Survival Mom and Glenn Beck on Preparedness and the Rise of Inflation

by | Nov 19, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness, The Survival Mom | 75 comments

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    Long-time SHTF contributor and preparedness pro The Survival Mom joins Glenn Beck to discuss food prices, food storage, preparedness and the steps you can take to start getting ready right now:


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      1. I can tell you people took this to heart.  There are absolutely no canning jars to be found at the big box stores in my area….

      2. When it comes to emergency preparedness, most people I talk to think that nothing will ever happen to them- so  “why should I bother.  It drives me NUTS- but I know I am not nuts.
        As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities.
        We have grown up in the age of consumerism and take for granted that there will always be food on the shelves. But in this economy, it will only take a small natural disaster, declaration of hyper-inflation, a truckers strike or possibly a shortage of water or gas to empty the stores shelves within hours. Just look what happened in Boston!
        Now, I can sleep in peace! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered– that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAYS prices for what ever comes our way. 

      3. Look up goodwill and Salvation Army retail stores on the web.  They sell used canning  jars.  You might need to drive around to 5 or 6 of them to get what you want but in general they will have them.  Check craigslist too.

      4. Thanks, GWTW 🙂

      5. don’t forget lids and screw tops. the jars and screw tops can be used multiple times, but not the lids.

      6. A canner can easily be used as a water distiller also.  Pure water anyone?  Toss in a gas stove that can use propane or natural gas and it can be used during an electrical outage or during the winter to heat the house with a large pot of water to put humity back in the air.  The best kind of canner has the latch twist knobs that tighten down the top lid with a round weight that determines the inside pressure that you need.  Food insurance is the most important kind of insurance……

      7. Comments…..Please, all new to canning, there is a safety requirement to use a “Pressure Canner” for many items.  Please buy a good book on the subject!!  Involve the whole family in your food storage program, from the market to storage.   Most of us will never have a wine cellar.  All should have a food storage cellar..pantry..closet.  As mentioned in the video it does require a plan.  Be Well

      8. Comments…..IF you know something bad IS coming and your preparing for IT. have you ever thought that IT doesnt end. IT doesnt get better. IT keeps going AND  IT gets worse and WORSE. total hell is coming and the anti-christ will be in charge. ALL the nukes on planet earth WILL BE lanuched. gonna survie that? who would want to. what is coming is everything you shined on thinking it was bogus. well your about to find out IT is true and your seeing JUST the begining of IT. the tribulation last SEVEN YEARS. got enough food for SEVEN YEARS. my friend thats a lot of food to buy and store. its being said that food is about to go through the roof. possibly starting in june. i think it already has. but it is being predicted that an ear of corn will cost seven dollars. 1 pound of coffee, $75, a small loaf of bread $25 a bar of chocolate $15 a quart of milk $22 and on and on. next time you go shopping check out prices on things. then as you keep going back keep checking on those prices and see for yourself if their not rising. people there ISNT NOTHING you can do to survie whats coming. yeah its our natural instinct to survie BUT you need to quit looking through a toliet paper roll and see the whole picture, whats REALLY coming.  two things are happining. two things are coming. life and death. everything you heard about this  “jesus’ thing is happining right before your eyes. jesus said choose me and i will rescue you before IT starts. and you will live. OR you can shine me on and get ready for satan to rule you. and death follows after him. get ready for 2011 and you thought 2010 was bad. maranatha ( come quickly lord jesus) amen to that!!! 

      9. Comments…..check out keep up on REAL current events and whats coming

      10. Comments….. I can find better deals on canned food, than going through all the work to can.  I can buy canned green beans, corn and peas at places like Grocery Outlet, Winco, and BigLots for less than what it would cost me to can.  If you have a large garden, you might do it for a little less. If you don’t have a garden, you’ve got to go out and hunt the product down to can.  Time and more money.  And as MontanaMike said, there’s a safety issue involved.

        My son sent me a link to GlennBecks program from yesterday.  DH and I watched it this morning.  Survival Mom didn’t give out too much information IMHO.  It takes a long time to read and learn about storing and rotating your preps.  I think there’s a lot of people who  do not have the resources (money) to even prep for one week.  I want to be prepared more to defend myself from them coming after our preps.  Boy are they going to be PI$$ed when they see that the government can no longer feed them.

      11. My wife has proven invaluable in this area, as the closet of Mason jars, lids and screw tops can testify.  She only does fruit, though, does not like pressure cookers.  An unfortunate accident with a friend getting hurt many years ago. Having served as a Machinst Mate in an engine room I told her of what superheated steam can do.  One must be cautious and treat it with respect.  In any event, we have a peach and apple tree, and canning is good.  Veggies are usually given away or traded, we living in a small town in a farming area.   I will concentrate on veggies, wondering if the senate bill will pass threatening to make such activities illegal.   I find diversification of efforts to be of enormous value…..canned goods, freeze dried, water harvesting from gutters, etc.  Somebody with a smokehouse might need some veggies…..we can do business, making both our lives better.  I don’t drink but I have wondered what throwing some yeast into a bottle of apple cider might do….

      12. Kent, use wine yeast. I like champagne yeast myself. Always use a fermentation lock. Cider use to be apple wine. Hard cider was wine that was frozen to the point of being slushy, the liquid was poured off and was the hard cider (40-60% alcohol). Bread yeast makes a wine with an evil whang;  nasty at best.

        Good idea about bartering. Barter aka commerce is what reduces conflicts over resources. Why assume physical risk if I can just trade for what I need. Even trade for the sake of trade reduces possible conflicts and achieves greater diversity of your trade goods. Even trading goods for labor is a possible win-win situation. Just keep in mind the current IRS codes governing barter income. Once the SHTF, the IRS will be the least of our problems.
        All my canners, Presto and All-American, came with good instructions as well as recipes. I prefer the All-American, but the Presto works just fine. I learned to can in the late ’50s. Make sure you have extra gaskets for the Presto. The Cooperative Extension Service has lots of info on canning and drying.

        Canners don’t use  super-heated steam as maximum pressure is only supposed to be 15 pounds. However, be safe. Inspect your jars and only use real canning jars. My Grandmother got burnt badly reusing a salvaged jar for water-bathed peaches. Never walk away from a canner on the stove. Watch the pressure or you WILL find out about the explosive effects of what wasn’t supposed to be super-heated steam.

        Once the jars have cooled, you can remove the rings and reuse for another batch. Take good care of your rings.

        A stove is right handy, but I have canned salmon over a wood fire. T’were a goat-roping experience shuffling 3 canners, moving coals and adding wood, but it can and has been done.

        30+ years of canning has resulted in plenty of jars, but I’m more concerned with lid availability.  Hmm, another case or two of lids might be right handy and good barter material. Oh yah, try to standardize on wide-mouth jars. Regular mouth works fine, but wide-mouth is easier to fill. For meat, fish and poultry only use pints or smaller. Quarts for veggies and fruit.

        Dry whenever possible and salvaged jars work fine for dried food and seeds.


        peeWee’s mom…kmart had jars..half-pints and quarts and lids/rings last Friday…good luck.


        Golden are so right–I got last week .39 cent cans at Sav-a-lot…I can tomatoes because they’re free..make my own pickled beets, can chili and soup leftovers…and my own green tomato relish..

        Also got 3 cases of jars and extra lids for next year—may not need them but got anyhow..

        Did anyone know that a 5 lb box of pool shock(less than $15) makes 600+ gallons of bleach??
        Only buy one with calcium hypochlorite in it–I’m still looking–walmart is out.

        I’ve canned for 30+ years and never used a pressure cooker, never lost a can of goods, and had some tomatoes for over 15 years one time.
        I am terrified of them and won’t go where they are.

        Still have green beans from 20 years when I lived in the country.

      16. Goldenfox said “I can find better deals on canned food, than going through all the work to can.  I can buy canned green beans, corn and peas at places like Grocery Outlet, Winco, and BigLots for less than what it would cost me to can.  If you have a large garden, you might do it for a little less. If you don’t have a garden, you’ve got to go out and hunt the product down to can.  Time and more money.  And as MontanaMike said, there’s a safety issue involved.”

        Short sighted thinking that will only last as long as the grocery store is available or the amount you have stocked up, lasts.

        Learning to grow and preserve food by canning, drying, salting, etc, is a SKILL that everyone should have……along with the supplies and equipment to do so…..the economics of it could suddenly loose all significance if things go south for an extended period.

      17. It is against the law, to have a still.   But, it is not against the law to know how to build one,  and have parts,  lying around, that might, or could be,  used to make one……wink, wink

        A still will not only make you a fine drink,  but it can be a source of  fuel,  for  a  generator?  tractor?  car?    Very trade-able stuff.

        You might want to look for “The Alaskan Bootleggers Bible”  by
        Leon W. Kannia………it is in paper back

      18. Freds is a store near us in FL that has canning supplies. They are mostly in the south and prices are fair. God Bless and be a prepper.

      19. You are a braver man than me Jj!

      20. Only two so far this evening.  I always like visiting the Ozarks!

      21. Great comments all.   overtheedge – your not who I imagined…. 🙂
        We found all the Mason jars we needed at our local Tractor Supply or Meijer.  We buy several sizes each year.  The wife keeps the lids etc. on had, with more in the storage.  We went all out this summer and bought a very nice Excalibur food dehydrator.  An excellent purchase.  We now have jars of dried veggies from our garden.  Mostly tomatoes and peppers.  We have an abundance of fruit available to us during the summer and all the apples we can haul from friends that have a huge cherry/apple orchard.  Norther Michigan’s finest.  My favorite is to turn fresh hot applesauce into fruit leather.  The dryer has really been fun to use and we have gotten quite a bit in the cupboards.   My wife always has a batch of banana’s going.  The “red tape” banana’s work the best and they cost next to nothing.  She has gotten them for free before.  They are excellent too and they taste way, way better than the crap you buy at the “health food store”.   Dried apples are easy and great to store.  The problem so far has been keeping our hands out of the jars.  Dried apples in the oatmeal is very tasty.  Make sure to add more water, the apples take up quite a bit.   She makes our yogurt in the same dryer.  Fresher and much better than the stuff at the grocery.   Because of the area we live in there are also lots of cherries.  I mention this because of the dried cherries we are able to purchase.  I wish I could send you all 5lbs of these things.  They are incredible.  Not sure if Mac would let me get away with putting on a link to purchase these things but they are amazing. (I am in no way connected to this place) other than when I drive buy, I stop and give them $50.00.  My sister lives in Colorado and she gets them from some place out there, but, they are the same cherries.  
        Wow, sorry for the rant!  Lets talk about the fresh whole wheat flour we grind…..  Put all of this together and it becomes a way of life and an incredible way to eat.  Storing, prepping, what ever you want to call it is great.  If and when things fall apart we are as ready as we can be.  
        God bless all and keep it up.
        (Hope this is okay Mac?)

        There are other places I’m sure to find dried cherries.  I’ve seen them in the city packed in 6 oz. fancy packs for $8.00.  I’m talking 10 lbs for 50 bucks.  Plus shipping I guess.  The chocolate covered ones are pretty fair too baked in chocolate chip cookies………………

        Anyway, Glen Beck is sort of a goof.  I probably am too though.

      22. Comments….. One good skill to have is know how to cook from scratch.  Amazing to look into other people’s cart at the store and see frozen TV dinners or pot pies as their main food.  With the preps you have, learning how to prepare them so they don’t become monotonous, goes a long away in not thinking about the situation.  Having good cookbooks can also be a good way to ad diversity to your meals.

        If you don’t know how to garden, now is a good time to learn.  Also learn how to sprout.  It’s a good way to add nutritious veggies to your diet with very little effort, and you can grow them indoors on the kitchen counter.  I buy my sprouting seeds from The Sproutman.  

      23. I think the program mentioned dehydration as an option.  We can tons of stuff and love our Excalibur as well.  Properly dried stuff lasts 30 years if stored well.

      24. John Pistole is bought & paid for.

      25. Comments…..go to the public library and borrow those canning books, farming/garden books etc… just about everything but the kitchen sink can be canned. and anything that has been canned is already cooked too. propane/gas stove is a valueable item to have around – even with the safety features they put on them these days-there is a way!   quit throwing out old clothing cause its lost a abutton or has a small rip…get creative and learn some “old” homemaking skills. there are reusable canning lids in the marketplace but ya gotta order them and they are not cheap. learn to cook and eat food at home…not going to fast food/restaurants will probably help you lose weight. prepping for disaster/economic collapse/inflation is adopting and adapting to serious lifestyle changes..those who don’t do it are not gonna survive very well.

      26. Crappy canned green beans have all the nutrients leached out, pesticided and herbacides inside and the can is lined with BPA.
        Stick with home grown organic vegetables and fruits.  I wonder how many Beck viewer minds went spinning out of control with the food stockpiling episode?  It’s about time this important subject loses its militia mentality.


      27. You obviously were hot water bathing only high acid foods.  Many foods you must high temp can.

      28. I want to thank everyone for their help. I really appreciate it.  My husband asks “are you learning anything”? EVERYDAY 🙂

      29. Canning is good, storing rice, beans and other staples are good. But what if you have to leave you home or the area fast? It would take awhile to load up  and you may not beable to take that much with you. As the boy scouts say, “Be Prepaired” and balance your food storage options considering all senarios. MRE’s work but are expensive and loaded with perservatives. We get a portion of our food stores from This has by  far been the least expensive long term storage food we have found and it taste good. They will even let you try some of the food for free, just pay shipping and handling.

      30. Comments….. I dunno, but I feel like being herded by guys like Beck. ” I and my wife …. “  Those who know, do, those don`t, teach. Besides, everybody knows: (L Cohen ~ 5 min of your time)
        Those ladies in the clip made their point but G Beck is a millionaire,he spends more on monthly luxury renting (FOX) than an average family on an year of preps.
        BUT, he`s a preper, just storing something else than you do.
        The game is rigged. Beck working at your farm, feeding pigs, cleaning chicken shit ? Not even at his farm ! YOU will put food on his table, because he and his ilk will own the farm.
        And, by the way, 10$US bill does not equal a 100$USD bill.
        Pay down your debt and don`t put your savings in something
        written on paper.

      31. JJ: Be real careful of storing calcium hypochlorate as it can and has been known to deteriorate and release deadly chlorine gas.

      32. If you add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to each 500 ml jar of low acid food, then you can use hot water canning. I did this with my tomato sauces. But I do cook them before eating just to be extra safe.

      33. Comments…..I am a “refugee” from Hurricane Hugo(I actully stood in the eye of the storm), and the entire city of Charleston and surrounding areas was literally shut down for over two weeks.  Nothing but water and gas service.  It was days before trucks could reach Charleston through the devastation on every highway, and supermarkets were stripped clean of food and water within less than 24 hours after the storm passed.  Long lines for what supplies were available lasted several hours at a time.  We cooked on our gas range and baked bread in our gas BBQ grill.  Canned goods we had on hand were all that was available.  The water supply came from surface water in the Edisto River, and was saturated with pine resin from the trees knocked down by Hugo-the taste and smell were not pleasant, but potable.  And this was when we knew what was coming and tried to prepare for it.  What about some sudden event that no one anticipates or is told about early enough to prepare?  Pay attention and make your plans accordingly.  What is coming will not be pretty.

      34. Comments….. Umm ….. Quote:
        ” “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson  ”

        Or turn crispy $10s into dust (not rust).

      35. Comments….. Ted:  That is so true about a sudden event coming.  We live in earthquake country (California), and if an earthquake hit any of the major freeways over overpasses, many cities would be in the same boat with no supplies coming in.  Next time you’re at the supermarket check out the back of the store warehouse and see what they have stored.  Very little.  Trucks come in everyday delivering to the 3 supermarkets we have here in town.  Any disruption in just in time (JIT) deliveries be it at the manufacturer, warehouse, truck, and stocking at the store, can really cause havoc.

        eugend66: So true about Beck! He said when his wife called him down to the basement, and she said that they were done prepping, he said “I literally sat there looking at all the stuff and BAWLED my eyes out!” Whoa dude get a grip!  He followed it up by saying he had guns too. (rolling my eyes here).  Now that he has said it on national TV in front of millions of people, how will he stave off a pack of 50 people or so trying to get at his stash?  He may get burned out of his home in the process of defending it.  Wicked thought, but that’s what I think about. 

        Loose lips sink ships.

      36. I only trust the city water supply in their best.  Do you have your shots?  Just tell your doctor you are thinking about going on vacation in Haiti & watch his expression. 

      37. My parents were in the same situation when Houston got clobbered by a hurracane a few years back. Storing water is crucial for these types of emergencies. For food we recommend The meals are easily stored, inexpensive and taste good. You can try them for free, just pay shipping.

      38. I have been preparing a food storage system that works great for o ver a year now. I will have to give you bits a pieces at a time  in the interest of my time space provided to post in. I know how to can and have in the past but for those who don’t….
        Begin now when you see a really good special for a groc store. Each chain usually has 2 or 3 ridiculously good buys such as  buy one get one free or —- del monte canned tomatoes etc…80 cents or pasta bogo free or pnut butter. Include cleaning supplies and toilet paper…p towels Whatever is a really good deal. I shop several different stores and if there is a limit usually they don’t hold you to it. If so…work around it and go back. Buy only what you like to use and will use anyway. Buy as much as you can afford. Check exp date ( Most don’t expire until 2012 or 2013) Mark exp date on top of can box etc..with a sharpie so you can see it easily. Do this as you buy before putting away because it takes time ( and sometimes takes forever to find the date) Usually if you buy say 20 cans of same thing at the same store the dates will be the same and it goes fast. I have a method of “rotation” so nothing ever goes out of date and nothing is wasted and nothing lost because I buy it and use it anyway. It is a win win situation. Star now and before you know it you are set. Will share method of storing and hints at a lter time. Love all the posts. We can learn so much from each other!

      39. My dad used this method in the 80’s to store dried beans ,peas,legumes…
        In a clean dry quart canning  jar put in dried beans,etc.. Put a small piece of dry ice on the top (about the size of the tip of your finger) and secure a clean cap and screw on lid. The dry ice takes out all of the oxygen therefore bugs, bacteria cannot live in there. I still have several jars he did labeled 1982. You can shake those beans all you want and they do not peel,etc… Looks  like you bought them today! I sometimes show people and they cannot believe it! He has since passed away but I recently put some up using the same method. 15 bean  soup mix (found where the dried beans are) makes an excellent nutritious meal. The price of dried beans has almost gone up 30% over the last 12 to 18 mos. here in the south and I am sure it will not get any better. Told ya I would post little tips at time but I really want to share some of my best tips because I want to help anyone I can to be prepared just in case. :0)

      40. Drango Kid… What is the safest and best way to store calcium hypochlorite and how long can you safely keep it?

      41. Donna,

        First, i wanted to say thanks for your comments and tips, I (and others) really appreciate them. Second, is that the Calcium Hypochlorite usually comes in a sturdy, small, plastic bag, and is called “Pool Shock.” BEWARE some have other contents in them that can kill you, as they are poisonous. Durango Kidd might be able to help more, as I have yet to find a brand in my area that works. When you think about it, is is the same chlorine you use to kill stuff in the pool, so it WILL disinfect water, but you have to make sure you’ll get something that doesn’t have other nasty stuff in it. I think you can store it anywhere (I’ve read a lot about it), as it doesn’t (to my knowledge) break down to anything else, just keep it from getting wet or anything. Again DK may have more real experience, buy AFAIK, it’s shelf stable for a long time, if not forever, where as bleach degrades in 6 mos to a year FROM manufacture, so if anyone has been hording any for any period of a time, it will probably be useless by the time it’s used. There’s always boiling, and you don’t have to reach 212 Degrees, I think 180 or so is sufficient. There are reusable wax filled capsules that one can buy, that you just plop into water you want to “boil”/pasturize. When the was in the capsule melts, the water is safe, and you don’t have to expend the fuel all the way to boiling.

        Hope that help,

      42. Comments…..wheat can be stored for literally centuries..ground as flour or whole.. rice also stores nicely..get some gallon pickle jars..local eateries are happy to give them away.. wash and dry them completely.then put in a piece of dry ice..pour the rice on top of that, add a handfull of salt and PRESTO…it will keep for the rest of your life..the salt has a double will draw any moisture out of the jar/rice to prevent rotting and it will also be a needed commodity when TSHTF and you start to use these jars..  dried beans are a cheap way to get food stored if you are watching your pennies. You also need to buy some garden seeds, lots of salt/pepper/seasonings etc. Here is another hint…meat…if you need to preserve meat..pork works well for this… cook the meat throughly…salt it heavily as you do so and then put it as well as all the grease into sterilized (boiling hot) canning jars while it is sizzling hot…pop on a lid and seal can use your canned pork (add some smoke seasoning to it for a nice touch) for at least a few years if you store it in a cool dark place…my family did that during the depression..not because they had to since they were on a farm and had plenty of food, but because there was no kill the pig, but you have to preserve most of it, since it is too much for one meal.. they smoked a lot of it, canned a bunch (that they did not want smoked) and ate the worked flawlessly for them. I suspect that another item you will find of value to hoard will be cooking has a long shelf life in its sealed bottle.. How about throw in some popcorn..its easy to pop on the stove..put enough popcorn in the pot to cover the bottom one seed deep, put enough oil in so the seeds are all a little oily after you swish it around..put it on the stove, put the lid on on high heat shake it every few seconds till you stop hearing it pop..a cheap snack food (or breakfast cereal) for the end of the world..Last, stock up on your vices..tobacco, alcohol, whatever…now… both have extremely long shelf lives, and if milk is $20 a gallon, how much will a fifth of scotch cost ya? even if you don’t use these products, they will be VERY good to trade for unforseen things you will need… like a plumbing repair or busted furnace when money has little value…

      43. Comments….. This can happen to any water supply:

        Governor declares emergency over Barstow water
        The Associated Press
        Posted: 11/20/2010 11:20:58 PM PST
        Updated: 11/20/2010 11:20:58 PM PST

        BARSTOW, Calif.—Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency Saturday in Barstow, where excessive levels of a chemical found in rocket fuel has left the water contaminated for more than 40,000 customers of the local supplier.
        The governor’s office said in a statement that the declaration—which releases otherwise unavailable state resources—came because dealing with the water shortage was beyond the control of city and county officials.
        Many local businesses, including hotels, restaurants and cafes, have been forced to close temporarily, the statement said.

        More here:

      44. The large name brand boose stores always have close out/what’s on sale by the front counter.  If there isn’t any, ask or go to another store.  Stay away from the airline little bottles, too expensive.  Half pint to pint are the keepers for little bottles.  Name brand is a plus.

      45. Tom – Like your idea on the small half pints of booze.  I have been buying these for years.  I haven’t drank for years but I have a huge collection of these.  I buy one or two a week.  I can’t imagine them ever going bad.  Worse case I guess, at my funeral they can all have one hell of a party for me.

      46. Had a friend Bill that threw a party.  He had cancer & died.  Bar bill was paid for the whole group, damn!  What a party…..  No pouting, just celebrating!  Now that is the way to go……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
        I could only top that by having my friends shoot flaming arrows at me in my sailboat!

      47. Donna: I don’t have the answer to your questions. As I remember there is a link on the shtfwater page to a government org that can answer that for you. Sorry.

      48. “Stewart Rhodes: We Oath Keepers are now going to put more emphasis on the obligations of the veterans to restore and rebuild the Republic from the bottom up. Yes, we are more worried about a possible federal response to civil unrest these days because of the very likelihood – even certainty – of an economic collapse and resulting domestic civil unrest.

        We think it is absolutely essential that those of us within the freedom movement in the U.S. have in place a sound-money alternative system to the fiat money system so that when it crashes, we have something else to fall back on. In addition to sound money at the local and state level, we must also have physical security at the state level (that means a posse in support of the sheriff, state defense forces and a true citizens militia, starting with county militia units), and food and fuel security at the state level.

        If we don’t have those three critical areas covered, then we will have a desperate American population that will be far more likely to go along with “martial law” (and a military that is also more likely to impose it) and desperate, hungry people who are more likely to accept whatever new world currency the power elites have waiting in the wings. Again, we hope to screw up their plans by actively engaging every American veteran in the vital mission of restoring the key infrastructure and institutions we have allowed to atrophy.

        In other words, we want to see veterans work to get themselves and their families squared away on each of those three core needs – physical security, financial security, and food security – and thus prepared for the crash, and then we want the veterans to help their neighborhoods, their towns, counties, and ultimately their state become prepared, strong, and resilient, as the Founders intended us to be. We will encourage veterans to do that both in the private “civil society” sphere, through self-help, voluntary mutual aid, and voluntary community cooperation, and also in the public sphere, through pushing for official legislative action from the town level on up.

        With the close assistance of Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press (, we will be launching this initiative within the next few weeks…”

        The rest of this interesting interview is here:

        and we are talking about can foods. This is complete maddnessss.

        Wake up America!  -  The Revolution has started/
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      50. Mickey the pirate… Nver canned meat but always wanted to try. After putting in jars do you process it at all in the pressure canner or does the seal “pop” down to secure as the food and jars cool down? Can you  keep barbeque with barbeque sauce and say spaghetti sauce with meat (beef or meatballs) this way as well? I would love to keep some on hand.

      51. mickey the pirate…
        I’ve always wanted to can meat such as barbeque pork with sauce or spaghetti sauce with beef or meat balls or italian sausage or beef tips with gravy etc.. In case you have no access to power for a freezer. Do you process the jars in a pressure canner to seal or do you just put hot food in clean  hot jars and put on lids to “seal” as they cool down? You canhear the pop when they seal.

      52. It’s simply amazing anyone would want to be associated with glenn beck and his show… glenn beck and sarah palin both are NWO SHILLS/ TALKING HEADS/ PUPPETS!



        DON’T BE A SUCKER! 

      53. Comments….. So true about Beck! He said when his wife called him down to the basement, and she said that they were done prepping, he said “I literally sat there looking at all the stuff and BAWLED my eyes out!” Whoa dude get a grip!  He followed it up by saying he had guns too. (rolling my eyes here).  Now that he has said it on national TV in front of millions of people, how will he stave off a pack of 50 people or so trying to get at his stash?  He may get burned out of his home in the process of defending it.  Wicked thought, but that’s what I think about.
        Loose lips sink ships.
        As for Sarah Palin, I don’t have an opinion of her right now – just sitting back and watching before I decide.  I can’t see her being President, she’s not ruthless enough.
        (I posted this above but it’s under “anonymous,” I forgot to put my name in the reply box.

      54. Been canning with pressure canners for years. As long as you pay a modicum of attention to what you are doing they are perfectly safe. just don’t let them over pressurize for an extended time and let them cool down before opening.   safety concerns are WAY overblown…unless you are an idiot you will be fine.

      55. The next time that someone asks if you’re a “survivalist”, ask them if they wear their seatbelt, then you can call them one too.

      56. ACE hardware sells jars and canners, most “old fashion” hardware stores will sell them.  Be careful buying used jars.  Check the rims for small chips ( your lids will not seal properly)

      57. Golden Foxx: Sarah Palin is plenty ruthless from what I have read. But if you are going to get power, you have to take that power from someone. No one gives up power easily and if you take it, you will piss them off. My one concern about her surfaced today.

        Yahoo news was reporting that aides were looking for potential office space in Iowa and reportedly one of her aides was concerned about finding “kosher” foods in the area, indicating that elements of the jewish community may be getting in at the grassroots level to steer her election; or not.

        I am a Christian “zionist” but I have concerns about the influence that “certain” bankster gangsters, defense establishment personnel, the media, Mossad, and political pundits have on our elections and the direction of our foreign policy.

        It bears watching.

      58. Clark:  WARNING! Hey Folks when I went to click this link, my Trend Micro identified it as a dangerous link/site. Be careful!
        With the close assistance of Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press (, we will be launching this initiative within the next few weeks…”

      59. Canning meat is not that big a deal,alot of people have been taught to fear canning by people who sell canned goods I believe.
        I can pork and other meats in the basic manner I usually fully cook the meat in the oven in liquid till its done,especially pork; as I can then pour off the lard to can seperatly ; it helps keep the fat layer off top the jar after it cools. I then pack the meat into the jar up to the jars “hip” then cover it with juices just slightly,I then add a 1/2  tspn sea salt or canning salt(not iodized) then I process it at 10lbs for 20 minutes,never lost a jar and it always tastes great! I do all types of meat this way and after you do it awhile you get a “feel” for it and you sail through it! I have been canning for 35 years personally and grew up with a Mom and Gram who still to this day do some !

      60. I would also like to add that the only jars I ever saw break were commercial mason jars,never a mayo or similar jar.
        Also if you dont damage them you certainly can re-use the lids,now I stress the not damaged part,but I wondered about this years ago and about what would happen if my deep stock of lids ever were depleted and replacements were not available…so I tried using some of them and have had zero trouble with them holding for years in some cases! Just use caution when reusing any container,if in doubt …throw it out!

      61. Goldenfox:  I mostly agree about canning being a lot of work and not free whereas I can buy decent canned foods on sale.  However yesterday I encountered an exception to the rule.  WINCO has turkeys on sale for 22 cents a lb if you spend $50 or more for food.  I got a 19 lb turkey for $4.18 yesterday.  I cooked it in the oven and today will cut it up and make about 7 quarts of broth from it.  My intent is to put a pound of meat in quart jars and top them off with broth.  That’s my job for today so I don’t know how many quarts I will get.  If I like the results I’m off to WINCO again.  WHat a deal!  I have lots of basic foods but not so much canned meat.  Part of the reason is that canned meat is expensive and not that great (it tastes OK but certainly nothing to get excited about).  The canned turkey should be awesome and the extra broth will be a plus.  There are just two of us so a jar like this will make two meals.  Hope WINCO keeps this sale going. 

      62. Gone With The Wind ….Thanks for the great idea as turkeys are on sale here for .59 a pound which is still a good deal. I bought 4 but don’t really want to take up space in the freezer plus I have most of my food storage on the shelf (Just in case no power God forbid) I may go get more as well! Gotta go. Got a lot of turkeys to cook. Thanks everyone for all the tips!

      63. REB…Thanks for answering my question re canning meats. I am excited! :0)

      64. Donna ,you are very welcome! Also (you may already know this)I want to mention to you if you use a pressure canner be sure that when the canning time is up to turn off the fire and allow the canner to cool and lose its pressure completely before you open it up. Opening the valve and depressuring the unit right away will usually result in the jars boiling over inside the canner as the pressure inside the jars will still be at the higher canning pressure,you dont want the mess,good luck!

        GWTW…canned turkey is good,I think youll be pleased with it,really good with biscuits like chicken and I find it makes an awesome pot pie with veggies.

        REB…Donna…thanks for answering her for me, I was tied up with work and didn’t get back earlier..I agree with REB that a pressure cooker is best, but if you do not have one or cannot get one, a large pot of boiling water on the stove will work..just put your jars and contents you intend to can in them…boil the jars first as well as the food seperately first… make sure they are more than 3/4 in the boiling water..more is better, leave em there for at least 30 minutes just to make sure everything is up to germ killing temp all the way through..(I usually go about 45 minutes with meat containing things like BBQ or pasta sauce) then while its boiling hot…put your lids/rings into the boiling water with your tongs…hold em there at least a minute…then take the lids rings out…lift out your jars put em on a counter on a towel…put the lid on (do not touch the inside of the lid or jar) swiftly, spin down the ring and as your jars cool you should hear the pop of the lid sealing down..check after they have cooled..if it did not take, you can re-heat the jar and try again with (I prefer) a new lid…PS keep the meat/juices/ fruits or whatever about an inch from the need a little air space in the jar for it to create a negative air pressure seal inside the jar…
        Oh…I almost forgot…25 cent turkey!!! I got 8 of em…the next 3 days I will be happily canning…Turkey meat, smoked turkey…turkey jerkey…turkey soup, turkey and gravy (you can can that all together), plain jars of turkey gravy (nice with rice), and I am going to can some dressing this year…I even did an experiment with turkey and dumplings last year that turned out well.. basiclly, you can can anything that you can put in a jar that you would ever want to eat…just follow these steps…
        1. cook it…
        2. then cook it way more..until it is dead…
        3. boil your jars/lids so there are no germs
        4. If in doubt, add salt
        5. pickle it if you have doubts and dont want it salty…(vinager and time is all you need for that)
        Now for the piece de resistance….
        sourbraten…. can be canned…its a touch sour (with vinager and spices) incredibly tender yummy german style beef…
        Hungarian Goulash also works for the same reason..its acidic because of the paprika and tomatoes… boil it..pop on a lid and enjoy…why prepare food that is gross or plain or boring? If the end of the world comes, high quality food will be nutritious and a hugh morale booster for you and your loved ones..

      66. Thanks guys! You were a big help. I canned from a garden… in my younger years. Still have tons of  jars and lids etc. from what I had plus those from my parents who have passed away. Plan on doing it again…just need to find a good pressure canner because the one I have from my mom is shot and probably not safe to use. Excited about re kindling an old tradition I learned from my mom and grand mother. By the way…I also make the old fashion lye soap I learned from my grandmother for pennies a bar and it leaves your skin so clean and soft. It is good for a lot of remedies. People wash their hands with it and ask me “What kind of soap is that? My hands feel so good! Thanks again for your time.

      67. Donna: whats your soap receipe?

      68. Comments…..Donna….please share your soap making talents with us the unwashed…though hopeful masses

      69. Mickey and Durango (Hey we are on a “first name basis” now! LOL!) Will post the sooo simple recipe when I get home . It’s in my grannies book. It’s easy and cheap.  Toughest part is weighing the “lard” which entails a trip to the grocery store to use their scales. Lasts forever (If everybody doesn’t take it from you) I still love my nice Philosophy fragrances so I use both. I am at the beach right now for the holiday and won’t be home for a few more days  so I’ll post it as soon as I am able to.

      70. Soap… By the way it is not all pretty and fru fru. No fancy soap molds to use. You pour it in about 3 of those flat cardboard boxes.( Usually hold  soda cans, etc… the sides come up about 2 to 2 1/2 inches by 12×16, 18 inches maybe) Usually the “Quickie Mart” has them laying around to throw away. You cut the “bars” with a knife  after 24 hours I think and let “set” for 3 weeks, I think, and you have soap!

      71. Does anyone know about the bill passed in the senate 74 to 25 (bill S 510) that wil criminalize any body for so much as growing a tomatoe or a head of  lettuce in there back yard? If this is true, it is an outrage!

      72. Comments…..Is that really true?  Illegal to grow your own food on your own property?!  This sounds like some kind of crazy rumor!


      1. Exclusive: Mountain House Confirms Freeze Dried Food Shortage - [...] The representative also cited the popularity of the preparedness trend, suggesting that recent Glenn Beck episodes promoting food storage…

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