The Survival Mom Teaches You How To Prepare More, Panic Less

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    Over the last dozen years we’ve witnessed events in America and around the world that have proven one thing: sometimes, really bad things happen. We’ve seen thousands die in terrorist attacks on our own soil, residents of an entire U.S. city transformed into refugees almost overnight after, generations of families swept away by Tsunamis, economic and financial collapse that has wiped out decades of retirement savings, millions losing their jobs and forced into the government safety net for survival, and most recently, a nuclear disaster that to this day threatens the health of the population of the entire globe.

    One thing’s for sure. It pays to prepare, because you just never know when disaster will strike. And the next time it does, you may not be just watching it on television.

    The realization that the world in which we live can quickly turn into TEOTWAWKI is one that often yields – and with good reason – emotional responses like stress, anxiety, and panic.

    It’s this fear that Survival Mom Lisa Bedford has been trying to assuage in the lives of the thousands of individuals who have sought out her preparedness ideas and recommendations for years. We’ve know Lisa for several years. She has been a good friend to us, our web site and our community through her regular contributions, as well as her personal correspondence.  It’s always great to bounce ideas off of like-minded people, and Lisa has been a great asset and resource for us and countless others.

    Whether you’re a preparedness novice or pro, a mom or a dad, in panic mode or wondering what all the fuss is about, we recommend you take a look at Lisa’s newly released book: Survival Mom. Preparedness can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and planning you can transform that stress and anxiety into confidence that you can handle anything that comes at you.

    Reviews from around the preparedness community:

    “Lisa Bedford has given every family an upbeat and useful step-by-step guide to getting through these alarming times. Hurrah for Survival Mom.” (Lew Rockwell, editor, )

    “This ‘stockpiled guide’ to self-sufficiency emergency preparedness is a wealth of information for both the novice and seasoned ‘survival mom’!” (Roxanne L. Griswold, Co-Owner, Ready Made Resources/Founder, Ready Made Woman Blog + No Candidate )

    “Well-referenced, with fresh insights, Survival Mom is funny and well-written.” (Don Aslett, author of Is There Life After Housework? )

    “Lisa Bedford’s book, like her blog, is full of up-to-date, useful information from reputable sources. Survival Mom is a good read, and has a place in any prepper/survivalist library.” (Leon Pantenburg, author of )

    “Lisa Bedford explains preparedness not just as a long term goal for the future, but as an everyday lifestyle for today. This manual is a great read for anyone concerned about their own well-being and security, and that of their loved ones.” (Paul M. Munsen, President, Sun Ovens International )

    “Lisa Bedford’s Survival Mom is a much needed resource of practical preparedness and survival knowledge that anybody (even ‘Survival Dads’) will find an indispensable addition to their self-reliance library!” (Ed Corcoran, Editor, Survivalist Magazine )

    “In this impressively comprehensive manual, suburban mom Bedford helps readers learn about, prepare for, and respond to all manner of disasters…Bedford’s matter-of-fact yet supportive tone will keep the willies at bay.” (Publishers Weekly )

    “Given the recent prevalence of floods, tornadoes, and power outages, this book comes at a good time. Bedford… discusses how to handle emergencies, from purifying water and storing food to making lists of financial records and establishing a safe room. [R]eaders… would do well to prepare.” (Library Journal )

    “Lisa Bedford has written an outstanding book! Survival Mom is chock full of valuable tips and perspectives that had never crossed my mind, showing me how valuable the female perspective is when it comes to prepping and survival! This book is a keeper!” (Matthew Stein, author of When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival )

    Book Description:

    Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe and Secure—No Matter What

    Undaunted by the prospect of TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It), Lisa Bedford tackles every what-if and worst-case scenario head-on, offering practical advice on how to prepare your family for whatever might come your way. From a few days without electricity to an unexpected job loss or total chaos after the destruction of a tornado, Survival Mom provides everything you need to become self-reliant and establish plans for your family, including:

    • preparing the home for a natural disaster
    • alternative sources of energy in a power’s-out situation
    • everything you need to know about food storage
    • personal protection (do I really need to learn how to shoot a gun?)

    Get Survival Mom at your favorite bookstore


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      1. Prepare bitches!

        • I have been preparing and taking money out of the bank, and stocking up. Pretty smart thing to do right now.

          I am getting scared. I listen to the guy from forecastfortomorrow dot com and he has some scary predictions coming true and worth a look.

          My son who is 13 is starting to ask questions about what is happening. Oh dear.

          • Emma…same here…my youngest son is 12…and he knows everything that we are doing to prepare,we don’t try to scare him, but he does get scared every now and then…but we do want to keep our boys informed, so how much is too much, ya know?

          • Hey Emma, My wife teaches 7th and & 8th grade English in the local middle school. She tells me all the time that the majority of these kids lack any filter at all. They tell her everything about their home life whether you want to know or not. I am always weary how much info I give my kids on preps. We camp,forage garden etc and my kids just consider it something fun to do together. The teenagers think its kind of lame now, but they have most of the info they need. They probably don’t know it, but most kids do not know 10% of what they do. Peace

          • emma and others: Private bank runs is what smart folks are doing now. Cash a check for cash at the teller several hundred dollars a month. Stash it in fireproof safe. Then go to Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Bi Lo, Walmart, or Target, etc and get cash back when shopping. Stash that too. A simple low key personal bank/credit union run! No lines either. Keep your debit acct low just to write monthly checks. The bank runs could start anytime, but the zombie masses can’t think or reason, so few will panic when shtf. Way less than ’29. Banks will close and restrict withdrawals when they reopen.

          • Emma,
            I have two boys and I am a single mom. I would suggest that you keep him informed. My guys are 13/12 and they keep their eyes opened for great deals, help with coupons, mark expiration dates on things and help with rotation. I keep them informed of current events and I let them know that the choice we have made in our life style (prepping) is private and we don’t discuss it with others unless I have already informed them that it is alright to do so (we have other like-minded individuals and famlies around us. We are living not unlike my ancestors – canning, growing our own veggies etc. – I’ve explained that it is a part of our culture and that it is important that they know these skills so that they may be passed on to subsequent generations. Along with my children, those that I know whose parents share the same ideas are thriving. In a nut shell, tell him the truth! If you don’t it could impare him and you in the future. As for not scaring him, turn it into a family project and just remember, the more you are prepared for a situation, the less stressful (scarry) it will be. Peace Be With You.

        • It’s funny how everyone trying to “help” me wants cash.

      2. I’d buy this for my wife if I thought she’d read it. But, she only likes yoga and shopping. Luckily, she accepts my prepping…even if she doesn’t really understand it all. Scary to think, but she’s learning.

        • my wife would read it, agree with it and do just the opposite.If she really agreed with it, she wouldn’t be running up to the store everyday, she would use what we have and shop once a month to get a handle on rotating.I don’t say anything because she dosen’t say anything when the UPS trk comes with my supplies.

          • Smart Man!

          • mine too, I guess we can just hope they listen when the time comes….although I have noticed her start to open her eyes a bit to the value of my preps, I find myself almost wishing for a small local disaster just so I could use it to shock her fully awake…
            they’re lucky to have us…

          • Fair enough trade… she does her thing, you get to do yours. Both of you are satisfied, more or less.

        • Agree that this is great for my wife but she doesn’t like to read – maybe when there is an audio version. Go Survival Mom!

          However, what really hit home with her is the latest episode of Doomsday Preppers – specifically Mike Mester’s story. She loved how logic and calm he was about prepping.

          We did a review on our site of the last episode.

          • Good idea. There are also some good TV series – like “Jericho”. It is available on Netflix.

            We watched it as a family.

        • @the south:

          Your wife’s learning? Good for you!

          Let me see… Been prepping for a few years now, and my wife… can shoot a pistol. Sort of. If you’re outside of 15′, you’re probably safe. Inside of 15′, she’ll wing ya good. Oh, and don’t ask her to reload.


          PS Love my wife. But prepping is an ‘issue’. Had to vent. Thank you.

          • it’s okay buddy!wifey does okay with9mm or .22s.she’s good out to about 75 yards with .22s. gave her the 12 gauge and after the first shot said got anything with less kick? had to go buy a 20 gauge and a lots of ammo. sure love this woman!

          • @ MAL

            At least she’s trying. And actually, most men fear a woman with a gun, especially if she can’t shoot. She just might get lucky. They ain’t goin’ to take chance regardless…and hopefully they’ll be long gone before she has to re-load.

            • My husband will not prep with me. He is depressed and sots all of my ideas down. I don’t know what to do.

        • How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

          My point being the my wife wassn’t interested in prepping, PERIOD. Then one day I asked her to read the introduction and first chapter of the 10th edition of James Talmadge Stevens’ book, Family Prepardness Handbook. That was all it took. It wasn’t a doom and gloom the sky is falling approach. It was more of a change in lifestyle approach. Most people can’t handle a rude wake up call. Many people can’t handle the thought of a major paradigm shift in their comfortable little world. But they can handle a gentle call that gets them going. Good luck to you.

        • The South,

          If your wife accepts your prepping, she may understand more than she acknowledges. Buy her the book. It may help her to read about preparedness, written from a woman’s point of view. It would give her some direction and guidance.

          My husband was ‘awake’ before I was about this stuff. He said, “I am really concerned about some things. You should read this.” Honestly, I didn’t really want to read about or think about it. I don’t remember that first article that I read. But, I really started thinking.

          At first it was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. I asked a Mormon friend for some help. She sent me some emails that got me started in the right direction. then, I found a couple good books.

          You might want to first print out a couple articles about preparedness and leave them out where she will see them.

          Peggy Layton writes preparedness articles every couple weeks on Personal Liberty Digest. Peggy Layton has written several books on preparedness.

          Here is the link:

          Take care.
          KY Mom

        • The South,

          If your wife accepts your prepping, she may understand more than she acknowledges. Buy her the book. It may help her to read about preparedness, written from a woman’s point of view. It would give her some direction and guidance.

          My husband was ‘awake’ before I was about this stuff. He said, “I am really concerned about some things. You should read this.” Honestly, I didn’t really want to read about or think about it. I don’t remember that first article that I read. But, I really started thinking.

          At first it was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. I asked a Mormon friend for some help. She sent me some emails that got me started in the right direction. then, I found a couple good books.

          You might want to first print out a couple articles about preparedness and leave them out where she will see them.

          Peggy Layton writes preparedness articles every couple weeks on Personal Liberty Digest. Peggy Layton has written several books on preparedness.

          Here is the link:

          Take care.
          KY Mom

      3. March 23! Beware!

        • Whats up with the March 23rd date? People keep talking about it, what is the significance?

          • Jim:

            That is the day that Iran no longer intends to accept the USD for oil. Other currencies only.

            • Daisy..

              Spot on as usual..

              And as history has doesn’t fare well for those who trade outside the reserve currency..

              Hussein Iraq
              Gaddafi Libya

              2 down..2 to go..


              and NATO will be the force equivalent to the IRS for the always..

            • I thought thats when greece will officialy defalt!! that’s what I red somewhere

          • And, March 23 is one of two dates believed to be a Greek default. The other day claimed is March 20. Internet buzz for what that’s worth.

            March 23 is interesting because the 25th sees two major Greek holidays, including independence day. Military parades in Athens are typical. Tanks roll, etc. Hmmm…

            • Greece defaulted Friday after the U.S. stock market closed.Haven’t heard much about it though have you. I think zerohedge has an article on it.

        • ck the wallstjournal, seems Spain has decide to follow Greece’s lead and pull the plug. Story is developing. Prep and pray, the end has arrived.

        • Explain your lunacy to us…

      4. Unless you live far away from the city or it is only a minor emergency I think it will be tough to keep your preps. I don’t know of any neighbors that are prepared for more than a weeks worth of trouble!

        • that is why you arm yourself…I have neighbors that I will share with if nec…and those who may attempt to take things by force…they will only get one thing.

          • led poisoning (sic)??

        • Hopefully, none of your neighbors are aware that you prep, otherwise you might be right.

          • Spot on. We made the mistake of trying to include a neighbor into our survival group. 2 months later he got caught breaking into our house. Funny thing is that they guy has more money than us, he just wanted some AR’s not registered to him.

            • and you guys with your “groups” think you are safe… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

              GOOD LUCK with THAT!

            • Aunt T. Commie says:
              March 13, 2012 at 12:16 pm Spot on. We made the mistake of trying to include a neighbor into our survival group. 2 months later he got caught breaking into our house. Funny thing is that they guy has more money than us, he just wanted some AR’s not registered to him.
              I have a work I put together about understanding human nature and how to distinguish and size up people based on their pesonalities. Thru years of research and study physcologists and persons of very enlightened spiritual awareness have given to us a guide as to the five types of personalities that exist and the five diiferent things that “drive” them or “make them tick”. It has been very helpful to me over the past 15 years or so in understanding people I come into contact with. It helps me decide if I want to align myself with and put any amount of “trust” in them. It is amazing, because it rings true of about 95% of the people in the world, about 95% of the time. I think it is very important to know what kind of people you divulge information to about prepping and who you may consider to take on as a partner in prepping. I won’t give it out here because it is kinda long, but if anyone from this site that I feel good about wants it I’ll email it to you. Just send me a note at: [email protected] … I’ll send you what I think is very helpful info., no strings attached.

        • I have never been a big fan of hers, but then I am not her target market. I often wonder how people like this would placate the masses who know where they live if something cataclysmic happened. Owning firearms is not enough. She will need to establish a perimeter capable of turning back everyone who knows who she is. Otherwise, all MZB need to do is hunker down in a gillie suit and wait for someone to come outside. Take them out and wait for the next person to come looking for them.

          The same is true of those who have underground bunkers. If MZB (Mutant Zombie Bikers) can get to the air shafts and plug them up, someone will be coming out sooner rather than later.

          • Yeah, Pastor… I watched one reality show about doomsday bunkers and told my wife how easy it would be to have a brand new $240,000 bunker and the food — find one, and weld the door and air shaft shut. Wait a few days and see if there’s any noise inside.. if needed wait a bit longer! I wonder if those people understand that they can’t dig themselves out of a BOMB proof underground “shelter”? silly rabbits.

            • I watched one episode of this show as well. My thoughts were: it all looks “pretty” on the picture, the multi-level underground condos with gym, movie theater and a pool (what a waste of water!), but I really don’t see how a bunch of rich (each condo sells for over 1 mil) and, by assumption, spoiled people will simply get along being stuck together with no escape.
              When astronauts are sent to space a lot work is done matching their personalities because these people will be living together, confined in limited space for extended period of time. No such psych evaluation/profiling is done on the way to the bunker, bunch of strangers move in based on their ability to pay, thus, LRD, you wont’ have to do a thing, they will “take care” of each other. I suspect it’s going to get ugly down there. These people are not used to hearing “no” or limiting themselves in any way.

          • You play rough Preacher, can’t say what I would do? “Wealth is worthless is the day of The Lord’s wrath”. Pvb 11 I think

          • maybe she is REAL good on her knees….

      5. This sounds like just the perfect gift for those not yet convinced that they need to prep. Sometimes a guide like this will add to what you have been trying to get across to friends and family.

      6. Luckily, this (Survival Mom ) is one of the few I have been able to convince my wife to look into for preparedness. She even has website under one of her favorites and recieves updates to her fone. 🙂

        • Lucky Man!

      7. 99% of my customers are dimtards, therefore transfer of monies to a different political class and neighborhood. One cannot lead a mule to water, let alone force one to read, think or prep.

        • Only three dimtards here! What does that tell you?

      8. great article ………..uuugh advertisment

      9. Today I tried some chicken teriyaki made by Mountain House. Good stuff! So far, I’ve tried that, the ‘granola with blueberries and milk, the spaghetti, and even some freeze-dried ice cream. I’m not a spokeman for Mountain house by any stretch, but if you want survival food, this is surviving right. Long shelf life, and tastes good.

        Keep on preppin’!

        • @ScoutMotto,
          AGREED!!! My brother, who lives 5 miles from a major crossing point between Juarez and ElPaso, finally woke up on the prepping last month. He was ready to buy a years supply of dehydrated food without considering how many calories per day are supplied, ease of storing, ease of preparing, taste, and appearance of food. I said he should spend the money and try individual items to see if he liked them before ordering a years supply. He needs to make sure his digestive system can handle them as well. I recommended Mountain House because of my experience using their products for 30 years of backpacking.

          Try the Beef Stew and Beef Stroganoff, YUM!!

        • I been a survivalist for over 20 years and can’t tell you how much food I’ve had to give away because of it almost being out dated. The I switched to Mountain House, and my saved a whole bunch of $$$ over the long haul.

      10. Good article. A lot of people, myself included are worried about water. If you go to Click on archives. Click on February. Click on how much bleach should I store? Great read. It gives you different bleach to water measurements for water purity! Example: 2 drops of bleach for one quart of water…4 drops if water is really cloudy. Then you would of course boil it after that. Safer than just boiling, and better than nothing at all if you have no means of boiling! Happy March is here, and that the weather is starting to break! God Bless you all!

        • Colloidal silver makes more sense in this application. I wouldn’t put toxic bleach on my laundry let alone my aqua.

          • I would like to buy a colloidal silver generator. I know they can be made easily (?) but, I am not very good at building things like this (okay, I am a woman!) but they cost so much!! Anyone have any advice on where to buy one at a reasonable price? I prep, but my hubby is not into it, but lets me do it. Until I get too much stuff in his garage space. I have replaced “stuff” in our guest room closets with FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

            • I would not recommend using colloidal silver for anything except burns or serious infections. You can buy a small amount, but ingesting it, no way I’d do it. You can purify water with iodine. Being a silver bug, I looked into using colloidal silver. Doesn’t look like it’s the “cure-all” it’s supposed to be. Wikipedia water link:







      12. Those who cook would be better suited to can their own meals rather than spending enormous cash for ready to eat meals..

        In a worst case scenario(no utilities or heat source)..ready to eat meals (canned) will provide all the basic nutrition..and have exactly what your family enjoys heating required ..just open the ball jar and enjoy..

        and they last for years

        and you know exactly what ingredients and no preservatives included..


        • spot on possee…so many people take the easy way out…open a bag and add water.

          Only a temporary fix…and not a good one at that.

          • Ever try hiding a months worth of canned goods behind a wall, or in a burial vault, 6 ft under, for ten years and still be able to eat them? You can with #10cans of freeze dried food.

          • @lastmanstanding – easy way out? Excuse me, but prepping is prepping regardless of whether you think it suits your ideal. The Mountain House food is good and keeps a long time, is nutritious and will work great when the shelves are bare.

            Please do not use this opportunity to bash fellow preppers.

        • possee , i agree with that , but still have some deydrated stuff around as a last resort or as a handout for a nieghbor.
          an unprepared nieghbor aint getting my home canned meat and veggies, but they are welcome to mac n cheese.

          • possee,

            Can’t say I agree. Sure, can goods are eatable past their dates and we home can as well. We just think Mountain House saves us over the 25 years it is good for by not having to replace so much, or rotate our pantry as often. I guess that it comes down to cost, time and effort

            • There is only two of us in our famliy and we just can’t eat fast enough. Example, we just threw out 12 cases of 8 year old MRE’s. Always figured to help the neighbor kids if they were hungery.

        • saw over on a link to cheftess. she’s put together recipes that go into quart jars. she recomends that you try one, and if you like it, then you can 52 of it so you will have a dinner for your family. now if you do this 7x, then you will have a year’s supply of nutritious dinners for your fam. most of the stuff she uses in the jars are dehydrated, and she gets her stuff from honeyville (I think) farms and thrive. her website is fantastic; she sounds like a super fun chick and quite the prepper.

        • Some of us work full time jobs and/or have no way or time to can. That old saying of beggars can’t be choosers, well I’ll gladly take what ever I can get my hands on whether it’s plan ol’ Campbell soup, veges, freeze dried food or what have you. I’m not picky…. I always have vitamins and they don’t take up much space. Just use the oldest bottle first.

      13. Not only is it wise to prepare, but it feels great, it’s fun, and it relieves stress (for me anyway) I started preparing about a year ago, and now I have a years supply of food storage for my family. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No matter what happens (assuming a nuke isn’t detonated over my house), we’re secure for at least a year.

        I started out with a 30kg bag of rice and some air-tight buckets, and just added other items as I gained more knowledge.

        • One item often not mentioned to store is Motor Oil for youe car ect. It never goes bad, can be stored in a barn or garage and a qt. of 10W30 might make a good trade item. With oil prices climbing, it won’t get any cheaper either.

          • Your 8 year old MRE’s were fine if stored well, I’m eating 1943 pack Chocolate nut roll, and pound cake, Stored in a garage in Ohio. Tomato products go bad, mixed ham and beans also.

          • I just used some Penzoil 30w stored since 89…had that good rich oil smell it used to have…good stuff…been at this nearly 40 years…guess I shouldve wrote a book eh?…seems everybody else has…naw,too busy doing it to write about it!

      14. This story seems to be just an advertisement for survival mom, I was hoping to at least get some information when I opened this page, not just a sales pitch????

        • My thoughts exactly….we are here to share information. Not buy it.

        • She has a blog and there is plenty of free information there.

          • Thanks….will check it out

      15. Food prices are only going to go up you may as well prep just to buy now and save later!!

      16. Step 1 for survival. Re-educate the masses & idiots who now occupy this nation. This is our hardest job.

        Step 2 for survival. Remove BHO from office. Kick all his communist, progressive & marxist pals to the unemployment curb along with him.

        Step 3 for survival. Kick George Soros out of the USA. Strip the economic terrorist of his citizenship. Remove all ability to deal financially with anyone in the USA – including trading in our stock market or donating to one of this 30 “charity” organizations. Better yet, throw the terrorist in jail – after all, economic terrorism is an act of “war” against a nation.

        Step 4 for survival. Remove 85% of politicians from local, state & federal office. Replace them with patriots.

        Step 5 for survival. Remove 50% of bureaucrats from their jobs. They are useless idiots.

        Step 6 for survival. Implement term limits, size restrictions, spending limits and tight controls on our govt so this never happens again.

        Step 7 for survival. Cut government spending by 50% to pay off our debt. Yes, it will hurt in the short term.

        Step 8 for survival. Sit back and enjoy the rewards of your efforts and watch opportunity rise for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You have succeeded.

        • Um, yeah. The rest of us just can’t wait until there is only a bunch of pandering republicans standing between us and the oligarchy. Good times for sure!

          • Um, yeah. Who said anything about Republicans?

            Obama Troll.

          • Tym,

            Listening to a liar is like drinking warm water.

            • ~Ohcumgache~

              Actually, listening to damn near any politician……is worse than drinking WARM BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Tym,

            Neither of the big two parties is worth anything anymore. Emphasize *neither*.

        • Mr. Blutarsky is telling it like it is.

        • Please don’t forget that we need to change what “money” is, who and how it is valued. No more fractional reserve banking, no more private cartels setting monetary policy and screw hypothecation and compound interest.

      17. Off topic…

        I just read that Congress is working on a new bill to control the internet.

        “The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (H.R. 3523), introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, allows companies or the government free rein to bypass existing laws in order to monitor communications, filter content, or potentially even shut down access to online services for “cybersecurity purposes.”


        • Which holiday are they gonna choose to pass it on? Seems as tho they like passing these insane bills while the public is preoccupied with the holidays or some other distraction while the MSM barely makes a blip about it. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was to control and monitor sites like this and it’s users. Among other evil and selfish intentions…. they want total control. They control the MSM now they are trying to figure out how to control the alternate news media sites on the internet. Isn’t that what other countries do, control what the public sees? Well, are we so different in that respect? Our gov. is trying it’s damnedest to control what we see and hear, we can’t even trust the MSM to report the truth. And soon the internet will be the same….remember the “kill switch” plan? Coming soon to a computer near you…

      18. Off Topic…

        Fed stress testing banks against 13% unemployment, 50% drop in stock market


        It makes me wonder why the Feds are spending all this time and money. They tell us the economy is recovering and we have nothing to worry about.

      19. have you all read about the thieves stealing TIDE DETERGENT SOAP????

        its begun! and i say that not in joy but in shock. TIDE SOAP being stolen and resold on the black market is a sign that things are beginning to spiral is amazing to me.

        but its a real story.

        • Yes it is a real story.

          Here is the link.


          • @KY Mom – Thanks for the links and good information, but please reframe from putting (parentheses) around the URL it keeps it from being a “hot link”. Thanks again for the info!

            • Man Up,

              I have tried to post the links ‘as is’, but it takes hours for it to post here that way. I submit the comment and a message will say, ‘awaiting moderation’. One comment posted that way didn’t go through until the next day.

              When I put commas around the link, it will post immediately.

              KY Mom

            • KY Mom – I hear ya! It takes all day for a thread to post. Interesting that it’s immediate when you add parentheses. Just do what you need to do, I’ll highlight, right click, and go from there. I thought I was being helpful but you seem to have it under control. Thanks for the insight!

          • This is both shocking and sad to me. I agree with Solomon, it has begun.

            Also, homemade laundry detergent works very well and costs way less than brand name detergent.

        • Clean get away! Sounds like something out of Soviet Union.

          • You all saw the BBC tent city documentary. This is what REALLY pee’s me off about the whole situation.

            There are a large number of people for whom shtf ALREADY cos of the economic situation. There are cracks in the welfare net in the US and UK. US has tent cities and the UK has increasing numbers of old ladies freezing to death every winter yet everyone keeps those blinkers on.

            There’s another large hidden group of people one step from the edge already, sleeping on friends sofa’s, working part-time etc .

            It’s just a matter of time before it comes knocking on your own door, no matter where you are.

            Next out break of major riots it’ll be essentials like baby formula and detergent looted not widescreen TV’s. TPB know how close to the edge many are, it’s why they are investing so much into crowd control, (fema camps, microwave weapons, nerve gases, protection garments, training).

            I’m VERY grateful I still have the opportunity to try and prep, many sadly don’t have that chance right now (Greeks?) Truly I thank God for this chance.

            Totally off topic but one for peeps with young kids. A link between rogue DNA in dirty vaccines and autism has been proven

            I need to digest the text above but I’d love to discuss it in a few days with peeps.

          • I’m working on an angle now with Tide over in Japan.

        • if those living on the bottom rung of the ladder of society can’t afford it, they’ll just steal it… and its going to just keep getting worse… as more and more ameriKans fall from the rosters of upper and middle class ameriKa to DIRT POOR, HOMELESS, FOODLESS, no medical, no dental and exposed to the elements!

          its only a matter of time… no one will be untouched by this Social Class population Shift to Serf Tax Debt Slave Status… AND ITS ALL INTENTIONAL!



          • ~BTiaNWOYC~

            Get some NinaO!!! Take no prisoners, dude!!!


        • wasn’t tide used with diesel fuel and naptha to create napalm?

          • I think that the soap emulsion helps the gas stick and burn, instead of running off.

          • watchman -spot on. & if you think those inner city baby Mama’s gonna let their kids starve when shtf then you can think again. A couple of boxes of detergent under the kitchen sink doesn’t freak anyone out the way an AK-47 might.

            Real survival is about far more than the consumerist macho crap I see so often. It’s about using smarts, ingenuity & all the creativity God gave us that the education system systematically subdues in the so-called “professional classes”.

            • ~Lnl-mum~

              You madam, are absolutely correct!!!

              You are the weapon!!!

              Everything else is merely a tool your mind instructs you to use!!! Great post…….

          • no it’s laundry SOAP.if try to use a detergent it foams and doesn’t stick a well. if you don’t have copy of improvise munitions and devices GET ONE NOW!

            • Good to know.

          • ~watchman~

            No sir!!!

            Tide is a detergent!!!

            To make napalm…you must use SOAP!!!!!

            Get a cheese grater & make small noodles out of IVORY SOAP bars…mix w/ 25 parts gasoline, 8-12 parts soap noodles & 1 part 190 proof grain alcohol.

            Good luck!!!!!

        • So may gold & silver aren’t the “alternative currency for the common man” after all lol!

          This is a good sign – it means perhaps in the depths of gangland there are individuals with enough SMARTS to help turn the ptb tide ; )

          We were talking about the black market re an article the other day – good to know it’s geared up for survival already and not just nike/drugs.

        • If laundry detergent is a black market item now, when the shtf it might make for a good barter item. I keep a good supply of detergent ingredients to make my own. Perhaps that would provide me with a way to produce a barter item later???

        • They claim that Tide has no serial number therefore they can’t track it. Umm, pardon me, but since when does laundry detergent need serial numbers? Guess I’m a dummy but I thought that was mainly for, ya know, electrical appliances and such. Silly me, who would have thunk it… oh well, can’t register my Tide with no serial number, what a rip off!! I guess that means I can’t extend my warranty.

          I know it’s a serious issue but I can’t help but make fun of it, it sounds so absurd. Desperate people in desperate times. Oh but the economy is getting better…yea, right.

      20. Sitting here, thinking of the watching real life disasters on the tv thing. Seems to me some of these msm pundits NEED a disater to hit them one day for a reality check(I’m not wishing it on them, just trying to make a point). They seem to not give a $hit about the people in these stories, and they talk about the economy and taxes like the bad economy will never effect them, and they pay no taxes(wich wouldn’t surprise me if they DON”T pay any) Just saying!!

      21. thanks KY Mom…thought i was getting punked!

        • You are welcome! 🙂

      22. I unfortunately hurt my back so badly last month, that I can’t even walk the dog, let alone shop or bring in income. Because of Lisa’s site, years ago I started building my food pantry in lil bird’s vacated bdrm. It gives me great comfort knowing I can still eat well during my recovery and not worry about anything but healing.
        Sometimes, it doesn’t take a tornado to turn one’s world upside down to realize what’s important and to have prepared in advance.

      23. @ Tym, that’s why Mr. Blutarsky put you first on his list and BO second!

        Y’all Beware! Trolls will troll.

      24. On Amazon, the book description starts off with “Everything”, and ends with “No Matter What”. That should get people’s attention. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, can write a book that contains “Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe and Secure–No Matter What” A rather pompus boast I’d say.

      25. Al Gore is a known IMF NWO.CFR BILDERBOYBUGGER UN political whore who lives in 5 separate plush mansions around amerika, 5 five. As he preaches to all you GOYIM IRS TAX DEBT SLAVES about having more than 1 one toilet , taking a short shower is best for the environment not a full bath or one 1 light on at a time in your own home.

        Al Gore also just as is Child Murderin Bill Clinton known as a RAPIST OF WOMEN! KNOWN RAPIST OF WOMEN!



        • New study finds Obama’s regulations cost $46 billion a year

          “Some 10,215 new federal regulations from the Obama administration are costing consumers, businesses and the economy overall $46 billion annually”


          Note: Link with active URL was submitted a few minutes ago, will show up eventually.

      26. Survival Mom is one of the first sites I found when I woke up about 4 years ago. Lisa is a nice person and down to earth realist. Her site has a wealth of information and I’m sure I’ll love her book.

        • Absolutely… One could probably get all the information they need at her web site, however, her book does a fantastic job of organizing everything in easy to digest steps.

      27. Most people in the U.S. doesn’t understand what true supply/demand is unless it’s the “hottest car” or New I-Pad. I remember when new car air conditioners were being changed out to the new freon. The price of old freon went sky high and even smugglers were bringing it in vice drugs. Real money & ammo’s sunshine will come. Food will just not be there or just damn expensive. Energy is another story.

      28. I’m lucky. My wife has been putting up with my preparations for 14 years. This past week she helped pick out a good spot to put solar panels. (Harbor Freight had a good sale on 45W panels this past week, $149, now $189.) She also had some good collards and rutabagas fresh out of our garden last week. Now if I can just make the garden bigger so we can start using the Tattler lids.

        • Let us know how they work. I have read bad things about HF panels.

        • That’s over $3 a watt, WAY overpriced!

          Due to the flood of Chinese imports in concert with a bad economy, you can find them at just a bit over $1 a watt now. I’m chomping at the bit to get more when I get some spare change…

          Last sale I saw was at Solar Blvd (I think). $99 for an 80 watt panel. I paid about $2.50 to $3 a watt just a couple of years ago for my current setup…

          Shop around, the market is flooded with panels right now!

      29. HF panels will lose the ability to produce juice really fast ,just need to watch the dark coating turn white.Have one of those just so i can show people when they mention that they want to buy them.Spend a little more and get the real thing.

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