Ron Paul: The Whole Thing is Insane

by | Feb 24, 2010 | Ron Paul | 4 comments

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    Ron Paul joins CNBC to discuss the economy, US Debt, the constitutionality of war, and foreign policy. (Video follows excerpt and commentary)

    The whole thing is insane what we do. I mean it’s wasteful, it hurts us, it hurts our national defense. And literally every time you hear that a Taliban person was killed, the Taliban is more or less the people who are trying to defend their country. And every time you kill one and you kill a lot of innocent people over there, their families are dedicated toward trying to kill Americans in compensation. We just don’t have any business over there. It doesn’t serve our interests, it’s bankrupting our country and it exposes us to a lot more danger. And I’ll tell you what, a lot of people are waking up to this.

    In addition to Mr. Paul’s remarks, what’s most interesting from this interview is the response of CNBC talking heads, who seemingly can’t believe what Ron Paul is saying. Now that President Obama is on board, it seems that all of those who were once opposed to the policies of the Bush administration now agree with the Obama administration – even though nothing has changed in the way our foreign policy is administered.

    When President Bush was in office, roughly half of America opposed military action in the middle east. Now that President Obama is in office, a good portion of that half of Americans is now on board.

    When Bush was in office, the other side argued that unless Congress declares war, it is illegal. They argued that we need to talk to other countries first and resolve our problems peacefully instead of just bombing them – then candidate Obama said he would do exactly this with Iran. Democrats argued that we should be fighting Al Queda and not the Taliban. They also made a big stink about corporate interests controlling Washington and the fascist direction in which our nation was moving.

    Today, this has changed. So long as it is a democrat pursuing these policies, it is no longer a problem.

    This is a clear demonstration of how ridiculous the two-party system is, and how those who hold party-line views without the ability to consider opposing ideas are simply brainwashed. All of a sudden, our foreign policy is defended by the very same people who opposed it less than a couple years ago.

    Ron Paul is correct when he suggests that the whole thing is insane.

    Watch Ron Paul on CNBC:


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      1. CNBC is not exactly mainstream media and thier anchors,(if you want to call them that) are not exactly trustworthy.

      2. In your heart you KNOW he’s right.

        Iran is not a threat to us. They are not OUR problem. Let Israel deal with Iran. Iran is THEIR problem and they have the capability to deal with it. We can live with Iran and nuclear weapons, just as we have with China and Russia for decades. It is Israel that cannot live with a nuclear Iran. Let THEM settle the issue.

        It is totally legal for Iran to possess nuclear weapons. They are surrounded by nations with nuclear weapons, including US. If I were an Iranian I would want a nuclear arsenal too.

        The military-industrial – complex, MIC, for short; has a budget of 700 billion dollars. I say, bring our troops home and cut 100 to 200 billion dollars out of the Pentagons budget to fund health care for ALL BONA FIDE AMERICAN CITIZENS and fund a tax cut for SMALL businesses, to create jobs. 

        I can buy a really good hammer at Home Depot for about $30. We don’t need to pay $600 for hammers. You can imagine what we are paying for military light bulbs, black garbage bags and bic pens. Officers in the military should be court-martialed for approving purchases like that. Its a good place to start to get government under control.

        If push comes to shove, I think America can have a national defense second to none on 500 billion dollars a year.

      3. Zukado, what are you going to do if Iran nukes Saudi Arabia and the Straits as they have threatened to do destroying its oil fields and oil transport. No Saudi oil will send the planet back to the middle ages.
        And what are you going to do if Iran sells a nuke to a muslim terrorist ,as their Imam has threatened to do, who explodes it miles above the US causing an EMP wave that will destroy EVERY electrical device.
        Your understanding of the Middle East is seriously flawed.

      4. I will implement my SHTF Plan of course!

        No, Steve,  my understanding of the Middle East is not flawed. Iran WILL build a nuclear weapon and there isn’t anything we can do about it without Chinese assistance. And they are NO help.  So, Obama go to war against Iran? Never happen.

        It doesn’t matter if we do it, or Israel does it. It’s going to happen. Iran will build a nuclear weapon. They already have the delivery system. Let Israel do it. Its their problem. Iran is NOT going to fore go a nuclear weapon, and Israel is NOT going to allow them to keep it. Its that simple. The hand writing is on the wall. Its all just a matter of time.

        The result will be like an unstoppable force meeting an immoveable object to be sure, so bottle that water, buy some heirloom seeds, and cache your guns and ammo  …………. TEOTWAWKI is just around the corner.

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