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Category: The Survival Mom

Mac Slavo

One thing’s for sure. It pays to prepare, because you just never know when disaster will strike. And the next time it does, you may not be just watching it on television…

Lisa Bedford

While this article may have been written specifically for women, most of these principles apply for men just as well. Consider #1: You can never have too much ammo. That’s definitely a unisex truth about firearms, and one that just about every prepper takes to heart.

Mac Slavo

Preparedness pro The Survival Mom discusses food prices, food storage, preparedness and the steps you can take to start getting ready right now.


Government Liquidators sells truckloads of goods that come directly from the Department of Defense. You’ll find batches of such survival essentials as latrine screens, field gear bags, video recorders, night vision goggles, and even your very own Army cargo truck.


Cooking off the grid is a challenge but one that is worthwhile, whether you use your knowledge on camping trips, during a power outage or all-out TEOTWAWKI.

Comments Off on A Thousand Here, A Trillion There: The Devastating Effects of Debt

The best way to understand how the national debt will ultimately affect all of us is to first narrow the focus and examine the impact of debt on a single family.


Stick with me as we walk through this equation, and tell me if it doesn’t summarize quite well why you are preparing.


There are thousands of preppers around the world whose attention is focused on the changing tides in our economy, politics, and world events. Not caught unaware, these preppers are increasing their efforts toward preparedness. They realize their cheese supply is dwindling.

Mac Slavo

Preppers, by definition, are not just preparing for a TEOTWAWKI scenario, but rather, are prepared for any far-from-equlilibrium situation like a hurricane, earthquake, terror attack, chemical spill, evacuation, or other unforeseen event.

Comments Off on TheSurvivalMom’s Crisis Plan for Seniors

Sometimes a Survival Mom has to look around to see who might need some extra help in an emergency. Young children, invalids, and the elderly are especially vulnerable during tumultuous times.


When everyone has designated jobs and knows exactly what to do, your family can be packed and out of town before most other families grab their toothbrushes. To make this happen and avoid hysteria, chaos, and needless tears, your family needs an evacuation plan.


In panic situations, which happen around my house quite often, actually, people lose their wits. The extra adrenaline produced by the human body during times of intense stress, causes confusion and can even cause some of the same symptoms as a heart attack.


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