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    Category: Michael Ruppert

    Mac Slavo

    The much touted economic recovery is a mirage. It is only a matter of time before we hit the next breaking point. And, according to Michael Ruppert, we may be looking at no later than July for the fireworks to start going off.

    Mac Slavo

    A forecast not unlike those we’ve made over the course of the last several years. Mr. Ruppert suggests we’re much closer now, than ever before, to a complete collapse of our economic, social, and political systems. Like others, Ruppert believes the events unfolding in the Middle East are warning signs of what’s to come.

    Mac Slavo

    Peak oil activist, author and documentarian Michael Ruppert discusses a variety of topics including our dependence on oil, what happens when the oil runs out, the real possibility of collapse, government’s role, and the human population bubble.

    Mac Slavo

    Like I said in a scene that didn’t make the final cut of Collapse, The final blow to industrial civilization “will happen no later than the summer of 2010.”

    Mac Slavo

    As global consumption of oil continues to increase because of new demand from countries like China and India, the US military worries that by 2015, demand for oil will outweigh the world’s ability to supply it.

    Mac Slavo

    It’s Not That Bernie Madoff Was a Pyramid Scheme – The Whole Economy is a Pyramid Scheme.


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