Put On Your Tin Foil Hats: Did Someone Know the Rig Was Going to Blow?

by | Jun 9, 2010 | Alex Jones | 29 comments

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    As more pre-explosion evidence is uncovered, signs are suggesting that there may have been foreknowledge that an accident was imminent.

    Though we’re not criminal investigators, if we were asked to look into the possibility of criminal activity surrounding the rig explosion, the following items would seem very coincidental, some of them highly suspect.

    Of course, we’ll never know the “real” story, but we will most definitely feel the ramifications of the BP oil rig event in months and years to come, likely in the form of restricted domestic drilling, higher energy prices, mandated alternative energy policies and cap & trade taxes.

    Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag

    By: Steve Watson, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
    Source: Prison Planet

    Troubling evidence surrounding the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th suggests that the incident could have been manufactured.

    On April 12th, just over one week before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, Halliburton, the world’s second largest oilfield services corporation, surprised some by acquiring Boots & Coots, a relatively small but vastly experienced oil
    well control company.

    The company deals with fires and blowouts on oil rigs and oil wells. It was responsible for putting out roughly one third of the more than 700 oil well fires set in Kuwait by retreating Iraqi soldiers during the Gulf War.

    The deal itself is still under scrutiny with Boots and Coots facing an ongoing investigation into “possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law”

    Where this information gets really interesting is with the fact that Halliburton is named in the majority of some two dozen lawsuits filed since the explosion by Gulf Coast people and businesses who claim that the company is to blame for the disaster.

    Halliburton was forced to admit in testimony at a congressional hearing last month that it carried out a cementing operation 20 hours before the Gulf of Mexico rig went up in flames. The lawsuits claim that four Halliburton workers stationed on the rig improperly capped the well.

    As the New York Times noted on May 26th, “BP officials chose, partly for financial reasons, to use a type of casing for the well that the company knew was the riskier of two options,”

    Workers from the rig and company officials have said that hours before the explosion, gases were leaking through the cement, which had been set in place by the oil services contractor, Halliburton. Investigators have said these leaks were the likely cause of the explosion.”

    According to a 2007 study by Minerals Management Service, cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 rig blowouts in the gulf between 1992 and 2006.

    Another intriguing connection Boots and Coots has to the Deepwater Horizon explosion comes via Pat Campbell, the man BP has employed to cap the well beneath the ruined rig. Campbell worked for Boots and Coots as general manager for many years.

    BP has admitted to buying Yahoo and Google keywords in an attempt to control publicly available information in the wake of the catastrophe. It seems that the company is taking all the flack for the spill while the Halliburton link is being roundly ignored.

    BP’s prepared testimony briefing, which has since leaked online, also intriguingly notes that the Hydraulic Control System on equipment designed to automatically seal the well in an emergency was modified without their knowledge sometime before the explosion.

    “the extent of these modifications is unknown at this time” states the report on page 37.

    Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag  080610BP

    Possible prior knowledge of the explosion is also evident via huge dumping of stocks and shares in the weeks and days prior to the incident.

    Goldman Sachs dumped 44% of its shares in BP Oil during the first quarter – shares that subsequently lost 36 percent of their value, equating to $96 million.

    Other asset management firms also sold huge blocks of BP stock in the first quarter. Though the amounts pale in comparison to Goldman’s holdings, Wachovia, owned by Wells Fargo, sold 98% of its shares in BP and Swiss bank UBS sold 97% of its BP shares.

    Furthermore, as reported by the London Telegraph on June 5th, Tony Hayward, the chief executive of BP, sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the spill.

    In the days before the Deepwater explosion, Obama had announced a new effort to explore for and lease new drilling locations in the deep Gulf and in Alaska. In the wake of the disaster, these plans have been cancelled and BP is taking a PR bashing.

    All of which has been capitalized on by the Obama administration to reinvigorate talk of a carbon tax and has created the opportunity to reintroduce the idea of nationalizing oil, which the Democratic leadership has long sought.

    The full story of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is yet to emerge, there are rumours of more spills and an ongoing coverup. The site represents a $2.2 trillion source of wealth and power, a motive along with a plethora of suspicious activity that needs to be investigated further.

    Source: Prison Planet


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      1. Where there is smoke there is fire. Nothing is ever as it seems in the good ol’ USA. Why people just can’t live a simple life and be rewarded for their efforts? There always seems to be some nefarious M**F**s, behind the scenes, manipulating  men and machine to make a profit. Death and destruction mean nothing. Once again in America, follow the MONEY.

      2. Wow, I’m gonna need a much bigger roll of heavy duty tin foil. My hats won’t do, I’m gonna have to wrap my Kevlar Helmet.

        This is pretty scary stuff especially the stock sales prior to and the BOP reprogram. My guess is the reprogrammers died in the blast??

        What’s next a Nuke Plant accident? He talked about building new plants to.

         This stuff is right out of Revelations; And a third of the sea will turn to blood. Nuke accident; And it burned up all the green grasses. I guess we better start looking up for the wormwood prophesy next, after all he did end the space program.

        Come on folks, as real as it sounds, people have been locked away in a rubber room for far less then this. If you are a first responder you could get put on the rubber gun squad. This stuff is so unbelievable, its unbelievable, it could be true!!!

      3. Always liked tin-foil hats. couldn’t care less if a nuke exploded!

      4. This could have been an attempt at insurance fraud, by a group of investors, that turned out worse than they anticipated.Kinda like setting your car on fire for the insurance money, and accidently burning your neighborhood down in the process.

        Whether this is a concerted effort by dark souls to bring this country to economic collapse, greedy politicians and their corporate masters attempting to acquire wealth & power at any cost, or both, has yet to be fully revealed.

        Many of us realize that the only thing standing in the way of a global one world government is the U.S. Constitution & the American People who still care enough about this country to give their life defending it.

        Americans have been buying guns and ammo in record numbers nearly two years now. Something is about to rear its ugly head, and the American People who see it coming are preparing for it.

      5. Wheedle

        They are buying a lot of guns!!! I stopped in a two Gander Mount. stores this weekend and half the gun racks were empty. For the last two years its been black guns (Military and Tactical) now its any gun.

        One guy bought a gun based on how much ammo they had on hand for the gun. Look around folks the signs of a collapse are everywhere!!

      6. Of course the government is involved.  Obama wants to nationalize the U.S. oil industry so he can put his fascist paws on this industry like he did the auto, healthcare, banking industries.  

        Let’s face it, our putrid government in D.C. is bloated like a decomposing pig in the summer sun and needs ever increasing outlays of capital to subsidize Obama’s wet dreams.    

      7. @ Patriot One

        You’re right. Walmarts in this area can’t keep ammo on the shelf, especially handgun calibers($20+ per box). You can expect to pay $40+ for a box of handgun ammo at Gander Mountain.Gun shows in NE Florida are a buying frenzy for guns & ammo.People who still have cash/credit are stocking up at every show.Gun shop in St Aug selling Wolf steel case 223 @ $12 a box. Crazy prices, yet the stuff is selling.

      8. Patriot 1

        Interesting.  I stopped at a Gander yesterday to buy a bit of ammo and could hardy find anything.  Low on any kind of gun and ammo is so damn expensive I walked away.  Ended up a Meijers and found what I needed.   Load up boys and girls.     

      9. I think of the criminals running this country like an old fashioned Mafia family. There’s the Godfather (the big banks) and the Capos (the corporate chiefs of the Oil, Finance, Industry, Insurance, Law enforcement,Medical and military crews) and the “foot soldiers” (the honorable men and women in the military and police agencies). Throw in the President and Congress as their bought and paid for minions, or “Made guys”. Then there are the rubes, the suckers, the PREY (that’s all the rest of us). It’s a criminal enterprise that pretty much makes up the rules as they go along, as long as it’s in their favor.

      10. Remember  the korean mini sub story was floated right after the rig blew up.   What ever,  I still believe it’s all about crapandtrade.

      11. GS selling 44% of its shares, Wells dumping 98%, and UBS dumping 97% of their shares in BP in the 1st quarter is quite extrordinary. Shares sold by the CEO may have been timed then for other reasons. 
        Doubt if he is part of a conspiracy. It wouldn’t be in his best interest to see his company fail.

        The extent of the dumping of shares looks suspicious. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I have a hard time figuring out who is going to profit from the conspiracy, unless its EXXON as the “white knight” coming in to pick up the stock or asset pieces in a BP BK. I say EXXON because they have so much cash on hand and cash is losing value. I was just thinking about that last night.

        Anyone know what GS, Wells, and UBS did with all the cash from the sale of BP stock? That might be a clue. Don’t have time to follow these things right now.

        Could this be another Lehman Bros, where the Capitalists start cannibalizing their own?

      12. Re current prices on ammo…

        What are you guys talking about?  Well, let me rephrase that – I am not seeing that at all here in Scottsdale.

        Relatively speaking (e.g., compared to early last year), the prices I’m seeing on ammo right now are very reasonable…and I’m having no trouble at all loading up on my calibers (most of what I shoot is 9 mm, .40, and .223/5.56).

        Local shops are selling PMC .223 55 gr. FMJ for 30 cents/round before tax…and recently bought some Federal XM193 5.56 and XM855 5.56 for about 35 cents/round before tax.  In recent months, I’ve stocked up on Fiocchi .223 50 gr. V-Max for 40 cents/round (btw, you mixed things about V-Max for defense…some people say it doesn’t penetrate enough…some say it is downright brutal)

        Supposedly, a store up in Prescott was recently selling 1200 round cases of Yugo 7.62×39 FMJ for $200…

        Anyway, my point is that the price I, personally, am seeing are not at all what they were a little over a year ago.

        $12 for a box of steel-cased Wolf .223 is ridiculous right now.

        If you guys can’t find good prices locally, keep an eye on these websites:

        Midway USA
        Natchez Shooter’s Supply (good prices on Federal 5.56)
        Ammunition to Go

        The only one of those that I have not used myself is Ammo to Go…I’ve used the other three with no problems at all.  Midway USA has perhaps the best customer service I’ve seen in ANY store – web-based or otherwise.

      13. Rick

        You should recheck your prices before you post. The XM193 5.56 are .54/ round on average. Believe me at .30/ round I had my CC out and ready to order. Some of the sites are out of stock. FYI one of the sites had Wolf @ $12.99/box 

      14. “The XM193 5.56 are .54/ round on average”  and still somewhat hard to find, at least the few places I was checking earlier tonight.  You can get the M855’s for about .39 a round, but be careful what you shoot at or you could be dancing!

      15. SGAmmo.com, probably the most consistently low prices on the net, and I check A LOT.  They definitely always have the best 7.62×51 prices.

      16. Patriot One,

        Natchez Shooter’s Supply is selling XM193 right now for $75 for 200 rounds (37 cents/round) – it is in stock according to their website.  They are also selling 1000-round cases of XM193 for $362 – it is in stock.

        Natchez is also selling XM855 for c. 40 cents/round if you are willing to pony up for a 2000 round pack – which are in stock.  The price goes up a bit for smaller packs – up to 43 cents or so.

        MidwayUSA is selling those 200-round boxes of XM193 for $79.  Surf the web for MidwayUSA coupons – you should be able to find a coupon code to knock it down $10.  Yes, they are in stock there.

        The 30 cent round I referred to was PMC FMJ – just for plinkin’ really.

      17. …also note that Natchez is selling steel-cased Wolf .223 (the Mil Classic) for $5 per box (20 rounds).  It is in stock.

        The $12.99/box Wolf ammo Midway USA is selling is brass-cased, 75 gr., and hollow point.

      18. So waht if Haliburton acquired Boots & Coots,they aren’t even involved in the repair efforts.
        How does Haliburton gain?
        Also,if Haliburton knew in advance of this catastrophe (which is absurd),why would they allow it to happen knowing that they will be sued to high heaven for the crappy well casing job?
        A little paranoia is healthy,too much puts you into stupidland.

      19. @ Rick Blaine
        The ammo I’m refering to is on the shelf and doesn’t leave a paper trail when you pay cash.Granted, if you’re willing to leave a paper trail and shop around on the internet you may find decent prices & qauntities delivered to your door.You live over 1000 miles from where I live and I’m sure location,local laws,& taxes determine final cost per round. I read an article last winter where California requires ID documentation on ammo ( to deter crime).

        I believe the best kept secret is the one you keep to yourself.
        A TV show called “BIG BROTHER,BIG BUSINESS” describes how computer searches are stored and kept forever without your knowledge.( Search Google to find the program on line for viewing.).

        With that said, The ammo I was buying 30 years ago was a lot cheaper than what I’m paying now.The prices I pay to purchase ammo on the internet vary tremendously compared to the price and availablity locally.That Wolf steel case 223 @ $12 per box can be purchased at Ace Firearms in St Augustine, Fl.

      20. @ Wheedle

        Oh, yeah – trust me, I know what you are saying.  I’ve purchased some “items” myself in FTF transactions…and I am very happy that no one knows that I have them.

        It’s not that I didn’t believe you about the $12 Wolf – I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about some of those on-line ammo prices…which it seems you already did.

      21. @ Rick Blaine
        I agree Rick, you have to shop around for the best price, and more than often that puts you on someones list. Most of my shooting has been scaled down to 22LR plinking. And that requires buying it by the 5000 round case at Natchez for the best bang for the buck.Practice makes perfect. 🙂

      22. There are SO many people buying ammo, there is no way any record of you doing it is gonna make a hill of beans difference.

        The guys, for whom the reason  ammo sales have skyrocketed, are getting real scared, and its because they know there is nothing they can do about it sans a global war.

        They really screwed themselves when they started the globalization push out in the open BEFORE banning our guns, cause now its too late for them, even though it probably was anyways.

      23. and if you look at it from a conspiratorial mindset, they may not be doing anything about it because they figure at this point, the more ammo there is in circulation, the more we are all going to have to shoot at each other with when the SHTF.  They are getting away without spending money to fund armies, we are doing it for them.

        They will just hunker down in a bunker and come out when the smoke has cleared.

        Of course, I don’t believe this, not 100% anyways

      24. Traverse City, Michigan ammo prices are nuts.  Once in awhile I can find a deal but most often not.  Gander always has what I need but very expensive.  I’m paranoid about purchasing online.  I make a trip downstate once in awhile to Cabela’s too. 

      25. Well,yes,”they did know that it was going to leak”,but only a matter of half an hour prior,not weeks as suggested.
        As far as ammo goes,I purchased 3,000 rds of 7.62×51  4 years ago at .17 cents/rd.

      26. the BP rig explosion and subsequent long term oil leak is a big lesson in extremely high profit  boom and bust equity manipulation or, in this case, bust equity manipulation …this is the kinda stuff that could be generated in the back room  think tanks of gs, jpm, &c…

        how many of you made billions during the tech cycle or the  savings and loan crash or the real estate boom and bust  cycle, &c. ?

        why not?

        i.e., if you had bought homebuilder call options during the real estate  boom uptrend and then switched to put options throughout the real estate crash and compounded the gains by periodically reinvesting the huge profits you could have made a fortune. . . . .



      27. Hey Bill…..In case ya didn’t hear, Cabela’s in Dundee got hit by one of the tornadoes this last week…..not sure if they are re-opened…….I am getting 55gr FMJ/BT .223 here in SW Michigan off the shelf in 100 rd boxes for $38

      28. That’s sad to hear.  I was thinking I needed to head down again.  Fun ride down, stop in A2 for some fun.   Thanks for the heads up.  Hope they work it out..

      29. Heading to Detroit area Monday to drop off a pistol at Magna-Port and we were gonna hit Cabela’s on the way back before picking up ammo in Lansing…….Looks like Cabela’s is on hold……Hopefully the repairs are quick


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