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Fauci Wants More People Vaccinated & At A Faster Pace

Mac Slavo
March 2nd, 2021
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Head medical tyrant pushing the undesirable vaccines on the public, Dr. Anothony Fauci wants more people vaccinated and as quickly as possible before they figure out what’s really going on. In order to jab more people, Fauci says he opposes the delay of the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

According to a report by RT, Fauci said that, while delaying second doses of the vaccines could allow health officials to provide more individuals with their first dose, it also presents risks, such as leaving people with less protection, particularly against new variants of the virus. It also defeats the ruling class’s purpose of getting as many slaves injected as possible before they figure out the damage these “vaccines” are capable of.

Is Fauci in a hurry because some of the slaves have figured out that this vaccine may not be what their masters say it is? Perhaps those not yet vaccinated don’t really want this garbage swimming around in their bloodstream anyway, so they’ll just jab those who have already submitted to the first shot.

Americans have figured out that Fauci’s “flip-flopping” on almost everything has tanked his credibility and trustworthiness. Anyone trusting this fool is delusional. He even said he can’t do that again or he risks destroying the “messaging” to the slaves. The report on Fauci’s remarks also indicated that he was concerned a change in strategy “would be a messaging challenge,” impacting the confidence that Americans have in the strategy that the government has taken to fight the disease if they just say “we changed our mind.”

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In the United States (if you can believe the ruling class’s numbers), 50,732,997 people have been given their first injection, with 25,466,405 having got their second dose as of yesterday.  That’s a lot of braindead zombies lining up for a vaccine that doesn’t protect them or others in order to still not go back to a “normal” life after getting it.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: March 2nd, 2021

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    1. Awaken says:

      Like you mentioned,perhaps the only option for lunatics such as Dr.Falsi will be to try to give a second dose to those foolish enough to have gotten the first dose.I have noticed a change where more people are seeing what is happening/happened to those who took this vaccine and are finally waking up to reality.That is why Falsi and the other psychos want people vaccinated faster because the covid narrative is quickly falling apart. They know more and more people are finally catching on to this non pandemic and that is why they are so worried!The worst nightmare of the elite is slowly but surely coming true- a mass awakening.

    2. Back Satan!! says:

      This Falsi is such a🤥 and a
      scam artist.Doesn’t this evil bastard ever tire of coming up with new ways of scaring the public?This turd is as evil as they come.Right up there with Bill “the Kill” Gates!!

    3. Opinionated One says:

      What a bottom feeding piece of scum this “Dr” Fauci is.
      Seriously, just hearing this guy’s name puts me in a
      really bad mood😠

    4. Fuzzy Math says:

      Even with many sheep lining up to get the kill shot – there is no way that 50,732,997
      people have gotten two doses of the poison and
      25,466,405 have received the first shot.On the off chance it was true,only half returning for their second shot could be an indication many wised up after the first shot or they became too sick after the first shot to return for the second shot.Of course,we have no way of verifying these numbers which are so conveniently provided by the very ones trying to keep the fear and the scamdemic going in the first place.🤔

    5. cranerigger says:

      Oh yeah, I can hardly wait to do whatever Fauci says (sarcasm). Fauci & the FDA told me Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) does NOT work. Yet people (Dr. Siegel’s father, former President Trump, etc.) around the world have used HCQ & Zinc & Ivermectin to cure or greatly reduce symptoms of the Wuhan virus. The “EXPERTS” seem to have a political agenda that is hazardous to my health. I think I’ll pass regarding following the Fauci-isms.

    6. lone rebel says:

      They better bring, marines, swat etc. Not a Chance

    7. Anonymous says:

      Melanoma is one of the ingredients. No doubt that this requires an army to get people to just say yes to a little jab of cancer.

    8. Liveandletlive says:

      That’s easy to say today that we’ll pass on the Vax but we have think in the not too distant future what we are going to do when we can’t fly without it, can’t go to work, can’t go to the supermarket, can’t leave home…

      We need to be SERIOUSLY thinking and preparing NOW about how we are going to survive outside the system

    9. Marcy says:

      China is to blame for all the worlds mess. From the pandemic, poverty, disgusting human rights, abuse of animals and so on. What a disgusting breed of creatures the chinks are. Horrible little people.

    10. Newkidontheblock says:

      Old fart sac Fauci can have my vaccine and the others who don’t want it. Let’s experiment on him to see if it changes his DNA.

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