Summer 2010: The Next Stage That’s Coming is Political Collapse

by | May 14, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness, Michael Ruppert | 22 comments

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    Mike Ruppert, a former LAPD investigator and the documentary filmmaker behind The Collapse movie, says that we’re out of time and the next phase of the collapse will begin no later than this summer:

    Am I for secession? Against it? — I am resigned to it… either as a voluntary act or an ad hoc reality as collapse proceeds. The next stage that’s coming is political collapse which I believe will be triggered here when the nation realizes how bad the Deepwater Horizon leak really is and how it has been misled. As one commentator noted “Deepwater Horizon is the Three Mile Island of deep water oil exploration”. No more deepwater drilling and oil prices will spike for sure. — Or, it might come when Freddie and Fannie ask for another $50-100 billion, even as the Gulf coast’s foreclosure rate goes exponential and banks continue to fail. It might come in a massive cyber attack. Name your poison. It might come with an attack on Iran. There’s plenty of crisis around and we all know it. Pity the poor fools who are looking to buy houses now when they’ll be worth half as much in a year. It’s Darwinian deselection now. I can guarantee that the Pacific Northwest and California will balk at having their resources sent to bail out an unrecoverable Gulf Coast. I predicted that regional stress right after Katrina and Rita when I only saw another big hurricane hitting as a result of climate change. Deepwater Horizon is much, much worse.

    I do not have to tell you all that we’re out of time. With the leak from Deepwater Horizon spewing at least 25,000 bpd and out of control — and with the EU’s “nuclear” bailout move having shot its wad in just one day, the writing is clear. It’s as clear as Japan’s near-to-imploding economy behind a debt that’s worse than Greece, with no IMF or EU to fall back on. It’s as clear as the explosives residue from a North Korean torpedo found on a sunken South Korean warship. It’s as clear as the tail-wagging-the-dog bs propaganda about Times Square terrorists from Pakistan. It’s as clear as China’s superheated, about-to-implode bubble coupled with its tectonic social problems. It’s as clear as the mass of forward-hedged oil purchases from a few weeks ago that blasted through the record of June 2008. My guess is that the actual depletion rate may be as high as 12% I do not know if we have days or weeks until the wheels come off. There can be no more bailouts. Oh, governments in Europe and the US might have to try and sell them, but I agree with the IMF assessment from a few months ago that said another round of bailouts would trigger massive civil unrest. And what we’re seeing now is new bailouts cutting into the banking system and bond spreads triggering a rise in rates and… inflation… Inflation.

    Like I said in a scene that didn’t make the final cut of Collapse, The final blow to industrial civilization “will happen no later than the summer of 2010.”

    Got milk, rice, beans, water, gold, guns, ammo and a SHTF survival plan?

    If Mr. Ruppert is right then we’re out of time, and the only advice we can provide is: Buckle Up.

    Hat tip to SHTF Plan Contributor Rick Blaine


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      1. I agree w/ the author on a number of points, but summer 2010 is a pretty aggressive call

      2. Hope it’s 2010, let’s get it over with.  

        Down with the federal government!   Up with the people!

        (except Obama supporters, you losers can stay in the pits where you belong)

      3. I don’t know about that 20smoney…maybe he’s a bit conservative.  I’ve been prepping for this for a number of years now, and telling those that would listen to do the same.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many who are willing to listen.  If he’s wrong, and it doesn’t happen for a couple of years and you’ve taken the time to prepare, then you’re still ahead.  If he’s right, and it happens in August 2010, and you’ve prepared then your family will love you for it, and you will be happy too as when they tell you they’re hungry or there’s a strange man coming up the drive with a gun, you’ll be ready.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and be prepared as Noah was for the flood.

      4. Best of luck to every one. I’m going to need it. I live in Flint, MI.

      5. Reg – We live in T.C. Mi.  Plenty of room, feel free to move north.  It’s scary stuff we’re living in.   My son is graduating from H.S. tomorrow.  What does he get to live with?

      6. None of us on this web site can deny that the crash is coming , where the dis agreement is : when .  I don’t think it will be just one event  that sets the whole thing off but a series of events that will do it .  Perhaps starting with the failure of one country’s economy followed by several more . Collapse of the stock markets world wide followed by natural disasters then,  a war  between Israel and those who threaten it .  Riots here in the US  ( take your pick on the reasons ) All will add up to the collapse of the dollar .  Will it happen ? who knows,  BUT it can happen , and that in its self should be of a concern to all .

      7. Wait we have time for some more Bailouts. Can someone do the math on the new $26 billion dollar bailout to save 300,000 teaching jobs.  My calaulator can’t count that high.

        The storm is coming. For most it will be a shocker. As we move from Nations to the New World Order, we all know from history there will be a huge purge. Everyone should  go back and read Rev: 5,6,7 & 8.

        The author is correct with everything he said. I personally don’t think we will even need a triggering event. I think the system is just going to collapse under its own wieght. The only question is when!!!

        God help us all, I pray this doesn’t come to pass.

      8. @ demcad
        Thanks for the heads up buddy.Your youtube info got me to start gearing up a year ago.Thank You 🙂

        And lets not forget the 6 million + Americans who will begin losing their unemployment benefits.

        Emergency extension, after emergency extension, after emergency extension has finally run its course.Any of the possible triggers listed above can now include millions of hungry, angry, unemployed Americans who will no longer have ‘ any ‘ money to pay for food or shelter.

        Gear up folks.

        Whether it’s this summer or next summer the situation is NOT getting any better.

      9. Comments…..i agree that the collapse is on for 2010 . i live in a small city in canada. while being isolated will provide some insulation from the chaos that will hit the large urban areas we will still see shortages in food and all other necessities as the supply chain breaks down.
        it is a time to keep family close and remember that faith and hope will see us thru and it is never too late to pray to our heavenly Father.

      10. a reference by the  author  to ” climate change ” is when i stopped reading. what a douchebag!

      11. @ jaream…
        While the term “climate change” raises my blood pressure, I think in this case you quit too soon. The info about the coming collapse is right on.

        I just hope we have until August before TSHTF- I have some final preps to make and can’t afford to do it all at once.

        Very soon now, “climate change” will occupy very little of our conscious thoughts. We’ll be far too busy just trying to survive.

      12. Comments…..All you people are like a bilind man gropping around in the dark, you know it’s going to happen but you don’t know when. The when is the most important part, put your mind at ease, nothing drastic is going to happen in 2010, but the slow economic death will continue for the next 6 years with different kinds of shock waves here and there , then things will ignite and flare up over the next couple decades. Foresight is everything.

      13. Sheeseh! You have to agree with every word that comes out of someones mouth, to agree with any of it?

        Thats what keeps people poor, ignorant, and powerless. Divisiveness. “They” love that, you know?

      14. Times are going to get real bad. Next year you will the economic collapse, food shortages, nd possably a form of gun control such as taxation . There encircling the grid of inslavement.But first they must make every body broke because that takes the fight out of the population . Americans arent hurting yet, give it another year and lets just see ?

      15. I’m working on withdrawing myself from the mainstream economy as much as possible. My two roommates cover the cost of the mortgage, and 2/3 the utilities. I buy groceries and what not with money I earn on odd-jobs around town. Develop and use your skills! Whether its digging a ditch (what i did yesterday) or painting someone’s room.. every dollar counts in this economy. I finally had a month in the black after living off my severance package from January. I’ve hedged half of my savings in precious metals, and am using a few grand to secure my house. Much of my free time when not working is spent helping out neighbors, who hopefully will reciprocate. Don’t care to conjecture about when it’ll all go down. I try to live life one day at a time, enjoying the small things, and not worrying about things I have no control over. I wish everyone on here the best of luck in the coming months.

      16. Comments…..down south, sounds like you have it figured out. heres a link to charles smith. has a great free book on the not so aggressive methods for survival, very positive.

      17. The ‘when’ of it all is of course the big question. If you look at the world around us and what’s happening in it today; you can’t deny that there are some major changes and corrections headed our way in the near term. I would be very surprised if there were any mid-term elections in November of 2010; more likely there will be martial  law.

      18. Mikey Ruppert….what a guy. Back in the day I paid for his newsletter…and ended up getting screwed. His staff people that I dealt with on the phone and on the internet over the matter were some of the rudest A-Holes I ever had to bear. Hey, Mikey picked ’em, right? As far as his opinion on this I say BS. He predicted the end of the world so many times now over the past few years that he has lost all credibility. Do any of you remember when the Pakistani terrorist/gunmen shot up the hotel and mall in India a while ago? Mikey hysterically predicted that this was the trigger to start economic collapse (end of tourism) and WWIII. Of course Mikey was dead wrong. He’s been dead wrong about pretty much everything since he lost his credibility. E-Mail Mikey and ask him how the sexual harassment suit against him is working out with his former female co-worker. <Chuckle> I got to give the jerk some credit though…he is persistent.


      20. Jaream

        While I can’t speak for others I keep OPSEC. My reason for blogging is to inform others. Yes it puts oneself at risk, but if it helps one more person or family it will be worth it. The neo-survivalism, preppers, self reliant or what ever people want to call us is going main stream. If any of this adds to our numbers that’s great.

        I do understand your points and they are valid. This site is only a single source of info for me. I even watch MSLSD to see how they are conditioning the masses. Am I a Geniuse, absolutely not, but I do look at all the facts and devine my own opinions from many sources.  None of us can afford to become bias and if you only read one side of the storey you won’t have all the facts. I check it all Liberal and Conservative, Right, Left, Good and Evil. All the information merely paints a picture for me. Right now its looking like the light at the end of the tunnel is burned out, or I’m not seeing it.

      21. You ain’t seen nothin yet!

      22. Wow!  It is actually relieving in a weird way to know that there are plenty of others like myself who feel the storm brewing.  It’s only a matter of time.  I have a lot of family who have been preparing, but still others won’t listen and laugh when you talk about total collapse.  I don’t know how they think we can get out of the mess that we are in without starting over….sadly….

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