Just for Women: 23 Truths about Firearms

by | Oct 17, 2011 | The Survival Mom | 79 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by long-time SHTFplan friend and well known preparedness pro The Survival Mom Lisa Bedford.

    Editor’s Note: Lisa has written this article specifically for women, but most of these principles apply for men just as well. Consider #1: You can never have too much ammo. That’s definitely a unisex truth about firearms, and one that just about every prepper takes to heart. Hat tip to Lew Rockwell and The Daily Crux for letting us know this article was out there.

    1. You can never have too much ammo. It’s amazing how quickly one or two people can shoot through 100 rounds or more in a single target practice.

    revolver and ammo Just for women: 23 Truths about Firearms

    2. If you’re smart, your firearms will be common calibers. It will be easier to find ammo and easier to get replacement parts.

    3. If you’re even smarter, you own firearms that are of popular makes and models. It will be easier to find a gunsmith capable of making repairs and customized requests.

    4. Unless you’re at the range every day, it’s hard to get too much practice. If the range masters know you by name, that’s a good sign that you’re getting enough practice!

    5. It’s a mistake to limit your practice to shooting at a piece of paper under optimal conditions. Take classes that will challenge your shooting skills in high-pressure scenarios. Until the adrenaline is really pumping and your brain feels scrambled, you’ll never know how you’ll respond in a life or death situation. (Note: The first time I was firing a gun under pressure, I got so rattled that I was using my non-dominant eye. I was fortunate that any shots hit my target!)

    6. A shotgun should be at or near the top of your list when it comes to firearms for home defense. Your choices are the 12 gauge, 20 gauge and the 410. Once you’ve made your decision, get to the range and practice, practice, practice. When it comes to stopping power, a shotgun can’t be beat.

    shotgun 2 Just for women: 23 Truths about Firearms

    7. Don’t fall into the trap of buying the smallest gun at the store. Believe it or not, a larger gun will be more comfortable and accurate to shoot.

    8. Learn how to clean your own gun. Learn how to completely dismantle it (field strip), clean each part, and put it back together.

    9. Your safety is your responsibility. Not your husband’s, nor the police, nor your kids.

    10. A gun isn’t the end-all when it comes to personal or home security. Think in terms of layers: situational awareness, home security systems, a watchdog, cacti along the back fence. It all adds up to more peace of mind and less dependence on any one strategy.

    11. If a gun isn’t possible or desirable in your circumstances, come up with Plan B. One of my friends keeps a baseball bat near the front seat of her minivan. Another always has the most powerful pepper spray on the market in her purse, and yet another keeps an 18″ length of steel rebar wedged between the driver’s seat of her car and the middle console. Whatever your choice, always be aware of the location of your weapon, practice using it, and be comfortable with the thought that one day you may have to use it.

    12. Don’t listen to celebrities and politicians who go on hysterical anti-gun rants. Remember, they can afford armed bodyguards and state-of-the-art home security systems. (Interesting that it’s okay if their bodyguards are armed but they don’t think law-abiding citizens should be able to own and carry guns.) I am my kid’s armed bodyguard.

    girl with shotgun Just for women: 23 Truths about Firearms

    13. Practice rapid firing when you’re at the range. If your life, or that of your children’s, is ever on the line, and your only choice is to draw your gun, your best tactic will be multiple, rapid shots at the bad guy(s).

    14. Don’t assume you will only ever have to deal with a single bad guy. Just like roaches, bad guys stick together. You may very well be confronted with several all at once. Keep that in mind.

    15. There’s a reason why experts prefer to keep their sidearms concealed. Open carry is okay if you’re trying to impress people, but it also makes you a target.

    16. Your life should never depend on a gun you’re afraid to shoot. If the recoil is too powerful, if the trigger pull is too heavy, if firing it hurts your hand, do not plan on using that gun as a defensive weapon. Sell it. Throw it away. Give it away, but whatever you do, have a gun you are comfortable with and actually enjoy shooting. If that life or death moment should ever come, there cannot be even a moment’s hesitation due to fear of using your gun.

    17. If you choose to carry your handgun concealed, practice drawing it from its holster or from its concealed location. And then practice another hundred times.

    18. It’s a really good idea to keep an extra loaded magazine in your purse, the glove compartment, wherever it will be safe and easily accessible.

    women at shooting range Just for women: 23 Truths about Firearms

    19. You just might be able to easily handle a larger caliber of handgun than you think. Don’t underestimate your ability.

    20. Nothing beats not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    21. Be willing to back down in a confrontation or willing to run or call for help. Your goal is to survive, not show off to the world your awesome marksmanship skills.

    22. Every gun-nut has his/her own opinion about the best make, model, caliber, shooting stance, etc. Be willing to listen but keep in mind that they are just opinions.

    23. Don’t get overly cocky just because you have a firearm in the house, your purse, or have a certificate from your shooting range for completing an advanced course. Law enforcement officers miss their target in a shooting confrontation about 70% of the time. Think about that.

    Are there any other truths I’ve missed?

    Visit The Survival Mom for regularly updated preparedness tips, resources, product reviews and a host of other prepping info you don’t want to miss.


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      1. Way to go Survival Mom. I can’t way till my wife clicks on this link.

      2. 24. A one shot knockdown/kill is a Hollywood myth.

        • Merely a flesh wound, that didn’t hurt! Was that a 44 mag or 357? Storm 50, I’m still impressed! Have you seen in dead bodies from lead injection? The really messy ones don’t walk away.

        • In the majority of police shootings, the shootee lives.

          • I’m no expert, but that wouldn’t be because they are trained to try to keep the perpetrator alive is it? I’m not claiming expertise here. I’m literally asking. It was just a thought that occurred to me. Maybe they try not to kill the perp so they can arrest him.

            “if you kill ’em, he won’t learn nothin’.”

            • No if the situation warrants pulling and firing your weapon, it is shoot to kill. This isn’t a movie where we need the suspect for intelligence or protect his/her life by trying (and 99% of the time missing) a non lethal shot. Center mast is hard enough to hit in a combat scenario.

      3. Survival Mom,
        Practice, practice, practice….and use a .22 LR, pistol or rifle, that way you develop NO BAD HABITS from recoil.
        Slowly squeeze the trigger, it ought to be a surprise when the gun goes off. You will find it easier and accuracy will be better when shooting a larger bore firearm later. My wife and I have shot thousands of rounds of 22. She can walk a coke can now with her .357 and enjoys it.

        Murbach, I’ve killed plenty with one shot, it is all about placement.

        • No disrespect intended Mr. Reed however, a nail file, scissors, broken glass, fist, etc. can be lethal if deployed properly as well.

          Do you really want your daughters and granddaughters believing that firing once is enough? Teach them to empty the magazine and reload as fast as they can.

          • That is exactly what I teach my wife and daughter, empty the mag and load again, empty it again.

            For myself, I’m a conservationist…lol

          • Actually in our Personal Protection and CQB Classes, we teach to keep applying aimed force UNTIL the threat has ceased. “Emptying the mag”, or “spray and pray”, is a very poor technique in combat and defensive shooting, and it results in fewer hits and increased risk all around. Not to mention, a 5-7 shot revolver or 6-8 shot semi will run dry VERY FAST in these panic lead flying scenarios. This is why soooo many untrained LEOs will have 8,10, 12 or 15 empty cases lying about after an exchange with return fire, and all too often, only one or zero rounds struck the perp. These LEOs are very lucky their foe was just as panicked and as poor a shot as they were/are.

            A couple of years back, one of the larger cities near here had an LEO shooting were over 30 rounds were expended by 2 officers, and of those 30+ 40cal rounds, only two hit the felon. One in the hand and the other grazed his thigh. The perp gave up after running out of ammo in his revolver and being caught by a K9 unit. LOL

            • A couple of years ago? It seems like cops all over the cointry are shooting/blasting their guns off like the wild wild west, every other day. LEOs these days are nothing but a bunch of trigger happy, low IQ, adrenalin junkies wanting to blow people away for not paying their student loans.

        • @Terry;
          The notion of “it ought to be a surprise when the gun goes off” is only taught in hunting and/or marksmanship type “target” skill classes.
          I was taught the very same thing in Army Infantry basic training. And that’s because the Drill Sergeants wanted good target scores.
          When I was in Iraq in the real deal, we were taught exactly the opposite, which actually IMPROVED marksmanship.
          When the s$%t hits the fan and you decide that deadly force is required, you HAVE to expect that when you pull the trigger it goes BOOM! Period. And you keep pulling the trigger until the threat is DOWN.
          “Proper” trigger squeeze and breathing will get you dead in an instant if you even focus on that during a real-world encounter. The bad guy doesn’t care and has little to no training or range time.
          So practice “rapid draw” double-taps and what the Army calls “reflexive fire” (no sights- just line up the slide with the target at close to moderate range). It works at distances of at least 75 feet. I have had to use it before and it definitely works in a combat situation.
          I am not ragging- I just want to encourage another set of proven combat skills.
          God Bless and take care.

      4. I wish I could get my wife on board with this..I know she has some great personal defense skills, but taking a fist to a gun fight isnt a good way to come out the winner

        Our Daughter on the other hand, is pretty much a natural, with a small caliber rifle at a very young age without a lot of schooling she could regularly hit a tea cup plate. she isnt so keen on the recoil of the larger arms yet

        Now with additional training on breathe and squeeze techinques she is able to get a much tighter grouping.
        In a tactical environment and SHTF situations I know that most of this type of training will go out the window, but at her age im just teaching the basics. Hopefully as she ages the will, and passion for tactical training will come.

        • VRF,

          I can empathize with your wife. I grew up in a house where there were no guns. I am still not real comfortable with them. I never even shot a gun until a couple years ago. This article is a reminder that I need to practice more.

          On the other hand, both our daughters are comfortable with guns. Both have their own gun.

          I think the early exposure to guns helps.

          KY Mom

          • Thats the same reason with my Wife.Until she met me she had never been around them
            and when ever she did see them they werent in the right persons hands.
            That and she knows they are powerful and doesnt have the strength to control one, let anone fire it off while holding it.
            I think if i gave her enough lessons and came up thru the calibers with her, she would get it. But she is a feather fur and fin lover, she wont kill any animal. I think her reaction to the situation of taking a human life wouldnt be soon enough to survive.

      5. Good article! Being married to an LEO for 30 years I have been around guns, still scared of them, but after 8 of my friends/coworker were gunned down in my workplace,I worked past that fear, got my CC permit, keep a .38 revolver on my person, purse, car, and a loaded glock with hollow points near my bed. I am still having problems with a shotgun recoil though., especially since most of my workplace shooting was done with a shotgun (trauma I guess). I am very comfortable with a 357.magnum and used it to qualify for my training in cc class, but its a little too big to carry in my purse. I am very comfortable with an AR-15 and can hit my target, but again, its not a good weapon for home defense either,not as good as a shotgun. My husband and sons are helping me get over my ‘shotgun fear’ but its taking time. After what happened in my workplace (nursing home) I do not ever want to be faced with a situation where me/myself/innocents are victims with no chance of fighting back. Thanks for the info.

        • Hoopster, switch to a 20ga with 7/8oz of #7 1/2 shot. Its considered a clay target load and has a fairly light recoil. Most people want to (incorrectly) use buck and slug loads. Not smart. …and heavy recoil, not to mention the multi-wall penetration. You can even find 1oz of #8 target loads for a 12ga if you don’t want to switch guns. There are also self defense “shortie” loads that almost double your round capacity while reducing the recoil a bunch. Look around. If you can’t find anything, let me know ( [email protected] ) and I’ll find you some. If I can’t find you some, I’ll load you some.


        • The neighbors might disagree when that 00buck goes zipping through their living room (or their 12 year old son).

          Birdshot is just as effective out to about 50ft. Would never use 00buck for inside building fire unless you’re out in the boonies.

      7. 25. When you life/body/family is threatened with imminent danger aim for the head(s) and keep shooting at the head(s) until the threat is no longer a threat.



            • IF their wearing body armour,99.99% their either police or military. So go for the head shot and get a AT4 up the cabose

            • “”IF their wearing body armour,99.99% their either police or military. So go for the head shot and get a AT4 up the cabose””

              Jack-Boot govenment sponsored thugs with that attitude are the real problem, not free U.S. private citizens living on private property.

        • Wrong! Center mass, center mass, center mass and shoot until your target changes direction.

        • I hope you’re kidding. You shoot center mass with every shot. When the adrenaline is pumping, you can hear your heartbeat in your ears and you see nothing but the intruder/assaulter in front of you, the head is the smallest thing you can hit. You shoot center mass until you have time to get away. You kill the power plant, everything else follows suit.

        • My dad always taught me to aim for the middle of the body because it’s a bigger target – chest area. I guess that would only work if you were sure they weren’t wearing vests.

          • My gig in hand gun training is center mass, always..but the consecutive rounds will be in the head if at all possible
            a lot of that is going to be determined by the action of the assult every one is different.

            with home defense, its also upper center mass..12 gauge with a nice small game round , like a 8 oz #7 shot about 2 and 3/4 shells so you can pack in about 7 or 8 in an 870 nice part about this load is at 10 to 15′ you cant miss in a heart pounding moment of shit! It also wont go thru the wall after hitting the intruder and kill your kid like a 40 cal or 7.62 round would. But it will obliterate the shit out of what ever you shoot it at

            also nice for close combat situations, battering ram, or swong like a bat at the perps head.

            I have a bright lightand red dot on mine, light them up and blind the piss out of them, also it makes them hard to miss

            • Shotguns are good, eben when you miss em, you hit em.

              My favorite 2 guns my 9mm/38 special revolver and my 18.5 inch barrel, pistol grip, 12 gauge shotgun. The 9mm is fully loaded with 9mm… and the shot gun is loaded slug/ buckshot/ slug/ buckshot… I dont leave the shot gun fully loaded, so the spring does not wear out, but if/when danger happens, it is more of the same… slug/ buckshot/ slug/ buckshot to the hilt.

              BTW- I think the 9mm/38 special revolver is a good gun because it can shoot both types of ammo, and it is “one handed gun”, meaning it can be operated using only one hand, just in case one hand/arm goes bad.

            • That Guy,

              Sure glad I don’t live next to you. You do know that #9 birdshot is just as effective on flesh at 50ft and under yet has a hard time penetrating more than a single wall?

              What will your neighbord say when that slug goes through two walls, exits your home and zips right through their television, or their 4 year old child’s head. Its a gruesome thought but one that needs considered.

              Now, if you’re out in the country like me, nearest house is through the woods and over the hill 400+ feet away, thats different. I prefer #2s. …or BBs. It will still bust their butts at 50 yards but won’t do much after it goes through a wall or two.

            • yeah, netranger, probably best to not make assumptions about where I, or anyone else here, lives.

          • I wanna see the gun that shoots both 9mm and .38 Special. Gotta be a clever design. Cartridges are as different as chalk and cheese.

        • As a real former Drill Sergeant Ft. Jackson 88-91 C co 2-13 Yes I survived, Females every other cycle. Too easy breath, relax, aim, squeeze the trigger, front site post CENTER MASS of the target. Repeat after me CENTER MASS.Now Spell it CENTER MASS. But if Im so confident to attempt a head shot Id prefer a pecker shot.As the most interesting man in the world says”CENTER MASS” Stay thirsty my friends!!

          • Notice that it is LEO and military who are anti head shot.
            Wonder why? Because they are the ones who wear body armor and they worry about citizens who are good enough shots to blow their faces off when they come barging in with a no knock warrant. Those gung-ho, trigger-happy SWAT fks, they will shoot you dead (read the info/news/papers, happens every month) even if it is the wrong house. Time to send them a message when they kick in the wrong door. HEAD SHOT. Now spell it, HEAD SHOT. No mercy.

            Go to the shooting range. Practice unloading your gun on the X target; where X is the throat, then aim a little bit higher. Blow their fking heads off. Stop em in their tracks. practice practice practice bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

        • Even if someone has body armor on, unless you are talking about the real heavy duty stuff, if you hit them in the chest a few times, they are gonna change direction.

      8. meant me/loved ones/innocents, sorry

      9. Great article Survival Mom! 🙂

        Thank you for posting this Mac! 🙂

        KY Mom

      10. Love it !! That’s why I’m so HAPPY.

      11. #16 ……throw the gun away. Should read, throw the gun my way.

        • LOL, nice catch 🙂

      12. Excellent tips Survival Mom.

        Not relishing the thought of ever needing to use lethal force, but I AM prepared. The thought of what a criminal would do to my children, if I don’t protect them, (or teach them to protect themselves) motives me!

      13. mac did u remove my comment

      14. What a great article! It’s making me curse Canadian gun laws, darn it.

        Who has some good non-gun ideas for lethal home defense, should it be necessary. I have a few things, but I’d like to hear the creative ideas from the rest of you!

        Here are the rules:

        1.) If you have a legal firearm, you must allow the RCMP to enter your home at any time, without a warrant and cause is not required.

        2.) Your weapon must be “secured” with a trigger lock and a locking cabinet in a way that renders it totally useless for home defense.

        3.) Any item you use for home defense has to be something you just “happened to grab.” You aren’t supposed to have something there to whack the crap out of someone with.

        Blah, blah blah. >(

        Folks up here think I’m crazy with my love for weapons. We have “decorative collectable swords” hanging in most rooms. We also have wasp spray by our beds and near the door, and my oldest daughter and I carry bear spray and pocket knives. I have one of those funky S&W security pens, but that would really be a last resort.

        Bring on the cool ideas!

        • Daisy: Those ninja “throwing stars” look pretty effective.

          • They are on the naughty list.

            I’m posting a link below – will have to wait for moderation.

            • Daisy: I checked your link and read your “naughty” list. My suggestion for your response to an intruder …. play “possum” and hope he goes away !:-)

              Seriously, that is terrible. You and the girls should take up baseball with some hard rubber coated balls and a few aluminum bats spread around the house.

              When I was 10 years old, the 40 something boyfriend of one of my mothers friends grabbed me and gave me a spanking in my own house. Whether I deserved it or not was irrelevant. He wasn’t my father.

              I took a Louisville slugger to his new car. Its windshield, rear window, and side mirrors.
              I told him if he ever came back to my house I would use it on him.

              He never came back.

            • Daisy, I didn’t see “paintball” guns on the list. Not my weapon of choice but for you it may be a good option. I have a Tippman A-7 that has a full auto feature that will shoot up to 17 balls pers second. I can tell you that in a close encounter they are very accurate and being hit by paint balls can be very painfull, and the paint in the face of an assailant will give you time to make an exit. Just an idea for you! Be safe.

          • In my state it is a felony if you’re caught with them.

        • Move

          • Can’t move – I have a good job here! I’m here for 5 more years.

            • Purchase scuba diving spear gun.

            • Ooohhh! I like that! It has another purpose so I can’t get in any trouble for having it!!! I will definitely add that to my little arsenal!

            • Daisy: Why only five years?

            • My kids will be finished with school then, and so will I. It really depends on the safety and economic situation what will happen then. I want to live someplace WARM again!

            • Daisy:

              Probably a stupid question… But can you own a crossbow?


        • HA! You’re one smart chick!

          Decorative swords and wasp spray. Yep.

          Hat tip to you!

        • A-5, not A-7, sorry!

          Daisy, it appears these are legal in Canada as I looked on Ebay and they are for sale from Canadian dealers. Good luck.

          • AZ – Paintball is actually big up here – I will look into acquiring some of those.

            Mal – as far as bows and arrows, there are certain measurements that they cannot exceed. Living in the city, it hasn’t seemed like a viable weapon. If I lived in the country I would definitely invest in one.

            Does anyone know much about airguns?

            • Daisy, if semi-auto air pistols are legal, that would be a choice as well as long as it doesn’t bleed off the air over time. Not much good if you have to load C02 cartridge in a stress situation. Same with the paintball gun.

      15. 26)Get back in the kitchen and cook my dinner when you’re done with the laundry.

        • Barefoot? Pregnant?


          • Works for me.

            • Daisy: Your legal weapons list was knawing at me last night before I went to sleep …. thought there was something missing.


              Just double checked. Didn’t see slingshot on that list. A hunting quality slingshot with ball bearings as ammo would be very effective …. although I like the paintball gun.

      16. Mac/Lisa,

        FANTASTIC ARTICLE! Every American should read it and take it to heart. She’s got her opinions. I’ve got mine. 45 years experience and training: shooting, reloading, gunsmithing, customizing, hunting and experimenting. On all points, I agree, except for 2.

        My first disagreement is this: THIS ISN’T JUST A LIST FOR WOMEN! There may be way more guys that know these 23 truths, however, the majority of people don’t have a clue. This list is for EVERYONE. Even myself, with 45 years of experience and training, some of these points makes you rethink and remember. Its a good list.

        “15. There’s a reason why experts prefer to keep their sidearms concealed. Open carry is okay if you’re trying to impress people, but it also makes you a target.”

        Experts? Really? Uh, how come EVERY law enforcement officer open carries? If it is so damned strategically important why does almost ever officer open carry? Even plain clothes do mostly. Why? Can you answer it? I’ll tell you why. Just try to beat me in a draw of my S&W 59 out of my Fobus if you’re pocket or IWB carrying (or in your purse). I’ll be on target and have to rounds downrange before you even get the thing out. Forget it. Will you need the extra speed? Probably not. But, you might. Will you even need the gun, for that matter. Probably not.

        The fact is nobody analyzes this OC option very much. They just *ASSUME* it makes you a target. If you wander around like a sheep and don’t pay attention to whats going on around you, yeah, OC is a liability. In fact, in that case, you probably shouldn’t be CC’ing either. Secondly, nobody OCs to impress anyone. You OC for both comfort and accessibility. Only an IDIOT is OC’ing to impress.

        Secondly, when you OC you’re only 65% exposed. Do you think the crooks are really paying much attention? On OC’ing, there are a few disadvantages and a few advantages. For OC’ing, consider these points:

        1. It worries the sheople. It makes them nervous since they’re mostly dumb as a post when it comes to guns. At the same time, it gets them used to the view of normal people with guns. Its a wash. 6 one way, half a dozen the other.

        2. It scares the Begeesus out of the criminals, if they even see it. Like I say, there is only about a 230 degree arc that your pistol can be seen. Its a like a dog and a light for gas thieves. There’s always the next convenience store without an OC’er.

        3. You’re weapon can be taken from you. If you don’t have it mounted properly and you’re not situationally away, you could have your gun take from you and get shot with it.

        4. Your target acquisition time is less than half of that of a conceal carrier and its much easier to carry a more capable weapon when you OC than when you CC.

        My motto is, when asked, “Do you prefer to CC or OC?” My answer is, “Yes! I prefer to CC or OC!!!” The fact of the matter is there are appropriate times to OC and there are appropriate times to CC. For instance, when there is a sign that says, “NO WEAPONS ALLOWED”, I always CC. Open carrying in that situation would just be dumb.

        • Great advice, NR!

      17. I thought this one was just for the Ladies! ???

        • Its said its just for ladies but I’m telling you right now, IT’S FOR EVERYONE!!!

          In this case, whats good for the gander is good for the goose.

      18. Rule #1 is plain wrong. It should read that you can never have too many guns.
        Rule #2 should read if your spouse tells you that you have too many guns, see rule number 1.
        Rule #3 should read that you can never have too much ammo.

        Regarding that guy and his comment that one should go for a head shot: MORON, always go for mass.

        • Your probably not good enough for a head shot, go for center mass while looking in the mirror.

        • Most people go for mass because the gun they carry can’t hold head sized groups and neither can they.

          Firearms incompetence is rampant. I guess if they limit their range to 10ft or less they’ll be OK. One part of competence is to know your limitations. (…and the limitations of your weapon.)

        • Ah; It might be possible to have to much ammo. I’m having a bit of a hard time convincing my wife that 25,000 rds of 30-06 Ammo is required (SO I moved 8,000 elsewhere) And the 15,000 rds of 22 don’t take up so much space. But there is a problem with the 45, 38, 9MM and 223 that I haven’t shot in years. I do have some war of 1812 24# cannon balls extra. As my biggest cannon is 2.5 inches

      19. Assert your rights, buy guns and ammo

      20. I am glad to see women starting to understand and accept the role of personal and family protector rather than ONLY relying on their husband, father, brother etc. This is a bad world both from a crimminal and politcal perspective these days, and women becoming involved doubles our safety and our voting power. Thanks ladies and welcome aboard!

      21. 1)Teach your entire family to question authority and stand up for themselves.
        My sons learned at an early age that they could question any decision I made. If it was a good decision, I could back it up with reasoning and convince them to do what I said. If they could convince me with logic to change my mind, I would do so, but I was never an easy sell.
        By the time they were in Junior High, they were thinking for themselves. One son argued his beliefs against his entire class and teacher.
        If your child will blindly obey you, they will blindly obey an adult predator who is looking for an easy target and they will hesitate and be afraid to fight back. I know too many women who worry about the other person and not their own safety. Which leads to…
        2) You do not have to be nice to everyone. You do not have to be nice to anyone who is verbally or physically threatening.
        3) Do not lower your guard until you are 100% certain the danger is past. Even better, do not lower your guard until the danger is immobilized and you have removed yourself to a place where you are safe and protected.

      22. That shooting range in the picture, Manchester Firing Line, is “loaded” with female shooters! Been there done that.

      23. I am a gun owner and I can tell you that I have never met anyone who wants to be on the receiving end of a firearm good guy or bad guy. There is no evidence that open carry makes you a target. Why would anyone choose to attack someone openly carrying a firearm? If concealed carry were so beneficial all police and armed service personal would do so but since they do not it should be obvious to you that the notion that there is a benefit to is pure BS. On the contrary a perp is more likely to attack someone carrying concealed since he will not know you are armed. If you open carry it will likely to be that much easier to access your firearm in a dynamic critical situation too. but I personally want to discourage the dynamic critical situation from occurring in the first place…….I do not want to appear to be an unarmed victim just so I then surprise my attacker after the fact by pulling my gun on him. What if he already has control of my body how will I get to my gun? What if he gets my gun before I do? On the contrary the likelihood of the perp attacking me in the first place with a gun on my hip is much lower and will thereby prevent the aforementioned scenario from ever occurring in the first. There is simply no sense in encouraging crime by disguising yourself as victim.

        The only reason to carry concealed is to maintain the element of surprise. This is why bad guys do it. This is why it was the only form of carry that was almost universally illegal in the US prior to 1968. Today the government actually prefers you get a concealed carry permit because they want to know who owns guns so they can control you. This is why the most liberal states do not allow open carry aka constitutional carry. If you buy into their game you are part of the problem. By a gun carry it proudly and let the perps know that you are not the best choice of victim for them to mess with.

      24. Daisy: I read your naughty list,America tried to pass basically the same laws, I think that is the Gov trying to make sure when they start rounding us up during the police state,we will go like sheep.I will do what ever i have to to protect Me and mine.And stay free. While your still trapped where you are, You might consider buying a very powerful water pistol,Like your children played with as children.They are lots of fun on warm days.And if i couldn’t have a real gun, A water pistol very well may save your life. when used as a defense weapon.I’m serious! buy a few of them and mark them as plainly as possible.with a red capitol B. Now comes the good part. Fill them with battery acid from your car battery or Clorox or Bleach or ammonia. And If you ever do need it Forget the body shots just keep spraying the hell out of the water gun as close to their face as possible,Anything can be a lethal weapon ,including pencils,when i was in grade school a high schoolboy was picking on me .I stabbed him with a pencil, he stopped real quick.and by the end of the day his arm was so infected he was rushed to the hospital and of course i was whipped with a board by my parents,But that High school boy never bothered me again.he thought i was crazy!!!

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