2010 State of the (Cardboard) Box Address

by | Jan 28, 2010 | Tom of the North | 2 comments

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    Tom of the North gives us the first yearly State of the (Cardboard) Box address.

    Some highlights:

    During his State of the Union Address to Congress tonight, President Barack Obama informed us that he absolutely hated the bank bailouts. He knows that I hated them. He knows that you hated them. He knows of a couple people in Washington who hated them. He knows a guy in Indy that didn’t like them too much. And there was a lady he met somewhere…..she wasn’t too thrilled either.


    In order to create a financial system that won’t destroy the Economy, the President proposes giving money to, um, banks. Not those banks. He wants to give money to other banks. He wasn’t real explicit which banks though. But he has $30 billion in repaid TARP Funds burning a hole in his pocket and apparently the President thinks that this is the way to go.


    The President is clearly getting us back on the right track. Already able to point at several thousand jobs created through his dynamic initiatives, President Obama will no doubt have the other 16 million unemployed or underemployed back in harness in no time.

    Read Tom’s full State of the (Cardboard) Box Address by clicking here…


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      1. Right on the mark as always, Tom!

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