Collapse Countdown Clock: “We Have Until July” *Video*

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    Collapsenet’s Michael Ruppert has issued an April 8, 2011 Emergency Action Alert to his subscribers, warning that we are months away from the onset of TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It):

    [Video follows excerpts and commentary]

    This is an emergency action alert. This is probably the most important one, and the easiest one in terms of being able to figure out, that I’ve ever put out before. We have until July, at the latest, to prepare for complete economic pandemonium along with all the social unrest that has been building and fomenting and is now breaking out, even though the mainstream is trying to hide it.

    While we generally prefer to shy away from date-specific predictions, Mr. Ruppert may be on to something.

    The US economy is clearly under extreme pressure and has been haphazardly stabilized with a mishmash of government spending initiatives, Federal Reserve monetary machinations, and a healthy dose of optimism opium from the mainstream media – none of which have altered the fundamental, systemic problems that led to the crisis in the first place. In fact, one could argue that the excessive spending and monetary expansion have actually weakened the entire system, especially here in the US, by increasing our national debt to historic levels, while weakening the US dollar’s status in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    All of the stated goals of the government’s interventionism have, for all intents and purposes, failed. Unemployment, while officially reported as improving, is actually worse when you count the total people without work, those working part time who want full-time work, and those who are no longer counted as looking for work because they haven’t been able to find a job for two years. Home prices continue to collapse nationwide. Foreclosures have not abated. Prices of essential goods like food and gas are approaching record highs.

    The much touted economic recovery is a mirage. It is only a matter of time before we hit the next breaking point. And, according to Michael Ruppert, we may be looking at no later than July for the fireworks to start going off:

    The logic behind this is incredibly simple. Quarterly earnings reports are the foundation of how the stock market works and even though I spent almost a lifetime documenting how corrupt every financial measurement is out there, the one thing that cannot ever be fudged because too many stock holders are there checking, are quarterly earnings reports from major corporations.

    Ruppert says that there are numerous reasons why quarterly reports, set to be released in late July and August, will show the extent of the economic damage caused by the earthquake, Tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis in Japan. If he’s right – and we tend to agree that it could be a shock to the majority of people who think everything’s under control and that the Japan crisis is just another in the latest string of reality TV shows -  then this summer’s earnings reports could very well be the catalyst that re-collapses the entire financial system:

    Everything from Asahi to Sony to Samsung to Toyota, Nissan, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Yamaha – all were going down in Japan and all are still shut down in various states of activity.

    The follow-on effects due to the component shortage as a result of this are having big bites around the world. We know that six major German companies, I believe Siemens was one of them, have been drastically affected because they cannot get the microchips, the circuitry and anything else they need to put their products out on the line.

    The interconnected, complex global supply chain is beyond stressed and the evidence surrounding that is clear.

    Not only that. We have seen Toyota shut down all North American plants – that’s Mexico, Canada and the US.

    What we look for now is the first three month period of operation around the world for corporations after the earthquake. You will see most of those earnings reports being published between June and July of this year…

    …that will not be able to be hidden. The impact of global GDP will be devastating. The United States especially, Canada.

    …that is something that will send the markets absolutely into a panic because the markets are totally over-leveraged. Everything has been banked upon growth, GDP growth. Japan has in effect killed growth around the planet. It may have killed the global economy because that event is not over and we don’t know how much damage is yet to be done as a result of the radiation to that country and around the world.

    One thing that Japan’s government, our government and the mainstream media have done is to ignore these facts and the potential adverse affects they could have on the entire global economy.

    This is a crisis now on the order of Chernobyl, perhaps worse. But this time it didn’t happen in an isolated Soviet Union, but rather, to a major global player and trade partner.

    Ruppert also points out that we have a real possibility of another European implosion resulting from Portuguese, Spanish and Italian debt problems.

    Combine these international pressures with our domestic problems, and we could be looking at critical mass within the next several months. The financial system would react first.

    What happens next is difficult to predict. The government and the Fed may have used up all of their silver bullets, and this could very well be the next down phase, a major down phase, in the global economic collapse.

    The question, of course, is will it be an orderly collapse over months and years (as we have seen thus far), or will it hit the fan all at once leading to a worst-case TEOTWAWKI scenario?

    Ruppert is not very optimistic:

    We have between now and July to get ourselves as ready as possible, to feed ourselves, to protect ourselves, to keep ourselves warm, to stay out of the way as much as possible until things settle down. I really do not think that we will be living in anything like the society we have known, the civilization we have known, by this fall.

    I’m as confident with this as I have ever been. This is a serious alert. We now have a calendar, we now have a clock. Get your stuff together no later than July, and that’s assuming that anyone of a half a dozen other things doesn’t go wrong to bring it about before that. But it’s pretty clear – a caveman could see it.

    At SHTFplan, and the same holds true for Collapsenet, our goal is to inform about the possibility and likelihood of far-from-equilibrium events. Just as we awoke one day to find the financial system coming off its hinges in 2008, the real estate market collapsing, and stock markets crashing, we’ll wake up to another life altering disaster in the future. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen in July. It could happen two years from now.

    Staying abreast of global events and their potential effects on the entire economic, financial, and geo-political systems of the planet is critical to understanding how to prepare yourself and your family. If you’re not ready yet, why not set a three month time frame to get as prepared as possible?

    Today it’s theory. Tomorrow it may be reality.

    Video: Michael Ruppert’s April 8, 2011 Emergency Action Alert:


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      1. One thing we know for sure now, the collapse will NOT come by July.   Everytime one of these dudes set a date NOTHING happens. 

      2. Ready as I can be prep wise, and loaded up with SPXU  ( S&P500 3x short fund )….love to see about <700 on the S&P again…….bring it on.

      3. The earnings reports will start to leak in the middle of June, especially if they are horrendous.  It’s interesting that Martin Armstrong’s historical analysis and quite fantastic prognostications on economic events predicts a major event occurring around June 13..

      4. one thing for sure, stan is a dumbshit, unemployment at 25%, Food stamps at 44 million and climbing, gulf spill ruined lives and fish stocks, orange crops and tomato crops ruined, inflation at the highest point ever, gas prices rising, food prices rising, japan radiation spreading the world over, congress corrupt to the core, 4 wars and more to come, this country is toast, except morons like stan and the dancing with the stars crowds have’nt figured it out yet.

      5. The reason the problem is so huge, is because som much of the system is leveraged.  When the quarterly reports show the downturn as mentioned in the video, the leveraged people, corporations, and gov’ts will all be unable to pay back the money they owe, and their creditors will know it.  Many gov’ts and large financial corporations will be insolvent and no bailout will be big enough to fix it.  The phrase coined several years ago was “cascading defaults”.  As soon as one country/major financial institution can’t pay, all of their debtors become unable to pay, and then all their debtors become unable to pay and so on.  That’s collapse time.

      6. Wow. Pretty sobering to have a date, and a clock, as Ruppert puts it. Can’t fault the logic at all. In fact, it’s logical that the quartlerly earnings reports will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, since they are the only accurate and reliable numbers that are reported (and the only ones “the people” hold the big corps and the feds accountable for!).

        I’ve asked on several sites what the anticipated time line for the SHTF would be over the past two years. No one could or would make a guess. Now that I have a probable date, it’s a little like staring down an oncoming tsunami – I have a real sinking feeling in my belly!!!

        With a little extra effort over the next few months, I think I can have most, if not all, of my preps in place. (Not that you can ever have enough groceries or bandaids or bullets!) I hope people pay attention. Those that do will have a front row seat to the greatest change to hit the planet since the dinosaurs went away!

      7. It will take me at least 11 weeks to paint her bottom, put two more coats of shiny on her bright work & provision the inside (of the sailboat).  The question is what will the GSR be?

      8. I’m not wishing for this to happen.  We are as prepared as we can be given the time, energy and money we have/had.  As far as a specific date…  I agree with stan.  Lots of dates have been suggested but I believe there are far too many variables for anyone to be as specific as Ruppert.  If it happens than so be it.  I pray not though.  It may be exciting for a week or so but if I wanted excitement, I’d watch “The Fattest Looser”.   In the meantime, I sure hope PM’s keep going up………..

      9. If #1 doesn’t want that tax break, maybe we’re paying you too damn much!  You make me sic.

      10. Comments…I have burnt all of my neurotransmitters out worrying about this for two and a half years.  I can’t even get my adrenaline up anymore.  If it happens, let it.  I’ve become a decent gardener and a fairly poor hunter and have a lot more provisions than most (well maybe not most here).  I’m ready, but I’m also ready to start living my life again.  ..

      11. Comments…..By the way, I’m thinking about building a boat too.  Not a survival boat but the classic runabout i bought plans and some lumber for three years ago before the shit hit the fan.  I’m sure you all noticed, but the shit hit the fan two and a half years ago.  We’re still waiting to see what it’s effects are.

      12. I dont know why Ruppert always does this. He is destroying his own credibility by, once again, trying to make a nostradomus date-specific prediction. Didn’t he learn his lesson when he predicted the “cliff event” in oil in the fall of 2010 or when he predicted tat the entire Gulf Coast was going to get evacuated around the same time? Ths guy has cried wolf so many times that he makes Jerry Falwell look layed back. I think this kind of thing actually turns people off to the true message of hope that those of us who know what is coming (but who admit that we don’t have the specific timing) are trying to get out to people. He basically makes us all look like a bunch of kooks everytime one of his prognostications turns out to be wrong.

        • He didn’t say it would happen, he said it was a possibility.

      13. Jennifer Griffin knows what she is talking about with A-10’s & special C-130’s.

      14. Comments…..  the collapse will hit like a thief in the night. You think it will happen in july? Maybe, could start in 1 hour, or this december, or next december, who knows. It is when not if.

      15. a Black Swan is very near.

      16. i agree with those who wonder why someone would risk their credibility with such brazen predictions.

        i first got all worried about end times in the 4th grade when i took a book of revelations bible study class; for the record: not good bedtime material for a 8 year old.  since that time, i’ve heard countless preachers set dates for the rapture and seen them laughed at time and again.  good men, just with too much hubris.
        i’m an atheist now, but am still wary of all the people who are prideful enough to set dates on things.

      17. I agree to large extent with Schaef. It IS bothersome when someone predicts TEOTWAWKI and it can make those of us who are doing our best to be self-sufficent (and wake up a few others to the fact that the balance we all live in is fragile) look bad.
        It is hard enough to deal with people asking me why I grow a garden or can and dehydrate food “since the grocery store has everything I could need and more”. Don’t get me wrong, I just tell them I enjoy gardening and eating food without pesticides, but when I want to try opening a discussion about what someone would do if the power went out for a few days because of storms, predictions like this make that conversation harder to have because then others view preppers like me as “one of those doomsday or end times nuts”.
        We all know disasters and unexpected S does HTF, even if it doesn’t cause a complete meltdown. Be prepared but don’t put a time-stamp on when the day will come.

      18. ………We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas……….
        ……..We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas……….
        ……..We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas……….
        ……..We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas……….
        ……..We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas……….

      19. Comments…..if it can it will,and dont think it cant happen to you or us
        who was it that said  a i think it was muphy
        he was fairly wise.
        dam it people read your’e history
        open youre eyes!!!!!!

      20. I’m voting with Stan and Bill on this one. It reminds me how I looked into the financial future as an undergraduate student and suggested in a paper to my Finance professor that there would be a shortage of working capital to fund emerging market countries development.
        He thought so too. Crank those presses Uncle Ben! 🙂

      21. Just another hiccup. This is not a TEOTWAWKI event. It is not life threatening.

      22. “””We are going to have BREADLINES by Christmas””””

             I don’t think we’ll ever see bread lines in America, Our government gave the bread away yrs ago and they’re doing their damndest to make sure we don’t have any. The best thing for anyone to do is just keep packing the long term food away and making prepping,gardening,canning a way of life.
        Eventually one of these predictions is going to come true(even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while) and the sheeple caught short will never catch up.

      23. I work for the US branch of a Japanese company that supplies machine components to all the companies named. We definitely were affected but here it is, over a month after the quake and we are now back to a near-normal schedule. Was there a disruption? Yes. Am I prepping like crazy? Yes, and you should, too. Do I have a stash of precious metals? Yes, and I made good money on it (on paper). Am I as scared as Mike Rupert? No. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying everything is hunky dory but I think Mike Rupert is over the top paranoid. It’s better to be safe than sorry but I have specific information that tells me things won’t be as bad as Mike Rupert predicts, at least not for the reasons he spells out. Personally if you don’t have several months worth of food for your family and a few freinds and neigbors, I will accuse you of being negligent and irresponsible, but Rupert sounds like Chicken Little to me.

        • I work for a north American Toyota plant. Currently we are building at 50%. We are increasing production volume this week and by August will be at 100%. One of you idiots PLEASE respond to that. By the way, I am REQUIRED to report to work everyday except for days off even if there are NO trucks being built. I get paid to do shit. Thank you.

      24. Mike Ruppert is a Drama Queen who has major difficulty handling his personal finances. Aside from that, he gave a convincing performance in “Collapse”.
        Because of the radiation, there will be a major run on food. It was mounting up for this event to occur before the quake, now it’s a given.
        Expect labels in health food stores to indicate certifiable non radiation product costing an arm and a leg.

      25. Can someone post a link to a news story stating that all North American Toyota plants are closed? 

      26. Welcome to The DOOMSDAY CAFE-Todays Menu: ChickenLittle and Dumplings, served on Toasted Economy with No Gravy Train. Enjoy it with iced teotwawki, Dr Prepper or a tall cool glass of freeze dried water. $7.95 per person (payable in silver/gold coins only) Aint no breadlines here, come on in! Now, will that be smoking or nonsmoking? Oh, I forgot. We no longer have a smoking area, but you can bring your guns in. Then when you do smoke, if anybody gives you any static about it, just shoot ’em! Be sure and tip the bus boy extra to remove the bodies. Thank you.

      27. This is the way of thing, economically. Things hold on and hold on until the very last minute, then, something like this earthquake/tsunami comes along and triggers the collapse. We say it “triggers” it, but, in reality there have been a whole list of things. Its just that people and processes have held on as long as possible and the “tension to collapse” has built up to astronomical levels. It will be very nearly like pulling the rug out from under us. The world’s butt will hit the floor so hard that we’ll bounce and hit again. We hit so hard back in 2008 that we are still on that bounce. We’ll hit harder and deader this time. There is no place to go but down. People just don’t understand that when you base a financial system on expanding debt, there eventually comes a limit that you cannot exceed. We are very near that.
        I often have been caught reviling the likes of Barack Obama. He is but a puppet of the bankster/IMF/NWO crowd. …a sympathetic and pathetic puppet. However, sometimes I have to wonder if his treasonous actions are counter to the frog in the slowly heated pan of water. He’s turned the heat up and maybe, just maybe, the frog is about to jump out of the pan and live another day. I’m not saying he’s a good guy, I’m just saying that the appetites of the globalist/bankster/NWO cabal have driven us off the cliff. The impact may, at least, wake us up. Hopefully we’ll live through it.
         is the new safety net.
        Thanks Mac for another well written summary and commentary. In the face of all these problems, your work is very valuable. Without it, many more would have the sheople gaze and be swept away, unprepared.

      28. Nobody was aware that the tsunami / earthquake in Japan or the oil spill in the Gulf or when Katrina was going to hit. So with that being said, it is almost impossible for me to believe a prediction when a economic  collapse will occur. It will come when we will not expect it, like the other events ocurred. If anything, this “could’ be a slow death toward an economic collapse.
        I also work for a company that supplies parts to a major Japanese company and our production has been greatly effected for at least three months. The employees have been offered voluntary lay off.
        I have heard so many predictions over the past twenty years, I have become calloused to it. But I have been preparing for bad times, an insurance for my family, friends and myself.
        Prepare as much as you can and do it as quietly as you can.
        Wish you all the best.

      29. GOD alone knows when the day will come when the whole economic/social system crashes and burns. Perhaps the elites and the banksters can keep things going for a while longer, but then again ….. perhaps not.

        Like many others who post here, I am working hard to put the finishing touches on my preps and will then go into a “sustaining mode”.

        Next time you are out checking the garage sales, be on the look-out for used Zippo lighters. You can frequently pick them up for a couple of bucks; all those ex smokers don’t seen to have any use for them anymore. Much better barter items than the Bic type disposables. They will ignite almost any flamable liquid. Those with broken hinges or other issues can be sent back to the factory and they will repair them for free; they have a lifetime guarantee. New, you can find them for < $20. Just a thought.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

      30. I think we are all existing in our current situation on borrowed time. Why this has not happened yet is only because of greed. Holders of bonds will not sell because they do not want to create a panic. Yet they know what they hold, is vapor. The bond holders have a “tiger by the tail” and don’t know how to turn it loose. July August, maybe. The date is not important. It is not important  if you are viewed as ahead of you time or due for you own padded room. You only live with one person, To your own self be true. What Joe blow down the street has or thinks is of no value. I do not need a crystal ball to illuminate what is before my eyes. I can certainly say I would not trust the judgment of anyone foolish enough to own stock, bonds, gold, silver. If they are that connected to the world they will never survive. They will be cast in to a Tsunami that they will never recover from.

        Stocks are being manipulated, the price of gold, silver, commodities all over inflated. When the currency fails who’s money will someone accept? If I have extra gasoline will I sell it for gold, silver stock, or trade it for a loaf of bread. What is the nutritional value of gold, silver, bonds, stock? Except that you plan for yourself no one will be there to plan for you.

      31. The thing about this report is that it gives everyone a sense on urgency.

        @grannyb – Yes!… Good for you! There is no feeling like having all your preps in place!

        One thing is for sure… We are between a rock and a hard place with absolutely no good outcome in the end. Either the Fed will stop funding the economy this July, and we enter a deep recession or QE3 is executed and we enter an inflationary recession.

        With low interest rates, an anemic economy, and high unemployment – it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. there’s no where to go.

        Preparation is more important now than ever! As “Prepper” says… If you don’t prepare you are “negligent and irresponsible”!

      32. Ever watch a squirrel dig for a nut?  Do they remember where they buried it or can they just smell it?  I’ll take a SOS on a toasted slice of home made bread with jimmy dean & a steaming cup of joe.
        China’s economy is over heating, Euro is broke and their money is worth more (bad for exports) and we are inflating away our debt.  It’s as simple as that.

      33. It seems that when people start setting a date for their predictions, the further the collapse is postponed.
        Perhaps this is suppose to be the new way of life where the middle class and poor continue to suffer while that top 1% reign supreme and its something we have to get use to.
        The current system seems to be holding everything in place by duct tape, glue and staples but is there any other solutions for a better system thus far? The more we hope the system crashes the more tape, glue and staples they apply to hold it together. I feel that this current system can hold together for a lot longer than we anticipate, probably another 20 to 30 years.

      34. Comments…..Well, its going to get ugly!!! and this could very well be,the last piece of the puzzle.He also failed to mention that QE2 ends around the same time as well. DOUBLE WHAMEY!!! .Soooo who’s up for a ride in the country?

      35. Japan is open for business, the factories are operating.
        The Fukushima 50 mile area has less of a global economic impact than New Orleans.
        Ruppert must of got his royalty checks from those End of Live on Earth Cable TV shows.  Nice $15 wall calender.

      36. Not the ‘Big Bang’ but just another major leg down.
        Never underestimate the degree of control the Rothschild [K]abal has over a situation that they have carefully engineered form its inception.
        Give thanks that it is so, for it has given much time to prepare for when the SHTF!


        April 14th, 2011 at 10:59 pm

        Sam, read ‘Heaven Is For Real’ and then tell me that 4 year old made all that up and used related incidents for his tales…a warning maybe to atheists?? 
        Oh, I’m sure that 4 year old knew who Jesus’ cousin, John is, right?? All 4 year olds know that!!!  NOT! 

      38. How can commodities be over inflated?  Your talking paper commodities right?


        Fed Up—perfect example…guy came to clean the house yesterday tells me to close the garage windows; I tell him there are only 45 gallon garbage cans with water in them in front of the cracked window—keep going…he asks why I have those filled with water and the discussion proceeds that I am a prepper…, a tech of the phone company, self-employed for 20 years, knows an employee trying to get ‘off the grid'(my term, he didn’t know it), he didn’t know the term, and now you have prime example of what we’re dealing with!!!

        Where do these people get their groceries???  Or not??


      40. I work for a Japanese auto parts supplier in Columbus, OH and we have just gone to a 30 hour work schedule until July.
        That is going to result in a 25% decrease in wages for over 200 of us, while food/energy prices are rising by about the same.

      41. Comments….. The thing that bothers me about things like this is that come august, there won’t be a video saying, “oops, I was wrong.” He’ll just come out with another video saying why TSHTF in December, “It’s as clear as day on this one folks, society as we know it will cease to exist in Decemeber…yeah December…” forgetting completely about his July prediction.
        So I’m just going to keep doing what I can do when I can do it. When it happens is completely out of my hands so there is no point stressing over it. When it happens, I’ll be the best prepared as I can be at the time. Prep like it’s going to happen tomorrow, but live life like it’s not going to happen at all so that you’re able to enjoy the time while we have it.

        in above, the double entry of not knowing the term>????? He didn’t know ‘prepper’ or ‘off the grid’…..
        gets harder to multi-task the older we are!!! 

      43. I have to agree with Michael on this one. Once the dust settles the only items of value will be those that help you live another day. Seems to me there is way to much fear floating around. One has to evaluate their trade items as this will be what will sustains you.
        Survival is a human instinct, but do you have the skills and can you withstand the time it will take (you) to adjust and adapt to a new way of life. This isn’t going to be about bullets and band-aides or bags of beans, your survival will boil down to how well you can adapt. I know those who will come for your beans will adapt.

      44. Really, nobody knows when its going to end except God, not even Jesus. I wouldn’t listen to him on the video. Just be prepared as much as you can and pray!

      45. Going to be another hot summer..
        Heat and discontent bring along a lot of unrest..
        oops just another stupid prediction sorry folks

      46. What is #1 going to do then with the marching, looters & killers?

      47. one thing for sure,making this video and putting it out in April gives everyone interested in raising some of their own food plenty of time to plow the garden.


      49. So when is this disaster forthcoming-Tomorrow, July or 2 years from now?
        You went from July to two more time frames. Can you have it three ways?

      50. I like to follow the saying hope for the best, but plan for the worse.  I hope Stan is wrong and life continues just like it did after Y2K.  However, I would rather have a date to plan to as it helps me to push with some urgency on prepping.  Otherwise, too easy to take it easy and never get anything done.


      52. I’m continuing my preps as usual, getting a garden in soon.  And the guy across the street has a chicken coop now?  Must be a prepper with that big greenhouse and all.  Must go over and chat sometime.
        Just cashed in my airmiles for $180 worth of grocery certs.  🙂
        Oh, MAc, the new server seems to be working really well now that it has a 350/4-barrel.  🙂

      53. I have a very solid feeling we will see another downturn this fall. Based on alot of things that are happening, QE ending, government layoffs, inflation, etc.
        The only thing I have to add is: What were gas prices like before the first crash? above 3$ for about 6 months, then hitting over 4$. Now? Above 3$ for 2 months and we’re already pretty darn close to 4$

      54. Ruppert, Steve Quayle, Celente, and certain guests on Alex Jones (Linsey Williams) are date setters and their credibility is ruined; Gary North and other financial men (Bob Chapman, McIlvany, and others) ditto.  When I see a video pop up with them in it on any website, I  won’t listen to it…why would anyone pay for their crap (books, videos, newsletters) anyway?   If any of them made so called  accurate predictions, it would be pure coincidence in the future. Maybe that’s why they keep predicting and selling their crap.

      55. Once again, Thank you SHTF for actual info.
        the MSM sucks so bad most folk wont know what hit them.
        July or not, the writing has been on the wall for all to see. I wish America would open their eyes sooner than latter.

      56. Crunch time….

        Wake up America. It’s time to regroup.“JOIN THE REVOLUTION”
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      57. Crunch time….

        Wake up America. It’s time to regroup.“JOIN THE REVOLUTION”
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      58. I can tell you precisely when System Collapse will occur, but it is an indicative event, not a date. Silver now at c. $43; dollar at c. 75 index pts. When those two lines cross, “you can kiss all this goodbye…”.

      59. Laura M, lindsey williams is actually pretty credible. I am writing a story on him and it will be published soon on my site. I truly believe he has the inside track on some stuff because there is always a lot of stuff he admits he is not allowed to tell us. He has been wrong about stuff before (like predicting McCain as the next pres) but no one AND I MEAN NO ONE could have predicted the moves in oil that he has. Also what makes him different is that he doesnt claim to be a genius. He just says that the elite tell lhim what they are gonna do. Therfore there is a big difference between he and the other so-called “economists”.

      60. I wouldn’t put my life’s savings on JULY’S THE END..
        But having said that,in Germany things more or less perked along in the 1920’s even with heavy losses in the value of their dollar UNTIL the general public(today’s sheeple) lost confidence in their governments’ ability to “handle” the problems that confronted Germany.Then in ONE day they went to hyperinflation because it seems everyone decided the money was worthless.I have seen a good book on this but it’s valued at $600.00+(wonder why?)

      61. I, I’m a one way motorway
        I’m a road that drives away
        then follows you back home
        I, I’m a street light shining
        I’m a wild light blinding bright
        burning off alone

        (uh huh huh)

        it’s times like these you learn to live again
        it’s times like these you give and give again
        it’s times like these you learn to love again
        it’s times like these time and time again

        I, I’m a new day rising
        I’m a brand new sky
        to hang the stars upon tonight
        I, I’m a little divided
        do I stay or run away
        and leave it all behind?

        (uh huh huh)

        it’s times like these you learn to live again
        it’s times like these you give and give again
        it’s times like these you learn to love again
        it’s times like these time and time again

        (oh x11)

        (uh huh huh)

        it’s times like these you learn to live again
        it’s times like these you give and give again
        it’s times like these you learn to love again
        it’s times like these time and time again(x3

      62. Comments…..teotwawki and the doo doo hitting the fan began more than two years ago folks….and the doo doo is just flying a little bit faster these days. soon you won’t know what it was that hit you, especially if you have not been ready for it. not too many people out there seem to be comprehending what they are reading in the way of history or of current events/affairs.  for heavens sake pay attention towhat your gut is telling you. better to always be prepared for anything than be caught unawares…in all matters of life.

      63. I pray for collapse.  I pray for the destruction of this monstrous surveillance society that we have built throughout the Western world.  I pray for the abortion of the New World Order before that hideous abomination can be born to enslave humanity for thousands of years.
        I won’t be hiding in my basement when it hits the fan.  You people, hiding in your holes, are as historically irrelevant as those ignorant ones that don’t see this coming.  You are like algae carried by the tide of history, members of the bottom 95% of humanity that simply “go along to get along.”  You don’t make waves so you are at the mercy of those that do.
        I don’t expect to survive SHTF and I’m okay with that.  It is better to die on my feet as a man than to live in chains as a slave.

      64. Michael Rupert is a clever guy, however, he is also overly wrought up with this “crash and burn” theory based solely on the “earnings report” that is expected to be released in second quarter. Even a caveman knows that no reasonably thinking individual can premise their assumptions on stock/bond market reports and or projections. I think we’ll see some signs of accelerating inflation with run up on weak dollar rather than the total obliterating collapse. Remember, the “Fed & the Co. don’t wish to see their efforts go to vain and thus they’ll apply financial brakes as they see fit – QE3.
        On the other hand, a proverbial saying of “Forewarned is forearmed” can also be heeded. So, I would steadily continue to be prepping without going to extremes or expecting the world to fall on its face tomorrow.

        By the same token, consider this fact of history: Hitler and Stalin have signed a non-aggression act in 1939 which essentially guaranteed that Germany would not attack Russia. Yet, while Russians had been non-vigilant and non-prepared, Hitler covertly attacked and seized Poland in few crucial days before attacking Western Russia and annihilating its defense. In few days of war, Nazi Germans advanced deep in to Russian territory crushing resistance and burning the land.
        Why this has happened? Lack of respect for advance preparedness and total disbelief in sudden change of events.

        Enjoy life while being ready and alert for any Murphy’s Law eventualities. It WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

        Good luck and God Bless to all!

      65. There is nothing new about what Michael Ruppert is saying.  There is nothing surprising at all.  Since Jim Rogers and Dr. Faber have been warning us about this for sometime now.
        Any variable could trigger a collapse at any time, and the whole system is on life support as Bruno has said.  Variables can be such as B.R.I.C.S’s decision, manipulation of the stock market, inflation, shrinking and expanding money supply.

        Even a caveman could see the writing on the wall.  

      66. Jim Roger and Dr. Faber are the ones who should get the credit for warning, explaining and telling us what’s good and not good for the dollar and our economy.


      68. tekroanin

         your post are to long and no one reads a long post

      69. Shaef:  I bookmarked your website and will continue reading it.  L Williiams is best on  oil, but his prophecy club show with other speakers on Pr club radio have made wild predictions in the past.  If he has strong ties to the Pr club, he may be better off ditching them and sticking with other shows as a guest.  Is he part owner in that org?

      70. Businesses lie about earnings all the time. The basis of his entire prediction is simply weak. Collapse is a slow motion train wreck that is going to take years to realize. Its called entering low earth orbit, folks…

      71. Yes but the rate of decay is increasing @ an increasing rate and my insulation squares are glowing now.

      72. Comments…..Not much for paying attention to those calling dates out. I’m just going to keep on keeping on with what I’ve been doing, same as most of you. I must admit that being in my 50’s I much rather shtf  now then further down the road. I’m still pretty agile, fleet of foot, keen eye, and have good teeth. In other words, I can still sprint to my guns, do a roll and come up shooting and hit what I’m aiming at, eat a tough ol’ piece of steak and a ear of sweet corn!

      73. @JJ.  Please remember that security is very important.  Your cleaning guy now knows right where to come if the shtf.

        Everyone.  Do not tell anyone about your preps.  People will do ANYTHING when they are starving.  And they might bring 20 other hungry & armed friends with them.  They’ll wipe out all of your storage in less than an hour.

      74. Well, lots of interesting comments, including the ones by Mr. Ruppert. I am not sure of any of these crystal ball predictions either, but we are definitely heading into some economic issues.  The primary reason the economy hasn’t collapsed already is that the they’ve been printing money like crazy.  The whole economy is one big bubble.  Think about it; 70% of economic activity is consumer spending.  Cities, states and the feds are all laying off employees (by necessity), as people lose their jobs they will stop spending and things will begin to snowball. Wall Street has been back on the gambling spree they had been on since the mid 90’s.  Something bad is going to happen, though nobody knows when.  I personally do not think it will be swift, I think it will be death by millions of stick-pins; long and slow.  Many will not even know it is happening.  Be prepared.  I like Mac’s post a few days ago about food stuffs that last nearly forever; read it.

      75. Hey, Rocket Man- did you forget to hit the anti-thrusters during re entry? Better step on the brakes, or else one of your Russian cosmonaught babes will have to tether up and go reglue the insulation tiles! Major bummer to have to do that at the last minute. Trust me on this. I have experience. In 1968 some friends and I were jumping a “canyon” on bicycles. Awesome flight! I was airborn for what seemed like hours! We called it low earth orbit. Unfortunately we hadn’t spent much time developing a re entry plan and touchdown wasn’t even on the drawing board yet. Two of us jumped at the same time and got tangled up somewhere in the ionosphere. That’s the day we invented the term “splashdown.” 2 casts and 29 stitches later all we could say was “let’s do it again!” 🙂

      76. I understand what you are saying okra but I like it fried.  Thanks anyway, come talk to me when you have 300 plus landings on a carrier & many tankings out @ sea @ 20k plus on a dark night.  18 or 20 keep it going & I always respect them, thanks.  When do the lightning bugs come out….  A stitch is an itch.

      77. SO: And thats when you got the nickname “SmokinOkie” right?

      78. Two quotes that may temper the judgement regarding predictions based upon similar previous events…
        ‘Generals are always prepared to fight the last war.’

        ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.’
        Yet, there is this…
        ‘Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It.’


      79. Back after a nice vacation and Mac puts this out… Way to depress me 😉

        Most here don’t realize, QE2 is not ending in June.  As Mr. UselessBen chose his words carefully.  In summary he said, at least 600 billion will be spent by June.  Doesn’t say more cannot be spent after or even before, since he used “at least 600…” and “by June”.  He never, ever mentioned a termination date for the entire program like he did with QE1.  This way they can quietly keep on pumping.  If you read the transcript of his speech its quite interesting the change in wording from QE1 announcement to the QE2 one.

        Just word to the wise.

      80. Yep, it’s like most of the commenters here say. The gov is going to inflate their way out of this debt monstrosity. The fact that most folks in amerika will be financially wiped out to the point of hunger and homelessness- well that’s just an unfortunate side effect. Besides we all have to “sacrifice and do our part for the common good” right? I’ll bet barry and me-shell cut back to no more than 4 lobster dinners a month. Just to show us peons that they feel our pain.
        Seriously though, can you believe that jerkoff of a usurper said in his speech the other day that rich people would gladly pay more taxes it’s just that “nobody’s asked them to.” (yet) This guy aint just out of touch with the american people, he’s lost contact with reality!

        Which reminds me, the cam-pain season is under way, so if you kind people here will just pony up the Billion $ for expenses I’ll gladly run. And I’ll bring my own birth certificate!

      81. PS  Just to be fair to the other candidates I’ll have half my brain removed (the other half don’t work anyway.) And I’ll even have ear-enlargement surgery…
        the sacrifices I make for my country

      82. The moment that anyone puts a date on “the collapse” is the moment they’ve become a fool.

      83. Hard to know if he is right. If so we get a fast market crash and everything gets cheaper quick;  except food, necessities, PM and survival supplies, then chaos ensues.  If he’s wrong the Fed bails out the entire market by buying it all, the same way they buy treasuries lately, everything gets more expensive, and chaos arrives a bit slower.
        Either way the collapse gets closer and more obvious this summer.  It is a good time to build a greenhouse, put in a bigger garder, buy more canning jars, add a spare diesel or propane tank, just what we were planning to do anyway! 

        Of course, if you were planning to buy spare parts for your foreign tractor, chainsaw, truck or whatever, might want to move such purchases to the A list.

      84. Serious question: Given that he is predicting TEOTWAWKI, exactly **why** is he living in California? I ask this as an honest question. Presumably, he’d want to be as far away from the socialist, Kalifornia “Golden Horde” that will be at his own doorstep in a heartbeat if this happens.

      85. Thanks for the link.  My point is this Ruppert quote: “We have seen Toyota shut down all North American plants – that’s Mexico, Canada and the US” IS NOT TRUE!

        What else is he wrong about?

      86. Comments….. I watched the video, but I think Mr. Ruppert missed all the billboard signs out there warning of the end of the world May 21.  Once we get passed May 21 which is nearly 30 days away, then we can continue to look past July and beyond.  There’s no doubt in my mind that a collapse will happen – no one knows the day or the hour of that event.

      87. Comments….. BTW, Mr. Ruppert lives in Sebastopol, CA, a quiet community that grows grapes for wine. It’s a tourist area as well, and famous for growing apples.  If he has two acres, he’s probably on the outskirts of town.  He’s far enough north of San Francisco.  IIRC, he’s a former LA police detective.  I think ITSHTF, he’ll be okay.

      88. WOW roughly 2 1/2 months to go until the “collapse” starts to take effect! We all agree its coming sooner than later.

        Does anyone think Ruppert will lose credibillity if he is wrong?

        What do you guys think?

      89. Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best…but the hope is getting thinner after 2 years of broken promises. Its harder to say When the Collapse started…was it 9/11? or July ’08? One thing for sure it is underway already. My Question that is of more immediate concern is When will it End?

      90. I feel better that you are ok.

      91. Mac, why are letting tekroanin or whatever spam your blog?
        The collapse has already happened.  things will degrade at a fairly constant rate.  The printing press is a parachute for the sheeple to slow the theft process down to a level they will accept.  The end result is the same, but it allows the criminals plenty of time to escape.  The sheeple will not respond until it is far too late.
        Leave the corp now.  Don’t wait for it to collapse.  You are standing at the base of the World Trade Centers.  The planes have crashed into them.  You can get the hell out of them now or you can wait for it to set off the explosive charges that will vaporize you and/or your money.
        The whole purpose of prepping to get ready for the collapse of commerce that will result from the collapse of the corporation, and those we have already seen.
        The corp will die a slow and violent death.  Best to not even be a part of it.

      92. I don’t know this guy but if he was so good you would expect to see some tangible evidence of his sucess. Maybe a decent office with natural light and a window, decent technology that he doesn’t have to complain about, refer us to previous successful predictions that have come to fruition, my first impression is he is desperate at his stage in life to be respected as some kind of expert. Nothing personal but that’s my first hurdle an expert must get over. This guy hasn’t come close to even attempting to jump. 

      93. Gods Creation ,

        You’re dead on.  People can miss some good postings, full of facts and good ideas.

        We don’t know if the UN or NATO troops are here, but his postings are in tune with the mainstream media lately about the UN. 

        I thought one of the U.N’s purposes is to stop the unjustified aggression, and the international counsel must vote on any actions.  I sometimes see there are some articles on the net to combat against some comments here. I think he’s wise enough to know how to handle it.



      94. Gods Creation ,


        You’re dead on.  People can miss some good postings, full of facts and good ideas.

        We don’t know if the UN or NATO troops are here, but his postings are in tune with the mainstream media lately about the UN. 

        I thought one of the U.N’s purposes is to stop the unjustified aggression, and the international counsel must vote on any actions.  I sometimes see there are some articles on the net to combat against some comments here. I think he’s wise enough to know how to handle it.


      95. There are alot of articles that talk about GM has been making plenty of money, not losing money as Ruppet said.

        “General Motors registers 16% first quarter sales increase in the Middle East.” by

        “GM Middle East had a good month and a solid first quarter of 2011, despite some unrest in the region and the tragic disasters in Japan,” said John Stadwick, President and Managing Director of GM Middle East Operations.”

      96. Many people think that they’ll wake up one morning, look out the window to see MadMax and crew racing around making anarchy, they will not.
        This will be a relatively slow unwinding and readjustment to society (at  least that’s what they’re trying to do!).
        In a few years, we’ll have a much lower standard of living from much higher costs of food, fuel, clothing,heating, electric, etc.

      97. Barring teotwawki, GM is going to have a great year, next year. They have a number of electric hybrids coming out on their best conventional models. I suspect that many buyers are waiting for the introduction of those models before they purchase.

      98. Lets not forget that those profits are reported before GE has to pay any of its bonds or interest.  Though the US Federal government fully back all GE bonds (joy) they company pays out more in interest payments then it makes in 4 quarters as profits.  It has borrowed money for the last 2 decades to make interest payments and capital investments.  Again, this is evident in their SEC reports.  Let alone their unsustainable pension funds.

        GE is not really a company I would want to own.  Porter Stansberry called GM collapsing for the same reason, just GE got a big backing by the Federal government before it could collapse like GM did.  But nothing has changed since 2008 with them.

        GM should have died and not been bailed out either.  Why the government gets to play God is beyond me.  That should be left to someone a bit higher up I think.

      99. This is not bad news, this is an opportunity. If I know the American spirit at all, I would say that this could be what could pull us away from the brink. We have many smart people with resources and determination. One thing America is very good at is seeing a need and filling it.

      100. Am I number one hundred, again?  Nice job Mac.

      101. Collapse happens to those who lose their jobs, savings, shelter, food, hope…Yep, not a real date for it, it is still happening, every minute, everyday! It’s OK to prepare, it could happen to anyone, and different things can trigger that very personalized collapse.

      102. We are all frogs in a pot of slow boiling water.
        I am old enough to remember how to live simply though, its not so horrific.
        You might actually enjoy a slower pace.
        Think Andy of Mayberry or Gilmore Girls stars hollow.

      103. Comments…..It  is quite simple – either the politicians put the USA through austerity, ( lower taxes and cut spending and drill for oil everywhere) which will increase the value of the dollar and result in a 2 year depression.
        Afterward the economy will boom if the taxes are kept low and the government expenditures balanced with the revenue to the government.
        In other words, the USA will be considered a good place to invest

        If the Soros / Obama plan continues then the dollar will become worthless as the world abandons the currency resulting in an inflationary depression as Bernake continues to print to keep interest rates down
        Since  almost half of the country is on some form of welfare, they may choose to go down the drain with Soros / Obama rather than straighten out the mess with some sacrifice.

      104. This is just so much hype.  The situation in Japan is NOT another Chernobyl.  How many people have died so far from radiation in Japan?

        Correct – Zero!  This doesn’t mean there won’t be some deaths from radiation poisoning; it means that the media is totally inept with regard to science.

      105. Comments…..Look around you, in your town.   How many empty buildings do you see?   How many businesses have gone down?   Gas is going up.  food is going up.  We have food shortages, floods and famines around the world.   Riots and fighting around the world.  earthquakes, tsunami’s , tornadoes, floods , wildfires. A disaster could come at any time.    Even the squirrels have the good sense to prepare for the future.  It is not called hoarding…. it is what our ancestors called having  Common Sense.  Don’t depend on someone else to care for you.  
        I read a comment a while back from a prepper , who was in a pawn shop.   He asked the owner if he was growing a garden.  The owner replied,, why would I need to?    I have GUNS.  If I need it,  I will come and find YOU.    Many make no preparations , because they will do just that.   If a way to protect yourself is not part of your survival supplies , then you may need to make adjustments.
        If any of the warnings that have been given have prompted you to prepare then just Thank Them for making you aware.
        The whole world is in chaos, and all tied together financially.  They all think we are rich in America.  Many are dying while just trying to get here.   I was recently at a seminar on emergency preparedness.  The speaker made the comment,” You cannot build enough fences to keep people out , when they are being killed in other countries and starving for food.  THEY WILL COME.  This is a WORLD WIDE COLLAPSE.
        Remember how you grew up.   Did everyone have multiple cell phones,  televisions in all rooms , multiple cars, air conditioning,  the luxury of eating out instead of cooking,  expensive video games, satellite telvision, prescription drug addictions and buying PURSES for 200.00??  This has all occurred in the last40 years.   It was a different world when I was 15.  We were lucky to have one home phone, on a party line.    What we are living is a very inflated, unsustainable situation.  That is reality.    

      106. And the cavemen had no telephone or TV or TV dinner… It’s just progression folks, thing is these days every word of every man can reach every man, every minute… same old for the last many hundreds of years, just now we get to see it, and promote the realization of our own self prophesized demise…

      107. The U.S. debt is what will cause the fall.  We as a nation have gone from being the most wealthest nation to now being the nation most in debt.  I fear for our grandchildren.

      108. It’s July. I guess Ruppert was wrong. Again.

        • shit bout to hit the fan he said be ready by july i think this will do it im actually kind of happy im poor already

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