They’re just mindless robots for the most part and police academies do the same thing to people. Especially look at what veterans have to go through when dealing with the VA with any medical problems; THAT’S THE THANKS THEY GET FOR SERVING THEIR COUNTRY! I’m too independent-minded for any of that crap. I’ve never accepted anybody’s propaganda on any subject regardless of the source. Nobody tells me what to think or what i can or cannot say about anything, period. I truly dread what’s coming soon to this country. As I posted earlier, i checked all my supplies and did some maintenance on my guns yesterday because of what could happen on Election Night. i think we’re about to have a REAL SHTF regardless of which scum puppet is chosen. Batten down the hatches and get ready; SHTF is coming to a location near you. Braveheart

        • Braveheart
          Thank you for your response..
          as the title of this article states..you,as many of us here, have stepped out of the perceived reality and then some.

          We have been reduced to a society that fights amongst themselves to vote for the “lesser of 2 evils’..rather than voting for the “greater of 2 goods”

          We have lost our individuality as a nation, and accept the herd mentality instead..

          Will the 1 or 2% rise and fight?

          Probably not at all.

          We fight here in the arena of ideas and shed our shackles of a system that has dumbed down the populace with laws, executive orders,fluoridated water,gmo foods, largest in the world on prescription drugs, lowest denominator in the free world on basic education,etc etc..

          God forbid anyone should understand the principles of our Constitution or even be taught the basics anymore..
          It is obvious the likes of us are relics ..

          Take care..

          Keep your weapons cleaned and loaded.

          Keep your supplies dry and plentiful..


      78. Here It Comes, Be Prepared! On Wed BO Took First Major Step In A Plan To Ban All Firearms In The US

        BE PREPARED !!!

        > On Wednesday Oct 31st 2012 Obama Took the First Major Step in a Plan to Ban All Firearms in the United States .

        The crooks can’t be controled and the government is a separate entity. Looks like our biggest fear is coming true. Only the crooks will have guns, government included and who will be the biggest crook?

        > U.S.reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade … ITS OFFICIAL THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR FIREARMS !!!

        “NOW WHATCHA GONNA DO … ya’ bunch of Tax Debt Slaves ???”

        Hmmmmmmmmm … ?

        *note to self : bury hide more back-up extra firearms , ammo , lead and gun powder . And “this time” make a map ;0P .




        Got Phyzz Gold or Silver ??? No … well China sure Does . If you want to survive what is coming to AmeriKa’s National Prison Tax Debt Slave Plantation – do as the chinese do and Stack it High !

        China Is Quietly Becoming the Global Gold Superpower


      80. Urban Survival

        by YODA

        To start with, let’s get over the idea that all survivalists are going to get
        out of “the city” in time to set up a “survival retreat”. Not all survivalists
        are going to have the money, time or inclination to leave the city life and
        move to the middle of nowhere. First off, leaving your job and having no money
        will doom you faster than anything you can think of! Also some of us just
        enjoy the city lifestyle and do not enjoy the bucolic life. So the problem
        remains, what are the urban survivalists to do?

        Let’s start with shelter. Most of us live in either single family homes or
        apartments and if you rent your house or apartment that limits what you can
        and can not do there. After all, it would do little good if you were to set up
        a fully equipped nuclear bomb shelter in the basement and got thrown out the
        following week!


        • You are not a Survilist if you are still in the city. In the city is where the preppers are.

          • A survivalist can be anywhere that is why we are called survivalists. My SoG and Nomax and im gtg 🙂 Even without the SoG or nomax will just make one myself 🙂 will be a jkorp not sog tho since it will be home made 🙂

      81. A good approach to food stocks is to figure it out from
        what you regularly eat or from first principles of
        basic nutrition. If you go “fundamental calorie
        and carbohydrate/protein/fat” basis, your going to want
        to think 2500 or 3000 C (food or large calories) per person
        per day and 3000 Calories can easily be acheived in
        one to two lbs (nicely in a kilo) So you might
        expect that its going to be 400 to 600 lbs.
        Now very roughly, most dry food stuffs, and food oils
        are going to be about the same density as water…
        so viewing it two ways, you need around 10 cubic feet
        or about 12, 5 gallon buckets.
        A full coat closet probably would hold it…….

        For the shared storage area, you might try the “one mass
        too heavy to move”, if you made a heavy duty “storage box”
        designed to be securly locked and put a two person supply
        there, together it would not be likly to walk off.
        this probably a 3 sheet of plywood sized project.
        say 8 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft.

        B MUMBA

      82. What to buy on a weekly basis to build up your food storage over the
        Week 1 Nuts–get them on sale after Christmas. Drug stores are often
        a good source. Dry roasted keep best. Freeze bagged ones. 21 lbs. per
        Week 2 Detergents, Bleaches, Cleansers. Bleach 1 gal per person,
        Laundry soap, 20 lbs per person.
        Week 3 Medicine Chest: feminine products, Pepto bismol, cough syrup,
        Tylenol, Calamine lotion, Kaopectate, Ipecac, sun screen, etc.
        Dispose of all outdated medications
        Week 4 Canned meats: Tuna, Spam, Dried Beef
        Week 5 First Aid supplies: Band aids, antibiotic ointment, Ace
        bandages, steri-strips, etc.
        Week 6 Fill your water jugs
        Week 7 Peanut butter 10 lbs per person
        Week 8 Solid vegetable shortening lbs. per person
        Week 9 Juices. Avoid watered products. Get 100% juice.
        Week 10 Toothpaste, floss, razors, shaving cream

        Continue: http://www.millennium-ark.net/News_Files/LTAH_Food_Store6b.html

      83. The way I see it, our country is like a family where the breadwinner is unemployed and the bills go on the plastic. Except this guy wasn’t fired, he just quit. He quit producing and went on the dole. What exactly did we think was going to happen?

      84. “SURVIVAL”

        The key word “SURVIVAL” is an acronym to be used as an “immediate action
        drill” to be performed at the outset of a wilderness survival situation. Use
        this simple phrase to plan measures that will assist you in surviving in the
        wilderness and returning to civilization. The Key Word “SURVIVAL” will
        provide you with two of the most important survival skills–the ability to
        organize yourself and the ability to stay calm.

        A. “S” stands for “Size up the situation.”

        (1) Consider your physical condition and perform any first aid required.

        (2) Concentrate your senses on getting a feel for the area.

        (3) Conduct an inventory of the equipment you have.

        (4) Begin planning.

        B. “U” stands for “Undue haste makes waste.”

        Continue: http://daleswanson.org/text/survival.txt

      85. I don’t know if many will see this because there are so many comments but I just retired from the military and there is a very good Vedio you should see. How to brain wash a nation and as the agent said in the ending of the Vedio no one will believe until the military puts a boot on too your fat bottom other words until they kick your a&$ then you will wake up and smell the crap people don’t respond until you jolt them and then they wake from there slumber that is what is happening in NJ and NY that is what is happening to this folks the military and FEMA are taking over the media lies and shows you these pictures of bull after Katrina in New Orleans the gangs put the floating corpses from the cemetary on the hoods of their cars as hood ornaments and the military was after your weapons I was told point blank of people in there homes whom had to shoot people who broke into there homes they had to kill them that was how bad it was folks it is only going to get worse.

      86. I’ll hold my nose and vote Romney, if only to knock back the fascist dictator-wannabe. Then I’ll go home and take a long hot shower. Johnson isn’t worth your vote – he is an embarrassment to the Libertarian cause. Karl Denninger has posted the best summation of details about Johnson, and Karl is a very serious Libertarian. If they had nominated Ron Paul, it would be different, but they didn’t. As far as I can see the Liertarian Party is a dead letter. The Tea Party has more clout and better morals.

      87. Mac, this is cut-and-paste commentary, and a PITA to have to scroll though. Maybe a limit on word count is in order? Lacking that, this will get out of hand in a hurry.

        • Thx for the head sup. Those posts have been shortened and linked.

        • That is really ridiculous, Old Coach. I get a lot from those posts. In fact, I copy the information and keep it for future reference. Your complaint is really selfish.

          Would it kill you to scroll when it’s educating others?

          • Daisy: I just ignore those really long posts; or those that are not in paragraph form like mine. I try to make mine readable and make my point with the “bottom line”.

            Unfortunately, I may miss important information, but I have way to much to do other than read a comment that is as long as a book. A dissertation that is too long means that there are too many points to consider; or that the poster is a windbag.

            I like Mac’s new approach. Thanks Mac! 🙂


              • Fuck you, Red Racer! I don’t care how long your posts are, or not! I am merely stating that I do not read long posts or posts that are not paragraphed and readable.

                Post to your hearts content. I don’t give a fuck! I am not paying for the digital space.

                Copy that?

            • DK is a pompous ass who constantly demands that those around him tell him how smart he is.

        • OLD COACH: If you are to old to learn something new then move over and drink the KOOL AID. That way you won’t feel the PAIN IN YOUR A$$!!!

        • Hi Old Coach,

          Abject apologies offered, without any sarcasm sir, some of my postings have been excess of late. The heck of it is that some things do require more than a few lines to answer adequately. Mac has indicated that he’s trying to get a PM thing up and running, and I for one, would love to move some my excess off the “Front page’ as it were to a more directed forum. I sympathize that some of the ‘barnstorming sessions’ lately have run to the length they have. Again, for my part, Apologies offered.

      88. All we can do sometimes is pray for the best in regards to the choices other people make…

      89. I have visited this sitefor a very long time. The information and comments have been a very good resource. I have told every one over the past year about this site.. I have never posted but after watching this documentary about commnism in our system and their long term agend, this movies had so much proof. It becomes shocking as you watch.. Check it out for yourselfs. Watch a little if you do not feel complelled by it then by all means trash me. I think for the most of you here will find this very shocking and right on the spot..

        The title is
        Grinding America down.

        Here is the. Link.

        • Thx for joining the conversation Shadow! And thanks for the link!

      90. To all that do not like the post’s CONTRIBUTE some useful info and stop bumping your F’N gums.

      91. You are all nucking futs. You all have been saying this crap every year. Year after year. Nobody wants your guns, your freedom, your rations, etc. Keep it up. U are all hilarious.

      92. Thank you to Be Informed.

      93. Sandy could very well serve not only as a reminder to all of us the dangers of not prepping, but there is a good chance that it is the kindling on the enormous stack of wood that is already smoking and is about to erupt into flames.

        Just think what will happen if Romney pulls off a win on Tuesday. The melt down will start in places like already bitter New York and Jersey. They will completely implode and rioting will move inland. Riots and looting will likely erupt in LA/San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit….and continue to move inland. There are barely any cops/FEMA/National Guard present and helping maintain order is this turbulant, disaster stricken area as it is…imagine what will happen Tuesday night.

        Scary thought people…get your S*** together while you still have a chance. Hopefully I am 100% wrong, and the election goes smoothly, and whoever wins gets an honest win without social outcry. But let’s get real, look how entire states failed to properly prepare for a natural disaster that they knew was coming. We could very well witness one of the worst man made disasters of all time this week. Scary thought.

        These will be the times that lines are drawn in the sand. I will pray for peace and patience for everyone. May God protect us all.

      94. Fuckers comin after your guns, comin after your silver. Vote libertarian. Romney and Obama want your guns.

        • Just remember, No one can take your guns, unless you let them.
          even if the jackass you dont want gets in..it isnt up to them to remove you of your human rights.

          No one can take away what you werent given by them, unless you lay down and give it to them.

      95. EUROPEAN UNION TECHNOCRATS FAILED – ECB Is In Panic, As Czech President Warns The End Of Democracy Is Imminent !!!


        “When it comes to the political elites at the top of the countries, it is true, I am isolated,” he said. “Especially after our Communist experience, we know, very strongly and possibly more than people in Western Europe, that the process of democracy is more important than the outcome.

        “It is an irony of history, I would never have assumed in 1989, that I would be doing this now: that it would be my role to preach the value of democracy.”


      96. http://www.libertyzone.com/Communist-Manifesto-Planks.html


        We are a free capitalist nation where people work hard to create their own goodness.

        I will not be a slaves to the socialist and communist UN organization.

        Obama was a plant that was tasked by the bankers to get the US deep into financial debt.


        O B A M A…… Y O U A R E F I R E D !!!!!

        Just a reminder to the nation… when it comes to national disasters…
        A currency collapse will be the worst.

        I just pulled out some MREs from many years ago… I had one…it was fine.
        Better stock up on some of these..and other supplies.

        I feel in my heart that they are engineering a food collapse via crop failure and chemtrails. Drought and extreme weather.

        Be an American and be ready for anything and protect your home and family.

        I’M READY …ARE YOU?


        A R E Y O U ????

      97. Possee, thank you for those kind words. I doubt if i sleep well through Election Night. CC, I read the article you mentioned earlier. When they make the attempt to get the guns, a helluva lot of people on both sides will die. I am so nervous about Election Night; EVERYONE, THAT COULD BE WHEN THE REAL SHTF HAPPENS! if the Obama supporters come to my place with their crap, I’ve got some ‘precious metal’ aka ‘hot lead’ waiting for them. i feel SHTF is happening in stages; first, Sandy and then the nor’easter hitting in the same region, then riots on Election Night regardless of which scum puppet is chosen. Stay safe and keep prepping. Braveheart

      98. Red Racer, I also appreciate your posts; I’m going to print a hard copy of them; i don’t care how you post them as long as you just put the info out there. After all, that’s what we’re all here on this forum for; to share valuable information on how to survive what we all know is coming and to help each other. braveheart

      99. Hi Mac,

        I really like your site and almost always read most of the post especially if they are readable.

        Tonight I posted a reply waaaay back up the list but I’m thinking it’s probably buried and won’t be read. Is there another format for these postings that would make things easier?
        Thank you so much for your work on the web.


        • VJ, it’s coming! Forum coming soon. Hopefully this week!

          thanks and sorry for the inconvenience and pain in the butt.


      100. Read Joel-2 we are here and you better get ready…………God Speed and good luck

      101. THE EPA ENVIRONMENTAL PROSTITUTION AGENCY – Is Crippling AmeriKa’s power infrastructure intentionally with New Emergency Forced through Legislation Federal Regulatory Law against Clean Coal Power Plants .

        Thanks to the NWO UN ZOG CIA fruity PUPPET barry soetoro … what a complete CIA dickhead !

        Fearing Romney victory, EPA plans post election anti-coal regulation
        Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/fearing-romney-victory-epa-plans-post-election-anti-coal-regulation/#7tDGZhqe3JbMeewj.99

        • hey remeber that song fromt he 90s by Tag Team, Whoomp there it is. i watched the video on you tube the other day and someone pointed out at the one minute mark in the video that barry sotoroeo (obama) is in it! and he is! with a goofy looking painters cap and a big stupid grin.


        An overnight collapse of confidence in the dollar will do it in three days.

        Currency induced cost push inflation is what will collapse confidence overnight and cause an explosion in the velocity of money in three days. Study history. It has happened before and will happen again. Although you will not want to hear this, it is true.

        Ben Bernanke is the only person in the US financial management that thoroughly understands the mess that has been made, that which I have taught you. His action with QE is the only tool to buy time. QE is the only way the can gets kicked down the road for 3 years, preventing for some time, a total collapse. To fire Bernanke will be the single greatest error made in US financial management ever. We are over the cliff and in a free fall. Anyone speaking austerity and the dollar is unknowingly speaking about the final Western world financial collapse, without any remedy, within 9 months. If they knew, they would keep their mouths shut.




        ~N.O. ;0p

      103. @DK: From reading all your comments on this site, you have spoken like the true carpetbagger your are.

        • Proud Pa: You have no idea, dumb fuck!

      104. Nothing is of more immediate concern than the treasonous acts of BHO, specifically Benghazi and Fast & Furious. But we must ask how we got to this point in history, in which an illegal alien was elected and maintained the office of the President for 4 years and nothing was done about it. Over half of the population of the United States are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, that came here since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. If you think that Europeans or third worlders have or can assume American values, then you haven’t spent much time with them.

        THE most important single issue facing the U.S. is its post-1965 immigration disaster, both legal and illegal. The bipartisan Permanent Government is literally Electing A New People and new values. Among other problems caused by this utterly selfish and irresponsible policy—immiseration of the working class, cultural dispossession, linguistic balkanization, increased crime, overpopulation, etc. The U.S., as it has been known to history, will simply cease to exist within the lives of children now born.

      105. Mr. Slavo I have been coming to this site for a long while now. The reason I did was to gain knowledge in how to better prepare for the coming hard times.
        Something has been lost on this site and that is how prepare. There are too many things about everything but preparing. I know we all have a right to free speech.
        So is there any way that people who want to talk about preparing and sharing ideas on how to, and not have to try and find it, without having to look for it scattered all over.
        Forgive me this is the first time that I have ever commented on any site. We live in a very small farming community here in the mid-west. The closet Wal Mart is 42 miles away.

        • KMA, thanks so much for your comment!

          We are developing a forum and it’s coming soon! This will allow everyone to discuss topics of interest as they see fit, with community feedback to boot!

          We also hope to add a more expansive preparedness section to follow-up the forum with easily accessible information covering a wide array of topics. This may take a bit longer, but the forum should provide a really good place for everyone to discuss important strategies and tips.



          • Mr. Slavo Thank you for your respone’s. I know you are a very busy man.
            I’m looking forward to that day.

            THANK YOU SIR.


        • KMA read alot of copperheads posts 🙂 hes been on a roll lately 🙂

      106. I will gladly read any long posts that are written in a correct literary format.

        Please indent and paragraph in a coherent manner so we can assimilate the message, otherwise I usually skip right past lengthy texts.

      107. My liege, and madam, to expostulate.

        What majesty should be, what duty is, what day is day, night night, and time is time.

        Were nothing but to waste night, day, and time; therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit……

        To paraphrase, you are MAD!!!

        Learn it, live it, love it…

      108. Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: ‘Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You’

        Hhahahaha bring it on!

        Maher yer a tool

        Do you think they will ever come up with something other than threatening us with Black People?

        • VRF- most of us had shot guns for many years and do we really think blacks are going to scare us? lol My god most of us are way faster and better shots than the gang bangers. They shoot sideways and don’t even aim a gun. They are all over the place when shooting. we are too but we understand quickness and accuracy tactics. many blacks do too but im talking about young idiots who are very stupid and clueless and only have rage. Bring it on and we can take a lot of the trouble makers out of this world for good. they are so racist at heart. Too bad they were raised that way. Someone is not born racist but their mother had made them believe whites are the problem. Have you ever said hi to a stranger that was black, they are all edge and alert always, you say hi to them and they are shocked. you can see the hate towards whites in many of them. that is sad. we dont hate anyone and when obama loses you will see blacks attacking whites that have nothing to do with anything. That tells you something right there. Bill maher, is going to get his ass kicked someday. does he think this is funny? I think he’s a total loser and don’t understand why people watch this idiot. Oh blacks know who we are. lol thats a good one, the funny thing is he believes this. I remember when I was 20 I thought I was a fast and accurate shooter. we were in the Navy and a guy named ron avery was a professional shooter, he said he could shoot 9 silouette targets faster than 3 of us with automatic mp-5’s. He had a .45 pistol and we all took 3 targets each the 3 of us and was on automatic. He shot all 9 targets faster than we could with auto guns and there was 3 of us. My point is there is always someone faster and quicker out there and we have the advantage im afraid. At least the preppers of any color who have trained and practiced for years vs. a group of black or white gang bangers. they will lose. we know our homes better and it will be the biggest mistake of their lives if they try anything to us. We can’t have obama win again. If that happens we better take the house which we will for sure and the senate we must to stop this lying cock sucker who hates whites I believe.

        • The asshole kommie tribe member Bill Maher! His Giant Shnoze seems to be just Beggibg for some patriot rifle owner to simply grab a M1A-.308…Hold its Ten+ lb’s firmly in Both hands, and Slam the Steel plate Butt End at rapid speed right into his Hook nose face!

          Imagian how Large his nose will appear after its swolen beyond current size!

          There a time comming soon. Where fed up paroits will be out hunting these disgusting kommie crap heads.

          And them whos lucky enough to score hits on various famous or well known Kommies such as maher et al, will be Proudly telling all fellow patroit militia men while sitting round the nite campfires.

          These armed patriots will have much to feel Proud of, and I am certain all fellow patroits nearby them will give compliments and also have a sense of jelousey, when they weren’t able to score hits of such famous kommie lib dems etc.

      109. Toilet Paper is like Gold in NJ. after the Hurricane..

        I bet T.P. is needed everywhere out east for more reasons than not

      110. Exactly what I’ve been saying.

        Go ahead vote for Romney… hell why not it’s better than nothing but only just barely.

        It is akin to praying to Tiamat in case he actually exists and won’t let you into the afterlife if you don’t

      111. Tomorrow (or earlier if you have early voting, heh), you will vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as our next President. Which is basically a choice between Satan and Lucifer.

        You can always write in another candidate though. There is nothing that says you are obligated to vote for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. It may just be the only hope this country has left.

        • Is that actually possible?

          I mean… the candidate has to be registered as a write in, correct?

          Let me check, as it would definitely be my preference to do so…



          IT IS.


          DO IT.

          Sorry to be all in caps, it’s annoying I know this. But I wanted it to be seen, we only have one day left.

      112. Violent revolution will rid this nation of these mostly jewish banksters!

      113. Possee, I’m sure you and your vet buddies can hold your own and good luck on Tuesday night. Clint Hospo, i agree with you totally about the young blacks. I see the same thing with the young blacks here in Memphis every day. I’m all prepared for Tuesday night; i fear some of the worst Good luck to you wherever you’re located. Braveheart

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